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I recently came across this awesome random generator for 40k tech priests and I thought it might be amusing to roll some dice and do some writefagging amongst ourselves.

^Tables are there

Kicking things off with Magos Jennicker vis Kharkov, Mistress of the Prison-Fane
>Middle Aged (81) Female Magos
>Atomus (Particle Physics)
>Lexmechanicus (Applied Mathematics)
>Cerebum in Vivo (Prison)
>Integral Forcefield
>Horde of Servitors

Sometimes life doesn't always go as we might wish. Jennicker vis Kharkov was Kazarad-Prime's most promising mathematician and physicist, hellbent on unpicking the secrets of the universe.

Unfortunately her mortal body was eviscerated in a particle accelerator explosion, and her mind interred in a cerebral support. Before she could be transferred to the cogitator vaults below her laboratories, one of her rivals switched her transport requests with that of Gherolt, a vicious high-ranking Secutor. He was assigned to the Tailwards salient, to the Prison-Fanes of Albetrix. Now interred in the prison complex, Jennicker lives out her days managing the containment of heretics, xenos and deserters.

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Missed her quirks/delusions
>Wandering Mind
As an accomplished physicist and mathematician, Jennicker finds the day-to-day task of managing a prison complex to be well beneath her station. She prefers instead to use most of the fane's computational power to crack complex calculations and algorithms. As such, she is often slow to respond to troubles within her domain
>Object delusion
The trauma of being removed from her mortal body and interred in a totally unfamiliar environment has had a significant effect on Jennicker's psyche. She believes that the prison fane is one huge mathematical puzzle and the prisoners, guard servitors and visitors are no more than bits of data.

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>300 years old
>Artisan Master of construction and applied engineering.
>Void Installation
>Sanguinem Vitae
>Orbital Installation

She's basically in charge of creating an orbital satellite

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>Artisan Master of construction and applied engineering
>Astrographicus: Warp sciences (only got one since he is young)
>War Zone
>Corpus Gloriosa (only one because he is young and you can still tell his sex)
>Corpus Delusion, Flesh Loathing, Sadism

Okay so we have a young male techpriest who is an Artisan Master of Construction who specializes in warp sciences. He is an Orthodox techpreist who is currently stationed in a war zone where he is headquartered in a fortress filled with Skitarii and servitor underlings. His form while much more heavily augmented than most people who aren't members of the Adeptus Mechanicus is covered with vat grown skin and fat to hide his augmentations while strings of rubber are used to simulate the look and feel of hard muscle. His form is practically human perfection, a tall, strong looking form with dark skin. As a result of the realism of his unique augmentation he has come to believe that under his vat grown flesh he has no augmentations whatsoever. Most unfortunate as he has an immense disgust of flesh, and seeks to have his flesh replaced with clean, sterile metal, but cannot find any techpriests willing to remove his (what they know is fake) flesh and replace it with metal. His disgust of flesh has also given him sadistic feelings towards most unaugmented individuals, sometimes allowing nearby guard forces to leave their wounded under the care of his servitors, where he gives them various augmentations before they leave. Also he uses his specialization to design and maintain long distance communication channels using the warp.

This is one sick fuck and he will inevitably fall to Slaanesh. Actually makes me wanna make a CSM/AM(MT preferably but I don't know where they stand on the allies chart) army to represent this perverse insane young techpriest.

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Aeolus, Master of the Saphyric Winds
>Ancient Unknown Gendered Magos
>Atomus (Particle Physics)
>Parvus (Nanotechnology)
>Tempestas (Climate Sciences)
>Void Installation
>The Rite of Potentia Magna
>Scholaris Polypus
>Cortex Bibliotecha
>Voices of the Machine
>Resource Extraction Facility
>Cogitator Complex

Aeolus is one of the sub-sector's greatest experts on geoengineering and climate manipulation. From his lofty throne, he can dispatch swarms of nanomachines to manipulate the climate on a grand scale. He would be a God to the population of a feudal or feral world, ushering in seasons of plenty or scourging crops with ten years of inclement weather. Recently his interests have become more esoteric, using his nanomachines to probe the very building blocks of the universe.

His appearance is bizarre, even for a Tech-Priest of his rank. Flickering databanks distend his wizened cranium, his body little more than a seething mass of crackling mechadendrites, suspended a few feet off the ground by magnetic impellers hooked directly into his potentia coil.

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Rolled 32, 12, 34, 79, 56, 11, 73, 89, 13 = 399

Let's roll the dice.

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>Undefinable Gender and Ancient
>Magos Master of Technological achievement
>Xenologis and Psychologis
>Gigas Mechanica, Alternative power sources, Rite of Chimaera
>Bloodlust, Carnal Longings, Sadism
>Archeotech Vault on a Small Starship

My sick fuck has spent most of his great many years on the outer edges of human territory studying Xenos terror weapons. Early in his career he removed his mouth for standard implants but quickly became obsessed with the idea of consuming things, despite no longer having an apparatus to do so. To facilitate his gastronomic fantasies he installed various shredding and grinding mouths on his body that process organic matter into fuel for his other implants. Over time he stopped merely studying Xenos psychological weapons and began testing it out on any aliens he came across and even human ships and colonies when his bloodlust overtook him. He takes immense pleasure from using captured alien weapons implanted in his body, along with alien limbs and mechanical pieces, to spread terror among his "prey". He collects trophies and technology from his gory hunts and keeps them in his expansive and ancient vault. His vault is situated on his ship which itself is manned by servitors.

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Think I've just found a new villain for my rogue trader campaign. Either encountered by chance, or 'cause the local Mechanicus want rid of him/her/it

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Middle Aged (40-80)
Artisan Master of construction and applied engineering
Explorator: Archaeology, Scouting and Exploration/Xenologis: Alien Technology
Starship (A rogue trader's ship is what i have in mind)
The Rite of Potentia Magna
Sanguinem Vitae
Carnal Longings
Voices of the Machine

I need help please, i don't know how to writefag something interesting.

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Whoops I meant Middle-aged (80-250)

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