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Twitter: @MagicalGirlNoir

>Last time on, Magical Girl Rena Quest!
>Rena, having just achieved the rank of warmaster, had spent a few hours doing all the paperwork that came with the rank. It was well over 20 hours before she finally was given her brand new hat, room, and personal fan club.
>It was a tiring day, however, so the Magical Girl dismissed her fans and turned in for some much needed rest. We join her now as she wakes from her long sleep.

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>Rena yawns and sits up, stretching as she feels an unusually comfortable blanket fall away from her. She looks around and blinks a few times.
>This wasn't here room. This wasn't her room at all. It was so... Spartan.

What the hell..?
Where am I?

[]Explore room
[]Hide under bed.
[]Go back to sleep. Clearly you must be dreaming.

What? Who said that?

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[x]Hide under bed.
It's a natural instinct!

>> No.31202341


I don't know what to think any more

>> No.31202343

>[x]Hide under bed.

they'll never find you there

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Wait, what the fuck is this? Deculture, is this the thread you promised us? What the fuck is going on?

>> No.31202366

Check your calendar.

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Oh, you can here the voices.

Well since your new to this I'll ease you into this.

Right now, your in a world where Magical Girls works for companies of sorts to deal in bodyguard, recovery, and fighting.

Think of it of a world where girl can do shit that Sparkle does but more noir?

But if you don't believe me

[]Go back to sleep. Clearly you must be dreaming.

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Ducu and another quest runner are fucking with us.

Clearly, we need to get back to sleep.

>> No.31202397

>Even the speedwagon is afraid
For once captcha is right.

>> No.31202403

[X]Explore the room.

>> No.31202406

Oh yeah, saw this coming. haha

[X] Check Your Calendar

>> No.31202410

>[x]Hide under bed.

>> No.31202411

[X]Explore room

The hell is this? Oh wait. Ha clever so very clever. Just like arch saying there would be crimson. Well played sir.

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> [x] Explore room
Time to see what's going on here. Where are we?

>> No.31202419

>[]Explore room
Don't worry. Remain calm. There is nothing to fear. Remain calm. There is nothing to fear.
Remain calm and

>> No.31202420

Get up and get dressed.

>> No.31202425

Its April fools day you chuckle fucks, good one Decu.

>> No.31202428

[X]Explore room

>> No.31202435

>Use magical medical powers of the officio to get some curves.

>> No.31202447


wait, what?

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Difference is this was easily recognizable given the running time, and should be fun. Saying Crimson will run and then just not is stupid and lame, if it happens. But it might run. Who knows!

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It's that fucking sword's fault, isn't it?

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>> No.31202539

I have blamed many things on the sword, but I don't see how this could be.

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>Rena goes full flesh of the fallen angels
Holy shit that is scary.

>> No.31202567

We must go deeper!

>> No.31202584

I... I don't even know what's going on.

>[x]Explore room.

>Rena finds herself getting off of her new bed and looking around the room. Her last observation is pretty spot on. The place is almost completely bare save for a few cabinets, her bed, and a closet. The only other noteworthy thing is a small clothes rack that has a big coat and a really nice hat on it.
>She feels something heavy inside of her pajama pocket. Reaching in she feels a warm smooth stone. Before she can examine it further she hears footsteps approaching.

>[x]Hide under bed.
>Rena darts under the bed as the door to her room opens. Someone steps inside and walks around, calling out her name.

???: "Rena. Renaaaa!"

Oh god...

???: "Rena? Where are you?"

>Rena shuffles just a bit... The girl stops in her tracks and ducks, finally spotting Rena under the bed.

???: "There you are! What are you doing under the bed, Warmaster?"

>The girl has crimson hair and seems to be missing an eye. She sounds friendly but...

???: "Rena? You okay?"

[]Say you lost your memory.


>> No.31202617

[x]Say you lost your money.

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>> No.31202623

Take the hat and flee.

>> No.31202625


I don't follow Hero Quest Rena, so I have no fucking clue what's going on, beyond that it's an April Fool's prank.

>> No.31202627

> [x] Other.
Panic. We don't know what's going on!

>> No.31202628

She seems friendly. Say hi.

>> No.31202629

[X]Say you lost your memory.

Until more evidence presents itself, I have decided that we're Murderface having another memory lapse.

The new name we have chosen for ourself is Rena.

>> No.31202630

>[]Say you lost your memory.

>> No.31202638

>[x]Say you lost your memory.
Seems like a safe option, since you sure seem to have done so!

>> No.31202641

>Say you lost your memory.

>> No.31202646

>[X]Say you lost your memory.

>> No.31202653

I am terrified.

>> No.31202654

[x]Say you lost your memory.
She seems friendly.

>> No.31202655

>I don't follow Hero Quest Rena
Fix that immediately, it's great.

>> No.31202659

Yes we're all right, we just dropped some spare change under bed...

Until proven otherwise, let's assume MM+ is messing with us.

>> No.31202664

Yeah. Tell her a big dimensional gate between parallel universes stole all your money from under your bed.

>> No.31202668

Im in the same boat, but from the other side. I have no fucking clue what this flesh of fallen angels shit is.

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>> No.31202678

[X] Scream

>> No.31202684

>Until proven otherwise, let's assume MM+ is messing with us.

Is that what you think?

Personally I think Rena is in Jade Revolver's fan-club.

Hence the girl trying to pull a Magical Girl Sparkle.

>> No.31202685

>[x]Say you lost your memory.

>> No.31202686

Oh god. Rena and her aura of attraction with the hat.

The most terrifying combination in all the universe.

>> No.31202687

I like the gold rock. Nice touch. wonder who's inside.

>> No.31202694

Do you have a link to the archive?

>> No.31202699

Throw rock. You do sleep with a rock on hand, right?

>> No.31202704


...gonna run this shit into the ground.

>> No.31202705

You all are wrong. This must somehow be !Rena's doing

>> No.31202706

If Homura was nicknamed Murderface, is Rena a nickname or her real name? And what would be the right nickname for Rena?

>> No.31202708

Say you are freaking out right now.

>> No.31202711


also v amuse captchas even speedwago is laugh

>> No.31202712

She has her focus so she can throw that as a magical rock.

>> No.31202714

"Fallen angel" is a metaphor for a magical girl.

>> No.31202719

I think rena exudes a Friend Zone actually.

>> No.31202721


>> No.31202727

Rena the Rock

>> No.31202732

Rena doesnt eat flesh or drink blood anymore. Shes done with that.

>> No.31202733

Here you go.
> http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Hero%20Quest%20Rena

>> No.31202736

Foolz has a way better interface for Rena but by now most of the images have been deleted and they're important.

>> No.31202740

Shit, son. The fourth mirror.
It's Rena's. The forgotten personality fragment is Rena.

>> No.31202742

It's when someone succumbs completely to the corrupting influence of a Golden Weapon crafted by the insane goddess of Magical Girls and goes completely, utterly, and murderously batshit insane.

>> No.31202753

>the two best quests on tag are now one

Thank you Based Lady

>> No.31202754

>...gonna run this shit into the ground.
You already have.

>> No.31202757

[x]wear the hat
[x]become the hat

>> No.31202770

What? I... don't even...

>> No.31202792

>Emotionally oblivious
>Prone to violence
>Accidentally seduces everyone

Shit. You may be right.

>> No.31202804

Or in JR's fanfiction.

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>> No.31202816

Doesn't sound like something that would happen in Renaverse, where you pacify The Spine Ravager by winking at him.

>> No.31202830


>> No.31202833


Apart from Anti-hero, you mean?

>> No.31202838


Is this going to be another Pringle Guard?

>> No.31202846

She got better

>> No.31202851

You're not in the Renaverse, now are you?

Buckle up kiddo, it's time for NOIR.

>> No.31202863

Rena had nothing to do with Anti-Hero and her little episode. In fact, Rena got her cake and befriended the shit out of her in the hospital.

>> No.31202882

MGNQ isn't even noir.

>> No.31202884

Technically, we are in Rena's head, thus making us in the inner universe that is Rena, ergo the Renaverse.

>> No.31202888

We're probably somewhere in the ephemeral inbetween, called the Aprilfoolspace.

>> No.31202892


Well, it still happened in the Renaverse. Just because Rena HERSELF is generally immune to Horrible Consequences doesn't mean they don't happen to other people. Just think of all those dead Rangers.

>> No.31202896

"I... I lost my memory."

???: "Haha, oh shit. Again? Wow. Uhm... Well let's just not tell the others, huh? That would look pretty bad considering it's your first day as Warmaster. Well... I'm Kyouko and I'm your Equerry. Basically wherever you go I go. You and me are partners. Sound good?"


K: "And you're Rena the Rock, Warmaster of the Ninth Officio. Today we're supposed to be attending a meeting but I was able to pull some strings for you and we have a mission instead."

"A mission? Doing what?"

K: "We're go-"

>> No.31202900


[x] "What's a warmaster?"

>> No.31202908

I think that's why he typed it in allcaps. Like the difference between plot and PLOT

>> No.31202925

>Just because Rena HERSELF is generally immune to Horrible Consequences doesn't mean they don't happen to other people.
And you are telling Rena HERSELF to feast on flesh, thus invalidating your own goddamn argument.

>> No.31202926

>the thread ends with JR and her friends drawing all this as a comic
>they want to sell it in order to get fund raising for their club
>Rena drops in and just gives them 40,000 bucks

>> No.31202940

>The girl freezes. Everything freezes. Even Rena feels odd, like she were stuck in a thick gel.
>Her Equerry seems to blur at the edges before vanishing altogether.

>> No.31202944

>Well... I'm Kyouko and I'm your Equerry


I'll stop now.

