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Welcome to Harem Protag Quest. You are John Galt, the sentient protagonist of a harem show. Aside from having to gather and keep your harem, you will have to deal with various other obstacles at the Cassandra College of Witches.
>Mechanics: http://pastebin.com/MuXRzApY
>MC: http://pastebin.com/TdBKC27p
>Other Characters: http://pastebin.com/SCdW9jJi
>Magic system: http://pastebin.com/jKt3dEkR
>Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Harem%20Protag%20Quest
>Twitter: @HaremProtaGuide

>Current Stats:
>Protag Points: 284
>Mana 20/20
>Harem Status 4/6

Last time you had just finished getting your butt kicked by your PT teacher, again, and had figured out that you somehow knew how to use a sword competently. After a small discussion, you had decided that it was simply a by-product of your ability to pull random skills out of your ass, one of the more useful things you get as a protagonist.

But now is the time to strike! You’ve made progress with her, now you need to invite her to dinner! However you still don’t know your PT teachers name, not even a “Ms. Such and such.” So that’s your first step, just after you make a few steps out the door.

Finally making it out the door of the dojo, you wait as the teacher turns and locks the door before asking her name.

“So, now that I’m getting trained, do I get to know your name?” you ask, a small wry smile on your face, “Or do I just keep referring to you as the crazy lady with a sword?”

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The teacher smirks at that, leaning over towards you slightly, her face level with yours. “Getting cocky huh?” she says, “Just because you can hold a sword right?”

You just smile back at her, you’ve got this part of the game down at least.

“Fine,” she says, in what counts as a playful tone for her, “You can call me Ms. Black, only a few people know the rest of it, so don’t push your luck.” With that statement she pushes your chest, rocking you easily due to your exhaustion.

Maybe that dinner idea with her wasn’t such a good idea.

>Ask anyway.
>Head home, you’re beat.
>Wander campus.

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>Wander campus.

>> No.31308500

>Head home, you’re beat.

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"Well Ms. Black, it's good to be in you're capable hands. When do you think our next lesson will be?"

We don't shoot for dinner, we find some BS way of making her our RA. (We're living with a handful of women, at least two of which are overpoweredly dangerous, shouldn't be too hard.)

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Ask her how she magics her swords into existence and if something like that could be enchanted

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>Wander campus.
What could go wrong?

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>Head home, you’re beat.
I still think asking her right now is a bad idea.

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This >>31308525

>> No.31308658

>Wander campus.

Now is the time to find plot elements for future use. If we head home, it'll probably just turn into affection-building and sleep.

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I'm just going to answer that here, that's a not terribly high level summoning spell that she's been using for yours.

Hers is real.

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>Wander campus
If we fall asleep, Tatsuko will surely find us.

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Ask about the sword then. And whether you could augment a summoned sword with enchantments.

>> No.31308713

Of course hers is real. She wouldn't be able to properly motivate us if it wasn't.

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I realized something.

We're learning swordsmanship from one of our past lives, we're good at enchantment but shit at the rest of magecraft, we summoned some sort of ancient shield with more than one layer, we're a god of the kitchen, and we're absolutely covered in bitches.

We're turning into Shirou.

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But of course they are. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to steep them in the blood, sweat, and tears of her students.

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Calling it here, it looks like you guys want to wander around a bit. Writing.

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Except we know that tab A goes into slot B

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We're not as oblivious or painfully idealistic as shirou. Or as fucked in the head.

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Nigga, We're Wilfred Dion. It's just a work in process.

>> No.31308861

Well, to be fair, Wil never pulled any ancient supermagic out of his ass.

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By the way, is this a semester or quarter based college?

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True. But then, I guess we can only come to the conclusion that John Galt is absolutely unique.

After all, who is John Galt?

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Woo best part of the day here!

Also I made a thing.

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>Wander campus.

>> No.31309071

I'll give you 7/10 for effort. Find a better way to incorporate the figures without it looking like you cut-and-pasted them off google-images.

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>Wander campus.

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This thing you made...I like it! Excellent work.

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“Alright,” you say to Ms. Black, whatever her real name is, “I’ve got it, no more pushing.”

“Good,” she says, before standing back up and heading towards the admin building, “Make sure you stop by the dojo sometime, we can get down to the real training.”

You wonder what she means by “real training”, but before you can ask she’s already walked around a corner and out of sight. Taking a breath you head the opposite direction, mostly towards your new home but still not a straight line.

There isn’t anything too interesting, mostly more dorms, a few different smaller buildings that appear to be either club or specialized class related and a fair bit of nicely taken care of greenery. You don’t see anyone important either, almost making you think that your trip around campus was a waste.

But then you come upon a place that is obviously less well taken care of than the rest of campus. You aren’t positive, but it looks like an old chapel with an attached cemetery, which is odd since most witches aren’t big believers in god. You take a step towards the place, something calling to you, but a familiar voice stops you.

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Is it the voice of Jesus?

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“You just go straight after trouble don’t you,” comes Junko’s voice from behind you, causing you to jump slightly.

“What?” you say, turning to see the strange blue haired girl looking past you towards the chapel.

“First you ignore my advice and not only don’t avoid the PT teacher and the Berserker, you jump straight at them with arms wide open. Then you manage to come to this place on the second day, when half the people who graduate from this college don’t even know it exists.” She looks at you, then back to the old building. “I’ll give you the same advice as before, stay away from that place, there are things you don’t want to disturb.”

She glances back at you, apparently looking for an answer.

>Mind your own business.
>How about you go screw yourself.

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>abandoned church



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Clearly we are Emiya Shirou reincarnated as Wilfred Dion.

Quite possibly one of the most hax combinations of Harem Protags possible, now I come to think of it.

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>Other: "Can I ask why? You know, people tend to be a whole lot more cooperative if you tell them why they should be doing or not doing something."

>> No.31309389

"They've both been nicer and much more helpful than you have, you know."

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Go up to the church and poke it with a stick

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>> No.31309413

She just can't stop sticking her nose in our business, can she? Is she following us around or something?


"Why? Is there somehing bad in there? Don't tell me you believe in ghosts!"

>> No.31309427


Angel waifu or Undead waifu?

>> No.31309431

The mysterious ninja bullshit is getting a bit stale. How about you justify any of your warnings with something other than vague platitudes?

>cause fuck her, she's talking shit about Tatsuko again

>> No.31309475

Why? Honestly why?

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>> No.31309509

"Generally when you warn people, you have to be little more specific. You told me to avoid those two, but Tatsuko's been nothing but nice, and the PT teacher's pretty great as long you're a fan of playing hardball during practice. How do I know there's not an angel trapped in there or something?"

>> No.31309554


>cause fuck her, she's talking shit about Tatsuko again

>> No.31309562

Most people can't find it... So what makes us so special, or lacking that, the chapel so dangerous?

