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what's the best regiment and why is it catachan jungle fighters?

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Because they are silly parody.
Cadians and such look to much like real infatry.

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They have subdermal flak armor.

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>what's the best regiment
Krieg, FTW.

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>trench warfare
>not based mechanized divisions.
Who are you fooling son?

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Our hats>Your hats.

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while you use silly artillery and trenches, we use knifes and our giant muscles
git gud
this guy has a point

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I could talk for hours about advantages and edges, but it's irrelevant.

Krieg, Son. Krieg. That's all explanation anybody needs.

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>mechanized divisions.
Tanks in the jungle/swamp!

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Is that Guardsman's lasgun attached to his back via magnets or something? There's no strap.

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Tallarn desert raiders all the way.

Defeated the world eaters after they had virus bombed their home world.

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yeah, must be cruel fighting in your comfy place while we do the hard work in the jungle
he uses his muscles as a strap

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None of these are Elysian Drop Troops.

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Probably. This is the space future.

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Desert Fox Tank Crew, keeping it smooth.

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>he uses his muscles as a strap
And he uses that field dressing as a ballistic plate carrier.

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how do I make cool catachans while my infantry kit has goofy parts?

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>On the nightmare world of Krieg, the elite Death Korps practise their killing arts against the only enemy they have available: those among the population unsuitable to join the regiments of the Imperial Guard.

A reminder that no regiment is as hardcore as the Krieg.

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>yeah, must be cruel fighting in your comfy place while we do the hard work in the jungle
It's irrelevant. Krieg stay Krieg wherever the Emperor will send them. They will go as Krieg, fight as Krieg and die as Krieg. Without remorse, without regret, without a single complaint.

That's all what matters.

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>inb4 Colonel Monty

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A reminder that no regiment is as edgy as the Krieg.

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and this is why imperial guard can't have fun
they are the Donte of imperial guard

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>Only strong enough to kill unarmed peasants with disabilities.
They sound like the biggest weaklings ever, no wonder even air kills them.

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Edginess is for small people, Anon. Krieg fight. Krieg die. Always faithful, always reliable, always Krieg.

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Dem hats doe.
Plus I always loved the Vostroyan sniper models.

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"Unsuitable" means the mutants and such that inhabit the planet in quite sizable numbers, considering it's entirely a nuclear wasteland.

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>Practice their killing arts against the only enemy they have available: the other people who could be used to help build trenches, build artillery pieces and handle logistics.
They're literally so edgy they'll eventually wipe themselves out of existence.

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I wanted to talk about cool regiments like >>31433811
and we ended talking about fucking krieg. again.
seriously, i am tired of those faggots

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The Emperor judges Krieg, Anon. No man, no priest, no Marine, no Inquisitor, no High Lord.

Krieg fight, Krieg die. All for the Emperor. It's all what matters.

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Psian Jackals here. Krieg is happy joy planet, with not nearly enough skulls or dead elves.

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Getting more Tallarn up in this thread.

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>Tallarn has horse for millennia
>Krieg copies it
>Tallarn gets war elephants

One step ahead every time.

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So, how good are long-las, damage vise, compared to ordinary las-guns?

Do they deal more or the same amount of damage? Is range the only difference?

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Perfecting ones equipment and tactics is being smart, not shameful, Anon. Are you sure you follow the word of the Emperor when he taught about what does it mean to be a soldier?

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Oops, forgot pic.

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Emperor's faithfuls to the rescue!

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>"Boohoo we so sad" regiment from FFG
>worth shit

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>Not knowing that even though warp travel is fucked up IG knows exactly when and where to deploy the regiments appropriate to the terrain of the warzone.
Learn to warp

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Cry me a river.

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Kriegers bombed a planet for 10 years after all life on it had ceased to exist.

I think that's one of the most retarded things I've ever heard.

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Because they have Stallone as one of their special characters.

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Not any more, bitch!

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Kriegers rate among the bottom of all the regiments I know.

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I didn't even read their fluff.
But dem masks.

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that's the closest thing they ever got to a vacation.

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I'll take bagpipe playing, sniping, Scottish ninja assassins anyday

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not anymore, unfortunately
but I am going to make a veteran squad resembling the predator movie team
any ideas about how to make a cooler arnold?

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So salting Carthage after you razed it was a bad idea for the romans?

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so, who are they

>> No.31434139


That took a few weeks.

They wasted shells for 10 whole years.

Kriegers are the most retarded regiment.

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bitch say that to my face

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Burning Punic North Africa to the point where they actually de-stabilized the entire region's climate pattern was a mistake, yes.

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Don't have any artwork, but this thread needs moar Tallarn raiders and less edgy /pol/ wannabes.

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They're from a Shrine World called Maccabeus Quintus; they're basically a whole regiment of crusading warrior-pilgrims who wear masks to honor St. Drusus, the dude who founded the Calixis Sector.

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I understand, dear ally. And I apologize if I have angered you, for after all it is the bodies of hostile xenos we shall burn with las-fire not our brothers from another world.

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Isn't it a little too hot on that planet to be walking around in gas masks and trench coats?

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So, knowing what Krieg recognize as "fun", are you really ready to go against them?

The Emperor will judge Krieg when the war will finally end.

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well that's lame.
still doesn't stop him from being a canon character in the fluff at least

do they still got Straken?

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It may be fun for them, but it's still retarded as fuck.

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>The Emperor judges Krieg, Anon. No man, no priest, no Marine, no Inquisitor, no High Lord.
>Krieg fight, Krieg die. All for the Emperor. It's all what matters.
Amen, brother...

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Yeah, he got Smash USR.

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> tfw too poor to buy Vostroyan models

Does anyone know where I could find some cheap Cossack models?

>> No.31434197

yes, I use the old model because he's cooler
for two editions I kept using a mixed guard, now I am probably going full catachan
what do you think should i focus on fluff-whise?
hellhounds, sentinels, vets and flamers everywhere?

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>God Tier

Elysians, Catachan

>Cool Tier

Cadians, Tallarn

>Shit Tier


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Yes, Krieg heard about that invention called "overkill". And it sounded pretty xeno to them.

He, who stands with us, shell be our brethren.

The Emperor judges.

>> No.31434224

A week to salt, a decade to shell. Just making sure its dead.

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This thread proves that Krieger players are equally retarded.

>> No.31434260

pretty true
also, where are valhallans, mordians and legionaries?

>> No.31434275


...and bomb them afterwards. Just to be sure.

Small minds try to laugh at what they can't stand against. Krieg fight.

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>God Tier

Elysians, Catachan, Mordians

>Cool Tier

Cadians, Tallarn, Vallhallans

>Mid Tier


>Shit Tier


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still beats what Catachans pass for fun.

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This thread proves faggots who hate other peoples opinions are autistic

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>Unbound Deva Tier

>> No.31434293


>Small minds

Kreigers are the epitome of mindless.

