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Expanding Earth, Aether Theory, Lamarckism and so forth. Do you ever include crazy awesome stuff like this in how your fantasy worlds work?

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*determining how

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Not very often, sadly. Although, tangentially related, I read a cool SF setting in which there was a planet on which all biology was Lamarkian, which allowed the natives to create genetically engineered organisms via simple surgery. Neat stuff.

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All those passages are written from the perspective of a person standing on Earth; we still say the sun "rises" and "sets" though it does no such thing. They should not be taken to mean that the earth is not a sphere, nor were they taken as such by the ancients.

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Well, I like to make dinosaurs in D&D and such look like the really old, outdated depictions from the 1800's.

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Dinosaurs as big lizards are way cooler than dinosaurs who look like fucking Big Bird.

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You know, looking at that pic gives me an idea: if you managed to reach the edge of the world-block, what would you find? Nothing? Heaven? Hell? More worlds?

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I don't suppose you can break through the firmament, can you?

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Not unless you're an et'ada.
Or Simon.

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The Concave Hollow Earth hypothesis is pretty fun.

>from the wikijews:
>According to Gardner, this hypothesis posits that light rays travel in circular paths, and slow as they approach the center of the spherical star-filled cavern. No energy can reach the center of the cavern, which corresponds to no point a finite distance away from Earth in the widely accepted scientific cosmology. A drill, Gardner says, would lengthen as it traveled away from the cavern and eventually pass through the "point at infinity" corresponding to the center of the Earth in the widely accepted scientific cosmology. Supposedly no experiment can distinguish between the two cosmologies.

>Gardner notes that "most mathematicians believe that an inside-out universe, with properly adjusted physical laws, is empirically irrefutable". Gardner rejects the concave hollow Earth hypothesis on the basis of Occam's Razor.

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We're currently playing in a game where the world is flat and the oceans are held in by Ouroboros. The flip side of the "coin" is a fey world.

Our party has discussed building a huge ass observatory facing down so they can theoretically see anywhere on the planet...err...world

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What? How the fuck do other planets and stars work?

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there was a crazy guy on youtube who made videos arguing this was real

i think he also believed he was god or something

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Oh this made me think of the hollow earth theory stuff, non-concave version, where they think there are holes at the north/south poles and a sun at the center . While this sounds rather boring by comparison to flat earth or concave, there are some really bitching travelogue stories of people going there.

Plus there are a shocking number of people still believe this is true. Look it up.

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I take it you haven't heard of Hollow Earth Society? Yeah, there's a whole group of people who argue that this is real.

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hollow earth and concave earth are two different things.

with hollow earth, the earth is still a ball floating in space, it's just a hollow ball. they still recognise we live on the outside surface of the earth, but claim there's an inside surface on the other side of the crust.

with concave earth, the "earth" effectively composes the entire universe, with space (and all the planets and stars) floating in the middle of the planet, with what we recognise as the "surface" of the earth being the inside surface, and when we look up toward the sky we're looking toward the center of the earth.

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I... I don't even know. I mean, I can still kinda see how you could argue that the earth is just hollow. But... I don't know what the fuck that is.

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A sweet rpg session waiting to happen, that's what it is!

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> I can still kinda see how you could argue that the earth is just hollow.

See that is what had me interested in the subject initially. I was so not prepared for the next few days I spent reading about it. It seems there are basically two camps. One that thinks there are ancient civilizations in there thanks to those bitching travelogues I mentioned before (I am the guy above, not the one you responded to). Then the second group is all based are WWII Nazi conspiracy and aliens being in there.

You've got no idea. Seriously, look up those hollow earth stories. They made my imagination go crazy with all kinds of great stuff that could be put into a game. It is pretty shocking that some of these haven't been re-purposed into children's fantasy novels or something. If only I wasn't a lazy asshole...

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I thought it would be neat if the four humors (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humorism) were how our biological processes worked.

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I love bullshit like this.

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I remember an old article in Dragon that detailed this exact method. I'll see if I can find it.

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Imagine this being your race selection options.

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I love how people back then looked at brains and brilliantly deduced that it just proced slime that keeps the body lubricated. Because head trauma just made people a bit creaky.

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>implies that the Earth doesn't curve
>says it's an inverted sphere on literally the next sentence

Also >>31416611, how the fuck does day and night work? Is there some sort of shell of impenetrable darkness behind the sun?

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>Shell of impenetrable darkness

Yes, see >>31415525

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Yeah, because it's totally impossible to detect the horizon by yourself and-

>You can see farther away by getting to higher ground.

Oh wait.

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like this >>31415525 presumably

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>Implying you wouldn't be able to check out Chili from the state of Washington.
>Implying the curvature of the earth isn't perceivable from plane level.

