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+Status report+
Chapter strength: 685 brothers
Chapter realm: Varda, Tombstone, Folkvangr
Chapter wealth: 123 Wealth
Chapter Master is currently in Tachion Primaris, Capital of Sector Deus, where he met with mysterious Inquisitor Eisenhorn who has arrived from Helican Subsector in pursuit of a renegade Inquisitor Quixos. As Ghosts of Retribution have already indirectly fought Quixos in the past, it is agreed that they will help Eisenhorn to hunt him down. However the only lead they have is a Grey Knight, whom they met during a half-forgotten mission that was undertaken two decades ago. And that Grey Knight right now is being held prisoner on Inquisitorial base on the moon of Nobis...
Thought for the day: Boltgun can kill a man, book can kill a generation.

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Things and stuff:
-Invest 50W in Vardan industry, capitalise on the millions of new immigrants to make dem mad profits
-Make 50 more scouts at a cost of 50 geneseed and 50W.
-Assign 50 scouts (not necessarily all the new green ones) along with the Dermont brothers to Varda, to search out and hunt down the Iron Monk remnants. Also broadcast the trial result and all that Iron Monk "It wasn't us it was Dreifus he is heretic honest" stuff that was said at the trial on the remnant's vox frequencies, show them they have been abandoned as heretics.
-Get our Hunter Squadron which should be almost completed by now to start searching for Dreifus and his two Cruisers, once they find him stay out of range and contact us.
-The 4th and Morbid have gone to Sector Paxia, with the transport we got out of the deal, lease it to a merchant whatever doing runs between Varda and Mormark, use Sword Squadron Alpha to escort it between the two planets.
-Once all this has been set into motion, *TIMESKIP* until either the 4th returns from Paxia or Hunter Squadron Alpha finds Dreifus. By then we will have (or be close to) another geneseed harvest, lots of Scouts to promote, lots of money from Varda & Transport runs, 2 new strike cruisers and either the return of the 4th or a pair of Cruisers to destroy.

What do we think?

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I like dem profits
I like dem scouts
I like dat IM mission
And I agree with the rest as well, especially the part about leasing the transporter (eat it mana)

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I approve of this plan.

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Oh and obviously this is all immediately after we go to Nobis and see Deiron with Eisenhorn (assuming he wants us to go).

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Perrow annoyingly brought up that we could lead the hunt for the priests personally and fix our cult problem instead of just timeskipping
And because I'm just as annoying I agree

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It was a problem? I thought we just didn't know what the ice wraiths were up to but beside that the other cult? Was approved

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Not having a unified cult keeps us from certain bonuses apparently and wicked shit can always come up
Didn't we already lose a bunch of marines simply because of their cunty cult(soulkillers)?
Plus, the death wishers are potentially dangerous to the success of missions

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Oh yeah I definitely wanna propose our new unified chapter cult idea but MachineSpirit said he wants to work on it some more but MS isn't here so I don't know wtf to do.

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Time skipping won't help us, we need to do everything we can that isn't all out war in all the time we have.
Maybe we could finally kill off the rest of the Orks on Varda or something.

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Who the hell are guys in the picture? I see Inq logos but no emblems.

Red Hunters?

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Show it to the thread, let us work on it together
Slight alterations according to MS suggestions can always be made afterwards, just make sure that the CM is the leader of our faith

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>Maybe we could finally kill off the rest of the Orks on Varda or something.
I'd support that, sounds like fun
We could also use it to show our new guys some blood for the first time

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Stupid suggestion time:
Lets go read the ravens tome and alter or genes so we get wings like Sanguinus had but only jet raven black

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>Make 50 more scouts at a cost of 50 geneseed and 50W.
Please roll 2d10 for the creation process. This is the percentage of complications and deaths that occur among the novices as they accept the geneseed.
>Varda anti-insurgency operation under Dermont brothers
Roll d100 on that please
>Hunter Squadron searching for Dreifus
Not yet finished, but they will soon be ready.
>lease it to a merchant
Do you prefer to get a set payment or a percentage from the runs?
I assume you'll want this after situation with Eisenhorn is resolved, right?