>> No.31309626

Talking shit about Tatsuko, talking shit about our sempai-waifu, and talking shit about either ghost or angel waifu's house. Junko a shit

>> No.31309644

Alright, calling it here.

Looks like a complete write in involving Ninja bullshit and everyone else being more helpful.

>> No.31309660

Why do we keep poking these things if it's so dangerous? We poke because, peril is our home. And how do keep ourselves from dying? That I can tell you in two words. Plot armor!

>> No.31309685

>Why do we keep poking these things if it's so dangerous?


>> No.31309745

Well, which would you prefer? being proactive and finding the dangerous things on your own terms so you can prepare, or wandering around with your eyes closed and letting yourself be bitchslapped? Plot armor protects us, but Plot magnets bring everybody to the yard to break that armor.

Hey, Guide, you should throw some of that stuff about being proactive in there, that came out better than I expected.

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of course we do stupid dangerous things. how else will we get the madwoman that is Karasuba smile like pic related at us

>> No.31309899

For those who missed it, this was a Fiddler on the Roof reference.

>> No.31309939

Ah. See, never seen it, so I wouldn't know.

>> No.31310027

damn now I need to watch this show. She looks so damn happy there, instead of the crazy looks OP usually posts.

I want more happy PT teacher

>> No.31310045

>I want more happy PT teacher
Then we will be wading through rivers of blood.

>> No.31310051

“You, know,” you say, looking past Junko towards the chapel, which seems to be slightly brighter than the background now that you look at it closer, “This is only the second time we’ve met and I’m already tired of the cryptic ninja bullshit. Your first bit of advice was about as useful as a screen door on a submarine, Tatsuko and the PT teacher have been nothing but helpful so far.”

“Except for those broken ribs,” Junko comments.

“She fixed those,” you shoot back, “Meanwhile you come over here, tell me to avoid a place without giving me a reason and expect me to listen to you. Maybe if you did give me a reason I’d listen to you. But right now,” you shake your head at her.

“There are several beings of a different plane of existence over there,” she says, “who are possibly diametrically opposed and much more powerful that you are. That’s why you should avoid that place. But you don’t have to listen to me, I’m just a busybody who never gives reasons.” With a smirk Junko does that disappearing thing again and is gone, no trace of her but the words dancing around in your head.

You look back at the chapel and the cemetery. You don’t see anything…but you can feel something in there, something much more powerful than you like Junko said. However you don’t think you’ll be able to get there just by yourself at this point, the pressure is too heavy.

>Go home, that’s enough for now.
>Push onwards. -20 protag points.

Crazy is more common.

>> No.31310071

oh, no, if you go in looking for happy PT teacher, you're not going to find it. she's a sadist alien with 107 superpowered 'siblings', and she gets off on killing as many of them as possible. this is the first time I've ever seen her with a happy smile.

>> No.31310088

Knowing that character, she probably just got off disemboweling some poor soul.

>Go home, that’s enough for now.
Build the suspense a little bit, I think.

>> No.31310099

Go to the store, get ingredients for dinner
Get new cooking equipment.
Cook while looking FABULOUS.

>> No.31310113

>Go home, that's enough for now

We got what we came for, a new plot device. Time to work on this with fresher eyes tomorrow.

>> No.31310116

>Go home, that's enough for now
>Start working on something that will let you detect miss ninja bullshit

>> No.31310119

>Go home, that's enough for now.
We'll come back when the dreams get clearer.

>> No.31310122

>>Push onwards. -20 protag points.

Though I'm probably only voting for this because Junko annoys me.

>> No.31310126


>> No.31310133

Go home and ask the rest of the group what they know about the old chapel over dinner. Also resolve to ask Ms Black about it tomorrow during training

>> No.31310140

>Go home, that’s enough for now.

>> No.31310144

Seconded. Biscuits and gravy will be ours!

>> No.31310146

>Push onwards.
we abomination and/or ghost waifu now.

>> No.31310148

>Go home, that’s enough for now.
"See? Was that so hard?"

>> No.31310152


>> No.31310157

Summon Jenkins and ask what he thinks

>> No.31310170

>Several diametrically opposed beings on a different plane of existence
Undead waifus and Angel waifus.



>> No.31310192

also spend protag points to see PT teacher grocery shopping

No real reason for it, don't want more waifu points with her. Some anon just had the idea last session and I like the thought of it

>> No.31310196


>> No.31310198

Fridge was looking a bit spartan, do this.

>> No.31310212

>Go home, that’s enough for now.
We haven't grinded enough to be here yet.

>> No.31310221

Oh, god... we're not going to have to CHOOSE between which waifu we want, will we!? One or the other, because they won't tolerate the other in your harem!?

>> No.31310239

meh, wrong image

>> No.31310262

fine with these.
and after dinner we should do >>31310116 maybe with a silence option as well because fuck Junko

>> No.31310263

It's like you've never even played Kamidori.

>> No.31310273

>Go home, that’s enough for now.

>> No.31310281

Through dick, unity.

>> No.31310288

>main character choosing in a harem anime

>> No.31310295

>tfw the entire thread agrees that busybody is not waifu material
I love you guys

>> No.31310298

Choosing between women? in a HAREM Quest? Nigga, you high or something?

>> No.31310317

Not this time, we're going for the real harem end.

>> No.31310325

fool! my harem is better than your harem!

>> No.31310333

hold on a sec. In her original show, Junko's the secondary protagonist right? what if in this Quest, she's Aware and wanted to waifu Tatsuka, Black, and these supernaturals? What if we're fucking up plans she's been working on for years and that's why she's trying to fuck with us?

>> No.31310344

If we were to waifu her, we'd either have to turn her into a major fixer-upper to get rid of her shitty personality, or we'd have to put up with neverending condemnation of our other girls, and that's shit an MC doesn't have to put up with.

>Indoina purge

Even captcha agrees the bitch needs to go.

>> No.31310345

Alright, looks like you guys are going home.

Also, I have now drunk from the cup of the OP and I must say I know why they enjoy teasing. It's fun to watch you guys guess.

>> No.31310370

>another lesbian out to fuck us

>> No.31310375

NO WAIT, FUCK. What if she's another sentient and she's trying to save our asses from what she knows are dangers that will kill us dead, not knowing that we're the MC and have bullshit powers?

>> No.31310408

>bullshit powers
That's pretty much our defining feature at this point. Her being unaware of that seems unlikely.

>> No.31310412

nah, that gives busybody good qualities. and even if they are crazy, Ms Black and Tatsuka are better people and waifus at this point

>> No.31310425

How many protag points will it take to give the crazy lesbian dreams about John where she's a princess and he's a night in shinning armor that rescues her?

Even if she never joins the harem it would be funny as hell. I'd spend 10 points on it.

>> No.31310454

Nah, we should blow all our extra points, everynight

>> No.31310470

>crazy lesbian starts chasing after us with some scissors and a dream she wants to see fulfilled


>> No.31310491

I was assuming it would be a one time investment that would give her reoccurring dreams.