My God, I hope this isn't a real thing.

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It's a real thing.

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>not revelling in the insane imagination of man

i wouldn't want it any other way

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Okay, so the sun isn't in the center of the 'space' 'inside' Earth but on the edge and thus when it's not directly overhead the apparently infinite space/darkness makes it too far away to be seen from the other side?

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Here is one of those stories I mentioned. Not as nice as others, but has some cool ideas.

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"Big Bird" dinosaurs are pop-science. There is no actual evidence of dinosaurs being feathered aside from a few of the later species of theropods.

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According to the theory, which is obviously bullshit, space is not in fact infinite but equal to the diameter of the Earth. The stars and all stellar phenomena are just very large points of light and not giant collections of gas.

What those points of light are made of... hmmm... that's a bit of a puzzle I suppose. I'm sure they theorize that meteorites are fallen portions of these points of light.

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Thank god somebody understands this. I hate it that scientists propose utterly unsubstantiated bullshit in order to get people to read their papers or get grants from the government.

We actually have more evidence that adult dinosaurs were not feathered than feathered due to skin imprints.

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Alright, Earth needs a population cull.

I putting the Chinese, Scientologists, and the fucks into the kill list.

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Curiously enough, Lamarckism is making a comeback, as it has some similarities within the field of epigenetics.
Certain bacteria also show Lamarckian evolution.

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Epigenetics has as much to do with Lamarckism as Chemistry does with Alchemy. Maybe in the most general of descriptions they are similar, but in practice they are very different.

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Droping this nice little bomb from the old Adeva thread.

Spirit Science: The (REAL) Human History

Just repeat as you watch this. PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS.

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But isn't this all just inspiring? If you can't come up with campaign ideas from this stuff, you have almost zero creativity.

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>space is not in fact infinite but equal to the diameter of the Earth

Well the depiction that was quoted and that I was responding the distance somehow increases as you get nearer to the center of the sphere until the point where it becomes infinite. So even though all of space can fit inside an inverted world the gulf between any two opposite points is essentially endless and thus someone in Italy can't see New Zealand when he looks up nor does New Zealand get light from the Sun when it's over Italy. Those two points are essentially a whole universe apart even though by traveling along the land that runs along the edges you would be able to make the trip in a mere few thousand miles.

Holy fuck, it's retarded.

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That's because bacteria sometimes pick up junk dna from viruses and incorporate that dna into their own.

It's not Lamarckian evolution, it's just one of the ways bacteria are able to maintain genetic diversity because half the time they just clone themselves.

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>tfw reptilian prime minister

>Who's to say Prime Minister John Key isn't a reptilian overlord in disguise?

>Key's own office certainly can't; its response to an official information request was that it had no data to disprove the theory.

>Key's chief of staff responded this month, saying "no such information existed" to probable cries of "they would say that" from conspiracy theorists.


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Check out GURPS Steampunk. Lots of weird ideas that were later disproven but people put serious thought into.

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Completely wholeheartedly agreed and why I posted it. I know not enough people will watch it because they can't be fucked to listen to a lunatic for an hour, but that video is seriously one of the most campaign inspiring things I've ever seen.

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WOW that is a boring recording!

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Well, then go read the book if you can find it.

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Maybe I will!

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The shit am I watching

>Modern man cannot explain how the pyramids were built

Yes we can, we've replicated the process several times.

If thats how this video starts then I guess it's down the path of rage induced insanity I go.

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they claim Jews are aliens from the future and that Martians, who ruled Atlantis, are currently the Illuminati

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I uh....

As a scientist, I can tell you now unsubstantiated bullshit is usually perpetuated by popular media. If anything science is overly resistant to change: you are more likely to be laughed off a review panel and destroy your chances of EVER getting a grant if you suggest anything vaguelly controversial without irrefutable evidence - and even then people are unlikely to believe you until it has been replicated.

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>If thats how this video starts then I guess it's down the path of rage induced insanity I go.

You cannot even fathom how much worse it gets and how much further down the rabbit hole you have to go.

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And apparently in the beginning we were all little girls.

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"Science" is a process, not a gestalt body of knowledge containing all accepted theories. If the process is bad, then the whole thing is bad.

So yes, if something is perpetuated by the media and becomes widely talked about, "science" is negatively affected.

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Thing is, it's actually just a mathematical transform of reality, so it's actually not disprovable (it creates exactly the same set of predictions as a normal model of reality). That's the whole point the creator was making -- he did it as a thought experiment on the malleability of mathematics defying common sense, not because he actually believes the world is like that.

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didn't we convert that into an Ad Eva campaign setting

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I would be ok with exploring the ConspiracyVerse as an actual campaign setting.

ConspiracyVerse: Your thoughts make it real.
>(But cover it up with tinfoil, they can hear you thinking. And you don't want that, do you?)

