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>Watch your Investments
>Fire Macrocanons
>Conserve Concubines
>And never, EVER cut a deal with the Ruinous Powers

So how are your endeavors progressing?
How far has your crew fallen to Chaos?
How many cute xenos have you bedded recently?

And does anyone have any suggestions for the stats or rarity of a Valkyrie? My players want to equip a personal bodyguard of drop troops... For that extra edge in "negotiations".

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>How many cute xenos have you bedded recently?

Is it so hard for people to not be so lolrandumb and play the game as it was meant to be played instead of a fetish sim?

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I call it the bioware effect.

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>And does anyone have any suggestions for the stats or rarity of a Valkyrie?

I found the Valkyrie Skytalon variant rules in Warpstorm 2: Citadel of Skulls.
Pic related.
It is the support variant, so just make it more combat oriented - replace the vehicle carrying with some transport capacity for, say, 10 people and stick a bit more weaponry on it and you're golden.

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Yeah that line doesn't work
At all
Please don't ever try that again

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>Rogue Trader

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Its Rogue Trader... its supposed to be lolrandumb.

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It's Rogue Motherfucking Trader.
If you're not sleeping with hot aliens, smoking weed refined from dealy sapient plant-creatures, and doing flips on your solar-windsurfer then you're sorely missing out.

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Posting it before someone asks, and before the arguing

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Been having fun with Rogue Trader group. I wrote up a bunch of information, made my own star system, came up with stats for a dozen or so indigenous species (sapient and otherwise), collected a hundred plus randomly rolled artifacts and developed a greater plot that my group could pursue.

On the second session we tossed all that out the window and my group is now hunting game (read, warpspawned jungle creatures) in SpaceAfrica with notBritishColonials. The reward is a genuine pre Imperial pith cap and the amount of intrigue, bloodshed and sheer petty rivalry has been fantastic to behold.

TL;DR: Players want pith not plot.

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Good supplement, that's how our Rogue Trader ended up getting a Praetorian as a personal bodyguard. Good story

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No, it was a Vargard. Crap

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yeah, in many cases, PCs (especially in more open ended games like RT) wanna do their own thing.

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>do their own thing.
That's what makes it so great in our opinion.

We loved our mute seven foot tall tower of Necrodermis Jack.

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Could probably handle a lot more than ten.

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>Vargard Jack

Story pls

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I've been dying to play a game of rogue trader for a year and a half. I have a good amount of books, but never got to play because people absolutely hate new players apparently, my email in field if anyone wants to throw me a bone. I just want to enjoy a game of anything at this point

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a) Playing RT as lolrandumb is not mandatory and with the right players it can be quite "serious" game.
b) Bedding xenos is not necessarily lolrandumb.

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Right, but Rogue Trader at its most sedate is still going to generally be viewed as atrocious fluff rape by purists.

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That's the sad part. It's only a matter of time before the fluff purists descend on the thread and inform us that we are in fact having fun incorrectly and ruining the setting.

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The fluff purists are too autistic to realize there is more to the setting than shouting FOR DAH EMPRAH at the top of their lungs, so they can get bent.

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Or maybe we feel respecting the setting where there is no hope is its own reward? If I wanted cuh-razy I'd play Time Wizards.

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Someone actually allowed a Necron character?

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>Or maybe we feel respecting the setting where there is no hope is its own reward?

>Has never heard of 1st and 2nd edition
>Thinks grimderpness is compelling

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I haven't been attacking you.

Besides, 1e and 2e are over. They died with the '80s. What we have is what we have to deal with.

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You mean newcrons that can be talked to, Abnett novels and shit that shows there'd be hope without the inquisition fucking up?

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>mfw a new book was announced to be in the planning stages

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Is it that you cannot accept any game or story of WH40k which isn't grimdark? What you have to understand is that RT games are pretty grimdark, just mainly for the NPCs.

The Rogue Trader and their inner circle are some of the richest and most powerful people in the setting, they have it easy and can indulge on whatever whims they have while their crew is being exploited. They go around the edges of Imperium exploiting the locals and stealing/trading anything valuable. Some do it for themselves others might be motivated by their loyalty to the Imperium (in my game the RT was a ecclesiarchy member who was given the warrant so that he would be removed from the powerstruggle in the church.)

