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Who is your favorite Chaos God and why is it Lord Khorne?

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>Not Arioch

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>still worshiping middle eastern jewish gods

I bet you like Yahweh the Deceiver as well.

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Violence is everything.

Through violence, I subdue my foes.
Through violence, I obtain brothers.
Through violence, I grow stronger.
Through violence, I take what is rightfully mine.
Through violence, I defend what is precious.
Through violence, I fortify my honor.
Through violence, I obtain glory.
Through violence, I become eternal.

Thus do I exalt the Eightfold Path of Blood.

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Doesn't show enough tit for my taste, so I'm going to have to go with Slaanesh...

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>Going with a god destined to be slain by the Blood God or destroyed by the deathly newcomer

Thinking for the long term isn't your best trait, is it?

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>being a heretic

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>Through violence, I fortify my honor.
No. Your other honor.

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>Not worshiping middle eastern jew gods
>Not sacrificing blood and souls to our lord and savior Arioch

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I don't worship the god of aspergers
Say what you want about slaanesh, but (s)he is boring

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>yfw Khorne fought the C'tan Gods and defeated the Nightbringer

Why is Khorne is so based?

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A Khornate warrior prepares himself for battle with some simple exercises.

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Nurgle asks me to sit and rot, until I delude into paste, stagnate and fetid.

Teeznech asks me everything, plead, praise and twist, no respite, no comrades, only selfish ambition.

Slaanesh asks me to experience everything, a finite number of options that immortality would fear: the damnation of experienceing everything, and still living.

Khorne asks that i Fight, Conquer, and revel in it. The first kill was as sweet as the last. Every skull revered, cherished. Even if i fall in battle, I will receive a chance at redemption and glory. In 40k there is only Khorne heaven, war.

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>Implying we won't convert you in the end...


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Phone text

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>Khârn has cultivated a well-earned reputation as the first to enter a fight and the last to leave, mirroring his battle long ago at the siege of the Emperor’s Palace. During the mayhem and carnage of the Seventh Black Crusade Khârn was the first to board the Blood Angel Strike Cruiser Sanguine Tear, smashing his way through the void-lock when his own ship became embedded in its hull. For several bloody minutes the Betrayer fought alone against a dozen Blood Angel Terminators, until the rest of his warband flooded onto the Space Marine vessel. Khârn was also the last to leave, after the Sanguine Tear had been reduced to a charnel house of corpses and fire, returning to his own cruiser and ordering its captain to blast them free from the wreck.

>In his long life as a servant of the Blood God Khârn has travelled the breadth of the galaxy, staining the ground of a thousand, thousand worlds red in honour of his murderous master. Though the Betrayer yearns for the destruction of the Imperium – an obsession that Abaddon the Despoiler has used more than once to lure him into his army – it is the taking of skulls that truly drives Khârn. Human heads are the most desirable, but any able opponent is a worthy offering to Khorne. Khârn has taken the lives of almost every kind of human, alien and Daemon to walk the stars or dwell beneath them. Tyranid Hive Tyrants, Necron Overlords, Eldar Autarchs and Ork Warbosses have all tasted the bite of Gorechild’s teeth. Khârn knows that Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it does.

-Kharn Wotdm

>‘Only a fool takes Khârn for a mindless brute or rabid dog. Under that blood-soaked helm lurks an intelligence and cunning that makes him a masterful killer – trust me when I say that there is a dark purpose in his madness.’

- Abaddon the Despoiler

>‘Emperor’s Teeth! One man did all this?’

- Viscount Hurlon, upon discovering Khârn’s murder of all 12,000 inhabitants of the Mirrored Spire

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>Cherishing skulls
The dark prince blows you a kiss when you do.
Khorne is senseless killing and gore
He does care who you kill and his followers don't feel
Literal psychopaths

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>Even the other Dark Gods of Chaos can satisfy the desires of Slaanesh, through the actions of their servants. A Berzerker who kills in the name of Khorne is proud of his achievement and takes satisfaction from his gory deed, and Slaanesh feels that pride and the drive for greater glories. A spy whose actions topple a regime is rewarded for his service to Tzeentch, and delights in his stealth; Slaanesh feels that spark and increases the mortal’s need to perfect his abilities. A diseased plague victim that draws strength from Nurgle to survive rests with comfort, and Slaanesh fuels his love of indolence and serenity. In these ways, the actions and sensations of all beings can serve to feed the lustful hungers of the Perfect Prince

-Tome of Excess

Followers of the parasite god are liars as well!