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On that topic we should check out the hastened geneseed project, as well as what caused the scale's virus thing we had to deal with before.
Weaponizing that could be useful, but making sure it never happens to us again would be best.

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Rolled 1, 9 = 10


>> No.31347680

Rolled 94

>under Dermont brothers
nonono not UNDER the Dermont brothers, they just take part. Overall operation will be commanded by Macedon with the Scout Sergeants being in command in the field.

Rolling d100

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Rolled 52

>Roll d100 on that please
Not UNDER the Dermont brothers, just having them take part.

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>Lets go read the ravens tome and alter or genes so we get wings like Sanguinus had but only jet raven black
Didn't that knowledge kinda fuck the marines that got made by it?

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Rolled 36

Varda ops roll
Wow that just happened

>> No.31347733

Please tell me that rolling high is good

>> No.31347740

Those muhreens were cloned super soilders not your good ol grandma's home baked marines

>> No.31347747

why do i even bother applying any effort

>> No.31347753

Well I'm not sure if putting wings on our marines would still make them granny's homebacked marines
And how are those even supposed to work with heavy powerarmour?

>> No.31347772

>why do i even bother applying any effort
Because even if jesus hates you, winning against jesus is better than anything else

>> No.31347774

Nope the lower the better.

>> No.31347794

>Nope the lower the better.
You guys tell me that every time but I keep on hoping

>> No.31347799

Low is better. Start praying to the empra
or tzeench but only heretics do that.
You wouldn't happen to be a heretic my good faithful imperial citizen?
Man fuck if I know I think Sanguinus had reinforced super adamantium wings or some shit
Aka Space miagic science

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>Start praying to the empra
I do so every night, don't worry

>You wouldn't happen to be a heretic my good faithful imperial citizen?
Not as long as I can't get an eldar/dark eldar sex slave And that seems unlikely

>> No.31347871

>Aka Space miagic science
I kinda don't think that we can give that to our normal guys
because reasons

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This whole meditation has been less than satisfactory. An Inquisitor from another Sector came to request your assistance to fight an enemy you thought was gone forever. While it indeed is your duty to answer the call of the servants of the Inquisition, somewhy all of this makes you feel uneasy. Maybe it's the bad aftertaste of the conflict with the Iron Monks or maybe you just realise how many secrets you are hiding under your armour, but the thought of working with another Inquisitor makes your twin hearts beat faster. Faceless, may he rest in pieces, was not the worst of his kind, but he blackmailed your Chapter into doing his bidding. This Eisenhorn doesn't seem to be much different. He knows about the psychic gift and understands the implications of an illegal psyker leading an Astartes Chapter. Is that what you are? A psyker? A hidden threat to the Imperium? That's how Eisenhorn probably sees you. A time bomb. Heresy waiting to erupt. Will he just try to use Ghosts as his personal tool and then get rid of us? Or does he truly want to become our ally? Your difficult questions are interrupted by Adriel moving in her sleep. Maybe you already are a heretic. You get up from the bed without a sound and sneak to your meditation cell. The Imperial eagle looks at you disapprovingly from above your suit of armour. You quickly start putting on your suit trying not to wake her. As you leave your quarters aquila keeps staring at your back until the hatch closes behind you. Brethorius voxes you before you reach the command room:
>Milord, Inquisitor has contacted us. He has the details regarding Grey Knight Deiron and how can we reach him. He requests you to meet with you down in the Hive Babelion underhive in two hours. He told you to come alone and in civilian disguise. What do you want to reply him?

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I meant only for us

>> No.31348183

>Spuss maroon
>Civilian disguise


>> No.31348193

Rolled 90

>Sleeping next to an Eldar

>> No.31348198

CM will have my respect to the end of all times

>> No.31348213


>> No.31348224

wat r u ghey?

>> No.31348299

Whatever despite the obvious problem with successfully disguising a 7 foot tall superhuman as a civilian lets go.