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This post proves that there are always neckbeards that like to hate because they like a different thing.

First time i heard of warhammer i played with a friends Kreig army, i love the trench idea.

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I hope they removed him so they could launch a Catachan minidex.

Throw in the old Devils and snipers.

mmm. I miss that dex.

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Fighting the Borg?

>> No.31434325


Mordians, just because it's a fluff reason to move the entire army about the board in geometric formations.

>> No.31434327

our fun is kicking sharks' guts

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And yet you post some of the shittiest Krieg art I have ever seen.

Fucking looks like art from a "HOW TO DRAW MANGOS AND ANIMUS" book.

Here. Have some Forgeworld.

Also, everyone is wrong, the correct answer is the Tanith First And Only. Doing Catachan shit better than Catachans, while also playing bagpipes.

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Why is Kreig shit tier? They are every army's wet dream

>> No.31434339


Every army from a Century ago maybe.

>> No.31434342

Some talk of Macharius, and some of Sigismund
Of Roboute and Lord Yarrick, and such great names as those.
But of all the Imperium's great heroes, there's none that can compare.
With a tow, row, row, row, row, row, to the Scintillan Fusiliers.


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Also, ratlings. Because fluff-wise, there are at least a few Ratling-world PDF forces and completely ratling formations, which I just imagine as Sharpe and the 95th writ large.

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personally i modeled my catachans off of Killgore from apocalypse now and the air calvary.

so my catachans have a lot of valkyrie transports with small special weapons teams to jump out of them.

it's had mixed results but i'd rather play an army that is fun and kind of thematic and lose about half the battles i play than just stomp over everything with an army i'm not a big a fan of.

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Id have

>God Tier
Catachan, Tanith, Vahlhallans

>Epic Tier
Chancers, Cadians

>Cool Tier
Mordian, Elysians

>Pleb Tier

>> No.31434366

i miss close order drill too.

and army traits.
i miss that whole fucking codex.

>> No.31434380

I did similiar except based it off the Air Cav from We Were Soldiers.

>> No.31434385

I miss the rules for gaunt's ghosts
but why should we hate each other? except for kriegers- they are fucking faggots and nobody wants them in their regiment- we are all bros who team up to fight major faggots like space elves or space gundams

>> No.31434410

What the hell, I made almost exactly the same thread some days ago

>> No.31434420

>Every army from a Century ago maybe
What do you mean?
>Men that would kill themselves rather than disobey orders
>Never complain
>Never desert or run away
Every army in the world would love these guys!

>> No.31434422

no one else here fights for Amerigo?

bunch a fukkin space commies all of ya.

>> No.31434424

that's what I am looking for: fun
how much did you spend anyway to make your army?
the problem is, they didn't give us any special rules to make catachans look ifferent from a normal cadian soldier
i would have been happy even just with a "move faster in jungles" rule
bros never sleep in catachan

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You only dislike them because they're popular and 40k isn't as tongue in cheek as it used to be.

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>> No.31434434

Check out Mad Robot Miniatures. He's made a bunch of bits including some heads for some of the characters from the movie. Including an Arnie head.

They should be out by the end of May if I remember right. You just missed the preorder.

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>> No.31434443

Mah nigga!
Besides, fuck the artillery pits! Ours is mounted Self Propelled Guns mother fucker!!!

>> No.31434450


This makes absolutely no sense. Is this quote for reals? If so then w40k is confirmed for having the most ass backwards, utterly irrational lore.

>> No.31434451


I do like Tallarn. Armoued warfare fremen.

>> No.31434460

no no, they are shooting the people who cant do those things.

>> No.31434462

>>Shit Tier

>> No.31434466

Having long strings of numbers instead of personal names seems kinda inconvenient when you're trying to issue orders, though.

>> No.31434471

b-but they are popular guys!!! we totally are bros who fight for the emperor and we are proud of sleeping in the mud, because we have big cannons! r-right guys???

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>> No.31434491

>Not glorious Praetorian Guard
>Mix of Roman and British circa 19th century

>> No.31434508

Those guys are a PR nightmare.
You cannot go Hearts and Minds with Tottenkopf: the Killing

>> No.31434518

God Teir
>Steel Legion and Tallaran
Bro Teir
> Vostroyan, Elysian
Good Teir
> Krieg, Catachan
Shit teir
> Cadian, Moridian

>> No.31434519



That's a weird way to spell Cadian

>> No.31434524

Then no heart, no mind.

Kriegers confirmed for Zen Buddhists

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>> No.31434551

True, but humans are more than capable to remember lots of number Like phone numbers and its not like these guys have anything other to do than die, kill and remember numbers...

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>> No.31434583

Guys, c'mon. Cut the Kriegers a break. It's not their fault that the radiation completely baked their brains.

>> No.31434587

All the best action heroes are Catachans.

even Ripley.

>> No.31434591

Just refer to them by the last two numbers, like Republic clones

>> No.31434597

Ronrey.... I'm so ronrey.... I have no body to collect my modeeeeellllllssssss.....

>> No.31434600

>Forgetting Valhalla entirely

>> No.31434603


You're comparing a few square miles of crop fields to an entire planet.

Of course it'll take a few years.

>> No.31434625

oh my god what's wrong with your faaaaaace?!

>> No.31434626

>Those guys are a PR nightmare.
Yes they would be, the whole planet of Krieg would be compared to a concentration camps and people would moan who they lack even the basic human rights. But who cares what the public think when they don't know shit. You think German people knew about the stuff their government/army did during WWII?
These guys are born of someones lack of morality and cruelty, but when has that affected how wars are waged?

>> No.31434655

Thank you. Finally someone with a concept of scaling. Also, try salting a field from space. Takes a while to hit every part

>> No.31434657

I think he was referring to that it would take longer time to yell/say a six number name than a six letter name.

A guy named "John" versus a guy named "FourFourFiveSix" or "Four thousand four hundred fifty six"

>> No.31434678

>how much did you spend anyway to make your army?
more than i wish to think about. i've got 4 valkyries and a bunch of catachan troops i've collected from over the years.

i really wish GW would put out updated catachan troop models. the old ones look way too out of place next to the newer HQ and special weapon teams.

>> No.31434684

It matters not who is the "best", as long as we all serve the Emperor as best we can, even unto death.

>> No.31434689

But its pretty shitty when you yell john and Johnny, Jon, John, and Jonathan answer you.

>> No.31434693

Death Korps. And really, there is nothing you can do about it. Nor you'll ever be able to.

>> No.31434703


>You know what this lion needs, Enginseer?
>What, Magos?

>> No.31434709

Of course it matters being the best...in His Service of course. Go back to clean the pigs or whatever you trench diggers waste your time.