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Lets see, Father Nurgle has planets throw nonstop parties till the end of time. Female Nurgle followers are so slutty that even Slasnesh can be disgusted by them. Father Nurgle makes you literally invincible to everything even death. Best of all Father Nurgle is not a complete dick like every single other chaos god. Father Nurgle is that laid back fellow at the bar that is enjoying his drink has he watches 3 other college frat boy gods that can not even handle a shot of tequila

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Khorne is love
Khorne is life

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Ignorant crazed bliss. It's doing what you want to do, everyday, and never getting tired of it. In this moment, I am Eurphoric.

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But ours is the Goddess of Euphoria: >>31394294

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Somewhat related question - those pipes are actually used for funneling nutrients to a Space Marine? Can older marks of helmet do that?

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Best Mortal Champion : Kharn the Betrayer

Best Daemon Champion : U'Zuhl the Skulltaker

Best Greater Daemon : Skarbrand the Exiled One

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Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll baby!

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Slaanesh is not only the god of excess but of perfection. Poetry,film and music are his domain.
Truly the most Patrician Chaos God. Your not all plebs are you?

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Tzeentch is the god that will allow me to do as I will. I am part of his schemes always; why should I change who I am? Power I can gain without corrupting my flesh, rotting my body, or diseasing my mind.

It is the enemy that must be manipulated - and it's always so frightfully easy. Everyone checks the shadows, but no one likes to stare into the light. You'll search among your foes, to be sure, but never doubt your friends. It was just a gust of wind, it was just a trick of the eye. It was always a trick, but it wasn't your eye that was deceived, but your mind. We could be anyone or noone at all. Even if you destroy us all, our plans may come to fruition without a single living hand to press the button - or maybe we were the ones to convince you to pull the switch.

So what if my plans fail? My lord always wins, whenever the galaxy changes, no matter how or why. Every turn, every twist, is just the beginning of a small change that will drive the universe in a new direction.

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Hell no!
In fact, we Daughters of Peace are trying to unite the Galaxy into Slaanesh's flesh!

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>Daughters of Peace
never heard that term before

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>why should I change who I am? Power I can gain without corrupting my flesh

You are aware that Tzeentch is the god of mutation and change?

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My homebrew cult of Slaaneshi Militant Feminist; want to turn the entire galaxy into a Sapphic Sisterhood love-in to change Slaanesh into a Mother Goddess who will properly reciprocate their devotion and reabsorb them into herself.

>You are aware that Tzeentch is the god of mutation and change?
Especially ironic considering the disciple he posted has a CRABCLAW for an arm...

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I am really bad at finding Tzeentch pictures.

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well ok then. Never heard of that before

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Yeah, tapping into your own personal crazy for Chaos inspiration is pretty useful.

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I had an idea for a Space Wolf convert to Slaanesh if you wanted to hear.

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I had a fun idea for something Tzeentchy the other day -

A Dark Angels successor chapter that secretly served Tzeentch, but used their status as Unforgiven (and the protection and leeway the Dark Angels gave them) to pursue their own goals. They'd raid a planet saying they thought a Fallen was on it, but they'd actually be getting sorcerous tomes and ancient artifacts for their own schemes. They'd slaughter an Inquisitor and his retinue that had discovered their heresies, and glibly say to Azrael that they'd learned about the Fallen and needed to be destroyed.

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Sure, go right ahead!

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>No Malal

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Well it was a character that was supposed to be for a Warhammer campaign but never got a chance to use it.

I was a Scout Sergeant that after losing his team in an ambush went full on Rambo on a Chaos Camp and over a period of a few days damn near wiped them out. Only an Alpha Legion Sorcerer remained (He was another PC and was gong to be the Parties face. His weapons where 2 power fists and power boots.It was pretty radical). He converted me by convincing me that I wasnt on this rampage out of duty for my comrades. I just liked the killing. It didnt matter who it was. He promised me glorious foes and giant monsters to hunt.

