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Pic sort of unrelated.
Related pic here:

Question for all the 40k players. If this is the force organization for Apocalypse, how do some formations like the Spess Marine Masters of the Chapter, which has one Chapter Master, four Spess Marine Captains, and one Command Squad work?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's six HQ, right? The force organization only shows 2 HQ at most in the primary detachment, and 2 HQ in the secondary detachment.

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Apocalypse has no force org, you can take whatever the flying fuck you feel like.

What you're looking at there is the normal force org for normal games.

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Thanks for the quick response. I was talking with a couple friends over 40k and someone in at his game shop he plays at swears this is the 40k apoc chart because it came from some blog or some shit.

I always thought apoc was whatever the fuck you wanna take.

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There are no Force Organisation charts in Apocalypse; you can take whatever units from whatever armies in whatever combination you want, assuming the person organising it hasn't decided to put some limits on things.

That's the full (and it's only going to get bigger as GW releases more suppliments) FOC for *regular* games.

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To hijack my own thread and not spawn another thread to ask another question..

If I wanted to do a Mechanicus army for Apocalypse based off IG, can a successful IG army be ran using Knights, titans, and/or flyers instead of tanks?

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Stick to the human non-enhanced marine models where possible.
Pack a dreadnought or predator but not a terminator. Model it up however you feel like. Could be a rhino forgeworld that supplies space marines, having millions of rhino chassis blanks ready to assemble into whatever configuration at the rate of 50 an hour.
>the beauty of rhinos

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What do rhinos, terminators, and dreadnoughts have to do with Imperial Guard?

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Forgeworlds supply everyone.

They supply their tanks, craft and weapons. Even repair them if they're that big/important.

Are you saying your craftworld only makes chimera and leman russ chassis, completely void of rhinos?

Because it's said wherever it's mentioned about manufacturing tanks is that EVERY FUCKING FORGE WORLD MAKES RHINOS EVEN JUST FOR FERRYING PARTS EVERYWHERE.

Good day to you sir.

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You're still not getting it -
If you're not bringing all your cool models for the pre-game photo op, you're doing it wrong. Success? The slaughter and subsequent removal of *thousands of points of models and terrain* in the FIRST TURN of Apocalypse games cannot be fully appreciated until you have see it with your own eyes. Your *entire army* might be removed by a single fuckhueg detonation, such that you spend more time unpacking/ packing than you do playing. If you're not okay with that possibility, stay home, son. WAACfags measure success differently, but when players talk about how awesome your army's brutal slaughter was *for a week*, THAT is "success" Apocalypse style.
This is known, because next time - it could be their army, and no "build" will change that.

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I would still like to be able to throw some Exterminatus on my opponent should any of my Mechanicus army keep from meeting with the Omnissiah in the opening salvo.. or is the opening salvo. The question is, can IG do this without the typical tanks/wheels/treads?

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