>> No.31348326

>Whatever despite the obvious problem with successfully disguising a 7 foot tall superhuman as a civilian lets go.
Aren't we a psyker?
As far as I remember corax could go "practically" invisible by simply making people not notice him

>> No.31348362

Tell him I will be there
Just get some dirt, a marker, and a ilo stick and bob's your uncle were any other fuck hueg ganger

>> No.31348408

its no problem guys, he shall simply don the "street legal" variant of his power armor. the custodes wont give him a second glance.

>> No.31348427

Just have him dress in some high ranking Imperial garb and have him driven there.

>> No.31348432

Since we got "unaltered" geneseed from corax, us posessing the power to avert minds and eyes from the CM as well wouldn't be that far out there, would it?

>> No.31348467

But then the Inquisitor would notice we're a fucking Psyker.

>> No.31348505

Rolled 93

For MS' mental problems.

>> No.31348517

>But then the Inquisitor would notice we're a fucking Psyker.
Well, he's the guy we're going to, not one of the guys we wanna blind, I'm sure we could stop before actually getting to him
Or we could tell him that going alibi is kinda impossible for an astartes and just walk there in powerarmor

>> No.31348528

He knows part of us helping Good ol Eisenhorn is him giving us a driver's license for our psyker sports bike

>> No.31348567

As this anon understood, Astartes can without a problem pass for an intimidating bodybuilder as long as you are going without armour.
Please roll d100 for your meeting with Eisenhorn(he sends you the coordinates). Do you take any precautions?
Corax was a lot higher power level than you are. While it would still be possible, you'd have to roll quite well on your willpower for you to succeed without having the training.
5 of the novices have not left the Halls of Pain, however the rest - 45 healthy recruits, will become scouts in 347.M41(please add expected event)
Macedon has been known for his strategic skill, you may roll d100 below 45(-10) = 35 to get a chance to reroll this critical failure.

>> No.31348595

Rolled 5

Rolling for the meeting with Eisenhorn.

>> No.31348610

>Rolled 5
>anon confirmed for best roller (and possibly using weighted dice)

>> No.31348635

Rolled 73

Eisenhorn meeting roll
Anybody up for bringing a revenant with us.
Bring a bolt pistol and our combat knife should be inconspicuous enough

>> No.31348712

Rolled 68

Macedon's strategy.

>> No.31348726

Remember when there was that huge fight over that female who wanted to marry a marine?

>> No.31348756

>Remember when there was that huge fight over that female who wanted to marry a marine?
I don't, enlighten me

>> No.31348769

>Anybody up for bringing a revenant with us.
>Bring a bolt pistol and our combat knife should be inconspicuous enough
I'm with this.

>> No.31348787

I'am against bringing a revenant because Eisenhorn could detect him with psyker shit.

>> No.31348803

Some noble girl fell in love with one of our Marines. After a huge argument we eventually voted no.

>> No.31348806

Rolled 47

Agreed here.

Lets bring our Men of Iron sword instead, just hide it in a guitar case or something.

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New Chapter Cult idea courtesy of MachineSprit:
"Sons of Corax, like our father and the oldest of our brothers, we have survived a betrayal by those that we should have been able to trust as allies. Many of our brothers have fallen, and many more were wounded as we repulsed the enemy that fell upon the world of Varda. Through our sacrifices, loyal imperials have been spared from death at the hands of heretics, and we shall honor the glorious dead for this fact.