>> No.31434715

Maybe, but Catachans and Vostroyans make the best drinking buddies.

>> No.31434716

I wish we got a Catachan vs Tau black library book.

for some reason i think their interactions would be hilarious.

>> No.31434730

Nice codpiece. Wish i had one to match my wig.

>> No.31434732

well you can always use the platoon command squad kit to personalize your catachans and make them less goofy
jesus christ I don't even know how much money do I need to make the army an I am already scared

>> No.31434742


Ma nigga.
Also, why did GW not make any female IG models? Only Eldar have lots of female models.

>> No.31434759

That's why troops have nicknames within thir squads. And even kriegers, I believe, use only their first numbers for personal orders. I also think they get new names every time they're assigned to another unit, so they can completely avoid name doubles.

>> No.31434764

>cathchan squat in a dirty swamp, waiting for the tau to show themselves
>tau dont even bother to land, just strafe over and bomb anywhere where there might be catachans

i mean yeah, if they landed the tau would get wrecked, but why would they land.

>> No.31434772

Why is the FW on the left head popping off? I see nothing there which could have done that.....

>> No.31434779

Anyone who runs, is a Mont'ka team. Anyone who stands still, is a Kauyon team!

I done got me 157 dead fish-faces killed. Plus 50 krootox, too! Them's all confirmed!

>> No.31434792

Fucking jungle has some evil flora and fauna.

>> No.31434801

even the new codex can't find Marbo!

he's there though.

>> No.31434814

He obviously saw the new price index for GWs next model box sets.

>> No.31434818


>> No.31434821

Sir, no means to disrespect but, are you wearing panties?

>> No.31434832

they made 2 for the blister packs for the tanith soldiers.

also there was one in the last chancers box if memory serves.

>> No.31434853

>> No.31434862

Are you kidding me?

BL has a few books of Tau vs Catachan stories. Catachans featured in the Damocles collection of books. This guy (>>31434168) appears as a character even.

>> No.31434863


Their headwear makes me think of these guys more as bersaglier rough-terrain (esp mountains) troops, than jungle fighters.

>> No.31434864

Pretty sure he's just clenching it between hes huge shoulder muscles

>> No.31434873

Those are culottes, you durka durka sebastian thor jihad towelhead. There are goats to rape for you if you get out of here.

>> No.31434880

>female IG models

>> No.31434881


"Once we have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow", though that might be more appropriate for the Catachan Jungle fighters.

Kreig is not for winning hearts and minds. Kreig is not about hearts and minds. Kreig barely has hearts or minds. Kreig is who you call when you want to unleash hell itself in a storm of blood and iron.


"Anyone who runs is a Gue'vesa! Anyone who stands still is a DICIPLINED Gue'vesa!"

>> No.31434901


and now this is how I Commissar.

>> No.31434906

I don't really see need to order Kreig grunts individually. The soldiers have been briefed on what's their job before deployment, what else do they need to know

>> No.31434924

They are bro teir id say, one of the better armys of 3rd ed guard

>> No.31434936

>pic related

>> No.31434940

Like dis?

Correct. There was also one in Gaunts Ghosts IIRC. There was also Commissar Barbie.

But I mean REAL ones, like box sets. Why can't they have boxes of 10 models with 10 male and 10 female heads? They're always bragging bout being able to add extra bitz onto the sprues, why not female heads?

Or are they so ashamed they can't match small companies female models they don't even bother?


It's why I'm not bothering with a 40k army (again, I've not played for 15 odd years) until 1. I've finished my massive Lizardmen army and 2. Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence are out. They -should- be in the 3rd book of the next HH Forge World trilogy, which will be the Burning of Prospero. From then on the Custodes and Sisters are used to fight the Daemons in the webway and then when they have to retreat, the Sisters of Silence disappear from the fluff but the Custodians fight during Siege of Terra.

Also, I'm betting you right now that the Emperor will get a model and stats in the final book.

>> No.31434960

Yet the lore says Cadia is manned by 50% male and 50% female soldiers.

Funny that. Here I was thinking 40k was an exact mimic of 2014.

No, not this shit again.

>> No.31434971

They're still girl clothes, anon.

>> No.31434986

Those are the diamonds of my diamong and titanium cockpiece.

>> No.31435000

Sorry to bring it up, I just couldn't resist.

>> No.31435010

That's OK, at least you admit to trying to troll.

Also, trips.

>> No.31435017


GOAT tier:
Catachan Jungle Fighters
Tanith First-And-Only
Cadian Shock Troops

Great tier:
Mordian Iron Guard
Elysian Drop Troops
Penal Legionnaries

Okay Tier:
Death Korps of Krieg
Armageddon Steel Legion
Tallarn Desert Raiders

Bad Tier:
Praetorian Guard
Royal Volpone 'Bluebloods'

Shit Tier:
Any Necromundan regiments
Ogryns of Anark Zeta

>> No.31435019

same :( also it worked well in larger games with an armored list from white dwarf

>> No.31435029


They look fucking stupid.

>> No.31435030

Dem tabs. I see you were the ruser.


>> No.31435041

>Rule 34 tab

>> No.31435044

Pffft. Clearly you're not a patriotic Brit. Shoo!

>> No.31435068

Someone jelly at the carapace armor?
Enjoy your flak.

>> No.31435075

Well at the start of this thread Krieg was lowest tier, now we are middle. Who said waiting was a bad tactic. It got us from fifth tier to third!

>> No.31435079

Praetorian Guard are a poor man's Mordian Iron Legion. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

>> No.31435096

If they are doing anything other than calmly marching towards the Vraks Prime citadel under enough artillery fire to give Ghazghkull understanding of the concept of "Enuff Dakka" - yea, they will sometimes need vocalized orders. Sure, most of the time they can do with hand gestures, flashlight and flare signals, but completely writing off voice as a mean of troops communication is just unnecessary and limiting. Krigers are not talkative bunch, but surely every sarge worth his salt knows full name of every one of his soldiers, and so does the quartermaster. And it would be very un-krieglike for them not to have a proper protocol on how to use their thoats to adress said soldiers if they ever need to.

>> No.31435122

>hating on Valhallans

This bitch nigga

>> No.31435128

Victoria miniatures has you covered mate

>> No.31435163

I despise this stupid photo

It's so stupidly animesque with a stupid animeesque scenario of a stupid "dark and brooding" warrior and a stupid anime chick handing him stupid flowers. The entire stupid cirumstance of these events are taken way too serious for the Warhammer 40k universe. Warhammer is about goofy over the top humour, not some stupid dark, edgy juxtaposition stupidly drawn in anime art style. Stop posting this stupid fucking picture.

Also Kriegers in general are shit and are bait for edgy teens

>> No.31435191

"The coast is clear
Tallarn are hear!"

Do GW still sell Sentinel models? I haven't checked the store since the update.

