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Does /tg/ ever have filename threads?

Can we give it a go?

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>using gifs
Get with the times, caveman.

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Sure, why not.

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Go drink some fizzy pop and listen to your dubsteps, you little brat.

Back in my day, we had .gifs for our animations, and we were frickin' grateful for it, too.

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Filename threads come up pretty often.

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Need a name for this one.

Maybe something to do with Demon: The Descent, and maybe not.

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>converting your gif folder to webm just because

nice meme, btw :^)

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>Artifacting will be even more prevalent than before in files that already have it

If the source file is fucked, don't bother. A clean webm is the only one that matters.

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Anon this is a Chris-chan image board!

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I'm not sure what the hell I just watched, but it was awesome.

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4e monk vs 3.5 monk.

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I would love to know what the moon runes say. And why /x/ looks like Revi.

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Which is which?

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Flurry of Blows vs Combat Expertise.

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Fucking Adepts.

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4e is The One that's not a total useless piece of shit.

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jesus christ no wonder people keep telling me to watch it

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I'm quite sure it's the other way around and someone made Revi look like /x/.

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I shouldn't have laughed.

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I don't know, sorry.

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Got me.

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I really need to get rid of my dolphin rape folder.
I just can't let go, /tg/.
Help me learn to lose.

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You absolute cockmongler! I loled pretty well.

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I just found a problem with web.m.
Doesn't work on phones.

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The Play store has a couple plugins - just search for "webm player".

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Is that real?

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DId you know that dolphins are some of the most brutal fuckers in the sea? They form gangs and hunt down dolphins that enter their domanians so they can then rape and kill said intruding dolphin. Did that help?

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Probably. And judging by not one, but two хуйs, it's also Russian.

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That's a banzai bill you stupid fuck.

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Took me a moment to get it.

Then I laughed.

Then I hated myself for laughing.

You magnificent son of a bitch.

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I feel sad now...

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ok. lets pretend... hear me out - lets just pretend for a little bit (you like to pretend, right /tg/?) that i'm really fucking dense and don't know why this is funny... (or sad?)

>tl;dr - anon is retarded, pls xplane >>31327560

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The Dark Knight movie shooting.
A guy wet in dressed like the joker and gunned down lot of people during a premier.

The dude in the pic say's he's going to see the premier.

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>that Raito's sacrifice
>Followed by that Wakana's sacrifice
I feel sad now...why almost no kamen show ends with an and they lived happily ever after?

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>you must gather your party before venturing forth
>you must gather your party before venturing forth
>you must gather your party before venturing forth

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But that's what that file is ACTUALLY ABOUT.

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pic related

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Oh man, my fucking sides

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Webm doesn't show on mobile. Just so you know.

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Well, given Gaim is written by Urobuchi, I wouldn't get your hopes up.

At least Fourze ended well after the fake-out.

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SS13 is still /tg/, right?

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Anyone have the version where it goes from 20-21 after he hits it?

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>Paranoia: Intsec

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OOOs was pretty sad, and was one of my favs.

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More like Bard/Rogue multiclass.

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>Putting all your starting discipline dots in Resilience

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How the fuck do I build this in pathfinder.

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That's bullshit. They aren't even taking his stuff or making him into a zombie.

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>Anime with a Cube reference

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Oh wow. Only just realised that's what it is.

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So, any other good names for that?

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OINKBANE! I haven't seen Oinkbane on /tg/ for far too long now.

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God damn.
You don't realize how gruesome that scene actually is until you have freeze-frame.

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Oh my god that's brilliant.

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Improved Shield Bash, and just use a shield as your two-handed weapon. Stick the Bashing enchantment on it and you get to use its defensive enhancement bonus as its weapon bonus too.

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I don't actually have a chaotic evil 2. I put that there just to confuse people.

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I love this picture.

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>Every human is a 500 gallon sack of blood.

Me likes it.

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You're... a fiend.

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Or wield two shields with Improved Shield Bash.

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That too.

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Hey, guy.
What is it?

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>Why do we even have that button?!

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What tv show is this from?

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A house in the forest.

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It's a movie: The Cabin in the Woods.

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>meanwhile in Vanaheim.gif

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It's from a movie called Cabin In The Woods, which is a sort of deconstruction of the traditional teen horror movie flick.

I don't want to spoil anything, but you should definitely go watch it.

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Did...did you seriously not look at the spoiler?

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Shucks, Thanks Gents!

I'm going to go see if it's on Netflix!

