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Is it true that talking about any /tg/-character that isn't Cultist-chan is a bannable offense?

One of those new "anti-board-culture" measures?

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Nah the mods got butthurt the last time a thread had her for the image because "irrelivant" ironically when 40k was one of the major reason /tg/ exists

In short mods suck

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/tg/ mods indeed suck, but that don't apply to all mods.

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Yup. She's also based off a VtM character, so she's doubly /tg/-pertinent.

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Yet quests are ok...
That thread was in full swing and then the mod pulled in "Stop liking this" and bam, gone

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I'm pretty sure metathreads are at least a deletable offense.

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>40k was one of the major reason /tg/ exists

You 40kfags really need to tone down on spewing that shit.

/tg/ wasn't made as a containment board for your two or three Warhammer Wednesdays threads, as much as you'd like to pretend it was.

Is 40k part of /tg/? Sure, but this whole 40K IS THE ONLY REASON /TG/ EXISTS is the kind of insanity, arrogance, and obsessiveness that makes you guys a near-intolerable board presence.

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When was this?
We had a Fantasy Cultist/Chaos thread last night that got purged for some reason...

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then why did it get made? face it for worse or worse 40k is why this board got started up.

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that one

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Well... my own ramblings on Tentacle Vaginas may or may not have had something to do with that...

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There, thats why it was purged. Because SOME PEOPLE don't know to keep the magical realm to themselves.

Why you still haven't been permabanned is a mystery to me.

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>Reports varied, exact qualities unknown, best left unexplored.
bitch please. exploring the unknown is the best!

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>/tg/ wasn't made as a containment board for your two or three Warhammer Wednesdays threads, as much as you'd like to pretend it was.
I think it's more a case of you liking to pretend that this wasn't what happened...

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I think both of you should go to a more appropriate containment board.


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>Because SOME PEOPLE don't know to keep the magical realm to themselves
Hey, I only started rambling when some anon inquired, and I don't think a 2 a.m. discussion on my magical realm is particularly purge worthy...


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She is?

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Virtually everything you say is purgeworthy. And only a lunatic or a shitposter would ask you about your opinion regarding anything at all.

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Newfag detected.

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If I have nothing of value to say, then why haven't you filtered me yet Anon?

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ERP General says hello!

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Fuklaw, do I have to get out the rule 34 of you?

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Does anyone have fantasy cultist chan, I didn't get a chance to save the picture

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...Would you be against doing it anyway?

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We are the core of the board. In the same way that /d/ is for futa, /tg/ is for Warhammer. Both are for a lot of things outside of them, but they were central to the boards' respective creations.

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It is though. I'm not even a 40Kfag but mods/moot even said that's exactly why it got made

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you mean you're both horrible cancers drowning out everything else in endless floods of minute variations on a single theme?

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Butthurt dndfag detected

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>drowning in endless floods of dickgirls

the horror...the horror...

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I'm whining about futa threads, actually. But hey, feel free to assume.

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Yup yup, commissioned her based off an inappropriately nice Tzimisce fledgling that was played by my wife, and her chaos spawn is based off a favorite vohzd NPC of mine. I thought Culexus only did 40k, and blammo.

Just one of those bizarre wefts of fate.

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Basically, the origin of Cultist-chan is a masqueradefag asking for his vampire to be drawn, but thinking the drawfag in question only did 40k, so he called his vampire a cultist.

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Better than diaper, vore, cutting off the blood circulation to tits or sex organs so they rot away while still attached, etc.

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I thought none of that was allowed on /d/?

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I do have to agree with the over abundance of futa on /d/...
Often the minute variation is just... disappointing...

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You haven't been to /d/ lately, have you?

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"Board culture" is and always will be a half-assed excuse for shitposting. The very phrase is synonymous with cancer and it is the duty of every poster to resist its siren call.

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Nope, you got me. Not since chounyuu opened.

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Dredd, we all know you enjoyed doing that. Ten years in the cube for having fun in a no fun zone.

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That is heartwarming and adorable...

>Better than diaper, vore
Nope, it says something about the over-saturation of dick that I find DIAPER acceptable variation...

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Seriously. There should be a separate board from /d/ for stuff that involves eroticized murder and being turned to poop (vore), pooping (diapers), and bacteria turning your body to bacterial poop (cutting off the blood flow of your tits). Etc.

I know people hate futa, and its perfectly reasonable -- but defecation, gangrene, and being eaten alive is really what's beyond the pale on /d/.

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so cute

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>We are the core of the board.
this is TECHNICALLY correct.
/tg/ is a quarantine for 40k stuff because site owner hates it, hates you, and wanted to you out of the rest of the site. so he made this board as a quarantine. however, it wasn't clearly labeled as such so it attracted a bunch of non shit people, like people actually interested in traditional GAMES (real games) and quests.

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>non shit people

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>a game I don't like is not a real game


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Thing is, the quest threads are /everywhere/. They really need their own containment board at this point. Too bad moot hates everything that isn't /b/, and won't even give us the time of day.

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Incidentally I was greatly pleased that cultists actually became probably the de facto "CSM" troop, hereteks are a valid HQ choice, spawn are at least theoretically mildly workable (they have a shot at arriving in melee, anyway), and there's a Cerberus style daemon engine that reminds me of a nightmarish version of Cultist's Chaos Spawn.

Kinda analogous to how I'm sure the Xeno fans were pleased by the Necron change (although I'm aware it also alienated people).

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Vore is often a sub-genre to size difference, and is often used more for full body oral/anal/vaginal than outright mastication, AKA "Hard Vore."
Diaper fags can be equally enamored with the concept of wearing a poofy diaper as they can with actual incontinence, and even then futafags will post urination threads...

The Guro I agree on, but that's outright globally banned.

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>because site owner hates it, hates you, and wanted to you out of the rest of the site.
Super cool story bro.

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does anyone have the cultist-chan strip where a space marine used to date her, then dumped her, then found he missed her? I think the last panel has him saying 'more heretical, more annoying', to another girl he's getting to impersonate cultist chan.

I really don't know why but it bugs me that I don't have it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Check mr-culexus' deviantart. He keeps most of his shit there.

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The reason it isn't a real game isn't because i don't like it. its because it is designed around milking money out of people.
>You can't field this unit, you haven't bought it for 20$
>You can't field another one of those armies, you are out, you need to buy a booster pack for 10$
>You can't choose to play this side, you only have units of that other side... 300$ for a full pack
>You can't choose to play as spahs wolves, your army is painted like ultramarines! better fork over more money
real games don't do that. its like an IRL version of a really really shitty microtransaction pay to win game

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I really do wish quests would get their own board. we won't have to worry about people coming in and shitting all over them because they are butthurt

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That's because GW is a mediocre model company with a great IP with a shitty wargame tacked on to make money...

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this is one of the best things ever

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Everyone is heretical for Cultist-chan

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That doesn't make it not a game. Real game is too subjective a term to be seriously used, just like "real fan" or "real music". It's certainly more than a game, it's a fucking ripoff too, and the game may be considered terrible for the paywall but it is a game nonetheless.

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thank you so much. you have no idea how much not having it has been bugging me.

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Even the Chaos Gods!
She's that Aw-D'aawable!

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You can certainly play it with roll20 or whatever just fine.

Thinking about an RPGish narrative campaign just like that, in fact. I have noticed that in some ways, the tabletop rules are fresher and more diverse than the RPGs.

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What the hell are you saying? You can proxy everything if you're not playing with shitlords, and the part about "your dudes are painted as X" is outright moronic

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>the part about "your dudes are painted as X" is outright moronic
have you ever read any of the tg threads about 40k? those are all actual examples

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