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By we, you mean I included, no. But indeed some glorious bastards did do it with spectacular results. The thread is still up in the archives titled, AdEva base on crazy religion. It is how I was able to find the video again.

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>Mutually exclusive conspiracies fighting each other for ontological dominance
>most of this is done by manipulating the gullible and paranoid into believing in conspiracies
>the true protagonists are not people like Mulder (who are the cause of the problem), but rather people like Scully

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Isn't that Unknown Armies?

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Sounds a bit like Unknown Armies.

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Never heard of it.

>Hide your knowledge friend, lest THEY hear that we know.

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The fears of the people rewrite reality. And the conspiracies mutate and evolve over time.

The successful ones, the Black Helicopters, the Illuminati, Bigfoot, those are the powerful ones. The stable ones. The *lucky* ones.

A conspiracy needs the madness of men to stay alive, and the winds of opinion and change are their reapers and empowerers.

But what happens when a conspiracy deepens enough, gathers *too* much momentum?

What happens when an insane theory becomes an immutable part of our world?

And who's to say it hasn't happened before?

What did the Egyptians fear and believe, that their pyramids endure today, spawning child lunacy of their own?

Who can say?

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I dunno, I'm thinking of something which is basically X-Files. Aliens, demons, and monsters all running around even though they might contradict one another.

Go investigate weird shit and disprove it. Even if it is gnawing on your leg.

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that was a "/tg/" we, not an "including me" we, I think.

Bu tyeah, I vaguely remember that. Think it had Nyarothotep pseudo collaborating with nazis while keeping a world war going for the lulz

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Shit all these weird Earth theories.

Reminds me of a setting I have half thought up which I haven't written about for a while where space/the universe operates on extremely different rules. Fromw hat I remember, there's a lot less 'cosmic spheres' and a lot more 'cosmic bowls and hemispheres,' solar systems as we know them are a disproved theory and space actually consists of an inky black fluid which stars are bright enough to shine through, and is kept from flooding planets by a firmament of dense gases and forcefields held in place by magic.

Anyone want me to find what I have on this stuff and dump it? I know I've got it saved.

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Go right ahead.

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You. I like you. If you could be so inclined, I'd suggest that you try to make this idea its' own thread and try to drum up some support/concepts for this.

>Never head of it.
To few people have heard of Unknown Armies. Despite the fact that I have this strange disinterest for ANY modern settings, Unknown Armies is the one singular modern game which had lore which fascinated me.

>that was a "/tg/" we, not an "including me" we, I think.
Ignore me, I'm just being an asshat. It's just when people use "we" to refer to /tg/ creating something, I don't like including myself in it because I didn't create jack don't deserve even a cursory sliver of credit. Like I said, just me being an asshat.

But yes, your memory is correct, it did indeed involve Nyarothotep pseudo collaborating with nazis while keeping a world war going among a truckload of over things. Serious listing all the great ideas from that thread which that Spirit Science video spawned would be an exercise in futility. More people really should check out that video and that thread. Endless campaign ideas for ANY setting.

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if you like weird conspiracy bullshit and can tolerate a little postmodernism, look it up right the fuck now. It's still the best modern setting.

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Can you provide a link to the thread?

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Commencing dump. This made semi-sense at the time and when I read through it right now (a sort of, in-context sense that is, rather than a 'logical in anyway and not fucking baffling' sort of sense), but I might have made some mistakes with the internal logic here.

Space is not a vacuum, but a seemingly endless void filled with a dark liquid/extremely dense vapour that appears inky black due to the vast quantities of it, but actually allows quite a lot of light to pass through it (hence why the sun, moon and stars are still visible from the planet).

The world is not flooded with this liquid due to the firmament: a dense dome of gases over the planet, held in place by magical forces.

Space craft have certain requirements. For instance, they need a tough battering ram and hull so that they can shunt their way through the firmament. Space craft must also be stream-lined and suited for travel through both space liquid and water, as they must land in the ocean on return to the world and, if not too damaged, sail back to land.


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The Earth is growing! The Oceans did not exist 120 Million years ago!


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When viewed from space, the world appears to be a vast, flat disc of ocean, with the known continents in the middle. The world appears to be many times wider than the atmosphere is high. Very few landmasses or flying islands have been seen on the rest of the disk, and practically no expeditions have been launched to them. No one has ever reached the edge of the disk. Some scientists theorise that the world is, in fact, a giant rock bowl containing the ocean, and that landmasses are irregularities in the bowls surface that have risen up above ocean-level.

The sun and moon also appear to be flat discs. However, of those same scientists who theorise that the world is a bowl, some believe that the sun and moon are also hemispheres. These scientists theorise that the moon's flat side gives off light, while its convex side is dark, and that the moon slowly rotating causes the transition from full moon to dark moon over the course of a month.

