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So, /tg/, I finally watched Heavy Metal last night.

Is there any aesthetic better than hypersexualized space fantasy?

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Now watch Fire and Ice.

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>Produced by Frank Frazetta

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>doo-da dun dun dun do-da-da-da
>doo-da dun dun dun do-da-da-da
>doo-da dun dun dun do-da-da-da
>doo-da dun dun dun badadee-doo-deeeee

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>Western animation for adult audiences will never be a thing

Sure we have avatar, but you don't exactly have a lot of on-screen decapitations or anything. And it does have obvious eastern influences.

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Now Watch Heavy Metal 2000

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There's also not much of an audience for ultramacho shit like Heavy Metal nowadays.

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>There's also not much of an audience for ultramacho shit like Heavy Metal nowadays.

Since when?

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Since the emasculation of America.
No but really I'd love more shit like this.

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Since any studio, and by extension employes of the studio which are in it more for money that making it, that makes it will be harassed to death for sexism. Tumblers have been going nuts and actually getting results.

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I can imagine exactly how this movie was conceived.
>"Let's make a barbarian movie, but instead of Conan it'll be a babe with big tits."
>"No, that's already done. It's called Red Sonja."
>"Hmm... well, what if we set it in space instead?"
Sometimes, the simple ways are best.

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What about the rest of the movie?

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Yes. Every other aesthetic.

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Not my fault you're incapable of handling something not written by a teenager with parental issues.

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I love how the green light is showing the girl all these terrible things, and then I guess he runs out of terrible things, because then he just shows her some guys getting high. In space.

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Stop projecting, man, it's just stupid fun.

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>I guess he runs out of terrible things, because then he just shows her some guys getting high. In space
>Look at my screen
>aliens are doing space drugs and getting blasted out of their minds
>look down at my desk
>I'm doing real drugs

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I'll agree with the stupid, at least.

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That's nice.

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Take your asperger and remove yourself from the premises.

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>tfw I was way too young to have seen this movie and it probably scarred me for life

I had this terrible habit of seeing shit I shouldn't have while in the single-digit ages because my parents owned one of those illegal cable boxes in the 80s and I was a sucker for anything animated.

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Only if you take your terrible taste to the trash bin it crawled from.

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/v/ and/or /mu/ pls go

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Similar ideas.
>Okay, so, a senator gets abducted by robot aliens!
>"Can we have her fuck the aliens and do drugs?"
>Sure, but we still need to link this into the story, otherwise there's literally no reason to include it other than sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.
>"Well, we've got that glowy green thing as a major plot device, right? Just put that in the background."

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I saw Chucky in theatres when I was 7

It fucked me up for life.

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But...but the art anon.

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Wasn't that Barabrella?

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If you didn't know, the stories are based off of the ones found in Heavy Metal magazine

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My favorite thing about this is how fucking colorful and weird everything looks.

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Was the Loc-Nar in each of them?

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Christ. For me it was Heavy Metal and then Pink Floyd's The Wall.

I'm such a puss I can't watch any horror movie unless it's animated.

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Nope, the Loc-Nar was just for the movie I'm pretty sure

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Then you can freely imagine the brain-storming session for writing another sketch to put into the movie as one writer pitching one of the comics to the director.

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I don't really understand where you're going with this.

I wasn't trying to invalidate you or anything, just thought you might be interested to know where the stories really came from

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Thank you for reminding me.

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> too young to have seen this movie
I know that feel. Pic related.

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>Motherfucking WIZARDS

I watched this movie like two days ago. Avatars final spell always gets me

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Is this just called Wizards?

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>epic battle of the magi
"Here's a little trick mom showed me when you were out...."

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Yes. Get it, watch it, love it.

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Venture Brothers? Rick and Morty?

Western animation aimed at adults exists, it just doesn't tend to be shounen epic adventure shit, and obviously isn't nearly as prolific as japanese animes. Also Avatar wasn't for adults, it was a kids show.

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Explain what you mean by "for adults".
It it just sex and blood you're after, or what?

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I remember watching Wizards when I was five years old and was confused as to why the fairy princess made my pants tight.

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