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Hobbits were behind Barad-dûr's destruction!
The Downfall of Númenor is a hoax!
Gas the elves!

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Why were the Valar so involved in defeating Melkor, but didn't care that much about stopping his second-in-command?

Seems kind of sloppy and irresponsible.

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The sindar were behind the kingslayings.

Gase the kikes!

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The story is very obviously royal propaganda for the house of Isildur. Boromir, one of the handful of people standing in the way of Aragorn's takeover of Gondor, dying mysteriously in the company of him and his allies. And of course the mysterious death of the last steward just as they visited the palace.

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>yfw Manwe is hotter than Varda

wow shit art

how not predictable

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Dude's dead; Melian's kids took care of him. It's not like he's just going to come back to life 3,000 years down the line, right?

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Just the other day I went out to ride with my Lidless eye tabard and I ran into a group of elven maidens. Then one of this anorexic prissy bitches comes forth and tells me how she finds the coat of arms I'm using 'offensive'. I told her: "Aye? Well I find elven lies and swindling offensive, but you don't see me cry about it".

She went ballistic. Went off about how everything bad since the Second Age was Sauron's fault including the War of the Ring. I told her, "The Rings of Power were the greatest gift Middle-Earth ever had and the Elves ruined it for everyone, because they want to keep all other races down."

She cried and called me mean things in Quenya. I just laughed and rode away shouting "SAURON WAS RIGHT" over and over.

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Orc please.

You probably met a disgusting sindar whore.

A Noldorin maiden fair would have had your head on a spike by now.

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She might have been a dude. I can never tell.

Also, Sindar, Ñoldor, just different breeds of thieving rats to me.

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You truly are the worst.

There is a difference between cock sucking Sindar scum (pic related), and the righteuos of Eru.

Go back to your dog of a master rat.

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>that feel when you'll never share the field with your orc brothers and look up to the Dark Lord as he riles up the army and sends you to cut down elfs and men

Waking up to this age is suffering every day.

Race war now.

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I'm not sure I quite understand what's going on here
But I like it

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>Zinn: You view the conflict as being primarily about pipe-weed, do you not?

>Chomsky: Well, what we see here, in Hobbiton, farmers tilling crops. The thing to remember is that the crop they are tilling is, in fact, pipe-weed, an addictive drug transported and sold throughout Middle Earth for great profit.

>Zinn: This is absolutely established in the books. Pipe-weed is something all the Hobbits abuse. Gandalf is smoking it constantly. You are correct when you point out that Middle Earth depends on pipe-weed in some crucial sense, but I think you may be overstating its importance. Clearly the war is not based only on the Shire’s pipe-weed. Rohan and Gondor’s unceasing hunger for war is a larger culprit, I would say.

>Chomsky: But without the pipe-weed, Middle Earth would fall apart. Saruman is trying to break up Gandalf’s pipe-weed ring. He’s trying to divert it.

>Zinn: Well, you know, it would be manifestly difficult to believe in magic rings unless everyone was high on pipe-weed. So it is in Gandalf’s interest to keep Middle Earth hooked.

>Chomsky: How do you think these wizards build gigantic towers and mighty fortresses? Where do they get the money? Keep in mind that I do not especially regard anyone, Saruman included, as an agent for progressivism. But obviously the pipe-weed operation that exists is the dominant influence in Middle Earth. It’s not some ludicrous magical ring.

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>that manjaw
>those bug eyes

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Hurr, magic doesn't exist in fiction because magic doesn't exist period.

Lamest fucking excuse for an intellectual ever. Buy an imagination, pleb.

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>not liking bug eyes

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oh yea, I'd let her knock on my backdoor.

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>implying that's a bug
That's a generic uguu moeshit in a sleeping bag.

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>Zinn: Gandalf mentions the evil stirring in Mordor. That’s all he has to say. “It’s evil.” He doesn’t elaborate on what’s going on in Mordor, what the people are going through. They’re evil because they’re there.

>Chomsky: I think the fact that we never actually see the enemy is quite damning. Then again, Gandalf is the greatest storyteller of all. He weaves the tales that strand Middle Earth in this state of perpetual conflict.

>Zinn: He is celebrated on one hand as a great statesman, a wise man, and viewed by the people who understand the role that he actually plays as a dangerous lunatic and a war criminal. And you will notice that Gandalf’s war pitch hits its highest note when the Black Riders arrive in Hobbiton. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

>Chomsky: This is the Triumph of the Will.

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You've never been to /pol/, have you?

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>A fortyear after the second millennium of the beginning of the Age of Trees
>Not being attracted to strong jawlines

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The civilians of Terra raped themselves!
They grinded eachother into drugs!
The heresy is a hoax!

Purge the Iron Hands!

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Warmahordes plz go

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Didn't ever realize how Sauron had such pretty as eyelashes. Is he a chap in the sun freckly fuck ginger or something?

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I... think its satire, anon. I don't think Chomsky actually did this...

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>3rd age
>Still thinking it's even happening

Back to /gob/ you misty mountain shits

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>It’s on fire. Somehow being an on-fire eye is this terrible thing in the minds of those in Middle Earth. I think this is a way of telling others in Middle Earth to be ashamed of their eyes.

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kill urself


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Oh, you haven't been introduced to the delights of trap Sauron?

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>You are now aware "He" was lord of the Werewolf equivalents, and wanted them to be as pretty as him

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Holy jesus this is well written. Never read-it-in-their-voices so fucking hard in my life.

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Oh sure, I was just making fun.

CHOMSKY: What, I ask, is so terrifying about Sauron? He’s just a light, searching. A beacon, really.

ZINN: Sauron is a beacon for people.

CHOMSKY: A beacon that the Istari feel needs to be destroyed.

ZINN: Yes. Hide, lest he see through you. Destroy, lest he uncover your true motives. It’s obvious why Gandalf would fear Sauron’s ability to see within. The Orcs, on the other hand, seem perfectly comfortable with Sauron’s panoptic ability. They have nothing to hide.

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I wonder who could be behind this post!

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God damn it I shouldn't want to fuck Sauron.