The only manned expedition to the moon has claimed that the moon is flat: however, this expedition was launched during a full moon, so should the claims that the dome is a hemisphere prove correct, this would show that the moon was only observed as flat because the convex side was facing away from the world.

Those opposed to the hemisphere moon theory claim that the transition from full moon to dark moon is caused by charge of energy that flows from one side to the other in waves and, when charged, moonrock glows. Support is lent to this theory by the fact that all samples of moonrock bought back to the world ceased glowing when removed from the surface of the moon, but resume glowing when electrically or magically charged.


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Observation shows that the moon and sun orbit the world. Of course, this raises some questions. The disproved ‘cosmic orbs’ theory (which stated that the world, sun, stars, moon and other planets are all spheres orbiting each other in some complex way) stated that the seasons changed as the world passed closer to the sun and therefore grew warmer. However, the cosmic orbs theory failed to explain why the world seems to grow endlessly hotter the further south you go, and endlessly colder the further north you go.

Modern scientific theories state that at the extreme north and extreme south of the world are two mountains: one drains heat from its surroundings and the other gives out heat. These mountains are made of oppositely charged magnetic material. Seasons are caused by the amount of heat being drained or given out by the mountains: when the cold north mountain is at its strongest and draining vast amounts of heat, the hot south mountain is at its weakest and only giving out small amounts of heat. This causes winter. Inversely, during the summer, the south mountain is giving out great amounts of heat, while the north mountain is only draining small amounts.


Man, between post count down seems to be getting gnarly long these days

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The aforementioned ‘cosmic orbs’ theory stated that all stars are suns, and that one sun is orbited by several planets, which are in turn orbited by a moon. Of course, it has been seen that the sun orbits the planet. This has lead to the proposal that all stars are powerful, light giving suns, but every star in the sky is orbiting its own planet. The planets and their moons are, most of the time, unobservable because they appear so dim in comparison to the star light given out by their suns.

It is not known what keeps a sun and a moon orbiting around a planet. It is suggested that the inky liquid of space has currents similar to those of the world’s oceans. Moons and suns are caught in a circular current that surrounds a planet, causing them to rotate. If this proves true, then interstellar travel may prove possible if non-circular currents are discovered, that travel through space. These currents could be utilised to carry space craft far away, to other worlds. Indeed, if this proves correct, then it would explain as to how the alien invasion of the Kin-Nan-Ri managed to reach the world: Kin-Nan-Ri space craft did not appear to have engines much more powerful than those of human space craft, so they may have had specialised mechanisms that allowed them to swim through space currents.


Thought I'd written a little more on this but it might have just been stuff in my head.

The setting itself is a sort-of-dieselpunk type thing. It also includes
>Flying islands, of which most have a rough orbit but some are completely static or rogue.
>Fuck off huge vehicles
>A fictional fuel that is found in this world in pretty vast quantities, allowing all this shit to be fueled
>A type of tree, the specifics of which I've forgotten and never wrote down, but something about its roots made it lighter than air and it may have contributed to flying islands' ability to stay in the air. I think people tapped the roots for fluid to make air ships?

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Oh man, this is a disk world like cosmology I totally made up just now.

BASICALLY, it's like a black hole with gravity and all that bullshit. However, it is actively generating mass. So much mass that it's paradoxically overpowering gravity and ejecting the mass in a disk shape around itself. Somewhere between the center and the edge is a region with "regular" gravity were human familiar geology and biology can develop.

Need ideas on what happens near the infinite mass, near the edge, how weather operates, and lighting.

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This is pretty cool.
Kinda gives the world a constantly running out of time feeling.

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Lighting comes from the black/white hole itself, as it emits energy in the form of light as well as matter. The stable mass zone is explained by the fact the hole is generating two forces- gravity, and a fifth expansive force, called quintessence (essentially an early version of dark energy) which is less powerful but stays constant over longer distances. The stable zone is where the two forces are roughly balanced; closer in gravity is overwhelming and anything falling out of the habitable zone, or that was ejected from the hole with insufficient velocity, falls in, where it gets vaporized by the light on top of all the typical black hole bullshit. There may be a strange realm inside the hole- all that mass has to come from somewhere, right?- but nobody's been there. Such a realm is frequently featured in myth as the home of the gods, the yet to be born, and good afterlives. Not at all coincidentally, gods, even good ones, are frequently depicted as being destructive by their mere presence, and must communicate with their followers at a remove.
Beyond, there is the realm where the expansive force is overpowering, and the worlds drift away from each other and the light grows dim. Life is possible, living off of the heat of radioactive decay deep within the crust, civilizations burrowing ever deeper into the mantle in pursuit of the fading heat of the core. However, the expansive force grows stronger as you move further away, and eventually matter itself is rent asunder. This edge is depicted as being the realm of demons and bad afterlives. Not at all coincidentally, demons are seen as entropic forces, seeking the total destruction of civilization, life, and even matter and energy.