Never shall we forget that a human is flawed, but it is this very trait that allows humanity to be great. A man that identifies his flaws and betters himself and the Imperium around him despite those flaws, never allowing those flaws to consume him. What is this man, brothers? I say to you that he is great, an example of humanity's potential incarnate and the very reason that the Emperor loved and still loves mankind. All of us have sacrificed much of what has made us human, but our flaws do not vanish as we assume the mantle of Astartes. Each of us, including myself, is flawed. Imperfect, just as a human. But we retain the potential of mankind, brothers. To learn of our flaws, ones that have caused brothers before us to falter in faith, body or soul; that is our challenge. To understand our flaws and better ourselves, our brothers around us, and the wider Imperium through war or peace; that is our call. The blood of our sire and the brothers that have bled and sacrificed all before us burns within each of us, brothers, driving us to conquer the flaws that seek to turn us from our path and bring us to damnation. Brothers before us have fallen down this path, each of them a lesson to those that walk the path behind them. For the Emperor's faith in humanity, our sire and the brothers that have passed before us, we shall complete our challange and answer the call of destiny.


>> No.31348825

Oh yeah I guess I veto my revenant idea.
What was his psyker level again?

>> No.31348832

We have been sent to this sector by the High Lords of Terra themselves. Our duty, you know well; We will defend this sector from ruin. Like our Father and his legion before us, we shall fight unto our final breaths. No matter the odds, no matter our wounds. We shall never lose faith in the blood of our Father that flows deeply within us. We shall never lose hope in the darkest hours, when the enemy's victory seems assured and the hearts of men waver. If the enemy cuts down our brothers, we shall fight on all the more fiercely like Corax and his Legion before us! Like our Father's brother, Sanguinius, we shall not waiver in faith or loyalty, even knowing that this will bring about our death. If the Gate of Eternity is beset upon by horrors that no man can possibly withstand, we shall hold it, alone if need be! We are the sons of Corax, a soul sired by the Emperor himself! We will never despair. We will never give up. When the enemy believes itself strong, we will show it weakness and fear. Each of us is a bastion of the Emperor's will and belief in humanity, a part of his son Corax. The enemy seeks to bring darkness and ruin to Deus, but they are fools! Like Corax we shall strike from the shadows they believe will hide them from discovery, defeat, despair and death. But above all, we shall make them fear the wrath of the space marines, for we are the Ghosts of Retribution, and no grave shall take us!"

>> No.31348852

>Some noble girl fell in love with one of our Marines. After a huge argument we eventually voted no.
well, the obvious response to that would be
>different rules for the leader
>concubines are fine, love is reserved for the emperor
(no homo)

>> No.31348917

Love it. Fucking fund it.
Still wanna know what the ice Wraiths are up to I say we put making this cult/Speech off until then.
Who knows maybe they're doing really neat stuff.

>> No.31348951

>Still wanna know what the ice Wraiths are up to I say we put making this cult/Speech off until then.
Well, we'll probably find out as we convert them

>> No.31348960

Man I remember reading that from the archive and thinking come on don't cock block my battle brother.
Also don't the super bro Salamanders have family's?

>> No.31348978

Don't ask me, I argued against it.

>> No.31348979

IIRC, 'family' is more along the line of 'extended clan' for Salamanders.

>> No.31348993

It's beautiful.

>> No.31349016

>Man I remember reading that from the archive and thinking come on don't cock block my battle brother.
There is always a second chance

>Also don't the super bro Salamanders have family's?
>"This is an attitude that developed as a consequence of the Salamanders' own unusually close connections to the Nocturnean people, as they are one of the only Chapters of Astartes who continue to interact with their families and the people of their homeworld after their transformation into Space Marines. For instance, it is not uncommon for a Salamander to serve as a clan leader among the Nocturneans and live with them when Chapter business does not require him to remain at the Chapter's fortress-monastery on Nocturne's moon of Prometheus."
apparently yes, doubt that they procreate though