>> No.31202954

this is even WOOOORSE

>> No.31202958

kyouko no come back

>> No.31202959

Oh god
Jade is erasing and rewriting fanfiction
This is gonna be rough

>> No.31202960


I'm not the FoFA guy, I was just responding to your assertion that horrible bullshit never happens in Renaquest, which is untrue.

>> No.31202963


>> No.31202970

>In her place stands a girl with pink hair, jet black eyes, and razor sharp teeth. She glares at Rena with a hatred so intense it makes her blood cold.

???: "Who the fuck are you?"

[]Explain who you are.

>> No.31202972


>> No.31202979

wail inarticulately for 30 seconds.

>> No.31202982


>> No.31202983


Could Rena actually be floating in a hologram tank or somesuch?

>> No.31202984

I wasn't the guy who made that assertion either, I was just responding to the assertion that Rena should act horribly out of character for whatever reason.

>> No.31202986



>> No.31202987

This is based on kyouko's horrible rena fanfic

>> No.31202988


Rena, I don't care what you see when you enter the timefreeze zone, whatever appears before you, your first words should be "get fucked".

>> No.31202989

[x] Who are you?

>> No.31202990

> [ x ]"Rena. Cute hair by the way."

>> No.31202991



>> No.31202993

> [x] Explain who you are.

>> No.31202994

>[x]Explain who you are.
I'm Rena, and I think... I'm kinda lost. In more ways than one. Are you lost too?

>> No.31202996


>> No.31203001

>[x]Ask where she buys her clothes, because they're cute

>> No.31203009

No come back koko...don't leave.

>> No.31203010

>I was just responding to your assertion that horrible bullshit never happens in Renaquest
Nobody said that, they just said Rena doesnt do horrible things. Not intentionally, at lest.

>> No.31203013


[x] "And who the fuck are you?"

>> No.31203015

>Kyouko and Jade are bestest friends
It all makes sense now.

>> No.31203018


>> No.31203019


>> No.31203021

When in danger
when in doubt
run in circles
scream and shout!

>> No.31203022

I would have believe you if you didn't post that after Pinky showed up.

>> No.31203024

[x] Ask for a golden weapon

>> No.31203025


>> No.31203026


>> No.31203028

Rena; recoill and hiss like kitty the last time you tried to make him take a bath.

You have never encountered EVIL before. Now it stands before you.

>> No.31203032

>[x]Explain who you are.

I wasn't even messing with any dimensional-spawning artifacts this time!

>> No.31203037

Try not to cry
Cry a whole lot

>> No.31203042

The original statement was
>Doesn't sound like something that would happen in Renaverse

I agree that it's not something Rena would do.

>> No.31203044


[x] throw a rock at it

>> No.31203049

This is the Monster's wet dream.

>> No.31203056

[x] Explain who you are.

Rena the Rock, Warmaster of the Ninth Officio!

>> No.31203057

Rena wouldn't recognise EVIL even if it walked up to her and smacked her on her head.

>> No.31203061

Id have posted it sooner if the april fools bullshit hadn't fucked up posting in my 4chan extension.

>> No.31203067

He would be right, though. Rena intentionally eating fallen angel flesh DOESN'T sound like something that would happen in Renaverse

>> No.31203072

Pinky a qt.

>> No.31203088

>You have never encountered EVIL before.
She has befriended the primordial concept of Monster, I think she is fine with evil.

>> No.31203091

Thats because EVIL doesn't exist in the renaverse. The worst it usually gets it 'quite naughty'

>> No.31203096

[ x ]Explain who you are.
[ x ]Compliment her hair.
That should calm her down.

>> No.31203106

Is Pinky going to kiss Rena

>> No.31203115

>EVIL doesn't exist in the renaverse
Berrington says hi.

>> No.31203117


>> No.31203124


[]"I'm...actually trying to figure that out myself. Apparently I'm a Warmaster? Or something? I don't know, I can't shake the feeling that I'm not supposed to be here."

>> No.31203125

>Spine Ravager is literally a monster that pulls out people's spines.
>Anti-hero was all kinds of fucked up

>> No.31203131

Hope not. Blender mouth and all that

>> No.31203134

Probably. Rena seems to have that effect on lesbians.

>> No.31203136


There's probably plenty of scumbags and stuff in HQ, but the characters we play don't really get to see that part.

>> No.31203140

>Spine Ravager is literally a monster that pulls out people's spines.
yeah but he's a qt

>> No.31203149

Let's hope not, her mouth is basically a blender.

>> No.31203150


>> No.31203156

That he is.

>> No.31203157


>> No.31203159

For all we know he was just a misunderstood chiropractor.

>> No.31203165


>> No.31203171

I think my name is.. inigo montoya

>> No.31203175

Don't forget what Kid Queenie did to her people and what they did to her in turn.

>> No.31203185


[x] "You tell me, lady. I have no idea."

>> No.31203192

Nah, he's a kid acting out.

The flowers and bowtie are there because his mom told him that's what girls like.
And she's this giant monster with gray puffy hair, glasses and an apron with flowers on it.

>> No.31203200

>Rena panics and starts screaming.

???: "Shut up."

>She continues screaming, flailing her arms as best as she can in this frozen zone.

???: "Shut. Up."

>More screaming, this time punctuated with some yelling.


>The girl is at Rena in the blink of an eye. She places her hands on Rena's chest, her sharp fingertips digging into her flesh.

???: "If you don't tell me who you are and why you're here I will rip out everything vital in your frail little body."

"I... I'm Rena the Rock, Warmaster of the Ninth Officio..."

???: "No you're not. Homu- Oh, wait. I see."

>She lets go of Rena and seems to be deep in thought.

???: "Then where did she end up...?"

>The odd girl muses to herself, ignoring the scared Magical Girl.

"Uhm... Y-Your hair is cute..."

>This seems to get the terrifying girl's attention. She blushes a bit and turns to Rena with a wide smile, flashing those horrifying teeth at her.

???: "Th-thanks... Well, I guess since my usual toy is gone I'll have to play with you for now. Rena, right? I'm Pinky. And if you want I can be your guide through what must certainly be a terrifying world."

>She smiles again, trying to be friendly. It is an odd sight to see. While her posture might say friendly her eyes and mouth show someone who would be more than willing to kill her while being as gentle about it as possible. A terrifying mixture of kindness and pure evil.

[]Accept her offer for help
[]Tell her to fuck off.
[]Kiss the blender mouth.

>> No.31203221

[x]Accept her offer for help
Pissing her off doesn't seem smart.

>> No.31203225

[x]accept her offer for help
Kissing would really upset her.

>> No.31203231

[X] Accept her offer for help.


>> No.31203232

Ask where Kitty is.

>> No.31203233

>[X]Kiss the blender mouth.
>[X] Grab her ass

>> No.31203237

>[X]Accept her offer for help
I don't think running will help here. Play along with the crazy scary lady.

Only everything.

>> No.31203238

>[x]Kiss the blender mouth.

>> No.31203241

> [x] Accept her offer for help

Does she know where our cat is. This is important.

>> No.31203243

[X]Accept her offer of help.

>> No.31203246

>[x]Accept her offer for help
She seems friendly. There's no reason to not accept her offer.

>> No.31203247

> []Accept her offer for help
Kissing blenders is bad rena. Don't do it.

>> No.31203252

[]Accept her offer for help
she might be nice.

Ask if she knows the monster.

>> No.31203257

>[x]Accept her offer for help
>[x]Kiss the blender mouth.

>> No.31203259

Wait... aren't you an annie-may character?

I'd swear ive seen that dress before.

>> No.31203261

>[ x ]Accept her offer for help
Thank her. Rena you are great at friending. Look you already made a friend here.

>> No.31203263

[x]Accept her offer for help
Also, cry a little.

>> No.31203270

>[x]Accept her offer for help
>[x]Kiss the blender mouth as thanks.
What could go wrong?

>> No.31203273

WHERE Kitty is. WHERE. Not what. We already know Kitty is Rena's cat.

>> No.31203279

>>[X]Accept her offer for help

>> No.31203281

>[x]Kiss the blender mouth.

>> No.31203285

[]Accept her offer for help
And compliment her dress.

>> No.31203292

>[]Accept her offer for help
Do NOT kiss her, though.

>> No.31203302

Meant to quote the one above that.

>> No.31203318

>[x]Accept her offer for help
Ask who is this "Homu-" and if you can help Pinky to find her. They seem to be friends. Well, she called her "toy", but that's what some couples do...

>> No.31203319

Yeah, don't kiss her.
Not yet.

>> No.31203324

>Kiss the blender mouth
>Grab her ass.

>> No.31203325

Guys, Rena's not going to do any kissing. She's already been over the subtext thing with MM.

> arksbox incident
the capthca knows what the deal is

>> No.31203327


also where am Noir? Will there be Hero Noir Quest update soon?

>> No.31203342

Why are all these lesbians trying to put voters into Madoka

>> No.31203347

>[]Kiss the blender mouth.
This fucking option right here. I'm just glad pinky doesn't have a fluffy tail. We would have failed so hard.
(This is not a vote, I already voted for this one)

>> No.31203353

>Kiss and accept

>> No.31203370

Even odds Decu will run it in the morning

>> No.31203374

Um... could you rephrase that?

>> No.31203376

So is pinky.

>> No.31203383

[x]accept her offer for help

>> No.31203388

No it doesn't. The arksbox incident is what led up to this current freaky friday flip situation as well as to why there are such a thing as pupcats.

Fukken Science Wizards man. Playing around with things that aught not be played around in.

>> No.31203391

Does this mean next HQ will be written by Decu?
That will be pretty grim, probably

>> No.31203393

voters, lesbians*

>> No.31203394

Why are all Madoka trying to put lesbians into voters

>> No.31203395

C... Could it be double thread time?