My idea was that I was going to be the teams Rogue. Setting traps,stealth,sharp shooting that sorta thing. He would get obsessed with the idea of being the perfect killer. And so bored with mundane warfare where wrestling a Carnifex sounded like a good idea.

I thought it was a pretty fun idea.

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Sounds a bit...Khorny. Are you killing for the pleasure of it, or killing for the sake of killing?

Otherwise, fun idea. Most dangerous game sort of thing.

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Sufficiently Tzeentchian.

Alright ideas, though only the latter sounds Slaaneshi.
Former comes across as a Khornite.

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Hes excited by it. Not sexually its more like the satisfaction of a job well done.

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>Alright ideas, though only the latter sounds Slaaneshi.
>Former comes across as a Khornite
He was directionless but Slaanesh focused his intentions. Thats kind of what I was going for.

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Ah, probably need a bit more backstory embellishment then, just "liking" killing gives off more of a Khorne vibe due to the domain overlap.

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I wasn't thinking sexually, anon. Don't be so crass. Just...pleasure in general. Enjoying it. That's why daemonettes love stabbing things, right?

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again it was a rough idea that I did not get to play.
I just like playing outside of stereotypes

well you say that

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That actually brings up a question i've been wondering about for a while.

I know you can be a servant of Chaos Undivided, pleasing all 4 gods, but could you be a servant of Khorne and Slannesh, for example?

Obviously, if you got a Mark from one of them i'd assume the other's mark cannot be obtained, but if you showed reverence to two gods mostly equally, what would happen?

Could you indulge in slaughter in a way that pleases both, since clearly Slannesh at least parasites off the other gods?

Or slaughter people, take their skulls, and then hurl their bodies into a river to rot and poison a town, serving Khorne and Nurgle, etc, etc, etc.

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I have never seen anyone talk about this before actually

>> No.31396266

Probably, the Chaos Gods do have their sides, but since this is CHAOS no one really has the right to tell you who you can and can't worship.

>> No.31396282

Yeah, you always hear about either worshipping all 4, or just one.

Never any pair or trio. Maybe it's impossible, but I'm pretty sure the nature of Chaos means anything could happen? Probably?

So that made me curious what that would look like.

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I assume it can happen? I've seen examples of Chaos daemons respecting other gods - when a Lord of Change took over a mainly Slaaneshi warband, he gave Slaanesh the gift of an Eldar.

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I think after a while of you showing favor to some gods over others the gods you lean toward would ask you sack up and state your loyalties.

"Hey... Dave is it? Look it's really awesome the amount of dog fucking you got in last quarter but we're gonna need you to stop hanging out with this Khornate crowd. They're harshing our buzz and that is really killing productivity in your sector. Thanks bro."

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Well the supposed alliances go Khorne/Nurgle verse Slaanesh/Tzeentch, but yeah, it's freaking CHAOS after all...

>> No.31396354

Cool. Where did that happen?

Do the gods get that close and personal with you? I thought they just spawned you if you stepped out of line.

Yeah, obviously non-opposed alliances would be easier, if they were possible at all, I was just expanding the hypothetical to cover all cases.

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Depends on the magnitude of your tribute. You worship Slaanesh and you manage to rape a gorilla-giraffe? Congrats, now you have magical gonads growing out of your throat that allow you to bark oargasm runes. Keep up the good work.

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I found the Lexicanium article on it - turns out it was a warband made up of a bunch of different daemons, but it was lead by a Keeper of Secrets until the Lord of Change took control.


And there is an example of a Khorne/Slaanesh warband out there.


I think in general the Chaos Gods don't care too much about how their servants do things, as long as they do what they approve of. Working with Slaanesh servants? Sure, why not - just don't forget to spread your plagues.

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Well the magnitude and the God in question's interest at that particular moment...
Slaanesh, for instance, is probably extremely fickle and prone to acting on whims.

>> No.31396507

Same for Tzeentch...maybe. Lore either depicts him as having a huge long term plan for the universe he's constantly working on, or just doing random things for change's sake.

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In the cruel days of the 41 millenium the "perfect murder" takes on an entirely new meaning. One sharpens the edge of his blade, one cleans and sights his gun and everyday you practice mind, body, and soul to the art of taking another life.

