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Guys, why don't you suck cock of master's degree? Why not make art and coal for everyone?

Master's degree, why not try to kill every step of the role?

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I can't make coal

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Bitch you high as fuck.

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>why don't you suck cock of master's degree?

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I started with cocaine, Listen BFQ return

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Real topic:

How does one portray failure, legitimate failure which is difficult to recover from, without losing half your fanbase and the other half turning into trolls?

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Make sure you didn't railroad them into the failure or make it seem that way so players know they fucked up, not you.

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One favorite quest is going to end today as a 'joke'! Can you guess which it is before the night's end?

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Make sure that the failure is legit on the shoulder of the players.

It has to be, unquestionably, their fault.

This is Difficult, because it's hard to make players voluntarily walk in the same direction.

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Kaleun was scheming about killing off the most liked NPC for no other reason than to troll his players. I suspect it's just a ruse, but we might see a quest go down in flames. Entertainment guaranteed either way.

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That generally doesn't work: if there's no obvious signs that their voted for course of action will lead to failure they'll blame you for railroading, and if there IS then it will just make your quest degenerate into anons bitching incessantly at everyone who voted for it despite it OBVIOUSLY being a terrible choice and ruining thread after thread.

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>1601 words
>9007 characters

Two days later

>2296 words
>12671 characters

I feel like a slow writer.

How do I fast?

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You can't.

Quest players have long become used to constantly winning, they can't stand setbacks.

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I learned to type fast when I was hanging out on IRC and chatroom back in the good old 90's. It's good practice if you find and active channel.

What's Angelic word/day output anyway? Converging towards 0?

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Counting the chat or without it?

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He used to be slow, but much faster. I think losing his PC last year kind of killed her drive.

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It's really difficult. I don't think it can be done well.

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Without it of course.

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Zero's a pretty decent estimate if you're not counting the fluff it wrote up a few days back.

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You can't really count that out though. Not with this quest.

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> the fluff it wrote up
Where? Link?

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The only way I've seen work partially is striking them early and often with losses to set the tone. Then significant failure will be something that builds up rather than happening in one thread.

And you need to tell them when you're giving penalties and stuff, so they realize what was wrong. They will still bitch, but done right it will be at other players.

Finally, the only "trolls" you'll have to fear will be players who go for drama, hoboing, romance or some twisted sense of being in character. You can curb most managing your choices and genres.

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We have another Jojo quest.
Why not a HunterXHunter?

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Who can not do but quest with power inside their THUMBS

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Because it's shit.

>> No.31200676

Because everyone knows they'd fail to achieve perfection.

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Why don't you run it?

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>Implying it's any more shit than Jojo.
Already running a quest.

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>>Implying it's any more shit than Jojo.
I didn't imply that at all, though.

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>Jojo quest
Fuck that
JJBA is god-awful quest material

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>JJBA is god-awful quest material
It really is. You can't capture posing like that.

HunterXHunter however is brilliant quest material because the QM can do whatever the fuck he wants.

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near death experience works well. becoming crippled or handicapped in some way works well also.

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>You can't capture posing like that
That's exactly my problem with it: players just can't shut the fuck up about posing

>> No.31200906


What if you post a picture of a specific pose from JJBA as a difficulty for the success of a task, and players have to post pics of themselves attempting the pose instead of dice rolls?

>> No.31200926

No, I mean in any JJBA quest, every action people write in is "posing", and it ticks me off

>> No.31200937


Make a notation that they should describe their poses or their post doesn't count, and require additional actions/dialogue beyond posing.

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> PPQ, MGNQ, HQ and HQR today.

Today is a good day

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Make players understand it was their own fault, their own wrong decisions. They'll hate each other and let you go on.

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Which one will get delayed?

>> No.31201065

Given the date? None of them.

Only today do I know true fear.

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Also, the smartass javascript seems to have broken 4chanX.

Thanks Obama.

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Quick reminder that The King of Fighter's Quest Round 24 is LIVE for today.


>> No.31201094

Maybe SQ too.

>> No.31201171

If you could add @ValeforQM to the directory, that'd be great. Currently running Schola Progenium Quest.

>> No.31201238

Hero Quest will not run, i tell you now.

>> No.31201246

Oh, is this where you do it?

I'd like to have @LibrarianQuest added to the directory as well then. Currently running... Librarian Quest.

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So, Meta Game Quest : Bleach

What could go wrong?

>> No.31201311

Anything can go wrong.

>> No.31201313

Isn't it what Cos ran?
To answer your question: everything. And it'd be good, I guess

>> No.31201319

It'll be an even bigger trainwreck than the Code Geass one.

>> No.31201335

Meta Game Quest: One Bleach Naruto.

>> No.31201337

No, Cos just ran normal Bleach Quest

I'd follow the Meta Game Quest model of giving a random passerby full knowledge of everything to come, because they read the manga, and they're at the start of the events

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Or you know, just play as Aizen.

>> No.31201362

Aizen against Light, Lelouch, and all of them.

>> No.31201368

We've been over this, no QM can keep up with that

>> No.31201373

Couldn't be metagame anymore but that'd be the ultimate shonen trainwreck.

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So make MC a Cassandra? That won't be fun
I think there's a fun Bleach quest to be had if MC is just a regular jobber shinigami, doing various tasks in Soul Society, like hunting Hollows, beating bandits and so on

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>won't be fun

Nigger, you have shit taste. Did you even read Meta Game Quest : Code Geass?

>> No.31201400

It's more that players will whine if another character behaved in an intelligent way in order to fuck them over. See also: Monsterhearts Quest.

>> No.31201405

I did not

>> No.31201409

IIRC it trainwrecked horribly, and not in the good way.

>> No.31201414

I ~REALLY~ would advise against it.

>> No.31201418

Better to be at least a low-seated officer, so you have access to Shikai and more kido.

>> No.31201426

You should examine it to know what quests can be like

It trainwrecked in both ways.

>> No.31201444

>your Shikai lets you see into the future
>one of them, that is

>> No.31201446

I think Shikai is more fun when it's developed for existing character, not given from the beginning
Also choosing a squad would be nice
Besides everyone's ignoring regular sword combat in Bleach as it is

>> No.31201453

Sperging potential far exceeds the fun potential and the shitposters will destroy it no matter how well it is executed. If you are any good with QMing you are better off wasting your time on another quest.