>> No.31203401

>> No.31203413

>Fukken Science Wizards man. Playing around with things that aught not be played around in.

>> No.31203419

Can you cap this with "Screaming internally" or something like that?

>> No.31203424

Either that or Decu will take a different quest and another QM will take Hero Quest.

Who knows?

>> No.31203425

Shes no Ravager, I tell you that much right now.
You got the quote backwards

>> No.31203443

"Sure... Uhm... Where's my kitty?"

P: "I ate him."


P: "Hahaha, I'm kidding. You're kinda cute when flustered. I think we'll have fun. Here."

>The girl hands Rena a golden rock.

P: "The Moon. The largest rock around besides our own little planet... Use it when you're in trouble, okay? I'll see you later."

"But, my cat..."

>The girl vanishes and Kyouko appears again.

K: "ing to try and rescue a few newbies. Apparently a simple mission they were supposed to go on went sour. We've lost contact with them so we need to assume the worst but I knew them. They're quite capable on their own. I think if we go now we'll be able to get them back."

"... Did you see a pink haired girl..?"

K: "Huh? Rena, did you listen to what I said?"

"Y-yeah... I'm all for it."

K: "Great. So Sayaka said she wants to go too but if you have any suggestions... Well, you're the Warmaster."

[]Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)
[]Rena does her missions solo.. No need for backup!

>> No.31203446

Hero Quest run by Blorp with Baws as the MC

>> No.31203449

I'd scream in her internals, if you know what I mean

>> No.31203450


>> No.31203451

Hmmm, but HQ doesn't really work without the art.

Though Decu doesn't art fast enough for HQ anyway, so...

>> No.31203453


>> No.31203460

>[x]Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)

>> No.31203464


>> No.31203473

>[x]Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)
If there's one thing Rena knows, it's that having friends with you is never a bad idea.

>> No.31203475

>P: "The Moon. The largest rock around besides our own little planet... Use it when you're in trouble, okay? I'll see you later."
>Giving Rena such power.
The world is fucked.

>> No.31203476

show her the rock we got

>> No.31203477

[x]Take Sallaka along with you (What the hell is a Sallaka)

>> No.31203479

>[X]Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)
Even Rena knows better than to take on enemies solo if she can possibly avoid it.

>> No.31203486

>[x]Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)
Going solo sounds like an amazingly bad idea since we have no idea what's going on. Let's find this Siwaka.

>> No.31203488

Go rescue Kitty instead.

>> No.31203489

>[x]Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)
Since we have no idea whatever is going on, it would be good to have more friends along to help. Remember to stock up on rocks, Rena.

>> No.31203497

[ x ]Who the hell is Sayaka
[ x ]Let's quickly go, the two of us, it might already be too late for the girls.

>> No.31203499

Talk to the rock. It has a dead girl inside it that makes it like a superweapon.

I'm serious.

>> No.31203505

[x]Take Sayaka along with you.
You need to make more friends in this world if you're going to survive, Rena.

Also put on your AWESOME UNIFORM and try to figure out what the golden rock does.

>> No.31203508

>[]Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)

>> No.31203513

> [x] Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)
> [x]Other
So tell us a bit about this place.

>> No.31203515

[X]Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)

>> No.31203518

[X] Where is Kitty?

>> No.31203529

[X] Other - Talk to the rock

>> No.31203530

Also take the HAT. Another awesome HAT to your collection.

>> No.31203532

You, uh...

Have you seen a magical girl around?

About yay high, focus in her hair, goes by the name of Sparkle?

>> No.31203560

>???: "Then where did she end up...?"
Well I have an idea where she did end up, seeing RENA is HERE.

>> No.31203565

>[x]Take Sayaka along with you (Who the hell is Sayaka)

Who are all of these people what is everything this is so confusing where is Sparkle

>> No.31203572

All this day is missing is a ogre civ quest ......and a hollow redux quest.......risa is in hero quest isn't she?(or ogre civ)

>> No.31203575

This. Look for Sparkle or even Lyrical Princess Raindrops. They should know whats going on.

>> No.31203585

Pinky is going to kiss Bridgette.

>> No.31203587


>> No.31203592

No worries, Chiaki is gonna fuck EvilRena up and get us rid of our biggest problem.

>> No.31203594

Poor Bridgette, she gets every girl but the only one she wants.

>> No.31203603

> Rena received the Moon
This will end badly.

>> No.31203609


It's a good thing that nipple wasn't attached to Sparkle, huh?

What if Magical Girls are like barbie dolls underneath the clothes. Would explain the hand-holding/magical eggs.

>> No.31203616

That's a good one. I can relate to that.

>> No.31203618

Actually The Monster is a pretty good bet.

As the origin of All Monsters he should exist in just about every universe.

...of course, in some of them he's more formidable than others.

>> No.31203626

...yeah the idea that Pinky can see Rena's universe is terrifying. Thanks fucking guy. Are the streams of time and space and dimensions intertwined now?

>> No.31203632

If she still has the Golden Rock at the end of this mess...

>> No.31203643

>Golden fucking MOON
>In MGNQ setting

Calling it now, that's Pinky's Grief Seed.

>> No.31203704

No, Pinky's grief seed is orbiting the moon (if I remember right, it's been a while since it came up)

>> No.31203710

all i know is, this is gonna be a long night.

>> No.31203712


>> No.31203719

The golden moon is basically a fucking pokeball

>> No.31203721

Oh god what is happening, I don't even.

>> No.31203726

He should know a friend of the family when he sees one, though.

>> No.31203738

She's supposed to be happy in that shot.

Her mom's never been more proud.

>> No.31203775

/u/boats cannot conceive that a girl can be happy without being all up ons some other broad.

>> No.31203777

Is the golden rock wet? Could one of the Golden Weapons actually be moist nugget?

>> No.31203779

Well she looks scared as shit

>> No.31203794

Yeah. But I'm just saying... Rena has difficulty dealing with the Hero Quest version.

a NOIRverse version might be enough to finally drive her out of her tiny mind.

>> No.31203795

>have a completely unrelated discussion

>> No.31203809

As least she'will finally start thinking outside of the box.

>> No.31203812

>Rena the Rock's Ultimate Final Secret Techinque:

>> No.31203813

what the fuck are you on about?

>> No.31203814

>being this mad

>> No.31203816

Benben is the cutest thing ever.

>> No.31203828

I continue to watch in rapt anticipation of seeing just how much more obnoxious those guys can get then the ones they despise

>> No.31203835

"Yeah... Let's go get Sayaka. Hey, have you seen my cat?"

K: "What? Warmaster, you're allergic to cats."

I hate this universe.

>Rena grabs her new hat and changes into a different outfit. She follows Kyouko as she leads her through the building and explains more about the place. It seems that in this universe Magical Girls aren't all that rare. They have an organization and everything!
>Sayaka is her 'very very close friend' and an amazing fighter. As opposed to Rena, who uses rocks and long range attacks, Sayaka likes to get closer to her opponent. In battle she can be quite brutal but effective.

K: "Ah, there she is!"

>Kyouko walks up to a blue haired girl and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

S: "Kyouko... In front of the Warmaster?"

K: "Hehe, she doesn't care. Do you, Rena?"

"Uh... No."

I see. They're like Bridgette.

>Kyouko explains that she's been invited to go on a mission with them. Sayaka looks like she wants to complain but sighs and shakes her head.

S: "Alright. But if only to keep an eye on you two..."

K: "I'm gonna fill out the paperwork. Sayaka, come with me. Rena just wait right here."

>She locks arms with Sayaka and walks off with her leaving Rena alone in a hallway. She sits on a bench and pulls out the rock she was given. It feels quite heavy.

[]Talk to the rock.

"... Hello?"

>No reply.

"..... Anyone in there?"

>The rock warms up and Rena hears a voice.

???: "I ask of you. Are you my master?"

"Uhm..... Yes?"

???: "I sense great good in your heart. It would be my honor to serve you."

"I uh... Didn't know rocks could talk."

???: "I am not just a rock. I am the spirit inhabiting this weapon. It was once mine, long ago. A memento of a stone from which I pulled a legendary weapon. I was killed in battle and now it is yours. If ever you need me I will assist you in any way I can."

Wow so this thing really does have a spirit inside of it...

[]Talk to her some more.
[]Wander around

>> No.31203838


>> No.31203852

NEIN! You suck!

>> No.31203857

>[x]Lick the rock.

>> No.31203860

>[]Talk to her some more.

sad it isn't pic

>> No.31203862

[]Talk to her some more.
So do you have any hobbies?

>> No.31203871

>[x]Talk to her some more.

I'm Rena. What's your name?

>> No.31203874

>[]Talk to her some more.
What stone? What weapon? What battle?

>> No.31203875

I think it's Saibah.

>> No.31203877


[]Talk to her some more.

>> No.31203879

[x]Wander around
Let's start walking and see where our feet take us!

>> No.31203882


Ask how many licks it will take to get to her gooey center.

>> No.31203885

>[x]Talk to her some more.
>[x]Go to the vault in the basement. It has lots more golden weapons you can be friends with.

>> No.31203886

>[X]Wander around

>> No.31203887

>[X]Talk to her some more.
"So where are you from? What's your name?"

At some point, "just like King Arthur" should be said.

>> No.31203889


Become one with your new hat.

>> No.31203890

It is.

>> No.31203892


>> No.31203894

[x]Talk to her some more.
Ask her how to use the rock. Should you just throw it, or is it more indirect than that?
[x]Wander around.

>> No.31203897

>[x]Talk to her some more.
>[x]Wander around
Check out the place while talking to her, it looks cool. See if you can find Sparkle or Raindrops.

>> No.31203905

>Sayaka is her 'very very close friend'
>I see. They're like Bridgette.
Rena, I'm so proud, you're actually learning!