>> No.31310495

Not saying they aren't waifus. I want my delicious christmas cake waifu, and I want it yesterday. But then, if she's aware, she's watched these people tear through regulars like wet paper. Even if we're the MC (which I doubt she doesn't know, given her shadowing of us), there are always meatwalls up to stop sequence breaking, and she's trying to steer us away from dying and then destroying the universe/show. You know, she's taking that wise mysterious old man position, only she's a bullshit ninja girl.

>> No.31310507

There is no such thing as extra points!
Every 50 over 200 is an extra harem slot!

Obedience lecripal as the captcha says.

>> No.31310513

extra points don't exist.

>> No.31310553

Personally I'd rather save the slots for undead/angel/abomination/whatever waifus.

Especially if one or more of them ends up being the honorabru devoted pure love knight archetype, the stoic kuudere who doesn't properly understand what these emotions things are or Elizabeth from Persona 3.

>> No.31310581


>> No.31310591

>with tentacles

why boner

>> No.31310606

nah. Right now we only have the points for fighteexual waifu and either angel or demon waifu. We need to get to at least 300 for the other of the yin-yang set, not to mention plot stuff

>> No.31310631

>why boner

You know exactly why, don't even pretend otherwise.

>> No.31310636

The lesbian doesn't need to be an actual harem member. I just think her reaction would be awesome.

>> No.31310649

It is beyond your understanding

>> No.31310915

Glancing once more at the strange chapel, you decide to leave it alone for now. You’re still not all that far along in the plot and whatever is in there seems to be really damn powerful if you can feel it from here. So you turn around and head back towards your house, wondering if everything was still calm with all the girls being alone together for the first time.

As you approach the house though, you smell the unmistakable scent of ozone. Hurrying, you hope you’re not too late to stop any major destruction. But as you clear the last obstruction, something you didn’t expect meets your view.

It appears that the bully you saw bothering Akeno decided to come and actually back up her claim. At least that’s what you assume from all the giant charred holes in the front lawn filled with delinquents. Besides the obvious use of magic about half of them look like they were simply…pounded into the ground.

Akeno is currently standing over the leader, one of her favored balls of electricity in her hands while Tatsuko is looming in the background. Looks like you missed the fight…even if it was rather lopsided. But Akeno looks positively furious at the moment and the delinquent girl has already obviously peed herself in terror, you can see it from here.

The question is though, do you do anything about it?

>Ahaha, no.
>Maybe we should stop Akeno from trying to test the headmistresses statement.
>Egg her on.

>> No.31310944

>Push onwards.

>> No.31310973

"Damn you wanderlust! You have betrayed me once again!"

>> No.31310986

>Ahaha, no.
walk by, don't give anyone a single acknowledgement.

then, as we reach the door, sniff as loudly as possible before turning around and asking if something is burning.

>> No.31311001

>ahaha no
We are returning from a tiring training session with a mad swordswoman. The bully brought on whatever is coming her way.

>> No.31311010

Hey, finish whatever you guys are doing, I'm about to start dinner and I need to know of any allergies everyone has.

>> No.31311012

>>Maybe we should stop Akeno from trying to test the headmistresses statement.

But lightly - just ask her to keep the beating below a level the headmistress would take issue with.

Then ask her and Tatsuko what they'd like for dinner.

>> No.31311020

>Maybe we should stop Akeno from trying to test the headmistresses statement.

We are all in hot water at the moment. Plus we might lose points with the headmistress

>> No.31311023

>Ahaha, no
Go get comfy somewhere, we deserve to get comfy

>> No.31311029

>Egg her on.
Tell Akeno to make sure she tidys up the yard when she's done playing.

>> No.31311031

>Maybe we should stop Akeno from trying to test the headmistresses statement.
"Hey Akeno, just don't do anything that'll bring the Headmistress's wrath down upon us. At the very least, hide the body".

>> No.31311043

>Ahaha, no.

>> No.31311045

Bid her good morning as we head into the house.

>> No.31311062

>Congratulate Akeno and Tatsuko for kicking ass, but ask if we could have a word with the last girl conscious while she still is?
Let's see if we can discourage future delinquent gangs from fucking with our home.

>> No.31311069

>Ahaha, no.
Not our fight.

>> No.31311078

>Maybe we should stop Akeno from trying to test the headmistresses statement.

>> No.31311083

Seconding the dinner query. It could diffuse the situation, as well as provide good culinary information.

>> No.31311087

"Akeno, everything alright? looks like trouble followed you guys back"

>> No.31311096

>>Maybe we should stop Akeno from trying to test the headmistresses statement.
Let's not get ourselves thrown out of our swanky new pad the day we move in.

>> No.31311099

One of these.

>> No.31311100

I only joined in a couple of threads ago, can I get a quick status on the harem and girls in the harem?

>> No.31311120

That's in the OP's pastebins

>> No.31311128

No spoonfeeding. Read the archive.

>> No.31311131

>Maybe we should stop Akeno from trying to test the headmistresses statement.

I mean, as long as you don't kill her...

>> No.31311135

In the OP

>> No.31311163

We could combine this with >>31311029
and >Not our Fight

>> No.31311178

Sometimes the easiest way to difuse a situation is to ignore it.

It's common curtsy to read the previous threads before joining any quest.
>Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Harem%20Protag%20Quest

>> No.31311198

Ask what everyone wants for dinner, ignore burning smell.

>> No.31311216

We could ask if her "friends" are going to be joining us for dinner.

>> No.31311230

Combine the 'Ask about dinner' and the 'limit your devastation'. First the question, then the limiting if she doesn't let up at the prospect of food.

>> No.31311258

A question about enchanting - can we create stuff like the shield, +attack/defense items but keep them deactivated until needed?

Giving the girls a set each of those might be a nice present.

>> No.31311264

Alright, looks like "Hurry up I'm going to start making dinner," is the winning vote.


>> No.31311299

Could we add in a side of "Oh, and don't forget to press gang the delinquents into cleaning up their mess!"

>> No.31311379

I agree with this guy.

>> No.31311414

I believe so. the description of enchentment ws both permanent and temporary buffs.

>> No.31311446

Another question about enchantment, then - ritual magic that lets you access someone else's mana pool is apparently a thing. Could we use that to create stuff like those communication blocks?

>> No.31311451

I'm pretty sure Akeno didn't wake up this morning and decide to destroy the lawn. If she didn't make the mess on purpose then telling her not to make a mess is redundant.

>> No.31311454

A-are we the cute househusband for all of these girls?

>> No.31311480


>> No.31311483

no, the point is to tell them to clean it the fuck up.

>> No.31311484

Until we craft ourselves a sword, some armor and get our physical rating to be not shit...pretty much.

>> No.31311504

I have no objections to this.

>> No.31311505

yes, but we techincally don't know how to access tey're mana pools on command.

>> No.31311508

Or perhaps more useful - high level wards around the house.