>> No.31349054

You assume the persona of an out-of-luck stardock worker. A worn tunic with a warm cloak and a dozen fake tatoos over your face and arms make you just another unremarkable, but intimidating example of what hive life does to people. By the time you reached underhive you received two offers to hire you and one organ merchant even suggested to buy pieces of you for a "very competetive price, up to 150 thrones a kilo!". You, playing the part, blinded him using his own fingers. No one dared to approach you for the rest of the road. When you finally reached meeting location, you decided to sniff around before meeting Eisenhorn. When you made sure that all the vantage points were free of snipers and no hired gang of delinquent young nobles was waiting around the corner, you appeared behind Eisenhorn. He rolled to the side, pointing his bolt-pistol at you and hissed:
>Damn you! Are you mad! I could have killed you! Why didn't I sense your psychic signature before?
You smile to yourself. Eisenhorn might be more powerful psyker, but he underestimated you. You reply:
>Emperor hides my presence, when he decides so, I am a son of Corax the Night Crow, afterall. What was it you wanted to speak with me, Inquisitor?
>There are many things. I am glad you came, because this meeting must remain secret, it is just between you and me. Also, I think I know what lies behind "troubles" with the Iron Monks. But I'll get to that later. Tell me, what is the hardest thing you have ever had to do for the good of the Imperium?

>> No.31349205

"I bent my knee, and the Chapter's to save my planet filled with the Imperium's citizens, while the high lords on Terra sat idly watching us starve, and the rest of the Imperial Worlds around us did nothing to help."
"It has taught me a lot, but I saved the men, women and children of that planet, and that is more than enough to cover the Chapter's broken pride."

>> No.31349207

>The hardest thing I have ever done was spill the blood of the men I considered my sons. Inquisitor its one thing to shed the blood of ones enemies it's another to shed the blood of your sons. The men who you'd risk your life for, the men who'd risk their lives for you. Pray to the emperor that a day doesn't come when you have to look these same men in the eye and pull the trigger. That is one pain I'd only wish upon the worst of our enemies.

>> No.31349258

That is quite possibly the dumbest thing we could say to an Inquisitor without him explicitly being aware of such an event and calling us on it.

>> No.31349261

A couple of decades ago, I took a rather nasty fall.
As I lay there in my own impact crater, I drifted between this world and the next. I saw my departed brothers, I saw peace, I saw the end.
It was the hardest thing I have ever done to tear myself away from that place, to stay alive and return to my chapter, to relay vital information without which we would have almost certainly been destroyed.

>> No.31349309

>I feel your pain, Astartes. Nothing is greater than breaking your pride for a larger cause. II find that you posses the qualities that are needed for what is ahead of us.
>And I am afraid that I might ask you to spill the blood of the servants of the Emperor again. I hope it will not come to this again, but let me explain. I have accessed the Inquisitorial database to get more information about brother Deiron. It appears that after your meeting on Inaria, he has been serving with the Gravitas Squad, permanent Grey Knights mission to Sector Deus. However after some time he went missing, even his brothers know nothing of his fate. But now we know that Deiron has been imprisoned on the orders of Inquisitor Dren Hesten. In addition to that, he is being held under complete isolation, not even other Inquisitor may question him without express permission from Hesten himself. While Faceless, as many of his associates knew him, is missing for a few years now and is presumably dead, I have no authority to recall his orders until we either have a proof of his demise or an Inquisitorial Lords decides to step in, which is not something I would like to happen.

[Eisenhorn now trusts you]


>> No.31349339

>It appears that we have only one way to reach Deiron in time for us to stop Quixos. What I am going to say now will sound heretical, but you must understand that I have been thinkinf about this since our last meeting and I see no other alternative. We have to break into the Inquisitorial prison on the moon of Nobis and extract Deiron. Don't worry, I don't have in mind a frontal assault, that would be a suicide. I have a plan on how to infiltrate the facility, but before I continue, I have to ask you. Are you with me? In return for your help in stopping Quixos I promise to tell you what is really happening and to reward you and your Chapter. That is in addition to papers that will make you a legally sanctioned psyker...

>> No.31349369

>That is in addition to papers that will make you a legally sanctioned psyker...
I guess we really can't refuse here

>> No.31349379

"All I have is your word Inquisitor, I trusted the words of the Ecclesiarchy not too long ago, I'm afraid you're going to have to tell us what's happening before I sign myself up with you."

