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I absolutely adore attaching a quote or quotes to my character sheets. I feel that it can tell you a lot about their personality and attitude. Even if they're just ripped off from other works.

Can we come up with any great ones for any sort of character idea or class? I still have a large amount of crew who need their own phrase.

Pic related, my current character, pretty much a less sex oriented Zapp Brannigan.

"If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate."

"In the game of Chess, you must never let your opponent see your pieces."

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The Technician, Soldier and Navigator

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Great one from a recent session:

"Of course we did good. We're the good guys. We always do good. We just didn't do well."

And a few others from other characters in the game.

"Service is its own reward."

"You presume to defy me. Such hubris warrants destruction. Unfortunately, it does not warrant the mercy of a swift death. You must suffer."

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"If God had wanted you to live, he wouldn't have created me!"

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

"A broken mind is more than enough for the likes of you!"

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"Not on my watch"
"Time is, in many way, like the will of men: unconsistent, unfocused, and easy to manipulate for the one who know the right tool"

Prideful Military Genius:
" When they'll ask you where is your god, point at me."
"Know yourself, and know your ennemy. Then, spend the rest of your life trying to understand me, and perhaps, perhaps, victory will be in your reach."

"Never forget: A wizard is a phenomenal nexus of cosmic power in a mortal body. Your duty is to remind them of the "mortal" part."

"I was here when this kingdom was created. I will not tolerate to be there when it is destroyed because of your foolishness!

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"Well, I did a lot of bad things during my time as a mercenary, so I've decided to go pro bono."

"I really have no idea what's going on, so i'm going to start punching people until either everyone here is knocked out or things make sense."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shoot that horse. I swear I thought it was a person."

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"I should have let you die in Constantinople."

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Stolen from Fire Emblem, but it fit my paladin pretty well.

"If we surrender now, our defeat is assured. So we will continue to fight, and we might yet prevail!"

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>have you tried turning it on and back off again

Oh man, best tech support line ever. Dude's in a mecha battle against horrible monsters from outer space, calls up the guy who made his robot. "IT'S NOT WORKING HOW DO I FIX THIS"

And that's the first thing the technician says.

And it helps!

Later on:
>"Uh, okay, press switches 15, 24, 36, and 2, in that order, then press the big red button that says "do not press" and pray."
>"It's not working!"
>"Well then you're not praying hard enough!"

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Rolled 56

"The best defense is a good battleaxe." My level 1 wizard after running out of spells, picking up said weapon and double critting its previous owner to death with an attack of oppurtunity.

He waster a feet of proficiency for it and had it made spell storing. The quote was then etched on the blade in draconic.

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The archmage quote seems more suited to an eerily intelligent fighter that slays spellcasters. Just my opinion.

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"Elves sticks arrows in crazy
Paladins stick swords in crazy
Bards stick dicks in crazy

That's how the world works son."

One of my favourites, courtesy of a nameless /tg/ anon.

In fact, I have a whole file full of qoutes and various stuff. I'll post some shortly.

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I love the Chronomancer "Not on my watch"

Some more crew quotes I have so far for the game

"Cutie, reporting for duty!"

"See that cute little thing? It'll eat your face!"

"I'm 0k with a lot of things..."

"God never said anything about kneecaps...AIM LOW!"

"Gotta go fast!"

"Fear me...but follow!"

Engineer (with robotic arm)
"My right arm is a lot stronger than my left."

"You wouldn't believe the things people throw away."

"You want me to wear THAT?!??"

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In case anyone was wondering, the game is a homebrew my friends and I made, basically a mix of 40k, Space Station 13, Red November (board game), and the Soviet Union.

I've written a bunch of fluff for it, all pretty light hearted, which is how my players like it and it makes it more fun to think up in my opinion. Will post some of the full crew bios including quotes if anyone's interested

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"Anti-intellectualism at its boldest and most embarrassing, Ranek. Well done." Our group's wiz as the warrior decided to burn the library full of occult knowledge, and in doing so set free a whole pack of devils.

"Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness." Our druid. Chill motherfucker that he is. I believe that one is a real life quote though.

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Listen up you psychotic cultist fuck. You are going to unshackle me and give me my guns back or I will SHOVE A LIVE GRENADE DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT.

