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Welcome to Banished Quest!
You take the role of a young mage, labeled a criminal by his people and cast out into the wider world. In the last thread, your artificial companion killed some burglars, you used performance enhancing drugs before an exam, and then passed out once the withdrawl hit.

Character Sheet:


>> No.31283688

You're not sure how much time has passed. Sometimes it feels as if days have past in an instant, other times seconds feel like hours. You stare feverishly in front of you, the colors and lights and scents and sounds all swirling together into one great incomprehensible mass. Sometimes you think you see faces at the corners of your vision, their lips moving but making no sound. Their eyes burning coals ringed by charred flesh and exposed muscle.

A voice booms through your head. It washes through your consciousness, sweeping away everything in its path. It does not speak, but you understand it as surely as you would your own words.
He is going to stop your heart.
You will die.
You will see.

As the presence fades into nonexistence, you feel something cold pressing against your forehead. You catch bits and pieces of a conversation. “Fever.” “Worse.” “Do.” You're try to speak, to tell them you're awake, but the ache in your chest is making it difficult. You feel as if there were a lump in your throat, and you're too short of breathe to get anything out.

Your vision is fading. Your lungs ache. Pain shoots up and down your right side. You vaguely feel two cold hands pressing against your chest, and in the hazy synaesthetic blur that passes for your vision a bolt of lighting shoots from the grey mass hovering above you.

The world goes black.
>Vys Pool: ([1],[0])

>> No.31283750

Your chest is on fire. Everything is on fire. Your blood pounds through your ears. Your legs and arms burn with energy. Your vision snaps into sharp, perfect, unpleasant clarity. You're alive!

You kick Fulvia and shove yourself away from Chryssa. Profectus watches on with a worried frown. You're in a bed. You're in your bed. Your spear rest against the wall. Why are you covered in sweat? Where did your under robes go? Why does your chest hurt so badly? Why does the room smell like charred flesh? A thousand questions compete to occupy your thoughts as your heart pounds laboriously on.

“He's alive!” Chryssa exclaims with obvious relief. “I told you it would work.” Fulvia boast, though instead of her usual human projection she is a starkly inhuman, vaguely effeminate construct. “His eyes are blue.” Profectus notes warily, keeping his distance.

>Try to ask what happened.
>All of the above.

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>Try to ask what happened.

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Oh darn, I forgot the map!

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>All of the above.
Go big or go home.

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>All of the above.

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>>Try to ask what happened.

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>all of the above

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>All of the above.

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>>All of the above.

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So is Aleamond far to the North on this map?

>> No.31284268

>all of the above

It's just not in frame. Need to do more exploring..

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I'm really disappointed that we basically cheated for the exam.
Also for using up a powerful buff for a low risk battle.

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Man now that mask bullshit is fucking with our using the spice.

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Hey, we wouldn't to meditate, we didn't know we'd end up cheating.

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We won't be using it for battle anyway.

We're gonna be using it for meditating anyway because that's just smarter in the long term.

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>Know that it's a substance taking by mages before battle.
>Know it gave them nigh godlike power.
>Didn't think it might help us on the exam.

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With these kind of side effects..... Really?

>> No.31284496

With the buffs it will add, yes.

We'll use it once for each GrandMaster session.

>> No.31284531

meant once per Element on Grandmaster

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I understand
I'm sure that if the players knew the effects beforehand, they would have chosen to have a fair fight. I certainly didn't expect this either. A small boost for the extent of the battle is what I thought would happen.

Still, makes me sad we didn't fight at our own strength. I don't think we'll get an opportunity to fight an equal opponent in stuck controlled environment again.

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You open your mouth to ask what on Earth happened, but only get as far as “Wha-” before you're forced to double up and evacuate the meager contents of your stomach all over the nice silk sheets. Seriously, the four of you have done a number on this room in the few days you've had it. The contents of your stomach end up being mostly spit and mucus, mixed with a worrying amount of blood. After a certain point you're just dry heaving and sobbing between frantic breaths.

Fulvia, who must have left the room at some point, returns with a cold wet rag which she drapes across the back of your neck. You shiver involuntarily, and Chryssa rubs your back in a manner reminiscent of a mother with a sick child. Profectus, to his credit, just launches into an explanation of events since you passed out.

“So, you hit your head pretty hard when you passed out. The Archmagos healed the wound, but we've all been worrying our collective asses off ever since you came down with a fever.” It occurs to you quite suddenly that neither Profectus or Chryssa know you took the spice. Only Fulvia was there and conscious when you took it, they were both meditating. “So, y'know, when your heart stopped Fulvia-” You hold up a hand, motioning for him to stop. “Wait wait wait, my heart stopped?” He looks at you confused. “Oh, yeah. For like a minute or two. You were basically dead. So anyway, Fulvia here expended her built up charge to kickstart your heart again. It's been about two days, all told.”

>Just relax for now. You were dead for a minute or two, you deserve a break.
>Ask him what happened with the judges, are you a Master?
>Ask him what happened to your opponent, is he okay?
>Start packing, you want to hit the road today.

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>Almost Kills us
>Dead God threatens to assume direct control
>Immense Pain

>> No.31284615

>Just relax for now. You were dead for a minute or two, you deserve a break.

>> No.31284643

>>Just relax for now. You were dead for a minute or two, you deserve a break.
>>Ask him what happened with the judges, are you a Master?
>>Ask him what happened to your opponent, is he okay?
ask and then relax

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>Just relax for now. You were dead for a minute or two, you deserve a break.


"Profectus you mentioned my eyes were blue?"

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>Fulvia saves our life when no one else could
>Didn't even need to
get blown the fuck out robo haters

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>Just relax for now. You were dead for a minute or two, you deserve a break.

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>>Ask him what happened with the judges, are you a Master
lets relax for atleast a day...
btw the fucking books..Fulvia or Chyrssa better have turned em in

>> No.31284718

>Relax for now
>Ask some questions.

>> No.31284732

"Remind me to not take questionable drugs again- Oh God, who am I kidding"

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>nearly die
>pass out for long ass time
>wake up and complain that you aren't going to get your money back on the books

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He would.

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Reminder that this is best character portrait.

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living like a jew pays the bills.

>> No.31284883

He really would. I think if there's one thing every player here agrees on it's that money = happiness.

>> No.31284892

I told you guys that we should tell them to turn the books in if we were unable to.

Fulvia probably did it anyway.

>> No.31284913

Ehh, not exactly. Money = Tons of Cool Shit.

Adventuring = Happiness

Tons of Cool Shit just makes Adventuring fuck tons easier.

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While we relax today we can read all those non magic books we've picked up along the way. Like How Earth Vatis Built the Rhynian Empire (Unread) and On Empire: The Rise of Civilization (Unread)

>> No.31285020

>saves out life with her own power
>returns our books so we can get our sweet cash back
robohaters don't know what they're missing out on

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Pretty sure it was just one very active samefagger.

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You slump back against your pillow, half-assedly scooting away from the puddle of vomit. Chryssa shoots you an annoyed look and mutters something to herself, pulling the sheets out from underneath you and bundling them up. “I will have these washed, being sick is no excuse to lounge in your own filth.” She marches out on that note. You look to Profectus after she's gone. “So... am I a master? What did the judges say?” He shrugs his shoulders. “The Archmagos came by to check on you yesterday. He had some robes with him, but he didn't say anything about them to me.” You nod your head a few times. “What color were they?” He reaches up to his chin, rubbing it contemplatively for a moment. “Gold. With red trim. Lots of bangles on them too.”

Good, everything went according to plan. You're a Master and nothing more. You sigh in relief and let your head thump back into the pillow. “What about my opponent? I mean, is he okay? Not angry or anything?” Profectus lets out a bark of laughter. “Oh, no, he's absolutely furious. Apparently the news of just how badly you trounced him in the duel has spread through the school. He might actually lose his job over this whole thing.”

Ouch. You're not sure how to feel about that. On the one hand, it's not really your problem. You hopefully won't ever see him again. On the other, you just lost some poor sap his job because you took some sort of ancient combat drug without really realizing what it would do. “Could you get me a mirror? I want to see what my eyes look like.” He nods his head and leaves the room to go find one.

>> No.31285115

Once he's out of the room, Fulvia's chest pops open and she slips a small bag from the revealed compartment, before clicking it closed once more. “I'm not sure whether you wished for Profectus to know. I went and returned those books you'd borrowed. Here are the profits.” She slips the sack to you, and you nod.
>Hide it before Profectus comes back, you can count it later.
>Why would he care? Count it now! Money money money!

>> No.31285152

>>Why would he care? Count it now! Money money money!

>> No.31285163

>Jew gold

>> No.31285183

>We count money to relax
God, we really are a jew.

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>> No.31285247

>>Why would he care? Count it now! Money money money!
nothing to do with him.. but if he has anything he needs to buy better speak his peace before we buy our books.

>> No.31285268

>>Why would he care? Count it now! Money money money!
Why would he care?

>> No.31285282

why is our robot waifu so perfect?

>Why would he care? Count it now! Money money money!

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From yesterdays thread.
>He has not wronged you, but he will. He will seek revenge and he will get it, because of what you are about to do. You are not sure how you know this, but you do.

>We hope to never see this guy again

>> No.31285318

Because she is building us be the perfect treasurer for when she rebuilds the empire

>> No.31285330

>Implying she's not building us up to be the perfect Emperor.

