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Blizzard/Warcraft Orcs
-Big, heavy built humanoids, usually as tall or taller than humans
-Have bright green skin
-Have Boar like Tusks
-Live in small tribal bands with Shamen, mostly build tents from bone, hide and wood
-Usually independent
-Mostly armed with heavy axes, cleavers and things to that effect and wooden shields, rarely any range weapon beyond throwing axes and spears
-Usually wears little clothing and armor.
-Fight in loose mobs

Lord of the Rings style Orcs
-Human size or slightly smaller 1.8 to 1.4 meters, often are hunched over
-Dull Green, Brown and Grey skin, generally lumpy
-Sharp jagged teeth, but not huge tusks
-Live in larger clans, sometimes even able to build cities, can build with stone and brick
-Industrious and crafty with a better grasp of mechanisms and devices
-Often, though not always, under the influence of some external power (wizard, dark lord, demon, whatever)
-Uses a variety of weapons usually including scimitars, spears, daggers, halberds, maces and axes, as well as shields. Can use ranged weapons.
-More likely to wear armor, generally fully clothed
-Can fight in disciplined formations and use complex tactics.

Of these two types of Orcs, which do you prefer?

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LOTR Orcs, just because they really give you the sense of "these are horrible, evil creatures that can swarm over you and wreck lives in an instant."

Funnily enough I'd actually say they're more menacing, despite being technically frailer.

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Blizzard/Warcraft Orcs are big and direct about things.

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tend to prefer "savage but not evil" orcs

but then, I would just replace the always chaotic evil orcs with demons or something.

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you can use goblins for that

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Goblin is another word for Orc in Tolkien's work and are used somewhat interchangeably.

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My Orcs kind of blend both.

They tend to have the LotR sense of industry and tendency towards cruelty and organization, but with a bit of the tribal and religious nature of the Blizz model. I sort of theme them on Reconquista Spain - a bunch of smaller tribes united by their desire for revenge and spiritual unification after being oppressed.

Physically, I do tend to take the leathery but human-sized vibe, somewhere between LotR and Elder Scrolls

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When I DM, I usually prefer my Orcs to be more Bliz/War than Tolkien, making them a little better for PCs to play, if they feel so inclined.

The LOtR Orcs I stylize as goblins. They're the henchmen, the random pack you find in a cave, etc, with the Orc Orcs being more nomadic tribes, similar to the Dothraki.

Sometimes I

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Sometimes I don't finish posts.

But I meant to say, sometimes, I like to set it so that the more civilized Orcs live within society, or have their own towns/camps, while the lesser Orcs behave more bestially, living in packs or serving greater evils, whichever applies, but with no genetic difference from the social Orcs.
This of course makes all Orcs suspect to other races

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I like a mix to be honest since both sides have really interesting traits.

My ideal Orcs I've been using so far:
-Big, heavy built humanoids, usually as tall as humans
-Have brown, red, to black skin.
-Have boar like tusks, floppy ears, with "jowels" and bulldog like faces.
-Live in larger clans, sometimes even able to build cities, can build with stone and brick
-Industrious and crafty with a better grasp of mechanisms and devices
-Usually independent and under the leadership of an Orc or Ogre
-More likely to wear armor, generally fully clothed
-Can fight in disciplined formations and use complex tactics.

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I'm going with the dark horse on this one, I'm in firm support of the pig orc

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Obould plz

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Both have their strengths, shortcomings and place.

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Hobgoblins have more in common with LOTR Orcs nowadays than modern orcs do.

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I see blizzard orcs as a more developed barbarian culture.

The LOTR orcs are cool, but they're really one dimensional. There isn't a mating, because they're all just dead twisted elves. There isn't any culture, besides production of wicked weapons and makeshift armor and attacking things, and individually they're not that smart and comically aggressive. They're pretty much like every black-clothed faceless bad guy in every Jonny Explosion action movie, except its not taboo to show their faces because they're technically not "human" so watching them get ripped apart is ok.

If the warcraft orc concept was taken a bit further, 'matured' so to speak from the WoW culture. This is what I would see
>Agricultural peoples who participate in ritualized hunting
>View animals primarily as a food source
>Have entire mythology for spirits of animals in their environment
>Likely spiritualistic, seeing dualities in nature
>Dualities interpreted as Core Identities of the Orc mind; the warrior and the builder
>The warrior is the desire to hunt, to kill and achieve victory in combat, while the builder is the urge to construct homes and useful tools and raise a family
>These 'deities' are interpreted as opposites, equally valuable, equally powerful
>Over generations this idea transforms back and forth between 2 deities and naturalistic dualities
>This logic affects orc lifestyle, behavior, and culture
>Close appreciation for nature, plants, trees
>Shaman encourage use of psychedelics to achieve trances and entheogenic experiences
>Subculture of worship and spell casting dedicated to these substances
>Warlocks offer a taste of dark magic that doesn't quite scare orcs, in fact, they find it perversely entertaining
>Where this kind of 'darker' magic would 'lead them' is not a general concern
>Parents are generally responsible, physically close, and live in mutualistically beneficial familial and friend groups
>Children are given free reign to explore the world by 6

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I like Elder Scrolls/Warcraft style orcs better because tribal societies are easier to fit into a setting than big industrious orc nations. With the latter you have to think about all the sociological and technological impact on the world, but you can plunk down a village of green barbarians on the map just for the sake of an encounter, no problem.

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For my own setting, I'm trying to take fantasy races and turn them into sort of prototypes for ethnolinguistic groups. I had the idea for a sort of Orco-Goblinoid version of Indo-European. In a very loose historical sense, Goblins were going to correspond with the Celts (once prosperous and spread throughout the continent, reduced to very few groups that are endangered by their neighbors), Orcs were going to be Germanic, Hobgoblins were Slavs, then probably Bugbears are either Greeks or Romans or probably a mix of the two since I'm not going exactly 1:1 and their cultures were going to be different anyway.

Within each race, there's different subraces that have their own kingdoms with distinct identities, so, Northern Orcs would have multiple tribes and maybe even multiple kingdoms; Northern Orc allegiance would lie first with family then with tribe then with kingdom then with neighboring kingdoms and then finally with the rest of Orchood vs. other races.

I plan on making them a mix of Germanic culture, Mongolian culture, and possibly Polynesian cultures (although that might go to a different group.) Trying to approach it with as much tact and detail as possible without just grabbing one aspect of one culture and throwing it in with other aspects of other cultures without any sort of understanding of why those customs/practices are there in the first place or any sort of real life cultural sensitivity.

Needless to say, shit is difficult. I like your idea of Warcraft Orcs, though. I've always been tempted to just rewrite Warcraft lore to flesh things out more linguistically/anthropologically. Huge fan of the series since WC2 and one of the biggest points of frustration for me is seeing how much detail they can put into certain aspects of cultures that are distinct from each other within one race (different Trolls), but somehow everyone speaks Common. Even the Night Elves in War of the Ancients, written by that fuckhead Knaak, spoke Common.

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Yup, I prefer to use Hobgoblins like LOTR orcs plus additions from the midnight ones and FF series, they are the regular henchman from powerful beings, while being able to function in tribes, but they are pretty weak willed so Orcs (than I mix the Uruk hai and TES ones plus my own ideas), giants, powerful mages or even human countries govern them. The Goblins are a mix of the labirinth ones and paizo ones,a pest more than true troubles.
I use the pig orc too, but they are some kind of bugbear/osgo.