>[x]Talk to her some more.
Introductions are in order.

>> No.31203907

Fuck yeah...wait...is that Sabr?

Uh, cool. Tell her you look forward to working alongside her...an please help her not die.

Actually, Rena, a question. Do you like guys the way Bridgette likes girls?

>> No.31203909

> [x] Talk to her some more.
So... what do rock spirits do?

>> No.31203914

>[x]Talk to her some more.
>[x]Wander around

>> No.31203916

>[X]Talk to her some more.
Sounds friendly.

>> No.31203922

[X] Disregard K, re-obtain Kitty.


>> No.31203931

>[x] Scream "FALURE OF A RULER" and throw it away

>> No.31203949

"So, uh, what should I call you?"

>> No.31203953


>"What does Gilgamesh's cock taste like?

>> No.31203986

Fucking hell

Saber? Really?

Oh god what the fucking is happening

>> No.31203988

"I am a rock. My name is Saber."

>> No.31203996

[X] Listen, I've kind of got a master thing going on with a robot already, so...

Right now I just kind of need a friend. There's some real weird stuff going on. This is not the same world I went to sleep in.

>> No.31203999

>Lick the rock!

>> No.31204013


>> No.31204043

Go find some goddamn lasagna. You just woke up and haven't eaten anything yet. Maybe caffornicator can fix you a cup of--- oh yeah she's not here.

>> No.31204046

And ask it if it tastes like caramel!

>> No.31204068

> [x] Talk to her some more.
Ask her about Pinkie.

>> No.31204073

That is clearly Rider

>> No.31204079

I am amused.

>> No.31204098

>Big Boss mass produces Rena clones that are even less socially aware than the original

>> No.31204109

"So what's your name?"

???: "I am King Arthur. You may simply call me Saber."

"Okay, Saber. So... How do I use this rock? Do I just throw it?"

???: "Indeed. It will never miss and the damage it causes will be tremendous. However, you only get one shot with it. After that it will become a mundane rock until some time has passed. You can try to force the spell on this to activate again but... I advise against that."

>[x]Go to the vault in the basement. It has lots more golden weapons you can be friends with.

I have a vault? Well, let's see if I can find it.

>Rena gets up and starts wandering around. Saber informs her that her last wielder was a wicked magical girl who used her only as a tool of destruction. The rock can also protect if used as a shield and enables it's wielder to walk on water, should they choose.
>She did not like her last master very much but was bound to serve her. Until she tried to use her powers more than once a day.

"What happened when she used it again?"

Sa: "She was corrupted."

>Lick the rock!

... I'm actually pretty hungry but this looks like a normal rock... A delicious rock. Let's see...

>Rena licks her golden weapon. The spirit inside gasps loudly and materializes a bit.

Sa: "M-master... Please do not do that again..."

> Before Rena even gets a chance to Sayaka and Kyouko find her.

K: "There you are. Ready to go?"

[]No, there's something else I want to do (writein for what that would be)

>> No.31204112

Rider IS Saber.

Or at least that's clearly where elements o her costume are drawn from.

>> No.31204120

[x] "Do you have any lasagna?"

>> No.31204121

"RENA believes that you would be able to cool down faster if she licks you all over"

>> No.31204132

Lick the rock a few more times.

>> No.31204133

That was the joke, yes.

>> No.31204137

>[]No, there's something else I want to do (writein for what that would be)
Food! You still haven't found any lasagna.

>> No.31204138

Rena is ready to rock!

>> No.31204141

Ask Saber whether she'll die or not upon use of the rock

>> No.31204142


>> No.31204147


Lick the rock again, to show our dominance.

>> No.31204149

It tastes like fish and chips, doesn't it.

>> No.31204152


we're not but there is no way to prepare

>> No.31204155

>[x]No, there's something else I want to do (writein for what that would be)

>> No.31204159

>[X]No, there's something else I want to do (writein for what that would be)
demand an eating content rematch with Kyoko.

Specifically request that there should be lasagne. Lots and lots of Lasange.


>> No.31204170

>[x]No, there's something else I want to do (writein for what that would be)
Go to the vault and take all the golden weapons.

>> No.31204175

> [x] Other.
Can we grab something to eat first?

>> No.31204185

[x] "I haven't eaten anything today. You can't expect me to go save a bunch of magical girls on an empty stomach! Also, I think I'm gonna need more rocks."

>> No.31204186


>> No.31204195

Yes, this.

>> No.31204197

[ x ] Yes.
[ x ] You guys got some snacks. I am hungry.

>> No.31204205

let's pick up some fast food on the way

>> No.31204207

Do it again, repeatedly.

>> No.31204211

>Rena licks the rock
>over in another universe, Bridgette feels a disturbance is the Force

>> No.31204217

>[x] You're a magical girl. That means you get a costume and sparkly shit and a magic weapon that isn't a rock. Well, it might be a rock with you being you, but you should transform. Hear me, Rena? Transform.

>> No.31204218

Wow, you people really are shitty leaders. Putting off saving subordinates that got ambushed, just to eat some lasagna?

>> No.31204246


>> No.31204253

Do you think you can make good decisions in combat with low blood sugar?

>> No.31204259

Rena, stop it, you're not a deer and she's not a brick of salt.
Go on the rescue, that's what heroes do.

>> No.31204264

Rena never wanted to be a hero.

They kind of press-ganged her into it and kept promoting her way above her level of capability.

She certainly never asked to be a leader. And where Rena comes from, Magical Girls do the saving.

>> No.31204267

No breakfast, no service. Will get captured on an empty stomach.

>> No.31204269

No such thing as making haste in Renaverse. Things are perfectly content to wait for our arrival.

>> No.31204271

Fuck 'em

>> No.31204292

Infact, now might be a good time to mention:

Rena doesn't have any actual powers. She's not a magical girl.

She certainly doesn't have an actual murderous bone in her body.

>> No.31204296

> Magical Girls
Let's drop the plural though.

>> No.31204321

She is just a person with a rock and the biggest non-love filled heart around.

Now alterna-Rena is a monstrous badass who has probably killed everyone in her universe.

>> No.31204325

She certaninly has the power of the Friend Zone though. And what little luck Sparkles bestowed on her.

>> No.31204364

Killed or turned into love-slaves.

And then killed.

>> No.31204370

I'd call her a monster, if that wasn't an insult to all the monsters we know who are decent people.

>> No.31204451

"I'm actually pretty hungry. Can we get a bite to eat?"

>Sayaka glares at Rena and folds her arms.

S: "Our comrades are in danger and you want to eat some fucking pancakes? We're leaving."

K: "Sayaka! You can't just talk to the Warmaster like that!"

S: "I don't care if she is the Warmaster. She's still Rena and just as insensitive. If you're so hungry just eat this."

>She tosses Rena some kind of biscuit bar.

S: "Just eat that and you'll be full for a day."

>Rena takes a bit. It's completely bland...


S: "Suck it up. Let's go."

>Rena eats up her bar and sighs as she follows the other magical girls.

Sparkle wasn't like this.

Actually it tasted like honey and syrup.
That might be a good way to wash away this horrible biscuit flavor.

>Rena pulls out the rock and begins sucking on it. Kyoko spots her, her eye going wide as she spots the object in Rena's hand.

K: "Rena, is that..?"


K: "You uh... Probably shouldn't be licking that..."

"But it tastes good."

K: "I'm not sure if the spirit inside would..."

>Rena can hear muffled noises coming from the rock.

"She doesn't seem to mind."

K: "... Okay, Warmaster... Just be careful with that thing..."

"I will."

>They make their way to a room filled to the brim with machinery. Some of it looks... Archaic. Other bits look like they came from some kind of Sci-fi film. A tiny girl runs about tinkering with various bits as Sayaka approaches a large console.

S: "This will get us there but we're on our own getting back. Everyone set?"

>Rena and Kyoko nod.

S: "Let's go."

>> No.31204473

>Sparkle wasn't like this.
...Actually she was often exactly like this.

>> No.31204503

>"She doesn't seem to mind."
Not so dense eh?

>> No.31204504

> doing lewd things to saibah

I approve

>> No.31204526

> Sparkle wasn't like this.
Yes she was, you just almost never caight her cynicism and retorts.

>> No.31204529

>"She doesn't seem to mind."
Dense as a rock.

>> No.31204537

so, how do we usually do these things?

>> No.31204542

keep doing it!

>> No.31204546

I wonder what would happen if we licked the Golden Katana or Chainaxes.

I'm not even going to suggest the bangles or deagle, of course.

>> No.31204558

>murderface in the hero association one shot questwhen?

>> No.31204561

>this is how we unlock the rock's true potential

>> No.31204576

Probably after this

>> No.31204580

>lick the chainaxes
Oh, god.

>> No.31204583

[X] Please tell me that thing is a Quantum Leap Accelerator.

>> No.31204587

Do you have more biscuits? Maybe you could rub them into the stone, maybe they'll absorb the honey taste.
Especially if they're rough.

Anyway, ask how they usually do these things.

>> No.31204589

Next year.

>> No.31204590

I wonder… is Homura still in the DEagle, or is it Rena x3?

>> No.31204606

Isn't that pretty much the role Sparkle fills?

>> No.31204610

Bagles, of course not.

Deagle, why not!

But yes Kirika and what'sherface


>> No.31204619

>The group arrives in the center of a dense forest.

S: "This is where we lost communication with them."

>All around there are signs of a battle. Broken branches, gouges in the earth, and the occasional splash of blood.

S: "Come on. They should be close..."

>Sayaka takes point with Kyoko right behind her. Rena lags behind the rest of the group and keeps a lookout. Her ears catch the faintest sound of crying...

"Guys. I heard something. Over here."