>> No.31201470

Frank's first quest. It was neat but those fucking dice...

The Mao battle was really nice but that really was it's highest point.

>> No.31201489

Pretty sure Frank learned those pitfalls, and did the dice on purpose.

OR, it turns out to be awesome. Won't know unless someone does it.

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I have a feeling that Magical Girl Noir Quest later is going to be... interesting.

I have my suspicions about what's going to happen.

>> No.31201651

>Talk about ashitty shinigami/bleach quest
>Not going for the god tier shonen- HunterXHunter

>> No.31201694

If you want it so badly, run it.
It's going to be shit.

>> No.31201741

It'd be a fun idea though.

Gambit after gambit after gambit, keikaku piled high until the quest chokes to death.

>> No.31201746

Don't just end the fucking quest or change the theme of the quest.

You can be less successful if you just keep the tone going and the quest running.

if it -looks- like your quest is going to be ending, you will lose large swathes of population. This is why consistency and telling your players that it isn't SO bad are important.

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It's going down when I get home from classes.

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If it is a legitimate failure caused by players, go ahead and do whatever is fitting. Cripple characters, shift goals, cause unrest, m u r d e r w a i f u D E S T R O Y L O V E.
Some people will def. assblasted about such thing even if they were the ones directly responsible for the failure. Such is human nature sometimes.
But personally I think failure of character and players tends to grow them.
Then again, I don't really run quests anymore so why do I pretend to know things.

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As always, the setting has a lot of potential to be interesting as long as you stay the fuck away from the canon storyline.

>> No.31202021

Would anyone be interested in a news agency quest?

>> No.31202135

so, I have a type of setting I would enjoy running, but not the biggest plot to go in it.

How do you guys feel about being loyalist soldiers forced out of your country after a bloody coups on glorious el-presidente?

>> No.31202172

Meh, when you put it like that.

Anything interesting about the setting? Something that makes it stand out?

>> No.31202178

Dont ask me if I want to play in it.

MAKE me want to play in it.

>> No.31202192

>Decu already an hour late.
Is the first delay coming?

>> No.31202200

I've carefully edited all the things I find interesting about the setting out from my QTG post to give an isolated story suggestion, so that I could get a read of that without a read of the other one.

The setting itself is niche enough that like, a third of people offhand will be uninterested, so that would interfere with things.

>> No.31202237

I don't read Decu's quests and even I know that he always delays, so that doesn't count

>> No.31202245

I like little mercenary unit stories in fantasy with low to no magic. With a focus on characters and their fights, not on warfare. Look at kinda like Berserk and Ares(manhwa). Could be neat to see a quest like that.

>> No.31202246

Just one hour? That's nothing.

>> No.31202308

>Frank @81DEsW1xz4N
>A mod didn't like my "humor", no idea when the thread will be.
Mods are not amused by Frank.

>> No.31202318

I myself like having a lot of fantastical shit and moonlit glades and bullshit, but very few actual "wizards" or "spells".

>> No.31202321

>Fronking intensifies.

>> No.31202325

I too know the feeling of not being able to run because of shit like that.

Never report, or the QM who misses an update could be yours.

>> No.31202336

>Decu's start time is approximately the same as Larro's, accounting for Decu's inability to read a clock properly.

Call me a paranoid old buffer, but I got my suspicions about what we're about to get.

If I'm right, dis gunna be gud.

>> No.31202352



>> No.31202359


A premise on it's own is absolutely nothing, at times it's not even a great indicator of how the majority of the quest will play out or how you might want to play it out.
It's also hard to know if I'll like a quest when you've only advertised its simplest concept. I can extrapolate anything from what you've said, you could be going for a historical bent, a knight running away from the previously glorious imperial kingdom, or trying to make a cheap first person Tropico rip-off, or any number of low to high fantasy things.

Isolated story suggestions are bland and uninteresting, basically.
And if some people will be uninterested in the setting beforehand that really shouldn't impact the kind of players you'd be aiming to have.

...Unless it's what I think it is.

>> No.31202362

Maybe you shouldn't make garbage posts? Especially as the OP of a powderkeg of shit that is QTG?

>> No.31202392

I generally don't report posts in QTG for exactly that reason. Seems like most of the trolls are just bored QMs stirring shit.

>> No.31202401

Oh my God.

>> No.31202451

Are there any good completed quests with a lesbian MC?

>> No.31202457

Lamia Hobo Quest.

>> No.31202471

I haven't read it, but I know Lamia Daughter Quest is both completed and had a lesbian MC. Again, can't say if it was good or not, haven't read it.

>> No.31202473

>Never report, or the QM who misses an update could be yours.
He is. And i am pretty amused.

>> No.31202506

Not without DBZ it wouldnt.

>> No.31202526

Technically bi but no real difference, Sorceress Quest was fun. Meanders a lot in the last 5 or so threads though.

>> No.31202547

Ugh. I wanted Hero Quest, not this shit I have zero interest in.

>> No.31202575

It's April 1st, all QMs wart they're salte will be trying something similar.

>> No.31202579

Nyahaha! No one realizes that one or more of the April Fools thread will have a lasting impact upon the Quests the QM or QMs call home.

Well, I do. That no one else has said anything makes me feel sad.

>> No.31202582

>Random happenings
This is all Hero Quest is about. It is no more random or ridiculous than evil Rena sending Kitty golem from an alternate universe.

>> No.31202600

it was good.

>> No.31202607

Yes. We never though it could be so anon. You are the only one with a brain.

>> No.31202631

It is different, since thats something I was invested. I dont give a single shit about MGNQ, so 90% of that thread will be lost on me. Im still reading it just for Rena, but all the characters and in-jokes amongst anons are beyond me.

>> No.31202735

the nargacuga smut for aoph might be delayed

>> No.31202762

I don't know what you think it is.

Though, the imperial kingdom one is closest.

>> No.31202785

Ahh well, these things happen. I was really looking forward to that, so I suppose I'll continue waiting warmly for it, best of luck anon.

