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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and spoilers if you're hesitant.

People especially appreciate it when you give them meaningful feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. It's easy and both writefags and drawfags will love you for it.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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DISCLAIMER: While these threads are quite tolerant of many different forms of /d/eviancy, you can't just assume that everyone will automatically share your kinks. There's nothing explicitly preventing you from talking about your fetishes, but if someone has one that you dislike, please do not derail the thread with a flamewar- there's plenty of smut for everybody here.

Master smut list:
(/a/'s monstergirl fic collection is in here too.)

A guide to constructive criticism, because "Your writing/artwork sucks" doesn't help anyone get better at it.


Need some help coming up with something to write? Here's a few requests that haven't been filled yet.


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So does /wst/ know any place outside of 4chan for some good written smut?
My searchs for good dubcon stuff Is coming up short.

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Depends on what you consider "good". There's plenty of fapfic-related sites out there (I'd guess), but finding the decent ones is easier said than done. Sturgeon's Law and all that.

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reposting this request

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Oh yes we got to 3 this week

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>dem trip sixes

Praise She Who Thirsts!

Reseconding this request!

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Its mostly a matter of sifting through places like fanfiction.net for the highest rated stories of your favored setting. There is a lot of chaff to dig through but there are usually at least a handful of gems about your favorite characters.

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How come no penis?

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If you're looking for non-fanbased kind of stuff there is always literotica.

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>requests that haven't been filled yet
Archive anon, why? You do so much for us already, but this is too much. No mere human can handle that much effort!
(and I think the barbarian tau girl x techpriest thing is already in Smutomancer's to-do list, last time I checked)

You are incredibly awesome, Archive Anon.

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>Slaanesh looks like a human
>Even though s/he is an eldar deity

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Well clearly s/he works like the Asari and you only perceive what your race considers arousing. An Eldar would obviously see something with more Eldar features while some other species would see something relevant to theirs.

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benis in bagina

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I don't even know myself, but I'm sure it'll help new writers get into the game a little easier.

Lewd did draw this a while ago, if that'll tide you over.

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>implying you wouldn't shapeshift into a human-esque form sometimes to get your jollies while you get railed by demons

It's a fetish thing, Anon. When you can shift around, you probably spend a little time doing almost any form you could think of, right?

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To the kind anon who just wrote the shadowlordxprincess:
All the strange names in the beginning were a bit much, in my opinion. Also, he didn't really come across as very shadowy, but I guess it might be a bit hard to convey in such a short story.
I liked it a lot, anyway, keep going.

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Why Slannyfags so greedy

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You might even call them excessively greedy.

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They're just true to their nature I guess.

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Oh gosh...you're right. I shouldn't harass the drawfriends...now I'm a little down in the dumps. I'm furious with myself for going so far.
But I can change, /tg/, trust me.

Requesting any and all things Ruinous. Lewd, violent, cheery, humorous, anything!

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Lemme just finish this slaanesh thing before dumping more plz.

My list is about to asplode

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>My list is about to asplode

Oh, guess I'll keep mum about that idea I had then until next weekend or something since you're probably not looking for more ideas right now.

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Sorry, the Anons were chiding me for not exhibiting greater balance and control. Please, proceed, I'm fond of your work.

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Care to let us know what's on the list?

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Reposting this from last thread because original author did not:

Villain x Princess Request

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So there's that.
So if Slaanesh get's fucked by a daemon, she looks like a daemon to it right ? That's what I went for

Shoot. The list can't really asplode, it's just that I generally like to keep the waiting list short.
-Tiefling bondage thing from earlier on
-Doomrider's adventure with the thing with Khorne and Slaanesh thing
-Commissar Handjob
-Sob's in the shower
-Xeno porn because why not

and add to that my personnal ideas

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Just about everything on that list makes my nipples tingle in antici

>> No.31164036

Eh. I can wait with it anyway. Know perfectly well how it is to have a backlog of ideas that never get done.

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That's pretty great, Keys. 10/10 would fap again.

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In ref to the tiefling bondage thing, is the requester still lurking ?
Is the tiefling getting fucked or the plant lady thing magig.

Cause I'm playing the idea of vine bondage sex

>> No.31164243

I think he asked for the tiefling to get fucked by the plantlady (though I thought she was a medusa sort of thing).

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Tyranid And Ye olde generic Fantasy world rape story.
Anyone want?

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To write or to read? Yes to the latter, no to the former.

>> No.31164587

If you're writing, then very much yes.

>> No.31164596

I would be writing it.

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Are the nids raping the world or the people on it? Because they totally could do both at once

>> No.31164730

Obviously both.

>> No.31164793

Which are you doing first? That "and" in your first post makes me love you long time.

For the fantasy one, what races are you considering?

>> No.31164984

I mean, Both of them are one single story.
Fantasy, Elves, Humans, and Dwarves are going to be high priority.

Anyone else play ME3? It's going to be a lot like the Invasion of Earth.

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Wait, a story where the 'nids invade a generic fantasy world and rape stuff?

But why not make it the Warhammer World?
It could end with one of the Slann looking out the window and saying, "Well, fuck." His skink priests would then start humping things.

>> No.31165250

What if the planet is one of those fancy living planets and is getting tentacle raped by nids?