>> No.31419342

Now, before I speculate on the nature of the habitable zone, I need to know: are you envisioning an actual disc, or a belt of more conventional worlds? Both produce very different environments.

>> No.31419869

Going ahead and speculating anyway.
The disc version:
Plants take on the form of fans, oriented towards the ever-lit horizon of the matter-source, arranged in concentric rings. Walking between the rings recapitulate the development of the forest- the closer you get to the light, the younger the plants are- as you walk towards the dark horizon, the plants grow larger and more mature, then wither away as the light is choked away by closer rings. There are a few stragglers living off of decomposition processes and the reflected light of clouds, but it's not a patch on the apex fan-forest. There would be succesive rbands of forest as light diffusion effects bring the light past prior layers every dozen kilometers or so, but each forest would be slightly smaller, and get slightly less light. Overall, I'd ballpark the live rings span about two hundred kilometers deep. Width would be whatever the diameter of the habitable zone is, which I will arbitrarily assume is about an AU. The forest in constantly on the march, at a rate matching the expansion of the disc- too slow, and they drop into the dead zone- too fast, and eventually they get crisped by the light.

>> No.31420047

The nature of civilization depends on exactly how fast the disc expands. For now, I'll assume it's several times continental drift- slow enough for permanent civilizations to develop. (The race of the forest to stay in the habitable zone is not particularly thrilling to watch.) There would be a chain of abandoned cities and roads, long since stripped for useful items, stretching out from the current layer of civilization to the dead horizon.
Also, I'm revising my estimate of the width of the live habitable zone to... ten thousand kilometers? Most of this would be in a sort of perpetual twilight, though. The jungle closest to the light horizon would be absolutely ridiculous- basking in an eternal high noon.

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This guy has at least 20 of these "Spirit Science" movies. I don't know if this s a gold mine or the proverbial abyss.

>> No.31420156

Weather. Weather is driven, ultimately, by temperature differences. Hot air would rise up from the areas closest to the sun, and would form convection currents which would carry the hot air towards the cold horizon, where it would cool and sink probably causing precipitation in the process. So you'd have massive convection currents from the hot to cold horizons. The dark-ward parts of the habitable zone, in addition to being in eternal twilight, would also be rained on constantly. Very dreary. More than that, I can't say.
Terrain variations would be caused by variations in the rate and quantity the light is pushing out matter- most of that would be smoothed out by erosion by the time it got to the habitable zone, though. The Appalachians would be considered fairly dramatic.

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My setting is basically your pic, OP.

It's bowl shaped, with land surrounding a central ocean. There are massive mountains preventing people from falling off the edge.
In the centre of the ocean is the World Tree and the Monsterlands that surround it.

The world tree holds up heaven and the dome of the sky, and it's roots contain hell.
The sun orbits the World, and the smaller, red sun orbits the first sun.

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This guy again.

I'm almost half an hour into 12 and hoooooly shit!
This guy is hilarious. My one regret is watching it sober.

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The Belt version:
Depends on how large the stable zone is, and how fast the hole makes matter. At one extreme of size, the worlds orbiting the hole are entire solar systems, with stars and everything. At one extreme of rate of creation, there are no planets, only rubble pulverized by the constant flow of new rocks. I'm going to assume the stable zone is vast as systems, but with only a few small, independent suns. Meteor strike is an ever-present danger, but not frequent enough to make independent evolution impossible.
So, the planets and stuff would probably not be in true orbits; rather, they would sort of hang in space, suspended by the two opposing forces of gravity and quintessence. They would probably move, but it's not a true orbit. Solar winds from the hole, perhaps? There may or may not be air in space; if there is, there will be a space-borne ecology based on asteroids.
The life of a planet, before it finally drifts out of the stable zone and accelerates away from everything else, can be anywhere from thousands to billions of years. Combined with the omnipresent danger of asteroid strike, the most established civilizations would probably live aboard generation ships, strip-mining asteroids and barren planets. Some might choose to seed life on new worlds, which would be a good explanation for how there are life-bearing planets if you choose the effective lifespan of a planet to be mere millions of years at most.
Really, a lot depends on your chosen scale.

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I didn't actually watch them, but I learned about them via some dude called Martymer who did some rebuttal/debunking videos of them.

>> No.31421472

Post it.
I'm gonna need to come back down after this.

>> No.31421476

Speaking of Æther, http://steam-trek.com/ still exists. It's basically "Ætheric theory was right, England makes steampunk spaceships, and the Borg have more cogs." It's an interesting idea, though it's all pbp freeform (last I checked, anyway.)