>> No.31285346

>implying we wouldn't be both and take ass loads of spice for when we make appearances as the Emperor

>> No.31285519

You untie the drawstrings of the bag and start counting. It's slow, repetitive, and something about that clink of gold against gold really makes you feel a little better. The words of your old master come to mind unbidden.

'Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures, the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge, has marked the upward surge of civilization.'

Back then you'd thought he was crazy, but now that you're a little older, and a little wiser, you're not so sure. Maybe greed really is good? Maybe it really is the driving force behind civilization? Then again, maybe you're half dead and waxing philosophic.
>New Wealth: Wealth: 3053 silver (194gp, 342sp); Extremely Wealthy, nothing is out of your price range.

While you're lost in thought, Profectus returns with a hand held mirror. “Oh, damn. Where'd the stacks upon stacks of gold come from?” You look up. “Oh, Fulvia returned some books I bought to the library for a partial refund.” He nods, and hands you the mirror. “Damn, just how rich are you that you were throwing that kind of dough around on books? You could buy a villa in the countryside and two hundred slaves to tend to it with that kind of money when I was a kid.” Fulvia politely points out. “You are over a thousand years old. I imagine there is more currency in circulation now than there was then, and thus purchasing power has decreased.”

>> No.31285580

We should tell them that it isn't to far from what it was.

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Better? Worse?

>> No.31285670

You're slightly too busy staring into the mirror to pay them much attention. The whites of your eyes are gone, instead tinted a light blue. Tendrils of darker blue crawl through the hazel of your iris. It's an unnerving look, but not entirely unpleasant in your opinion.

You set the mirror aside and lay back. “I think I'll just take a nap. Sleeping for two days and dying really takes a lot out of you, believe it or not.” They both nod, and extricate themselves from the room. You put the money away in the bag it came in, setting it on a ledge that rings the mattress. After that, you curl up on your side and let yourself drift off into a gentle, thankfully dreamless, sleep.

You're awoken an indeterminate amount of time later by somebody gently shaking you by the shoulder. Then not-so-gently shaking you by the shoulder. "Whaaaat? I'm trying to sleep!" Chryssa responds. "Well quit it, the Archmagos is here to speak with you." You sit up, kicking the covers off. Wait, when did anybody put covers on you? Not important." You climb past Chryssa, who looks at you with a vaguely annoyed expression, and pull on your folded under robes quickly. When did anybody wash these? They smell like lavender.

You burst from the bedroom into the kitchen, the blinds that separate the two rooms billowing dramatically behind you. Suresh, the Archmagos, sits at the kitchen table with the robes folded under his hand. "Ah! It's good to see you're alive, friend!" You smile. "It's good to be alive! I actually wasn't for a few minutes." Concern flashes across his face for a moment, but he doesn't say anything about it. Instead he holds up the rather ostentatious golden robes, letting them furl out so you can get a good look at them. "Normally there would be a big ceremony, all of the faculty would come out to congratulate you. Under the circumstances though it was decided to just list your name within the Annals of the Academy and give you the robes."

>> No.31285701

I like the face better, it gives off a more experienced look. The face in >>31284831 is too pretty boy looking and what I'm imagining Prof to look like except, you know, white.

>> No.31285750

He hands you the robes, and you admire them for a moment. They're made of fine silk, and decorated with pearls, polished onyx, and various gemstomes. The edges of the sleeves and hood are covered in intricate geometric designs done in gold, and the same designs line either side of the center ties that keep the robe closed.

>Thank Suresh enthusiastically, you couldn't have asked for more.
>Thank Suresh, even though you really would've liked to have that ceremony.
>Demand a ceremony! You will not be treated any differently after rightfully winning that duel!
>Refuse the robes. You didn't really earn them, and it would feel cheap.

>> No.31285772

>>Thank Suresh enthusiastically, you couldn't have asked for more.

>> No.31285780

>Thank Suresh enthusiastically, you couldn't have asked for more.

>> No.31285781

>Thank Suresh enthusiastically, you couldn't have asked for more.
We must not let them know we are Jew god

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Closest picture I can find to the image in my head.

>> No.31285818

>>Refuse the robes. You didn't really earn them, and it would feel cheap.

>> No.31285859

>>Thank Suresh enthusiastically, you couldn't have asked for more.

Unnecessary ceremonies are for pansies.

I kinda want to know what he would think if he knew that we were "augmented" during the battle. Maybe ask him if he thinks we're still worthy of them even though we used a obscure technique to win.

Come on bro, we earned them with a shitload of meditations and skill. The test was just a formality.

>> No.31285874

>>Thank Suresh enthusiastically, you couldn't have asked for more.
i'd like to talk with suresh before we leave have the chat we promised him

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Scratch that, found a way better image.
>Thank Suresh enthusiastically

>> No.31285904

>Refuse the robes. You didn't really earn them, and it would feel cheap.

>> No.31285927

>People missing out on the pretty much direct Gordon Gecko reference.
Am I the only one who watched Wall Street in this thread?

>> No.31285962

Found my dark elf/ elder scrolls folder you guys wanna see em?

>> No.31285974


>> No.31285984

we melted cheese man now

>> No.31285992

>>Thank Suresh enthusiastically, you couldn't have asked for more.

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Think we should tell him about the Spice?

>> No.31286101

No, we can't tell anyone, WE are god, not them, they do not deserve to taste of the holy nectar

>> No.31286139

For now I'm thinking no. At least until we have that talk with him and get to know him better on a personal level.

Plus if it gets out I'm sure that guy we trashed will use it to drag our name through the mud and possibly cause all kinds of trouble in the city for us.

>> No.31286145

No, we took a highly dangerous drug that we need info on.

We're not a god,

>> No.31286166

we're leaving soon anyway.

>> No.31286172

You take the robes carefully, running your fingers over the fabric reverently. “Thank you, Suresh. Really. It means a lot to finally hold the gold and red in my hands.” He laughs, and waves it off. “Well, hopefully it won't be long before you're holding the purple and gold instead.” You pull the robe on and start lacing up the middle. This is different from the design of the robes in your homeland. In Pidjata, you would drape the robes around yourself, more like a shaw really.

Once you've got it on, you bow to Suresh. “If there's ever anything you need, just let me know. I'm rather busy at the moment, I've got two jobs that need doing on opposite sides of the world, but I really do owe you.” He nods his head, waving you off. “I will keep that in mind, but I wouldn't want to impose anything on you right now. You've just nearly died! You should be getting some rest!”

He stands up from his chair, rolls his shoulders, and brushes out his robes. “Well, I'll leave you and your companions alone for now.” He pauses. “Try not to crack any more of the walls doing... whatever it was you were doing that cracked the walls. It's easy enough to fix, as long as they're just cracks. If anything falls off though it gets a bit harder.”

>Let him go.
>Ask him a question before he leaves.
>Tell him about the spice, this will probably be your last chance to do so.
>Invite him to stay for... whatever meal it is now. Have a friendly chat, that sort of thing.

>> No.31286173

I don't think we should

>> No.31286179

Well thats your opinion, and if we want info on it we can just look in the library, I'm sure that this stuff has been written about by someone

>> No.31286193


>> No.31286204

>>Tell him about the spice, this will probably be your last chance to do so.
>>Invite him to stay for... whatever meal it is now. Have a friendly chat, that sort of thing.

>> No.31286207

>Tell him about the spice, this will probably be your last chance to do so.

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>> No.31286226

>>Invite him to stay for... whatever meal it is now. Have a friendly chat, that sort of thing.

That doesn't mean we should do something that could potentially cut our ties with this city.

We can ask Sadik then, I'm sure he'll tell us more. Or hell, we could look it up in the library, we are in magical lore central after all.

>> No.31286229

>Let him go
>try and find a way to attach gold coins to you armor

>> No.31286233

>Let him go.

>> No.31286255

>Tell him about the spice, this will probably be your last chance to do so.
>Invite him to stay for... whatever meal it is now. Have a friendly chat, that sort of thing.

>> No.31286271

>Invite him to stay for... whatever meal it is now. Have a friendly chat, that sort of thing.
Just dont tell him about the spice

>> No.31286280

>Tell him about the spice, this will probably be your last chance to do so.

>> No.31286291

>Invite him to stay for... whatever meal it is now. Have a friendly chat, that sort of thing.

>> No.31286297

Proven wrong

>> No.31286313

>Tell him about the spice, this will probably be your last chance to do so.
>Invite him to stay for... whatever meal it is now. Have a friendly chat, that sort of thing.

>> No.31286331

>Tell him about the spice, this will probably be your last chance to do so.

>> No.31286353

Alright, so we're inviting him to stay for a meal and chat, but I'm going to host a quick Final Destination vote for whether or not we tell him about using the spice.

To tell him.

To keep it secret.

>> No.31286371


>> No.31286374


>> No.31286380


>> No.31286382


>> No.31286388

Im not a pharmacist or whatever but isn't withdrawal a sign that something is addictive even if yoir not addicted to it?

>> No.31286394


>> No.31286410

It is also a term that can be used for a great many things.

>> No.31286423


>> No.31286439

It was the same guy from yesterday huh?

One very dedicated samefagger.

>> No.31286451

But in terms of addictive drugs like coke or heroin is that not the case?

>> No.31286474

>Tell him

>> No.31286494

Who said this was coke or heroin?

This is magic dust that amps up your magicyness, the only "addiction" you might get is a power high.