Put your armor back on already

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This filthy fucking elf subhuman walked by me today, He said something in his unintelligible elvish babble. I lost it and called him what he was, a worthless elf faggot. Told that elf. Fucking elves I hate them so god damn much.

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I used to at least respect Zinn for being counter culture and shit and basically saying that no matter what American History all boiled down to money and hatred of people who were somehow different. To see it applied here feels like somehow my history teacher is molesting my dreams from beyond the pale. Shit ain't fun yo

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>Implying Elves exist
Sure, believe that bullshit about them "sailing to the west"
Even if it's true, everyone knows there aren't other continents, they died at sea
Now Dwarves, those guys are assholes, but at least they mostly keep to themselves

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>no matter what Human History all boiled down to money and hatred of people who were somehow different
Fixed that for you

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But they mine all the gold and precious metals, and keep them for themselves! They're too lazy to even grow their own food, they buy it from us - cheap, might I add.

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I haven't listened to the audio yet, but I get the impression Zenn and Chomsky were just 'avin a giggle.

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That's mostly the "Lonely" Mountain assholes, who couldn't survive without the Men of Laketown
The others grow underground crops and shit and just leave Men alone for the most part

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This is some serious "The Last Ringbearer" shit.

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But I already fapped.

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You can always fap more than once, dear anon.

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Okay this one's pretty funny.

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I don't get the last panel

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I don't either, but I'm still reading about the elves spreading across Beleriand and men just showed up.

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Oh gosh

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Do they ever explain how or why men just started to show up?

>> No.31175414

Not that I can tell. Some elves ran into them one day, took them under their wing, and eventually Elrond happened. Hell, the way it's being told the dwarves showed up before men.

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actually, that is a girl who had a car accident and a crazy female frankenstein doctor cut her head off and attached it to a giant bug body she made just for that purpose.
The girl eventually paupates and comes out from the cocoon with what appears to be her original body
then she has sex with her boyfriend and eats him alive while crying that she can't help it and starts transforming into something more buglike

and that is the end of that chapter (it is a horror show, each chapter has the crazy frankenstein girl do some other atrocious thing;l she isn't a villain though, she is just crazy and completely ignorant of humans beyond the biological, she is actually genuinely trying to help)

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>I am a dude
my, what lovely breasts you have

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>implying orcs are the white people

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Nice helmet bro.

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God those games are terrible
But I love them anyway

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Tell me you wouldn't follow Sauron in his quest to create utopia in Middle Earth

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Sauron's quest involves killing Elves, so I would basically follow him to the ends of the earth.

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Overlord 2 was pretty gud.

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>There will never be an Overlord 3

>> No.31177687

It surprised me to find out it was written by Terry Pratchett's daughter

>> No.31177697

Technically there is that one game but thats a prequel. But yeah, my hopes for more Overlord are on the level of more Dungeon Keeper.

None. Why must bad things happen to evil people?!

>> No.31177710

>But yeah, my hopes for more Overlord are on the level of more Dungeon Keeper.
It isn't called Dungeon Keeper, but it's basically Dungeon Keeper.

>> No.31177749

Oh yes, I backed that back in kickstarter times.

Too slow, too beta, too fragile and heading towards disappointment so I forgot about it. I fully anticipate it turning out to be another Dungeons tier disappointment.

>> No.31177765

Its a shame too, since the Overlord setting could easily fit in another game, with more retarded everybody except the Overlord, more dark humor, all that. Plus there could be fun new mechanics, like puzzles or things that only the Overlord can do, like turning a massive crank that the minions are too weak to handle, or magic shit that only a spellcaster of the Overlords level can handle. More gameplay related shit for the evil tower rather than just decals, like maybe an expensive minion forge that lets you built gear for minions to load them out rather than relying solely on looting. Hell there could even be new minion species, or something, I dunno, the possibilities are huge. Well they would be if the series wasn't pretty much dead.

>We'll never see the first Overlord in all his glorious evil

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What the fuck happened to that quest, anyway? The last I heard of it was that they got shunted over to /i/ or something when the mods came back.

>> No.31177816

It was always a /i/-/tg/ shared project but back then quests were ebbing, plus /i/ folk are a circlejerk of faggots who disliked the artist for reasons mostly mad that he could make rather good pictures in minutes and that his thread was basically constantly first on page 0 because it actually generated interest

Afterwards the QM was banned for making quest threads outside of /b/ and he dropped off the grid. About a year and a half ago purged his stuff on deviantart and I heard VAGUE rumours that he is a professional animator now.

>> No.31177831

Where can I find the archived threads, I cant seem to find them on suptg

There are archives of his threads right...right?

>> No.31177863

I don't know honestly, I just stole and saved everything back when it was still ongoing and with the help of The Archivist, an old tripfag whom was in the habit of stockpiling stuff like that. I could upload the art, its not 100% but its probably all you'll ever get.

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Some new shit would be great
>More shit with Brown Minions using all kinds of weapons and armor, even stealing weapons from bosses if you knock it out of their hands
>Greens can climb walls and over objects, letting them reach places no other minion or you can and set up better ambushes
>Blues can cast small spells now, letting them attack from a distance like reds
>Reds fire power amplifies the more there are of them, so one or two reds throw piddly fire balls while half a horde will summon up pillars of fire
>Going on the respawning minions mechanic from Overlord 2, minions who survive long enough get raised up to leader minions and are stronger faster and better all around
>Magic library in the tower, letting you find, research, strengthen and switch your magic spells, maybe even change the blue's magic attacks
>Tougher enemies and bigger battlefields, that would require more tactical approaches, maybe even introduce large weapons you can construct and take onto the field, carried by minions to engage larger targets, or not, doesn't really matter
>Also more capes

>> No.31178014

>Pink minions, charm, like the fat mermaids
>Black minions, magic only, basically undead
>Rainbow minions, NG+ only, very wierd, can do all special minion actions (can act like blues, can set fire like reds, etc).
>Minion vehicles, spiky tanks and patchwork trash mechas. Race miniquests in the Dark Tower.
>Way more buildings, some for recreation, maybe possible homes for adopted NPC characters.
>Axe-Sword-Mace-Gun-Shield weapons for Overlord, possibility to dual wield.
>Combat more DMC/Bayonetta like (doesn't have to be THAT evolved, just more then slam attack repeatedly to do the same 3 hit combo attack from the beginning of the game to the end)
>Flying vehicles.
>More fat mermaids.

