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Tyranids will never be good again because the swarm lord Chambers is gone.

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Huh, didn't have Knope figured for a 'Nids player. Thought she'd go for the IG, since they're all about regular people being organised and working together.

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nids are more numerous than humans therefore they are regular. check your privilege mammal.

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I know...

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IG would be a good fit but personally I think she'd have a SoB army with each model's face hand-crafted to resemble an inspirational female icon.

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Wait, it's a girl? Silly anon. Girl 40k players always play nids (or orks)

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Nah. Defiantly nids, because she just needs twelve other people with her work ethic and ability to run everything.
Hmm... maybe necrons.
While the IG a massive army of trillions with different rules and regulations on every single planet it is generally too short on equality and civil liberties.
Seriously, the penalty for asking a question can be death.

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What army would Ron Swanson play?
My bet is on Chaos, where the strong take what they want and fight for their own cause.
Or IG because he would defiantly be a

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>Tyranids will never be good again
>not good

Wow you guys really need to learn how to write a Tyranid list... everyone seems to complain that they suck... My friend has won multiple international tournaments with them.... you just need to know how to write an effective/balanced list and have solid tactics on the table.

Try again.

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>multiple international tournaments
>since the new codex
>"my friend", so you can reply I DUNNO LOL when asked for said winning list

Baitu desu yo.

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Usually Flyrant, 2 tervigons, 2 Units of 3 naked Carnifae, Boivores, units of Shrikes and a Trygon, deployed, not deep striked.

Why is it so hard to believe that Nids aren't capable of winning tourneys?

Looks like the seeds of doubt have been sewn deep.... I blame those fleshlings...

seriously though Nids are hard as fuck, you just got to know how to build an EFFECTIVE and BALANCED list, capable of dealing with any problems, and multiple different opponents.

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Ron Swanson would play a straightforward IG army, and every one of his models would have facial hair.

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I don't know; you can't really get much more in the way of 'big government' than the Imperium of Man.

Maybe he'd go with Orks because they're self-reliant and know how to craft useful shit. Then again, their workmanship would probably infuriate him.

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Please, you can't convert the SoB minis for shit.

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Leslie would.

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ctrl+F nid
i know your trolling but i am sad that nids will never win any real torny

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Codex Skyblight Swarm is indeed pretty good.

Too bad all those "codex Tyranids" dataslates keep bringing bad units that serves no purpose whatsoever.

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I'm not trolling. My Friend actually won tourneys with nids.
He's a master tactician, and has played 40k for 10+ years, but still... Nids aint soft.

>Imply Nids are decent
>Called a Troll

Wow the imperium has already won

Hurr duurr i cant win with Nids coz they is soft.

You should all be recycled into the digestion pools

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Yeah, right. I also know a dude who's been bashing ETC with 4th edition Tau for all of 5th edition. It didn't mean Tau were any good at that time.

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You know, this doesn't sound like a half bad idea.

It'll still involve researching a good forty, fifty or so historical ladies of significance and working out what specific features, items or iconography to convert up for them to covey who they are.

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>a good forty, fifty or so historical ladies
No, you go Maccabean Janissars. Each sister order has one saint worthy of devotion, not twenty.

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>My friend has won multiple international tournaments with them....


You either dont understand that everyone is talking about the 6th ed dex, this is b8, youre a fucking moron, and / or youre outright lieing.

Take your pick.


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My shooty ork green tide would laugh that list off the table, and has pretty much laughed it off the table.

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Youre local meta with shit players doesnt count as an international tourney...

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and of course no proof shows up
The guy was a GW shill all along just making sure it looks slightly less terrible then it already does.

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>one saint worthy of devotion, not twenty.
The idea here is that every Sister is converted to resemble a female icon of real life.
Like one big female-empowerment army of almost parodistic proportions.

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Now if only there were a faction that consisted of a human offshoot whose hallmarks were solid craftmanship, self-reliance, and facial hair, only loosely connected to the rest of the Imperium.

Too bad something like that would be deemed too silly to exist.