Got my GM to recoil a bit with that one.

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>"My right arm is a lot stronger than my left."
Is the robotic the left one or the right one? Because it could be both ways and that would be very different characters.

Some cool insults from 7 sea:

“So shall we fight with blade or wit? I suggest for your sake we choose steel, as you can at least borrow a blade.”

“I would take you on in a battle of wits, but as a gentleman I could not attack an unarmed man.”

“I like the front of your coat. Shame I never see it when there’s a fight.”

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The robotic arm is the strong one

(In game it allows you to automatically tear open locked doors without rolling for success)

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"Of course I'm not going to die. One such as me could never be so selfish as to deny the lowly peasants their chance to bask in the divine radiance and unfathomable glory of my being! No, I say! All the world must be allowed to gaze upon my most humble self, and stand in awe! Truly, this is what they have been waiting their entire lives for, and you expect me to take it away from them by doing something so silly as dying!?"

That was a fun character. A single sentence quote was never going to be big enough for him. He kept adding titles to himself, and I ended up with a full page of A4 consisting solely of titles he had collected.

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From a vampire LARP that recently started up, when someone was trying to profess themselves the right person to be elected to a job:

"Your words are honeyed, but I know not yet whether for their own sake or to hide the stench of your breath."

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Rolled 58

"What are you going to do, stab me?"

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Soldier Background and Bio

Quote: "If God had wanted you to live, he would not have created me!"

Big, mean and scary, this is my self-insert character in the game.

Less trigger happy than the Gunner, but far more deadly, the Soldier is a violent, angry, veteran of dozens of battles across the universe. His job on the ship is to defend against hostile boarding parties and assisting with security.

When not on duty, he can generally be found in the bar, attempting to out drink the Engineer. He has strong contempt for the Captain, whom he considers to be too young and inexperienced to deserve his respect.

The Soldier, like the Gunner, begins the game with a rifle, a non consumable weapon granting a +2 to combat rolls. He also has a grenade, which can be tossed for 2 AP to instantly deal 2 hit points of damage to everyone in an adjacent tile, once per game.

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There's one quote that my Rogue Trader is renowned for across the sector.
It's the most powerful weapon at his disposal.
It has become almost like a running joke amongst everyone playing.
They are the magic words with which he wins everything.

"How would you like to join my crew?"

With it, he has converted people sent to kill him into loyal crewmen.
He's enlisted the captains of vessels that could not prevail where his ship thrived.
He has recruited a squad of Space Marine scouts, even after the arch-militant killed one of them during the conversation.
He's exploited bureaucratic loopholes to gain the services of a Space Marine Veteran Sergeant for a decade.
He's become the leader of a considerable force of Orks.
Even the former Inquisitor whom he used to serve under as part of an acolyte cell has become one of his officers.

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I forgot to cut the rules bonuses, doh

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That sounds exactly how a rogue trader should be played

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Or a self-aware wizard.

>"Yep. Lichdom's an option, but there's a chance I might get cut in half by a dickass in the meantime. Gotta remember to be nice to the wall of meat and the sticky-fingered other wall of meat."

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needless to say we didn't get payed.

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>Our bard/inventor after placing explosives on a dam's structural weak-points
"Thar she blows! Run for the hills, the high ground is king!"

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When my character was introduced to the halfling thief, the ranger chimed in with this gem.
"Your name is Bodo? Have you no dignity?"
"Heh, dignity. That could be a halfling stripper name."

There have also been some moments like pic related but nothing too terribly memorable.

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>World of Darkness
>Other players roll retired military, cops, etc.
>I'm a student
>From Japan
>That transferred to America because Harvard, motherfuckers

"Ooooh, is just like the movies!"

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Stealing this

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I had one line come out of a game just recently. A bit of context:

We MIGHT have had reason to believe an old soldier-turned-farmer had information regarding a cult of necromancers. Or ghosts. Or something. It wasn't clear. Each player in turn, most of whom were really new to TRPG type stuff, took turns trying to muscle a word out of him. It wasn't working. I just had my Alchemist stoking the fire in the corner of his cabin.
"Alright. That's enough. This is going nowhere. Everyone out."
Everyone leaves the cabin but the old soldier, tied to the ground. I pull a burning log from the fire. Undeterred, he says:
"I been tortured before. By better men than you."
"Oh, I doubt that." I say walking up and crouching down right next to him.
"There are no men better than me."
I tossed then log into the corner of the room and just walked out. He broke a few minutes before his house did.