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...And now I'm imagining the Overlord on a huge ass demonic chopper while surrounded by a horde of minions on tanks and bikes made out of discarded trash and whatnot, like the best worst biker gang ever.

>> No.31178065

> the ability to enslave conquered people as extra minions
> more mounts
> Actual legions with centurions to give simple tasks without any need for micromanagement
> need to defend your tower against adventuring parties

>> No.31178080

Well the second one had a slight tech progression in relation to the first

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Back to /pol/ we don't tolerate bigots here.

>> No.31178151

No wait, forget pre-set minion colours. Alchemize your own minion hives with a point-buy mechanic for your own vision of an optimized army.

>> No.31178164

Fucking degenerate.

>> No.31178190

>Over the course of the game, expand the Overlords control to the lands around the tower, his influence spreading out until the base of the tower has a settlement rising around it, either as worshipers of your evil grace, war camps for recruits to your growing empire, or eager civilians who wish to be in the presence of the imposing Overlord.
>Enemies on multiple sides, from a raiding warband from across the sea come to claim your lands, to a rouge school of mages who hunger to taste the magic that powers you, to a man dedicated to hunting the Overlord and his merc army
>Possible mechanics involving dominating one of the factions to add to your combat power, changing the way the game plays out
>One level has you wagging an intense battle against enemies trying to attack your tower, so you must move through your evil tower, lending aid and commanding the minions as they attempt to throw off the invaders
>More sexy mistresses, as well as gathering common women from the different locations to add to a harem that can act as a possible upgrade room where you lounge with your bitches
>Possible backstory with the new Overlord being raised by a military general rather than Gnarl, so he used formation tactics with the Minions

>> No.31178206

Eh, I think that would ruin shit, because then most people would built the most optimized army, where everyone can do everything, which ruins the idea of multiple minion types to do specialized things.

>> No.31178223

All I really want is large scale infrastructure. Needing supply routes for resources and stuff.

>> No.31178224

>>More sexy mistresses, as well as gathering common women from the different locations to add to a harem that can act as a possible upgrade room where you lounge with your bitches

>> No.31178237

Different minion types would still be required, just like you want both a tank and a healer in a party. You'd just be able to build your own classes.

>> No.31178262

It's okay. I'm making an adult equivalent and I'll keep it going for as long as you like.

>> No.31178281

Maybe a system like in Overlord 2 where peasants came to ask you for favors, but actually doing shit rather than giving them the trap door

And with multiple enemies in the game, you would have to account for their effects on your territories as you grow them.

>> No.31178310

You still give them the trapdoor in the end though. How else would you get them out of your throne room?

>> No.31178311


>> No.31178317

where is the audio?

>> No.31178318

Well of course, but you wouldn't just ignore their request now.

>> No.31178339


oh are you the maker of that game


>> No.31178343

It's free. I can't post a link to the blog on 4chan but I can post the direct download link to the latest release.


Basically you go out, capture the heroines who defeated you in your last life and try to take over the world.

>> No.31178370

I'm a /tg/ regular. I'd post about it here more often but the mods actually do their jobs these days.

Not like the good old days when you could find a porn thread on the front page every day. Ah, those were the days.

>> No.31178371

fucking japan

>> No.31178376

Mistresses would include
>Cute, naive red head from the first town, mayor's daughter who thinks you're her knight in shining armor, taking her away from a boring life. She honestly doesn't realize you're evil or do evil stuff, and never comes to the realization
>The sexy brown wife of the Overlord hunter, neglected by her husband she ends up falling the the Overlord, influenced by her husband's obsession with him, only on the opposite side of hatred
>Clumsy female librarian of a magic library that you eventually steal for you tower. She respects the Overlord for his magic might while still being physically imposing and able to fight enemies face to face, and the respect turns into a sort of "i wanna study you and fuck you at the same time" relationship
>A barbarian woman from the foreign warbands, like an Amazon, only wearing viking armor and carrying a big axe instead of a spear. After you kick her and her warriors asses she follows you back to your tower and declares herself part of your army

>> No.31178385



may I make a suggestion

more sex, less game

>> No.31178399

Worth my time to play it?

>> No.31178430

This. Sauron ruled the only non-segregated nation in a world full of imperialistic human and elven kingdoms who invade Mordor only because it is culturally diverse and on the brink of an industrial revolution.

>> No.31178434

I've got you a drow bimbo waifu, a brown desert warrior cowgirl waifu, dorf waifus, a duck footed hobbit girl with a mech waifu and tons of others.

Why not both?

It's an old school RPG like JRPG's with less prettyboys. If you like RPG's or Overlord you'll probably like it.

>> No.31178441


>Why not both?

Because I can't masturbate to your game. There's not enough sexy content.

>> No.31178446

Any lolis?

>> No.31178459

Fuck, I really should get into McSweeney's kinda feel I've missed the boat a bit.

Fuck that's funny.

It's something called satire, m42,
look that shit up

>> No.31178480

Have you played it for more than - uh, I mean, even five minutes? It starts with three girls rubbing their boobs in your face and there's a ton of scenes.

No - I'm trying to keep it kosher for a general audience, but I've got some more 'lolilike" girls, including the Lamaak (duck footed Basque Hobbits) girl, a goblin girl, etc.

>> No.31178494

Whoops, forgot my bimbo drow pic.

>> No.31178505

>No lolis
Well into the trash that goes

I'll give it a shot since it looks neat and you obviously put some effort into it, but the lack of lolis is depressing

>> No.31178511


Yeah, I have. The sex scenes are separated by long stretches of gameplay, and they're almost always only one static image.