>But mah hopeless setting...
If they made a political simulator rpg where people fight for the positions of Lords of Terra would you still complain that the nobles aren't covered in shit all the time?

The 1% who are doing well in the Imperium are doing well. They have their own threats and even RT players can die but they sleep in luxurious beds and wield the finest weapons money can buy AND have a private army and ship(s) to defend themselves with because that is how RTs work in the fluff as well.

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You know, I've known two people who have *tried* to run Rogue Trader. After one episode each they found themselves forced to bring in DMPC Inquisitors and whatnow. It is so very unfortunate.

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>After one episode each they found themselves forced to bring in DMPC Inquisitors and whatnow.

The inq has as much jurisdiction on Rogue Traders as it does on SM chapters. Also having a party dodging the inquisition can make for a hilarious campaign.

My next campaign will probably have two tickers related to the inq.

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Yes, but turning the game into Dark Heresy ft. Starship? That is what they did, because they told me they couldn't handle all the options.

They've since abandoned the 40k systems and gone back to DnD / PF.

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Actually I think the inquisitor does have power over Roque Traders, WHEN IN IMPERIAL TERRITORY. They are pretty much the opposites that the RT is the Emperors representative when outside the Imperium and has almost unlimited freedoms (depending on the warrant, the newer warrants have more restrictions) while the Inquisitor can take control of vast resources and powers inside the Imperium.

The RT might lose their properties in the Imperium but they can always just GTFO to the Koronus expanse or other such place to escape the Inquisitions wrath. (Though even there some assassins or forces might be sent after them)

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Mostly it comes down to how powerful the two individuals are. A top grade Rogue Trader would probably require an Inquisitor getting tapes of him having sex with Daemonettes to get anything on him, and even then might get away with blackmail.

RTs are really stupidly high in the imperial pecking order.

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But your recent games also had the inquisition ordering people about too...

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Well, my last game had no inquisition at all, being only xenos pcs. Unless you're talking about the game before that, which was a result of a number of problems and misinterpretations reaching a head, a long story in itself which I doubt people wish to hear again.

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In deffwotch and squat crusade is what I was referring to, havent seen any of your threads about the homebrew stuff. Kinda underwhelmed by how it kinda negates the acquisition system and how the social skills aren't readily accessible early on.

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Well, in Deffwotch they were more intercepting cries for help than taking orders from people (I doubt they would have listened even if orders were given), and in Squat Crusade they didn't even have a warrant until later, real "orders" being given only once or twice, and then got moved to "suggestions" as soon as they got the warrant.

>Kinda underwhelmed by how it kinda negates the acquisition system and how the social skills aren't readily accessible early on.

That seems to be one of the biggest complaints people had about it. To be honest, the whole reason I did it that way was because in multiple games I had a player or two who sunk xp into certain weapon training talents and builds, and then kept failing to find / buy the requisite gear. Wasn't very fun for them, and I felt bad. So some things like Drones or light battlesuits, career-important gear mainly, are issued at high rank where people would be blinged out appropriately anyway.

As for the social stuff, yeah that's a legitimate complaint. I focused on making the careers combat-capable above social-capable, and a few of them probably suffered as a result. Then again, if you're playing a xenos, you probably weren't much for the social game anyway, or at least that was my train of thought.

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That is kind of the reason why it's a bad idea to base a character around an item rather than, you know, make a character. Not everything is going to come up every time, but if it does then you're prepared. How shit are the majority of your players? The game is not supposed to be about the gear, it's supposed to be about the characters.

How long have you had this mentality too? I mean you seem to basically be writing and running custom deathwatch most of the time, which is fine, but you may just want to switch systems to something that better suits your run style.

I don't mean to sound harsh with this, I'm legitimately curious how you arrived at the conclusion to value builds more than characters. In all honesty it didn't seem to be that way in the first game you ran.

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The problem arises that they'll be over-equipped compared to any humans in the party. It's a system unbalancing issue, that's all.

Additionally, if they don't have any social skills pertaining to business starting, how are they going to find and barter for gear? That's a bit part of the game that just doesn't exist in yours. You might want to make sure to take into consideration that not everyone house rules half of the acquisition process away.