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Depends on the game setting/feel generally, I'm a big fan of "noble savages" but I tend to play that down in my games because the players prefer to be the "nobles" of the setting/their appropriate species, but then there's my other groups where they like grim and gritty action, that's where I'd use LotR style orcs, not so faceless mooks who can be used as cannon fodder and are undeniably evil despite having their own culture and crafts.

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I feel like all the good ideas in Warcraft went into the trolls. Some other ones started out good (I'm still a pretty big mark for vanilla Forsaken) but got ruined over time.
Actually come to think of it, the trolls don't feel like they get special attention at all, they feel like they somehow fell through the Blizzard Creativity Emancipation Grid.

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> There isn't a mating, because they're all just dead twisted elves. There isn't any culture, besides production of wicked weapons and makeshift armor and attacking things, and individually they're not that smart and comically aggressive. They're pretty much like every black-clothed faceless bad guy in every Jonny Explosion action movie, except its not taboo to show their faces because they're technically not "human" so watching them get ripped apart is ok.

Well, it seams that you know nothing about LOTR orcs anon. Go back to hiding under your rock.

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Well there is some diference between individual orcs, Ugluk is a brutal warrior, prideful and stalwart but still cruel and brutal and Grisnak is a plotting bastard.

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They're still mostly differentiated through skill and competence than any actual personality traits. Ugluk and shagrath and so on stand out because they're powerful, not because they're more complex.

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Also loyalty, Ugluk and Lurtz had many negative traits, but I doubt either of them ever even thought of betraying Saruman.

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>pig orcs

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LOTR orcs any time. Warcraft orcs are just weird, noble savage fetish-bait for deviants, imo.

LOTR orcs were mad despicable and shit.

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>Orc sympathizer
>Dothraki sympathizer

Scum detected

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But goblinoids are noble races. The Hobgoblin Emperor is a benevolent ruler with the blood of the Sun Goddess coursing through his veins, Anon-sama.
Their culture values purity and balance. Nothing like those disgusting orcs at all.

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>then probably Bugbears are either Greeks or Romans or probably a mix of the two since I'm not going exactly 1:1 and their cultures were going to be different anyway.

Don't do it, you madman! Bugbears are 2strong4advanced civ, man. An empire, or even a mighty city-state of Bugbears would devastate all those other clowns. Fuckers are literally under your bed right the fuck now, just waiting to pull your head off.

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Trolls are straight up superior to orcs in the context of Warcraft, imo.

The original game should've been trolls v. humans, orcs should've never appeared, there shouldn't be a goddamn space dimension Orcland, etc.

Troll > Orc

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But Bugbears are the perfect race to have as those hairy Greek fuckers! Just imagine a Spartan society of Bugbears and then the eventual creation of the film 'My Big Fat Bugbear Wedding.'

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Orcs are far superior to blue niggers.

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>Green is better than blue

How do you figure, son?

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Five digits > three.

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cgi orc we the best

helpin out sauron 60 years in advance

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Setting a dangerous precedent there, Anon. What happens when an even more OOGA BOOGA race shows up one day with seven digits, hmm?

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Orcs and Trolls are both awesome and belong together along with Tauren. Quit your bickering and get back to killing Alliance turds.

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Tauren are actually good guys though, they really should side with the Alliance.

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Aside from maybe the Night Elves and Anduin Wrynn, no one on the Alliance would want the Tauren. Even though they're the "good guys", they're also a bunch of racist pricks that wouldn't want to have a monster race on their side.

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Hence, why the forsaken are still forsaken and were not taken in after the lichking lost control

>> No.31237595

They accepted the Draenei and the Worgen, and they work with Dragons and shit.
They'd accept the Tauren.

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Also they sided with the orcs. So they can die now.

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I think if Varian had been in charge at the beginning of WoW, the Forsaken would have been taken back. He's a much more military minded leader, he would see the sense in an alliance with them, not only do they get control over most of Loaerderon back, they also get a huge force of soldiers who never need to sleep, eat and can only ever be temporarily routed, never destroyed.
Also the new propaganda posters in Stormwind would be amazing.

Even in death, this man still fights.
What's your excuse?

>> No.31237735

>Even in death, this man still fights.
>What's your excuse?

We need a drawfag on this poster design now.

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LOTR all day

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I love the fashion of the orcs from the lotr. Lot's of crude armors and polearms, very pimped helmets, lot's of useless shit in some basic but effective armour...

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In my homebrew that no one has been interested in playing for years, orcs are extinct because I didn't like how 3E changed them.

I play Hobgoblins closer to LotR orcs, with a bit more polish. I pick interesting parts of both Roman and feudal Japanese customs and add a few of my own. Hobgoblins are militaristic and are industrial (they invented gunpowder and were the first to adopt firearms). They take slaves, but slavery is not hereditary, nor is it permanent as certain races can be accepted into hobgoblin great families.

Granted, someone who was adopted into a family generally have limits placed on advancement based on the racial stereotypes Hobgoblins have for them, but don't even imply that human with the Bloodletter clan's facial tattoos isn't actually a hobgoblin, because the whole family will converge on you.

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If he had been around he would probably try to amend things with the Blood Elves, which would put pressure on the Forsaken to join, or vice verse. Either way it would put the northern Eastern Kingdoms back into the Alliance and give Stormwind and Dun Morough a buffer between themselves and the Scourge.

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>no mention of lawful-good farming orcs

Being Ondonti is suffering.

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I'd prefer neither.
Blizzard orcs are a noble savage stereotype and The Lord of the Rings orcs are dehumanised cannon fodder, the fantasy version of storm troopers, and I don't like the idea of always evil races in general. it's less interesting than a more complex political situation.
I'm working on a setting and will have a race partially inspired by orcs. Basically, the setting's equivalent of the Germanic people are magically transformed, making them taller, stronger and giving them small tusks. They're essentially Vikings but even scarier.

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They'd never let the Forsaken join, they're horrible monsters who made plagues to turn everything into goo.

>> No.31238812

Like in the Crown of Stars universe? Not bad books if you like some low magic setting, but I found the characterse to be pretty plain.

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I'm glad to see I'm >>31235474
not the only one who wanted to do Germanic Orcs.

>> No.31238874

>If he had been around he would probably try to amend things with the Blood Elves

In the later half of the last expansion he WAS going to get the belves to come back to the Alliance. He was starting talks with the belf leader.

Then Jaina, their latest Disney Villain-tier character, fucked it up by responding to a delicate situation by slaughtering or imprisoning a bunch of belves. Suffice to say the negotiations are off.

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>Hobgoblins have more in common with LOTR Orcs nowadays than modern orcs do.


In my D&D campaigns, Orcs are primitive tribesman, with shamans and stuff. Very direct and boistrous in everything they do, whether it's mourning, featsing, or bashing your head in with a rock.

Hobgoblins/Bugbears/Goblins live in a stricter industrialized society fueld by war with their neighbors. They are scheming, conniving, and brutally cunning.

Neither are inherently EVIL, but they don't tend to be very nice by human standards.

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LOTR orcs, with the occasional loner who is physically bigger and tougher than the usual mob.

>> No.31238971

I hate to admit that I agree with this sentiment.

>> No.31238989

LotR, just because I dislike the Warcraft

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I swear, it's as if people don't remember all those shitty vampire romance novels/movies of the 80's and 90's.

Women have been schlicking to the idea of being ravaged by "dangerous, but not TOO dangerous" bishie vampires for a ages.

And this shit all really started in Victorian England.

Furthermore, 50 SHades of Gray wasn't the first smutty novel aimed at housewives.

>> No.31239118

>Germanic orcs
It just fits so well. They're the quintessential big and strong, manly barbarians, without the racist baggage of being ugly, dehumanised bone-through-their-nose savages.