>> No.31435204

>British racism and imperialism are the best

Why do the British think they're morally superior to everyone?

>> No.31435221

Outside of striking gold on eBay, GW.
Believe me, I've been there.

>> No.31435227


>> No.31435241

>> No.31435265

probably because they still wish it was the 19th century.

>> No.31435270

>Not getting that it is a jab at the white feather movement in Great Britain during the first world war.

The drawer is equaling the people who like the Krieg soldier go to die in wars as the women who pressured men into dying in ww1. The picture isn't meant to be positive, the woman is happy while the people around her are chocked and the soldiers are sad. Likewise the people who like Krieg are happy but the people around them are chocked for his liking of war and the people who actually die in war hate it.

The woman with a flower is basically a guy who likes the Krieg IG.

>> No.31435306

Hounds and variants might not be the best optimisationwise; they were kinda 'eh' last codex and afaik got worse in this one.

Sentinels are good (armoured got cheaper and scouts imho were always solid for tank ambushes), and vets and massed flamers are still amazing. If youre doing regular infantry platoons too its better to put the flamers in bs3 squads and let the vets handle important weapons/targets with bs4, but in an all-vets list you can totally see a squad or 2 of 3x flamer dudes cruising around.

>> No.31435312

>You will never re-enact Zulu with the green tide against your platoon of Praetorians.

Also, why the hell are Vostroyans so forgettable?
They're easily the regiment with the most character.

>> No.31435316

> Warhammer is about goofy over the top humour
Nope. Bro, you have jumped the shark in your 40k-faggotry. You are getting old and ashamed of what you love. Not cool.
Yes, we all know how stupid and over the top is warhammer sometimes. But we alsol think it can as well be pure awesome, deep, inspiring, sad or, yep, edgy. And we love all of it. Don't be all like "bwuf, you don't really think I take all this kiddo-shit seriously?!". Don't be That Guy who can only remember He-Man or TMNT with a sarcastic as fuck grin. That's all sad bullcrap, bro, and it's bad for ya'. Be proud of what you are truly fond of.

>> No.31435323

He gets it.

>> No.31435358

Kinda sad that Germany didn't pave over them. They really deserve it actually. They did a lot of bad things to a lot of people and sort just got away with it in the end.

Lol the worst is during decolonisation when they pretended they were doing everyone a great favour by granting independence to places they fucking enslaved. If anything they should have also paid reparations to the places

But yeah, fuck Britain

>> No.31435362


>> No.31435399

well the royal family is german so it could be considered a technical win.

>> No.31435402

just another valhallan soldier passing through

>> No.31435412

ok I get it, thanks
would catachans use leman russes?

>> No.31435419

Very well put Anon, couldn't have said it better myself

>> No.31435441

>getting that picture from tumblr

>> No.31435445

Poor mans? Have you tried buying Praetorian minis?

>> No.31435458

they could.

it's not unheard of.

>> No.31435463

I thought we established this. If you're not willing to go into battle wearing only your gun, you aren't true soldiers of the Emperor. Adepta Sororitas take notice.

>> No.31435465

Not that anon, but the polandball tumblr is less of a clusterfuck than /r/polandball.

>> No.31435478

>Google images
>Pollandball britannia rules the wales
>Copy URL of the pic
>Posted it here.
No, I don't have in my HDD every single funny pic that has been posted in 4chan sadly. I wish I had, but it's not the case.

>> No.31435486

Rough riders every day.

Nothing makes me think 40k more than the thought that there are cathedral starships with stables onboard.

>> No.31435514

Colonials pls stop

>> No.31435524

>go into battle wearing only your gun
But that's GAY, dude! And HOMO! And HERESY! Emperor did not conquer the galaxy so that you could spin your wang in the face of your commanding officer. That's just wrong.

>> No.31435540


That's the greatest thing I ever heard. Have you ever hated someone so much you continued to kill them ten years after they were dead?

>> No.31435557

how do you know the emperor wasn't naked and just projecting power armor?

>> No.31435559

Peasant. ... Do you even pith helmet

Btw, you're welcome for first rank fire, second rank fire

>> No.31435562


>> No.31435573

>Emperor did not conquer the galaxy so that you could spin your wang in the face of your commanding officer

But that was *EXACTLY* why he did it.

>> No.31435591

Best Guardsmen coming through.

>> No.31435609

Now I want to do an IG regiment that's essentially General Buttnaked's African militia

>> No.31435621

Three outta four ain't bad.

>> No.31435636

We all know that the Imperial Guard is at its best when there is a combination of regiments at work in the same battlezone.

>> No.31435653

Top Tier

Good Tier
>Steel Legionnaires

Average Tier
>Penal Legionnaires

Bad Tier

Shit Tier
>Ogryn of all kinds
>Ratling of all kinds

>> No.31435668


And lots of tanks. Always tanks.

>> No.31435678

>implying what TEH EMPTRAH is allowed to do is what HE is allowed to do.
Quod licet Jovi non licet bovi ya heretical scum!
Also, when YOU will be able to do "I'm sexy and I know it"-routine in the middle of a plaza while forcing millions of people around to think they see you making a fantastic tearjerking speech - yeah, THAN you MIGHT be allowed to Furious Charge without your underwear. Maybe. We'll see.

>> No.31435684

Pick one, Tallarn defeated the Iron Warriors legion.

>> No.31435700

Oh and if anyone can tell me anything about a truly napoleonic themed force that'd be great. Or the Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers

>> No.31435702

>penal legionnaires above anything

>> No.31435711


Fuck you

>> No.31435716

>Top Tier
>My melanin-enriched-

>Bad Tier
>You ain't my nigga

Iron Warrior detected

>> No.31435726

>that bad tier
I'm a steel legionfag and even I think this list is bullshit

>> No.31435727

Vostroyans are as close as you can get to the Imperial Army troops.

Ergo, Ollanius Pius was a Vostroyan.

>> No.31435729

>mfw my body is ready

>> No.31435735

Ah, Holt! Thank you for your troops!

>> No.31435739

Mobile infantry would be either cadians or drop troops regiments, IG doesn't have drop-pods

>> No.31435743

I like this guy...

>> No.31435763

I just find desert warfare uninteresting, but yes good going fucking up those traitor fagots

The ultimate worthless human wave
You dont have to be sad when they die

>> No.31435767

Did somebody say Tallarn

>> No.31435775

>Bad Tier:

>> No.31435787


Holt doesn't even take this guy's calls.

>> No.31435788

Dont see why not. Sometimes an operation might need jungle tanks and jungle experts would be nice. Sometimes catachans just get deployed to Planet Pool Table and need the armour.

Fluffwise, most tanks accompanying the infantry (like any other unit not a ccs, platoon, or vet squad) is part of a specialist regiment seconded for theduration of the mission or campaign. The Imperium doesnt like its regiments to be too self-sufficient, both for logistics and curtailing rebellion.