Simply taking a life is not enough. As the artist grows weary of "realistic" styles so to does the killer grow weary of mundane forms of murder. How pleasent would it be to walk your foe into a bed of spikes as you conversate with them as if you were their best friend? How glorious would it be to watch the spray of blood and gore upon the masses as the clergy steps upon the land mind you planted under the podium? What thoughts cross the mind of the eldar as you watch them grasping at their slit throats and looking into its xeno eyes?

Indeed, She who thirst knows of these pleasures and is ever willing to teach them...

how's that?

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I am surprised that Slaanesh does not have cultists that are the equal to Imperium Assassins

>> No.31396668

What makes you think they don't?

>> No.31396710

All he'll do to me is kill me.

>> No.31396712

I like it. Slaanesh wouldn't kill for killing sake, but for the pleasure of the kill. The feeling, the rush, the adrenaline. Probably would use exotic weaponry to kill things in ever different ways.

>> No.31396715

never heard of it.
Or am I wrong?

>> No.31396739


I can see it now. Imagine a cult that was kind of like a snuff film club. Each member would take a challenge and try to record it for the sake of their fellows and every time they get together they watch their perspective kills in a big party.

The more challenging the kill the greater the praise and the winner gets to be the leader of the cult until the next party

>> No.31396779

Well, I'd assume that at the very least, a non-zero number is Death Cult assassins have fallen to the temptations of their profession in the past, and at least some of them fell to Slannesh.

But really, Slannesh encourages people to pursue perfection, even more than regular people dedicated to their craft as Assassins are.

So logically, an Assassin following Slannesh will eventually, assuming they live, achieve a higher degree of skill, fueled by Chaos.

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>>Liking Slaanesh
>>Still being into tits

You haven't been worshiping here long, have you.

>> No.31396839


Tits are the poor man's scapula.

>> No.31396853

Thats what I mean. I would love for there to be a Canon Chaos Assassin for Slaanesh

>> No.31396926

But he is boring. Excruciatingly so.

Tzeentch best god.

>> No.31397007

A bit of a twist - we know your favorite god, but who's your favorite warband/legion?

>> No.31397294

Thousand Sons, partly because I'm a sucker for dust-filled suits of armor, and partly because I wish you could have a 90%+ psyker chapter of loyalists without the Inquisition or some internet shitposter throwing meaningless Mary-Sue's and OP's on you.

>> No.31397960

I feel its both. He's constantly doing shit just for the sake of mixing it up but every little change has some minute effect that gets him closer to his plans. But his plans are also constantly changing, so he might spend decades working to cause something to happen then all of a sudden change his mind and dash everything but that coalesces into another plan which he's been working on for millennia but he changes that which causes a plan he made up 5minutes ago which leads to another plan etc. etc.

>> No.31403285

>Not having tits everywhere...
...Do you even lactate Anon?

I don't have a canon one, because the Emperors Children are far too dickish for my taste...

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Weren't you banned before? Why are you even here?

>> No.31404383

Uh, why and why not?

>> No.31404401

Because you're absolute cancer that infests threads with topics that are the same almost every time.

>> No.31404430

...Then why don't you just filter me?
Also, what's your favorite Chaos God?!?!

>> No.31404431

Are Khorne and Khaine actually different beings?

>> No.31404452

Well that's one of those deliberately vague things...
Some will say Khaine was the Eldar Aspect of Khorne, and others will claim that the two are similar but seprate Warp Entities...
...And then you have the crowd who believe the Eldar Gods were just a race of Old Ones who pissed off the Necrontyr and Genetically engineered the Orks and Eldar to fight the C'tan...

>> No.31404455

>''Heed not the urges of the father of our bastard master''

>''Test your blades against ours, and know that Khaine yet despises his raging father''

>Banshee 1 : ''Perhaps She Who Thirsts will not claim us. The Blood God hungers for our spirits more greatly, I think
>Banshee 2 : ''Accursed Mother and Father will destroy each other fighting for May-Ys(?), If I have any say

-Quotes from the Howl of Banshee Audiobook

They are father and son.

>> No.31404459

The crabclaw would be an enhancement. A titty that doesn't do anything but lactate cocaine could possibly be considered an enhancement too, but it's unproductive in the eyes of a Tzeenchian and thus a corruption.