>> No.31311517

I'm personally aiming for "Team Housewife" when we're at home.

>> No.31311526

speaking of which, we should start lifting. I wonder if there's a gym on campus? we could pick up our /fit/ member too.

>> No.31311536

I suppose having more of those blocks would be useful to use in place of cell phones. But they can only be made out of gold or other valuable metals that we don't have. And, I don't think they can be networked.

>> No.31311556

>They can't be networked.
We can do whatever the fuck we want with our current Enchanting skill.

>> No.31311560

That should be one of our top priorities. GET STRONK enough to not be complete shit physically since it seems we're completely outclassed under normal circumstances.

>> No.31311563

We could become a government contractor producing them. Make megabucks from the intelligence community.

>> No.31311599

Once we get competent enough I wonder if we could set up some sort of ward that essentially mazes any hostiles that try to get in, full on Lady of Pain style.

>> No.31311627

And now I want an enchanted cloak that brutally mains anyone my shadow falls upon.

>> No.31311630

It needs to be a top priority, becuase the only thing holding us back from being near Kurasaba's level in skill is our complete and utter lack of muscle tone.

>> No.31311666

A priority that will take time to fix. Enchanting stuff seems to offer more upfront usefulness while we're working on that.

>> No.31311703

And actual training in sword techniques. There is no quick way to being /fit/ though so we got to remember to keep doing this.

>> No.31311709

well, yes, but getting swole needs to be a top priority.

>> No.31311739

Remember to include rest days

>> No.31311749


As much as you might want to step into this situation, Akeno clearly has it in hand, especially with Tatsuko in the background to help. So you simply decide to do what any smart man does when faced with a situation that the girl likely doesn’t want you to poke your nose in. You completely ignore it.

Stepping around the dazed and groaning delinquents like they were nothing more than trash on a walkway, you wander over to where Akeno is still growling at the cowering delinquent leader. As you approach, Tatsuko notices you, her berserker state seemingly calming down in an instant as you wave at her. Akeno however doesn’t seem to notice until you place your hand on her shoulder.

“What,” she nearly growls at you, before her face takes on a bit of shock at the sight of you.

“I’m going to make dinner,” you say, wondering what the big deal is, “So don’t take too long to finish up here.”

Akeno nods, still acting a little less sharp than you’re used to but you ignore it and head towards the kitchen. Poking around reveals enough food for a decent meal, nothing much but you’re definitely going to have to go to the grocery soon unless you all want to be eating noodles every night.

You hear what you think is a muffled zap and a yelp from outside as you fire up the oven, but it’s not until you hear footsteps coming up behind you that you turn around. But you don’t see much, as your face is immediately enveloped by Tatsuko’s breasts. Sputtering from a mouthful of cloth, you had your mouth open to speak when she did so, you’re quickly pulled away and nearly head-butted by an angry looking Akeno.

“What the hell did you think you were doing?” she growls at you, not clarifying what she means in the least.

>Making dinner.
>Wandering around campus.

>> No.31311765

You didn't read the last thread, did you? We already have the skill of a master swordsman thanks to some absurdly lucky rolls channeling a past life as a swordsman through us now. Our mind knows what to do, but our body doesn't; once we fix that issue, our swordsmanship jumps from 'Average' to 'Strong'.

>> No.31311767

Just remember we signed up for daily sword training with Karasuba. We'll need to work on cardio and raw strength on top of that, but muscle tone, technique, and durability are probably going to be covered by that

>> No.31311784

>Making dinner.
I'm pretty sure that while I'm not as strong or as good as magic as most of you, I'm the best chef by far.

>> No.31311797

>Making dinner.
No fancy words, just deadpan it.

>> No.31311805

>Making dinner
>I am become best chef, now get out of the kitchen

>> No.31311806

>Making dinner.

>> No.31311812

>Enchanting needs a focus for one-use items
>Items can be small

>> No.31311820

I bet she heard about us going near the church somehow. Is Junko snitching on us?

>Wandering the campus

>> No.31311822

>Making dinner.
"Does it look like I'm contemplating world domination or something?"

>> No.31311829

>Making dinner.
I have no idea what her issue is.

>> No.31311834

>Making dinner.

>> No.31311843

>Making dinner.

>> No.31311845

>Making dinner
with the most deadpan expression possible, as if we were oblivious to the events outside.

>> No.31311850

>Making dinner.
you looked like she made it personal somehow. Sorry if I pissed you off, just didn't want to get in the way of something like that

>> No.31311853

making dinner

>> No.31311857

Which bit? Training with Sword mc crazy lady? Wandering around campus? Cooking dinner?

>> No.31311865

As much as i want to vote for Making dinner, snark is probably not the right course of action here.

So, I'll vote
Ask her to be more specific

>> No.31311881

i'd say less snark, more oblivious.

>> No.31311894

>I am become best chef, now get out of the kitchen
kek, go with this.

>> No.31311924

Calling it now in favor of Making Dinner.


>> No.31311929

>Making dinner.

>> No.31311934

Yeah, then tell them to go back to the ki-

>> No.31311935

>Making dinner.

"Uh...making dinner?" Scratch head, then add seriously, "Sorry, did I screw up something again?"

If she's not too mad, add the snarky "I am become best chef, now get out of the kitchen!" Smile to show we are joking.

>> No.31311940

The kitchen is no place for a lady.

>> No.31311955

Could also be a questioning tone, as in "I don't get why you're asking me this." That's my hope, anyways.

>> No.31311975

And don't forget to tell them to sit down while we make them a sandwic...

I feel something is amiss

>> No.31312021

I'm oddly fine with it.

>> No.31312069

ah, it'll be fine. Guide'll put in a domestic goddess waifu later down the line, and all shall be right with the world.

>> No.31312103 [SPOILER] 

Just for that, she's now your new cook.

>> No.31312125

I thought WE were the domestic goddess though.

>> No.31312131

>Competition for the kitchen

>> No.31312137

Well at least it's not another blue-et

>> No.31312151

no no no silly. We are domestic god husbando

>> No.31312168

guide, you scare me when you do these things. cause I don't recognize half these people, and I expect them to be just as crazy as karasuba.

>> No.31312172

If I had photoshop on this laptop I'd fix that right now.

>> No.31312179


Dudes, chill. She's the assistant, obviously. Until we're fucking merlin with all the animated furniture shit, we'll have an extra pair of hands to help us.

>> No.31312182

Hair is not blue. Guide confirmed for impostor.

>> No.31312188

I have no idea what character that is.

>> No.31312206

I don't think you understand. The kitchen is our domain, our holy sanctuary. There is no room for competition in the kitchen.

>> No.31312207

She doesn't cook. She makes biological weapons.

>> No.31312219

All google is telling me is that she's from Infinite Stratos. Should we be concerned?

>> No.31312221

Clearly we need to invest in hair dye.

>> No.31312229

She's a decent cook as long as she doesn't decide to make the meal look pretty.