>> No.31435792

More tallarn

>> No.31435812

Because we need to have something not from space russia on the snow

>> No.31435816

Damn. Intended that one for this smartass here >>31435557

>> No.31435818

Tallarn charge

>> No.31435828

Couldn't he have been executed for disobeying a planetary administrator chosen by the High Lords of Terra?

>> No.31435839

>Average Tier

>> No.31435840

>jungle tanks

>> No.31435847

Now I want to play some legos.

>> No.31435859

Alright, change my mind.
Why aren't Catachans an army of Chads
Why arent Cadians the beige bland IG force

I genuinely would appreciate some fun knowledge to make me appreciate them more

>> No.31435867


>> No.31435885

Yes, they still do anon.


>> No.31435897

You know, this image bothers me
A lot of planets have mixed and female only regiments so that GW can say they aren't sexist HOLY FUCK GAUNT'S GHOST'S POLITICALLY CORRECTNESS PISSED ME OFF but the vostroyans are explicitly the firstborn SONS of vostroya, unless I have missed something.

>> No.31435910

>Planetary admins
>Being anywhere above Generals
Even Lord Captains basically outrank them

>> No.31435923

It's in name only. ALL firstborn children are seconded to the Guard, male or female.

>> No.31435927

You realize that "salting the earth" isn't literal? The Romans destroyed their agricultural infrastructure so that the area of the Punic Empire would be dependent on Rome for their food. And it doesn't matter because Rome rebuilt Carthage later and turned it into one of their most important cities.

>> No.31435928

This babe just happens to have so much BALLS that you are a lastborn daugher compared to her.

>> No.31435941

Fantasy Flight Games made it so they recruit women too, and I think it might have been changed in the actual lore as well. As far as I know, it's just the firstborn, not specifically firstborn sons.

Besides, think of it this way - what happens if the firstborn is a girl? Or if the firstborn dies, but they still have a son or daughter? The tithe must still be given, anon.

>> No.31435949


Nope, Commissar Holt is my agent, I am Lord Commander of the Liberation forces, if the governor had any meaningful grasp othe authority he was entrusted with, he'd have not allowed the orks to gain such control. Holt is carrying out my orders in removng him from command.

>> No.31435956

Shes probably just a poster/pinup girl

>all guardsmen issued with a calendar containing a different scantily clad woman dressed in the uniform of a different regiment each month.

>> No.31435971

Drawfags to the thread!

>> No.31435987

what in the fuck is a chad?

>> No.31436000

Been a while since any of them have shot a girl in the face for promoting education because religion is superior.

>> No.31436006

Because they're British

>> No.31436007

Tallarn dug in. Hard to get out.

>> No.31436012

>Hurrrrrr at least we didn't let millions die for religion

>> No.31436014

/tg/ is way ahead of you

>> No.31436029

Cadians live on a shitty tundra planet right next to the galaxy's portal to hell, so they all live under martial law and everyone has some sort of military job, even their 'desk job' people are all army reservists essentially. So theyre all psycho child soldiers groomed into military lifestyle.

Catachans live on a planet where everything is some sort of predator, and the jungle may or may not canonically be a failed tyranid invasion. Everyone is Arnie from Predator movies, and the tithed jungle fighter regiments dont play well with each other and have the highest number of commissar 'accidents' save for maybe some penal legions. Big on family networks and pulling one's own weight.

>> No.31436030

Ah s'ppose...

>> No.31436036

Because they're also the only current regiment that's all-pewter or finecase, and as such prohibitively expencive, even by GW standards.

>> No.31436062

Don't forget to tell them about the barking toads.

>> No.31436074

Cadia had a conscription rate of 100% long before FFG came to do 40k stuff

>> No.31436082

Because sculpting heads is difficult and most people complain about manface on their pre-existing female heads. When you're doing a thirty model line it's easy to devote the time to making a good looking female head, when you're doing a three hundred model line it becomes more difficult.

>> No.31436105

>I'm one of those 'bombing Hiroshima was a warcrime' faggots because I apply modern morality to everything.

>> No.31436106


Is this a movie? What is its name?

>> No.31436107

Oh yeah, Catachan Barking Toads.

Fatass jungle toads whose defence mechanism is to bark and then explode for a good mile or so's radius. They also happen to have the temperament of a screamapillar.

Catachans are supposed to be badass enough to sneak up on them.

>> No.31436117

Chad is the enemy.

>> No.31436118

Also why female marines were ditched in 2e (although they did make Sororitas) and why the Salamanders look like very buff minstrel show guys.

>> No.31436130

40k Epic Liberation
A Game with Live Action stuff, like C&C

>> No.31436138

Thank you, especially for the Cadian part
I dont know, I suppose my mind just enjoys nice clean uniforms to the more practical dudes, but my aim was never to change anyone elses opinion, just ranking my favourites

>But really all the IG regiments are pretty great, its why I enjoy 40k

>> No.31436141

>Hurrr the Indian famines weren't a crime because we made a fat pile of cash selling their crops to China for tea

>> No.31436142

Final Liberation game

>> No.31436146


well the anon is wrong then.

Catachan's are based on a combination of American action movie heroes and Vietnam forces.

not people from the south sahara.

>> No.31436151

They're virulent enough that they can kill space marines through their power armor, as I recall. I could be wrong, though.

>> No.31436154


How old are you son?

>> No.31436157

I'd totally do Catachans but they look like they've all got Down Syndrome.

I'm sure they give the best hugs, though.

>> No.31436171

oh no someone called me out online

>> No.31436181

I like Armageddon the most. Cadians second. Valhalla third.
Krieg are okay, the ww1 aesthetic to their equipment is cool.

>> No.31436190

I always took it to mean that the firstborn sons are conscripted, but anybody can still join the regiment.

>> No.31436192

Read what I was replying to again, anon. I was talking about Vostroyans.

>> No.31436194

>female marines

>> No.31436197

More specifically rambo and the navy SEALs

>> No.31436210

the troops look fukin retarded.

the newer models for the command squad and special weapons teams look much better.

not that that's saying much

>> No.31436236

well rambo is an actual fucking named character in catachan.

i also suspect Straken to be based on R Lee Ermey. at least that's the voice i always read him with.

>> No.31436285

I have only read on catachan book, the one about the evolving planet whatever the fuck it was called
What other ones should I check out?

Also what non-HH, gaunt's ghosts, and cain 40k novels should I check out?
I really liked 15 hours and some more with that tone would be cool, gaunt's marysueness is wearing a bit thin.

>> No.31436299


it's only genocide when it's not the British doing it.

>> No.31436326

Dead Men Walking. Krieg and oldcrons slugging it out

>> No.31436367

Read it
I liked how it ended suddenly and in defeat, not because I am an edgy faggot, but because stuff like that rarely happens in fiction and it was refreshing to have a different outcome.