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They're doing it in case he was serious.
I think.

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I actually, genuinely, somehow managed to respond to your thread without opening the spoiler.

It's one in the morning, and I'm browsing three threads at once. Cut me some slack.

Anyway, Cabin In The Woods is actually listed among the inspiration pieces for Demon: The Descent. It actually says it would make a good example of a piece of occult God Machine infrastructure.

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Maybe should ask in the WoD thread, but what the heck is the God Machine anyway?

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>to your thread

Holy shit, I need to go to bed.

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man, I actually laughed at that one.

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In SoS, that's one target location.

Aim for groin, receive throat-stab.

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>The screams of pain and terror from all the guards aren't enough
I wouldn't wish this on my enemies

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Did he just get hit with a plotted plant?

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SS13 is /tg/, right?

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He got hit with a potted plant.

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It's an optional (but heavily supported since the rules revision) mega-antagonist for nWoD.

Basically, God is a world-spanning reality-underpinning machine that doesn't give a shit about humanity, and is only interested in furthering it's inscrutable plans and it's own survival. Angels are sort of a mix between terminators and agents from the Matrix.

Nobody- including the entities that serve it- know where it came from, what it wants or why it does absolutely anything, but it's implied that the World of Darkness is in the state it is in (with humanity unknowingly preyed upon by countless horrors from the shadows) precisely because it wants it that way.

One of the core themes of nWoD are mysteries concealing endless more mysteries, and the God Machine is supposed to be one possible root cause for these mysteries.

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>not BBEG - Age 5

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Beat me to the fucking punch.

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This is a show for kids, right?

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Ayup. The French are cool like that.

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No, it's a FRENCH kid show.

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There's a reason it wasn't on the air for very long in burger-land.

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Man, I only saw like two episodes but I have fond memories of that stuff. Based France.

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Gurps in a nutshell

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>Hey, we're making a kid's show that's a parody of spy cliches in general and Charlie's Angels in particular.
>Let's use at as an excuse to see how many fetishes we can cram into each episode and still get it past the censors.
Cool indeed.

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>wasn't on the air very long in burgerland
But I remember seeing a lot of episodes. Like at least a couple seasons.

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Is this Bluff, Sleight of Hand, or Nat 1 Sense Motive?

>> No.31330214

I think it was called nanalan'
loved it as a kid.

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Because after the fuckers find something mildly entertaining that would look good next to them, they're making it their mascot, whether it wants to or not.

PCs are the reason illegal pet trade exists in your campaign, man.

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>Is this Bluff, Sleight of Hand, or Nat 1 Sense Motive?

That was addressed to >>31326897, which I have saved as "Nat 20 to bluff."

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Now I want to find my copy of "/k/ designs a Prius" and use that filename.

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I love when US religious propaganda transcends stupidity and just comfortably sits in the realm of hilarity.

>> No.31330357

Could just be 'Troubleshooters visiting R&D on a good day'.

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Holy shit.

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Oh, man. This and the dog scenes are what we need webm versions of.

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Sorry but Jack Chick isn't exactly a respected person in the USA, either.

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I can imagine, but it just amuses me to no end that these people take themselves seriously and think that they're writing valid arguments.

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>not goat suplex
anon pls

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She has angered Jack, Lord of the Octogons.

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We can also upload three minute videos now (or four minutes, but the quality will be even worse than this).

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I need to watch this.

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Bodacious Space Pirates.

>> No.31330898

Jesus tapdancing Christ

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Aw sweet, is that made of paper?

>> No.31331000

what the hell?

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>> No.31331023

I assume so. Probably special extremely thin paper.

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>Bodacious Space Pirates.
>this is how I Rogue Trader
also image limit

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It's clearly an animes, anon.

>> No.31331047

It is. Intricately folded paper. Which also makes it very heavy and unwieldy.

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Google gives me nothing. Sauce?

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I swear there was an episode where people were turning into animals. Goddamn fucking furries.

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read the fucking thread, it has already been asked and answered

>> No.31331101

Did you just discover anime yesterday?

>> No.31331182

>Murder tree pulls guy in.
>Spews out 50 liters of blood.


How did it get in the elevator?

>> No.31331339

What the hell is that?

>> No.31331353

Australian ladybug

>> No.31331399

They're creatures of nightmare that defy natural reality by their very existence. Whatever safeguards they had in place to contain it are gone and it's free to act on its nature, which is to be an angry, molesting tree and to get you where a tree isn't supposed to be able to get you.

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Mannn, i wish i had a huge novelty spoon.