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Totally depends on a writer and the point of view.

>> No.31404464


Yes but no

>> No.31404472

>The metal body that contained Khorne's essence since he had slain Kaelis Ra, shattered to a thousand pieces that scattered across the dimensions

Can anyone read the rest?

>> No.31404478

Something about Slaanesh's birth and such.

>> No.31404479

Because I've lost the image on how to filter you and because people will reply to you and I can see the chain. And your style of posting is obnoxious.

>> No.31404487


>And then you have the crowd who believe the Eldar Gods were just a race of Old Ones who pissed off the Necrontyr and Genetically engineered the Orks and Eldar to fight the C'tan

uuuh, not really.

Old Ones, just said fuck it and either left galaxy, or just gave up and died, during the enslaver plague.

Eldars created their pantheon after the plague to fill the void lack of old ones created in their existence. Only conciously and without all the dicking.

>> No.31404499

>A titty that doesn't do anything but lactate cocaine
>Not having a titty that lactates more than one thing
...Do you even Chaos son?

...Yet you haven't posted what your favorite Chaos God is, so one has to wonder why you are here in the first place...

>> No.31404513

It is Tzeench because there is always hope and for me, there is hope that you will just die someday and no longer plague 4chan.

>> No.31404520

Much better Anon!
Now, how will you scheme to rid the world of me?

>> No.31404540

>I was only 9 years old
>I loved Khorne so much, I had all the merchandise and movies
>I pray to Khorne every night before bed, thanking him for the life I've been given
>"Khorne is love" I say; "Khorne is life"
>My dad hears me and calls me a heretic
>I know he was just jealous of my devotion for Khorne
>I called him a cunt
>He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
>I'm crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and it's really cold
>Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
>It's Khorne
>I am so happy
>He whispers into my ear "Show me your other honour."
>He grabs me with his powerful ogre hands and puts me down onto my hands and knees
>I'm ready
>I spread my cheeks for Khorne
>He penetrates my skull
>It hurts so much but I do it for Shrek
>I can feel my skull tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against his force
>I want to please Khorne
>He roars in a mighty roar as he fills my skull with his love
>My dad walks in
>Khorne looks him straight in the eyes and says "It's all anger now."
>Khorne leaves through my window
>Khorne is love. Khorne is life.

>> No.31404649

>ogre hands
>do it for Shrek

Double check your memedit before posting.

>> No.31404693

>implying Khorne doesn't have powerful ogre hands

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Guessed he should have Shreked before posting.

>> No.31404721

how does a Necron sweat without skin?

>> No.31404725

It's even worse because Shrek is actually Nurgle

>> No.31404743


>> No.31404823

Which itself are rather OP.

>> No.31404847


I like Nurgle because he's nice, I like Tzeentch because sorcery is cool, and I find it fascinating.

I couldn't give two shits about Khorne, or Slaanesh.

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>I couldn't give two shits about Khorne, or Slaanesh.

But they are best Gods.

>> No.31404949


But Khorne is the most boring, and 2 dimensional God.

As for Slaanesh I like Eldar so...

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File: 226 KB, 391x526, Slaanesh gifts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But they make the best couple.

>> No.31404951

>As for Slaanesh I like Eldar so...
So does Slaanesh!
They are especially good with a side of cuddling!

>> No.31404982

...tell me more of this cult. I may wish to incorperate similar elements when I start building my Slaaneshi army.

Or use it in my Lewd RPs

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fuck that shit OP

chaos undivided ftw

that way you pit the chaos gods against each other and secretly fight for the emperor

>> No.31405071


Cloaks do not look good on such bulky frames.

>> No.31405080

the picture is incomplete

he just got done popping up out of the sand like a fremen

>> No.31405085

Is there any picture like this of the other Chaos gods?

>> No.31405118

Alright, so the Daughters of Peace are centered around my "NiceDaemonettes," aka Daemonettes made of more positive emotions like love who aren't complete dicks.
Amnaich the Golden was the prototypical "Nice Daemon," preaching harmony and tolerance, but due to his betrayal Slaanesh now forces all "NiceDaemonettes" to be bound to hir will.
This manifested as a bizarre material fixation, which in turn leads most NiceDaemonettes to believe any undesirable habits Slaanesh has are due to its masculine influences.
As such, they believe that in order to turn Slaanesh into the Mother Goddess "she truly is," they must transform the entire galaxy into a female-only Sapphic Sisterhood paradise.