>> No.31202879

I'll have it by the thread after, don't worry.

>> No.31203179

Did you give it wings or just the blades?

>> No.31203367

I imagined the kage to have no wings, but it's still WIP. Might have to consult Ygg on this one.

>> No.31203378

So how do you think your QM is going to take advantage of April 1st?

>> No.31203398

I considered just taking a break but then I'd feel left out if I didn't run an April Fools thread.

>> No.31203469


>> No.31203491

He's going to have us save our friend.

But then, that's the joke, because it's April 1st. It doesn't actually happen.

>> No.31203543

That would amuse and anger me like never before.

>> No.31203583

I don't understand what's going on withTuxedo Bear! I don't get what's going on with MGNQ.

What is all this madness!?

>> No.31203624

Drawfags and QMs, what's harder. Writing well or drawing well?

>> No.31203631

I feel like tuxedobear QM is AzureEarth

>> No.31203644

Drawing well.

>> No.31203699

That is a subjective question that has no right answer.

>> No.31203722

Helios is a Greek Titan/sun god. And the Bear's outfit is reminiscent of Ryouichi's bad end Bankai.

>> No.31203825


>> No.31203832


>> No.31203845


>> No.31203891

You'll never stop being amused by my running of a niche Twitter list, will you?

>> No.31203901

>not the obvious fact that fatebreakers result in bears

>> No.31203902


>> No.31203924

That one.

>> No.31203928

>Get nothing but terrible, terrible fanart in my quest
>People say that it's actually a good thing
>They say it will attract better drawfags that want to show the amateurs how it do
So how long is that supposed to take?

>> No.31203936

Shhh...we're not supposed to talk about the bears. It makes Risa upset.

>> No.31203946

the good ones come when you stop caring

>> No.31203952

Of course not vamp, no worries though, I couldn't possibly be waiting to be amused every single QTG, not at all..

>> No.31203961

never. because you do not deserve it.

>> No.31203977

Rogue best faction, Reaperfags need not apply.


>> No.31203987

What's the Tripcode of the OP? Not reading, just observing a possible solution.

>> No.31204030

I'm 99% sure it's Artemis, the guy who QMs Eclipse Moon Quest.

>> No.31204187

That ride took forever.

Anyways, anything you guys want me to add to the smut before I stop posting?

>> No.31204220

A timeskip where she's given birth to human cubs and they're a happy family with more on the way.

>> No.31204224

Not even that bitchy QM, but I find it interesting that QTG seems to often side with the low-quality drawfags every time I see a complaint about them.

>> No.31204274

Way ahead of you. She already fantasizes about having kittens with him.

But will they be black or white? Only one way to find out.

>> No.31204293

Because it is better than none. Also they do not harm the quest in any way unless maybe the quest is flooded with them which i have never seen happen.

>> No.31204339

Oh me oh my

>> No.31204363

Fluffy tails

>> No.31204367

Rangers from the dome eventually find her after she's gone full feral and evolved.
More points if Devon's there, and maybe Goldie?

>> No.31204449

>Rena/MGNQ cross
>Rena will now get players from MGNQ

>> No.31204467

Dude, relax.

>> No.31204488

You guys are really into the mindbreak stuff.
Even guessed that she goes feral, albeit only after she starts getting into it.

I'll see if I can squeeze that in after the main body is done. Sounds like a doozy, but I'll try.

>> No.31204510

Hello people! How are you guys finding Succubus Daughter Quest?

>> No.31204525

Less mindbreak, more happy family of crimes against nature

>> No.31204569

It aight.
Write better.

>> No.31204579

That his name is Beartemis is a definite clue...and that it's the new trip he started using after accidentally posting his old one in the email field affirms it. so, what's the remaining 1% of doubt?

>> No.31204594

Ceru ate a raw freaking bird.
I don't think it's a longshot to think that isolation would make her more feral.

>> No.31204614

The concept is good.
Your writing is crap.

>> No.31204615

The fact that he posted as much on his twitter also helps.

The 1% of doubt is the possibility that I'm hallucinating or dreaming this entire conversation. Or, I guess, that Artemis handed over his trip to his wife or summat.

>> No.31204621

It's fine. Could use some spell-checking.

>> No.31204663

So does this mean it ties in with Eclipsed somehow?

>> No.31204682

Well enough. Advice when you've started writing, given how long there is between updates.

>> No.31204689

It's not so much about the mindbreak, I just like the idea of Ceru going native/feral after not being around the dome for a long time.

>> No.31204709

Okay, so my my writing is the biggest gripe, that ain't so bad.

>> No.31204715

Hopefully not.

>> No.31204730

Ygg also confirmed that having gory fun times with a dragon corpse would pretty much be how we get our final evolution in-character.

I'll keep that in mind.

Anyways, I'm off.

>> No.31204758

It's bad enough that I can't actually make myself read it.

>> No.31204764

For those not in the know, Luxray's natural eyecolor is yellow.

>> No.31204788

For the sake of it's integrity as a standalone, or for the sake of Eclipsed Moon Quest?

>> No.31204803

Have there been any quests which touched on BDSM?

>> No.31204810

Sanna in AoPH.

>> No.31204815

No, Luxray's is read.
Shinx, the small one, has yellow eyes.

>> No.31204826

Former more than the latter though both apply.
Monster Hearts. Lightly.

>> No.31204834


It was a heavy touch.

>> No.31204844

>Monster Hearts. Lightly.
Ah, shit, yeah, MHQ totally did BDSM, didn't it?

God dammit. Now I'm depressed again.

>> No.31204846

Well, it's take my time an write quality prose, or turn it out asap.

>> No.31204866

>Now I'm depressed again.
He's coming back.

>> No.31204873

Ass Quest, sort of.

BFQ was a straight up blatantly BDSM relationship, though.

>> No.31204877

Rena tied herself up and wore a ballgag when under the influence of dhampirism.
Queenie was confused, frightened, and slightly aroused.
I'd rather you take 5 minutes to check your spelling and grammar, honestly.

>> No.31204884

I'm depressed because of the long-term consequences of thread 6, not because it's gone.

>> No.31204897

Well, THAT anyone would be depressed about.

