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Praise the Omnissiah!

30k admech thread!


The taghmata omnissiah only PDF

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More! More! Machines!

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>Get bodied by Iron Warriors
>Get bodied in civil war destroying half the shit you were suppose to save
Admech a shit

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So, how do we use thralls now that we can take 20?

What do you all think of Magi builds?
Since it looks like their buffs don't vanish if they die, I'd feel comfortable sticking them on the front line, but they seem less than killy.

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It looks like Warmachine in the thumbnail.

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Units comprised of repetitions of the same 3 models?

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You give them FNP and a FNP-boost-Techpriest, then laugh as they never get removed from objectives.

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Is thanatar useful?

2~3 castellax VS 1 thanatar

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beefy as hell and with way more killiness

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anyone have a copy of the full book?

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Only 4 wounds! :(

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I saw full jpg but some autist fuck scanner

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Thallax is jet pack infantry so they have deep strike..

Why DS upgrade exist??

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> Magos can be upgraded to Ordinator
All other Magos confirmed for scumtime

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Please post more kittens.
They are relevant to my interests.

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Still only 2 attacks.
Only 4 wounds.
And I might be blind, but I'm not actually seeing the plasma mortar anywhere on the thanatar's datasheet. It's not under Wargear, nor is it in the Upgrade options.

Thanatar is dookiebutts.

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FW confirmed it and they say that is a omission

Mortar is Thanatar's basic weapon

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>Still only 2 attacks.
Its best not in combat
>Only 4 wounds.
Give it paragon of metal and laugh as it is nigh indestructible.

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Ideas for Dark Mechanicus model standins?

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1500 points.

== HQ ==
Magos Prime
Cortex Cont.

== Troops ==
Thallax Cohort

Thallax Cohort




== HS ==
Paragon of Metal




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Superior Lachrimallus reporting in. You are a faggot for not drowning your enemies in mecha-zombies. Ordnance weapons are expensive.

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I played a game vs Tau.
My list:
Archmagos Prime with C-beamer, 2 cyber-occularis and lots of upgrades (Myrmidax, Djinn-skein, 3++, master crafted...)
2 Castellax. No upgrades
2 Castellax. Enhanced Targeters, Darkfire Cannons
3 Thallax. 1 Multi-melta
3 Thallax. 1 Multi-melta
20 Thralls. Carapace armour, revenant alchemy, courage. (4+/FnP/Courage)
1 Krios Venator
1 Thanatar with Paragon of Metal

The Thanatar murdered everyone while hidden behind a building, because you can use the cyber-occularis to shoot with LOS while being outside LOS.
Krios Venator is a beast (That Ordnance 4 S9 AP2...)
Cyber-occularis are awesome to keep your Automata effective and for denying cover (-1 from Targeters -1 from cyber). This makes the Darkfire cannons great.

Thallax sucked. Might have been my fault, since I had them assault crisis suits and they died.

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It was just a Morrowind joke

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Yeah, your Thallax squads were too small and with the loadout you gave them they were for blowing up tanks and crushing blueberries, not fighting crisis suits.

How'd you run the Magos?

(Also, am going to have to try that occularis trick.)

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Magos in the blob, had planned to keep him on top of a building and the blob take care of him and an objective. We rolled annihilation, so the thralls became LOS-fodder... and then they chased a unit of Crisis and shot it to death.

Kept him in a corner, giving complete battlefield LOS to the Thanatar, and shooting master crafted C-beam shots of S10 AP1.

It also helped that I rolled IWND and gave ti to the Darkfire Castellax.

The occularis did cover hugging and hid while keeping the Castellax under cortex control, then ran at the enemy and denied him of even more cover.

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>in a corner, on top of a tall building

I suck at descriptions

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So what is a good size Thallax squad? I'm considering running squads of 6, but balancing Thallax and Castellax as troops is hard.

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Are the DS & Jetpack rules different in 30k? And FW is retarded at times. They keep adding "Move thru cover on Monstrous Creatures' unit entry"

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>Are the DS & Jetpack rules different in 30k?
Should be the same shit.

>And FW is retarded at times. They keep adding "Move thru cover on Monstrous Creatures' unit entry"

Future-proofing. One day, MCs may not auto-move through cover.

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I use squads of 6, personally, as a pair of special weapons is always nice.
I'm honestly not sure on the proper balance myself. I've been building lists based on what I've got, so I tend to use/proxy a pair of Thallax squads and 5 castellax.
I've found castellaxi a bit slow and short ranged, so I tend to keep them together/ use them as the anvil.

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I may be blind, but I've never seen it listed that the Magos is an independent character, just a character, so he can't join units. Correct me if I'm wrong because he seems squishy without the ability to join units.

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Magos Prime. Unit type is Infantry(Character). Special rules: Independent Character.

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Thanks. I was looking at the Magos Dominus profile instead. Why the hell isn't that guy an IC?

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Good question for which I have no answer.