>> No.31178531

>this whole thread

>> No.31178534

Skin's too light to be a drow. And there's also a distinct lack of ears.
To be honest, this looks more like an overly excited librarian than a bimbo

>> No.31178542

>no lolis

C'mon, man. Not cool.

>> No.31178558

Why'd you want that anyways.

>> No.31178559

I take it you didn't like Sengoku Rance much either. But there's plenty of variations on the heroines and other important characters. No, there aren't a million variations on every girl you capture, but then again this also isn't a studio produced game with a big budget. It's free, and I don't make dosh off of it. I give what I can.

I originally made it because I like games like Dungeon Keeper and Overlord, but also because I saw the Japanese getting all these neat games that are also adult games.

I wanted something that was both porn and a game, hence the effort.

>> No.31178570

>Near the end of the game your forces are getting overwhelmed and your territories are being eaten up by recharged enemies, each enemy has their own upgrade (warband gets support from their ancestors, mages gain super magic, hunter gets new weaponry)
>Shits getting bad
>A mysterious person suggests you go search for a new ally
>Go on a quest that leads to you ripping open the Abyss and getting the Third Overlord to provide you with a moments support using his endless forces of the Abyss to devastate the enemies armies for the final push before the hole to the Abyss closes again

>> No.31178577

Closest I've got are this Lamaak girl and the Goblin girl.

>> No.31178578

Mind controlling lolis into being sluts? Why wouldn't you.

I would settle for loli looking characters though

>> No.31178663

>Why would you want sexualised kids in your games?
>To turn them into sluts, of course
Yeah, that's even more cringe worthy. What's worse is the way you act like it's strange not to like that.

>> No.31178806

Oldest fetish in the world. TEEN SLUTS GO WILD is a ridiculously popular porn title for a reason.

>> No.31178903

Yes, but not
>PRE-TEEN SUCKSLUTS XIV - Watch these nubile sweeties handle daddy's meat ;)

>> No.31178978

There's always Evil Genius

>> No.31178988

Loli isnt really about age dude. Its about looks. You can have and are 30+ year old lolis.

>> No.31179334


>> No.31179374


>> No.31180554

>Replace the interesting and unusual mistresses from the game with generic caricatures, mostly from anime

>> No.31180584


That whole third panel is just perfect

This is how I'm playing an evil elf

>> No.31180744

But have them be, like, actual characters. That you might meet in the world.
Mistresses still come from conquered people so you have to keep in mind who your preferred waifu is when deciding who you ally with and who you crush beneath your steel boots

Sounds more like a dlc thing. In the game itself you would logically gain a better and better position not a worse and worse until you're almost conquered.

>> No.31180904

Elves outside of manga have pointed ears, not donkey ears.
Her ears are pointed, you just don't see it under the hair.
As for the brightness, well, it is a really bright scene with a fuckton of light sources. Color blending makes her appear lighter colored then usual in that scene

>> No.31180933

some people are pedophiles

1. they don't want to go to prison
2. they don't want their funds frozen
3. it was crowdfunded and the crowd didn't want it
4. the author isn't a pedophile

so why don't you shut the fuck up about making demands that they put in your sick twisted fetish.

>> No.31180983

Good game, really good game.

funny thing, when you didn't update for a couple of months early in the project a fan assumed it was dead and went and made his own overlord adult game

It is called conquest.

>> No.31181348

>I've got you a drow bimbo waifu, a brown desert warrior cowgirl waifu, dorf waifus, a duck footed hobbit girl with a mech waifu and tons of others.

No, you havem indbroken cocksluts.
And while mindbroken cocksluts are totally my fetish, they're not waifus.
Also, giving them back their actual personalities when?

>> No.31181451

not him but
waifu and mindbreaking aren't mutually exclusive
and while it bears some similarities to mindbreak, it isn't exactly.
Also, the only cock they are sluts for is yours (another distinction from traditional mindbreak)
It is more mind control than mindbreak

>> No.31181556

Well as a shapeshifter he can have any gender or none if he feels like it

>> No.31182192


That's reaching a bit far, anon. I mean, lolis aren't real. And a fair number of them more than old enough.

>> No.31182246


He probably used it to great effect in the first age when he could appear a fair as he wanted to.

>Beren and Luthien on quest for the Silmaril
>Beren away from camp
>Sauron turns into Beren, fucks Luthien
>later, Beren out hunting alone
>Sauron turns into Luthien, fucks Beren

>> No.31182471

>If it is a cartoon it isn't X because it isn't real
So, cartoon porn isn't porn. Cartoon watersports isn't a watersports fetish because it isn't real. Cartoon S&M isn't S&M fetish because it isn't real. Cartoon vore isn't really vore because it isn't real. Cartoon rape isn't really rape fetish because it isn't real. etc etc.
In other words, a total shit argument.

I didn't say he goes out and commits crimes.
But being a cartoon depiction of a fetish doesn't mean it is magically not his fetish just because it is a cartoon.

>> No.31182554

Personally, I wont argue that a cartoon duck isn't a duck, but it doesn't change the fact that it's ink on paper, thus not a single person gets hurt by it. It may not be the nicest of fetishes, but to anyone with a brain I aint committing any crimes.

>> No.31182741

I never argued it was a crime, I said they should shut up about demanding people put it in games when they explicitly don't find it appealing.
They were saying crap like "no loli? in the trash it goes" and "no loli? not cool man!"
Those are two literal quotes from those faggots

Do you see anyone else going "no shit eating? not cool man!" or "no gay sex? not cool man!"?
No you don't, they are being extremely entitled little shits about it.

So, "author doesn't share your fetish" is a good enough retort. And while being super entitled gits they are simultaneously denying it being their fetish on the justification of it just being a toon, so it doesn't count. I never seen someone who is into watersports deny being into watersports on the justification of "I am only into cartoon watersports so it doesn't count"

>> No.31182790


Shit like this is why I'm glad I read the Silmarillion, even if I wanted to fucking hang myself while I was doing so

>> No.31182837

Oh, wow, I never would have guessed that one

Small world

>> No.31182908

Oh fuck off you lemon scented cunt

People can get their rocks off to whatever the fuck they want as long as nobody gets hurt in the making of what they are jerking it to. This is the reason actual child pornography is a fucking atrocity - Real people are getting hurt to create it. Let the japs have their weird loli fetish, it's just pixels.

