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Sup /tg/
I'm planning a dungeon for my game, but I want the majority of the encounters to be creatures that wizards created- and I can only think of two right now, the Gelatinous Cube and Mimics. So, monster thread, and extra points for monsters that are created, constructs and the like.

>HARD MODE: Creatures created specifically to manage/clean/keep dungeons.

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Skeletons and zombies, but in maid outfits and butler suits, complete with phrasebooks and signposts to communicate to actual humans.

They don't actually think anything, instead are simply commanded to flip to a certain part of a phrasebook under certain situations.


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Mop golem.

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polymorphed enemies into furniture, but keep a nametag on it.

"Steve the chair, for stealing my sweetroll in gradeschool."
"Wilson, and his girlfriend" - double doors

Every door the players smash was a human being at some point.

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No OP, Gelatinous Cubes and Mimics were created by Gary Gygax long before the buyout.

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breakfast golem
bound tea elemental
bound succubus, forced into the form of his crush

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Curse Toe
Death Cob

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What about a worm that eats rock and shits building blocks.

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>implying Gary Gygax isn't a lvl 50 wizard roaming some astral plane somewhere.

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I like these and I will find someway to plug them in. Any anon remember any creatures that are in a monster manual?

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Here you go Op.
Enjoy the cleanest dungeon ever, with great music.

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Too bad Curse Toes are pretty high-end enemies in DCSS. I tried to stat 'em in PF but in the end it got bit silly.

Death Cobs are less lethal though and def. something a wizard would create.
Some other wizard-made enemies from Crawl would be Toenail Golem, although it would make casters cry ( immune to all elemental damage and incredibly magic-resistant ).

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Listen OP, here's what you do.

You add a skeleton, and a giant spider. They fight for superiority. If the spider wins, it's just found a new exoskeleton adornment. If the skeleton wins, the giant spider is tamed and the skeleton rides around on it.

You can thank me later.

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Thanks for that. I almost forgot.
It doesn't have to be for cleaning purposes, just what crazy wizards create to protect their lairs. Like pic related

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...and another one

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Isn't every single "dire" animal a wizard's creation?

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That reminds me, I nabbed this off /tg/ some time ago.

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OP here. Thanks for that, anon, I'm make good use of that.

I'm just going to say, this is going to be a hassle of an adventure for my players. It isn't designed to kill them, just piss them off, making the wizard the BBEG for the game.
The wizards isn't even really evil, just an asshole. When they finally clear everything from his lair, they go to open the chest and inside is a map and a note saying
"Your treasure lies in another castle"

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This theory actually makes a remarkable amount of sense.

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>"Also called living bridges, were originally created to guard a certain Wizard's tower, but have since escaped into the wilderness."

I am greatly interested in the ecology of a living bridge and the natural place it's found within the environment.

That's just so fucking stupid, but also really, really, just.. I want to be a arcane zoologist or something.

Just a guy who goes out in the wilderness, ruins, or other places and studies and catalogs species of "outlandish" creatures created by wizards like living god damn bridges.

What does it eat?!
Does it poop?
They must reproduce- how do they do it??!?!

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I know, it's over the top, but it's exactly what a dickish wizard would create.

And then you have this surprise:
House Hunter mimic

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If your players ever get to wherever the garbage goes, an Otyugh could be a good monster to toss in.

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then he gets a bow and a quiver of arrows right

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Winged Sharks

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Bears with sharks for arms, and the sharks can fly and the bear flies around on its shark arms and all three of them will eat you before you see it coming.

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