>> No.31204903

They're actually bloodshot eyes, but it still has the yellow pupil.

>> No.31204905

Claire of DXQ offers to tie herself up for the MC every thread. Sometimes she ties herself up first, then asks.

>> No.31204929

God, I just wish it had never happened.

Holy fuck what an awful, shitty, irrevocable, unfixable decision.

>> No.31204958

>Claire of DXQ
Someone compared her to a character from an anime that just couldn't be offended by the MC even after being asked to wear a leash like a dog.
What was it? Some kind of choice thing or crazy vote?

>> No.31204987

>Someone compared her to a character from an anime that just couldn't be offended by the MC even after being asked to wear a leash like a dog.
It's because she's the same character, except she talks more.

>> No.31205002

Witch quest is running

>> No.31205008

And has a larger chest.

>> No.31205023

So take a little extra time to proof read, got it.

>> No.31205042

I think the usual comparison is Origami from Date A Live, and yeah she is pretty much the same character, only difference is that Origami is best.

>> No.31205043

She's the same kind of character. As submissive as she is, she seems to dominate the other members of the cast.

>> No.31205063

A true submissive will dominate other women for her master!

>> No.31205071

But Claire is best DXQ. It's funny that DXR made such a similar character when he said that his inspiration is SYD and Fujimura

>> No.31205075

it actually led to Avril getting all sorts of fucked up and me dropping the quest.

>> No.31205088

I choose to believe that Claire corrupted Chief into desiring Captain.

>> No.31205102

So this idiotic crossover counts as HQR for the day?

>> No.31205103

I know. Uuuugh. I wasn't even there for thread 6 and now I'm trying to figure out how it is even vaguely possible to pick up the pieces at this point.

>> No.31205109


>> No.31205114

People usually compare her to Origami from Date A Live, though Usami from Fujimura-kun Mates is where the actual character inspiration comes from. Aside from the depressing childhood.

>> No.31205115

Eh, I acutally like all the DXQ girls, yes even chuu2 titty-monster, I just have a soft spot for Rin. More like hard spot hurr durr.

>> No.31205142

She has a Majikoi Miyako feel to her, IMO.
oh god its still not translated

>> No.31205143

According to RUMORS and SPECULATION, decu will be doing HQR later tonight. Even though april fools is probably already over for him.

>> No.31205161

That's worse than no HQR at all.
Fuck. I don't want Decu's shitty playerbase infecting other quests, let alone ones I actually enjoy.

>> No.31205162

What if Azure does Hero Quest and Decu does Hollow Quest?

>> No.31205172

I want fics of Claire talking about Cap to Chief and Chief strongly fighting her own arousal.

>> No.31205177

What crossover? The one Decu is running?

>> No.31205179

After such a gigantic, pointless fuck you to the players, do you really want it to come back?

>> No.31205187

3meta9me m8.

>> No.31205203

Look at all these folks, not liking fun.

>> No.31205206

Why are you so mad

>> No.31205209

>a gigantic, pointless fuck you to the players
It was a foreshadowed setback that was in substantial part a consequence of player behavior, you're the cancer killing quests.

>> No.31205210

Rin is a good girl. Claire a best, but Rin is a very good girl. I want to force myself on her

>> No.31205213

True, Claire is just as obsessed with Capt as Miyako is with Yama.
At the same time, Claire is a lot more deadpan and less aggressive. At least she didn't try to rape Captain yet.

>> No.31205218

Decu's not running it, it's clearly Larro's art and Larro's writing.

That's why it's so good.

>> No.31205220

Fun is awful. Fuck fun and fun fans.

>> No.31205230

You do realise that a lot of Decu's playerbase are already playing HQR, right? Or are we just ignoring reality so you can throw your little hissy fit?

>> No.31205232

Claire wants Captain to rape her full force in all holes. She's aggressively a bottom.

>> No.31205250

Not to mention decu and larro might as well be joined at the hip.

>> No.31205253

It is not HQR. HQR is Hollow Quest Redux. Use HQ or Hero Quest.

>> No.31205257

So I should read it even if I dropped MGNQ?

I sort of doubt that, the players in HQR aren't as shit. Rather they're bad in a different sense than those Decu has.

>> No.31205281

Claire wants a lot of things, including those she will likely regret. Her lack of common sense is a real problem for Capt.

>> No.31205284

Some, maybe.
But the dude has literally hundreds of players that only visit /tg/, or even 4chan, for his quest and nothing else. Larro's players aren't anywhere near as bad as Decu's.

>> No.31205302

If you know the basics of the Madoka characters in MGNQ, yeah sure, give it a shot.

>> No.31205308

No, you shouldn't read it.

>> No.31205311

I kind of want to write Rin/Captain smut but don't know how to set it up. Rin is too self-effacing and Captain's too aloof for them to really start anything on their own.

>> No.31205323

Void drugs him.

>> No.31205326

Oh well in that case, you've convinced me, I guess I was just reading wrong, and there was no bullshit or crappy QMing involved at all! Why, the entire playerbase was just incompetent, its so clear now!

>> No.31205346

Aside from improved grammar, what else would people like to see in SDQ?

>> No.31205352

No, avoid it.

>> No.31205356

Void is more likely to poison him than slip aphrodisiac in his drink.

>> No.31205366

More sexual harassment and /d/eviancy.

>> No.31205389

I don't write that kind of thing. It's gross, cheap, victimizing, and not properly male-dominated like all sex should be.

>> No.31205419

get more people to vote for it.

>> No.31205428

Mother-daughter bonding time, if you know what I mean.

>> No.31205432

Rin gets stuck in a window trying to do a good deed with Fallen Angel. While Fallen Angel goes to get some help, Captain has his way with her unprotected backside. Include much degradation about her fake magical girl act.

>> No.31205448

I like Rin, I'm not going to write her getting raped.

>> No.31205451

Is having the love interest get caught cheating acceptable as an April Fools joke? With an 'it was a nightmare' ending with no foreshadowing qualities to it.

>> No.31205465

Would you actually do it if it won? Because that has not been the case so far.

>> No.31205497

She's not actually stuck, its all part of a cunning plan.

>> No.31205498

It's not rape if she likes it.

