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Hey /tg/ been a lurker here for several years here, and my girlfriend (don't even start) wants to get me something for my birthday coming up. She isn't sure what exactly to get considering the last few presents she got me weren't exactly used like she wanted (namely a 3-ring folder and some card organizers, plus 20 booster packs of magic, which the folder and card organizers have been ignored and the cards put into decks or storage). She keeps bugging me about it, literally asking every 5 hours or so during the day. I'm not sure what her budget is and don't like telling people to give me something specific and was wondering if /tg/ could help compile a list.
Main interests include tabletop gaming, board games, computers, and reading.

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Rolled 4

You can never go wrong with a Dice Set

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So wait. Your girlfriend got you a whole bunch of magic cards...And you're not doing anything with them? Not even like, make decks with her and play against each other?

She should just get you a fucking book, 'cause you BORING.

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Yes, but what KIND of tabletop games OP?

Also... seriously, if she is bugging you every five hours, talk with her about the fact that you love her and the presents are secondary, because it sounds like she's really worried or freaking out or someat. Then again, it might be something else, but... like... talk to her about it yo

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Ask for some computer RPG. Shouldn't be too expensive but it's something and should get her to stop worrying.

Here's some you may want to consider if you don't have them already:

Baldur's gate (1 or 2 or both)
Planescape torment
Gothic (1 or 2)
STALKER (not exactly an RPG but pretty close)
Deus Ex (the first one, and if you don't have this one, just flat out get it if you don't want it for a present)

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Have her get you 50 dragon dildos.

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She doesn't want to play, and the ones that went into storage are the ones i don't have a deck for...yet
I play pathfinder, Rifts, shadowrun, D&D 3.4/4e, AD&D, Don't Rest Your Head, a couple homebrew ones, GURPS, Vampire: The Masquerade, etc. I have talked to her about it and she knows i love her. Its just i've completely outdone her in presents for her from her point of view and she wants to get me something special.
I actually have all but one of those and the one i don't have my comp won't run for some goddamn reason that i ca't figure out.

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Naw they'd be for her own pleasure if she went and bought those.

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She gets me a new set every christmas, stocking stuffer you know.

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>and my girlfriend (don't even start)

Like that's something to care about, we all have gfs here

What, you thought the neckbeard, that guy or beta as fuck stereotypes were true?

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>CRPGs that everybody already played more than 10 times

Why don't you recommend a new and good cRPG like, like that one, that one that was like

Gimme a sec here

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Last post before i head to bed, i'll check it in the morning before i head to work

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Hey I always say this MONEY I mean everyone needs it

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No, it was there to keep people from going pics or gtfo, i've seen it enough times to be a bit cautious.

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though i've been browsing other threads a bit lately so might be paranoia kicking in

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Steak dinner and a blowjob while you game.

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>blowjob while you game
Fuck that. It would be way to distracting. Blowjob before and after game would be better.

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Sorry, I meant game on the computer. Not while you enjoy some good old fashioned pen and paper. That would be rude.

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Dice Bag
Dice Tower
Some sort of plush of your favorite monster or whatever
Prints of your favorite MTG art
A cat
Some more boardgames to try out and play with her
Some sort of large, elaborate dungeon-cake

I dunno.

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>blowjob for birthday

That shit should be daily. Get yourself a new wench

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>Main interests include tabletop gaming, board games, computers, and reading.

Sounds like you would be interested in dragon dildos.

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