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Your name is Mildred and you are a witch; a full blooded broom flying, potion making, spell casting witch. Well sort of, you would be one if your master hadn't gone and ditched you, so technically you’re just an apprentice witch for the moment and fairly young as well, Sixteen years-old.

In a day and age where the control of the Imperial church goes unchecked being in the witch craft business is risky work, but that doesn’t bother you much. This is what you would like to say but due to your rotten luck life can’t be that easy. After spending some time in the city of Finchale you discovered that the local church had captured a girl and claimed she was a witch, refusing to let her die you went to the execution to stop it. Thanks to a distraction caused by the town’s people you were able to free her and escape. After getting her back to your room at the inn you found out that her name is Jodie and that she really is a witch, although she has a strange disposition of being unable to control her magic when she sneezes. Now with the help of some adventures you met your group is attempting to leave the city.

Current Inventory:
1 ornate dagger
1 steel dagger
1 potion of healing
3 scrolls of Great fireball
1 Scroll of wind-blade
1 Scroll of flight
2 Scrolls of Invisibility
1 scroll of thunderstorm
1 scroll of water breathe
56 silver coins
2 bottles of alchemy fire
2 mana jewels (needed to create scrolls or enchantments)
1x Bandages
1x pain killer leaves
1 Blank Scroll
Potion making supplies (Pot, Grinding cup)

List of current know spells:
Unlock (allows you to open almost any lock without a key)
Lesser fireball (Basic combat spell)
Charm (Charm other people, must be done through eye contact or touch)
Make potion of healing (This takes time and ingredients)
Force push (You can affect objects up to six feet away with varying degrees of force)

>> No.31204967

It’s bright and early in the morning and you, Tam, and Jodie have all packed into your cart, saying goodbye to the owner you head out. Riding down the street you see Randolf waving to you from in front of the guild hall, pulling up beside him he says. “Morning sweetie, looks like you’re all ready to head out. The others will be out shortly, just wait a bit”

After a little bit of time Sasha and the other two you haven’t been introduced to walk out. Walking over to you one of the two, a man with messy red hair, says. “Hello there, we met before but we’ve never been introduced. My name is Weston and I’m the group’s healer, I specialize in light magic of any sort so if you have a injury just talk with me and this” gesturing to the man with short deep blue hair beside him, “is Rylan, he’s our parties trap and dungeon expert, he’s a nice guy but he doesn’t say much.” Waving his hand Weston says. “But don’t worry about that, you’ll be friends in no time

Looking at you Rylan says. “Hi”

Once all the gear is loaded onto the cart your party starts to board, however before you can step on you’re stopped by Randolf. “Hey, sweetie if you’re going to keep using that dagger I got present for you” Reaching into his bag he pulls out a sheathed dagger and hands it to you. “I don’t want anyone being unprepared for a fight”. Saying thanks you climb into the back with everyone while Sasha takes the reins and Randolf sits shotgun. Setting off your party makes its way down the street.

>Talk with Tam
>Talk with Jodie
>Talk with Weston
>Talk with Rylan

>> No.31205106

>Talk with Tam
Let's have a chat.

>> No.31205409

>Talk with Tam

Looking over to Tam you ask "So, Tam how're you feeling?"

Smiling she says. "I'm kinda nervous about this whole trip but I think it's going to be fun, we can finally relax and just explore without worrying about someone coming after us. Also Sasha said she was going to train me so I won't be that afraid in a fight."

From over the side of the cart you hear "You better believe it missy, no ones running from a fight while I'm around."

Leaning back you say "That's nice, I'm glad that you're feeling better"

You feel a slight jerk and the cart stop, looking over the side you can see you're at the gate. A guard walks over and says "The gate is closed right at the momemt, you're going to have to turn back"

Leaning over Randolf hands him a note "That should let us through"

After reading it over the guard says "Ok, let them through"

As the gate raises your cart passes under it and onto the road, peaking up Jodie asks "What was that note you gave him?"

Winking Randolf says "Adventures pass, lets us go almost anywhere"

After riding for a bit the silence is getting to you.

>Talk with someone else
>Suck it up

>> No.31205549

let's talk to Rylan. he seems like a good conversational partner.