>> No.31286516

Nah it was me in >>31286226 and >>31286139. I voted 1 since I did want to tell him eventually and this seems like the last opportunity to do so. Just wanted some background first, to make sure he won't take our act as a personal betrayal or something and be mad at us for it since I like the dude.

>> No.31286551

That didn't even look like withdrawal, looked more like a crash, but qm is god and all that buggery

>> No.31286569

But there was one person going "no never tell him ever"

>> No.31286596

Am i the only one thinking we might have taken too much of the dust, since from rereading yesterdays thread we took a big puff of the canister.

>> No.31286617

Yeah, just a small inhale might be better.

And save it for longer.

>> No.31286714

Well, that's their opinion I guess.

How much do we have left in there anyway? A dozen hits? More?

>> No.31286756

19, according to the character sheet.

>> No.31286787

Well then.

Uhh meditation time anyone?

>> No.31286903

We need to take them all at once, no more temptation

>> No.31286908

Well damn, that's a lot.

Let's say to get grandmaster in water and another element we use 10 hits at most depending on the dice gods. 5 more hits tops to learn the really complicated metamagic like Time and Create Vys if they prove to be hard. That still leaves us with 4 bursts of earth shaking destruction to unleash.

Unless this thing has diminishing returns or is addictive, in which case we need to consider if we ever want to use it again. Getting a magical cocaine habit will run havoc on our jewgolds and health.

>> No.31286963

dude, it'll take like 5 maybe for Grandmaster.

Maybe one for the complex Metamagics like Time and shit.

Your underestimating it's potency.

And it doesn't seem addictive.

And we should start off with 1/2 hit next time just to test and get used to it.

>> No.31286991

He said at most, most likely meaning that we only use more than one if dice gods are kicking us in the dik

>> No.31287020
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>> No.31287051

Soma has the fastest update time on /tg/ hands down.

>> No.31287053

Yeah those numbers were the worst case scenario where we roll single digits.

We still need to meditate 4 times just for water grandmaster and if we want to get another element grandmastered too we might need 4-5 more depending on how master meditations go.

>> No.31287084

“Do you want to stay for...” You look around, but there aren't any windows in the kitchen. “Uh... whatever meal it is now?” Suresh chuckles, and shrugs his shoulders. “I suppose I could eat a late lunch. What are you having?” You look to Chryssa, and shrug your shoulders. “I don't know, I'm not really sure I could keep much down at the moment. Would you mind cooking, Chryssa?” She nods her head politely and slips around you to get to the stove. You take a seat at the kitchen table and Suresh follows suit.

“Where are Profectus and Fulvia?” You realize that you haven't seen them since you woke up. Normally Profectus would at least be listening in on the conversation, and Fulvia hardly seems the sort to wander off on her own without consulting you. Chryssa shrugs her shoulders. “Profectus wished to go to the library, and Fulvia asked to follow him. He didn't mind.” Huh, guess he wants to get some meditation done. You should probably start talking to him about channeling vys if he's got that down.

While Chryssa cooks, you chat with Suresh. Eventually, you reach the topic of banishment. You tell your story first. You tell him about Shahzada Kadir and his flagrant waste of the tribe's water. How he maintained gardens that stretched for miles, and let the city go thirsty so his plants would not die. When you brought your accusation against him, he was outraged. He had his father throw you in prison, and after languishing for weeks in captivity you were dragged up to stand trial before the Shah for Slander. It wasn't even a legal trial, you hadn't been lying, and you hadn't gotten Kadir banished. Still, he declared you guilty and you were branded upon the cheek. The people supported the verdict without really knowing the details, because the Shah was well liked.
(1/2 or 3, maybe 4)

>> No.31287100

We should have to use the Spice on every meditation for Grandmaster.

Only like once or twice, and the Spice may count as more than one meditation.

>> No.31287114

He listens sympathetically, and by the time you finish your story Chryssa has finished cooking. It's a simple stew, with beef and some vegetables. Light, and easy to keep down, but still tasty. She sits down next to you and begins to eat, giving no indication she'd understood what the two of you had been talking about. The Archmagos had insisted on speaking in Samjan, not realizing Chryssa could speak it fluently.

While the three of you eat, he tells his own story. Apparently he'd fallen for a foreign girl, a human from Aleamond. She had been the daughter of a wealthy merchant, and he a young Vatis just out of his apprenticeship. Not much older than you, in fact. The two of them, obviously, did what lovers do. Suresh clams up at this point, he's surprisingly modest really. That's not typically a trait you'd find in a samja. A child resulted from the union, and the couple intended to send it back to Aleamond with the mother. Unfortunately word got out and the guards arrested him. The child was left in the desert to die, and his lover's family banned from ever entering the borders of Pidjata again. He was branded and cast off into the desert.

He tried to find her after he was banished, but never managed to. Aleamond, apparently, is a big place. It's also not exactly kind to Vatis. He had to hide his power lest they put him to death. That, perhaps, shocks you more than anything. How can a society survive without mages? It seems a completely alien idea. He explains that they rely on technology. Everything is powered by coal, or by steam. They think magic is the cause of the Rhynian Empire's collapse, and only by purging it from their society will the Empire rise once more.

>> No.31287129


>> No.31287157

Fuck Aleamond.

>> No.31287312
File: 73 KB, 600x456, Spice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After the meal is finished and stories swapped, you reach into your bag and withdraw the small vial of Spice. It roils hypnotically inside it's glass prison. You're overcome with a sudden desire to take a huff from the canister and enjoy that nigh godlike power once more. That sense of invincibility was intoxicating. You set it down, before you do something untowards, and Suresh looks at it curiously. “I bought this off of a traveling merchant, Sadik. Do you know of him?”

He nods his head a few times. “Yes, Sadik has been in the business of selling artifacts for longer than either of us have been alive. He's a borderline mythical figure within the community.” You're taken aback, you knew he was powerful, but you didn't know he was that old. He doesn't look a day over forty. “Well, I took some of this substance before the exam. I'd intended it as only a meditation aid, I assumed it would help me focus. I did not anticipate the effects it would have.” Your tone is somber, and slightly guilty. Suresh looks disappointed, or perhaps hurt, but at least he's not angry.

“So this is what really allowed you to put on the performance you did?” You nod your head. “Well, the rules don't technically bar taking any sort of substance before the exam, mainly because no substance known actually enhances magical ability. Most of them do the opposite, harm the body. Still, it's entirely unethical. More than that, you lied to me. You could have told me after the exam and you said it was 'battle meditation'. I should've known, that sounds ridiculous...”


>> No.31287333

He sighs, rubbing his eyes. “You're already entered into the annals, so I can't strip you of your status. However, you said you owed me correct?” You have a bad feeling about this, but you nod. “Well, I have a job you can do after all.” His voice has lost its usual warm, cheery tone. You really have a bad feeling about this.
>What do you need me to do?
>I know I said that, but there are some limits. Let me hear the job first.
>As much as I'd love to help you, really, I'm just swamped with work right now. I should probably get going...

>> No.31287349

>>What do you need me to do?

>> No.31287354

>As much as I'd love to help you, really, I'm just swamped with work right now. I should probably get going...
No pay, now work, and you and I both know we wont get payed

>> No.31287355

>What do you need me to do?

>> No.31287359

>>What do you need me to do?

also tell him we were sorry and that we were confused

>> No.31287365

>What do you need me to do?

>> No.31287380

>What do you need me to do?

>> No.31287382

>It roils hypnotically inside it's glass prison. You're overcome with a sudden desire to take a huff from the canister and enjoy that nigh godlike power once more. That sense of invincibility was intoxicating.

Huh well fuck this spice time to shoot this shit into the sun

>I know I said that, but there are some limits. Let me hear the job first.

Also tell him this
"I apologize for not telling you alot was going on I wasnt myself, I panicked"

>> No.31287383

Fucking seriously?

We haven't been paid for any of our work beforehand.

And what makes you think he wouldn't pay?

>> No.31287387

Confused more like possessed.

>> No.31287388


>> No.31287389

>we were confused
I dont want to sound like were a teenage girl confessing to cheating on her boyfriend

>> No.31287408

>>What do you need me to do?

>> No.31287411

you know what we mean
not beg forgiveness. just explain what was going on inside our heads at the time

>> No.31287414

>What do you need me to do?

>> No.31287422

Your mistaking a mental addiction with a physical one.

We wanted to take another hit because being on it was awesome, not because it is physically drawing us to it, like say heroin or meth.

>> No.31287424

>What do you need me to do?

>> No.31287438

>what was going through your head
>I dont know, I just felt like you ignored me so much and I just acted

>> No.31287455

Wrong type of addiction.

The only reason we wanted to do that was because the power is intoxicating, not because of an actual "addiction"

>> No.31287614

Still though considering what happened I'd rather work for the grand master rank without the spice
Yea it'll be hard and take time but hell isn't supppsed to?

>> No.31287665

I say we only use it for the last plateau of Grandmaster

>> No.31287706
File: 898 KB, 645x1050, Lord Spiros.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“What do you need me to do?” You ask, somberly. He cast a glance at Chryssa, who continues to watch the two of you with a vaguely confused expression. Thank the gods she's clever enough to keep her mouth shut, otherwise this might get ugly.