>> No.31239131

Isn't Warcraft's and Warhammer's orcs basically the same

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It's just a question of degrees of obviousness and presence. Interview with a vampire was neither as bad or as popular as twilight.

>> No.31239241

I feel the same way when someone comments that a post-apoc setting is "like Fallout" even though the aspect in common is being post-apoc settings.

>> No.31239244

>It's just a question of degrees of obviousness and presence. Interview with a vampire was neither as bad or as popular as twilight.

Indeed, but without the relative success or appeal of stuff like Interview With a Vampire, we wouldn't have Twilight.

It's like complaining about 4chan bringing porn and trolls to the internet.

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In appearance, yes. The major difference is that warcraft orcs are noble savages, meaning they're more overtly a racist stereotype of indigenous peoples like native Americans and Aboriginals.

>> No.31239278

That doesn't excuse the fact that twilight is still several times worse than it's fore-bearers.

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When you don't know how other cultures behave is much easier to apply valors to them. Like how the Hindu stuff seems so exotic, progressive and liberal, and then you meet them. Or arabs or whatever.

>> No.31239427


The LotR orcs have all the same cultural traits that the Warcraft orcs do, it just depends on the tribe.

And this is the one thing that makes LotR orcs so vastly superior to the Warcraft/-hammer orcs: Cultural diversity within the race.

I always thought it was bullshit that people of the same race would have the same culture no matter where they settled. Granted, Warcraft orcs basically all lived in the same spot more or less, but they had all those different clans who eventually became nothing than a shallow label.

Also, I prefer the scavenger nature of LotR orcs: Technically, they're capable of building their own stuff, but don't always have access to the proper materials, so why don't knick it off some poor sod who's clearly got the better stuff than you do?

In that sense I loved Azog being a bulky "√úBERORC" because he added that last bit of "huge, grizzly motherfucker professional asskicker" element that regular non Fighting Uruk orcs lack.

>> No.31239430

I'll elaborate. There are two equally inaccurate racist stereotype about indigenous peoples.
1, savages, they're all vicious subhuman monsters, basically just human shaped animals incapable of rational thought. (this was used to justify invading and conquering their lands.)
2, noble savages, While still being somehow less than human or simply not normal, they are savage in an exotic, close-to-nature, hippy way. So they're still basically animals, but being animals is a good thing.
Both of these are racist because they treat them as animals instead of just people who come from somewhere else and have a different culture. It's got nothing to do with whether or not the people are actually good or not, just that they are, in fact, people.

>> No.31239434

>That doesn't excuse the fact that twilight is still several times worse than it's fore-bearers.

It doesn't, but we weren't talking about the writing.


Implies that, just as Thrall turned Orcs from savage monsters into friendly protagonists, that Edward smehow turned vampires from being savage monsters to friendly protagonists.

But Edward didn't do that to vampires. COuntless other works that layed the foundation for Twilight did.

To turn around and go, "Oh well, Twilight still has bad writing" has nothing to do with the issues being discussed in this thread.

>> No.31239484

I'm just saying that Edward is the most obvious and exaggerated example, so it's natural to use him. Would you, or most people, have understood his point as well and as quickly if he had said

>> No.31239535

>Would you, or most people, have understood his point as well and as quickly if he had said
Considering the board you're on... probably?

>> No.31239552

See that creates the connotation of a sexy Thrall that went from sexy villain to sensual anti-hero.

Lestat isn't a friendly protagonist, he's a brutal killer who got retconned because the fans wanted him to be less villainous.

Talking about the writing is important, because much of the sexual & sensual activity in previous vampire works used blood flow & blood exchange as metaphors for sex, increasing both the sensual, divine aspect of blood as life, and the danger of this new "promiscuity"

Twilight fucks it all up by introducing vampire human sex scenes, beating you over the head with the corpse of the metaphor and somehow claiming that dead bodies can have erections.

>> No.31239573

which in that sense, does make the thrall & edward link up closer, as other orcs played with noble savage tropes, but WoW went into MAXIMUM OBVIOUSDRIVE and just made them racist caricatures

>> No.31239605


That or Warcraft:Orcs::Vampire Chronicles/Anne Rice:Vampires

>> No.31239612

not by that point in time. The only Forsaken actions against the Alliance by then were taking over some farmland (which neither side could actually use because of the blight) and killing Garithos, which frankly should have gotten Sylvannas a medal. Dude pretty much singlehandedly doomed any chance of resistance in Loaerderon.

>retake Dalaran so we could have a secure base and tons of magical firepower? Good idea, you do that. By the way, I'm taking away all your cavalry and cannons, I need them because reasons.
>So you gained a new a powerful ally in our struggle and already defeated a large force of undead with their help? To the dungeons with you, traitor!
>now let's get this siege on the road. By the way you dwarves are filthy fucking peasants and if I didn't need your siege engines I would piss on you from the window of my castle.

>> No.31239853

Motherfucker, I swear I can see the pixels in his forehead and scars. It's... very uncool.

>> No.31239897


>See that creates the connotation of a sexy Thrall that went from sexy villain to sensual anti-hero

You're right, that's a much better description of Grom Hellscream.

>> No.31240414


Warhammer's Orks are mushroom roidrage soccer hooligans. Warcraft is american plains indian noble savage

>> No.31241223

Firs thing I wanted to say was "stop discussing this bullshit and get a life".
Then I remember that this is /tg/ and most of us come to this place BECAUSE they can discuss such bullshit.

LotR orcs are far superior to Blizz orcs. The former have a technological advantage over the latter, making up for their physical drawbacks. They are also led by Sauron. Fuck yeah Sauron!

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This is what I'm Tolkien about!

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>> No.31241322

>Twilight fucks it all up by introducing vampire human sex scenes, beating you over the head with the corpse of the metaphor and somehow claiming that dead bodies can have erections.

...can't you devote blood points to making your sex parts work enough for copulation in V:tM, though?

>> No.31241327

I'd rather roid rage then be some noble savage who still acts like he wants to rage but can't because orcs grew standards. Just gonna WAAAGH right on outa here.

>> No.31241353

>LotR orcs are far superior to Blizz orcs. The former have a technological advantage over the latter

Yeah, because LoTR Orcs have flamethrowers, gatling guns and airships.

>> No.31241424

Goblin made stuff I might add.

>> No.31241430
File: 2.57 MB, 1920x800, vlcsnap-2013-10-31-22h03m46s69.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Originally maybe, but the Orcs have learned how now.

>> No.31241530

That's because Garrosh somehow remembered all the plans or managed to sneak them on his person before he got time fucked to an alternate timeline.

>> No.31241565

And? You've still got to have understanding to put such plans into practice.
We've seen Orcish Engineers as well.

>> No.31241569


is this a fucking yify rip or something

>> No.31241639

Nah its an Axxo rip, why do you ask? is this /tv/?
My extendeds are not in my current flat.

>> No.31241690

>Cultural diversity within the race.
Warhams orcs have that. WC orcs used to as well.

>> No.31241698

Who got taught by goblins

>> No.31241737

I'm sure the LotR Orcs were shown a thing or two by Sauron and Saruman, but that doesn't affect their "technological level."

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I don't think there's a setting or franchise with more squandered potential than Warcraft.

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What about this guy? He's hardly a Blizz-orc nor Tolkien's kind.

>> No.31241811

It's not resolution, it's the unnatural smoothness that makes CGI look bad

>> No.31241828

Pretty much. I think most of it gets wasted because so much of it has to be puttied in around game mechanics.