>> No.31349627

>It is not my wish to hold you prisoner. While you do not have required paperwork, I can sense that there is a "handmade" sort of sanctioning on your mind, you have done your best to ward yourself against the influence of the warp and I am not going to prosecute you even if you would refuse. This is a situation where I need an ally, not a servant.
>What exactly do you want to know? I cannot cover the details of the break in itself, because if you are not planning to take part in it, it would compromise me and I have but one shot at this. Ask anything else that you are interested in and I'll answer what I can.

Eisenhorn puts down a strange gadget on a nearby pipe, you realise that this is a recording/listening tech jammer. It seems this situation is serious enough so that even Inquisitor has to cover his tracks.

>> No.31349668

>Quixos. his history, what he's done. Why he was mutilating and torturing my fellow Astartes in sick psycho-biological experiments.

>> No.31349897

>I'm with you. I enough of Quixos to know that he must be stopped.

>> No.31350067

>Ok, I believe you deserve to know about the true nature of the enemy that we are fighting. Inquisitor Adrien Doram Quixos, also known in chronicles as Quixos the Great. This name was given to this man for a reason, he was one of the brightest of my order to ever serve the Golden Throne. He was the child of the millenium, born around 000.M41, it is said that by the age of just twenty-one, he had burned the daemons out of Artum. His other achievements included purging the Endorian sub-sector of its false goat-gods, transcribing the Book of Eibon, tracking down and killing the Chaos Marine Baneglos, silencing the Whisperers of Domactoni, crucifying the Witch-King of Sarpeth on the battlements above his own destroyed Hive, and breaking a sub-cult of Nurgle that had tainted one of the palaces of Holy Terra itself. You get the idea. He would have been declared a Hero of the Imperium if he would care, which he didn't. He raised two crusades by himself, took down around 180 cults, banished half a dozen Higher Daemons. But despite all of this, he tripped along the way and fell. While battling a Daemon on Lackan XV, Quixos was wounded by one of the Daemon's claws, which embedded itself in his heart. As removing the fragment would kill him, Quixos decided to tap its energy to increase his already considerable psychic potential, though this had the effect of corrupting his body. But this corruption spread to his soul itself. Some decades later, he encountered a group called the Mystic Path on the planet Maginor, who used warp artifacts to increase demand for their products. Rather than destroying them, as most Inquisitors would have done, Quixos observed their practices and deduced that Chaos was not a corruptive influence, but rather something that was merely put to wrong ends. He built up a relationship with the Mystic Path and delivered many artifacts to them for investigation. That's when he really gave in to the Dark Powers. (cont.)

>> No.31350503

He soon killed his first Inquisitor, but he didn't stop. However as the whole order started to hunt him, he must have felt the need to lay low and disappeared. There were no signs of him for almost a century, when he suddenly started acting again a few decades ago. He is now more careful, he uses pawns instead of doing his dark deeds himself. There were various rumours of him, but nobody knew what he was doing. Then the Sad Triumph happened. A few years ago Sector Lord Helican, once he returned from a great quelling of the sub-sector's civil war, made a great parade, said to stretch well over 20 miles, consisted of two Space Marine Chapters - your brothers White Scars and Aurora Chapter and thousands of Imperial Guardsmen. 300 members of the Inquisition, several Imperial Titans and many more organizations also took part in the Triumph. During the Triumph, Chaos tainted pilots strafed the parade, killing thousands, if not tens of thousands of citizens, Guardsmen, and Space Marines with their gunfire and through crashing their damaged planes. I was there. I have not seen such a tragedy before or after. I barely survived, my brightest student, Interrogator Ravenor, was mutilated for life. That's how I come into this story. This tragedy was all Quixos' doing. He was after the Alpha-level psykers that have been captured and were being prepared for the execution. He managed to get away with his prey and I have been hunting him ever since. Sector Deus served as one of his many bases. From the experiments that you have described it seems that he was experimenting with space marines in order to awaken and increase their psychic potential. I am making an assumption, that he has a some sort of project that requires immense amounts of psychic energy. While I have only very vague ideas on what his plans might be, I can guarantee you that his malevolent intellect is working ceaselessly to bring down this Imperium.