“I need Lord Spiros to die. He is the steward of the Council of Lords, that's the ruling body of this city, and the brains of Lord Hodei, the chairman. He's tall and lanky, very thin. Long face. Human. Pale almost to to the point of being translucent. Of the four Lords, he's the only one without an estate outside the city. He usually sleeps in the City Hall. I'll provide you a copy of the City Hall blueprints and an artifact I think you'll find useful.”

>Very well, Lord Spiros will die.
>Why do you need him killed?
>Wait, I'm not an assassin!

>> No.31287750

>Why do you need him killed?

>> No.31287753

"Wait what?"

>> No.31287759

>>Why do you need him killed?
and payment

>> No.31287781

>Why do you need him killed?

>> No.31287783

>Why do you need him killed?

And sorry for not telling you about the spice, it had some significant mental effects

>> No.31287788

>>Why do you need him killed?

It's not like those lord assholes were nice persons.

>> No.31287804

We already apologized

>> No.31287808

What are we getting out of this?

And why?

>> No.31287809

Yeah, considering we were lucid for like 30 seconds I think that this is a fair excuse

>> No.31287829

>Why do you need him killed?
I am sure the archmage of the academy has some pull, and can force hayes hand to give us some magical items for this mission.

>> No.31287832
File: 498 KB, 1000x598, 1396751966309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.31287846

>Slow your roll nigga
ask for information on why were killing him

>> No.31287945

To say Suresh commissioning you to assassinate one of the rulers of the city is a shock would be an understatement, you could hardly imagine the Archmagos harming a fly. “Why do you need him killed?” You ask. He leans back in the chair, hands folded politely in his lap. “He plots against the Academy. For years, decades, the Council of Lords have wanted the Academy of Anthus to be subservient to the City of Anthus. I have fought tooth and nail throughout my stay as Archmagos to keep the University as an independent entity. Above any law but its own. I view it as the only way to ensure progress is made and knowledge uncovered.”

“Lord Spiros has been embezzling money to fund an army of mercenaries. He intends to have the city attacked, and for much of the lower quarters to fall into enemy hands. He'll requisition the assets of the Academy as a last ditch effort to repel the invaders and then insist that, in order to defend the city from future attack, the Academy must be subservient to the Council.”

>Very well, I'll kill Lord Spiros.
>How do you know this? Why would he slaughter his own citizenry to take control of a school?
>I'm sorry, I can't do this. I'm not a murderer for hire.

>> No.31287961

What do i get out of it?

>> No.31287989


>> No.31287999

I'm pretty sure this would be pro bono work. It's a favor.
You aren't typically paid for favors.

>Very well, I'll kill Lord Spiros.

>> No.31288017

>Very well, I'll kill Lord Spiros.
>Why would he slaughter his own citizenry to take control of a school?

>> No.31288018

>Very well, I'll kill Lord Spiros.

>> No.31288021

>Very well, I'll kill Lord Spiros.

>> No.31288027

>>Very well, I'll kill Lord Spiros.
>>How do you know this? Why would he slaughter his own citizenry to take control of a school?

Ask for any potential rewards anyway.

>> No.31288030

Then we demand payment, this is heavy duty shit right here.

>> No.31288039

Don't ask for payment, he's pissed at us.

>> No.31288043

See >>31287706
>I'll provide you a copy of the City Hall blueprints and an artifact I think you'll find useful.”
He'll pay us with an artifact.

>> No.31288056


we don't do shit for free.

>> No.31288070

Let's not.

>> No.31288088

Depends on the artifact then

>> No.31288098

We could rob the guys house.

>> No.31288099

>Very well, I'll kill lord Spiros.
Writin'. Also >>31288043 is correct. I probably didn't make it clear enough. The artifact is your payment, since he intends for you to skip town immediately after killing the guy.

>> No.31288110


We aren't going to do something like this for free, this is serious shit.

>> No.31288121 [DELETED] 

>>Very well, I'll kill Lord Spiros.
Ask for some supplies from hayes to make sure things go over smoothly.
Fuck a reward we're assassinating him, we need the tools we need to do it. im hayes has a few many trinkets to make this easy as pie.
And if he betrays us we already have some kind of payment.
We have to stop taking high risk quests with out some kind of 50% up front 50% afterwards.. if he doesn't plan to betray us this shouldn't be an issue, cause he would be giving it to us either way.

>> No.31288129

Does he have a time limit?

>> No.31288140

Then ask him about the artifact and then see from there if it's worth it.

The Boots

>> No.31288141

Screw that, we're talking murder, even if it's probably justified. It's not something you do as a favor. We should make our dislike of the task known at least.

>> No.31288170

Have we given everyone those brooches yet?

>> No.31288186

Of course

>> No.31288187

Chryssa and Rocky, yes. We should tell Fulvia about them too.

>> No.31288188

we're helping a friend.. and possibly in years/or if we ever come back he may have more power and we not get killed on sight for being in the city.
Im sure the sooner the better.
That being said it wouldn't hurt for us to play our cards right and get a bigger discounts on the books since we are not going to be able to come back any time in the near future.

>> No.31288226 [DELETED] 

think we'd be able to get a better discount on books we're buying before we get out of here.

>> No.31288232

>>How do you know this? Why would he slaughter his own citizenry to take control of a school?
why are most of you not choosing this option as well. bit of knowledge certainly wont kill us

>> No.31288260

Yeah, and let's not forget to buy books before starting this whole shebang.

>> No.31288261

We should tell hayes, that we might be a wanted criminal in the town soon, so ask him if there is a way for us to sneak in or for him to contact us.

>> No.31288272

>since we are not going to be able to come back any time in the near future.
only if we go full on murderhobo and kill him in front of everyone. we defenitely need to plan this out with excruciating attention to detail

>> No.31288282

Speaking of which, we should mention this to our friend.

>> No.31288294

Or just Poison him with out Vys

He doesn't seem like a Vatis.

Ask him if he's a Vatis.

>> No.31288301

fuck no... why would we tell hayes something like that.
Suresh is asking us to be criminals he is incriminating him self.
Hayes could just be like fuck you..and use a super artifact to paralyze us.

>> No.31288307

I'm thinking paralyze him in the bath and make it look like he passed out and drowned. Mastery in water would help too.

>> No.31288329

or maybe ask fulvia if she can change the appearance of the hologram on her construct. get her to kill him then change back to normal appearance later

>> No.31288349

We should mention this to our good frein here though about the other job.

>> No.31288351

w.e happens we're going to be leaving soon anyways.
look suspicious as fuck.. in all likelihood we may have to go full on murderhobo to get to him.

>> No.31288381

Well it's not like we'd tell him all the details, just ask him if there's a way to get in touch without alerting the city guards.

And yeah, tell Suresh we have other engagements in town as well.

>> No.31288418

" hey we may be criminals soon..so this deal of ours..."

>> No.31288432

I wonder when we'll be able to release the wargame.

>> No.31288440

There are better ways to word that.

>> No.31288511

You nod your head slowly. “Very well. I'll kill Lord Spiros. However, I'm still weak due to the after effects of the Spice. I will need to take some time to recover my strength.” He nods his head. “I understand, as long as he dies within the next day or two I will be satisfied.” He gets up, intending to leave, but you stop him. “Listen, I don't want to give you the impression I'm okay with this sort of work. I'm not an assassin. I don't like hurting people, not truly. Even if it is deserved. The only reason I'm doing this is because I owe you, and I expect the artifact I'm granted to be damned good.”

He rubs his chin, assessing you. “Would you like to come with me to the storage room? I can allow you to select the artifact yourself, if you'd like.” You nod your head, and then turn to Chryssa and speak in Rhynian. “You'll have to excuse me, Chrys. The Archmagos needs me for a task.” She looks at you uncomprehendingly, but nods her head slowly. “Very well, I will be waiting.” Her voice enters your mind unbidden, through that faint connection you feel at the back of your head. {Be careful, Mikhael. He is not entirely who he presents himself as.}

As the two of you leave the suite, you speak quietly in Samjan. Chryssa aside, you doubt anyone else in this academy can speak it. It's an incredibly difficult language to learn for non-natives. “So, tell me about Lord Spiros. Is he a Vatis? What is his routine? Why would he condemn his own citizenry to slaughter just to take control of a school?”

>> No.31288571

sounds like he is going to fuck us..
ask Chryssa what she means by
>{Be careful, Mikhael. He is not entirely who he presents himself as}

>> No.31288587

because that is obvious

>> No.31288609

Two faced, its pretty obvious.

>> No.31288629

so long as we benefit by getting this magical ring..
or something better.
getting books at a 75% discount or a few free master/grandmaster books for free. from his stash again.

>> No.31288661

Nah, i'd rather have the boots

>> No.31288676
File: 5.80 MB, 1920x850, Academy Vault.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suresh glances around the halls before answering. “He is not a Vatis, but he is a collector of magical trinkets. He's purchased some of our lesser stock in the past, and I know he's a frequent patron of adventurer's that hawk their wares on the street. Even if he's not magically powerful himself, I would be careful. He may have still be able to pack a punch. He usually spends most of his day in City Hall working, though occasionally he visits the Entertainment district. He favors a particular bar, the Tipped Stool. He's also a frequent customer of the Golden Cat.” Here, Suresh wrinkles his nose. “I must say, he's got odd taste. Anyway, after getting his rocks off, he usually returns to City Hall to work until the early morning hours, before going to sleep in his office.”