>> No.31205558

practice making scrolls

>> No.31205895

>Talk to Rylan/Other

Looking over to Rylan you ask "So, your name is Rylan?"


"Ummmm so what is your job exactly?"

Rylan opens his mouth to say something but Weston interrupts him "He's our dungeon expert, he usually goes first whenever we find a tomb or ruin to scout out for monsters and disarm traps, I swear he likes being below ground more than anything." Rylan nodes.

"He's also really sneak, you'll never see him coming, I think that's why he doesn't like talk so I just do it for him"

"Ok, so where are you guys from?"

"Me? well I from the city we just left, born and raised. I studied at the university there to become a healer but the church was never my thing, so I join the team. Rylan here, well he's never told me where's from." Rylan shrugs.

After Weston is done you sit down and practise with your scrolls a little bit remembering back to what your master told you and the books you read it seems you channel the spell into the mana crystals or something like that and then trap it into the scroll. Messing with that for a couple of hours you feel that you've gotten the basics of it (Scroll making is reduced to a minimum of 65 to succeed)

Looking back Randolf says "We should be close to a local village, we can stop there for a little bit and resupply" Rounding the bend all your faces drop. The village that was there is now on fire.

>Rush forwards to check it out
>Avoid it

>> No.31205963

no, weston, he doesn't talk because you keep interrupting him. jerk.
>rush forwards to check it out

>> No.31206002

Have everyone dismount before you enter the village then move in to the village slowly making sure we are not ambushed.

>> No.31206208

> Check it out

Everyone dismounts the cart and huddles together. Randolf looks over his shoulder and then back to the group "Ok, we've going to check it out but I want everyone to stay quite"

Moving fowards slowly your party advances into the burning village, you feel the heat of fire all around you and the smoke makes it slightly hard to breath. Looking around you see obvious signs of a fight but only a few bodies of some men. Looks like most people evacuated and few people stay behind to defend their homes. After a while you hear laughing coming from one of the only buildings not on fire. Rylan moves on a head to check it out and comes back a few minutes later. He raises his hand showing five fingers and makes a twisted face.

"Seems like there are orcs in that building, five of them" says Weston

Rylan makes a sad face and does a circle motion with his hand.

Weston interprets "Looks like they also have some hostages in there"

Randolf looks back to you guys "How do you want to take care of this?"

>Rush in and catch them by surprise
>Sneak around and take them out
Roll d100 for success, best of three

>> No.31206241

Rolled 69

sneak around and take em out. head on combat is an orc's specialty

>> No.31206362

Rolled 79

>Sneak around and take them out

>> No.31206516

>Sneak around (79)

You think for a second "I think we should try to catch them by surprise, close combat is an orc speciality and I prefer if we fought on our ground, not their's"

Randolf looks impressed "Ok lets go with that"

Sneaking in as quite as you can you all file into the building. The inside feels nice and warm as the fireplace is alight and there's piles of food on the main table. Sitting around the table are five orcs, laughing and talking.

One of the orcs speaks up "Haha you see how Krod fought? Krod fight good, he hit one guy so hard he fly"

Laughing the other orcs agree and talk about orcy things. Their grammar makes your skin crawl. Once everyone is in position Jodie takes an arrow and pulls back on her bow, letting it fly it strikes the orc closest to the fireplace right in the head killing him instantly. As the orcs stand up in surprise your party rushes them, running full pace Randolf comes in with a downward arc slashing an orc and knocking him over the table. Now there are only three of them left as they stand to face you.

>Attack, Close combat
>Attack, Magic
Roll d100 for success, best of three

>> No.31206598

Rolled 32

Attack: magic
keep them at range, and press our advantage

>> No.31206617

Rolled 47

>Attack, Close combat

>> No.31206751

Rolled 68

attack: close combat

>> No.31206816

Rolled 73

>Attack, Close combat
Our group does not know we are a witch yet.

>> No.31206870

do they not? well, don't I look the fool for voting magic

>> No.31206898

>Attack, close combat (73)

Rushing forwards you attack the orc closest to you, as he swings you dodge to left and uppercut his chin. Pulling back your hand out of pain he looks down at you mildly annoyed, ok new plan of action. Leaping forwards you burry your dagger right into his ribs and stab the second one into his chest. Yelling in pain he pushes you back causing you to pull your daggers out. Bellowing in rage he swings with his club barely avoiding the hit he shoulder checks you knocking you to the floor. Getting up you prepare yourself for the next attack.