>> No.31241872

Fucking worgen

>> No.31241921

That worgen with the tophat does look so shattered

>> No.31241931

I think thats what >>31235029
was getting at, I mean Orcs in WoW have the taint of being comical, but they are portrayed as having real lives, wants, and needs

they are just another sentient species living on the same planet like elves or dwarves.

LOTR Orcs are just mindless mooks who only have a social structure because someone needs cheap labour in the form of soliders.

yeah more "savage" and "scary" but also more improbable. those face deforming diseases every one seems to have mean they are all plagued with a few months life-span and with no boss keeping them in order they would probably just eat each other into extinction.

>> No.31241937

He looks like a party member, obviously PC orcs would be SO SPECIAL

>> No.31242009

Tolkien's orcs are just goblins.
Real orcs hadn't been invented yet.

Goblins have also been re-written a lot since then. I don't care if you're using Paizo ADD-kid-goblins, Blizzard tinker goblins, vanilla MM goblins, underdog goblins, SAD goblins, whatever, it's going to be more interesting than Lord of the Rings goblins.

Though they actually had some personality in The Hobbit, which inspired most if not all of the above takes. LoTR orcs/goblins are just shit.

>> No.31242101

Warcraft Orcs are obvious references to native americans.

Warhammer Orcs are a force of nature.


>> No.31242129

I don't know what you mean, I found the moria goblins very interesting.

>> No.31242135


No, Warcraft orcs is demon-slave-biological-tanks who PICKED UP druidism when they rebelled against their masters. There's room for the whole spectrum, from demon-worshiping-mook to FREEEEDOOOM noble savage.

I always wondered how their story would turn out, it's a shame they never made any games after The Frozen Throne.

>> No.31242230

They do Shamanism, not Druidism.

>> No.31242392

Fair correction, blame D&D for my mistake.

>> No.31242641
File: 122 KB, 479x599, 479px-Tuffruk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dere's only won type of Ork dat I prefer ya git!

>> No.31242694

Wait, so it's been years since I played WoW and I haven't paid much attention to recent events. What's this bullcrap about Jainna being a BBEG now? Is Varian at least still cool? He was my favorite character.

>> No.31242736

It's pretty dumb to call them "real" orcs, but I concur that the modern orc is pretty far removed from Tolkien's. Does anyone know where the modern idea of the orc came from? Is it just DnD? Or Warhammer?

>> No.31242813
File: 136 KB, 1000x562, 1392470004385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think a large part of Warcraft suffering in terms of lore is a result of how long WoW has been around. Blizzard put themselves in a position where they have to continue the story, upping the ante with each new expansion.

I mean, we're at the point now where the only two logical conclusions the series can have is that they either make it so that players fight and destroy Sargeras or they hit the reset button. From what I've heard about the latest expansion coming out, they're taking the latter route.

I stopped playing when I realized I had motherfucking Illidan on farm status. My character had long since become a Mary Sue. A friend got me to briefly play Mists of Pandaria, but I couldn't do it once I started asking questions about the lore.

It's a sad state of affairs for one of my favorite RTS series. I really loved a lot of what they did with the world.

>> No.31242848
File: 138 KB, 600x1010, orcs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


D&D was part of it, novels and games are inspired by D&D and then D&D is inspired by those games and novels, new settings will try to put 'new spins' on things and if people like it it catches on. Warhams, too, I think Warhammer did a lot to spread the "dumb green hulks with comic value" thing, speaking of hulks you could probably even say The Hulk was an inspiration.

>> No.31242885

Warham made them green.

>> No.31242903

>delivers a mana bomb to Theramore
>many many people are killed
>Jaina is understandably upset (despite having been warned by Baine and Vol'jin that Garrosh was going to do something terrible and that she should get her people out)
>Rhonin is killed, Jaina becomes leader of the Kirin Tor
>for some reason everyone else in charge of anything thinks it's a good idea to put a woman who experienced such severe trauma in charge of *anything*
>Garrosh wants this artifact called The Divine Bell, which is a giant I W.I.N Button
>the nelves get to it first
>Garrosh uses the Sunreavers to port the PC into Darnassus to steal it
>Jaina breaks down hardcore at the betrayal of the Sunreavers, and spends an afternoon imprisoning civilians, sending Alliance PCs to murder Sunreaver agents, and personally killing other Sunreaver personnel
>she ports to Org to flood it but Thrall's like bitch pls
>Varian (who's a pretty awesome full-blown Arthurian-type character now) flips his shit on her because he was about to bring the belves into the Alliance
>she basically goes lol idc
>at the end of MoP the PCs dethrone Garrosh
>there's a cutscene at the end describing Garrosh's fate
>Jaina is whispering in Varian's ear that he should "dismantle the Horde" while they're weak and leaderless
>Vol'jin is now Warchief, and Varian instead offers a truce between the Alliance and Horde because of the Horde PCs who rebelled against Garrosh's fuckery

>> No.31242942
File: 65 KB, 1130x380, Orc HoMM2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys.

>> No.31242958

>he should "dismantle the Horde" while they're weak and leaderless

I'm conflicted over whether or not this would have been a good idea or not.

Because on one hand: Alliance would win. Alliance wins. Alliance WINS.

But on the other hand: Azeroth has been able to repel a LOT of off-world invaders simply due to the disunity of not having all their eggs in one basket. Any invasion of demons, titans, or undead have always been repelled because they've had to fight numerous wars from every angle and both the Horde AND the Alliance LOOOVE to fight third party threats.

>> No.31242976
File: 405 KB, 1800x760, history-of-the-orcs_v2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31243016

Jesus Christ what a mess. So now Jaina is the racist anti-horde prick? After all those years of taking green cock up the ass? Oh well, I did always know if there was to be peace after Garrosh becoming warchief it was going to be by either Varian or Vol'Jin.

I always find it hilarious how Varian is the single most fucked over by orcs character in the setting, and he's also among the few ones that don't go full racist and constantly gives them opportunities to prove their worth.

Also, it's wierd that Blizzard dared to kill Rhonin. He always seemed pretty much a Mary Sue to me. Please tell me they're not involving Medhan any time soon.

>> No.31243064

>Please tell me they're not involving Medhan any time soon.

Med'an is not canon.
As said by word of god- The books/manga aren't canon.

>> No.31243073


Great image! They were still pig people up until 2002.

I'm curious as to who was the first one to make pig-furries and call them orcs.

>> No.31243075

Pig-faced orcs don't get enough love.

>> No.31243121

Well, thank god, because he was the worst character ever designed. Are the comics canon, though?

>> No.31243180
File: 14 KB, 200x252, Orc_dnd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm curious as to who was the first one to make pig-furries and call them orcs.

Don't quote me on this, but from what I understand: It was DND orcs from 1st edition from 1974 (see pic) that were the original "pig orc" and they got carried over to other media at the time: disney's sword in the stone, arcade games, legend of zelda.. etc.. etc..

Then in like, 1984 Warhammer came out with THEIR version of the Orcs that have become popular in todays modern society. It didn't help that the very first WARCRAFT took warhammer orcs and placed them into their game in 1994 and it's been Green, tusked, orcs ever since!

>> No.31243189

What, the fuck they aint. That's where Varian comes from in his current form. Thats where all his cronies came from. His whole backstory is from the comic books and Completely changes the established story.

Namely, everything that Alliance PC's accomplished in Vanilla was actually the work of Wrynn.

fuck you Varian, I was the one who suffered through Jailbreak.

and Bolivar was the pimp who finished it.

>> No.31243214

Varian was more fucked over by the Defias Brotherhood than the orcs.

The comic books/novels ARE canon. The RPG splats aren't. Me'dan, however, was pretty much written out of the story because of fan reaction to him.

