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GW has removed Sly Margo from the codex!!

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Inb4 Marbo*

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Noob employee called my brother in cause our preorder arrived. Call us in for us to pick it up.

>> No.31404668

Are you serious
Sly is there
Sly is just waiting, waiting to rip himself out of a Bloodthirster with just a knife
And then, and then we will see the glorious Sly Marbo murder his way across the everything

>> No.31404695

I'm pretty sure we will see a Catachan DLC... I mean supplement, dohoho. That will hopefully contain our favourite Rambo descendant

>> No.31404716

>Sly is just waiting

Sly isnt gone silly, you'll just never see him coming.

>> No.31404820


I kind of doubt it, the metal sculpts of Marbo are going to run out eventually and I can't see GW paying to have a minor character resculpted in plastic.

>> No.31404868

Sly isn't in this codex because he will be in all the rest, killing their HQ choices

>> No.31406217

>yfw when GW releases Dataslate: Badass containing only Marbo, but now you can make him in any regiment, not just Catachan.

>> No.31406469

well given the fact that conversions were openly encouraged? Yeah why not?

>> No.31406498

>Implying that if they made that Dataslate they wouldn't also give Caiphas Cain his own stats and model

>> No.31406554

>equipment chainsword and las pistol
No matter what staline and special rules they gave him he would still suck.

>> No.31406654

>comes with a Jurgen
even if Cain would be meh on tabletop, a Blank with a meltagun is a Good Thing

>> No.31406660

Is it possible that he was removed, not because he will be repackaged as DLC, but because GW has become so law-obsessed that they don't want to risk a lawsuit for stealing Rambo?

Straken is still there, as is Harker. His rules were not out of date or out of character, and he's been established forever.

But as an obvious rip on a famous film, maybe they're concerned about the lawhammer swinging against them for a change?

>> No.31406678

Cool, then i can have more free leverage when i stat one myself.

>> No.31406729

What? If I remember well he had a demolition charge and wounded on a 2+. With 4 attacks and high WS it's more than enough to destroy a broadside or devastator team.

>> No.31406755

Cain not Marbo.

>> No.31406760

I think you mean they removed the codex from Sly Marbo

>> No.31406818

>2++ vs chaos space marines

>> No.31406890

>+3 WS in a challenge

>> No.31406904

AM thread? AM thread.
Tempered helm gives guard 24 inch 10 ld bubble, and reroll of 1 for one squad. Op as fuck, is this faqed yet?

>> No.31406937

Good another reason to cement my no more 40K position. Thanks GW.

Have they removed the Penal legion I slaved over too?

>> No.31407078


No more Penals, Griffons, Colossi, Medusae, and some of the special characters.

>> No.31407094


That's a Raukaan item and has nothing to do with the Guard.

>> No.31407134

Lovely, well I kind of expected that, they usually manage to make a chunk of whatever army I play illegal every time there's a new edition.

Haven't played in eighteen months though, so it's no loss really.

>> No.31407135

Yes, but space marines are battle brothers to AM and tempered helm gives ld to all friendly units(not clan raukaan only)

>> No.31407167

Those look pretty nice

>> No.31407170

Covered under parody laws I'm almost certain.

>> No.31407206

We had a dataslate for Cypher. I can't imagine we won't get Marbo from either a dataslate or a Catachan supplement.

>> No.31407226

Come now babby, you can just use them as any other infantry choice. Not like their rules were anything special in the first place. They make more sense as conscripts than as their 5th edition rules.

>> No.31407244

Ta, I guess I -could- still field them as an all lasgun basic squad jammed in another platoon, or even build another squad and a command section. But at over two hours per model in build time alone for a game I can't really afford to be shelling out for rulebooks of, they'll gather more dust.

>> No.31408593

>implying Marbo isn't his own regiment

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