>Rena leads them deeper into the woods. There is little light here but more signs of damage. They enter a clearing and find the source of the crying.
>A magical girl is sitting in the center of the clearing and rocking back and forth as she cries. She's holding onto something that Rena can't see.

[]Approach the girl.
[]Let Sayaka approach the girl
[]Let Kyouko approach the girl.

>> No.31204627

whereever Homu is, she's got the Deagle with her.

Here, there is only rock


>> No.31204629

I wonder if her "Rena is fucking up" radar is going off?

>> No.31204636

[x]approach the girl
befriend her! you can do it!

>> No.31204638

[x]Approach the girl.

>> No.31204639

>[X]Approach the girl.

>> No.31204641

>[x]Approach the girl.
"Are you okay?"

>> No.31204643

>[]Approach the girl.

>> No.31204646

>[X]Approach the girl.
Foolhardly decisive action? That's Hero Rena's cue!

>> No.31204648

>[x]Let Sayaka approach the girl
Looks like we've lost one of the girls already.

>> No.31204650

>[X]Approach the girl.

>> No.31204655

> [x] Approach the girl.
Have the other two on stand by.

You need to get in and see if she's hurt.

>> No.31204657

>[]Approach the girl.
Hey, uh, we're here to help?

>> No.31204666

Let Sayaka approach, she's good in close range.

>> No.31204667

>[ x ]Approach the girl.
What's it little girl?
>inb4 she turns around.
>inb4 she is pic related.

>> No.31204674

>[X]Approach the girl.
Pretty good odds it's a trap, but at least Sallaka will only be pissed about being sloppy.

>> No.31204676

...oh. Man.

I just had the weirdest thought.

Rena is fictional here, right?
Does that mean there's a parallel universe where there actually is a Miracle Midori and Murder Mayumi?

>> No.31204684

You're Warmaster! You have to take point!

But you're the Warmaster, so you need to be safe too since you're so important. See if she's alright but... do it from a distance. Poke her with a long branch or something.
This is exactly like that zombie game, you know.

>> No.31204690

If she gives us any lip, we'll just put her in the Sad Box.

>> No.31204692

>[x]Approach the girl.
Are you all right?

>> No.31204698

Then it still won't be any worse than Pinky
Or as lewd

>> No.31204739

We probably have this, and it's some huge fucked up cage we can summon

>> No.31204747

>[x]Approach the girl.
Time for Rena to do what she does best.

>> No.31204773

Does Rena even have magical powers here? Or is it just her normal self?

>> No.31204795

Break maidens hearts?
We shouldnt. I think this girl has enough problems already anon.

>> No.31204799

>implying Rena EVER normally has magical powers

>> No.31204813

You want to throw a rock at her?

>> No.31204818

We will not knwo until we try. Though she has a sucking super powered golden weapon stone, so she can pretty much oneshot anyone. It has only one use unfortunately.

>> No.31204828


>> No.31204832

Befriending things

>> No.31204848


>> No.31204912

If we do that, Saber is gonna appear out of nowhere and cleave her fucking skull in
It's not the same rock throwing we used to do

>> No.31204931

[X]Approach the girl.

>> No.31204941

How is eating lasagne going to help...

>> No.31204946

>Rena approaches the girl. Sayaka looks like she wants to step forward but Kyouko pulls her back and shakes her head.
>Rena circles around her, keeping a safe distance away as she does so. The girl barely seems to notice and simply continues sobbing.

"Are you okay?"

>Rena walks in front of her.
>The girl is clutching what is left of another magical girl close to her. Blood stains her outfit and on her head there is a almost completely black gem with just the faintest bit of green shining through. She looks up at Rena.

???: "W-waremaster..? Warmaster... Please... You need to fix her..."

>> No.31204963

C-can we do that?

>> No.31204972

Get in there and help her. Ask what happened.
Call the other two to come over as well.

>> No.31204973


>> No.31204986

Woah shit that's a lot of blood she looks fucked to me

>> No.31204993

Of course we can.

...I can see where this is going.


>> No.31204996

use... magic? on... soul gem?

I don't know how it works.

>> No.31205005

Apply the golden rock to the body
Avalon, bitch

>> No.31205013

Oh fuck fuck fuck. Send Sayaka in! Don't question it, just do it!

>> No.31205020

Ok, do we have any grief seeds? Or shit is going to go tits up.

>> No.31205021

Rena, listen closely.
Ask Kyouko and Sayaka if they have a spare Grief Seed to help the girl; they're competent and knowledgable, unlike you, so they'll have a spare or two. That should be enough to stabilize the girl for extraction.

If you fuck this up, you'll end up killing two people that were depending on you to get them out of this alive.
So. Don't fuck this up.

>> No.31205035

Yeah, seconding.

>> No.31205036

>[ x ]Hug her.
>[ x ]"We should get you two out of here. Come on."

>> No.31205041

Even knowing this could potentially come back to fuck us in the ass. Indeed, arguably already HAS come back to fuck us in the ass.

There's a person needing help. And even if she never asked for this, Rena is a Hero.

Might be time to activate your Morpher while you're at it kiddo.

>> No.31205046

And this is where Murderface is right now.

>> No.31205059

[x] Feel sick
I don't think Rena's seen a freshly mutilated corpse before.

>> No.31205078

DarkWitch EdgeMurder.

>> No.31205098

Well she's still certainly not USED to witnessing carnage.

>> No.31205104

Spine ravager had a fresh spine in his hand if i remember correctly.

>> No.31205111

Have you seen her love life?

>> No.31205118

Worth a try.

>> No.31205123

Yeah... but he was hot.

>> No.31205124

Not to mention that fairly recently Rena had a blade through her own chest.

>> No.31205130

>Might be time to activate your Morpher while you're at it kiddo.
Oh shit.

>> No.31205136

She also saw a beheaded Rider

>> No.31205168

Saigo no kibou da.

>> No.31205201

But Rider is, you know, a dullahan.

>> No.31205224

We/she didnt know that at the time, though.

>> No.31205252

All that delicious blood going to waste, Rena. You must do something about it!

>> No.31205274

...haven't been keeping up with Rena Quest, huh?

>> No.31205285

They just love blood

>> No.31205294

She has not been craving for blood, she is not even a vampire now.

>> No.31205295

We ain't vampy no more brah

>> No.31205299

>A trembling Rena tries to press the rock against the fallen Magical Girl. She hears Saber speak to her and say she is too far gone for even her to save.
>Rena calls out to her allies.

S: "Oh my god..."

>Sayaka and Kyouko go up to the girl. Rena sees Sayaka pull out a black gem and press it against the one on the girl's head. It gets some of it's color back looking more like a dark emerald now.

"We need to get out of here... Come on."

K: "But we're missing one."

S: "We'll find her. We can't just leave her here by herself. I'm out of seeds. Kyouko?"

K: "I have some left."

Oh god... This is horrible. Why would anyone want a job like this...

>Rena grabs the surviving Magical Girl's hand while Sayaka scoops up the body of the other one. She sighs and follows Rena as they search for the last one. The survivor mumbles something.

"What was that?"

???: "She's still out there."

>As she says that Rena feels the air chill. The forest changes, it's trees turning into rolls of paper with writing on them. Beneath the grass Rena can feel a hard floor instead of soil. All around them they can hear faint voices, like someone speaking through an intercom from far away.

S: "Shit..."

"What is it?"

K: "A barrier."

S: "What should we do?"

[]Let Sayaka or Kyouko lead the survivor out while you and Sayaka/Kyouko deal with the barrier.

>> No.31205328


>> No.31205332

[x]Let Sayaka or Kyouko lead the survivor out while you and Sayaka/Kyouko deal with the barrier.
Don't let them know you're terrified.

>> No.31205333

>[]Let Sayaka or Kyouko lead the survivor out while you and Sayaka/Kyouko deal with the barrier.
Can't panic.
We're too panicked to panic.

>> No.31205334

Sayaka get them out. Kyoko & I will keep the back clear.

Be the hat, Rena. ACT DECISIVELY

>> No.31205343

[]Let Sayaka or Kyouko lead the survivor out while you and Sayaka/Kyouko deal with the barrier.

>> No.31205350

Eh it's worth a shot, getting her re-addicted is the first step on getting her half-vamp powers back.

>> No.31205354

We're not in here with them. They're in here with US.

Try touching the girls gem. You've got an affinity with rocks, right?

Then, IT'S MORPHIN' TIME. Find out if your costume still works here, and whether you still have a pocket full of normal rocks.


>> No.31205364

[X] Double Panic

>> No.31205373

>[ x ] Let sayaka take survivors away.
>[ x ] Deal with the barrier with Kyoko.

>> No.31205387





>> No.31205394

>[x]Let Kyouko lead the survivor out while you and Sayaka deal with the barrier.
Kyouko seems better for calming someone down.

>> No.31205401

>[x]Let Sayaka or Kyouko lead the survivor out while you and Sayaka/Kyouko deal with the barrier.
Have Sayaka lead the survivor out. Kyouko is the only one that knows that Rena has no idea what she's doing, and so won't assume that she'll be of any use and end up getting killed.

>> No.31205402

>[x]Let Sayaka or Kyouko lead the survivor out while you and Sayaka/Kyouko deal with the barrier.
When Sayaka and the survivor leave, ask Kyouko how to transform

>> No.31205410

> [x] Let Kyouko lead the survivor out while you and Sayaka deal with the barrier.

>> No.31205442

>You've got an affinity with rocks
An affinity for rocks, and apparently an almost endless store-house of happy-juice, as seen by the way she charged Ben Bens egg into hatching in less than a minute

>> No.31205462

Think, Rena! What would Sparkes do in a situation like this!? You'll have to help these people!

>> No.31205494

Get her throat slit, and run away while Balloon Man saves the say?