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now we know your lying, that list is trash

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I always imagined the faces and hair was their helmets.

Sisters of battle with "woman shaped faces" and hair wigs to identify them as their unit.

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Sorry guys I had to go to a film event/irl shit.
I had a brief look to try and find the national results of the 40k tourney... no idea where to look.... Its fine if you don't believe me, carry on your pleb Nid lists.

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>Guy Claims Nids can win a Tourney
>Gets called a troll
>Gets called bait
>Proof is demanded

HO-LY Shit you guys don't know how to write Nid lists

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My Daughters of Peace cult could pull it off, but the bulk of them would be Stormtroopers, and I don't know where you'd get 38 mm Female Marines...

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I always figured you could do something with flying monstrous creatures, a tervigon or two, and some cheap ass spore mines. Maybe through in a venomous tentacle monster.

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Squats were Squatted because they already had Space Wolves.

Face it, Swanson would be a Wolf player. Distrustful of government, autonomous, prizing personal liberty but not at the expense of others, drinking good alcohol and eating big steaks, highly individualized craftsmanship going into their gear.

He's a Wolf player through and through.

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Like this?

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I can think of one, Power Armour Libby from Hasslefree Miniatures.

It's not a fake link, 4chan!

I do like the movement of the mini myself. I hope he does a few more of her so I can get a squad going.

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I thought we're done with this threads.

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>Enemy shoots at the Flyrant
Everything else closes the gap into combat, termagaunts (From the Tervigons) seize objectives
>Enemy shoots at the fexs
Flyrant and Trygon close the gap, termagaunts seize objectives
>Enemy Shoots at the tervigons
Not so many Termagaunts to seize objectives, but everything else crosses the gap
>Enemy shoots at Shrikes
Boom they die, everything else crosses the gap.

With Nids, its all about closing the gap. Once your in combat, its playtime.
Of course, against deamons, once you're in combat, its still work time...

>oh noez I cant write a Gud Nid List... I keeps dyingz. Must be the codex... New Codex is so bad... can't possibly win

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We're now talking about Sister-Angry-Face Helmets.

Please do try to keep up.

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Nice. And you prefer shrikes over spore mines for fast?

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>mfw I was considering getting into nids just before the new codex came out
I was hoping to wait until the backlash died down, but it never did. Is all hope truly lost? Keep in mind I don't really give a shit about the metagame, I just play with friends.

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I know who he WOULDN'T play. Tau.

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i played against a friend's 1500p nid list with my shitty gk/sm list and won by 1-2 objectives. he got 2 flyrants, 2 fexes, buff as fuck trygon prime and then some supporting units including a tervigon and zoanthropes. i feel like if you can shoot down the most immediate mc threats and preserve your troops the rest of the nid army can't do shit. but it was an enjoyable game for us both which is good.

so its kinda the same as before for nids

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But he forgot the ways of the graceful giant of the space seas, the tervigon.

Man, I hope they introduce the equivalent of the tervigon for hormagants, since they're the melee analogue. It shall be called the hurrvigon.

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hue. but man that deep striking trygon prime with the artifact poison cannon wrecked my backline

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That does sound sexy.

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There is a dataslate which lets you take an out of FOC 2 harpies 1 hive crone 1 flyrant and 3 broods of gargoyles with without number and auto scoring. If you take that with two HQ flyrants and 3 FA crones you can have 9 FMCs in the air on turn 1. Otherwise no nids can't win for shit.

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>you can have 9 FMCs in the air on turn 1

How many points value are we talking?

Since if its 2000 or more, you can just take a double force org.

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Ah, the Skyblight Swarm -- 805 points of rape (at minimum) with four FMC included.

>> No.31383071


If you leave the gargs at 10 per brood and just take the min 2 10 model broods of gaunts you come in at exactly 1850.

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Are 1850 point games a big thing compared to 2000 point games?

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Yeah Swanson as a space wolf player makes sense.

What about Andy?

>> No.31383146

This anon has it. From a fluff perspectives, Wolves are a good fit.

I also think that he would go so far as to make some of his models himself, or at least parts of them.