>> No.31182952

Nobody was denying lolis being their fetish, they were denying its being pedophilia. Which it isn't. Cuz, y'know, toons. And the age thing.

Also, it's completely fine to disregard something if it holds no appeal to you.

And how dare you put loli in the same category as scat.


>> No.31182975

I pretty much agree with this. It should also be noted that actual rapes have gone down significantly since porn became easily accessible through the internet. I see no reason why child pornography should be any different. Let the pedos jerk off to paintings if they want to, it might just mean that a few more actual children aren't subjected to their penises.

>> No.31183007

You do know those 'demands' were people joking right?

>> No.31183034

Only problem I have with it myself is when lolifags try to present their fetish as normal. I don't care what your jerk off to, but when you start going on about how little girls are the only pure love in the universe or whatever and everyone else is disgusting for not being into them, I don't want to deal with you.

>> No.31183072

>Nobody was denying lolis being their fetish, they were denying its being pedophilia. Which it isn't.
Pedophilia is sexual attraction to prepuberescent boys and girls.
This is the literal fucking definition of lolicon and shotacon.

It isn't a crime as long as they don't go out there and assault a child. But it is total bullshit argument to say that it isn't pedophilia

>> No.31183090

>Thinks retards must be joking

>> No.31183097

That's a different issue entirely though. We should be able to see that the sexual attraction to children and preeteens is wrong while also accept that allowing those people to fap to pixelated images is better than forcing them to go after actual children to satisfy their sexual desires.

>> No.31183120

I feel much the same way about everyone who attempts to force their preferences on others, even if said preference is utterly vanilla, like vaginal penetration in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.

People are just assholes.

>> No.31183149

Oh god yes.
I know I am a sick fuck for fapping to mind control. I don't try to pretend its some pure love bullshit

>> No.31183151

I don't disagree, I'm just sick of all the loli/shota stuff on /tg/.


>> No.31183212

Funny you should say that. The only people I have seen acting this way are the lolifags and vanillafags. I guess yaoibitches do too in their hives where they dominate.

But on tg nobody else seems to be that way. and the lolifags are worse about it than the vanillafags.

>> No.31183299

The Shire for the Hobbits
The Lonely Mountain for the Dwwarves
The Kingdoms of Men for the Men
Mordor for the Orcs
Rivendell for fucking everyone
Wake up people, 'diversity' is just elf genocide!

>> No.31183338

There are definitely plenty of trap enthusiasts who deride you for preferring women to men, to the point that /tg/ used to have entire threads of trap pron.

>> No.31183403

oh, you are right, I forgot about those

now that I think about it, there are also all those who want to be the little girl

>> No.31183450

And monster girl enthusiasts.

>> No.31183522

I haven't seen them belittling those who don't share their fetish all that much.

>> No.31183564

Well, I guess I'll start then.

>Normal women.

I bet you fags don't even get erections from snakes.

>> No.31183639


>> No.31183649


Elves need to go fuck off with the Valar. The 'Children of Ilúvatar' have nothing to complain about.

>> No.31183654


Yes, this will do nicely.

>> No.31183782

Evil always finds a way
Unless the series falls into obscurity

>> No.31183797

>> No.31183884

To the Inquisitive,

Orders from Higher Up, I'm afraid.

Your Obedient servant, Manwe Sky-strider

>> No.31183917


>> No.31183964

>> No.31183997

those expressions are awesome

>> No.31184060

>> No.31184623

>Wars in the First Age included metal dragon shaped APCs loaded with Balrogs slamming into castles in order to break sieges
>In the Second Age only the Numeoreans maintained anything close sort of fighting capacity with Sauron and the elves being a rung down from this kind of heavy weight power

First Age combat would be too crazy to play out, but the Second Age must have been an interesting time to slug it out in.

>> No.31184800

>Mordor for the Orcs
lol what? Orcs are an abomination, they are permitted naught but to be stuck with blades.

>> No.31185067

>That art

Either his is the guy who does the shape shifter comic, or its my old freind KING SODOMY, or it's the guy who did the German loli VN.

>> No.31185505

That just rude orcs are people too and they hate elves more than most humans, so there ok in my book

>> No.31185695


>> No.31185817

Orcs are but a dementation of Elves - twisted by the Dark Lord into fearful service. You are as much a dullard as Ar-Pharazon.

>> No.31186027

Unversed in wisdom and statecraft he may have been, but only the power of Eru himself was enough to break the might of the Golden One's navies. Who else can make such a claim?

>> No.31186045

>orcs are people too and they hate elves more than most humans

>> No.31186090

Half the reason I made it was to inspire others to make games, so I'm happy. Another game inspired by mine is Harem Collector. The Maker of which hosts the downloads.

There will be an option later in the game.

Yeah, this isn't mind break. It's lusty mind control.

I'm here every day I have free time to be here. What, did you think I'd be on /a/ or something?

I frequent /tg/, /co/, /vr/, /diy/, and sometimes visit the other boards. I've visited 4chan (irregularly) since 2004, and regularly since 2007.

Take heart in the fact that mind control is 100% fakey-fake. You'd be a sick bastard for doing it in real life, but this isn't real life. Plus you ARE playing the bad guy here.

Besides that however not all girls are mind controlled, such as pic related. The batwere character Skree has always been a free agent and serves the Overmind because she enjoys it.

The Tower Mistress - one of the primary characters - is also totally immune to mind control. And there are others.

The artist for that picture is sleepymaid (who is a personal friend); I have a team of eight artists. Some of whom are paid, some of whom are friends and do a bit for free when they feel like it.

They're called Mindwipe, PChronos, Drew, Steveman, Nyxondyx, Hombre-Blanco, PlacidAndy, and Sleepymaid.

PChronos drew the various pics of this character as a gift for the project. He's a cool guy.

>> No.31186110

Whoops, forgot the pic.

>> No.31186196

learn to dagorhir.