Okay, similar situation, but she arrived to tend to morning wood. Fallen Angel cheers her on.

>> No.31205528

>unfunny emotional bitchslapping
No, fuck you. Take your NTR fetish and leave.

>> No.31205530

>Okay, similar situation, but she arrived to tend to morning wood. Fallen Angel cheers her on.
Hmm. This actually gives me an idea...

>> No.31205540

I don't have an NTR fetish, it's a prank on players.

>> No.31205541

It's a Nargacuga, isn't it?

They're both blades and wings, same as other Flying Wyvern types.

>> No.31205544

Yes. DO IT. It will be glorious.

>> No.31205568

I think it's a pre-evo form, because pitting us against a pseudo this early on would be pure bullshit.

>> No.31205578

I hope you don't like your players or your quest, because if you do that, you will have neither by the time you're done.

>> No.31205584

Okay, let's say I pick up a two-by-four, hit a five-year-old girl in the face with it, and then shout APRIL FOOLS!
You'd consider that funny, right? Because I called it an April Fools joke, that makes it funny.

>> No.31205594

It's a juvenile. Not sure if it has its wings and wingblades yet. Or if its tail has the spikes yet.

>> No.31205619

Please hurry. DXQ smut makes the world go round.

>> No.31205622

It's basically a jungle version of Crytten/Bliger/Barioth and those don't have the wings or spikes until final form. So go with lacking them.

>> No.31205651

I would find it hilarious

I would still call the police, but I would be laughing on the inside.

>> No.31205663

Then you should probably seek professional therapy.

>> No.31205678

>The false equivocations begin

>> No.31205762

Nobody is harmed by a prank about cheating, this comparison is fucking ridiculous

>> No.31205763

Deculture, please don't run Hero Quest. Any other QM I could take, but your shit-infested playerbase will ruin the fun I'm having there.

>> No.31205794

Escape from Sex Zoo is live, because what the hell: >>31205756

>> No.31205837

Would you please stop being a whiny little bitch?

>> No.31205856

>yfw the not-asia Quest-master runs Hero Quest

>> No.31205868

My point is that he's doing something stupid and harmful, and yes the players will be harmed by it, and trying to justify it as a 'joke'.
It's not a joke, because jokes are funny.

>> No.31205873

Too late, the shit fanbase has already been alerted to Hero Quest's existance. Whether decu runs a Hero Quest thread or not, they already know it exists and will probably ignore it.

>> No.31205889

I thought it was funny

>> No.31205936

I am currently being entertained

Fuck you

>> No.31205945

At least there wouldn't be any lasting effects.
I can't think of a single person that I wouldn't rather have running Hero Quest over Deculture.
Except maybe Fluff, but he doesn't actually run anything so whatever.

>> No.31205980

I bet Fluff ran Notasia.

>> No.31206019

No way. Not!Asia was a cocksucker and a horrible QM, but at least his writing was properly capitalized. Usually.

>> No.31206355

Here's the current intro:


Does it work, you think?

>> No.31206493


Yeah, it seems better written than his usual stuff.

>> No.31206734

Fluff is too whiny and milquetoast to be the Tromboner. Not!Ssia QM bragged about jacking off to the world trade center attacks.

>> No.31206762

If it was fluff, every critique or comment on him would be responded with "kill yourself", "shove your head up your ass", "I'll fuck your mother" or something.

So it wasn't fluff.

>> No.31206790

Notasia outdates fluffs very existence by several months at least.

>> No.31206793

I like it. Please do continue.

>> No.31206808

Oh my god, it's amazing. Keep going.

>> No.31206847

Just make sure that the fic ends with everything being a work of fiction, somehow. I'd only say one thing: I don't think Rin is the type to swear.

>> No.31206881

IIRC the last one was declared to be Claire writing schlick fiction so I think we can apply the same logic here.

>> No.31206909

That's true, I just think the cutaway to Captain actually reading the fic is one of the best parts of the DXQ smutfics. If you don't think you can do it or just don't wanna, that's cool.

I'll write that scene

>> No.31206922

True, I was only commenting on the posting style.

>> No.31207259

I tweeted about this last Thursday, but not everyone follows my twitter for my quest. AAQ #5 has been delayed due to school things. Thankfully, said school things are starting to slow down a little, so I have some time to work on the next thread, as well as set some schedule rules.

>> No.31207290

I have no idea who you are or what quest you run.

>> No.31207297

Don't forget that Rin's charm point is her butt.

>> No.31207365

That's fine. I'm pretty new, so I don't expect everyone to know about me. I run Adventurer's Apprentice Quest. The only reason I even bothered posting is because the guys in the IRC said it was a good idea to say something about the delay.

>> No.31207470

Don't listen to the hugbox, they're almost always wrong.

>> No.31207599

Well, it's a conspiracy I think.

They give intentionally horizontal advice, when someone obviously needs vertical advice. I believe they do it so that more QMs are in need of hugs for their mistakes, thus continuing the cycle of the hugbox. Except the hugbox doesn't actually give hugs, and that's where the pyramid scheme ends.

>> No.31207615

>I'd only say one thing: I don't think Rin is the type to swear.
Yeah, I was thinking that I should probably replace 'f-fuck' with 's-screw' even before seeing this post. I probably need to review her dialogue in DXQ itself to really nail it down.

>If you don't think you can do it or just don't wanna, that's cool.
I'm not the guy you're responding to, but I am the guy who posted the smut (I stepped out for a bit after posting it).

Honestly, I have the attitude that that sort of thing is a bit like how "it was all a dream" is such an unsatisfying ending to a story. Yeah, it's all fictional anyway, but it's real within its own world, you know? So, yeah. Probably won't write a little epilogue where Captain reads the smut. 2meta4me.

>> No.31207641

I'm pretty sure it's because the people there are mostly either not QMs, bad QMs, or QMs who stumbled into a working idea. If, for example, Exabutt is around, he'll generally give good advice.