>> No.31243232

I think if the Alliance (or the Horde for that matter) would ever get a descisive total victory over the other faction they'd just start to fall apart and fight amongst themselves.

Nightelves want the greenskins out of their forests.
Dwarves and gnomes want the greenskins out of their mountains.
Worgen want the Forsaken out of their lands.
Humans want the greenskins off their planet.
Draenei want the greenskins off the greenskins' planet.

Beyond that they have no reason to even care about eachother. Hell the night elves' first reaction when the Alliance showed up on Kalimdor after the orcs did was "Shit, even MORE filthy mortals? Whatever, kill them both."

>> No.31243250

Yeah, Elder Scrolls Orcs have got to be my favorite. They're a great blend between LOTR and Blizzard models.

>> No.31243254

HoMM3 is best once again.

>> No.31243256

Post some orc music:

>Heroes of Might and Magic II:
>Heroes of Might and Magic III:

>Fall From Heaven II (actually from Cirque du Soleil, but whatev'):

>> No.31243331
File: 266 KB, 1920x752, 1396557967357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There were also these guys from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, but they're technically just goons.

>> No.31243333


The coolest orc there is clearly the Might&Magic III one.

>> No.31243365
File: 68 KB, 600x846, Varian_Wrynn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Orcs destroyed Stormwind when he was a child, the only "orc" (hybrid in this case) that was well received by his father in Stormwind eventually killed him, then, and all this forced him to grow up in Loraderon in exile because the Southern Lands were just fucked by orcs. Then, when adult, the Defias and Onyxia fucked him over, but when he managed to regain consciousness, it was the orcs (and shaman at that) that had enslaved him and made him fight to death in a colisseum together with Broll and Valeera.

Then, when his son told him to meet Thrall in a diplomatic meeting so he could see how orcs really are, what happened? They tried to kill him and his family and companions. Granted, it was just one small faction of the orcs, but from his point of view, every. single. time. he met orcs, they ruined everything.

Which is why I find funny the fact he's actually among the most tolerant characters in Warcraft. Dude hates people, but he doesn't hate them because they're green, he hates them because they're fucking dickheads.

Varian is fucking Conan, Aragorn and King Arthur all at once.

>> No.31243403

>The major difference is that warcraft orcs are noble savages, meaning they're more overtly a racist stereotype of indigenous peoples like native Americans and Aboriginals.

Uh, no? They have some similarities but nothing about it is portrayed negatively and rediscovering their shamanistic roots is what helped them escape demonic corruption.

>I'll elaborate. There are two equally inaccurate racist stereotype about indigenous peoples.

Orcs aren't an attempt at accurately depicting indigenous people though, there's not even that many similarities between the two since the orcs left Draenor and rapidly advanced into a full on industrial warmachine with an a heavy focus on honor and duty. Your drawing a connection between a harmless and common fantasy trope and a racial stereotype when there clearly isn't any.

>they are savage in an exotic, close-to-nature, hippy way

Some of them are, sure. Mostly the Shaman that hang around the valley of spirits. Most Orcs you meet in Warcraft are usually boisterous career soldiers, adventurers, or hard working laborers/farmers.

>While still being somehow less than human or simply not normal, So they're still basically animals, but being animals is a good thing.

No. A few racist characters in-universe have this opinion but it's made very clear they're just people with a warped view of them after having been at war with them for so long.

>Both of these are racist because they treat them as animals instead of just people who come from somewhere else and have a different culture. It's got nothing to do with whether or not the people are actually good or not, just that they are, in fact, people.

But they are portrayed as people with a different culture. Most "Noble Savage" Fantasy races are portrayed that way in fact. There's no malice or views of inferiority on the author's part they simply wanted a fantasy race with a tribal-like society.

>> No.31243439

Fordragon was cooler

>> No.31243455

Talk of Tolkien and Dothraki made me think of something. Who would win in a war the Rohirrim or the Dothraki?

>> No.31243458


>> No.31243466


Concerning LoTR orcs, it goes into sub-species after that:

Morgul orcs: Most humanoid faces with slanted eyes, short and lanky and often hunched.

Mountain orcs: Stocky and wide, flat noses (often just two holes in the face and big eyes accustomed to the dark.

Uruks: Taller than men, strong as fuck.

>> No.31243504


Rorrihims. Even if they're not Numenor-tier, they're still elite riders in a world where the race of Men is fucking badass.

The Dothraki would basically just be Easterling mooks here.

>> No.31243514

Interview with a Vampire style vampires removed more weaknesses from vampires than Twilight ones did. So in terms of idealizing vampires, Anne Rice's were worse.

It also made them impotent and bisexual, in contrast to (anon's projections aside) Twilight's heterosexual vampires. So in this account, Anne Rice's were worse.

Conclusion: Anne Rice did more harm to vampire-ness (assuming anyone gives a fuck) than Stephanie did.

>> No.31243522

I prefer the Blizzard orcs. The have a aura of badassery to them, unlike there pussy cousins who couldn't even kill a midget with a ring.

>> No.31243529

I mean I guess the Dothraki could win if they used bows, but how often do they actually use bows? I don't see how you could lose to a force of spear infantry that you outnumber unless you only charge them.

>> No.31243531

What's their ideal height?

>> No.31243543


So real-world North American religions, which see humans as just a part of nature with their own roles to fill like any other animal, makes you "less people"? What an anglocentric, asinine, blatantly racist definition of "people".

Your opinion is butts, I'm not even going to talk to you about the fantasy/reality divide, you haven't made it that far yet.

>> No.31243557

Man I have to laugh my ass off at the idea that orcs being portrayed as tribal + a positive light is racist.

What do you want, them to be portrayed as bixnood umbubu muhdik?

>> No.31243589

>Taller than men

Choose one.

>> No.31243592

This is your brain on Critical Theory.

Critical Theory: Not even once.

Twilight is Everything Done Wrong, but Edward is the darker and edgier vampire the "vampires should be unfriendly" crowd are asking for. His main form of attraction to Bella is based off the desire to murder her. He breaks her stuff. He nearly fucks her to death. His bite is a nasty poisonous chew-you-to-death thing.

>> No.31243599
File: 104 KB, 512x512, 4342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Warcraft things

I lol'd

>> No.31243646

So I guess the bigoted parts of America just woke up or something, huh?

>> No.31243661


I think that it's because the "noble savage" aspect is often used to fantasm about a return to nature/innocence. And because there's an history of hilariously offensive portrayals of real-life cultures.

Also because too many fantasy settings still feature humans as overwhelmingly white and European, while other races get the cultural mishmash of other real-life cultures.

>> No.31243785

How's it bigoted?

>> No.31243787

>Jesus Christ what a mess. So now Jaina is the racist anti-horde prick? After all those years of taking green cock up the ass?
That's what you get when owner of said green cock get married to Mag'har orc and is going to have a kid.

>> No.31243903

>Warcraft Orcs being anything like Warhammer Orcs
What the fuck, OP. Get your shit straight.

>> No.31243944

well seing as blizzard don't have an original idea between them they are similar,. in that they are a rip-off of Warhammer orcs.

>> No.31244088


This is powerful and positive. White Europeans DID see themselves as the only real humans, it helps you understand that perspective.

(Actually, in the real Grand Allegory elves and dwarves are medieval humans and actual humans are their peasant stock, because nobles were likewise seen as fundamentally different, but that's neither here nor there).

Everything in fantasy settings is mish-mash, modern fantasy is defined by mish-mash, it's about weaving and re-weaving the same mythic ingredients to tell new stories.