>> No.31205557

"Sayaka! Take her out of here while Kyouko and I deal with this barrier thing!"

S: "But... Fine. Don't die on me..!"

>Sayaka grabs the survivor's hand and runs off while Kyouko pulls out a long spear.

K: "You still remember how to do this?"


K: "Just... Think about becoming a Magical Girl, okay? It's pretty simple."

>Rena follows her instructions. She feels her normal clothes fall away and quickly get replaced by a familiar outfit.

Oh hey. This is the same as that fight against that Cat Thing.

K: "You may not remember being Warmaster but there's a reason we put you there. You ready?"


K: "It's coming."

>> No.31205586

>Saber looks like a McNugget

>> No.31205603

That's not Saber. That IS a McNugget.

>> No.31205604

>Lick saber for luck

>> No.31205609

Magical Vampire Rena time!

>> No.31205626


>> No.31205628

freckles more like trypophobia

>> No.31205629

We are going to befriend the shit out of this witch.

>> No.31205632

Well, not quite.

For one she has The Hat. And for two she's not a Vampire.

So... Magical Warmaster Rena?

Man, the marketing guys are gonna love this.

>> No.31205667

>Uranium cancer staff

>> No.31205680

LOOK at the SIZE of rena's hair curly!

>> No.31205689

Wait, so if we're a magical girl, does that mean that we're a teenager again?

>> No.31205694

> Its magical ahoge, I ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.31205709

>Something rushes at them, tearing out trees as it approaches. Some kind of monster appears before them, laughing wildly. As it gets closer that faint voice Rena had heard gets louder. Dancing around the creature are odd stick figures wielding sticks that crackle with electricity.

K: "Keep your guard up. We don't know what this one can do..."

"What is that?"

K: "A witch."

>The witch laughs at her and charges, it's massive spiked wheels tearing apart the tiled floor as it lunges at Rena.


>> No.31205723

no, I mean, as a measure of power, hers is even bigger than sparkles.

>> No.31205726

Maybe? Its not very clear if magical girls age.

Most of them are die first.

>> No.31205727

Rock her world.

>> No.31205728

dodge to the left

>> No.31205730

Eh? Sparkles is a lot older than that, and Raindrops even moreso (and would still be a magical girl if her focus had any juice left)

>> No.31205738

Try not to cry. Cry anyways.

>> No.31205741

Flying kick at her face

>> No.31205745

We're fucked

>> No.31205755


Dodge and wait for them to turn before striking them.
you've trained for this on video games.

>> No.31205760

You know what you have to do.

Throw a rock at it.

>> No.31205769

Throw a rock at her face. Then apologize.

>> No.31205772

Rolled 12

>[x] Cast Rocks

>> No.31205774

Throw a rock

>> No.31205776

Saber can throw up a shield right?


>> No.31205782

Dodge high, then throw a rock at the witch!

>> No.31205797


>> No.31205807


Try to see which parts of the environment you can manipulate with your powers.

If you have the same powers you did the last time you went MG, then try to fly up by using a rock platform and try to shower the witch in boulders.

>> No.31205808

>a witch
"Enough expository banter!
Now, we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!
For Rena... IT IS TIME TO ROCK!"

>> No.31205823

does anyone read Magical Moon Gibberish.

What the fuck are we facing off against.
WHO are we facing off against?

>> No.31205853

It's english

>> No.31205861

Translated it. It's named DEAR SISTER

>> No.31205884

Dear Sister

>> No.31205906

>ladies who dress like men
So both Rena AND Kyoko, then?

>> No.31205939


>> No.31205941

and quite potentially dear sister as well

>> No.31205946

So we should shoot her while Imogen Heap plays?

>> No.31205958

[x] Apply rock to forehead

>> No.31205971

>As the Witch charges Rena she calls upon the magic from her Golden Rock. A gold and blue scabbard appears in front of Rena and blocks the attack completely. It shoves back against the Witch and sends her flying backwards, tearing down a few of the paper trees as she falls.

Sa: "I will not let you fall, Master."

>While the witch scrambles to get back up Rena hears a scream. She turns and sees Kyouko surrounded by the witch's minions. She tries to fight them off but they are small and agile. They duck under her attacks and poke her with the stick they're holding, shocking the redhead.


K: "I'm fine! Get the witch!"

>Another one shocks her causing her to scream in agony. They continue dancing about her and laughing as she struggles to fight them back.
>The witch is back upright and smiling at Rena. It looks like she's getting ready for another attack.


>> No.31205982

Well, you remember how you used your rock powers before. Do that again. Don't hold back. This is not a villain battle, this is a REAL FIGHT.

>> No.31205993

before she attacks, hit her with something big!

>> No.31205997

Throw rock in her.

>> No.31205998

Rock to the face has rarely ever failed us!

>> No.31205999

Throw a rock

>> No.31206001

Pretty sure it's just Enochian with more shit added into it and a bit of a funky font.

>> No.31206003

Use your rock powers!

>> No.31206006

Rena, remember how you used your powers before?

Levitate all the small rocks around you and form a pebble storm.
Clear those minions off with it!

>> No.31206013


>> No.31206014

rock to face

>> No.31206022

Fucking this.

>> No.31206024

You magic rock casting things. You know, like that time you squished the golem cat.

>> No.31206027

Use your rock control powers! CRUSH THE WITCH.

>> No.31206028

Let's try and have it buried under gravel, or at least cover the area with it. It could slow it down or even completely immobilize it.

>> No.31206038

Turn the ground beneath the minions to sand and steal their mobility.
Then throw a rock at the witch.

>> No.31206043

Rolled 13

Gate of Pebbleon

>> No.31206045

Fuck this shit, scoop up Kyoko and flee.
Regroup with Sayaka and kick this witch's ass.
Cover your own ass with the Rock shield.

>> No.31206047

Help Kyouko! Shower the minions with rocks!
"Rock Storm!"

>> No.31206048


>> No.31206054


Enclose the witch in rock, or something to otherwise arrest her movement.

Then apply big rock smashing.

>> No.31206076

No, that's what the picture is using.

>> No.31206078

Not Unlimited Stone Works?

>> No.31206086

the time has never been more right.

It may never be as right as again.

the stars have aligned. You are as charged with Magic as you have ever been in your life. Saberu is here. We are in a place where this does not need to affect canon.

Bring forth The Magic Of The Old Gods.

>> No.31206093

Heck is with the Archerisms?

>> No.31206103

Even better.

>> No.31206115

[x] Summon Bigger Rock

>> No.31206120

>Rena activates her most powerful spell. GATE OF PEBBLEON.

>A shower of rocks begins to slam against the minion and keep them far away from Kyouko. Meanwhile the witch's wheels become blocked as longer pieces of rocks wedge into it. Once she is no longer able to move Rena lifts a massive rock from the ground and puts it above the witch's head.
>With a snap of her finger it comes down, slamming into the witch and destroying it.
>The minions vanish almost instantly.

Didn't even need to use my Gold Rock.

>A small black gem can be seen next to the boulder. Kyouko laughs and dusts off her outfit.

"Good one, Warmaster. I knew you could do it. And it dropped a Seed."

>> No.31206129

Not really.

The style of attack doesn't really mesh with rock-lobbing anywhere near as well.

And Raindrops had a gate-of-Babylon style attack.

>> No.31206137

>Lick grief seed

>> No.31206146

"A seed? Does it grow into something?"

>> No.31206152

Don't even know what that is.

Who do we give it to?

>> No.31206154

Ew, no. It'll taste of licqorice and despair.

>> No.31206160

Ask what a Seed is.

>> No.31206162

Plant the seed, for sure.

>> No.31206167

Grab that seed and lets check on the other girls.
What does it do? What does it taste like? Is it time for lunch yet?

>> No.31206168

Ask if you're supposed to plant the seed or something

>> No.31206177 [DELETED] 

Taunt witch, dive-grab Kyouko at least moment, witch runs over minions.

>> No.31206205

[X] "You know this isn't right, don't you?

I'm totally not supposed to be here."

>> No.31206222


>> No.31206227


>> No.31206238

"What's the seed?"

K: "A grief seed."

>Kyouko goes over and picks it up.

K: "We use these to... Wait. This one doesn't feel right."

>Rena hears laughing.
>The wheel from the fallen witch suddenly comes to life and flies around, stabbing Kyouko through the stomach. The magical girl gasps in shock while the witch continues to laugh. The Grief Seed in Kyouko's hand vanishes. As the witch laughs her minions begin to form again.
>She pulls the spike out of Kyouko, letting her drop to the ground, and smiles at Rena. Kyouko is moves, trying to stand, but the spike got her right in the back. She's still clinging to life.

[]Use Golden Rock to kill witch.
[]Use Golden Rock to heal Kyouko
[]Do both, regardless of the consequences.

>> No.31206239

Fuck I left my tripcode on

>> No.31206243

in before kyouko gets mami'd

>> No.31206248

I just figured out where Murderface is.

>> No.31206250

>[x]Do both, regardless of the consequences.

>> No.31206251

>Lick the seed

>> No.31206259

>[]Do both, regardless of the consequences.

>> No.31206260

[X]Use Golden Rock to heal Kyouko

>> No.31206262

i have failed

>> No.31206263

>>[X]Do both, regardless of the consequences.

>> No.31206267

>[]Use Golden Rock to heal Kyouko

>> No.31206268

>[X]Do both, regardless of the consequences.

>> No.31206269

>[X]Use Golden Rock to heal Kyouko
Protect, not destroy

>> No.31206271

>[x]Do both, regardless of the consequences.

>> No.31206282

[]Use Golden Rock to heal Kyouko
No need to risk blowing ourselves up, and we crushed her easily before, so we only need to hurt a little bit.

>> No.31206283

>[]Do both, regardless of the consequences.