>Attack, close combat
>Attack, Magic
Roll d100 for success, best of three

>> No.31206942

Rolled 78

>>Attack, close combat

We must maintain the facade.

>> No.31206963

Rolled 57

>Attack, close combat
Stay on the offensive

Captcha: nave rkilll

>> No.31207005

Rolled 58

>Attack, close combat

>> No.31207030

Rolled 39

close combat.
we do this cicero style.

>> No.31207127

>Close combat (78)

Rushing forwards you push on the orcs bad side causing him to trip over a chair, while he's on the ground you step forwards and kick him in the face causing him to reel back spitting up blood. Bending down you stab him in the throat, standing back up you leave him struggling in a pool of his own blood. Looking around you see the fight has almost finished up, the second orc is pelted with arrows and has Randolf stabbing it. The third orc is on the ground as Tam wildly swings her sword at it with her eyes closed and Sasha does the same with a little more control while yelling "THAT'S RIGHT, YOU'RE GETTING THE HANG OF IT".

Turning your head you can see a few people sitting in the conner tied up.

>Check on the people
>Scout out the building

>> No.31207148

check on the people

>> No.31207159

>>Scout out the building
The people will keep.

>> No.31207173


Actually, change my vote to


Question the prisoners.

>> No.31207175

i think buildings keep longer than people though...

>> No.31207195

Wouldn't we notice if any of them needed immediate medical attention?

>> No.31207203

Rolled 10

>Scout out the building
Make sure there is nothing hostile in the building

>> No.31207401

>Check on the people

You and Weston go and check on the people in the conner while Sasha and Randolf look around the rest of the building, Jodie and Tam look around the room you're in. There seems to be three men tied up, After pulling off their gags and cutting their bindings the oldest looking man rubs his wrists "Thank you for that, orcs, I hate them"

"What happened here?" you ask

"Well lately there has been reports of an orc warparty near by, looks like they finally decided to attack"

"Is there anyone else?"

"Yes and no, me and my boys stayed behind with the militia to defend our homes, there were a few causalities in the fight but most of us just got captured. The rest of our group would be at the orc camp."

>Talk with Tam and Jodie
>Check on Randolf and Sasha

>> No.31207854

Where did everyone go?

>> No.31207887

Rolled 8

Ask how many got captured and where the camp is

Most likely dinner. It's about that time in the US

>> No.31207923

oh ok, but everyone disappearing at once was weirding me out.

>> No.31208073


"Do you know how many got people got captured?"

Scratching his head the man says. "I think about ten men, also whoever stayed behind in the village to help the defenders so about twenty in all."

"Ok, do you know where the Orc camp is?"

"I can't tell you where it is exactly but I know it's somewhere in the forest down the road, we need to hurry if we're going to catch those filthy creatures"

"Ok but we need to wait for our comrades first, Weston heal any injuries they have while we wait"

Saluting you Weston says "Yes mama"

While Weston works on the hostages you look around the room.

>Talk with Tam and Jodie
>Check on Sasha and Randolf

I wait a little bit while everyone comes back

>> No.31208080

Rolled 62

Yeah that's kinda strange

>> No.31208222

Rolled 28

>Talk with Tam and Jodie

Also can we tell if some one used magic near us after they did it. Like a magic residue.

>> No.31208273

Magic dissipates fast so no unless a powerful spell was cast but magic damage looks much different from a normal struggle, more destruction and weird burns ect

>> No.31208363

I had a surprise influx of hungry vegetarians.

>> No.31208389


>> No.31208408

Yeah. That was pretty much my face too.
I wound up making a shit ton of quesadillas in the oven.

>> No.31208446

The only question is why vegetarians show up everywhere?

>> No.31208468

I blame the Internet.

>> No.31208507

Agreed. Also you should vote I don't think Magic started writing yet

>> No.31208683

(Been about half an hour so I'll continue)
>Talk with Tam and Jodie

Walking over to Tam and Jodie who are sitting at a table not covered in orc blood you ask. "So, how are you young ladies holding up?"