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Well you dont NEED the certed gear, I just felt it would be helpful. By the time a battlesuit cert comes up, for instance, people are probably rocking lathe forged tanksuits and whatnot.

I can probably respond better and actually answer your concern when its not 4am.

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Highlights of the game I'm running include:
-Rogue Trader, Missionary and Arch-Militant biting it while repelling an Ork invasion on Damaris.
-Astropath accidentally summoning a lesser demon during a fight with the Death Cult Assassin that the Arch-Militant bled out fighting against, then immediately learning how to shoot lightning from whispers through that same warp incursion to kill said demon.
-Seneschal who was sucked out the ship's observation dome into the Warp returning to take up the mantle of Rogue Trader for the party. He now speaks fluent Eldar (of a dialect even Eldar find odd because of its antiquity), has non-blatant cybernetic arms and one-half of a matched pair of Mirror Blades and a funny feeling that he's really not going to like what happens when he finds the other one.
-Said Rogue Trader screaming "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice" at a wall while fighting a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, promptly fulfilling the summoning requirements for an actually quite amicable Great Unclean One of Nurgle.

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>-Said Rogue Trader screaming "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice" at a wall while fighting a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, promptly fulfilling the summoning requirements for an actually quite amicable Great Unclean One of Nurgle.

Still extra heretical

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what would you lot say is an "equivilent" amount of XP for a DH conversion character to have in a lvl 1 campaign? been thinking of letting a player go with one of those classes but it seems like 5k xp for an arbite or guardsman is a hell of a lot more in advances and whatnot than 5k xp for a rogue trader or void master

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Converting DH characters to RT?

Short answer: don't do it.

Long answer: even if you give them 0 xp to start, DH characters will swiftly outscale the RT ones due to their lower costs of advances. It can get severely out of control in the midgame.

Want someone to play an Arbites? File off the 'arch-militant' on the arch-militant class and call it an Arbites, with some minor changes to their advancement here and there. Barring that, if you *must* make a conversion, my advice would be to have them generate stats like RT PCs, go through the origin path as normal, and then increase the XP on their Ranks and Talents to RT levels.

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>Moving RT characters to DH
Don't. Despite the claim in the books that there's equivalency, due to the "dead xp" you can't really make a comparison.

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Fair enough, guess i'll just have to do a whole custom advance scheme if I wanted to do that.

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>That is kind of the reason why it's a bad idea to base a character around item rather than make a character.

Gear is independent of character. It's my personal view that if a player isn't worrying about their build, then they can put more effort into making a believable character. One example is the Combat Engineer in my game - as she got issued drones she ended up treating each of them like family, with names and everything. I thought it was kind of funny.

Regarding this "mentality," it's always been there. The archives don't show it because I've always glossed over the mechanics to get the story of what happened across. I usually don't say "He stacked three bonuses, two pieces of gear, and a weapon upgrade then rolled 5 DoS on the shot," (which sometimes is the case) I tend to say "He pulled out his gun and unloaded at the enemy." I smooth it over to remove boring mechanical details.

A build is separate from a character. "Rank 6 Combat Engineer with Missile, Gun, Shield Drone, Tech Use +20, and Ion Rifle with Laser Sight, Stabilizer, and extended stock" is a build. "Slightly insane engineer who treats her drones as children and revels in destruction" is a personality. They are the same character.


Other than the Eldar Paths (Which I will stand by since it says in the novels that initiates are issued their gear), I honestly don't think it's that bad. By the time some of the talents come up at rank 6-8 for most careers, your fellow players should have pretty good gear themselves. I mean, an Autocannon is only Very Rare, and everyone raves about that weapon, especially after 500 xp of bulging bicep. It's also far better than some of the certs.

>how are they going to find and barter for gear?

Out of five official xenos careers (Ork Freeboota, Ork Weirdboy, Kroot, DE Kabalite, DE Wych), only two (Freeboota, Kroot) have Barter at Rank 1-2, and upgrade it sporadically. None have Commerce. By that logic, how does a Kabalite barter for gear?

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>an Autocannon is only Very Rare

It's only Scarce in Dark Heresy, and more powerful too. Weird how that works out.

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