He pauses when you reach the Artificer's Workshop. Pushing the door open, you see Hayes working away. He glances over at you and the Archmagos, but says nothing as you're led past him and deeper into the workshop. The Archmagos stops in front of a perfectly smooth wall, and with a wave of his hand several stones sink into the wall. There doesn't seem to be any sort of pattern to the stones that sank into the wall, but you try to commit it to memory anyway. “As for why Lord Spiros wants to control the Academy...” He begins, the walls sliding away. “What you're about to see should more-or-less answer that question.”

Passing through a short, narrow passageway reveals beyond a vast cavern. It seems impossible such a large chamber would fit within the confines of the Academy, let alone as simply an offshoot of the Artificer's Workshop. Crystals cover the floor and the walls, filling the room with a soft blue light. One end of the chamber is dominated entirely by a pair of massive doors, done in the Rhynian style. They're at least twenty feet tall, if not more, and twice that wide. They remind you of the armory doors you saw in the abandoned Rhynian facility, except larger.

>> No.31288679

The ring is kinda shit.

Boots or weapon, or amulet if he has one.

>> No.31288685

I don't think we can wear boots.

>> No.31288687

What boots I remember 2 gloves and a helmet?

We can't actually use boots with our armor but maybe Chryssa or Prof can use them.

>> No.31288704

Its been confirmed we can.

>> No.31288713

yeah nvm
>Boots, Shield, and Ring aren't taken
what ever is the best.

>> No.31288717

Do you guys pay attention?

>> No.31288743

boots, ring, weapon, armor

>> No.31288759

I suggest we wear the mask we gave to chryysa?
Hides our identity
useful for ranged
looks intimidating
looks for cool
Time to go full Dishonored on this guy.
Speaking off considering he visits the Golden Cat, what ways did you guys if you played that wonderful game kill the dude in the Golden Cat?

>> No.31288779

>I suggest we wear the mask we gave to chryysa?
Can't its attunned to her.

>> No.31288781

I killed him when he was in the rack, think I overloaded it or something.

>> No.31288783

We can't

and your reasons are shit, quit self inserting.

>> No.31288804

>not selling the fuckers into slavery

>> No.31288811

“The Academy Vault.” Suresh declares proudly, withdrawing a pendant from under his robes. He approaches the massive doors and presses it carefully into an indentation on the door. There is a pulse of power, and the doors begin to glow softly before sliding open. You approach cautiously, trying to get a look at what lies inside. At first, you think it is simply dark. However, as the doors open wider and wider you begin to realize that Nothing lies behind the doors. It is a pitch black void, and even the light cast by the glowing crystals fails to illuminate what lies beyond. Suresh speaks first. “Well, shall we? I warn you, the experience is disorienting. It may be better to wait here if you are still weak.”

Dare you enter his magical realm?
>You'll... you'll wait here. You don't want to test your luck today.
>Damn it, you'll not be deprived of the opportunity to see the insides of this vault!

>> No.31288821

>>Damn it, you'll not be deprived of the opportunity to see the insides of this vault!

>> No.31288822

>>Damn it, you'll not be deprived of the opportunity to see the insides of this vault!

>> No.31288843

>Damn it, you'll not be deprived of the opportunity to see the insides of this vault!

>> No.31288852

>Damn it, you'll not be deprived of the opportunity to see the insides of this vault!

>> No.31288887

>You'll not be deprived!
Totally wasn't just stalling for time with that option. Nope.

>> No.31288913

I dont remember it being stated thst we couldnt wear it as well

>> No.31288954

It has been stated many many times that when a piece of armor gets attuned to someone then no one else can wear it.

It is obviously attuned to Chryssa.

>> No.31288959

Its the same reason other people can't wear our armour, the only way for it to not get attuned is to kill the user(not you your self, but some one sle by proxy since if you did it your self it wouldn't work), but incidentally the one that She has, is bugged and all it needs is to be hit on a hard surface a few time(sounds like a bad idea honestly).

>> No.31289087

This was one of the reason why I suggested wearing it. It's not that easy to remove and it'd keep our identity safe unless he hits us repeatedly in the face.
I still say we invest in a disguise might want to wear a diffent armor and or paint it or something its pretty rare and easily noticable

>> No.31289149

or we can go full muderhobo. and kill everyone that sees us.
again Seresh doesn't want us to stay afterwards anyhow.
going with some back up..cause doing this alone would be stupid + now we can communicate at a distance and telepathically.

More importantly... us wearing every single magic is nice but we have to think of the TEAM. having 1 good player and the rest of the team is shit, is always bad.

>> No.31289152

The mask is Chryssas

>> No.31289167

We can't wear the mask with our armor on and we are not taking off our armor

>> No.31289207
File: 563 KB, 2000x503, Inside the Vault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't even have to think about it. You look at him for only a moment before striding confidently into the blackness. As your foot passes into the hole in reality and you try to set it down on the solid ground you expect on the other side, you go falling forward off of the ledge. You tumble through the dark for a brief moment. You see figures lurking at the edges of your vision. Figures with eyes of burning coal, bright points in an expanse of nothing. At first, there are only two distant points. Then four. That brief moment seems to stretch into eternity as the world is more and more burning pairs of eyes seem to wink into existence.

You find yourself laying face down on the other side of the vault doors. You must have tripped, because your face hurts. Suresh hauls you to your feet, obviously trying to suppress his laughter. “I told you it was a little disorienting. Like trying to swim through molasses.” That was entirely dissimilar to what you imagine swimming through molasses is like. While swimming through molasses is likely an unpleasant experience, at least you are not stalked by hallucinatory creatures.

You take a look around the room your in, though it's really more of a hallway. The walls are made of black marble, with bands of gold carved with characters you find yourself unable to read inlaid within to form geometric patterns. Suresh leads you onwards, to another, smaller set of doors. These appear entirely more mundane. They have handles, and they're not massive. Suresh pulls them open and steps briskly inside.

>> No.31289230

But disguising it is still a valid idea. Aint no point in sneaking and what not if your easily noticable which we kinda are
>About 6ft
>Dark skin
>Scar/Brand on the cheek
>Ancient Rhynian officers armor

>> No.31289282

nice touch with the picture for the vault.

>> No.31289290

We should mention our side job with hayes here.

>> No.31289369

The room beyond the doors is a ruin. The floor is mostly dirt, with pathways of that same black marble the hall was made of leading to a grand central altar. Three wretched figures hang from the ceiling, hovering above the altar suspended only by tendrils of black. Their skulls are exposed, and have clearly been caved in quite violently at some point. Their fingers are long and skeletal, clearly inhuman. They drool some form of acidic liquid down the flights of golden stairs leading up to the altar, which acts as a beacon of warm white light in the gloom.

Suresh walks on undaunted, while you follow along hesitantly. “What are those things, Suresh?” He looks back at you, confused. “What are what things?” You gesture in the vague direction the three suspended figures. “The figures hanging from the pillars. The drooling figures.” He raises an eyebrow. “Perhaps that hit to the head is making you hallucinate, friend, or perhaps that Spice is still in your system. There are no 'drooling figures' hanging above the altar.”

You stare at the figures for a moment, one of them twists its body towards you, white liquid seeping from its shattered eyesockets as it cranes its neck downwards. It stares at you, and you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Suresh glances between you and the altar, before shrugging his shoulders and continuing on. The figures pay him no mind as he climbs the stairs. He steps through the flow of drool seemingly unaffected, though it hangs from him in thick strands. Eating through his robes, burning his flesh. He pauses at the top, standing before the massive golden sacrificial bowl at the top of the altar. He calls out to you. “Are you coming or not?”

>> No.31289387

You swallow the lump in your throat, and push onwards. You make sure to carefully avoid the acidic drool, both the puddles of it that coat the stairs and the strands leaking from the mouths of the figures. As you reach the top of the altar, all three of them lean in towards you. You feel more than hear their whispering in the back of your head. It feels wrong. It feels dirty.

{This one can see us.}
{Indeed, brother. The second in ages.}
{He must be insane, then.}
{Or perhaps the only sane man in an insane world.}
{No, he's definitely insane.}

Suresh looks at you warily. “Did you get any of that?” You shake your head brusquely, not quite trusting yours voice not to crack at the moment. “Simply lean over the altar, look into the liquid, and make a request.” He explains, gesturing to the short stairway leading up to the sacrificial bowl.

>No, hell no. You don't trust this at all!
>You've no reason to distrust Suresh. Being paranoid now will do no good.

>> No.31289412

>>You've no reason to distrust Suresh. Being paranoid now will do no good.

>> No.31289417

>>You've no reason to distrust Suresh. Being paranoid now will do no good.

>> No.31289423

Also it seems that the insane are able to talk with these guys which means we can probably understand hayes more now.

>> No.31289438

Ask the figures for their suggestions.

>> No.31289441 [DELETED] 

>>You've no reason to distrust Suresh. Being paranoid now will do no good
sounds bad. but it might just be the spice that is in our system.
Our eye could have changed to see spirits or some shit.

>> No.31289450

>>You've no reason to distrust Suresh. Being paranoid now will do no good.

Well, our race does have a predisposition towards insanity.

>> No.31289455
File: 872 KB, 400x226, 1396049327184.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This please fuck shit is getting 12spooky 9 me

>> No.31289456

...I like it.

>> No.31289458

>Ask the figures for their suggestions.
this. all my this.