Why were oldcrons so much better lorewise? Holy shit, they were terrifying.

>> No.31436369

Actually been wanting to field black catachan in large numbers with tons RPG teams (missile launchers) and technicals (scout sentinels made from autocannon heavy weapons teams on toyota landcruiser model kits) and GLA tier quad cannons (hydras made from spare autocannons on halftrack model kits). Maybe even a vendetta with off rogue trader merc melta or plasma vets


>> No.31436380

In the RPGs it's pretty good compared to other lasguns because it has a longer range 1 pen and accurate which can be a rape train.

>> No.31436420

Amerigo Secondus

>> No.31436425

Also Felling. A long las in the hands of a skilled sniper in Only War can take down Terminators reliably.

>> No.31436439

Straken has his own Ebook out now.

a bit straight forward but a fun read if you're a fan of the character.

>> No.31436451

>hurrr poor agricultural policy is the same as genocide XDDDDD

Should have gone with the Opium Wars, colonypleb. You're welcome.

>> No.31436457

For IG stuff? There was one a good one about Vostroyans, the Tallarn one could be better, the one with Cadians vs zombies was kinda wanky so I wouldn't suggest it

There was another one about a tank company, gunheads IIRC

>> No.31436493

>Missing the part where this is the opium wars
>Implying I'm from any colony

>> No.31436498

That's just because authors depicted them like that. They could do it even now, you know, it's not required anywhere to show their POV

>> No.31436507

>Gay and Homo are heresy
Tell that to my 69th regiment of entirely gay guardsmen. Commander Qt Mc Hotpants reporting in!

>> No.31436509

I wonder if anyone else here handpicks 40k fluff. I'll just ignore shit if I don't like it.

I don't like the catachans because they pounce around in an alien jungle with no protection at all. Just bare chests and knives.
Krieg fits way better. Throwing massive amounts of infantry at the innumerable and unknowable enemies of the imperium without so much as a thought of retreat. I like the Catachans, but they should be more like the marines in Avatar than Rambo. I loved the marines in Avatar, high technology but still very human.

>> No.31436510


It seemed to me like most non-Gaunts IG fiction were shit, full of random grunts who for some reason have detailed knowledge about things the Imperium generally tries to repress (Xenos tech, Chaos, the reality of distant historical events vs Imperial propaganda, etc)

>> No.31436515

>that one sniper left from your vet squad that you weren't sure about bringing along
>takes a potshot at wolfie termies
>"i'll just put it on the guy with stormshield"

>> No.31436534


>> No.31436547

FUCKING HORSES ON A DEAD WORLD 38 THOUSAND YEARS IN THE FUTURE MAKES NO SENSE. But other than that, I love the desert raiders. They're awesome.

>> No.31436557

>bad tier: Volpone Bluebloods
>bad tier: Praetorians
>okay tier: Edge Korps of Krieg

>> No.31436568

Thank God-Emperor! Now I can send all tose Crimea-butthurted Ukrainians to go fuck themselves over their Holodomor with some fa/tg/uy as my source.

>> No.31436586

I don't like Kriegers for that exact reason. They lack personality. I get that that's their schtick, but still.

Overall, I think they're overrated, but not necessarily bad.

>> No.31436588

I'm not so much handpicking as fleshing out for my 40k RPG campaign since I'm setting it up in an entirely different region from what FFG depicts and the area has next to no fluff besides one named world and a minor dormant warp storm with a retarded name.

>> No.31436589


>> No.31436598

Great, they can shoot all the cancer patients and lumpy headed retards they like, still doesn't make them the hardcore supermen everyone touts them to be.

>> No.31436612

You might want to give examples, I don't remember stuff like that

And it's not like everyone is an uncultured swine like the literally illiterate kriegers

>> No.31436656

>Opium Wars

And so, my Rogue Trader embarks on a new endeavor.

>tfw I force the entire population of a planet into slave labour by addicting them to drugs and paying them in drugs

Many shekels will be earned

>> No.31436663

Fuck the French! Britain have much cooler uniforms!

Look at them Pith helmets mang. Can't deny they're bretty gud.

Also, First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire is from Zulu, you're welcome. Especially since it's no longer "becomes twin-linked" but "Fires extra shot". So, yeah!

Think you got the wrong picture there. Tallarn is basically Laurence of Arabia's men. They weren't British, he was, but the men weren't.

Meh. The British renamed the Empire in 1920 to British Commonwealth, the Commonwealth still exists. 3rd largest sport event in the world.

Actually I thought it was based on the Pentagon Protests in America... You know, the one when the lady put a flower in the mans gun and offered the Home Guard flowers. Shit man, that picture is famous.

Yup. I've always wanted to do Zulu re-enactment with Praetorians and loads of Orkz with just Choppas (though I suppose Sluggas could fill in for when the Impi's threw their spears).

God damn somebody is mad. You should actually check facts, Britain still pays huge amounts to various countries around the world. And, guess what? Most of the old colonies still have the Queen as Head of State. They can form republics, like some countries did, but they don't, cause they like it. You forget Britain built infrastructure, trains, roads, factories, mines and so on. India wouldn't be what it is today without Britain. Britain united various kingdoms and now they're a growing super-power.

As a Brit, I love this picture. Good times.

>Not uploading a .webm of the fight.

This is one of the best Polandball pictures. I love it. It's cool though, USA getting Independance wasn't a worry for Britain. It bankrupted France (who also sent 10,000 veteran 7 Year war troops to fight as Americans) and they had a little fun with the Royalty soon after cause of it. This meant that Britain could solidify it's Indian colonies and go grabbing other stuff

>> No.31436669

I really don't understand this "they're hardcore LOL", they are just mordian iron guard with more cannons and less personality, not to mention that they lose the rad uniform

>> No.31436677

except the mercs in Avatar weren't from pandora.

they're from earth which at that time was the equivalent of a hive world.

but if you want to make your own regiment, call them catachans and fluff them up however you want who am I to say no.

have fun with it. 40k is whatever you want it to be.

>> No.31436678

Tallarn isn't really a death world (although it's kind of dead), it used to be verdant, nice and shit. It's just that it was almost exterminatused by one of the chaos legions.

That's one of the main reasons I'm fluffing it a lot like post-Mongol invasions Persia IMC, with bits from all over; the Mongols wrecked it so hard it took until the 20th century for it to recover properly

It's only a genocide if the Queen cares.

>> No.31436702

It was a hive city, not a planet, and you are right in saying it's retarded. Because it is.

>> No.31436715

Um no

>> No.31436731


>> No.31436732

Not just one of the main cities (it was, even, briefly the 6th patriarchate before the Arian Vandals took over Africa), but one of the empire's main breadbaskets.