>> No.31312235


>> No.31312242

Ah, in otherwords. BAN FROM KITCHEN FOR LIFE.

>> No.31312252

Her cooking involves military grade lasers and entire bottles of Tabasco sauce.

>> No.31312261

I can't tell where her hair ends and her pajamas begin. 10/10.

>> No.31312272

sounds like my kind of girl.

>> No.31312274

character is a bio-weapon specialist from a shitty anime called infinite stratos

>> No.31312277

she's not wearing pajamas

>> No.31312295

Byoutiful. I love Tabasco.

On a side note, I love how a simple joke about a more domestic girl has thrown the thread into a massive shitstorm.

>> No.31312299

all is hair. hair is all.

>> No.31312301

To be fair, the best way to combat those kind of chefs in harems is to make them eat their own cooking, and then try to eat it yourself.

>> No.31312323

It's not a shit storm, we're just a very talkative thread. it happens a lot.

>> No.31312367


Agreed. Most times, those kind of chefs for some ungodly reason never sample what they cook. Forcing them to taste test everything they plan to serve is a nice way to get them to realize they are poisoning people.

Of course, the scary/annoying part is if they actually like the radioactive sludge they make. That's when you simply ban them from cooking, ever.

>> No.31312369

Yep. We'd have to teach her proper cooking etiquette

>> No.31312385

Man, I know we're chatty, I've been here since thread one and I wouldn't change a thing. I think the fact that my joke about a domestic girl was so turbulent that we've now got the Word of QM that we're going to get a biological weapons disaster as our cook should count as a 'shitstorm'.

>> No.31312389

If we're goin to go with having a domestic goddess waifu in this quest, we gotta at least go with best one, pic related.

>> No.31312402

The fuck is that thing coming out of her neck?

>> No.31312406

The one downside of misato....

>> No.31312433

A lazer.

>> No.31312434

Not a part of her neck. It's one of her lazer turret things

>> No.31312450

To be fair, I was expecting a lot more capsaicin than Tabasco packs.

>> No.31312464

>Not sakura
Do you even purple hair?

>> No.31312475

Actually, having a sou chef waifu could be pretty adorable.
Then the rest of the harem would get jelly, try to cook, and end up with band aids on their fingers and burnt cookies.
Bonus points if kararara is tsuntsun about giving us a bento she made with literal blood sweat and tears.

>> No.31312476


Best girl, if you want a homemaker/traditional wife.

Personally, I'm more of an Ukyo fan, since she cooks, fights, and isn't quite as insane as most of the other Nerima Wrecking Crew members.

>> No.31312503

Need a break from that color spectrum, too much of anything is a bad thing.

>> No.31312513


“Making dinner?” you say, wondering why the hell Akeno is so pissed off at you. Really though, the girl had barely been in your harem for more than a day as you understood it and she was already yelling at you? But then again it was probably something you had missed, something being thrown at you by the plot.

“No not that!” she exclaims, before realizing she’s excited and taking a deep breath, calming down slightly.

“I meant wandering off into campus like that by yourself,” she says, voice still slightly aggravated, “You could’ve gotten hurt, you have no combat ability besides attempting to run away!”

“Calm down,” you say, waving your hands in a “down” motion, “It’s not that big of a deal, I mean it’s not like I have some big bounty on my head or anything, I doubt anyone knows who I am.”

It’s then that you realize that Akeno is staring at you like you just grew another head.

“What, did I say something wrong?” you ask her.

“YES!” she exclaims, throwing her hands up in the air, “Yes you did. You do realize that nearly the entire campus saw what happened this morning and most of the power groups are now gunning for you? Which is why we were so fired up, that bitch had just come to brag that they were going to take you away and then Tatsuko and I…”

Well, this is more news that you didn’t need. Hidden power groups that are in the school, or maybe they aren’t so hidden seeing as how Akeno already knew about them.

How do you respond now?

>Sorry, won’t happen again.
>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
>I’m fine, don’t freak out like that.

>> No.31312519

Actually yeah, have we had any reds yet?

>> No.31312529

I think your misinterpreting how karasuba reacts to things.

>> No.31312552

>Sorry, won’t happen again.
>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
Her concerns are reasonable. Unlike, say, us.

>> No.31312556

>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.

>> No.31312574

>Sorry, won’t happen again.

>> No.31312579

>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.

>> No.31312580

>>Sorry, won’t happen again.
followed by
>>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
then maybe
ask what power groups are now after you

>> No.31312588

>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.

>> No.31312589


Ooh, I second this one!
Maybe later we can remove Kebabs right?
Maybe unleash inner /k/?

>> No.31312591

>>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.

Sounds like our cue to spend some protag points in a Rocky-esque 80's training montage!

>> No.31312596

>Sorry, won’t happen again.
>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
"Can you tell me about these other groups? Or at least the major ones?"

>> No.31312603

>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
We need to dig the hole deeper

>> No.31312607


>> No.31312614

>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
also, the fuck's a power group?

>> No.31312626

>Sorry, won’t happen again.
>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.

Combine a bit of both.

"Oh. Sorry about that, I didn't realize that the whole campus was that fired up about it. Truthfully, I've hardly seen anyone today."

Pause, then add, "I'm getting some training, however! That should help a lot."

>> No.31312629

>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
"I'm taking some supplemental PT lessons for reasons I'm not sure of yet"

>> No.31312632

>>I’m fine, don’t freak out like that.

>> No.31312633

I appreciate standing up to defend me, but can we talk about this over dinner? If I'm going to be attacked, I'd rather have everyone in on the discussion first.

>> No.31312635

>other (all three)
"That's... very worrying. For what it's worth, I am getting training from a teacher. Traveling to the dojo, that could be a problem. Who do you think should escort me on my way to training?"

>> No.31312638

Even best housewife girl when possessed by a demon.
>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
"Don't worry, I'm starting daily training with crazy sword mc sword lady teacher, if I don't die training, then nothing will be able to kill me!"

>> No.31312640

>I'm getting training
Cue further freaking out over us getting along with karasuba.

>> No.31312641

"What am I doing? What are YOU doing?"

>> No.31312651

>Sorry, won’t happen again.
>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
Hey, if they want to have someone or more around to protect us, more power to them. These would give opportunities to build points with the girls, you know?

>> No.31312653

>>Sorry, won’t happen again.
>>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.

and thank them for watching out for us.

>> No.31312669

I don't think so.

>> No.31312675


Also, we should mention annoying girl that keeps giving unsolicited advice without telling us shit. At the very least, tell the girls there's a troublesome person that is warning us off people, like they are some know-it-all.

>> No.31312689

>>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
"Now... what's this about power groups?"

>> No.31312698

>I didn't know and will definitely be more careful in the future.
>Also, I'm getting training so hopefully I'll be able to handle some of this stuff soon, but yeah,mvery glad you guys have my back.