The Daughters are their mortal followers, working to increase their influence and spread this ideology to any and all factions.

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there are s few for nurgle , khorne burned the rest

>> No.31405125

>bent Nurgle

This doesn't make sense, Khorne payed Nurgle to help him. Nurgle wasn't forced to do it.

>> No.31405132

yeah, this is tzeentch

also, lore says nurgle looks like great unclean ones (or other way around I suppose)

not sure what slaanesh looks like

>> No.31405135
File: 229 KB, 652x964, Tzeentch3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, but only older art.

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File: 297 KB, 727x1024, Tzeentch_Changer_of_Ways.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry, forgot picture

>> No.31405148

Through his cunning, Khorne bent Nurgle to his will.

He gave him land but what Khorne gained was the Ebon Sword which is a weapon capable of slaying Gods. The lands given to Nurgle will be swiftly retaken once Khorne comes swinging.

>> No.31405158


We lovecraft now.

>> No.31405162


Isn't that for Warhammer fantasy tho?

>> No.31405167


I wonder what would happen if one of those guys just flew up, and touched Tzeentch.

>> No.31405183

Eh. S'alright I suppose. Stick with the implied Mass Symbiotic Merging stuff, though. It's great lore for stuff like Obliteraters and especially Possessed.

...I need to see if I can make a fun Possessed unit out of these Dark Eldar warriors and some plastic 'Nettes.

Also, why are DE and normal Eldar the only goddamn races that have any gender variety in their models?

>> No.31405184

I bet the best Khorne members are the ones who act cool outside until they fight someone.

>> No.31405193

So are the 4 gods just some dumb visions the races have for the power in the warp or something ?
In a thousand sons tzeench is just some enormous sentient mass of warp energy and ahriman changes the shape of warp hunters with his whims.
Are the gods displayed just the human vision of them? Do the eldar view them as skinny elves ?

>> No.31405205

>Horus Heresy

See, there's your issue.

>> No.31405228
File: 4 KB, 155x159, Cuttleheadshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Eh. S'alright I suppose. Stick with the implied Mass Symbiotic Merging stuff, though. It's great lore for stuff like Obliteraters and especially Possessed.
Actually I fluffed two units for that, the CuttleDaemonette and Pleasure Flesh spawn.

Let's see, I even made a stat line for the CuttleDaemonette, while the Pleasure Flesh would be treated more like a special piece of hazardous terrain...

Type: Monstrous Creature
WS:4 BS:0 S:5 T:3 Starting Wounds:6 I:6 LD:6 Sv:4+

Special Rule:
Joining of the Flesh - When this unit successfully inflicts a Wound in Melee Combat, add it to it's Wound Total.

>> No.31405232


>> No.31405265

>know that Khaine yet despises his raging father''


>> No.31405281

Why though ? It keeps the idea of how the warp works more consistent.
Sure otherwise it's just some absolute chaos , but this is an ok way to explain it.

>> No.31405286

No, they really do look like that.

>> No.31405328

Well I prefer the idea of that being only the human idea of them taken form, tzeench being the damn god of change being a swirling mass of warp energy works too. I refuse to believe all races view them the same way. It kinda kills the chaos in chaos.

>> No.31405330

Because Khorne symbolizes the wrong way for Eldar.
Khorne is pure unmastered rage consuming reason and consciousness.
Khaine is rage crafted into the weapon.
Eldar who succeeded at the Path of the Warrior overcomes his rage and through it learns the art of war, comes to Khaine.
Eldar who is overwhelmed by his rage loses himself and becomes a berserk, comes to Khorne.

>> No.31405355
File: 33 KB, 318x472, 1392726410013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of sick heretical fuck do you have to be to worship Chaos?

>> No.31405360

>Khaine is rage crafted into the weapon.
Khaine is the god of murder. Not war, murder. That's why the dark eldar respect him.

>> No.31405370
File: 27 KB, 655x67, 2014-02-23_010136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong, he is god of both.

>> No.31405379

So he is literally identical to Khorne then.