When you have BAD EVIL RACES, you are basically retelling the myth of racism, i.e. the story humans have told themselves since the dawn of storytelling, "Goodguys look like you and me, if they look different you can tell they're badguys". Even this isn't necessarily bad. The key is to handle it in a way that makes players think MORE, rather than think less.

When I see someone trying to take a morally-ham-fisted situation and add nuance to it (ex, "Let's have vermin heroes!" in a Redwall thread), you'll inevitably have that one crowd that goes "NOOOOO I don't want to think just let me have my simplistic racist black-and-white-morality!" THAT is the problem.

>> No.31244109

That last half for warcraft orcs hasn't been really true since the founding of Thrall's Horde and the establishment of Orgrimmar, even less true since WotLK.

>> No.31244147

Elves and dwarves are medieval nobles, I mean, not "medieval humans" (though yes, they were the only real humans as far as they were concerned, I crossed my metaphor there).

>> No.31244191

A rip-off with only the most superficial similarities. Rest assured despite what 1d4chan or GW's legal team has told you no one is in any hurry to copy GW's Totally Original ideas.

>> No.31244322

The Noble Savage archetype is one of the oldest racist stereotypes there is. It defines them simply by not being OOGA BOOGA darkies, and exalts them only by comparing them to white westerners while still putting them one or two rungs lower on the ladder.

Granted, a lot of this is lost in a fantasy setting, but that's still the origin of the archetype, and since most humans are portrayed in a Euro-centric light, it often invites comparisons.

How often have humans been inspired by, say, native Africans while the evil hobgoblin empire are based on colonial powers, for example?

>> No.31244378

I've got a setting sort of like that.

The major civilized powers are elves (Italian bargainers and users of mercenary power, with a predatory power structure), orcs (Spanish crusaders, a bunch of smaller kingdoms united by a hatred for outsiders who oppressed them up to this point), and a lizardman race (an Ottoman vibe - the last link between the civilized west and mysterious east) with Dwarves as a number of smaller strange kingdoms that are politically reclusive.

The humans are generally too small and divided to parallel any major culture. I'd compare them almost to Roman-era Celts, or Balkanized Slavs.

>> No.31244435


You haven't made your case at all. Racism is when you portray one race as superior or inferior to another.

Racism can also be when you portray a race in a very reductive way (e.x., the cowboys are human characters with nuance and flaws, the indians are cardboard cutouts with bit parts. This is racist because it is dehumanizing, even if your bit-part indians are vaguely admirable).

All racial stereotypes of the past were basically racist, native americans have been portrayed in offensive ways, of course. That doesn't mean it's actually racist to portray them as noble in many ways and also as savage in many ways, as long as you are still portraying them as basically human. They WERE noble and savage, but they were also human, and therefor not simplistic.

A fantasy race is a long step removed from a fanciful portrayal of a real-world race, but I'm fine with discussing real world races for now, one step at a time.

>> No.31244572
File: 314 KB, 470x800, omg manwe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dis 'tred rasis.

>> No.31244622

moblins plz

>> No.31244655

Got to give it to Morgoth. He's got a point.

>> No.31244770

>HoMM 2 Babarian Town
Holy shit, is that really the music used in the game?

>> No.31244823

I love me some pig orcs.

In the setting I'm coming up with at the moment, orcs are basically big, humanoid boars, often with olive or moss green patterns in their fur. Pattern is gained from the father and shows an orcs heritage, and therefore what clan they're in. Their society is tribal ala warcraft orcs but they're very capable fighters and are capable of mustering very large forces ala LOTR orcs. Self-restraint and obedience are valued but honour isn't. Humans like catching them and using them as gladiators, but that's usually only done if an orc can be found alone and already in a poor state: they're tough when in a pack or at full health.

I'm not sure if I want to include stuff like goblins, trolls and ogres as variations of these pig orcs. I really like trolls and I quite like ogres, so I might have trolls as a seperate but related species of even larger pigmen, and 'ogre' is just a term for an exceptionally large orc.

I don't know if I want goblins as just a term for small orcs, a seperate but related species like trolls, or a completely seperate not-pig thing.

I'm also not sure what mounts to give these orcs. Orc and goblin species are often given big boars as their mounts in fiction, but these guys are boars. What I'm thinking is that there's either an less intelligent orc sub-species used as mounts (ogres, maybe?) or they ride very large bovine creatures, like aurochs and oxes.

An idea I've been toying with is that some orcs who've been taken as slaves by humans or have integrated into their societies have become very flabby and their hair has thinned loads, giving them an appearance very similar to domestic pigs.

>> No.31244934

>'My Big Fat Bugbear Wedding.'

"The is Grog, Groog, Grug, my cousin Grag...."

>> No.31245165
File: 37 KB, 400x300, Tom-Cruise-sunglasses_l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


WoW Orc == Green Humans, muh grey area, orc women and children, etc.


>mfw people try to reason/parley with an orc while I'm DMing

>> No.31245193

More of a shitpost than anything else but IMO The Shaman Class is the best thing that ever came out of Blizzard studios.

I love Shaman's in WoW, it's probably the most interesting class i've seen in a long time. Healer, Ranged DPS'r with elemental themes and Enhancement is glorious.

>> No.31245218
File: 135 KB, 1680x1134, PZO1107-OgreDance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm pretty well sold on Golarion's degenerate-inbred-halfgiant-hillbilly ogres. They play banjos, drink moonshine, and use captives for entertainment.

My trolls are always big dumb fey, they aren't even necessarily related to giants.

>> No.31245274
File: 166 KB, 950x570, ogre-kingdoms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not bloodthirsty cannibals that will eat everything, that carry around big fucking cannons

>> No.31245340

>not bloodthirsty cannibals that will eat everything

They're that too, but very commonly deformed (like The Hills have Eyes tier, in spite of the wallpaper I posted).


Bitch please, how are you supposed to make someone squeal like a pig with a cannon?

>> No.31245442

Shove it in round end first.

>> No.31245716


>Implying obsession with powerful firearms isn't a hillbilly stereotype.

In my pathfinder game, ogres typically arm themselves with muskets and culverins.

Then again, I am more likely to give ogres levels in rogue, gunslinger, or ranger than the stereotypical barbarian.

>> No.31246089

>There isn't a mating
No they mate like humans, look it up. Elrond's wife was raped for years and maybe even birthed orcs, though it isn't said explicitly it's pretty implicit.

>> No.31246112

tolkien has gone on record as saying that elves die when they are raped

>> No.31246216

Gives whole new meaning to "It's not rape if it's an elf." It's not rape because it's actually necrophilia.

>> No.31248492

Its 2014, let it go

>> No.31249740

Orc Stain style. Grounchs and skin the colour of pus-filled bruises.

>> No.31250923

don't remind me, I think the stuff is brilliant but if I read it for too long I feel nauseous. It's just the colours, really convey a sense of putridness.

>> No.31250946

That's some, uh, strange biology there.

>> No.31251091

And that comic explaining exactly how a violent all male species creates coins and reproduces.

>> No.31251106

By rape? and exchanging peoples' heads?

>> No.31251211

Money is chopping off someone's penis and chopping it into leathery round coins.
Reproducing is passing a nut-sized spore like a kidney stone, which grows in the ground and births 25 or more full grown orcs when it reaches the proper size, who can already speak.

>> No.31251579

Why do they have penises if they reproduce asexually?

>> No.31251644

So they can pass spores like Kidney stones. Also so they can chop them off and cut them into currency.

>> No.31251739

there no other reason?

>> No.31251761

No, it's that sort of comic, same reason the soda cans are living and scream in pain and die when opened.