>> No.31207681

>Sitting around waiting for the announcements of the quests I want to see.
>It's getting down to the last couple hours before running becomes incredibly unlikely

>> No.31207717

>Yeah, I was thinking that I should probably replace 'f-fuck' with 's-screw' even before seeing this post. I probably need to review her dialogue in DXQ itself to really nail it down.
I think only Seven and Lunatic have ever used profanity. Captain has used shit once or twice, and that's it. Overall, people have clean mouths in DXQ.

>> No.31207722

April fools, motherfucker.

>> No.31207757


>So, yeah. Probably won't write a little epilogue where Captain reads the smut. 2meta4me.

Aww, but they're such great punchlines. I'll still write them for these, since they're so popular with everybody. I don't much lewd myself, but I like to entertain.

>> No.31207787

I know this pain and am currently experiencing it.

>> No.31207805

HeroQuestRena @HeroRena 23s
Sorry for the delay! Thread tonight in about... 11 hours. Sorry for the super late/early start!


>> No.31207840


>> No.31207861

Why is everyone so fucking pure? God damn would it kill DXR to put just a few blemishes on these girls?

>> No.31207864

I think I agree with him about just letting the smut be it's own thing, but yeah, reactions are fun, although now I am imagining Claire proudly showing it to various people - Rin so she can give 'accurate' reactions, Void for 'technical' details, Chief for literary criticism and so forth.

>> No.31207883

If they weren't pure they could be a perfect waifu.

>> No.31207886

Because DXR is a wizard.

>> No.31207932

We can maybe do it as a separate thing? Smutwriters write their smut, and they can include reactions. If they don't someone else is free to write it?

Sure, okay, but who doesn't like swearing girls? It just sounds weird to hear someone that doesn't use "fuck" as an adjective, verb, and noun in everyday speech.

>> No.31208048


Heh heh, we still have no idea what gender Angelic is, do we?

>> No.31208075

>Sure, okay, but who doesn't like swearing girls? It just sounds weird to hear someone that doesn't use "fuck" as an adjective, verb, and noun in everyday speech.
It's refreshing to me. Refraining from profanity is a subtle way to up a character's feminine charm.

>> No.31208097

Is "slow" a gender?

>> No.31208151 [SPOILER] 

Angelic's a bird.

>> No.31208154

But any girl would cuss.

>> No.31208179

Cussing is trashy. Feminine charm isn't trashy

>> No.31208181 [SPOILER] 

I think you mean a bunny

>> No.31208195

Good girls don't cuss.

>> No.31208199

Isn't petting considered foreplay for birds?

>> No.31208200

Assign the probability of success to an average of x number of dice rolls made by players.

>> No.31208226

What about if she doesn't normally cuss, but there's another girl who's mean to you and she hesitates, but finally manages to call her a "b-b-bitch"?

>> No.31208251

It's borderline, but it's okay because she only swore to express how upset she was. The swear has impact because it isn't part of her normal vocabulary.

>> No.31208275

It's fine if and only if she covers her mouth in shock afterward and is ashamed she used that language.

>> No.31208342

>Quest tomorrow Said on 3/31
>Quest doesn't run on today

>> No.31208376

>tfw unfollow a quest on twitter.
>tfw know it hurts from running your own quest
Sorry, guy, but I was reading your latest thread and I realized... smut should have a male MC goddamnit.

>> No.31208397


>> No.31208413

This is why SWQ a shit. Faggots from top to bottom. Sorry that your heart got broken.

>> No.31208428

Bloodline Protector, yeah?

>> No.31208452

Because if you have a female MC, that means the sex will be lesbians (gay) or getting dicked by a man (gay).

No. I didn't name it for a reason, I don't want to shit on the QM anymore than I already have by unfollowing him on twitter.

>> No.31208466

You shoulda been there for Fantasy Quest. That was a fuckin' ride man.

>> No.31208467

>Larro & Decu doing vice versa
>all this happening
>all this mad
I, for one, am enjoying the ride.

>> No.31208486


Or is it FeMC?

>> No.31208493

I'm also enjoying it on a base level, but the rampant anger definitely makes it better.

>> No.31208506

>Because if you have a female MC, that means the sex will be lesbians (gay) or getting dicked by a man (gay).

Aaaand here we go again~

>> No.31208510

It was FeMC. The anons who participated were incredibly, totally gay. They lusted for orc dick like no fanbase before them.

>> No.31208525

Agreed, it is an odd satisfaction to see and taste their entitled cries. Enjoy today for what it is, a fun romp.

>> No.31208526

/tg/ went full gay as fuck and husbandoed an orc while being as melodramatic as a roomful of teenage girls

>> No.31208539

>>all this mad
People are mad? There was some minor disappointment from some folks (myself included) that we aren't getting our regularly scheduled Hero Quest, but I don't think I've seen any actual mad. It's like tuning in to your weekly show, only to find out it's a filler episode.

>> No.31208547

Some people are very upset that players from MGNQ may or may not decide to read Hero Quest after this crossover.

>> No.31208561

I know your pain.

It pisses me off that it's the one good SWQ and it will never come back. And now Archival is acting like a cunt about it. Again.

>> No.31208562

Thats just your standard QTG shitflinging. The crossover thread itself was fairly civil.

>> No.31208565

That poor, poor drawfag.
They had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

>> No.31208577

I was madder that people from Hero Quest might come into MGNQ.

>> No.31208591

I highly doubt anyone interested in MGNQ hasn't already heard of it.

>> No.31208603

There were two or three people talking about how they were going to go archive binge MGNQ now right before the thread 404'd

>> No.31208609

You could say the same about Hero Quest, it still doesn't stop all the delicious mad.

>> No.31208624

I expect none of them will get through the ~200 thread backlog.

>> No.31208643

Why is it even still running? Does Decu just not know how to end things?

>> No.31208659

He's got the thing set out to be the length of a novel series. It still has a way to go.

>> No.31208666

Probably. Also because he does about 3 updates a thread.

>> No.31208674

<ChiefFouldrinker> Is your second quest starting up that soon?
<GARdian> Friday night, hopefully

What the heck?

>> No.31208696

DXR decided DXQ didn't have enough waifus, so he's making a second quest with more waifus to satisfy his lust.

>> No.31208720

Good. He is the best at waifus.

>> No.31208751

But they're all so similar.

>> No.31208773

I would disagree, but that would be a pointless argument. Instead I will say that he's really good at selling that.