Cheesy as hell. But what fun.

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"If you not here when I get back, break you legs. I mean, I not break you legs, you break own legs." -Barbarian that enslaved the whole party, 1st ed. AD&D

"These are the finest servants the imperium has to offer." *static hiss* "That was a question." -first words out of the party techpreist, Dark Heresy

"Sweety, I know I taught you how to stab better than that!" -Middle aged woman being stabbed to death by her own son, COC

"Steal my time machine, will you!?" -Grover Cleaveland, Fiasco

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"Kill the body and the head will die!"
"If I want shit from you, I'll pick out of your teeth!"
"I stole her heart...and her watch."

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I'm playing that character as a cavalier in AD&D

"Left? No, we can't go left because I'm always right."

"Dying is for cowards."

"I am the biggest, therefore you're wrong."

"Hey baby, wanna check out my Heavy Lance? It works even better on horseback."

"I'd rather fight naked than wear leather armour!"
>"Olen, you are naked."

"The only people I don't trust are dead."
>"What about those monsters."
"I trust that they're going to die very shortly."

"I never look at the ground. The ground is where peasants walk."

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"I don't know about you, but I've never actually had *insert monster we just killed* meat before."

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I'm interested.

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Captain Background and Bio

Quote: "In the game of Chess, you can never let your adversary see your pieces."

He may well be called Captain, but the title brings with it all the prestige and responsibility of some kind of fucking man child kindergarten teacher. Having spent his entire life training for this, his first command, the Captain tries to be inspiring and motivational to his crew.

Unfortunately, most of this just serves to make him a figure of ridicule for his crew. The Captain faces disrespect and insubordination on a daily basis and is pretty lenient with dealing with it, it's not like they're running a warship or anything.

The Captain always goes first, and can place moral authority on the other crew to follow his orders. Yeah, right.

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I really enjoyed all of those, thank you!
It's an enjoyable character archetype to play I think, allowing me to act far more confident and reckless than I am in real life

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Biologist Background and Bio

Quote: "See that cute little thing? It'll eat your face!"

OK this character art is so god damned kawaii.

The Biologist may look cute, but don't let your guard down! Her sweet smile hides a mischievous and dangerously curious nature. Often found roaming the ship when she's meant to be on duty, or exploring the vents with her friend, the Navigator.

Her job is to cultivate exotic alien plants and small animals in the Bio-Dome, as well as working as an assistant to the Doctor. Her knowledge of bizarre herbs and enthusiasm for causing trouble have made her into a master prankster.

The array of herbal recipes and drugs she carries give the Biologist an extra action point per turn. She can also choose to give an extra action point to anyone who starts their turn in a room with her.

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Pilot Background and Bio

Quote: "Gotta go fast!"

Barely alive unless she's at the cockpit of a shuttle, the Pilot is a daredevil first, and functioning, useful member of the crew second. She believes that if you have to go anywhere, you may as well do it fast enough to break multiple traffic laws.

Her fiery need for speed is shared by the Gunner, and they occasionally go for joyrides on the stations lifeboat craft. She hates the Officer for being such a killjoy, and the Captain for being too cowardly to ride with her.

The Pilot can commandeer a small pod to move from any of the lifeboats into the hangar bay. This move costs 2 action points.

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Resident smartass tried hitting on someone, resulted in us busting our tits laughing.

>"Just so you know, I'm into girls, so you won't get anything out of me."
>"I didn't wanna get anything out of you, I wanted to get something IN you."

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I managed to leave the rules effects on each of the characters so far. fuck

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Master of the Forge to Chapter Master:
"We're all a little mad, my lord. Some of us just choose to put our madness to use."

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"What. Could. Go. Wrong."
Dead serious, with each word punctuated by leaning closer and never breaking eye contact.

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For a barbarian character of mine:
"We'll make a Hunter out of you yet."
"If you [slit his throat], I saw nothing."

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From my pilot character, while being attacked in a flying airvan. She threw a turret out of the door, attached it to the side of the van. Turret shreds the entire enemy team in a single round.
"Took care of it. Sorry about the shaking."