>> No.31289469


>> No.31289484

Fuck it why not, i don't know if this is because of the spice or the mask, but this should make things extra spooky.

>> No.31289497

seems like we're the 2nd person to ever hear them.
I am sure they can tell us more about this place.
Also seems like Suresh doesn't have much to do with this considering they don't even pay him any mind, and it seems like he can't even see em.

>> No.31289515


>> No.31289533

>Ask the figures for their suggestions.
Love it, writin'.

>> No.31289568
File: 316 KB, 460x528, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love side quest, and hope we do more.

>> No.31289570

try to do it without sounding crazy to suresh

>> No.31289590

In Banished Quest all quest are side quest.

>> No.31289610

Let's ask them something about Suresh only they would know. That'll freak him out.

>> No.31289729

id prefer to ask something that would benefit us, i don't think we;ll get an unlimited amount of questions.

>> No.31289769

That's fair, business first I guess. Proving useful to Suresh beyond a hitman role would benefit us too though and holding the key to unlocking the temple's secrets is useful as hell.

>> No.31289788

I couldn't care less about this place.

Let's ask our questions and see what we can gain, then get the fuck out of here.

>> No.31289826

>I couldn't care less about the treasure vault every noble in the city wants to get their hands on

That's just dumb, just because you're bored doesn't mean this place isn't interesting as shit.

>> No.31289863

Depends what it is.

If it's something like the ring, which it very well might be, then it's useless.

Or it might be a one time thing

Or it might not be transportable

Or it just might not benefit us very much.

>> No.31289885

>f it's something like the ring,

>> No.31289889

Yeah I am hoping the "spirits" strick up a conversation idc much about looking crazy when the spirit might be able to give us information no one in the world knows. like a secret treasure trove, The "allies" that gave the emperor the gun and how to find them..
Just so much potential shit we could learn. But at the same time i Don't want to waste a few posts for it. I'd rather look crazy and ask like 5 good questions all at once.

>> No.31289922

The ring just points in the direction of the thing the wearer wants most.

Which obviously doesn't do shit for us, not to mention the many flaws in something like that.

>> No.31289943

Yeah while usefull i'd like something to augment our powers or allow a few spell like the utilty gloves we could use during the fight.

>> No.31289947

Oh yeah, we forgot to practice with it.
It can be incredibly useful if we figure out how to use it.

>> No.31289964

we don't have the ring, it is something we will get as a reward.
It points to the thing we desire most in this world.
or something like that.

>> No.31289988

Ah ok, that just makes Hayes quest more important than the merchants since with that ring we can locate the gem.

>> No.31290013

we know exactly where the gem is and roughly how to get there.
and just because we want to do the quest doesn't mean the ring will lead us there.

>> No.31290033

We know where the gem is.

Are you new here? cause every question you ask makes almost no sense.

>> No.31290078

No i have been here since the beginning, i just forgot about the ring being a reward, and we know the general area where it is not its exact location.

>> No.31290079

Well, we know what island the gem is on, and who owns it, but we don't know the exact location.

>> No.31290217

You scale the steps slowly, the figures following your ever movement. As you reach the top, and stare at the pool of metallic silvery liquid, an idea comes to you. You raise your head, and look to each of the figures in turn. They're almost at eye level now, you could reach out in touch them. They could reach out and touch you. “What would you suggest?”

{A clever one.}
{A brave one.}
{A reckless one.}
Their voices boom simultaneously through your skull, you wince involuntarily.

Before the figure to your left, a cloak fades into existence. It's intensely hard to focus on for any length of time, seemingly woven from the gloom itself. Bright points dot the insides like stars. The figure takes it daintily between his fingers, stretching it out in front of you for your inspection.

{A cloak woven from the void itself. Does not every adventurer need a good cloak?}

You reach out and touch it gently, running your fingers over the fabric. It's softer than the finest silks. It almost seems as if your hand would pass right through it, would you only apply a little pressure. When you do so, your hand vanishes into the voluminous cloth. You jerk it back instinctively, and the figure recedes.

Next, a pair of well worn leather boots spring into existence in front of the figure to your right. He allows them to fall into the center of his massive palm, before lowering them down to you. They're rather simple. Black, soft soled, leather boots. Scuffed here and there, missing a few stitches. Probably pretty old.

{These boots were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do. With or without you.}

>> No.31290239

They suddenly spring to life, bursting into a jig. They flip and twist of their own accord, before coming to a sudden stop. You reach out and pick one up cautiously, stretching the leather, bending the sole. On a hunch, you bash the sole against the edge of the sacrificial bowl, and it doesn't make a sound. You drop them to the marble floor, and they land as softly as a feather. You pick it up once more and place it on the figure's hand, just as it recedes.

Finally, the figure in the center of the room leans forward. It holds out its hand, initially empty, but as it draws closer a ring seems to rise up out of its rotted flesh. It is made of bronze, at its center a gem of glowing, shifting red. It almost looks alive, the way it twist and warps internally.

{This ring will sap the life of the wearer's enemies, but at a grave price. The souls of those you destroy will haunt you, even beyond eternity.}
You pick the ring of warily. It feels... for lack of a better word, evil. As you slowly slip it onto your finger, it vanishes from your hand, and reappears in that of the figure.

{I have told you its purpose, do not dare try it here.}

>Take the Void Cloak
>Take the Walking Boots
>Take the Life Stealing Ring

>> No.31290241

So far i'd go for the cloak

>> No.31290259

>>Take the Void Cloak

>> No.31290269

>Take the void cloak

>> No.31290278

>>Take the Void Cloak

Ask about them. What are they? What's their purpose? Why are you the only one who can see them?

>> No.31290288

>>Take the Void Cloak

>> No.31290293

>Take the Void Cloak

>> No.31290314

>>Take the Void Cloak
ask what they are

>> No.31290316

>Take the Walking Boots

>> No.31290325

>Take the Void Cloak
Fuck being haunted.

>> No.31290336

>Take the Void Cloak

>> No.31290337
File: 144 KB, 666x942, Void Cloak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems pretty unanimous.

>> No.31290339

the boots seem kinda useless

>> No.31290340

>Take the Void Cloak

>> No.31290345

>>Take the void cloak
sounds like we can take an attack.. and basically just let it go right into the clock with out damaging us.

>> No.31290368

They are stealth boots, and it looks like they also help with great falls(as if your falling like a feather).
Also i wonder what our friend thinks, we should totally tell him about these guys.

>> No.31290378

Probably gonna get a damage avoidance boost too. Pretty damn sweet combined with the armor.

>> No.31290398

It's obviously stealth

>> No.31290401

I thought it was a stealth cloak.

>> No.31290414
File: 173 KB, 1100x1599, 164_max.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Take the Void Cloak

Soon we shall become the black centurion Damocles

>> No.31290418

damn right and this isn't even the artifact.
so...are we going to ask whats up with the well to the spirits?

>> No.31290435

It is but it also seems to have an incorporeal effect.

>> No.31290478

>>Take the Void Cloak
seems like the least out of everything that will screw us over.

Why do i feel the beings are a side product of our stupidity with the mast.

>> No.31290555

>Bright points dot the insides like stars.
but hey that would be nice. Especially considering the task we will be doing soon enough.

I'd still like to talk to the "spirits" at minimum what are the full uses of our item.

>> No.31290566

That's kinda hot

>> No.31290568
File: 45 KB, 594x383, 1276245901292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So these spirits seem like nice, trustworthy dudes.

>> No.31290589

>not our fragmented psyche

>> No.31290621

This just proves that the insane Grandmasters aren't as crazy as people thought.

>> No.31290633

u do relize that they debated if we were insane or not.....

>> No.31290667


What are you, 12?

>> No.31290681

You contemplate for a moment. The ring is right out, you're definitely not up for being haunted for all eternity. The boots seem kind of useless in comparison to the cloak. Sure, they're neat, but the cloak is just... well, it's just better in your opinion. “I'll take the cloak.” You state confidently.

{The clever choice.}
{I always prefer the reckless ones.}
{The reckless ones always die.}

The figure to your left cranes itself forward, offering you the cloak reverently. You take it, draping it over your shoulders. The figures recede, and the light of the altar dims. “What are you? Why are you here?” The words have left your mouth before you'd even thought to utter them. More timidly, you continue. “Why am I the only one who can see you?”

{We are the Guardians of the Vault.}
{We ensure it is used for its proper purpose.}
{Only the insane may understand the mad.}
{And only the mad the insane.}
{But you are not the only one.}
{No, there are many.}
{You must simply know where to look.}

Their voices have a certain finality to them, and as they finish speaking you find yourself replaying their words in your head. Unconsciously echoing that odd, not quite poetic cadence they speak with.

Your questions answered, you retreat. You step swiftly down the stairs to where Suresh is waiting. He stares at you stone faced and unflinching. “Shall we go?” He ask in monotone. In a way, he reminds you of Chryssa as she usually is. He's not as good with body language as she is though. You can tell every fiber of his being wants to run away, and only by force of will is he standing still. “Yes, I think I've got what I needed. They proved quite friendly.”

>> No.31290695

Sounds like something a crazy person would do.

>> No.31290703

The two of you exit the cavern through the doors, which you note Suresh slams shut as forcefully as he can manage. This time when you step through the blackness there is no sensation of falling. Simply a smooth transition from one area to the next. Suresh presses his seal into that same round indentation in the doors and waits for them to seal themselves shut before speaking.