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It is good to see they added IC to the magos prime and archmagos though. In the previous HH books I wasn't sure how this guy would live very long just walking around by himself. He's pretty burly, but enough las/plas/ML shots and he's toast. Now that he's an IC he'd be awesome joined up to a unit of castellax!

I can't wait to get an army of these guys! Has anyone tried playing them in a regular 40K game? No one really plays HH around here, but everything I've read about their rules seem that they'd fit in well against standard 40K armies.

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LOL, must have overlooked that. Tau would be a hard match up since they can really dump on the wounds and Mech armies are so small compared to others. I'm not so sure about he darkfire cannons though - for me they fall right into that slot that isn't really good at much: not S8 to ID t4 models and too low of S to make lance very effective, and they get hot. I think I'd probably stick with MM or boltguns on the castellax.

FW really needs to start selling weapon sets for some of these models - the choices that come with the sets of Myrmidons and Castellax are kind of strange.

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I actually walked over the Tau. Killing that awesome Hammerhead tank with the commander and the Devilfish with the Ethereal might have helped though.
Darkfire lances are awesome, at least in my experience

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I've actually crushed Tau every time I've gone up against them with Admech.
It's those flareshields, I think.
That and our troops are tougher than their guns. That and when we reach their lines they die. Horribly.

If there's any army that I'm really afraid of, it's Eldar because of bladestorm.

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(Not that that really helped them at that apoc match... Granted, we had enough D blasts flying overhead that it kept infantry busy hiding. That and I had some marines to soak up shiruken with their faces. Having friends that play fluffy Salamanders armies is great.)

I have yet to try the new list, though.

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hmm, what's the opinion on the taghmata adsecularis? I know the cybernetica ones were shit, but how are these?

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What's the best beatstick hq i can make?

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Where can I find the rules for volkite chargers and rotor cannons and a bunch of other listed options? The first book? I have a pdf of that one at least.

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Yep. Those are in Betrayal.

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That's totally subjective.

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Um. 30k really isn't meant to play vs Tau but lock yourself out.

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okay. Is a malagra archmagos decked out with a powerfist and paragon blade, abeyant, machinator, cyberfamiliar and plasma fusil a good idea?

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I'm going to be eventually taking an admech army to a local tournament, what are some over/under-powered units or combinations I should avoid? I'm worried that if I table everyone Forge World stuff will be banned, but I also don't want to invest in an army that sucks.

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your monstrous creature troops are really cheap compared to how good they are. they're really pimp to have, but don't bring too many. Probably better to use the taghmata list since it's the most fully featured. aside from that, i've never played the game so other people can help you with more in depth stuff

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I've been considering running a blobs of 20 with dark alchemistry and maybe heavy chainblades, while keeping a Lachramallus Auxilia squad nearby. For the extra dickishness, a Magos with Lachramallus Archana seems nice.
Granted, at this point, you'll probably want 2 or 3 thrallhordes to make it worth it and as a result you'll have dropped like 500 points on thralls and thrallherds. But they get 4+ FNP and come back from the dead on a 5+.
So that seems fair.

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What's it going to run with?

What's your local meta like?

I've only run Cybernetica/Reductor, but Thallax should be balanced.
Don't take Mechraiders if you want to keep your friends.

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maybe stick it in a squad of Adsecularis and use them to eat wounds while it footslogs? I'm having trouble figuring it out. Maybe instead join an auxillia or myrmidon covenant and use their triarioi to drive up the place? I'm just really enamored with the idea of a warrior magos who loves to get stuck in and slashin' and punchin' and fightin'. What kind of base would very bulky demand?

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I'm new

How do I paint little warhammer dudes?
I don't care about playing, I just want to be a little autistic and paint them.

Is there anywhere I can look for tutorials/help etc?

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Its so they can DS in situation where non-teleportation type deep-striking isn't allowed like Zone Mortalis

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9 if you can fork out the points; when they deep strike they WILL be shot at; of the valuable damagey units you have they are the most vulnerable and thus will get shot at a lot.

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Sorry for having wrongfun.

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Hmmm. I might advise myrmidons, thallax, or castellax depending on on your list, since they'll be able to keep the castellax from going stupid and keep them repaired and then smash some face when they get to the front line.
Myrmidons are similarly killy and the Triarios will like the repair work.

Huh, anyone run the math on how good an archmagos with abeyant and harness is?

Since that'd be what? T6 W4 2+ 3++ IWND, rerolling characteristic saves.
Malagra still suffers from WS5 and A3, but that's a damned tough character.

Huh, Lachrimallus would give her FNP...

Stat for stat, a Lachrimallus is even harder than Smashfucker! (Except for the crippling disadvantage of not being immune to instant death.)
But seriously, someone do the math!

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the Low A is kind of misleading for the archmagos prime, because the machinator gives them two extra armourbane shredding power axe attacks reguardless of whatever you do..

>> No.31354611

Oh shit!
The S5 isn't going to them any favors, but if they take a powerfist, that's S8.
Magi are deadly! I expect with a bunch of Castellax they could crush most anything in CC.

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How long till we get an IA book that lets us play with our toys and ally with 40k armies?

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