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Quotes for my current characters:

"It's true, you can and probably will outsmart me. But I bet you will have a hard time outsmarting Bullet."
>Heavy as a Timelord War Veteren (It's a really odd but fun game)

"Only prey fears something as common as death. Now run, coward. Run away from the superior predator"
>Half-Orc Hunter/Tracker, who is a bit jaded from the sheer number of times he's come withing an inch of death.

"Alright, now that that's done, who wants to go for ice cream?"
"Fool! You know not whom you trifle with. I've ripped the gods from the Firmament and taken their place, what chance do you have?"
>Overthrown and depowered Evil Overlord in an extradimensional prison. Needs two quotes because one is how they act around the party, and the other is inner monologue.

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For my Wizard in a Savage Worlds custom setting:

"You seem to be laboring under the impression that I actually care."

For my Supernatural Hunter in Dresden Files:

"Courage is not the absence of fear. You need fear to survive. Courage is conquering your fear and making it work for you."

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>NPC nobleman that the other PCs have had it out for since they first met him, and for reasons unknown at that
>They think he's responsible for the latest plot twist and spend a lot of time and effort on cornering him
>Which is to say that they hire a bunch of cutthroat mercenaries to accompany them while they kick down the front door, because that's how we roll

"... You have my attention."

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>upon being told it would cost 500 shmeckles to hired a necessary npc
>"Oy-vey! That's too much good goyem! How about 200 shmeckles"
"Fine I like you, so I'll charge half, 250 shmeckles"
>"Look I like you too good goyem, so I'll offer half. 100 shmeckles!"
"What?! No way, I know when im being taken, that's it 500 shmeckles!"
>"Free? My goyem how generous!"

The DM then called for a roll, I chose my diplomacy against his intelligence he works for free for me now

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"Dear Diary, I wasn't very angry today... AND IT MADE ME ANGRY!"

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This one wasn't a Character quote but it was from me about my character.

"Is ANYONE in this whole campaign ever going to be sexually attracted to me?!"

Me, on the Charming Trait (+1 Diplomacy/Bluff against people attracted to you) for my Swashbuckler in my Pathfinder game before realising what I just said.

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Mortal in New World of Darkness.

>"This is going to be the best. Day. EVER!"

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should use that charisma of his to find himself a succubus. Or the campaign equivalent

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He has a pet catgirl
>inb4 magical realm

It's not sexual, that would be bestiality, gosh
Just a stroke behind the ears or a tummy rub

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That poor fool, doesn't he now the universe hates him?

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'You need to learn to let go. No, no, LISTEN TO ME. You need to let go. Let go and buy a throw pillow.'

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"It's not Rigor mortis it's definitely magic" - Skye 2014

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>My wizard right before blowing someones brains out with a revolver
'I am the mightiest wizard in the world, now taste my fire!'

>Same wizard, (who mainly does telekinesis) to his crush (our boss)
'I can move everything in the world, why can't I move your heart?!'

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HAHA! Time for SKYCRIME! - Rey Swiftfoot, commander of the South Farthing Irregulars and their mighty airship the Gaff Zeppelin.

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"Psh, like I want anything to do with crazy politics. I'm just here to make friends and redeem evil. And I'm all out... of... friends?"

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Edge of the Empire:
"Card games on speeder bikes? Hey, crew, did you hear that? Card games on speeder bikes!"

"Wait, did you just steal a Missile Boat? Is that a jamming beam bolted to the top?"

Delta Green (Our DM just finished marathoning Madoka Magica):
"By God, that thing is--"

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>Group's been together forever
>Additional players have come and gone, core still remains
>Pretty familiar with each other's shit

>Group is on a boat that got hit with a storm
>Navigator's found impaled on a bottle of rum

"Shit. Anyone else know how to work an astrolabe?"
>Barbarian raises a hand
>"Anyone else? I really don't want to hit any continent aside from the one we're aiming for."
>Captain chimes in "We're lost in the middle of the ocean. There's nothing to even hit out here."
>Entire table pause for two seconds
>Everyone simultaneously mimics the sound of a ship crashing into an island

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>While bound and gagged, trying to communicate with the party
"Gurgle, Gurgle... Garl Glittergole."

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