“Mikhael, tell me everything that you saw inside that vault. What did the figures look like?”

>Tell him the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
>Just say they were three, vaguely humanoid figures woven from shadow.
>What figures, Suresh?

>> No.31290730

>>Just say they were three, vaguely humanoid figures woven from shadow.

We should talk to Hayes about them as well.

>> No.31290739

Tell him everything but leave out what the ring itself would do.

>> No.31290741

As long as we never understand what the hell Hayes is talking about or what the Zog our old master was on about were good

>> No.31290749

>>Tell him the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

>> No.31290751

>Tell him the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Include the mask story for the love of god.

>> No.31290761

>Tell him the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

>> No.31290779

>Tell him the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

>> No.31290780

Why, i would like to understand those crazy fuckers.

>> No.31290781

>Tell him the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

>> No.31290786

>What figures, Suresh?
I want to vote for this, because if we accompanied it with a creepy smile he'd probably crap himself. I know that's a bad idea though.

>> No.31290802

>>Tell him the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
tell him the mask shit too

>> No.31290803

>>Just say they were three, vaguely humanoid figures woven from shadow.
He took us into a room promised us shit. That he wasn't even sure he could deliver on.
Seems like he was going to give us something else since we didn't do what he wanted we kind of just did something he wasn't expecting.

>> No.31290835


>> No.31290840

but fuck hayes

>> No.31290842

Apparently we're crazier.

>> No.31290854

>>Tell him the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Tell him about the mask too.

I don't like his deception, pretending he doesn't know what we were talking about at first and then using us as a tool without any warning. Even if he was scared as shit of them, if he thinks he can just use us for his own goals he's got another thing coming.

Yeah it's nice from a "fuck you man" point of view but not at all helpful for us right now.

>> No.31290872

>Tell him the whole truth.
I'll also hold a final destination style vote as well.

To tell him about the mask.

To keep it a secret.

>> No.31290875

>I don't like his deception, pretending he doesn't know what we were talking about at first and then using us as a tool without any warning. Even if he was scared as shit of them, if he thinks he can just use us for his own goals he's got another thing coming.
You lost me on this reasoning, mind telling me how you got there?

>> No.31290902


>> No.31290921

>I don't like his deception, pretending he doesn't know what we were talking about at first and then using us as a tool without any warning.
I think he genuinely had no idea they existed and thought we were crazy, but when we started talking to thin air and artifacts created themselves in response he changed his mind.

Now he thinks we're crazy and knows they exist.

>> No.31290928


>> No.31290943


>> No.31290948


>> No.31290965

He knew they were there, didn't warn us beforehand and kept quiet once we figured it out because he was clearly afraid. He probably knows about them from Hayes or someone else.

I guess that's a possibility but he's getting shiftier by the minute. Not that I think he's out to get us or anything, he just probably has his own agenda.

>> No.31290968


>> No.31290983


>> No.31291022


>> No.31291042

>Tell him about the mask.
Tippity tap tap typin'

>> No.31291045


>> No.31291061

Having fun there?

>> No.31291074

>To keep it a secret

>> No.31291128


Why the heck are you guys so open and trusting?

We've already found out Suresh has ulterior motives, though not against us, and you guys are spilling all the chips to him?

Why should he know anyway? Because he's a Grandmaster or for what other reason? I'm not saying we should hate him, but telling everything is just...wrong, when we barely know him apart from his circumstances that lead to his banishment, and his plotting against one of the Council Lords.
And here we are, telling him about the spice, our life, everything we've ever done. Just, why?

>> No.31291162

/tg/ gets clingy quick.

>> No.31291236

Why did we even tell him about the spice ??

>> No.31291255

Because if he decides to bring us in on his plans and give us free artifacts we stand to gain. The more we help him the likelier it is that happens.

It's not like he's our enemy. If we can't do well for ourselves here we'll just move on and forget about him. Plenty of other places in the world.

Why do you want to burn bridges when you can build alliances?

>> No.31291259

He has been trustable so far, and he is much more likely to know shit about the mask and the figures than anyone else

>> No.31291295

A bit of guilt mixed with him maybe having info on it

>> No.31291333

You rub your eyes wearily. Your head is really starting to hurt. It's a pounding headache at the back of your head, creeping its way forward into your temples. Having three otherworldly figures shouting into your skull probably isn't healthy. You launch into your explanation, starting with the figures and how they looked. You stress that when he walked under one of the figures, its drool clung to him and burned through his robes, even burned his skin, but he didn't seem to notice.

Then you relate everything they said to you or about you in detail. The descriptions of the artifacts. Their banter. He listens with rapt attention, and as you finish your story he raises a hand to his chin contemplatively. “Guardians of the Vault, eh? Perhaps some sort of Rhynian constructs? Perhaps the result, or even the cause, of the Fall of Rhynia? No, that's presumptuous. I'd need more information before jumping so wildly to hypotheses.” You're fairly certain he's talking to himself.

He turns his attention once more to you. “They said you were insane, correct? You seem remarkably normal for a mad man-” You interrupt him here. “I'm insane, not mad. They seemed to make some sort of distinction between the two.” He waves a hand dismissively. “Yes, yes of course. The point I'm getting at though, is what would make you insane yet myself sane? We hardly seem all that different, when you really get right down to it.”

“Well... I do have some inkling of an idea.” He raises an eyebrow expectantly. “You know that ominous looking mask that Hayes keeps in his workshop.” Suresh groans, wiping his hand across his face. “Merciful Pani's sweet tits, tell me you didn't actually put that thing on!” You smile guiltily. “Yeah, yeah. Probably a bad idea. Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Point is... I think I might be sharing my head with something from beyond this world. The spice has made it... worse.”


>> No.31291351

He draws himself up, trying to regain some sort of dignity. “Well, there's nothing for it now. You seem to have it handled.” Some worry enters his voice. Genuine concern for your well being. “You do have it handled, yes?” You cock to your head to the side, thinking. Do you have it handled? “Yeah... I think so. I mean, sorta. It's not anything for you to worry about, Suresh.”

He nods, and the two of you exit the Vault. The wall slides closed behind you, and Suresh clears his throat. “I trust you'll take care of that task I gave you in a timely manner. Preferably by tomorrow evening. It would be best if you left afterwards, at least for a week or two. They'll be looking for the culprit.” You nod, and with that he turns to leave. However, he pauses at the door. “The blueprints will be delivered to your room, you should burn them after you finish planning.”

With that, you're alone in the room with Hayes.
>Return to your room and rest.
>Return to your room and start planning the job.
>Find Profectus and Fulvia before you do anything else.
>Speak with Hayes, maybe he's seen those figures too?

>> No.31291357

I trust him, but that doesn't mean we should automatically spill everything.

It's not about if we CAN tell him, but WHY. He has literally no reason to know about all this, except maybe the spice, and we're helping him either way, knowing about our life and exploits won't be helping him further. You guys just fall for the first person to be amiable to the MC, just like most other Quests, be it a woman (hurr first girl = waifu) or a guy (durr best bros 5ever).

We have no reason to tell him so much. It's not like he asked, nor are we obligated to do so. Can't we just keep secrets to ourselves?

>> No.31291388

Actually, I'm not even sure anyone wants to wiafu Chryssa. It's been sort of refreshing not having Anons constantly spurging out over the first female character.

>> No.31291390

Ask him for our artifact he promised us

>> No.31291393

>>Speak with Hayes, maybe he's seen those figures too?

>> No.31291410

>Speak with Hayes, maybe he's seen those figures too?
Let the insane talk

>> No.31291415

You mean the cloak we're currently wearing on our backs, right now?

>> No.31291416

>Find Profectus and Fulvia before you do anything else

>> No.31291436

Probably because Chryssa seems like a complete unemotional bitch. Should've left her in that ruin to die.

>> No.31291445

>>Find Profectus and Fulvia before you do anything else

You're over reacting dude. There was no harm in telling him.

>> No.31291446

Soma on a scale from 1 to HOLY FUCKING SHIT! how intact is our mind?

>> No.31291464

That was a gift from the figures, not suresh

>> No.31291482

You're fun

>> No.31291512

If the average old Samjan vatis is a 10, and 1 is painfully sane, you're about a... 4 or 5. You can still act normal.

No, that is the artifact. The way the pool would've worked is that you would've leaned over it and said something like.
>"I want something to help me kill that guy."
>"I want boots of blinding speed."
>"I want a muatra."
Et cetera, et cetera and the pool would've either returned an error or presented you with an artifact.

>> No.31291514

You seem like a cool guy.

>> No.31291534

>Speak with Hayes

>Find Prof and Fulvia

We're tied.

>> No.31291548

>Find Prof and Fulvia

>> No.31291560

>Speak with Hayes

>> No.31291566

Throw in another for finding prof and Fulvia

>> No.31291571

>>Speak with Hayes

>> No.31291582

>>Speak with Hayes

>> No.31291586
File: 568 KB, 200x136, Watch the show.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31291594

Just roll for it.

The samefagging has begun

>> No.31291605

Just do final destination voting

>> No.31291608

Rolled 1

>Speak with Hayes
>Find Prof and Fulvia

>> No.31291612

>Speak with Hayes

>> No.31291613


>> No.31291620


>> No.31291623


>> No.31291633

He rolled for it

>> No.31291638

I'll use the roll if final destination reaches a tie.

