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hey /tg. I have a question. Which of the following metals can Rust Monsters eat?


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no this. anything but this. I had a long day and had hoped to enjoy my evening. Please don't make me do this.

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If it's metal it corrodes. Even stainless steel.

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The oxides of most of the metals listed form a protective barrier around the metal.

So when the rust monster hits aluminum with oxidation, an air-tight layer of Aluminum Oxide forms around the object, and seals it off from further corrosion.

I'm sure the rust monster could try to eat those metals, but it would take him all day long.

How many licks does it take a Rust Monster to get to the center of a Mithril pop? The world may never find out (sure as fuck isn't 3 licks)

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does it ever oxidize?


But because D&D doesn't into science, there is no rate on how it oxidizes in game.

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Atheist neckbeard 3.14 detected

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Why exactly is this a controversial question?

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Rust (Su): A rust monster that makes a successful touch attack with its antennae causes the target metal to corrode, warp, and crack. Any metal weapons, armor, and shields carried by a creature struck are weakened by this effect. The bonus to AC provided by an armor or shield drops by 2, to a minimum of 0. Weapons suffer a –2 penalty on attacks and damage, with a maximum penalty of –6. Magic armor and weapons, and other magic items made of metal, must succeed on a DC 17 Reflex save or be dissolved. The save DC is Constitution-based and includes a +4 racial bonus.

These penalties last for 10 minutes. A rust monster that spends 5 minutes devouring a metal object (whether magical or mundane) transforms it into rust, destroying it permanently.

A metal weapon that deals damage to a rust monster also suffers this warping and corroding effect. Wooden, stone, and other nonmetallic weapons are unaffected.

>A lawyer would say yes.

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>The oxides of most....

Magic. Don't have to explain shit. So on, so forth.

You can't bring realism anywhere close to dnd or it all falls apart in a hot steamy mess.

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Because the way you answer it dictates whether or not you're an atheist or a religious fanatic.

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Sounds like someone's pissed that their armor got ate, and is trying to come up with an argument.

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Apparently the word "fanatic" just means "more than you".

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I believe Rus Monster can do this shit because rules say so.

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What does religion have to do with rust monsters?

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That, or they tried to throw a bag of copper coins in front of one of those little bastards but the GM didn't care because there was a PC to annoy.

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>because rules say so.


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Physical reality simply works differently in the setting. It's not "normal physics and chemistry PLUS magic," it's "the local physics and chemistry are different, and could be described as magic."

Now, rust monsters feed upon metals, turning them into crumbled dross in the process. How do they obtain nutriment from this process? Well, as all educated men know, metals are created when radiance from celestial bodies permeates the earth, transmuting some of the elemental Earth and Water there into metal (rusting is the process of transmutation back into earth, and melting demonstrates the presence of elemental water.) The Rust Monster is simply extracting that radiation, and gaining sustenance therefrom.

The sun is responsible for Gold, and the moon for Silver, which is why rich mining colonies such as New Spain and the Gold Coast may be found in equatorial latitudes, closest to those bodies. Mercury creates Mercury, of course, and Mars iron, and Jupiter tin... I forget what Venus makes. Anyway, the presence of magical metals such as Adamantium and Mithril in a setting can be handily explained by the presence of extra planets, moons, orbiting dead gods, etc.

(Depressing note: googling to refresh my memory of the planet-metal correspondences reveals that a shitload of /x/ types seriously believe in Alchemy. Stupid fuckers. Some ideas are fun, but not actually true! Use them in a game, don't tell yourself you're special and wise for believing them in real life!)

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I don't know about the guy you're replying too, but I sure start praying when the GM brings in the rust monsters as we're trying to exit the dungeon with a giant bag of gold.

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Rust monsters don't actuallly oxidise shit, they magically decompose metals. Therefore, they can eat anything.

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This is a fairly desperate attempt at making atheists look bad.

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>Rust monsters consume metal objects, preferring iron and ferrous alloys like steel but devouring even mithral, adamantine, and enchanted metals with equal ease. Any metal touched by the rust monster's delicate antennae or armored hide corrodes and falls to dust within seconds, making the beast a major threat to subterranean adventurers and those dwarven miners who must defend their forges and compete for ore.

Sauce: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/aberrations/rust-monster

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Or perhaps people on the Internet occasionally make jokes.

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That's improbable.

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Man, fuck those things. Can only wizards fight them?

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Monks can too.

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Fighters with clubs.

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God dissolves in Mercury so they could have different saliva glands for different metals I guess

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Oh yeah. I guess anyone who uses their fists or wooden weapons could.

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Do you not carry you golf bag full of weapons, including your Bone Sword?

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>God dissolves in Mercury

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Your worshipping a crappy God

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or stone weapons

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All of them.

Because rules.

Fuck your binary theism-antitheism stupidity.

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Or anything NOT metal.

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This is a thing of beauty. I'm keeping this for my next campaign.

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Y'know, i did try feeding all this stuff to my pet.

I mean, normally he lives on a diet of iron pots and scrap weapons, but I try and throw some variety into his meal plan.

A palm full of coins go in with his dinner pot...
Aaaannnndd... nope... he snubbed 'em. Ate right around them.

He treated it like a ham bone. Chewed on it for hours before hiding it under the sofa. It *did* freshen his breath though, and he likes to chase it when i throw.

He raided the bag when my back was turned. Then he smeared the powder all over himself and rolled in it for a half hour before falling into a deep happy sleep.

He played with it for a while, then decided he didn't like it and left it in his litterbox.

He's still chewing on it. My attempts to take it away have made him growl. It's all green and kinda slimy now, but he still won't let me take it.

Do I look like i can afford to feed him mythril?

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>Do I look like i can afford to feed him mythril?

If you truly loved him you would. Tell the truth, you just wanted something that looks good to attract attention. You didn't want a pet, you wanted a personality enhancer.

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Rust monsters: because martial classes just aren't bad enough yet

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People who force their jokes with "Shut up and take it!" are taking their own "humor" seriously enough to undermine their claims.

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Is it metal?
Then yes.

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Mercury dissolves most metals, apart from iron, funnily enough.

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>I forget what Venus makes

Women. Bitchy, bitchy women. Also copper.

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Ask your dm.

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It is magically oxidizing the the metal. You think iron normally corrodes straight through in an instant? Same deal.

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In controlled environments, small amounts of iron can be formed into an amalgam with mercury. It's unstable at room temperature.

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You have to remember, Rust Monsters dietary habits we only have a limited understand of.

Consider that a rust monster that has lived long enough eventually has its shell change color and becomes a creature called an Annihilator that feeds off of everything as it can disintegrate any target or substance that isn't immune to the Disintegrate spell.

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that's pretty fucking scary

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The idea that rust=oxidization in this case is a bit flawed. There's plenty of nonmetals that oxidize, too, but rust is the term meant SPECIFICALLY for iron oxide. Only alloys with an iron content would be affected by a rust monster.

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god isn't a metal I think. Or maybe he is. All hail the Omnissiah. Laus! Laus! Avi Machina

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Except rust monsters don't actually rust jack shit. They corrode metal. It's as simple as goddamn that.

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Why not call them "corrosion beasts" then?

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>applying real world logic to a game

Know that I hate D&D and it's an atrocious system, but this kind of behavior is even worse.

Rust monsters can eat whatever the game says it can eat, no more, no less.

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And that is why people are glad they stay only in the Underdark.

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Because they're rust coloured. Hence the name.

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Druids have a fairly easy time with them, too.

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that and they prefer iron to other metals

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