>> No.31251795

Kind of disgusted by just how much Blizz rips off other franchises.
Didn't used to think much of it. I knew it but didn't care.
You can really see the obvious ip theft in their games history at each moment there is a popular game released alongside it.

At one point fucking halo design was popping up in their games.
Now they are getting into the dark souls idea pinching.

>> No.31251817

Doesn't the saying go, more than 4 sources it's original?

>> No.31251818

what is dark souls like?

>> No.31251828

Well you got some dudes in armor, and they hit each other with some swords and shit.

>> No.31251856

Never heard this saying. I just feel they are a sub par game developer that has hit on a successful business scheme
>steal others ideas
>churn out generic fantasy
Even all their famous npc quotes and dances in WoW and their rts are ALL stolen from other media.

>> No.31251870



>> No.31251888

>mfw it is relevant to the thread
Pls stop.

>> No.31251905
File: 122 KB, 1024x768, Porque No Los Dos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not model them on this guy?

>> No.31251918

What game is that from?

>> No.31251946

Thrall is also not the firs noble savage orc.

>> No.31251963

> White Europeans DID see themselves as the only real humans, it helps you understand that perspective.

>>>/pol/ Christianity didn't preach this view at all. The complete opposite.

>> No.31251978
File: 216 KB, 480x320, Eafyjyr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You forgot her retarded hair color change.

>> No.31252022
File: 35 KB, 793x500, Bolvar_Fordragon_the_new_king.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fans really warmed up to Fordgragon though.

>> No.31252118

It's Catholic-shame-powered.

>> No.31252194

>all those different clans who eventually became nothing than a shallow label.

I guess this is partly true since the rise of the MMO to fame and popularity. Chalk it up to Thrall culturally enriching them with his human nonsense.

>> No.31252348

Hobbit movies, love them or hate them. Hitting Legolas in the face was hilarious.

>> No.31252427

starcraft is getting there disturbingly quickly

>> No.31252502
File: 189 KB, 1055x1500, 340_max.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That book is such fucking garbage. I was dumb enough to buy the whole omnibus too.

>> No.31253803
File: 518 KB, 478x750, tumblr_n1l4y6k9sx1t8xsldo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31254563
File: 215 KB, 1000x1270, Ogre_knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm absolutely fucking SOLD on Warcraft's Ogres.

They're just.
Everything about them is perfect.
They come in one headed and two headed flavors.
They can be anything from industrious brutes, hired mercenaries, to fucking desert nomads. I love their architecture, their ogre mounds, their adaptive culture, just everything about them.

When I was crazy about Wow I'd ALWAYS make a habit of going over and just admiring/studying any places where they had placed Ogres because they would always give them just these little local/flavored touches that showed despite their differences they were adapting to their new environment.

Strangelthorn vales Ogres had been adapting and stealing the magics of the local trolls for their own use.

Tanaris Ogres had learned to not only live within the desert, but had started successfully hunting the hive-mind insect silithid as a source of fucking FOOD.

The Ogres in ferelas had become so successful they had taken over a portion ruined Elven city and had started using it as something of a stronghold.

I'm coming back to Warcraft come expansion simple because of updated models and because we're going back to Draeneor: home of the OGRES. SO MANY OGRES.

>> No.31255415

>the story humans have told themselves since the dawn of storytelling

Xenophobic tendencies are not new, but racism as pretty damn recent, especially the specific kind we have in the West. In Europe, it used to be more about what village you came from, then it turned into state/county, then nation, and more recently it's been about race. I'm not 100% sure about where the origins of the idea of race come from, but it's the kind of thing that was largely used as a justification for slavery and colonialism. Look at the history of whiteness. It used to be that the Irish were seen as filthy, subhuman red haired apes that were sometimes put below blacks on the scale of humanity. Nowadays, you can find American Micks alongside American Slavs promoting the idea of da gworious white wrace.

But yeah, tl;dr, racism is relatively new in the grand scheme of things. Buying into the idea that it's something that's been with us this whole time makes you seem Eurocentric enough to not bother pointing out other's flawed outlooks.

>> No.31255520

You ready to raid and dungeon it up with some Ogres?

>> No.31256813
File: 114 KB, 218x230, AAAAAYEE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MFW Blizzard makes Ogres a playable race
I know, I shouldn't still be playing the game, but I can't get off the ride yet. Not till I become as disillusioned as everyone else in this thread

>> No.31257014

>painted lips
>eye shadows
>new hair color for occasion
woman going to war

and god damn it....so much, its like she is a tranny that hides her masculinity with make up

>> No.31257150

It'll come some day, brother. I've been waiting for it since the beginning, as well. They'll come at some point. I would not be surprised if we got them next expansion after dealing with them in this expansion.

I think the real reason we didn't get a new playable race this expansion was because of the model remakes. A new class is something that they might not even want to add at this point, but new races rarely harm the game in any sort of mechanical way.

If we finally got Ogres, what should the Alliance get?

>> No.31257287

>what should the Alliance get?

Arakkoa, Furbolgs or Jinyu.

>> No.31257301

>It used to be that the Irish were seen as filthy, subhuman red haired apes that were sometimes put below blacks on the scale of humanity. Nowadays, you can find American Micks alongside American Slavs promoting the idea of da gworious white wrace.

Yeah, this shit is crazy.

It helps that they look just like other white people though, so it was easier for them to move into your neigborhood, get people to like them, and THEN "spring" the fact that they're Irish on their neighbors.

That's how a lot of prejudices get overcome. Some guy is like, "X is a pretty cool person." and someone goes, "Didn't you know that X is Irish/a Videogame player/Gay/Smokes Weed/into BDSM/whatever"

Suddenly it becomes harder to hate the group as a whole because that would mean having to hate people you're friends with and deal with everyday.

Just as most discrimination is based on ignorance, familiarity/understanding generally breeds tollerance/acceptance.

>> No.31257553

I think Arakkoa would be fair and fitting from this expansion. It'd be cool if they were the non-broken Arakkoa that we'll be seeing in this expac, flight capable and everything.

Furbolgs would also be cool. I think the ship has sailed for the Jinyu, though. Unless we get RETURN TO PANDARIA, but if we do, that won't be for several expansions.

It wasn't as easy as that, though. You have to remember that when the Irish moved here, most of them still spoke Gaelic, too. They had Irish accents. Being ginger was usually a dead giveaway, too. Not to mention the clothing, behavior, etc. Nowadays, most white Americans are essentially just Anglo-Americans with different last names, but back in the day, the Micks were an Emerald Isle flavor of Gogol Bordello more than, say, the Chieftains.

There's a really interesting book that talks about the history of the US from the perspective of its seediest peoples. Talks about what progress whores helped to accomplish, how slaves had it easier in some ways than free Americans (obviously not in every way or even most ways), and my favorite part talks about how the Irish, Italians, and Jews assimilated into mainstream Anglo American culture. It's called A Renegade History of the United States. It's about $10 on Amazon. Pretty interesting reading. It's actually given me some inspiration for an RPG setting based on its telling of how wild working class Americans were a bit before the revolution.

>> No.31257604

I like hillbilly fantasy races. I think they should use them more often.

Hillbilly elves when?

>> No.31257631

There's a book called monster hunter inc. that has them. it's set in the modern day and the elves all live in the Enchanted Forest Trailer Park.
Though maybe that's more redneck than hill-billies. Is there a difference?

>> No.31257794

I think you're imagining it because you're expecting it to be bad.

>> No.31258930

I was about to get angry, but then I remembered that the guy who oppened the Dark Portal was Medhiv, not medhan.
my bad. But who the fuck is medhan then?