>> No.31421538

I find it kind of worrying that he thought they -needed- debunking. The correct response to such insanity is not a rebuttal, it is mockery and laughter.

>> No.31421594

Naw man. Mockery and laughter is still the attention that they crave. Ignore them and eventually their raving will die off as they realize that nobody cares.

>> No.31421622

But then they'd stop being so entertaining.

>> No.31421639

I'll admit, this guy is great to watch.

>> No.31423423

Evidence suggests that it is very likely that all dromaeosaurids and ornithomimids were feathered, as well as at least some coelurosaurids. Any accurate portrayal of deinonychus or velociraptor should have fully developed pluamge, complete with wing and tail feathers (some older illustrations show hairlike prorofeathers, but more recent findings make it obvious that dromaeosaurids had proper, birdlike feathers). Tyrannsaurus might have had fetahers, considering a fossil of a related species has been found with imprints of feathers. On the other hand, we have fossils of more "primitive" theropods (such as carnotaurus, an abelisaurid) that clearly show impressions of scaly skin. It would seem that fetahers were more common in cretaceous theropods, while jurassic ones, such as allosaurus or ceratosaurus were scaly.
No evidence as far as I know exists of non-theropod dinosaurs having featheres (I would consider birds to eb for all intents and purposes highly specialised theropods). We have skin impressions of hadrosaurids, sauropods and ankylosaurids all showing scaly skin. Apparently ceratopsids had guills, kind of like porcupines, tho.

Interestingly, feathers apparently aren't something that evolved in certain later groups of theropods, tho. They're actually basal for archosaurids. You could, for example, get a crocodile with fetahers just by activating specific genes. Pterosaur pycnofibers (basically hair) is likely derived from the same basal form as dinosaur feathers. So it seems that instead of certain theropods evolving feathers, the ancestor of all dinosaurs had some type of protofeathers that were lost among most dinosaurs and resurfaced later on certain theropods.

>> No.31425425

Horizontal gene transfer ≠ Lamarckian evolution

>> No.31425477

You know how shitty fantasy settings have ten thousand year empires and millennia-spanning wars where nothing ever happens?

Phantom time hypothesis, yo.

>> No.31425502

>The correct response to disagreement is not logic, it is violent rage.
That's a rather impractical mindset.

>> No.31425515


Oh, I like that.

That's the one where it's really 1600 or something right now, isn't it, and entire centuries of history are just a conspiracy? I might have to use that.

>> No.31425530

Yeah. Bad copy-pasting. Two kings with vaguely similar names? Totally the same dude. TWO wars over a shitty piece of land? Nah, someone just got the date wrong and wrote it down twice.

Or deliberately.

>> No.31425544


When someone first starts looking into conspiracy theories, they think Holocaust deniers or 9/11 nuts are as crazy as it gets.

Oh, boy.

>> No.31425556

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Chronology_(Fomenko) I love this dude.

I've heard crazier conspiracy theories, though. Truthers don't usually get that interesting, although the vicsims angle has UA potential.

>> No.31425565

Psittacosaurus, as well as another basal ceratopsian at least had protofeathers. Tianyulong, a heterodontosaur, also had significant proto-feathers.

>> No.31425846



>> No.31426278

Well link it then goddarnit

>> No.31426286

>no Time Cube.

>> No.31426349

These mother fuckers.. Inspiring and full of crazy ideas for campaigns. Sure. Definitely.

Everything else about them, from the way they ape Extra Credits's style of video production, to the way they pepper their shit with pseudo historical proverbs and shit, is meant to try and make them seem more reputable. Like they are experts and knowledgeable insiders... Then they start talking about how to be psychic with your pets and just gushing about how great crystals are and how burying crystals near power lines will save the world or how China has magical indigo children who can teleport and move cars with their minds.

It's kind of insulting, really..

>> No.31426358

No, no, you get it wrong. This theory states that space is curved the further it is from Earth. Thing is, it's topologicaly equal to our perception - just adds some unnecessary math into the equation
tl;dr: they use noneuqlidean space and redo the reality to fit it that way so it won't make any change

>> No.31426387

I have no idea what the fuck I watched to make this shit start appearing, but my youtube feed has been recommending all these alternate earth "THE WORLD IS NOT ROUND" videos lately.

Have nearly 30 minutes of some kind insisting the world is flat.

>> No.31426816

My current setting is geocentric. Two suns orbit the planet in an x-shape. This gives me climate zones: where they both cross is a desert, and in places where only one passes is cold tundra, with everything in between.

>> No.31428241

Is that guy actually serious? His entire video is full stupidity, tinfoil hats, conspiracy shitery, child logic, troll logic and not a single thing is sourced because everyone is lying. Everyone is in on it.