>> No.31291645


>> No.31291651


>> No.31291655


>> No.31291661


>> No.31291668


>> No.31291692

>Speak with Hayes

>Find Prof and Fulvia

Surprisingly one sided. Writin'

>> No.31291694

>"Do you hear the voices too!?"
please, put it somewhere in the discussion

>> No.31291904

Once you're sure Suresh has left the room, you approach Hayes. You place a hand on his shoulder, and he jumps, whipping around to face you with hammer raised. “Oh! I's jus' you!” He says cheerily. “Shouldn't sneak up on ol' Hayes, friend! Hayes gets jumpy whenever dat dere secret passage gets opened. He can't help it!” You cast him a wary look as he lowers the hammer, and then get to the point of why you wanted to talk to him. “About that secret passageway-” How do you want to phrase this? Fortunately, while you're rolling your wording over in your head he does it for you. “Do you see the figures too?!”

“Yeah! Did they speak to you?” He nods his head vigorously. “They said ol' Hayes was too crazy to be useful! Can you believe that? Hayes isn't crazy at all! He's the sanest group of men in this institution!” You ignore the 'group of men' comment for now, creepy though it is. “They said I was crazy too! Clever, brave, and reckless as well.” Hayes whistles lowly. “Well they forgot humble! Reckless is definitely on the mark though. That means they must have some sorta use for yah in mind!”

>Ask him what else they said to him.
>Tell him about the job Suresh commissioned you for.
>Ask him about the 'group of men' comment.
>Go find Prof and Fulvia

>> No.31291917
File: 67 KB, 550x495, 1396765290367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"I can feel the warp overtaking me!"

>> No.31291925

The coffee is starting to wear off.

I'll get us to a good stopping point and then call it for the night.

>> No.31291929

>Ask him what else they said to him.
Did they offer you gifts or artifacts?

>> No.31291952

>>Ask him what else they said to him.

>> No.31291965


>Ask him what else they said to him.

>> No.31291981

>Ask him what else they said to him.
>Ask him about the 'group of men' comment.

>> No.31291996

>Hayes whistles lowly. “Well they forgot humble!
Damn it, I like Hayes.

>> No.31292017

>What else do the voices tell you!?

>> No.31292043
File: 161 KB, 1024x709, the_hunger_by_xerxan-d19fc6l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.31292312
File: 177 KB, 1190x671, grazelands_by_lukkar-d77a9uw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last pic for the night

>> No.31292338

“What else did they say to you? Anything?” He nods his head vigorously once more. “Yeah! They said Hayes' friends and family were plotting against him, and only by killing them would Hayes be safe!” An awkward silence stretches after that comment, broken by Hayes laughing loudly. “Naw, Hayes is just playin' with yah. They spouted some gibberish about how they wouldn't give Hayes certain artifacts, because Hayes might 'endanger himself unduly'. Apparently they get lonely, y'see. They like havin' someone to screw with. Sittin' abandoned for a thousand years tends to bore the snot outta anyone!”

He nods his head firmly, and as you're opening your mouth to ask another question two students push the door open. You both look over towards them, and one of them, a young woman, draws herself back uncomfortably. The other, a young man, flinches. “Uh... are we interrupting something?” The young man ask. The young woman whispers to him. “Oh gods, why are they smiling like that?! Where is the rest of the tall one?!”

You scrunch up your face in confusion. “Rest of me? I'm all here, last I checked.” You look down at yourself, and find that the cloak's exterior really does make it look like below the neck your body has vanished into the void. If you put the hood up, you'd look like a spot of nothing in reality.

Hayes pushes you insistently towards the door. “Listen' you and Hayes can talk later. He's got students to tend to. Take yer creepy cloak and quit scarin' the customers.”

You're a little offended by the forceful exit, but it's probably for the best. Don't want to go revealing Academy secrets to the students, after all. They might actually learn something about what it means to be a Vatis. Since you can't speak to the 'sanest group of men in this institution' anymore, you decide to contact Profectus through the brooches.

>> No.31292369

{Hey, where are you? We've got a job to discuss.}

He shoots back a moment later with.

{Fulvia is making me a killing on this local card game, can it wait?}

>{Sure, it can wait.}
>{No, and you shouldn't be using her to gamble!}
>{Unfortunately, no. I expect a cut of the profits by the way.}

Thanks for dumping, Anon.

>> No.31292382

>{Unfortunately, no. I expect a cut of the profits by the way.}

>> No.31292394

>{No, and you shouldn't be using her to gamble!}
Before you guys take the third option (and I know you greedy chucklefucks will), consider that we have absolutely nothing to do with Prof gambling or Fulvia going with him. They did it of their own volition, so just let them.

>> No.31292399

>>{Unfortunately, no. I expect a cut of the profits by the way.}

Just claim we were teasing him if he gets too upset.

>> No.31292406

>{Unfortunately, no. I expect a cut of the profits by the way.}
Maximum JEW.

>> No.31292412

>{No, it can't wait.}
Don't pass any judgement on him and Fulvia gambling, and don't try to extort him for money.

>> No.31292424

>{Unfortunately, no. I expect a cut of the profits by the way.}

>> No.31292453

>I expect a cut.

>Don't use her like that!

>It can't wait.


>> No.31292560

{Unfortunately, no. It can't wait.}

There's a long silence, and you start walking back to the suite. Eventually you get his response.

{Fine, we're on our way. Nearly got into a fight trying to ditch out before the hand ended but I talked the fuckers out of it.}

You send back, only half-joking really.

{I expect a cut of the profits, by the way.}

{Pffft, my ass you get a cut of the profits. Not like we used any of your money as betting funds. We're splitting this fifty fifty, me and Fulvia}

You think it's mostly a good natured response, though it's hard to tell through the mental link. You're fairly certain he assumed you were joking.

As you climb the stairs up to your suite, you find yourself coming face to face with that racist prick who shoved you the other day. He starts slightly, the first words out of his mouth being. “By the gods, you look like shit. Not just your skin tone either.”

>Aaand I'll end it there.
>Sticking around briefly for Q&A

>> No.31292576

This guy is going to become our Newman, I can just feel it.

>> No.31292599
File: 63 KB, 223x176, 1351401959115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31292605

call him a faggot
tell him we look like shit because his mother kept us up all night.

>> No.31292611

Question of the day: how can we make it so this guy gets the blame for assassinating Spiros?

>> No.31292628

I like the way you think, anon. I like it a lot.

>> No.31292651

Did he just call us a shitskin?

>> No.31292656

>>Sticking around briefly for Q&A
So was he the water master we faced?

>> No.31292675

>tell him we look like shit because his mother kept us up all night.
Please make this a suggestion for next time.
Soma, also when is the next thread?

>> No.31292687

Hey Soma, might want to update our character sheet with the new metamagic we learned. I think it's missing Ranged and Blast

>> No.31292692
File: 27 KB, 507x509, asdassad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you even need to ask that?

>> No.31292719
File: 540 KB, 550x801, Maximilien Klossner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Archive here.

Who was he? Maximilien Klossner. Pic related is the reference I'm using for him. He'll become relevant again later.

Maaaaybe tomorrow. Probably not. Maybe.

Definitely on Monday, at the usual time.

Shit, you're right. On it.

Still need to do that damned spellbook pastebin.

>> No.31292749
File: 286 KB, 672x1000, Fuckin' Jerk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oooh, was this asshole the water master you faced? No, he's someone completely different. This pic is your asshole neighbor.

>> No.31292752

>Maximilien Klossner
Mind telling us who he is specifically?

>> No.31292780

Ehh, I'd rather give that sort of information during the quest. I don't want it to be a case where you have meta knowledge the character wouldn't know. You might ask around the Academy about him.

>> No.31292797

Thanks for running

>> No.31292803

Eh i figured we would have wanted to know who the guy that will be gunning for our lives are gonna be.

>> No.31292808

Thanks for running

>> No.31292822

Thanks for running, and helping in my insomnia

>> No.31292845

I guess he'll try to outjew us, or build a team of adventurers with that lonely guy to try to kill us.
In the long run we'll discover that he's the son of the woman Suresh was in love with(not his son obviously) just as we're about to kill him.

>> No.31292943

He better drop the matter entirely if he doesn't want to eat that peacock.

>> No.31292999

Holy shit guys, I am still reading but why the fuck would you tell him everything?

>> No.31293016

It gets better

>> No.31293025

It all works out for the best.

>> No.31293078

because it didn't hurt anything

>> No.31293172

So how does the cloak work exactly? Are we talking invisibility or a shadow where our body is?

>> No.31293264

>justifying the action taken of off the results
>even though we wouldn't know the results when we took the action
Anon, do you see the figures too?

>> No.31293335

We knew it wouldn't hurt anything.

There was no reasonable way for that to hurt us.

>> No.31294550


I wasn't here during the quest but didn't Hayes explain us how to de-attune the artifacts? Basically just give them a good whack?

>> No.31294568

Before we do the job and have to skip town can we find that guy we invented wargaming with and legally partner up? We'll invest some money, around 50gold and then be off.
We need to corner the growing market as soon as possible.

>> No.31294684

We spent a whole night hammering things out. Knowing the jew we are, i always assumed that figuring out our share of the profits was like the first thing we talked about.

>> No.31294819

Just want to be sure.
Besides having it on paper would put us on ease. We wouldn't be a proper jew if we just made a deal based on words and a handshake.
AND, don't forget investment of start-up capital.

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