>> No.31436734


>> No.31436791

They should have conquered the Grain Coast! Guess which resource spawns there on EU4?

>> No.31436821

The Elysian drop troops are made up entirely of volunteers if I recall correctly. Entire regiments of steel-balled fucks who WILLINGlY decided to jump out of valkyries to dick the enemies of mankind. How badass is that?

>> No.31436822

>USA getting Independance wasn't a worry for Britain.
sounds a bit like sour grapes to me.


but that shit about france was probably better for England in the long run. plus america made good friends with Napoleon. He freed Lafayette from prison during the reign of terror, then became one of america's best customers for buying ships!.

Then he sold America the Louisiana Purchase to fund his invasion of Spain. America couldn't afford his asking price so the US took out a loan from spain. so Spain wound up funding its own invasion. and after his first defeat and exile the US built Napoleon a house in New Orleans in the hopes he would move there and assume the role of governor of the Louisiana territory.

history is fun.

>> No.31436845

>shit tier

i hope you burn in hell.

>> No.31436878

So, the cast off and disparate survivors of some of the most hostile warzones in the Sabbat Worlds crusade being recruited into the Tanith First is politically correct and therefore an affront to you?

Pull your head out of your arse.

>> No.31436883

I like to think of them more like US paratroopers during WW2.

>Who wants to join the paratroopers?
>What's that?
>It pays twice as much
>Okay, I'm in

No idea what the fuck they're signing up for, but just go with it anyway.

>> No.31436900

Also America was one of Britain's best trading partners. Even if America ceasing all trade with Britain before the war of 1812 hurt America really bad, it hurt Britain as well.

>> No.31436921

Um yes

>> No.31436943

um maybe

>> No.31436947

Still cool!

>> No.31436959

Having a friend who always play glorious Britain ruling dem waves in empire total war. It's a house of cards that falls down after having their main trade port blockaded for two turns.

>> No.31436986

Yup. I love it. The thing is, Napoleon wanted to conquer USA, eventually. He wanted to restore the French colonies lost in the 7 Years War. America would never have been able to stop a well funded Napoleon.

But, Britain managed to beat him with less troops, less guns and a multi-national army. Had they not (and assuming Prussia didn't finish them off) then it was very possible Napoleon would raise an army from France using his patriotisms. Hence how he turned the French army to his side by walking in front of their guns alone.

Also, Washington was a greedy traitor. He was offered Presidential position (making him the 13th technical President IIRC) and was offered a salary. He turned it down and went "Nah, I'll only accept if you promise me to give me whatever I want to beat the British" and they agreed. It ended up costing many times more than had he accepted the Presidential position.

Washington wasn't a good leader or general. He started the 7 Years War against France by murdering French Colonial Claim force and letting his Indian comrade to scalp the leader.

He won due to the French fucking up transport ships. France paid Mysore to attack British ships forcing Britain to deploy it's navy there to protect trade. France spent less than Britain but couldn't afford to pay it back, Britain could easily. Then people in Britain were fed up with the gurillea warfare and demaned an end to it along with people supporting Independence. Even Poland got involved, most Americans don't know that people such as Casimir Pulaski and General Thaddeus Kosiuszko who helped them.

Ah. I love history.

>> No.31437014

But that's unrealistic. It's better in EU4. More realistic in terms how trade works.

>> No.31437042

>as in all of 40k the fact they are physically weaker than men is totally ignored
>the ones with valid criticisms are played off as the bad guys (rawne)
>the very obvious destractions in a regiment with lax discipline known for drinking and fucking around never materialized because that would interfere with women being identical to men
Get your head out of your ass man.
There is nothing wrong with the first taking women as soldiers, it makes perfect sense in context.
The way the books treat those women, however, smells violently like PC being slathered all over it.

>> No.31437080

>He wanted to restore the French colonies lost in the 7 Years War.

No, he flat out said he was selling Louisiana knowing the Americans would know what to do with the whole thing.

He didn't give a fuck about overseas colonies besides the ones France still had.

> less troops, less guns and a multi-national army


No. Russia and Austria beat Napoleon at Leipzig. Waterloo was a sideshow.

>> No.31437093

>Hurr women cannot into soldiers
>Don't give me historical examples because I'm too full of hurr to understand that war doesn't rely on individual physical strength

>> No.31437135

>Look at me I can read half the post and then defeat an argument that was never raised
I am not going to have an argument like this, I have had enough of it on /v/ and will NOT encourage it on /tg/.
This is my last post to you, please do not shit up this place more than the two of us already have.

>> No.31437152

>I have had enough of it on /v/

Yet you are arguing like someone from /v/

>please do not shit up this place more than the two of us already have.

But you did the shitting alone, anon.

>> No.31437157

>to an entire planet.
Again, it wasn't a planet they shelled for a decade after they declared their unconditional surrender, it was a hive city.

>> No.31437182

No offense, but where would strength matter for women in 40k?

Lasguns take barely any strength to aim and fire. They don't kick. Even then, it's proven (in the real world) that women can handle guns. They could probably handle the engineering work for 40k's vehicles as well as any man.

Sororitas may use bolters, but they're more made for humans, and they all come from the Schola Progenium. Even if the power armor doesn't fully interface with them, it gives them enough strength to use bolters properly.

As for the drunken fucking around soldiers, women either learn to beat them off, or they'd be banged offscreen, if you really absolutely need the later to happen to feel like they're women.

>> No.31437223

I don't really care, I tried Holland for one turn and found that ships weren't for me. Then I picked Russia. It is glorious.
>all trade routes are being raided
>many territories worship animal spirits
>dagestan is burning
>ottoman kebabs trying to convert my shit
>literal hordes of green coated psychos bayonet charging everything from line infantry and cavalry to city walls and cannister shots
>expanding in every direction
>moscow is a worse shithole than mega city one
>clamouring for reform
>only one thing fighting for order in the chaos
>cossack line infantry killing at least 1500 people each turn

Business as usual

>> No.31437247

Strength matters because a soldier's weapon is a fraction of their total kit's weight. Considering that the ghosts carry a fuckton of stuff to be ready for anything, are required to sneak around a lot and get into melees often (unrealistic but it's 40k, and a man is going to have a massive advantage there), and also often move long distances in said kit quickly and quitely one would have to be quite strong to pull their own weight.
I only mentioned the overall portrayal of women in passing, the tanith first is my actual focus.

But yes, strength matters a fuckton, as does endurance.

>> No.31437271

The guardsmen in that drawing reminded me of New Zealanders. Now I wonder how many military units include black feathers in their formal headware? Time to go to google :)

>> No.31437301

But they did have less troops, less guns and the army was multi-national. Dutch, Belgian, British....