>> No.31312755

Alright, looks like a combined, "Sorry, But don't worry I'm getting training."

>> No.31312758

Fair enough. Perhaps a sinister smile as she hands us a bento. Open it up to find people shaped food impaled on toothpicks, lots of ketchup. At least, you hope it's ketchup.

>> No.31312759

>Sorry, won’t happen again.
>Didn’t know, but don’t worry, I’m getting training.
Both clearly

>> No.31312796


>> No.31312950

>Power groups? I guess I'm a bit out of the loop. Why don't you all explain it to me while I make dinner.

I like the idea of the training montage.

I would really like to enchant a pair of boken to randomly attack us at all hours for training purposes, but have us able to direct them against our enemies if we have to. Would that be possible? It would certainly make for one hilarious training montage as animated bokken attack us as we go about our day.

>> No.31312966

Question while I'm writing, for my own curiosity.

What do you guys think of the blue hair thing? Is it funny? Do I desperately need different hair colors?

>> No.31312976

that'd explain why tatsuko went berserker. I didn't think some bitches going after akeno wold set her off too much.

>> No.31312988

I find it amusing, especially with hints of conspiracy/the show deliberately messing with our character

>> No.31312990

It's funny right now, but I bet you could take it any way you like. If it's just coincidence, then you can search out different girls. you could totally turn it into a running gag if you think you can do it, though.

>> No.31313005

I personally think it's funny. I feel like the mini shitstorms are all just for shits and giggles.

plus, it makes a great running gag for the show.

>> No.31313007

I like it. As far as running gags go there are much worse.

>> No.31313013

It's both, but we seriously need some different hair colors.

>> No.31313029

I find it funny.

>> No.31313032

What? And lose the perfect chance to be Blue Team in school events? Nah, I find it humorous.

>> No.31313048

Some variety would be nice. Though its been entertaining as a sort of running gag so far. To bad most of my favorite characters had purple hair.

>> No.31313050

It's got some merit as a paranoia gag, but I think at some point you're going to need to introduce new hair colors.

>> No.31313082

I like it. It's funny. Good running gag.
The streak ought to break eventually, but only after the MC's become suitably paranoid.
Possibly to the point he assumes all non-bluettes use dye.

>> No.31313101

Personally I love it as a gag. If you feel the need to drop it I'm not going to complain, but personally I like it and would like you to keep it.

>> No.31313113

well, there should be a girl who denies that her hair is blue, says her hair is an "aquamarine" color.

>it's actually the deepest blueiest blue in all the school.

>> No.31313116

More colours please.

It is kinda funny, but that's wearing thin.

>> No.31313118

>Possibly to the point he assumes all non-bluettes use dye.
Now i'm imagining a conversation where he asks Christiane and Akeno if they dye their hair.

>> No.31313129


I actually like it as a running gag. Obviously, it would be good to have a few girls we get close to who don't have blue hair, but having most of the harem as blue-haired is perfectly fine.

>> No.31313145

I think at this point we assume the girls without blue hair are dying it. If you want to keep it as a gag while introducing new girls, you could have the tips of their hair get a faint blue tint if they join the harem

>> No.31313148

Nah, man, nah. the point that it stops is when he starts getting a unwanted fetish for blue hair. Like, eventually he's going to get swole and popular and shit, right? So, some girl decides to throw herself at the MC for his ravishing, no tricks or plans involved, and he turns her down because she doesn't have blue hair. It's a joke we can only use once, but it'll be goddamn HILARIOUS to watch the shitstorm unfold.

>> No.31313173

>Possibly to the point he assumes all non-bluettes use dye.
I find this both hilarious and entirely likely.

>> No.31313232

We do need more hair colors. Purple/Red for sure. Wouldn't mind a younger white hair girl too

>> No.31313240

So, this is the part where we form our own powergroup out of our harem, right?

Its just like Im actually watching Sekerei

>> No.31313248

Purple is just blue with some red in it

>> No.31313258

that could be really funny. Have it be natural and with no explanation too. People not part of the harem will think it's just our version of a gang symbol, while John freaks out because he thinks the universe is telling him something

>> No.31313324

that's what I was thinking. we have akeno, who is crazy strong.
We have the Berserker.
We have Kanami, a bit of a genius, as far as i can tell.
And we have Christianne. and she's cute.

>> No.31313330

The problem with running gags is that they are far too easy to run into the ground.

>> No.31313352

All this hair shit gets me thinking, how do parents react to children with Pink, or blue hair, especially when most non-MCs have normal shades of hair?

>> No.31313386

That reminds me of a post about peasants who try to be unoutstanding in order to avoid becoming a PC. If anybody has a screenshot, post please.

>> No.31313418

And Karasuba takes the role of the mentor. Angel and Devil girl (I'm assuming they'll end up being the next ones in) will be special ability users most likely, and Nanoha will be our long range killer

>> No.31313439

In animeland, probably either "no reaction" or "Jane, my dear wife, why does our child most strongly resemble my best friend?"

>> No.31313451


And all of this is implying that we AREN'T going to poach the hell out of the opposing Power Group's girls.

>> No.31313467

Ah shit, you didn’t know anything about whatever Akeno is talking about but she’s clearly worried about you. So you do the only thing you can do as a man, apologize.

“I’m sorry Akeno, I didn’t know, really,” you say, placing your hand on her shoulder in reassurance. “I had no idea that what happened this morning was such a big deal.”

“I’m finding you don’t know a lot of stuff…” Akeno grumbles, but she nevertheless calms down, “Just don’t go wandering off by yourself again.”

“About that,” you say, causing Akeno and Tatsuko to look at you, “I started some training today, that’s actually why I left.”

“With who?” asks Akeno.

This is the part you were dreading, actually telling them who you were training with, seeing as how you weren’t sure you weren’t crazy.

“Ms. Black, the PT teacher,” you say to them.

Akeno’s brain seems to have left her at the moment, her mouth hanging slightly open as she tries to process what you just said. Tatsuko meanwhile has taken a step forward and placed her hand on your head, like she’s checking you for a fever or something.

“It’s not that bad guys…” you say, trying to defend yourself.

“Not that bad…not that bad…” Akeno starts to laugh now.

“I told you not to get hurt,” says Tatsuko, apparently worried about you.

“I’ll be fine, I already had the first session today and nothing got broken, I even learned I’m a decent swordsman, ok?” you try to get them to calm down, so you can focus on dinner.

>> No.31313491

“Fine, fine,” says Akeno, shaking her head, “Do whatever you want, just don’t get hurt.” Tatsuko pauses, but then seems to nod in agreement, which finally allows you to go back to making dinner.

An hour later, everyone is fed and it’s late again. You don’t have time to go out anywhere, not that you feel like it anyway.

But you could get some studying in or maybe workout some. The girls are all currently in their rooms as well, you could go talk to one of them. Or, you could finally get some goddamn sleep.