>> No.31258997
File: 230 KB, 400x526, medan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His son with Garona. So, yeah, 1/2 human 1/4 draenei and 1/4 orc. He's a mage, a shaman and a paladin all at once. And the new guardian of Azeroth, position inherited from Medivh. Not to mention leader of an order dedicated to preserving Azeroth from the Burning Legion.


>> No.31259091

In other words he's a fucking mary sue?
Oh god this is worse than I thought.

>> No.31259197

Tortured, dumbass. What kind of dweeb rapes people when they could be cutting 'em up and shit?

>> No.31259217

It's the Ironic fact that Varian is Human Thrall.

>heir to some "Nobility"
>became a gladiator
>Chilled out when he came to power
>not racist

>> No.31259233

>dangerous, but not TOO dangerous
>Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker, who raped and killed old ladies, got bags full of love letters until he died, and was mourned afterward

Makes me wonder how far you could push the danger scale, anon...

>> No.31259256

You'll Love WoD.

Basically, the Ogres have a huge Empire on the other side of Draenor and the Iron horde is pissing it off.

Also they may be linked to the titans as a failed experience, considering there is some law tidbits about "Destructive forces of Earth" and "Creative forces of plantlife" basically waging a war on Draenor.

The Plantlife equivalent to ogres are giant tree dragon centaurs.

>> No.31259292

Read the comics and compare him to the other comic protagonists:

>The good-hearted and corageous king of Stormwind, who matures through a journey that makes him mature more as a person and as a king, as well as gain enough power and friends from all races to face the trials ahead.

>Darion Mograine.
>The son of Alexandros Mograine, the Ashbringer, whose legacy follows him through his entire life. In a desperate attempt to redeem his father, he ends up becoming a great hero and paladin. Then becomes the death knight we know from the game.

>Yup, he's Medivh and Garona's son. And grew up with and undead mage that tought him magic. But then meets an orc that teaches him shamanism. And then his uncle paladin teaches him paladinism. And I guess since everyone's fucking rammed his brain with steroids and magic bullshit we just name him the new guardian and give him Medivh's staff. Oh, inexperience you say? That's k, we'll just gather the world's most powerful warriors and create and entire order dedicated to being his cheerleaders. Nevermind that they were Varian's cronies and team, he'll be busy pity-fucking Jaina anyway.

>> No.31259293

To be fair on the writers of Me'dan, he's only really used to rebound better characters off of and his whole mary sue-ness is only a plot focal point to make Humans, Draenei, orcs mages Shamans and paladin work together in the book.

>> No.31259301

> who matures through a journey that makes him mature

This is what happens when I'm tired.

>> No.31259338

>he'll be busy pity-fucking Jaina anyway.

You think Jaina takes it in the butt?

>> No.31259350

I wasn't so sure before, but now that I've seen her new look I'm pretty sure she does.

>> No.31259607

While I don't like the whole change to Jaina going from the "shhhh, I'm trying to study!" girl-next-door to the painted eye-candy of her new model, the Rogue hair color is due to her tapping into the Focusing Iris (that thing Malygos was using to create Surge Needles that tapped into Azeroth's ley lines) for a boost in power to flood Orgrimmar after Theramore is destroyed.

>> No.31259668
File: 210 KB, 1000x666, 507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got any more pics like that?

>> No.31260412

Pretty sure that if you put some new clothes on her with the way she looks currently, you'd have a Shadman creation.

>> No.31260602

I can see it. You think she'd ever submit to some kind of horrid, multiple faction leader gangbang with her at the center?

>> No.31260720

Most likely, but most likely none of the Horde factions.

>> No.31260842

Certainly not now. Hell, are there even any other Alliance leaders other than Varian capacited right now to fuck Jaina? I think Magni got fucked over and Tyrande doesn't have the equipment.

>> No.31260915

>implying Tyrande couldn't ruin that mage booty

>> No.31260953


>> No.31261060

>Of these two types of Orcs, which do you prefer?
Blizzard and Warhammer style orcs aren't actually orcs. Orc is the elf word for goblin, so orcs are the same as goblins. The "orcs" you see in Warcraft, Warhammer, Elder Scrolls, Dungeons and Dragons, and pretty much every other setting are pretty much Uruk Hai ot however that's spelled, which people started calling orcs years ago because someone, probably Gary Gygax, used the wrong name to describe them, and it stuck.

So really you're asking, what is your favorite kind of dog? A collie, or a cat?

>> No.31261069

Rohirrim are elite horse archers too.

>> No.31261110

>Uruk = orc
>Anon thinks Uruk Hai aren't orcs

Anon, Uruk Hai are just Big Goblins in a different language

>> No.31261126

Rohirrim would crush the Dothraki. They did crush their counterparts in Sauron's army, silly Anon.

>> No.31261158

They're a whole different species, half orc, half human. Tolkein's orcs can't even go out in sunlight.

>> No.31261436

The confusion comes from the fact that Tolkien used different words for the same things, not having a very clear taxonomy of goblin/orc types and then DnD comes along and did what it does to everything and splits things into different types and strict categorizes so they're easier to put into the monster manual.
Oh and uruk hai doesn't actually refer to half orcs, it does just mean big goblin. The films seem to have caused a bit of confusion there.

>> No.31261453
File: 26 KB, 384x280, 1313852936379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I chuckled and spilled my beer.

>> No.31262521
File: 178 KB, 1265x842, Molesty McGee the Slitherydee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>An opportunity to post that one screencap I made

>> No.31262648

>lacking the equipment
It's like you've never seen WoW porn.

Also magic

>> No.31262650

You're pretty sly, Molesty Anon

>> No.31262716

I didn't actually post that myself, just capped it for future usage in elf threads, and when relevant.

>> No.31266029

What's to know? Tolkien didn't give orcs any redeeming features and intentionally left their lives and cultures vague because he didn't like dwelling too long on the evil parts of his story. He was famously unable to tolerate the Black Speech, even in its written form, and never fleshed out the Black Speech or any variety of Orkish in the way he lavishly doted upon his "beautiful" good-guy languages.

>> No.31266067

Part of me wants a war between the two fuckers.

Tolkien orcs trying to colonize Blizzard Orcs with their industrial tech but they are all like "FREEDOM!"

>> No.31266097

>not posting the best orc song ever

>> No.31266140

Now that the troll guy is in charge of the horde, do you think he'll try to rebuild the troll empire of old?

>> No.31266434

The Orcs in LotR work really well for what they are because they're pretty much indisputably pure evil. Pretty much all they can do is destroy and kill, and they show the good vs evil, black and white morality of LotR very well. Generally I prefer them, just because I like my bad guys to be pure, indisputably evil.

>> No.31266499

Of course Christianity didn't preach this, you turbocunt. White Europeans did see themselves as superior.
They did not, however, see non-whites as non-people, at least not originally. There was never a debate in europe over whether the aztecs, for example, had souls. The debate was over what the right way to convert them and save their souls was.

>> No.31266538

Orc related music too?


>> No.31266817

True, they didn't believe that other people's races were inferior - just their religions, cultures, and everything else.

>> No.31268168

I was singing this to myself walking home from the bus just this morning. Rankin and Bass had the best music. Samwise going "I'd rather be singing a good old hobbit song, myself" still cracks me up- as though any hobbit music could compare to this, or to "Towers of the Teeth".

Also: "Kill 'em! bone 'em! Cut 'em to bits!" is the only battlecry I've ever used while playing any kind of martial character. If a party member ever responded "Smash 'em! Bash 'em! Skin 'em alive" I would die happy on the spot.

>> No.31269432
File: 2.81 MB, 500x281, shadow the edgehog.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shitty metal

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