>> No.31350538

"That's enough Inquisitor Eisenhorn, we should get moving."

>> No.31350561

>This man is as more than dangerous than your whole Chapter and I mean no disrespect by saying that.

Eisenhorn looks you in the eye and finishes:

>It is very likely that I and those who might stand with me against him will die, but I have no choice. And believe me, if I fail to stop him, it won't be just Scarus Sector that will fall...

>> No.31350784

>Eisenhorn I appreciate your words of caution. But I was already set on tracking him down. What you've just told me only serves to strengthen my resolve to bring this heretic to justice. You will have the support of me and my chapter if need be.

>> No.31351183

>I am glad to hear that, Astartes. However in this battle even your superhuman origin will not shield you from danger. I will have your back, but be ready to make sacrifices. Now regarding my plan... I can get access to Nobis prison facility as an Inquisitor. I can also bring you in frozen in stasis as prisoners. Once we are inside the facility we will create a distraction by releasing you and possibly some real prisoners as well. Then we will free Deiron and leave the base. You will walk across airless surface towards your extraction point 200km away and then I will pick you up once I will be scanned and allowed to leave the prison. However as this would be a complete undercover mission, I would have to maintain plausible deniability. If any of your brothers will get caught, dead or alive, one DNA check will point fingers towards your Chapter. That's why I would like to suggest you use non-Ghost marines if you have any attached to your Chapter. If not - we will have to be VERY careful about not leaving any evidence. I would be able to bring in 12 marines. Small Chaos warband we managed to subdue. More would raise an alarm. I could smuggle in weapons and some armour as well in form of evidence, but there is a chance that you could lose it. I assume you have questions, please ask away.

>> No.31351202

Let's take Void Squad.

>> No.31351355

We errybody at?
Anyways we just got like 5000 armsmen from the trial plus im sure Eisenhorn can use his influence to pull us some of the kriegers off varda the way I see it is
>Use our marines (They can easily be traced to us if killed)
>Use the armsmen we saved from slavery aboard a ship (Not so traceable status as former "traitors" is reliable cover)
>Get some Kriegers off Varda (May need persuasion to belive they're helping the emperor and serving their eternal penitence)
>Ask Eisenhorn for stormtroopers
Anybody got ideas? really dont like the idea of using our guys

>> No.31351378

look here >>31351202

>> No.31351389

Guys should be battle brothers

>> No.31351441

Secret squad created from Iron Warrior geneseed. If they die they will not be traced to the Ghosts.

>> No.31351453

Actually this anon pointed out an important thing - the team doesn't have to be composed from marines. It can be either marines or men or a mixture of both. Your call, of those options are valid, except getting kriegers to act against the Emperors servants will be VERY hard. they are straight razor on that one.

>> No.31351519

Um that's like triple heresy I think that would spawn a lot of questions. People would start flipping their shit if they find some iron warriors.

>> No.31351552

Who cares. Nobody will know who they belonged to and it is an Inquisitorial prison. They probably have some IW there. They'll think it was a Chaos assault or something. They're perfect for this mission. Good in close quarters and very stealthy.

>> No.31351592

No Kriegers. We take Void Squad. Eisenhorn will smuggle in the unmarked armor from the thunderhawk crash site last thread. That's not enough for everyone, so we will strip all markings and identifications from enough regular armor to fit all marines. Eisenhorn will smuggle as much power armor, bolters, and swords, preferably quiet not like chainswords, as he can, all unmarked.

>> No.31351594

>People would start flipping their shit if they find some iron warriors.
Yeah but at whom?
It's not like they can link them to us

>> No.31351720

Thanks for playing tonight guys, this upcoming mission will probably be one of the most intense actions this Chapter has seen in its existence. It can end either with your Chapter going renegade in case Inquisition finds out you attacked it or it can bring you to the doorstep of dark Nemesis Quixos, against whom you have been fighting for so long.