>> No.31405386

No, Khorne (at least in 40k) is skullbloodskullsbloddaarrrghrageangermoreskulls.

>> No.31405395

I completely fail to see the distinction. They are both gods of wanton destruction. The only difference is that Khaine is kinda half Slaanesh too what with the martial prowess thing.

>> No.31405442

Compare a Khorne's berzerker to an exarch.
This is the difference in ways.

>> No.31405445
File: 103 KB, 400x432, breadnaught.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Corn for the Corn God!
Seeds for the Seed Throne!
Hail Blôdh!

>> No.31405458

I am failing to see a difference in mindset here.
One's "Blood for the Blood God", the other is "Blood for the Bloody-Handed God".

>> No.31405472

Ugh, no.
One is focused on slaughter, other on martial skill.

>> No.31405484

No, they're both pretty focused on slaughter. Martial skill is a means to an end.

>> No.31405502

>Old Ones, just said fuck it and either left galaxy, or just gave up and died, during the enslaver plague.

They were destroyed by the C'tan-Necrontyr alliance.

>> No.31405526

Same god.

>> No.31405543

Yes, just more of a pussy.

>> No.31405557

Well, that's just wrong.
Exarchs live to develop, apply and teach other martial arts.

>> No.31405566

But mainly to kill dudes.

>> No.31405590

Because killing dudes is the best way to apply and hone skills.
Those are skills of waging war after all.

>> No.31405604

They're addicted to killing dudes.

>> No.31405606

>Not Hashut

Stay plebeian, the Father is all.

>> No.31405610



read the quote on top, straight from Gav Thorpe's books. It pretty much sums up the difference.

>> No.31405622

Gav Thorpe is the exact guy who says that Khaine is a mixture of Khorne and Slaanesh.

>> No.31405624
File: 231 KB, 363x335, Khorne.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31405632

It's built into the helmet and/or suit itself, not often shown as clearly as with Khârns helmet

>> No.31405633

This conversation begun with "why Khaine despises his raging father".

>> No.31405652

So, as such, Khaine is extremely similar to Khorne, both being gods of wanton murder. If an eldar goes berserk and starts chopping up everyone at hand, he's still serving Khaine.

>> No.31405668
File: 72 KB, 803x544, 1397218604704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> fuck all of your arguments and quotes, I'll just repeat the initial statement
I'm out.

>> No.31405676

Were this not true, the Dark Elves would not worship him by murdering random people in an orgy of bloodshed. Deal with it.

>> No.31405680

does khorne actually try to slowly drain the material universe of all biomatter by dragging all the skulls into the warp?

>> No.31405684

> Dark Elves
> Elves

>> No.31405696

Yes. Elves. In Warhammer Fantasy Battle. That's how they do it.

Say they are different gods and I shall taunt you.

>> No.31405708

So his reptilian features came from the nids and he was actually a nid god of biomatter consumption ?

>> No.31405709

But they are different.
Now you can begin with your taunts.

>> No.31405717

Yeah, and fantasy Khorne is different from the 40k one! :^)

>> No.31405733
File: 15 KB, 575x687, 1383866236935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31405816

What sort of warp mutation is this? Slay the horror!

>> No.31405827

Warp cancer.

>> No.31405859

Truly a horrible disease. The only remedy is a bolt to the head. If the patient survives the remedy, you haven't used enough of a dosage.

>> No.31406030


>> No.31406260

I always figured it was Tzeentch.

>> No.31406281

That's a funny way of spelling Malal.

>> No.31406561

>kharne the betrayer
>no pigtails


>> No.31406659

hes polished not sweating

>> No.31406807

tzeentch would stop him before hand

>> No.31406837
File: 1.31 MB, 250x141, Eagels Splendor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if Khaine is Slaanesh and Khornes forbidden lovechild? Just Slaanesh never told Khorne and Tzeentch thinks it's hilarious.

>> No.31406852

you mean dickery?

>> No.31406868

Has a certain feasibility; canonically at the end of the 29th millenium, Slannesh was in possession of Khaine before Khorne went to war to reclaim him.

>> No.31406888

>Slaanesh gives Khorne his lovechild and he cared for it out of spite, meanwhile nurgle rolls over at the thought, tzeentch: still laughing.

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