>Talk to (specify)

>> No.31313497

"Well, sir, the delivery went smoothly, but there's an issue"
"Oh no! It's not my wife, is it?"
"No, it's your new daughter."
"Well, spit it out!"
"She was born with pink hair, and twin tails, I swear to god I didn't touch them"

>> No.31313500

I don't have that, but I do remember one about a girl with pink hair trying to not be the protagonist of an anime.


>> No.31313517


>> No.31313536

Study our Casting with Tatsuko. make her feel included and feel like she's Best Girl.

>> No.31313542

>workout we don't need no magic to kick ass we are not a little girly man!

>> No.31313549

Anything that could be used to amp up weapons or armor

>> No.31313551


Enchanting, because we already had a workout today

>> No.31313553


>> No.31313559

It should be a daily thing if we're trying to bump up our strength.

>> No.31313575

Magical ward the shit out of the house

>> No.31313576

Study mysticism while working out.
Would not want to get fried contacting slendere waifu.

>> No.31313596

guys, as a /fit/izen, I'm telling you you need to let your muscles recover. exercise our brains. if we worked out now, we'd get nothing done and only hurt ourselves.

>> No.31313617

Study some summoning, we haven't seen Jenkins in a while either.

>> No.31313627


>> No.31313655


>> No.31313658

/fit/ knows best

>> No.31313667

>Work out

>> No.31313670

Summoning. At least to get a summon sword for now. Since we can kinda sword

>> No.31313674

What kind of defensive wards can we set up for the house?

>> No.31313693

get everyone who wants to in on a group study session. We need to learn more enchanting, and we should see if we can syncronize it with anybody else's magic

>> No.31313707


>> No.31313709


>> No.31313712

That's true for real life, but anime follows an entirely different set of rules. In anime it's more a matter of "the closer it comes to killing you the stronger it makes you".

I still vote we enchant some boken to automatically either ambush and attack us or our enemies, if they're nearby. possibly combine with wards that can tell when someone's about to attack, so the animated swords get initiative.

>> No.31313721

Okay, Studying wins.

You don't have sufficient pull to get everyone in a study-group yet, especially Kaede.

So choose 1 section to study,

and 1 or 0 people to study with if you want.

>> No.31313724

Some sound logic..
We can sword now, so what good does that do if we don't have a sword to sword with?

>> No.31313739

Weapon/armor enchantments

Chidori, since we haven't really talked to her in a while.

>> No.31313744

Enchanting with Kanade.

>> No.31313751

Offensive Enchantments?

>> No.31313754

What kinds of sections are there to study for enchanting?

>> No.31313760

Defensive Enchantment with Kaname.

>> No.31313762

Weapon/armor enchantments with Chidori.

She hasn't had much screen-time outside her introduction, and this is rather immediately useful.

>> No.31313764

This is good. Supporting.

>> No.31313774

Enchanting with Chidori

>> No.31313776

Study Enchantment
do that by ourselves, but i like >>31313693 's group study idea. That way everyone can bounce ideas for new things like multischool spells off each other

>> No.31313795

Summoning with Chris. It is her focus after all

>> No.31313807

could be fun

>> No.31313812

Enchanting with Kanade
she's the blue haired science chick right? I'm bad with weird names

>> No.31313836

Enchantment with Kaname-we did promise, after all
work in >>31313776 if possible too, just have us mostly speaking with Kaname while everyone who wants to is around for better small talk during breaks in studying

>> No.31313868

I meant Kanami. She's been waiting to study with us since we met.

>> No.31313874


We don't have enough pull for group study, you guys. it's right there in the post you're linking. They don't like us enough for that yet.

>> No.31313875

Study. I still can't believe we left angel waifu and elder god waifu alone. :(

>> No.31313889

Alright, enchantments with Kaname it is. Writing.

>> No.31313909

We need to be swole and blingy before we're worthy of them.

>> No.31313934

If we just waltzed into their house like we owned the pace, they'd blast our asses to bits. Let's chunk up a bit before we go after the supernatural.

>> No.31314005

>We need to be swole and blingy before we're worthy of them.
But, to pass up those wifus what if its our only chance.

>> No.31314037

Why don't we ask Ms. Black about it tomorrow morning, after training. Busybody bitch said most students don't know it exists, but a professor probably knows a lot about it. Plus, and this could just be paranoia, her and Tatsuko could be connected to the chapel if busybody's got an agenda

>> No.31314050

Nah, you're approaching this the wrong way. We still need to solidify the 4 we have and get ms.black on board first. Too many waifus at once just means we'll neglect some of them.

>> No.31314065

Guide isn't a dick like that. He wouldn't put a waifu behind a paywall of 20 points and then take them away forever if we didn't shell out. take off your Waifu goggles and breathe slowly. We'll see them again.

>> No.31314076

Just the angel. We've already made contact with the elder god, well, a elder god waifu. I guess we could have more than one.

>> No.31314092

nah, Elder god wouldn't shack up in a church. it's Ghost waifu and Angel waifu in there.

>> No.31314122

This guy gets it. As of now, we have 4 as part of the harem count. Though we have slots for more, we don't have to have them filled right away. I'd like to get these 4 up high enough to either become permanent members or right on the edge of turning permanent. This way we can add new members right before or after the first ones no longer count to the total.

>> No.31314163

Or, zombie harem?

>> No.31314164

oh damn I just had a mental image of Karasuba going "Ara ara, you found that old thing. You love getting in over your head, don't you?"

>> No.31314176

>Ara Ara
>Not Hora Hora

C'mon, you guys.

>> No.31314179

Crap, forgot. Give me 1d100+20.

>> No.31314181

This one. Remember, they aren't locked in until we earn 30 attraction points from them.

>> No.31314182

I think the paywall was there because they are the final bosses and meeting them too early would go against the anime plot. We will definitely get another chance to see them.

>> No.31314192

Rolled 6 + 20


>> No.31314200


>> No.31314201

Rolled 92 + 20


>> No.31314202

Rolled 70 + 20

hoh shit

>> No.31314207

Rolled 86 + 20


>> No.31314209

Rolled 4 + 20

Gah...here we go?

>> No.31314216

Rolled 89 + 20


>> No.31314228

Not good.

Not bad.

Very not bad!

>> No.31314229

Goddamnit, messed up the roll. Oh well, at least we have a 92+20.

I'm guessing the +20 might be an amalgamation of our enchanting bonus with Kaname's?

>> No.31314239

Please don't be first roll only

>> No.31314248

Probably Kaname giving us a bonus to studying because she knows things

>> No.31314269

I'm following another quest that only uses the first roll and not best of three. I saw the 6 and went "fuck we blew up the house"

Apparently not

>> No.31314280

I thought we had a +30 of our own, which confuses me.

>> No.31314313

Kaname's bringing down our bonus. which is alright, because she's getting massive help from this. She's probably learning more from us than we are from her.