Session is over, but please before you leave, answer me five things:
>Who will be sent on this mission?
>What equipment will they use?
>What special characters are going? Is Chapter Master going?
>What do you tell the men will participate in the mission?
>Are you happy to do the cult reformation after this mission? Howe will you go about it?

Answers posted in this thread will be used to begin next session.

Session over.

>> No.31351732

So I guess we're doing this "No Russian" Style
>Void Squad
>UnMarked Armor and weapons
Points of interest
Entry :
Special Gear / Weapons :
>What the hell are we going to bring?
Priorities :
Approach :
Anything else we should tell Eisenhorn?
>Crashed thunder hawk
>Psychic anamoly on same planet
>Stopping him from mind probing Void Squad

>> No.31351755

>Are you happy to do the cult reformation after this mission? Howe will you go about it?
I guess do the speech thing posted, broadcast to all Marines in the chapters, and have the Chaplains start preaching it and stuff.

>> No.31351776

>What the hell are we going to bring?
I was thinking Thunder Claws/Power weapons, Melta grenades/explosives.
Should be our only objective.

>> No.31351780

> Is Chapter Master going?
I'd say yes, this mission is pretty important, so we might as well send our best men

>>Are you happy to do the cult reformation after this mission?

> Howe will you go about it?
Focus on the leaders of the respective cults, hold the speech infront of the whole chapter that MS has prepared after making progress with the leaders, have the chaplain preach in our favour

>> No.31351801

>Are you happy to do the cult reformation after this mission? Howe will you go about it?
We need to check out the Ice Wraiths first.

>> No.31351812

>Are you happy to do the cult reformation after this mission? Howe will you go about it?
No. We should learn more about the Ice Wraiths first.

>> No.31351834

>Are you happy to do the cult reformation after this mission? Howe will you go about it?

Am I happy about it yes
First we figure out what the Ice Wraiths do we still have an invitation to join one of their pilgrimages on Mormark. I see it as an opportunity to find out what they do and maybe convert one of their leaders

>> No.31351852

>No. We should learn more about the Ice Wraiths first.
Finding that out is obviously a part of converting them....

>> No.31351922

>Who will be sent on this mission?
>What equipment will they use?
>What special characters are going? Is Chapter Master going?
Chapter Master will go.
>What do you tell the men will participate in the mission?
That Inquisitor Quixos is a danger to the Imperium equivalent to however many thousand Ork Waaghs Eiseinhorn mentioned, and if we do not stop him it could mean its doom. Deiron is a marine who knows information about Quixos and his whereabouts so we must break him out of prison. He's there under the orders of Faceless, an Inquisitor friend of ours who went missing.
Skarg is obviously not asking if we are going to do intelligence gathering. We know next to nothing about them. I don't want to take an action that could upset the stability of our Chapter. Let's find out the ingredients in our pot before adding more of them.

>> No.31351982

>Let's find out the ingredients in our pot before adding more of them.
>First we figure out what the Ice Wraiths do we still have an invitation to join one of their pilgrimages on Mormark. I see it as an opportunity to find out what they do and maybe convert one of their leaders
>Focus on the leaders of the respective cults,
As I said, finding out more about them is a natural part of converting them

>> No.31353734

Nobis Mission:
Chapter Master, Void Squad
UNMARKED Power Armour
Storm Bolters, meltaguns, Power Fists and Chainswords with ALL identifying marks removed ('damaged' areas, consult Eisenhorn to make it look legit), also some melta bombs

When Eisenhorn releases us along with the other prisoners in his shipment, we all cause as much noise as possible.
As we make our way towards Deiron, we release more prisoners as we go to sow more confusion
Find Deiron, use melta bombs if required to break him out.
Find someway to allow Deiron to survive the journey to the extraction point (armour, stasis etc.).
Use melta bombs and meltaguns to melt our way out of the facility.
Cheese it 200 kilometres.

>> No.31357991

Good News Everyone! I have just finished reading every previous thread and am now ready to join this adventure. Huzzah!

>> No.31358376


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