>> No.31428889
File: 1.35 MB, 500x281, laughing-nooey.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're trolling.

>> No.31429135


I'd play in it, for sure.

>> No.31429480
File: 327 KB, 900x1200, aussie whale giving bj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lazy motherfucker.

>> No.31430112


No it wouldn't because at least two of the humors don't physically exist - so if you've got an overabundance of phlegm or black bile the physician has to try and FORCE blood and pus into you until it neutralises the imbalance.

Imagine going into a doctor with depression and him having to get out a blender that drains into your arm and just having to WHIRRRR kittens until you're feeling better.

>> No.31430861
File: 5.53 MB, 1728x1152, 1384452283780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd love to do a setting like The Dreamlands or TES, where the world and cosmology are utterly alien. But I have no idea how to make it seem logical and internally consistent, and not just weird and different for the sake of it being weird and different.

>> No.31433176
File: 339 KB, 1280x720, lehappyscholar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ten thousand year empires and millennia-spanning wars where nothing ever happens
>Phantom time hypothesis
>The hypothesis proposes that periods of history... are either wrongly dated, or did not occur at all, and that there has been a systematic effort to cover up that fact

Holy shit, aSoIaF's fucked up chronology makes sense now. There actually IS a grand Maester conspiracy!

>> No.31434223

Someone could probably make a kewl setting from this.
Just from the front page:
>ET UFO Dulce Base Revealed From A Scientist Now In Hiding
>How to Heal Past Life Programming
How to Heal Past Life Programming
>Sex And Spirituality
>We Are Star Seeds – Born From The Universe
>We Are Star Seeds – Born From The Universe
>Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death
>Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death
>Pineal Gland: Portal of Higher Dimensions
And other amazing tales.

>> No.31434387
File: 18 KB, 187x242, Mr Phloggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> ctrl + F
> No Phlogiston theory
> Do you even phlogisticate?


I had this idea for a setting that only select elements, say the noble gasses, had phlogiston and they were used to power everything from superairships to steampunk-esque antimatter rifles.

>> No.31435626

I fucking wish they were, but Spirit Science is running a weird sort of cult of bullshit.
They have a fairly large website full of new age bullshit and outright insane misinformation about 5th dimension space jews from mars destroying Atlantis with the Pyramids.

>> No.31436022

Normally I wouldn't do this, but what's the source of your image? Reverse searching is turning up false positives.

>> No.31436143


It's a depiction of Lovecraft's Dreamlands.

>> No.31436168

Sorry, I wasn't clear. Who's the artist and where can I find their works?

>> No.31436189


No idea, sorry.

>> No.31436712

There was only ever one Targaeryen per name! The Maesters just spread out the actions of one Aegon or one Aerys over fake history so it looks like there's lots of them! They only took over Westeros eighty years ago!

>> No.31437147
File: 28 KB, 532x341, Wylla_Manderly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Red Wedding was a false flag attack! The Starks didn't really turn into wolves and attack Walder Frey!

>> No.31438375

Jason Bradley Thompson. Also did some cool adventure map posters for WotC

You can by that poster from his online shop at Mockman Press.

>> No.31438645

So The Secret World in pen 'n' paper format?

>> No.31438687
File: 104 KB, 670x527, Velociraptor_dinoguy2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno, I actually think bird dinos, at least velociraptors are scarier than lizards.

Think about this for a moment: FLYING RAPTORS. They're small enough to stalk you through tall grass, or can swoop down and descend upon you like a plague of locusts from treetops or cliffs.

Okay, yeah, they're wings are too small, but bare with me.
I'm rather prone to using Hollow Earth, though usually I tend to use "shifted space" concept for it or have it be connected to the Celtic underhill. Alternatively I go full Jules Verne and leave the possibility all the PCs found was some isolated pocket of life within the Earth.

>> No.31439345

Time Cube is the answer. Time Cube is always the answer.


>> No.31439529
File: 8 KB, 181x152, 1360365571044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No man on Earth has no belly-button, it proves every believer on Earth a liar.


>> No.31439942

No, it isn't. What the media decides to blather about has nothing to do with actual science. They're not scientists, they're not part of the process of science. They're just people paid to say things that will sell advertisement, no more, no less.

Unless you're proposing that we give scientists the ability to censor the media, you can't blame the scientists when media idiots fuck up the retelling of scientific discoveries.

>> No.31440009

Everyone is a part of the process. Science isn't something restricted to elites. When people spew bullshit like "humans only use 10% of their brain," that's a breakdown in the process of science.

>> No.31440119

Right. Because there's no phlegm. Nobody's ever seen phlegm before. Totally made up.

Are you taking all your meds?