>> No.31186332

>Yeah, this isn't mind break. It's lusty mind control.

yea, loveable scamps that they are.

Also, in general the effects are more soft-mind control rather than hard.
brenda and nanshe in particular and their ongoing dialog show it.

>> No.31186592

See they wouldn't even fuck an elf how many of you can say that

>> No.31186647

Yo, Cypress, I love yo game and Imma let yo finish, but I have to ask where da monstah girls at? Are they going to be in the next update? When I couldn't enter their tree-house I cried.

Will it count as incest?

>> No.31186696

that is just that one orc. most orcs love elf pussy

>> No.31186702


>> No.31186709

It is incest. they are your direct descendents

why not?

>> No.31186757


Pick one

>> No.31186811

Right now Skree fills the slot - but yeah, they're coming.

The goblin girl you'll get soon won't count as incest, nor does Skree. The australianesque goblin girl is Titanspawn, Skree is a batwere mutated by the Orb of Dominion.

[spoilers]There will be a monstergirl village in the next version with various monstergirls who ARE your descendents however. There's already a sex scene with a fairy drawn up; I'm working on getting the others drawn. All sex scenes are 100% optional (as is going to the village at all) because it's 100% incest. [/spoilers]

>> No.31186813

Not a race traitor that and it takes fucking 100 years for a elf to grow. Can you imagine paying child support for 50 years bro?

>> No.31186850

D'oh. I never did get used to having spoiler tags on /tg/. Oh well.

>> No.31186869

Just use Ctrl+S, man.

>> No.31186884

>Impregnating their women makes you a race traitor
you got it backwards. man.
>Paying child support
top lel.

>Elves take 100 years to grow up
It takes them only 18 to reach physical maturity. The rest is them getting trained by the Vanir who gangbang them every day for a hundred years (as we have shown earlier, IIRC last thread)


>> No.31186889

Oh neat, I never knew that was a thing. I wonder how long it'll be before I forget since I never use spoilers. Thanks!

>> No.31186904

she is adorable

>> No.31186974

It's cool. Also, I'm really diggin' that goblin girl. Will she be the charming rogue type or the snu snu type?

Also, when are you planning to introduce the pregnancy content? Will you make some mechanic to take care of your children or will they be monster girls that go to the village?I mean if it's not too much of a spoiler.

>> No.31187006

>this abusive love relationship
Dick status: MUH

>> No.31187055

this was really nice

>> No.31187066

Monstergirls are the incest granddaughters of the overmind
Overmind + Human = half-human daughter
Overmind + Half-human daughter = monstergirl

Replace human with elf/dwarf/etc to get different variations (I am pretty sure fairies come from half-elf daughters)

>> No.31187081


>> No.31187082

>you got it backwards. man.

The mere thought of touching a elven women makes me want to throw up. I'm too pure for those whores. The thought of spreading my genes to a vessel so unworthy is agonizing to imagine.

Wincest is best cest.

>> No.31187113

ok... have you ever heard about the whole "they are after our wimminfolk! Them blacks just want to fuck white women" race purity thing?
It is the same, only now you get to play the black guy.

>> No.31187141

what? why did he do that?

>> No.31187162


>> No.31187170

I have the art for it done already but I just hadn't gotten to the part of the story where I could phase the three original slaves out of the party without hurting the player yet.

The impregnation option won't be in the next release but in the one after this one when the Lamaak girl is the primary heroine you defeat.

Also important to note: The Overmind's grandchildren are also monstergirls. He only ever has daughters, but occasionally has grandsons that look completely human but have his powers plus whatever powers are normal for his ancestry. They're also usually - but not always - heroic and have been responsible for his death in the past a few times.

So Mortal + Overmind = Monstergirl
Overmind + Monstergirl = Monstergirl
Monstergirl + Mortal = Demimonstergirl/Sorcerer
Demimonstergirl+Mortal = Normal mortal.

He also did have one daughter with a Titan. If I ever do a sequel she'll be the main character.

>> No.31187195

I am now imagining them raping you for your seed and it is very erotic.

>> No.31187199

Typically wind up shooting the blacks dude. Whats worse elf daddies have had hundreds to thousands of years to practice their shots. If I want to go full black I would go to Japan or China. Less guns there and less hippies so my money counts for more.

>> No.31187233


>> No.31187292


Why not?

>> No.31187294


>> No.31187367


>> No.31187390

I will pay you to make "Loli-Quest: The Search for Kawaii". I think you know where this is going to head, though.

>> No.31187394

There are a lot of questions in this world, some have no answer, others have answers just waiting to be found, but you'll never know unless you look. In a strange way were all driven by finding answers, because its human to ask questions, but what if the answer is something we didn't want to hear.

life is like a magic show not knowing makes it more fun, but we still want to know any way, because it is only human to crave knowledge at the cost of other things


>> No.31187461


>> No.31187499

>Loli-Quest: The Search for Kawaii

I would laugh if someone made this and it was a serious drama with some pretentious as hell plot.

>> No.31187534

What else could it be? Is your mind somewhere in the gu/d//d/er?

>> No.31187603

Quickly we need to send anyone who decides to make this Paradise lost, Moby dick, The room, The bible, and Lolita and tell him to mix it into the story as he goes along.

>> No.31187615

Overwhored itself will never contain loli.

Not for profit future games might include loli but they will probably be released on something separate from the Cypress Game Design site, aka the Overwhored blog.

Cartoon porn with loli might be (gray area) legal in the US but it isn't in the UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries that like my content. So I won't be forcing any of those fans to choose between playing Overwhored and having to risk a run in with the law.

My opinion is that if it isn't real it doesn't hurt anybody, but the law definitely can. So I will be working to accommodate the individuals who could get legally hurt first and if I should ever make a game with loli it'd be on a totally different site.

Sort of like how some Japanese games have two sites, one for normal adult games and one for the more controversial, dark, or extreme ones.


As a side note I run an irc for people looking to get into developing adult games.


Feel free to join if you're secretly a game maker or want to start making games.

>> No.31188473

Doesn't look lidless to me, boyo.