>> No.31206291

>[x]Do both, regardless of the consequences.
Golden Rock beats Consequences!

>> No.31206295

[X]Do both, regardless of the consequences.

>> No.31206298

>[x]Use Golden Rock to heal Kyouko
>[x] Summon Bigger Rock

>> No.31206307

[x] Use the golden rock to Heal Kyoko.
[x] Ask the nice pink haired lady for advise on taking out the witch.

>> No.31206310

Yeah, this. Using the rock to heal won't make Rena helpless. We can just kill the witch again- this time AIM FOR THE WHEELS. The wheels are its real body.

>> No.31206324

Rolled 9

Rolling for Rena's Rock Lore to draw forth the golden rock's true power.

>> No.31206331


>[x]Do both, regardless of the consequences.

>> No.31206346

Throw a rock!

>> No.31206356

[X]Use Golden Rock to heal Kyouko
Not healing Kyouko is like hanging a big sign on ourselves saying, "I want Sayaka to murder me, and bring me back to life so she can do it more properly the second time".

We probably can defeat the Witch with our ordinary abilities, but we can always try popping the rock's abilities a second time if it gets desperate.

>> No.31206357

Blue is 2straight to be a magical gril.

>> No.31206372

>[X]Use Golden Rock to heal Kyouko

No FotFA please

>> No.31206375

Really should have licked the seed.

>> No.31206378

>use golden rock to heal her, then pummel the fucker with as many rocks as it takes.

>> No.31206410

>Rena throws her Golden Rock at the Witch. She hears someone yelling out.

>The witch is completely destroyed as a golden light slices it in half. Another seed falls to the ground and the forest shifts back to it's normal form...
>With her taken care of Rena uses the rock to heal Kyouko's wounds. The rock glows bright as the hole in Kyouko's stomach patches itself up. The girl is alive but unconcious.

>The spirit of the rock materializes.

Sa: "I warned you about using me twice, 'Master'." She says, the last word just dripping with sarcasm. "And now you must pay the price. I will be controlling you from here on. If only you'd listened to me."

>> No.31206420

Lick the spirit.

>> No.31206440

Lick the spirit whilst rubbing the rock.

>> No.31206442

Okay! I trust you to make decisions, better decisions than I have, anyways!

>> No.31206445

I don't know who that is on the left

>> No.31206446

Quickly, lick the rock

>> No.31206453

We are Rena. Master of Rock. You are Rock. Not master of Rena

>> No.31206456

man, I said do it without the rock.

Oh well, let's switch off again soon, m'kay?

>> No.31206461

The witch getting cut like a bitch.

>> No.31206462

Looks like Seibah's Exukalibaaah!!1 beam spam splitting the witch in half.

>> No.31206463

lick the rock

>> No.31206471

Lick rock.

>> No.31206474

Suckle on the rock

>> No.31206486

"A Hero must make sacrifices. I accept the consequences."

>> No.31206492

I like where this is going.

>> No.31206502

Oh shit, it's alter.

Quick, lick the rock and turn her into Lily!

>> No.31206505

It's all right, as long as Kyouko survives.

>> No.31206508

>Store rock in womb

>> No.31206529

Hug Saber, thank her for saving your ass.

Begin crying bitch tears. You don't know how you got here, or why you got here.
You're scared, and hungry, and confused, and hungry, and sorry for licking her, and hungry...

>> No.31206538

It isn't a pringles can.

>> No.31206545

Wrong pic, guys

>> No.31206561

Be sure to accidentally call her Rider

>> No.31206565

It was always Alter, she didn't have an ahoge from the beginning

>> No.31206571


Before much longer I'll probably be returning to a universe where I have to fight an evil doppledanger of myself that can move at the speed of light and has apparently consumed the powers of an entire alternate dimension full of super powered heroes and villains, and it seems like pretty much everyone in the world wants to les me up.

Have fun."

>> No.31206577

Hey, she looks like Rider. You should tell her as such.

>> No.31206588

You sure bout that?

>> No.31206603

Wait a second. Is QotW a r63 Gilgamesh?

>> No.31206608

>Rena replies by suckling on the rock. Saber gasps and shudder.


"Who's your master?"

Sa: "You are! JUST STOP!"

Mhmm. That's what I thought.

>Back at the base Kyouko gives Rena a hug.

K: "Hey. Thanks again for helping me. I almost died."

"It was nothing, really. You were a big help today, too."

K: "Heh. Not as much as I could have been. But this is why I became your Equerry. No matter how tough things get you never backed down and always pulled through in the end. If it weren't for you not only would we have lost all of the new girls but I'd be dead to."

>Rena feels herself blushing.

"Stop it, I'm not that good."

K: "You are. Sayaka is helping the other girl. You wanna come with me to check on them?"


>As they walk away Rena feels something familiar. Time stops and everything vanishes. She is in an empty void with only one other person.

P: "Rena~ I'm afraid our time together is up."

"What? What do you mean?"

P: "I don't really want to get into the details of it. But look at it this way. Your little tale here is just about out of pages. Don't worry, you won't die. But I think it's time you went back to where you belong."

"But I was having fun here."

P: "I'm sure you were. But I miss my other toy. You're cute but... You lack the same bitterness she had. Too submissive. Not fun at all... So you're leaving."


>> No.31206624

Her powers make her more similar to Dio
Huh, guess Larro just forgot after that

>> No.31206627

so... what happened to my world while I was gone?

Was someone else there?

Where's my cat?

>> No.31206630

No, she's definitely an egyptian, while Gil is, you know, from Uruk.

And their powersets don't match in any manner.

>> No.31206634

can i keep my rock?

>> No.31206646

Lick her.

>> No.31206653

>You're cute but... You lack the same bitterness she had. Too submissive.
Kiss her without asking permission. That'll show her.

>> No.31206654

Well, tell her thanks for giving us a rock that managed to keep Kyoko alive, we really appreciate that.

Then give her a kiss and a grab on the ass because this universe's Rena knows how to dom a woman.

>> No.31206656

I was thinking more along the lines of the "Everything belongs to me" mentality

>> No.31206659

Can I keep the Golden Rock? It's pretty awesome

>> No.31206663

"Aw...Can I at least see you again?"

>> No.31206664

[X] Give the rock back

>> No.31206665

Can I keep the rock?
If not, can I lick it one more time?

>> No.31206668


Ask to ruffle her hair before you go.

>> No.31206670

I can totally be a dom.

Just not right now.

Can i keep the rock though?

>> No.31206676

"wanna play some Mario Kart?"

>> No.31206677

Where the hell was "Here" anyways?
Why does the rock spirit look like Rider?
Who are you?
Is she in my world?
Can we come back to visit?
Why does the rock taste so good?

>> No.31206681

"I'm keeping the rock."
>[x] Swallow the rock just to be sure.

>> No.31206683

"Awww, don't I even get to say goodbye to my new friends? Pretty please? I'll even compliment your eyes."

>> No.31206696

Where's Kitty?

>> No.31206698

Ask to keep the rock, hug her, and thank her for letting you have the chance to help save those girls.

Even if she looks scary, she is a good person...monster...girl?

>> No.31206704

Alright, that sucks. It was nice meeting you Pinky.
Say bye to the other girls for us.

Can we ask what the hell happened, though? Or if we can keep the rock.

And a hug for goodbye.

>> No.31206705

Rena doesn't need the rock.

Think about it.

Our own dimension's Saber is in The Sword.

>> No.31206712


Does Rena even know what a Dom, or Sub is?

>> No.31206720

[x] Hug

>> No.31206735

Well yeah, the personality is certainly the same. Though Gil wasn't deluding himself into thinking people like him.

>> No.31206740


>> No.31206741

Dude, the rock tastes like honey and syrup and shoots lasers
That's the best rock ever

>> No.31206745

>Hi I'm Rena and what is bondage?.jpg

>> No.31206748

She's been known to enjoy the odd meatball sub.

>> No.31206749

Someone looks like she needs a hug.

Or a rock thrown at them.

>> No.31206772

Why not both?

>> No.31206777


>> No.31206814

Rock hug seems like an awkward thing to do.

>> No.31206859

So, right in character for Rena then.

>> No.31206912

"But I didn't get to say goodbye to my new friends."

P: "Don't worry. They'll forget about you."

"Oh... That sucks... Can I at least keep the rock?"

P: "Hahaha. No."

"Okay... Will I ever see any of you again?"

P: "Not if I have anything to say about it."

>Rena goes up to Pinky and hugs her.

"Thank you for all the help. You might look and act a bit scary but... I think you're actually a very nice person."

P: "... That... That's not true... I-"

>Rena licks her. She tastes like strawberries and anger.

>Rena wakes up back at her home, her kitty on her lap.

Whoa. That was some weird dream...

>She feels something heavy on her head. She takes the thing off and finds her Warmaster hat.

Well that just raises further questions.

>> No.31206925

Next thread we're putting the hat on Bridgette

>> No.31206941

rena, you're hungry.
you licked like everything in that dream.
go get some food.

>> No.31206947

You know, that hat has Slaanesh in it. It's basically a yuri magnet.
Wear it everywhere.

>> No.31206948

what does anger taste like?

>> No.31206957


Or you're just really, really hungry.

>> No.31206958

Just a souvenier from your dream. Nothing strange about that, girl.

>> No.31206967

And here I was hoping none of this shit would be canon for Hero Quest. Fuck.
I hope you're ready for the consequences of this crossover bullshit, Larro.

>> No.31206968

>Giving someone one of her trophies
Ha, no.

Like Rena would be able to tell the difference.

>> No.31206971


>> No.31206974



>> No.31206976

Hug Kitty!
Put hat on Kitty.

>> No.31206978


I wonder how Chiaki did in the HQ setting, and what replicated trinket she got to bring back?