>> No.31208783

DXR can only write in one voice, so every character sounds the same.

I know you're here faggot.

>> No.31208792

Blandfus, maybe.

>> No.31208809

I'm not gonna say they're not different people but it's pretty much what >>31208783 is saying. If I swapped out the name of one character for another I would have a hard time telling the two apart.

>> No.31208858


Most of them seem to have different voices to me, but I said I don't see this going anywhere, since it's mostly taste.

>> No.31208938

Hey, you stole my line.

>> No.31208951

This is a problem with every QM. Every character talks just like the QM does unless they're making a clear effort to speak differently.

>> No.31208995

To clarify, I would never actually levy this brilliant little one-size-fits-all criticism at DXQ, because his characters are all absurd caricatures and so they actually don't sound the same. Self-effacing Rin, overwrought Claire, haughty Chief, self-aggrandizing Angel: they all speak differently.

>> No.31209030

Sorry man, it's so effective at instilling fear in a writer. I can't help but use it.

>> No.31209050

So this is a reverse troll?

>> No.31209071

God forbid people who like fun invade MGNQ

>> No.31209086

Don't do it, anon. I don't want to see them become any more absurd.

>> No.31209091

I'm okay with that, I guess.

It was going to be fantasy or something, right?

>> No.31209096

I've actually put active thought in to word choice and manner or speech for my characters but I realise that for those that I don't have a clear or distinct pattern of speech for tend to sound similar to another.

>> No.31209118

I'm just saying the troll doesn't work here. It only works when the writer is trying to make their characters all sound like real people. If you run a quest like DXQ where everybody's a silly caricature, of course they don't sound the same, any idiot could tell you that.

>> No.31209119

I do think that the character voices when they're not being caricatures sound very similar, but I can overlook that.

Breaking news from the hugbox:
>[GARdian]: I'm going to make the bad guy in my next quest black
>[GARdian]: He will be a blackaboo

>> No.31209147

He will also be a ninja and fight in a giant robot.

>> No.31209150

He pitched the idea in the hugbox, but I'm not going to go find it. Something about magic swords and kings. Theres a doggirl too

>> No.31209157

Yay, casual racism

>> No.31209179

Is that an archelon reference or something? Damnit April Fool's Day.

>> No.31209187

So the troll is the troll is dumb?

>> No.31209211

DXR likes archelon very much, and they get along well. It probably is.

>> No.31209214

I guess?

I've used it in the past for real, though.

>> No.31209219

>>[GARdian]: I'm going to make the bad guy in my next quest black
>>[GARdian]: He will be a blackaboo
So his next villain will be Ygg?

>> No.31209241

I don't follow. Every blackaboo I've met has been a total bro on every level.

>> No.31209285

I can dig it, I know a bunch of cool black nerds

>> No.31209297

Or he just hated Build Fighters.

>> No.31209316

Impossible, DXR calls Build Fighters the best Gundam in years every time it is brought up.

>> No.31209343

Or Afro Samurai. I could see DXR hating Afro.

>> No.31209344

That's because it is.

>> No.31209374

I think he was just teasing arche.

>> No.31209377

But Afro Samurai is shit. DXR should love it.

>> No.31209398

Arche doesn't exist, anon. Quit being silly.

>> No.31209474

Is there really going to be a doggirl or is that just more bullshit like the blackaboo?

>> No.31209521

There will be both a doggirl AND a blackaboo.
The blackaboo NTRs you with the doggirl

>> No.31209528

I got bored and decided to run a one-shot quest.


>> No.31209547

Yes, there's really going to be a doggirl.

He really said the thing about the blackaboo, but that could just be International Liar's Day in action. But he said the stuff about doggirl before.

>> No.31209631

Witch quest is running if anyone's interested

>> No.31209667

Are there any good male MC smut quests? Past or present, I don't care.

>> No.31209732

Before anybody rec's them: I've read TAQ and Hoo/d/.

>> No.31209795


>> No.31209816

By that logic, Ass Quest.

>> No.31209820

I said male MC and I meant it. Don't troll me.

>> No.31209934

Okay, okay. I'm sorry, it was just too good an opportunity to pass up.
I'd suggest FUCK Quest, but you asked for 'good' and 'quest' and it is neither. The smut itself is okay, if you're fine with 5 threads of nothing but femdom.

>> No.31209976

Looks like Hollow Quest just started up and Azure decided to "April fools, motherfuckers" everyone.

>> No.31210009

I follow it, mostly for the Rose mindbreaking stuff, though. Pretty much all the girls are shit, but at least that one is getting broken and bent to the MC's will for her crap.

>> No.31210149

Most anything BONES writes.

>> No.31210167

I've read TAQ, unless you're talking about another Bones?

>> No.31210197

Hasn't Bones written other quest with the same gist but different names? I know the MCs have changed.

>> No.31210210

Yeah, I followed Rogue too. Tried Necromancer but he's improved too much since then to really enjoy it.

>> No.31210217

He said GOOD smut.

>> No.31210248

>I followed Rogue too.
Did you catch the last thread?

>> No.31210266

I follow(ed) both it and Psion, so yes.

>> No.31210277

Most smut quests have FeMC because most ERPers (the ones that can actually write dem good soundin' words at least) are men playing lesbians. They never learn how to write sexy well from a male perspective.

>> No.31210279

>doggirl is real

>> No.31210344

Ugh. Maybe I'll finally make my own!

What would be a good premise for a heterosexual male MC smut quest?

>> No.31210443


>> No.31210454


>> No.31210461


>> No.31210468

Well, I'm somewhat of a prude. I'd say make it a normal quest, with your waifus and ale and whores 'n such. Then just don't fade to black or whatever.

>> No.31210492

>a good premise for a heterosexual male MC smut quest?
You are a bard.

>> No.31210527

The King has died leaving only one princess as an heir, but despite her beauty she is famed throughout the land to have both a voracious sexual hunger and issues committing. When the council tries to force her to marry, she spontaneously declares that she'll marry the best fuck in all the lands. To her chagrin, this has been taken seriously and the announcement was declared.

