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Sup /tg/, my group just started a Rogue Trader game and none of us really know how to play. We played one session and didn't get very far because we took a while building and naming the ship.

We play again soon, so do you guys have any tips and tricks that an RT player and/or GM ought to know?

They say we need a Master Nerd, so...

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Follow your heart

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Fuck I hate that guy on the right so much.

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How DARE you say ANYTHING about him! Those people owe their LIIIVES to him!

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He acts annoying, which irritates the fat guy and ruins the whole show.

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Yeah but that's one of the charms of the show.

But I'd take Craig over Dylan any day.

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Ship combat is fun, but complex, and needs one houserule: you can't combine macrobatteries into a salvo unless they are mounted on the same ship location. For example, you can't salvo your prow macrocannons with your port macrocannons, but if you've got a huge ship with two port weapon mounts, you can salvo the port weapons together.

If you don't houserule salvos, it becomes too easy to stack BS and BS boosters and destroy big ol' cruisers in a single attack.

Anyway, clever maneuvering is very, very important in ship combat. You can defeat a much better-armed foe if you manage to keep your distance, scoot around behind him, and shoot his ass from outside his firing arcs. As in age-of-sail ship battles, if you find yourself eating a full broadside, it means you fucked up.

Basic weapon loadout is macrobattery and lance. You fire the macrobattery first to take down the void shields (and do some damage if you're lucky,) then the lance to shoot holes through their vitals. Don't destroy a ship if you can zap life support, laugh while they suffocate, and claim it as a prize!

I'm a big fan of fighters and bombers (and torpedoes, though they get expensive) but that's advanced shit you might not want to deal with.

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Read up on the conquistadors, China Traders, and East India company. Your job is to rape, pillage, conquer, convert, and exploit. This is one game where the GM and you really have a contract to create unique interesting cultures which you will then utterly destroy. Normally, you have to respect your GM's setting, but here, your obligation is to disrespect it. It's That Guy: The RPG. Which makes it fun since it's expected and everyone is in on the fun.

Shogun and Tai Pan are two books you can read that give you some flavor here. It's like George RR Martin of historical fiction.

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>It's That Guy: The RPG.

That's Black Crusade. Rogue Trader needs a well-oiled team.

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RAW, Macrocannons can outdamage lances ridiculously. There was a system called math-hammer, but it got warped when the Stygies Macrocannons were made.

If going pure RAW, don't bother with Lances unless you can get yourself some Dark Eldar Phantom Lances.

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Yeah, that's why I suggested the houserule.

Although the severity of the problem varies widely by GM. If your GM lets you treat the books like a shopping list, then yeah, you pick up everything with a +BS on it and always land max hits from every marcrobattery and they're overpowered. If they're a bit more restrictive, more serious about rarity and how big ship components are, then a shipyard only has one or two pieces of hardware available to sell you. Macrobatteries land a couple of hits, and are about as useful as lances, though they serve a different role. If the GM doesn't let you powerbuild for macrobattery cheese, it's not a problem.

Personally, I prefer lots of hangar decks. Much more useful for projecting force onto a planet's surface, doing large-scale evacuations, fun stuff like that. You can send out waves of bombers while hiding behind a moon to avoid return fire. And it's just fun to play Battlestar Galactica. Granted, fighters and bombers have to be houseruled too; their speed is too low.

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Houserule trader?

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Beer and Boardgames FTW!

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Well, Rogue Trader does have the most houserules available. Makes sense in a game that promises such freedom.

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Explore, trade and conquer. Make deals with aliens and stab them in the back. Support popular uprisings on non-compliant worlds and then sell them out to the authorities because they made a better offer. Fuck bitches, smoke trees, make money. You don't want the Trader to be reduced to one manicure-slave per hand, do you?

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