They look at each other and giggle a little bit. You blink "What?"

Waving her hand while supressing a laugh Tam says "It's nothing, it's just that you make yourself sound so old"

Turning red Jodie burst out laughing "She said 'Young ladies' hahaha"

Puffing your checks you say "Hey come on, if I'm not being the responsible one no one will"

While they laugh Sasha and Randolf return from searching around, Randolf looks a little beat up but they're ok.

"What happened?" you ask

Sasha shrugs "We ran into some of these guys friends and they weren't to happy to see us" Patting Randolf on his back she adds "Our fearless leader here just happen to be in the path of an angry Orc"

Objecting Randolf says "Hey he's dead and I'm not, that means I won"

After filling them in on what you learned from the hostages Randolf thinks for a second "We should hurry and get to that camp before we lose them"

As your party leaves the building the old man speaks up "Wait, we're coming too, we need to give those jerks some pay back"

>Let them come

>> No.31208788

Let them come. Strength in numbers and whatnot.

>> No.31208801

>Let them come
More people that can stab things the better

I think i know where this is going

>> No.31208885


>Let them come
you do what we say and when no running in we do this smart got me old man?

>> No.31209113

>Let them come

Randolf looks them over "I'm not sure.... what do you guys think?"

You think for a bit "Well if we're going to take on a whole Orc camp then a few extra people would be welcome but you do what we say and no rushing ahead, ok?"

"Hey there missy, I've been living here my whole life, I don't need to take orders from you"

Putting your hands on your hips you say. "Oh ya, who was the hostage again?"

Grumbling under his breath he says fine, walking down the road you can see the trail the Orcs left when they returned to their camp. There are horse tracks and large foot prints leading into forest and the under brush is completely disturbed.

Smirking Weston says. "Gee I wonder where they went?"

Walking into the forest after the trail you eventually see a fire in the distance, getting closer you can see the camp filled with about ten Orcs standing around. In the back is a make shift cage filled with the captured towns people.

>Rush the camp
>Take out the ones around the edges
Roll d100 for success, best of three

>> No.31209268

Rolled 15

Tell the main group to wait and attack when you give the signal (don't say what the signal is though, if they ask what it is say you'll know) Then sneak around with Jodie and Tam when your on the other side of the camp launch some fireballs into some groups of orks where we can hit many with one spell. (that would be the signal for everyone else to attack)

>> No.31209332

Rolled 30


>Take out the ones around the edges

>> No.31209353

Rolled 21


>> No.31209375

I can where this is going

>> No.31209393

Also, what are you rolling for?

>> No.31209604

(I'll just take the highest roll)
>Take out the ones around the edges (30)

Staying as silent as possible your group splits up and goes for the orcs around the edge of the camp. Sneaking up on an Orc you get behind him and prepare to slit his throat, as you reach up to do so the Orc turns around and looks right at you. Standing there for a few tense moments you say "Ummm so, how are you?"

Yelling the Orc swings at you barely missing, from the conner of your eye you can see Randolf being thrown out from the tree line while an angry orc walks after him and Tam being chased by an equally angry orc. Sigh, I guess that plan went south fast.

>Attack, close combat
>Attack, Magic
>Help someone out
Roll d100 for success, best of three

>> No.31209747

Rolled 47

>Attack, close combat

>> No.31209868


This thread really seems to be slowing down

>> No.31209882

>Attack, close combat
>Help Randolf out
We will have to use magic this fight, I feel it already. So lets start saving people so they think better of us and won't stab us.

>> No.31209886

ya, I think I should get to a good stopping point and leave it for another day

>> No.31209941

You forgot to roll

>> No.31210004

Rolled 69


>> No.31210150


I'll just change my vote to this to speed this along

>> No.31210159

>Attack, close combat (69)

Swinging at the Orc you manage to leave two nasty cuts across it's chest but this doesn't seem to effect it much, in fact your sure it only made him angry. Swinging his sword the orc misses every strike and then burries his sword into a tree, pulling on it he can't seem to get it out. Rushing forwards to take advantage of this the orc reaches out and grabs you by your throat, lifting you off your feet. He holds you there trying to squeeze the air out of you, reaching over you stab him in the eye causing him to drop you, coughing a bit you stand up and stab the kneeling orc in the neck, killing him. Turning around you see the orc kicking him in the chest flinging him a few feet, running straight at the orc you tackle in knocking it off it's feet, standing up you both face each other.