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i think they are played a lot in tournaments because 2000 would require more time and 1500 is too small for sufficient variety in lists

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Chaos, noise marine

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This picture scares and irritates me.

What could be fun is a stylised Sabbat helm that's decorated like an angry saint or (Ecclesiarchy approved) mythical beast of some kind. The Death of Antagonis describes a Canoness who has a very ornate Sabbat helm designed to resemble a gorgon.

I now realise that such a conversion wools be very easy and fun to do!

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I'm also going to say Orks. They're fun, dumb, and their vehicles are customisable and appealing to kids.

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>> No.31383235

Hey, its my pic.

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So what does April play? I'm guessing a coin flip between Dark Eldar and Chaos.

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>40k will never be good again because the last good writer Chambers is gone.

Pic related

Space Marines maybe?

Or a rogue trader's private army?

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i know this list is crap because i have PLAYED this list....
ive tried almost every combination of every unit ive had.
they all get fucked in the ass by all but the weakest armies.
i got tabled by impguard TURN FUCKING TWO
you talk about closing the gap, how the fuck do i do that without being shot to shit? this is a mediocre cc dex in a game where the emphasis is on shooting. nids. get. wrecked. thats just it. give me ONE example, with proof, of nids winning a major torney. you can say that nids are competitive all you want, no one will believe you but yourself.

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I was going to say DE, but the satanist/evil religion vibe of Chaos would probat appeal to her. Probably some Chaos Daemons.

We still have Kelly. Thanks.

>> No.31383344

yeah the idea that Nids are soft seems deeply ingrained in you guys....
ah well, carry on.

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Ah don't listen to 'em, lad or lass. Sometimes these ideas just get ingrained into people. The important thing is that you can see past it and lead your bugs to victory all the same.

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Mediocre at best.
His Ork codex was deeply flawed, Tyranids (4th Edition) only seems good looking at it from now. The 3e one was better. Space Wolves (5th) was OP and poorly balanced,
Codex: Dark Eldar (5th) was good, Chaos Space Marines (6th) was shitty work. Chaos Daemons (6th) is everything wrong with 6th and Eldar (6th) is Crud level dependent of a handful of units and has many unplayable units.

>> No.31383617

>and Eldar (6th) is Crud level dependent of a handful of units and has many unplayable units
You don't play eldar, do you?

>> No.31383749

I think what he means to say is that due to certain units being really really good - case in point wave serpents - it invalidates a lot of the other choices. The codex itself has very little in way of true stinkers though some of the units are in a weird place - harlequins and phoenix lords, I'm looking at you.

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Free tip, white text with a black outline.

>> No.31383902

Can you do it with paint?

>> No.31384007

I don't know. Gimp is free and I'm pretty sure has this features.

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we all know what can still save us now

7th ed to make cc good again and assaults from deep strike

and imperial armour volume4 second edition the anphelion project
tyrannic park edition coming this summer

with tough stonecrusher carnifices
useful malanthropes
good rules for our apocalyptic beasts
and the dimachaeron
along with other things I hope

>> No.31384339

mishaps should be more dangerous if assaulting from ds was became possible

>> No.31384438

>assaults from deep strike
Never gonna happen, there are too many marine, eldar, taufags in the rules department to allow it
The funny thing is that I would settle for just getting purchasable deep strike back...

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Lord Chambers was good man who didn't tolerate any of that socialist bollocks.

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I have a perfect record against your friends 'nids. He has never even been able to score a single VP against me. He is just lucky I an not a tourney player.

Your turn.

>> No.31388295

>no idea where to look
Try searching google for the name of the tourney, maybe?

>> No.31388320

Not even close to Curd level, though.

>> No.31390125


Okay, yeah, that actually fits.

>> No.31390222


Doesn't really matter, they'd just end up inside him.

But Orks as people have been saying would fit.

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Really? Okay. Figured that it'd come in 500 pt increments.

Yeah, the Skyblight Swarm has it all -- survivability, a surplus of monstrous creatures (by far the most fun element of tyranids I think), and potentially limitless hordes.

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