>> No.31206982

Salty lemons.

>> No.31206991


>> No.31206994

So now we have a magical seduction hat.

>> No.31206999

>chiaki woke up covered in rocks

>> No.31207016

> Sparkle's the HQverse's version of Pinky

>> No.31207017

>everybody laughs about this thread and forgets it happens
>MGNQ 50+ threads later we find a golden rock
>Rena is inside the rock

>> No.31207025

You're assuming that Chiaki ended up in Hero Quest.

>> No.31207027

But the hat is real. The MGNQ universe must also be real. That means The Hat must be a universal constant!

>> No.31207032


>> No.31207035

>Chiaki woke up covered in Bridgette

>> No.31207058

>Chiaki woke up covered in lasagna

>> No.31207062

And so we finally achieved the good end in MGNQ.

Until she gets murdered by the other love interests, I guess.

>> No.31207076

it is the lust cursed hat?

>> No.31207078

>Evil Rena is inside the rock
Where else would she have ended up? I don't see Decu swapping with anyone else, aside from Archival. And Crimson is dead.

>> No.31207109

Hollow Quest struck me as a potential.

Though the idea of Risa turning up in Hero Quest is just terrifying.

>> No.31207112

So are we actually getting a Hero Quest thread today or what?

>> No.31207156

What about MGNQ, for that matter? Or is it something that counts for both?

>> No.31207157

protagonist of hero quest still lacks a libido

>> No.31207168


>> No.31207179

YES! Another hat for your collection!

And it's an AWESOME HAT.

>> No.31207180

>Rena is inside the rock
You mean Saber, right?

>> No.31207189

>Though the idea of Risa turning up in Hero Quest is just terrifying.
What if it's Risa trying to be noir but just coming across as obnoxious?

>> No.31207228

Archivalfag @archivalfag 19 hrs
Crimson thread tomorrow night!

>> No.31207252

today is april fools there anon

>> No.31207262

>chiaki in airplane legs
mite b hilarious

>> No.31207263

>Murderface loses the sex demon hat


We haven't even used it with Midori yet!

>> No.31207280

>implying whiteknight dildos would ever compromise their moral integrity like that

>> No.31207285

You are posting in an April Fools thread right now anon.

I'm not saying that it's definitely gonna happen.

But I am going to be very disappointed if it doesn't.

>> No.31207305

I really wanted to use it, though. Just for fun.

Using it during the ceremony would have been a bad idea, so we shouldn't have lost it for that.

>> No.31207325

Lying about Crimson is a crime worthy of execution.
I want to believe.

>> No.31207353

I think we lost it just because the gag is kinda played out.

Besides, we were on the verge of getting a new emblem. Mite as well get a fresh hat to go with it

>> No.31207354


Rena has a sex demon hat now. She might even develop a healthy libido

>> No.31207374

This hat is not that hat.

>> No.31207385

You're kidding, right?

>> No.31207388


I always imagined that Midori would stumble across it when Chiaki was preoccupied, and try it on for fun.

Then this happens.

>> No.31207407

Not even the hat can penetrate Rena's infinite density.

>> No.31207420

Yeah, but SOMETHING has to give Bridgette hope after she lost the Lesbomaker Blade.

>> No.31207430

And then the players do everything in their power to prevent things going any further, because that would be fun, and fun is illegal.

>> No.31207443

Even if it was, pic related.

The hat makes the wearer more attractive, not more attracted.

Rena already has 95% of the cast all up ons, though, so the hat makes exactly zero difference.

>> No.31207445

She has Rider now.

>> No.31207455

I honestly think Rena has a hormonal problem. She REALLY should go see a doctor, that shit can fuck you up for life.

>> No.31207476

And she started getting fit.

>> No.31207487

>No curves
>No sex drive
no period

>> No.31207501

>The hat makes the wearer more attractive, not more attracted.
Well excuuuuuse me, princess, I don't into MGNQ.

>> No.31207504

I think the hat would be the last little push needed to drive 95% of the cast to rape.

>> No.31207509

>qt w/ freckles
As a random passerby, I must demand to know more.

>> No.31207526

Hero Quest Rena, pic related is the mc.

>> No.31207530

It's Rena, the main character of Hero Quest

>> No.31207533

That's Rena, our protagonist.

>> No.31207536

She's a redheaded college dropout.
Also completely asexual.

>> No.31207563

Also, she may or may not have been born from a Magical Girl egg, which may account for the latter.

>> No.31207630

Then maybe you should silent on subjects on which you are ignorant.

>> No.31207656

>hurr durr you arent the eternal fountain of knowledge so shut up
This is what you actually sound like

>> No.31207733

And the best driver, video game player, and friend ever.
Rena best girl.

>> No.31207786

HeroQuestRena @HeroRena 23s
Sorry for the delay! Thread tonight in about... 11 hours. Sorry for the super late/early start!

>> No.31207790

so... another thread in 11 hours?

>> No.31207803 [SPOILER] 

I'm glad you all enjoyed the chapter and I hope April Fools hasn't been too cruel to you. It was a challenge doing this chapter but I had a lot of fun.


>> No.31207804

It's Decu running HQ.

>> No.31207807

7am EST
I'm calling bullshit.

but i'll still wait

>> No.31207819

It's Decu's usual timeslot and he immediately retweeted it.

Make of that what you will.

>> No.31207821

Thank you for runnyan~

>> No.31207826


I guess chiaki is in hero quest?

>> No.31207837

It might be caused by poor diet. But like... really poor.

>> No.31207842

I guess that means I have 11 hours to read... whatever it is he writes

>> No.31207851

>11 hours

>> No.31207867

>The hat makes the wearer more attractive, not more attracted.
Nah, experiments on Red&Blue have pretty much prooven it goes both way.
Also Chiaki's hands tend to iddly go to.. places... when she was wearing it, so...

>> No.31207874

Dude. It took me almost a week to go through it. That's my obsessive NEET ass that latches onto something and doesn't stop until it's done.

Good luck.

>> No.31207885

sparkle and her would be great friends!

>> No.31207909

Oh, and I skipped all the end of thread write-ups There are a fucking lot of them. because I didn't know they were canon until I caught up to the live. By that point, I CBA to go back and read them since they're all just meta knowledge that you don't need anyway.

>> No.31207916

>11 hours
>MGNQ archive

>> No.31207922

"Two magical girls can...reproduce?"


"By laying eggs"


"explain further"

>> No.31207929

"What if you have, like, a harem of magical girls?"

>> No.31207940

Omelettes for breakfast


>> No.31207945

>Nah, experiments on Red&Blue have pretty much prooven it goes both way.
No, the experiment showed that the one who was wearing the Hat had true attractiveness increased, as they were the one to be kissed, rather than the one initiating the kiss.
That's what our experiment in the elevator showed.

>> No.31207951

Would it, hypotetically, work for three magical girls? And eldritch abomination.

>> No.31207969

You monster!

Also for someone not familiar with hero quest do they actually lay the eggs or what?
I need to know for reasons.

>> No.31207970

>And eldritch abomination.
Ben is, like, the second most eldritch abominationy thing in Hero Quest.

So yes.

>> No.31207986

Less "lay" and more "materialize near the magical girl when she isn't looking".

>> No.31207989

Thanks for running man. Great thread as always.

See you in about 11 hours.

>> No.31208007

It just...appears. And apparently children of the Original Monster can trigger an eggnancy, too.

>> No.31208030

What's Magical Monster name?

>> No.31208095 [SPOILER] 

Whenever a magical girl feels close to someone, an egg will materialize. The main characteristics of the egg-baby will depend on the parents. The egg will proceed to hatch if fed positive emotions - the more positive emotions, the faster the egg will hatch. One took three years, another mere hours. While hatching, the egg can pick up characteristics of the people close to it.

The most recent hatched egg is the Magical Monster, aka Benben Rosario Von Sparklebutt.

>> No.31208110

If you mean this little guy in pic related, he doesn't have one. Folks in the threads have taken to either calling him Benben after his father Ben or Rosario after his mother's dead lesbian lover Rose

>> No.31208137

I know you already rused everybody, but....

Archivalfag @archivalfag 5m
I am pleased to announce that Crimson will be coming back, FOR REALSIES THIS TIME, at the end of the month. Get hype, fagets.

>> No.31208178

crap i'm going to have to watch madoka to get what's happening in MGNQ aren't i?
this is going to be a long 11 hours

>> No.31208180

>If you mean this little guy in pic related
Magical Monster is his Monster family name, same with Cynthia - Monster Master.

>> No.31208194

You don't have to, but it helps a lot.

>> No.31208198

That's right. I forgot Larro confirmed it, adding a + to everyone else's name.

>> No.31208202

not really no

>> No.31208232

well if you want to get on the people shadow running then yes, otherwise you don't have to

>> No.31208233

Not really. The mc doesn't remember shit about the events of the anime that led up the the quest.

Interestingly, the events of the third movie (Rebellion) basically followed the quest spookily closely. MGNQ pretty much starts off a touch after Rebellion ends.

>> No.31208253

It helps a lot, yeah. Also, MGNQ quests are basically one big spoiler for the Madoka series, so if you were ever planning to watch it...

>> No.31208265

Not really. It's more important that you read the wiki, and ask if something is in the Journal before making an important decision.

>> No.31208272

>Interestingly, the events of the third movie (Rebellion) basically followed the quest spookily closely. MGNQ pretty much starts off a touch after Rebellion ends.
I should clarify that Rebellion came out like a year after MGNQ started up.

>> No.31208291

literally everyone who has ever watched the show spoils it
mami dies in episode 3 and qb is evil eating the magical girls for their powers or something
I havent watched the show

>> No.31208308

the japs are reading MGNQ aren't they?

>> No.31208337

That second bit is wrong.

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