Also, yes, he lost at Leipzig, but the fact when he escaped and made a whole new army, the Coalition mustered their armies to go get him. Austria and Russia would take weeks if not months to get there, Britain and Prussia were the only ones that would be able to stop him from raising a massive army in France and sitting in their forts along the border for the Austrians and Russians to attack.

You talking bout Empire still? I assume you are, I loved Empire and Napoleon. I got the "Kill 100k people" achievement.

I love getting the Swiss Guard with all the best gear and training, they just destroy anything.

The Rifles are great. Ferguson Riflemen were just pointless. No better than normal Riflemen.

Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai is great fun with French Marines. When they have 129 odd Reloading Skill they just keep on firing.

>> No.31437368

Upper body strength and endurance. Lugging around tons of shit all day every day if need be, and then be ready to carry your friend as his shit. In all kinds of weather conditions. It's not that women can't do this, but it is much easier to condition a man to do it and will in most cases get better results. And that's what it comes down to, you need your troops to be the best they can in the fastest time possible, so that makes men the better choice. It's simply faster and more cost effective.

Not to say it hasn't happened. WW2 Russia employed lots of weapon and snipers, pilots and tank drivers. During the Paraguayan War/War of the Triple Alliance, the Paraguayan army fielded entire regiments of female pikemen, one of which managed to successfully defend a fort against many times their number of male soldiers. It should be noted that Paraguay was lead by an insane fuck nut that killed off most of the nation's population trying to take over South America. You should totally read up on it, because it's one of those stories where you realize that 40k has nothing on real history.

>> No.31437397

Think Italians or Austrians had some rather fabolous hats in WW1.

>> No.31437416

Meanto to say "Lots of female snipers, pilots and tank drivers"

>> No.31437460

Can't find anything bout the female pikemen, you got a sauce? I'm just interested, not trying to argue. I'm another anon.

And do you mean Lopez was the nut?

>> No.31437532

I kinda wanna see these guys versus Orks.

I wonder whose belief power will work better. Or if the Orks will make the Woad Warriors belief real, so that they can all have a better brawl.

>> No.31437603

A dusty book I found while visiting family in Scotland called "the great book of military blunders" or or "history of military blunders" some such. Believe they were the queen's guard, they eventually tried to kill her when shit came crumbling down. She was saved by an enemy general who married her.

>> No.31437712



>> No.31437750

Stupider and stupider.
I have always loved krieg and Tallarn, but hated the stupid fucking horses. Now they have elephants! WTF is this shit.

>> No.31437815



I tried to look for the Queen's Guard, but couldn't find it. Who was the Queen? Might help.

It's a conversion dude. It's used the Thundertusk kit from WHFB Ogre Kingdoms.


Also, anybody noticed on the new site they say how many models are available in each army? Fucking Bretonnia only has 12 models on sale. Warriors of Chaos and Orcs and Goblins are top with 59.

>> No.31437865

Not sure it was the a queen, the dude in charge's wife. It's been a while since I read it so I could be all kinds of wrong. But I'd recommend reading up on it. Two guys got captured by the enemy, escaped and fled through enemy territory to join the fight again. They promptly got executed for cowardice.

>> No.31437891

As somebody who's thinking about getting a game of Only War going on: do Tallarn Raiders (or anyone, for that matter) get access to high-speed recon vehicles? Stuff like bikes or ATVs?

>> No.31437923

Edgy hipster fuck

>> No.31438019

Why? The people in question are mostly dangerous mutants,+cripples+others

>> No.31438046

I feel bad that We both know who Joshua Bleyua is....
(General Buttnaked)

>> No.31438122

Damn. Shame I can't find any info on it. Oh well!

Interesting stuff you've given me, I'll have to take your word for it.

I remember the Spanish cut some dudes arms off for trying to rebel against them in South America. So he then got two sword blades and attached them to both of his stumps and went and fought again.

>> No.31438632

Dude, the Emprah was hella gay. I mean, look at that hair. And Sanguinus, too.

>> No.31438718

nah bro he isn't gay, just a turk

>> No.31438764

They aren't shooting invalids,(they are but still) They are shooting mutants.

You miss the whole point, they aren't supposed to be superhuman, no one says they are. They are supposed to be the fearlessly loyal waves of infantry that die in the most terrible ways.

>> No.31438915

Wow, unexpected niceness

Thank you

>> No.31439097

I am pretty sure that 40k women will have bridged the not too big strength gap.

>> No.31439163

>long hair is a sign of the gay!

while we can all agree that the emperor was fabulous, i don't think he was gay. probably bi because who would deny a chance to sleep with the emperor of mankind?

idk why it should even matter in 40k; people are still s3. which is respectful considering even orks and deamonettes are s3

>> No.31439184

A gigantic portion of the human population is in a similar situation to history before the 19th century, which would encourage the opposite.

>> No.31439214

There are , like, 3 notable female characters, every other mention of the female soliders of the Tanith First is in passing at most. So again, I must ask you to pull your head out of your arse.

>> No.31439271

Half of Cains valhallan regement is female and led by one.

>> No.31439323

Except that a lot of women in the Grim Derpness are toiling away in farm fields, manufactories, or otherwise engaged in back-breaking menial labor. They also frequently carry out this labor in environments that are anything but healthy. Women of weak constitution aren't going to survive, period. The same goes for men.

>> No.31439434

>I wonder if anyone else here handpicks 40k fluff. I'll just ignore shit if I don't like it.
Sure do, it's the only way to make this stupid setting bearable.

>> No.31439742


>tfw Australian and have to endure constant republican faggots


>> No.31439848

Wow. Growing up in a British prison has made you angry

>> No.31439856

They did functionally end slavery in the industrial world

They replaced it with sweatshops but hey

>> No.31439925


Eh its just the sheer amount of retards who think becoming a republic will make us the next superpower that makes me angry..

We got a good thing going right now, we have both Britain and America as BFF's and a better than average relationship with China and the other Commonwealth nations

We dont need to go screwing that up by telling Britain to go fuck itself and leaving the Commonwealth

>> No.31440011

It's not like leaving the Commonwealth actually changed anything for us in the US. We might not have the Queen on our money, but we're still butt-buddies with the rest of the Anglosphere.

>> No.31440023

Well that's fine. Personaly I find monarchy laughable

But if you guys want to stay the course good on you.

>> No.31440070

Not at first.

It was really after the war of 1812 the established the US as a separate entity frombthe Commonwealth.

Plus it let the US sit out the first couple of years of each world war

>> No.31440085


Different histories bro, its because of America going full rebel that Australia likes the monarchy so much, in a round about way.

Australia had TWO points in history where we could have gone full America, the rum rebellion and the Eureka stockade. Thanks to lessons learnt during the American revolution the Brits actually listened and worked with us instead of going full retard

>> No.31440180

Very true.

Different strokes and whatnot.

I wouldn't recommend other countries going MERICA. What works for us here only really works for us. And even then...

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