>Attack, close combat
>Attack, Magic
>Help someone out
Roll d100 for success, best of three

>> No.31210192


>> No.31210203

Rolled 20

>Attack, Magic

>> No.31210227

Rolled 91

>Attack, Magic
scream "Fuck this" then fireball to the face

>> No.31210246

You've done good son, you've done good

>> No.31210271

i guess that decides that

>> No.31210329

Rolled 18

I only hope our friends like witches

>> No.31210348

I gotta turn dice off. that was a d20

>> No.31210594

>Attack, Magic (91)

Looking around the fight you can see a injured Randolf trying to get his feet, Tam being chased by an Orc, Jodie trying her best to keep an annoyed Orc at bay, the three men that came with you barely fending off an Orc each, Sasha taking on two Orcs while Weston trys to fight a third Orc near her and Rylan trying to pick the lock on the cage with the villagers. Seeing all this fills you with the familiar feeling anger you had when you fought that mage, there's no way you're going out like this.

Yelling out "FUCK THIS" you fling a fireball at the surprised Orc in front of you, setting him on fire. Turning you use force push on the Orc chasing Tam sending him flying and smashing into a tree with a solid thud.

Yelling to Jodie you say "JODIE, MAGIC, NOW"

Jodie looks at you "But-"


Dropping her bow Jodie sends a lightning bolt right through the Orc she was fighting, leaving a smoking hole in him. You throw another fireball at the two Orcs fighting Sasha impacting the ground behind them knocking them off their feet. A very surprised Sasha takes advantage of this a stabs the two Ocrs while they lie on the ground.

After witnessing their whole group being destroyed in a few minutes the remaining Orcs look at each other and flee. As they run into the trees you continue to yell "THAT'S RIGHT, RUN". When they disappear from sight you calm down.

Randolf limbs next to you "What. was that?"

>You have to promise not to tell

>> No.31210741

"Me saving your life." *realize what was said, blush, get skittish* "um, please don't hate me but it was kinda, a little bit, some major magic." "And I'm a witch." *look at ground all sad like*

>> No.31210791

this but substitute sad with scared/shy

>> No.31210924

Agreed. We the cutesy witch.
Obviously it's charisma based casting.

>> No.31210926

scared/shy is better change to that

>> No.31211120


Catching your breath you say "Me saving your life" realizing what you just said you blush a little "umm well please don't hate me but it was kinda, a little bit, some major magic" looking down at the ground shyly you add "Also, I'm a witch"

You feel a hand rest on your head, looking up you see Randolf with a smile on his face "Now how can I stay mad at the person who just saved me, but you really should have told us sooner. Also I'm guessing Jodie is that witch that escaped in our town"

You nod your head, "well aren't you full of surprises" looking over you see Sasha walking over to you "Now you probably think I going to be pissed about this whole witch thing but the only thing I'm pissed about is not using that ten minutes ago" She looks over to Weston "Hey Weston you okay with this?"

Coming out from behind a tree Weston says "She hasn't tried to poison our food or slit our throats in our sleep so I guess she's okay but just don't do anything weird near me"

Rylan walks over and simply shrugs.

Looking at your friends you can't help but smile "Thanks guys"

After freeing the prisoners you return to town and helping them put out the fires. You get a few strange looks but no one says anything to you, in fact most of the people are grateful to you.

Some little kids run up to you and ask "Are you really a witch miss?"

Looking shyly you say "Yes, well a little bit"

Smiles spread to their faces "Cool, can you show us some magic?". After playing with them for a little while you here Randolf telling you it's time to go. Saying your goodbyes your party heads off towards more adventures.

>> No.31211193

Well that's it for tonight, it was a little slow so I'll try to do another one this week on a better day.

Also if you want to follow the quest you can follow my twitter. https://twitter.com/witchquesting

>> No.31211204

YAY were not dead and people don't hate us.

>> No.31211230

Thanks for running OP, night.

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