>> No.31331451

Sorry, I forgot to check the rest of the thread before replying.

>> No.31332078

Seriously. If it's not bad enough getting gruesomely murder piled one guy actually has his soul torn away. Was that absolutely necessary terrible abomination?

>> No.31332359

I actually think one guy lives through the whole thing, at least from what we see. He gets knocked over by the bat, and just sits in the front right.

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>> No.31332603

You're not watching it close enough. He gets his throat gored out by the werewolf as it leaps across to maul the other soldier. You can see the blood splatter above the doorway a moment before he hits the floor.

>> No.31332650

His neck gets sliced open by a claw, you can see blood squirting on the wall between the elevator doors behind him.

>> No.31332902

Giant water bug.
Bites like a motherfucker.

>> No.31333020

It's from a chinese show about the Legend of the Three Kingdoms. It's pretty good.

>> No.31333470

What I don't get is why the internal security isn't prepared for a situation like this.

They caught all those horrors, clearly they have a way of dealing with them. I mean, shit, they have a fucking force field, why not be able to deploy that if shit gets this bad?

>> No.31333730


Really? Furries are the ones you think of from Totally Spies? There were a LOT worse fetishes they did in that show.

>> No.31333815


They probably have a response team for if one of them gets loose.

When they all are released at once, they're overwhelmed. It's no different than a prison. 1-10 guys beating each other up in the yard is broken up with a couple of shields and tasers. 300 guys loose and angry own the prison for the next 24 hours.

>> No.31333835

Prisons don't usually have a button that lets everyone go at once.

>> No.31334195


Not so. How do you think they handle a fire?

You can release a whole block at a time in case of a fire.

>> No.31334318

>look up what the bard gets at lv 8
>Inspire Courage +2
I'd believe it

>> No.31334350

No one says they caught all those horrors. This has been going on for a long, long time.

>> No.31334398

>Aha! Our eyes met! That means we have to battle!.jpg

>> No.31334655

FLCL is kinda pointless to me without The Pillows.

>> No.31335584

Does if you tap the thumb, works for me at least

>> No.31335850

That filename is pretty accurate actually. Pirates operate by different rules.

>> No.31336067

Are we talking about digital media "piracy" or loot and plunder piracy?

>> No.31336116

Yo was that Usher

>> No.31336341


>> No.31336441

Damn I wish one of them was wearing shorts.

>> No.31336474

>that wing spread
>that instant of realization
I don't think I could be more terrified.

>> No.31336504

It's still on the air.

>> No.31336541

I don't understand what's going on here. What order should I be looking at these in?

>> No.31336561

It's a deer.

>> No.31336628

Left to right, top to bottom.
They're cutting up a pig's head, re-arranging the bits, and prettying it up to look human.

>> No.31337251


>Saboteur fights a Sword
>Combat Embeds
>Defense 5 versus Brawl
>Trumpeter fights a Sword
>Choosing Dramatic Failure on Brawl because you want the Beat


>PCs handle a tense diplomatic incident

Larceny roll was successful. Spot not so much.

>that one Exalted Charm I forget the name of.

Is that seriously Hypercube? Man, that was a shitty sequel >>31329322 Cube 2, from the looks of it.

As a nWoD fan, seems more like a Tzimisce thing.

>Descent references

>Resilience Ventrue

>Be careful with Dominate

>>31329230 >>31329473 >>31329513
Doesn't work that well :<
Tried Human, level 1, Human Fighter, Improved Bash, Power Attack, Proficiency - Shield Spike, Heavy Shield Spike. 1d6+8 isn't good for your primary attack as a fighter, though.

For the Cabin in the Woods gif/Webm
>Breaking the Lynchpin
>Why you research the occult matrix first
>Broken Infrastructure

>Mages in a crossover

Continuing with Demon
>Mundane Embeds
>Moros With Forces 1

More Demon
>Suborned Infrastructure
>One dot Boltholes

>Spring Courtier with Goodwill Autumn

He's just mantling.

>Transfer Medial Features
>Life 3 Style 4
>Angel of the God Machine with low Cover

>Embed - In My Pocket

>Starting characters in WoD
Seriously, everyone seems to want to have been huge and now doing something starting PC oriented.

Yeah, but without sound, so sort of shitty.

>> No.31337264

Also, I'm super late to the party.

Can we have another? I love these threads.

>> No.31339725

You renamed that file, OP.
I recognize my capture, and it was originally labeled "Oh shi-.gif"

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