To become the new leader of the greatest kingdom in the world, you must travel around and fight magical sex battles that'll test your stamina physically and mentally while introducing you to a whole array of fetishes in order to become the very best, at sex.

>> No.31210552

Traveling prince and his harem of monstergirl bodyguards.

>> No.31210553

Rogue Trader dealing with hot alien spacebabes.
Fuck you, Escape From Sex Zoo. You did NOT deliver on your promises.

>> No.31210566

Between the tiny tits, lack of a vagina, and muscles, and all the bitchfucking, Max Powers was more manly than most male MCs.

>> No.31210592

There's also the shaved head and massive tattoos.

>> No.31210615

Buttfuckin, too.

>> No.31210642

I'm trying to be polite, but please stop pretending that futas are dudes or replacements for dudes or anything of the sort, because they aren't.

>> No.31210661

Except max wasn't a futa. She was a shemale.

>> No.31210680

I literally do not care.

>> No.31210684

Still gay.

>> No.31210730

Max had big tits, Liz had the small ones

>> No.31210732

All I'm saying is that Max Power is one of the most manly MCs in the history of /tg/, despite being a girl who just happens to have a dick.

>> No.31210761

They both has mosquito bites. It was Lin who had anything in the way of tits.

>> No.31210762

Mid sized rather than big, but true enough.

>> No.31210767

There have been a grand total of zero alien babes so far.

Is a goo girl so much to ask for?

>> No.31210820

Breakfast had the tits of the family IIRC Lin had stereotypically tiny asian tits.

>> No.31210833

>You did NOT deliver on your promises.
We are still currently trying to escape from a zoo meant for sex. What else did you expect?

>> No.31210864

The original pitch was a DUDE fucking HOT ALIEN BABES. That's the problem.

>> No.31210883

Reading the domination scenes is so fucking sad because this could be proper domination (male domination), but instead it's some shitty lesbian femdom because /tg/ is literally full of gay transwomen I guess.

>> No.31210911

This is why I don't participate in fetish quest.

>> No.31210912

I thought the original pitch was "inspired by Slaughterhouse 5", which admittedly it still fails to deliver on.

Regardless, there is a lot that is cut from the planning phase of any project, which is why you shouldn't expect things to be exactly as discussed in QTG.

>> No.31210931


>> No.31210932

Cutting things is fine.
Changing the entire concept completely? Fuck you.

>> No.31210969

IIRC, /tg/ voted for wacky pizza lady, not OP.

>> No.31210981

Players are shit, chargen is shit, /tg/ is shit, fuck everything forever.

>> No.31210997

OP presented that option knowing full well that that was what /tg/ would pick.
Chargen ALWAYS ends up female.

>> No.31211061

Ergo, you are shit so why should he cater to you and only you?

>> No.31211072

Not always. Look at Ranger Quest.

>> No.31211097

Yes, I'm literally the only heterosexual male on the entire internet.

>> No.31211128

If there is such a market for male MCs, how come you and you alleged silent majority didn't vote for it?

>> No.31211166

What's the point of arguing? You just keep making up new strawmen. Discussion over.

>> No.31211312

>Artemis Cat @Artemis_QM 45m


explain me why this fag in the QM list

>> No.31211341

Because he's a QM. Same reason as decu and all the other shitheads who think their quest twitter is their personal blog.

>> No.31211350

He runs a quest.
All QMs get drunk, Anon.

>> No.31211355

He currently runs a quest. Just because he's a fuckhead on twitter doesn't mean he should be removed.

>> No.31211363

I think it's more they use their personal blog as their quest twitter.

>> No.31211378

This has got to be one of the stupidest reasons to hate on a QM I've seen from QTG.

>> No.31211389

There are a lot of QMs guilty of this. Archivalfag and Decu being the most obvious.

>> No.31211391

Then they should get a separate one for quests/blogging. But they don't because they're faggot who measure their worth by their follower count.

>> No.31211394

>AC-Guy @ArmoredQuest 5 hrs
>Is it just me, or does everyone suck at this holiday?
Last I checked, April Fools wasn't a holiday.
Also, no, it's not just you.

Please run F/SA.

>> No.31211396

its theirs, so they can use it however they want, when you become a QM and run a quest you can do whatever the fuck you want with your twitter

>> No.31211401

> their quest twitter

Why do you think this is a thing? Its the QM's twitter, that's it, they can write whatever inane crap they like on it.

>> No.31211416

Unfortunately anyone on the twitter directory has to sift through their crap as well.

>> No.31211419

That was his April Fools joke - acting like he is still relevant

>> No.31211432

The reason to object to archival being on the list isn't that he posts stuff on twitter, its that he doesn't run a quest and yet still posts stuff on twitter.

>> No.31211449

>he doesn't run a quest

I didn't realize that. Why is he on the twitter directory then?

>> No.31211473

Because he used to run a quest, but then stopped because he was too busy jacking off to Decu's quest.

>> No.31211490

He used to run a quest like a year ago, and every few month announces its totally coming back so its okay, this shockingly doesn't happen but he still continues to post irrelevant crap on the twitter.

>> No.31211533


Most other QM's of dead quests have the decency to retire the twitter, Archival has just kept using it.

>> No.31211539

only if you follow the twitter directory, and I don't know why you would if it includes twitters you don't want to follow so shut the fuck up about it already

>> No.31211541

If you could add @witchquesting to the directory, that'd be awesome. Currently running Witch Quest

>> No.31211592

Voynich Hotel Quest when?

>> No.31212023

I feel like there is going to be a lot of regret among the QMs about all this April Fools circlejerking over the next few months.

>> No.31212062

>Implying I have a twitter

Anyway, it's a minor annoyance. I'm not gonna fill up qtg with bitching about it, but I felt it had to be said.

>> No.31212070

What are they going to regret, running a single comedic thread?

>> No.31212284

>regret for circlejerking
Come to the hugbox sometime, we'd love you here.

>> No.31212389

What is there to regret? Only some readers being mad for some reason.

>> No.31212645

So who is going to be the bastard that makes the next thread 8 hours too early?

>> No.31212693

This thread is dead, so maybe the next thread will wait a bit before showing up.

Ahahaha, yeah right, cya in 15 minutes.

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