>> No.31440209

No, it's not. Science is restricted to scientists and scientific publications. Some retard on TV spewing ignorant idiocy is a failure of media, not science.

When people spew bullshit like "humans only use 10% of their brain," that's a breakdown in PEOPLE, man. It's people ignoring the tenets of science and just repeating ignorant shit they heard somewhere.

The people who actually DO science don't have any special power or authority to affect what people not engaged in scientific study believe.

>> No.31440322

>Immortality through Tantric Interdimentional Sex Meditations
>We talked to an egyptian god and he told us this

this is beautiful nonsense.

>> No.31440408
File: 55 KB, 272x269, 1353292485845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ivory tower intellectualism

>> No.31440411

Are you calling the Egyptian Gods liars?

>> No.31440679

That's cute, but science is hard. Bitching at scientists for being ivory tower elites because they're the only people qualified to do science is like bitching at auto mechanics because if you opened your hood and tried to fix your car you'd probably break things.

Some things in life require quite a bit of training. Let me know if you ever get a brain tumor and you decide to let your friend who dropped out of high school but "totally read a bunch of books on surgery and has completely got this" take it out, because I want to watch.

>> No.31440833


Everyone is a part of the process of science, but it's the scientist's fault when they say something you don't like?

Fucking hell. I'm trying to understand how all this conspiracy theorist shit can exist and all I can proscribe it to is monumental arrogance that also leads to people refusing to acknowledge someone can be more intelligent, spend their entire lives learning about a subject and thus come to a stronger conclusion than them.

>> No.31440881

Anon, are you implying that a person has to read a book on surgery before they begin operating on a brain tumour?

Because that's fucking elitist and being elitist is the worst crime there is, because it implies someone can be better than me.

>> No.31440896

mah nigga

>> No.31440919
File: 7 KB, 173x169, whats going on I dont even.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for a second there I thought you were serous, fuck that almost got me mad.

>> No.31441079

Okay guys, Nightmare mode engaged.

How do we run Time Cube in Continuum?

>> No.31441101

>For a second there I thought you were serious
I know that being on 4chan kills your ability distinguish sarcasm from retardation, but Christ, that was as blatant as you can get.

>> No.31441169
File: 54 KB, 608x608, jesus fuck but why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgive me, its late and as tired as I am its difficult for me to tell

>> No.31441254

The perils of thinking while sleepy.

>> No.31441292
File: 237 KB, 354x430, nat 20 sense motive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How do we run Time Cube in Continuum

Fuck you, I thought about it and now I can see sounds

>> No.31441375

I'm pretty sure that thinking about it some more will fix it.

>> No.31441444
File: 398 KB, 825x667, 1365289727202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is definitely a good idea and not a mental trap from which there is no escape.

>> No.31441530
File: 18 KB, 480x360, neildegrassetysontho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31441964

Thank you! This is why I try to watch this with friends all the time. Its absolute horseshit, but it is a creative gold mine.

>> No.31444269

But it isn't, there are different limit cases.
For instance, if you drill down.
I do get your point, however.

>> No.31444669

Well, I googled "Concave Hollow Earth", found a blog post, and now my brain hurts from the crazy.
>This one experiment in the 1900s showed two cables hanging down mineshafts to be at the wrong angle, therefore the center of gravity is 4000 miles above any given point on the Earth. [...] Obviously Newton's theory is a pack of lies.
Oh yes, thanks to this experiment with never-again replicated results, it's so OBVIOUS now that gravity is an OPPOSITIONAL force exerted by the aether itself.

>How do you explain satellites, or Google Maps?
>That's a dodgy subject. They're definitely fake, except the one or two attached the glass layer.
What the fuck am I even reading here? Is this just the usual case of "that which is taught must be false, therefore only those theories that have been discredited can possibly be true" insanity?

>> No.31444832

I like this
it also keeps the possibility open for other infinite mass generation super-stars
with maybe other worlds and civilizations

>> No.31444973


I always just remember the Red Dwarf answer to that one.

>RIMMER: No, Lister, I mean like the pyramids. How did they move such massive pieces of stone without the aid of modern technology?
>LISTER: They had massive whips, Rimmer. Massive, massive whips.

>> No.31445091

What I like best about these videos is where they will drop a line like "You don't have to believe us, it's all just a theory" or something and then hit you in the face with pseudo-science, outrageous claims and outright nonsense (like misrepresenting scientific theories) and then, when you try to argue their shit, they go "Hey, we told you it's just a theory, if you don't believe in it, there is no point in arguing".
It's not even the mindnumbingly insane idiocy in these videos, it's this arrogance that pisses me the fuck off.

>implying modern technology can't construct a building as precisely as the pyramids
Modern technology could fucking PRINT it to a precision of a few micrometers, if we fucking wanted to.

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