>> No.31188619

Why didn't PJ take the opportunity in the Hobbit movies to explain that eagles are a proud, sentient race, therefore forever shutting up the "why didn't the eagles fly them to mordor" pleabs?

>> No.31188664

Because we would have "why didn't legolas shoot the ring in to mt.doom?" fags, they eagles distract them

>> No.31188754

To create controversy so you continue to discuss the movies years after they've finished and thus drive up DVD sales, of couse.

>> No.31188764

I watch this /gif every time I see it. Hilarious.

>> No.31188853

Yes, because the eagles were totally like "lol, no, we're too good to save Middle Earth and ensure the final defeat of our hated enemy even though this will totally work."

That's not how it went down. It was more like "lol, no, we don't want to get mindraped by the Eye, or eaten by fellbeasts, or both at once. You can't just force your way into Mordor, even by air".

>> No.31188879

He was too busy inserting dick jokes, slapstick and pointless elf wankery. Also the most cringe-worthy romance I've ever seen.

>> No.31188962


He would have had to cut out the female OC from the film, and we can't have that.

>> No.31189721

Yeah. Without her, the dick joke would've been even more awkward.

>> No.31189791

Jesus, that scene would have been 10 times better if he accidentally said it to a male elf and all the "romance" was just that. It felt forced AS FUCK.

>> No.31189839

I swear I heard a huge, collective groan from the audience when that scene played. Why the fuck did anyone think a lame, forced dick joke in a Tolkien story would be a good idea?

>> No.31189874


Dick joke?

>> No.31189926

Don't ask. I take it you didn't saw Desolation of Smaug, so you can count yourself lucky. Seriously.

>> No.31190003

I did, I don't remember the dick joke though. Maybe I forcibly erased it from my mind. Refresh my memory?

>> No.31190091


I did, just a week or so ago, but I can't recall a dick joke.

>> No.31190099

It's when the elves capture the dwarves and they pat them down for concealed weapons. I don't remember exactly what they said (and I kinda wish I remembered even less), but it was something along the lines of "aren't you gonna check my trousers too?" and ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEEL replies that there's probably nothing down there that interests her anyway. Or something retarded along that line. I feel nauseous just thinking about it. One of the few scenes dumber that the barrel ride that constantly cut to grainy DWARF-CAM (TM) for no fucking reason.

>> No.31190426

Ah yeah. Now I remember.

>> No.31190502

Homoerotic Dwarf/Elf romance would've actually been a lot less out of place and retarded than what we got instead.

>> No.31192083

>you will never be a dark overlord who falls for your lieutenant who you never quite execute for failure

muh feels

>> No.31192191


>> No.31192675


>Dat art, that defines 1st and 2nd-age Sauron permanently for me.
>Dat text, which sucks so baaaaaaad.

>> No.31192796

What's so bad about it?

>> No.31192824

Internet-speak, dull banalities passed off as dramatics. Cliche-ridden.

>> No.31192915

Well artists aren't writers. Just enjoy the femme.

>> No.31193112


This is pretty cool, I've never seen it before.



>> No.31193195

>rewatching The Two Towers
>get to Last March of the Ents
I cannot fathom the pants-shitting terror Saruman must've felt when the Ents rekt Isengard. Surely he had to have some idea that if he kept fuckin' with nature that it would fuck him back.

>> No.31194178

I got to the Audr's Communist island part, but since I only focused on a couple characters, I get killed very quickly. Maybe you could make it so that the highest level party members are found first.

>> No.31194237

The island's difficulty was misjudged and will be redone in a future release.

>> No.31196009

>All these bitches in the slave pit and no way to fuck them
I wanted to fuck the brown maid I freed, why must you crush my dreams

>> No.31196022

The fangirl maid? You can. I'm working on adding more scenes for maids and servants in the main tower.

>> No.31196101

The maid who had to fuck the angry old man in the desert city.

Also the starving girl

>> No.31196115

The starving girl will get a sex scene, I have an artist working on it.

I'd give individual sex scenes to everyone but that would take costs to craaaazyland.

>> No.31196199

I do not expect individual scenes for everyone, I just desire more brown pussy to fuck

>> No.31196240

That is a perfectly reasonable desire.

>> No.31196302

Why did Jackson have to become Lucas?
I mean, unlike Lucas he actually did the LotR-Movies by themself and was not just stealing other directors fame after they pretty much saved his meager script, and then he was barely involved in movie 2, and when he demanded to do more stuff in 3 his ideas were the worst. Such a fucking fraud, I fucking hate Lucas, his very own movies are so badly made.
And now PJ wants to become that.

>> No.31196319

But we already had it in LotR.

>> No.31196362

>tfw saying that you're an elf on /tg/ is like saying that you're a jew on /pol/

>> No.31196838


That is way to masculine looking to be a trap.

>> No.31196847

How would the Overmind react to meeting a really really good trap?

>> No.31196890

He's magic. He'd know the difference.

Think of him like a computer program.

if female then
ignore or kill

He's a literal creature of magic; he doesn't work in the same way a human does. He more or less exists to fulfill that function.

>> No.31196894

Thats a shame, he seems like the kind of guy who would fuck a trap if it was really girly

>> No.31196910

Without going into spoilers he has more choices in this life than he did in previous ones. I'm not sure whether or not when granted full choice he would fuck a trap, but that goes into story background spoilers I'm afraid I cannot discuss, not his preferences or feelings on the matter.

It has to do with what sort of creature he is and why he functions with the directives he does.

>> No.31196916


The Japanese disgust me.

>> No.31196949

Well, Franken Fran IS horror.
We also make fucked-up things like that.

>> No.31196977


I know. I'm just biased against japs.

>> No.31197375


You...you double-Atani!

>> No.31197397

If you insist

>> No.31197414

I know that feel, Anon-sama

>> No.31197423

>It takes them only 18 to reach physical maturity. The rest is them getting trained by the Vanir who gangbang them every day for a hundred years (as we have shown earlier, IIRC last thread)

Except for confusing Valar with Vanir, this nigga gets it.