>> No.31314322

I have a feeling that the study modifier for Tatsuko is -30

>> No.31314351

that's enchanting talent, but we don't know shit for actual runes. Kaname does

>> No.31314358

Rolled 8 + 20

We'll be thankful for this when we start studying with the other girls.

I've forgotten - is it
Kaname - enchanting
Akane - casting
Tatsuko - casting
Christiane - mysticism

>> No.31314375

No idea with Christiane is. other than that, yeah, it sounds about right.

>> No.31314378

Chris was Summoning. Junko is Mysticism

>> No.31314390

I think the study modifier from Tatsuko is "Tatsuko falls asleep on your should, somehow forcing you to the ground beneath her. Just then [Insert most likely to overreact girl] enters the room. What do you do?"

>> No.31314404

Karasuba's pretty similar to Alice, now that you mention it. But this is actually a good plan, even if it turns out that Junko's only a decoy antagonist making way for the real baddies it'll give an excuse for some interesting interaction with Karasuba and Tatsuko

>> No.31314527

>Busybody is a decoy and vanishes from importance after around episode 10
I am completely ok with this

>> No.31314593

If only she had some other hair color than blue. I'm stuck between wanting to Waifu everyone with blue hair and increase John's paranoia of blue hair, yet I don't want to waifu worst girl.

>> No.31314601

turns out she dyes it. Crisis averted

>> No.31314616

Rolled 58 + 20

If Junko stopped talking shit about our waifus and toned down the ninja bullshit, she'd be ok.

She's certainly not on the same level of 'do not want' as psycho lesbian.

>> No.31314632

With a sigh, you decide that you might as well get some more enchanting studying done. At the rate you’re going there won’t BE any more studying to be done soon enough, but you decide to go up to Kaname’s room and hopefully get some of that brain-picking done as well.

You knock on her door, getting a “Coming,” from the girl. Waiting patiently, she eventually opens it, just sticking her head out.

“Yes?” she asks, looking a little skeptical.

“I was just coming up to see if you’d like to study together,” you say holding up your enchanting textbook, “It might give you a chance to pick my brain too.”

Kaname looks between the book and you, before sighing. “Come on in then.” She opens the door all the way, letting you in to see a room that for the most part, appears to be perfectly average, except for a large number of textbooks and what appears to be a few experiments off to the side. Kaname pulls out a chair from her desk and offers it to you, before taking a spot on her bed.

“So what did you want to study tonight,, it’s not like we have any homework,” she asks.

“Fighting enhancements,” you say to her, pulling the books open. “I just learned that some big-shots from around campus are interested in me because of this morning and I’m going to need to know how to fight at least a little, unless I want to be guarded at all times.”

>> No.31314637

Personally if she was more like she was in DKD I would have already tried to get her in the harem.

>> No.31314642

we'll just kill her in a climactic fight, earning Karasuba's eternal love

>> No.31314651

Kaname eyes you a bit, then nods. “That makes sense, wouldn’t want to be like that all the time.” Her voice almost sounds like it has experience being that way. But you forget about it as the two of you begin to go through the book, Kaname having a better technical knowledge by a hair, but you just being that much better than naturally.

It’s near 11 when you finally give it a rest, Kaname kicking you out of her room with a comment about peeking. As you go downstairs, you wonder what use you could put the knowledge you’ve gained towards.

>Learned low-mid level combat enchantments. Need a decent base, but have relatively low cost.

You finally get dressed and ready for bed, pulling up the couch covers. It’s not the greatest, but not the worst either. You just hope you don’t have too rough of a day tomorrow.

>> No.31314689

Alright guys, that's it for tonight. I know it's not that late, but I'm about to fall asleep on you.

Next thread may be tomorrow, otherwise watch Twitter because I'm working a lot of later shifts this week.

I'll be around a little bit for any questions, comments, concerns, etc.

>> No.31314695

Incoming Tatsuko in 3...2...

>> No.31314719

Great Quest as always man, thanks for running. Just wondering, can we set it so that we use any leftover MP on various enchantments every night before we sleep?

>> No.31314742

>Incoming Harem in 3..2..1..
come on anon, remember how the day started?

>> No.31314747

>Learned low-mid level combat enchantments
More details on what are our capabilities in this level?

>> No.31314767

Good thread, Guide.
Question - is there any way to increase the size of our mana pool?

>> No.31314769

Rolled 21 + 20

John forgot to turn off his swag.

>> No.31314778

hopefully mass-producing items of Haste (a la d&d) and similar level buffs

>> No.31314786

I asked this earlier but you might have missed it >>31310425

I'm also curious why Kaname wasn't thrilled at all by working together. Isn't that why she joined the harem?

Maybe she's sentient and joined the harem because she knew only the protagonist could pull off that trick.

>> No.31314854

With Tatsuko in bed with us and everyone else rapidly showing up afterwards?

>> No.31314861

Someone should probably archive this, since we blew past the bump limit a while ago.

>> No.31314879

yeah... we do that

>> No.31314886

I reckon that's true.

>> No.31314901

This sounds like a good idea

>> No.31314968

There's a twitter group for quest runners so that you only have to watch one place.
Thought you had already joined it so I missed the quest.

>> No.31315079

this is probably a really good idea

also, quick question. Would it help you to do a last vote of the night kind of thing? I've seen a few QMs do it, and it might help a little with the next episode's intro post

>> No.31315258

also voting for this one

and preemptively voting for daily predawn sparring with Karasuba, but that's something for tomorrow's quest

>> No.31315583

So what exactly are our plans for tomorrow? I think our schedule's something like this
>Wake up pre-dawn
>Make breakfast for the House
>Naps/socializing with harem
>More naps/socializing
>More class
>Cooking dinner for the House
>Night time shenanigans

this is, of course, not counting for Plot and random things springing up on us

>> No.31315688

Shopping for food needs to be in there somewhere.

>> No.31315754

This is going to be important. Maybe bring the girls along, so we know their favorite dishes

We meet Ms. Black here. Turns out she binge eats absurdly feminine food and is actually embarrassed about it

>> No.31315800

>Finds out he has some bullshit ancient power this morning
>now he's targeted by everyone at the academy
>starting probably near-lethal training

Top of the priority list?
Getting food for his waifus.

>> No.31315821

Strawberry cheesecake

well of course. Can't save the world or get beat mostly to death by Sekirei 4 if we're eating shitty University food

>> No.31315864

It's pretty likely that Karasuba still loves apples like she does in canon. I'd love to run into her and just see her with a shopping cart filled with nothing but different kinds of apples

>> No.31315913

My body is ready for neither the cuteness nor the unbridled rage that such a scene would unleash upon our MC

>> No.31315952


>> No.31315986

the waifus should be our top priority always
everything else is tertiary

>> No.31317340

>Akeno and Tatsuko blow waifu points getting the entire school pissed at us
>we say they're being entirely reasonable and apologize
God, they need to fuck up and reveal themselves soon. This is embarassing.

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