Why do you think Elrond was such a grump? It's because the same day he decided he was going to choose Elfhood rather than Manhood, the Valar came a'knocking, and spend some quality time with him for a few decades.

>> No.31197450


>> No.31197465

No, hey, that worked, it's much more intimidating this way with the stern face and the silver hair.

...and now it's cute again.

>> No.31197494


>> No.31197504

>No, hey, that worked, it's much more intimidating this way with the stern face and the silver hair.

It's one of Phobs' more recent pieces. It's possible Seriousness might be a developing fetish.

I know I have a serious fetish something fierce.

>> No.31197644


>1) The Years of the Lamps - Mairon (future Sauron) is one of Aule’s smiths and Melkor’s spy among ainur first on Almaren,then in Valinor.

>> No.31197652


>2) The Years of the Trees - The Years of the Sun,450-s of the First Age. Sauron-Gorthaur the Cruel is Melkor’s right hand,the most powerful of his servants, beloved maia (c) wikipedia, sorcerer, shapeshifter, master of ghosts and illusions, lord of Melkor’s Werevolves and commander of Angband. Still beautiful,already have cat-eyes,his hair became more red,as fire and gold - Melkor’s elements.

>> No.31197660


>3) ”True” form, End of the First Age - Second Age,until the downfall of Numenor. After battle on Tol-in-Gaurhoth Sauron was not in favor, and after War of Wrath he lost his master Melkor. He refused to return to Valinor with Eonwe and stayed in Middle Earth. For 600 years he begin to slowly lose his mind. His hair became gray and his beauty fades away.

>> No.31197667


>4) End of the Second Age. Sauron dies during downfall of Numenor. His spirit can’t take a ”fair” form anymore - since this moment his physical form became horrible

>> No.31197693

>offended by race mistake
>not by allegations of cock-sucking

Smelly dumb Maiar scum detected

>> No.31197712


I have my fair share of problems with this artist and their work, but that is a REALLY GOOD portrayal of King Sauron.

>> No.31197734

>implying I wasn't implying Thingol was doing the cock sucking

>> No.31197894

Yeah, I liked it too. Very worn, yet regal.

>> No.31197903

Is that why Thingol grew taller and became silver-haired? All that delicious Melian semen?

You think Luthien inherited her mother's "gifts?"

>> No.31197932


>> No.31197938

Of course she did. How else do you think Beren fell for her.

It obviously wasn't because of her beauty.

>> No.31197965

And to the first two questions, yes as well.

>> No.31197983

He or she has some problems but overall I like it.

>> No.31197993

I'm sad there's not more pure rule 63 Sauron. Trapsauron isn't doing it for me.

>> No.31198031

He's got a cunt.

>> No.31198065


He IS a cunt. There's a difference.

>> No.31198077

Ok then.

>> No.31198141

Yes, but he also has a cunt. As in, vagina.

>> No.31198159


When. And where.

>> No.31198238

So, what if an elf in the third age decided to say fuck it and went to serve Sauron?

>> No.31198260

>spot beautiful beautiful elf princess in the forest
>shapely breasts
>luxurious hair
>full lips
>enormous, semi-divine cockbulge

True Love

>> No.31198293

i always thought about this. what if an elf wanted to fuck sauron up so bad he turned to dark shit like saruman and fell under sauron's sway that way?

is such a thing even possible? yes it is

>> No.31198301


It's more like

>Beren spies beautiful elven princess in the forest
>she dances and sings enthrallingly
>he can't help but fall in love
>finally manages to man up and talk to her
>she's refined, poised and affectionate
>they keep seeing eachother
>finally he gets her into a kiss
>he feels a stiffy push against his leg through her dress
>it's not his
>I'm too fucking Edain for this shit

>> No.31198314


Given how all-consuming and corrupting Evil is in Middle Earth, I absolutely would not be surprised to learn that a number of Elves and Men had been corrupted by what started out as a perfectly valid quest for revenge.

>> No.31198351

i needed an excuse for dropping an eldar waifu into spiky armour.

>> No.31198377

what is the source of that picture, please?

>> No.31198398


You don't need an excuse for that. It's awesome.

>> No.31198538

>That is way to masculine looking to be a trap.


>> No.31198559

>implying he wouldn't eagerly take her full length down his slutty Atani throat

>> No.31198681


>Luthien is embarrassed over her "deformity"
>Beren tries to console her
>tells her she's still beautiful
>she finally decides to unveil her meat
>he agrees to give her a BJ
>she returns home the happiest she's ever been

>> No.31198757

>Black Númenor
>Black Eldar

What's next, Black Entwives?

>> No.31198838

He had a choice between, owning up to his crimes or waging war against the rest of creation. And for some reason he picked the latter.

>> No.31198979

>Sauron hears word of Beren's impressive sexual feat, and captures him, imprisoning him in the sex dungeon beneath his tower

>> No.31199006

I think he was really, really upset.

>> No.31199052


>Beren turns out to be a reverse trap
>Sauron is infuriated when he tears open Beren's shirt and finds a binding holding back a pair of shapely edain knockers

>> No.31199379


>getting too old for this shit

>> No.31199603



>> No.31199624


This is a neat series

>> No.31199680

Aiding Satan in his quest to destroy all of creation kind of counts as a crime in most places, man.

>> No.31200290

If Mairon's betrayal and fall were part of the music of Arda then he really did nothing wrong, he merely played his part.

>> No.31200323


Is Eru Ilúvatar omniscient?

>> No.31200396

Punishment is part of the music tio

>> No.31200616

He's prescient of everything he told them to sing.

>> No.31200794


Does that mean he's not aware of what the Valar are going to do?

>> No.31200825

original was better

>> No.31200830

Not once they were done

>> No.31200834

Melkor was a Cylon agent.

>> No.31201198

Oh right, Valar.
Say, do you remember which thread it was a few days ago where we hashed this out? I can't find it.

>> No.31201503

Eh, Mairon/Sauron was basically a good person. He just wanted to make everything more efficient and beautiful. It's why he served Melkor in the first place. He didn't believe he had committed any crimes.

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