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File: 93 KB, 450x215, tgsmut31prv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I support anything that involves tyranids because dem chitinous penis

also done with the tiefling thing. I hope the OR is still lurking

[Also fuckit, I'm doing color from now on, it's bland without]

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I would give anything to have more variations of that plant thing.


Warhammer Fantasy..that might be smart.

>> No.31165705

Well there is always the plant race from GW2 if you want some inspiration in how they look.

>> No.31165826

Yeah, it's somewhat generic to start with, and with the warp you have a perfect excuse for why it happens.

>> No.31165873

Archive anon, so sweet of you to make the request list. I started work on the viking story and was hoping to have it done this weekend but it might have to wait for next week since I decided he's gonna take the gal all the way back to his homeland rather than sell her off on the way.

>> No.31165895

Pretty lewd, I'm digging it. Not OR, but still

>> No.31165939

As the one who requested it, I am fine with that. You have consistently delivered high quality material and I know the wait will only make it better once we get to enjoy the finished version.
Thanks again, Mask!

>> No.31166173

Nice keys, love the tiefling's face. Tentacle-collars go right to my boner, nice

>> No.31166235

I'm glad you liked it. I'll see how much more I can write out of it. Next time with less names for setting fluff and more evil deeds.

Thanks for reposting it anon

>> No.31166558

Yesss. Good stuff. Looking forward to more.

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Oh great, now I'm realizing I'm going to have to do research for the Warcraft smut story just because I want to get various foods right and the correct kind of feeling for the fire festival.
All I really remember is the draenei 'fire elemental' thing and the huge bonfires and the orgies around those.
No wait no, scrap that second thing related to bonfires. Caused by too much Warcraft porn I think.
I'd be amazed if someone actually knows what picture(s) I might be referring to there.

>> No.31166816


I don't remember those pictures.

But I got an idea now.

>> No.31166838

Something by Dr. Graevling, by any chance?

>> No.31166858

Probably. Dr.Graevling is full of Draenei smut

>> No.31166877

Bingo. I think he's done at least two or three Fire Festival ones by now.

Probably one of my favourite artists for that kind of stuff tbh.

>> No.31166959

Graevling is one of my favorite artists in general.

Speaking of favorite artists, where's Lewd been hiding?
He's been conspicuously absent this week, and didn't show himself much last week either, if memory serves.
I hope he's okay.

The lack of eldar/clownbutt discussion probably means his interest in us is waning

>> No.31167067

If I ever decide to purge my fucking huge artist image folder I know for sure his stuff will be spared at least because I really like his style.
Almost wish I had the guts to commission something off him but good luck with that.

>> No.31167108

Why would you do such a thing.

Remember brothers, smut is power, guard it well.

>> No.31167150

Because that folder is 44,8gigs in size maybe?

I know I have mentioned this before and I most likely have a serious hoarding issue when it comes to images and such.
Thank the goddesses for image duplicate searcher programs.

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File: 114 KB, 662x1100, 1390316663425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't be ridiculuous. Lewdanon would never leave us. Although I do have to agree that the lack of Eldar here so far is disturbing- this whole week it's been DnD this and fantasy that. We need 40k smut, dammit!

Keys, if you can fit it on the backlog can you try pics of Macha, Taldeer, Caerys, Idranel, and/or Kayleth in the same pinup style as pic related?

>> No.31167391

Pinups is easy stuff anon.
It's on the list.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Idranel !

>> No.31167447

Naked ones, naturally. Thanks, Keys- looking forward to it.

>> No.31167556

>naked ones
what the fuck is wrong with you? He has the opportunity to exploit the rich aesthetic of the eldar culture and combine it with all sorts of bikinis, and you want them to be naked?

You're literally insane.

>> No.31167579


I can do both you know.

>> No.31167614

Like, say, a clothed and nude version of each? Would that be too hard, even if they're in the same pose?

>> No.31167631

That's not the point, I'm just baffled that some people are so fucked up in the head as to consider that in this situation, they should "naturally" be naked.

>> No.31167668

What did you expect us, to do, not ask for porn?

>> No.31167721

So what do I write in the request entry clothed and naked or just naked.

I confuse

>> No.31167722

Well I would expect you to ask for porn that makes even a little sense and isn't thoroughly unenjoyable.

>> No.31167726

Why focus on just bikinis and swimsuits when there is a whole delectable line of lingerie one could exploit and use.

Hmm, now I'm imagining something in the likes of a collar inlaid with wraithbone or a miniature (soul)gem even.
Mostly because women with that kind of stuff or silken bands around their necks is ridiculously hot. Even if the actual name escapes me slightly.

>> No.31167761

One vote for what >>31167726 said

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File: 180 KB, 500x500, 1393126960709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do it clothed and naked. Everyone will be happy with that.

Pic related. Stop whining about your free porn.

>> No.31168048


Color and super good lineart and all ?

Are you all asking me to do an issue of Sports Illustrated bikini edition with 40k characters ?

>> No.31168099

Yes. Make a nudes version too please. Perhaps Playboy should have been a better comparison.

Ignore the other guy, he's being a fag.

>> No.31168109

While I'm sure most of us would love that I think we also realize it'd be slightly too much to do.
So just make a random beach picture maybe with one or two of them in different types of swimwear?

>> No.31168196

Finish the fucking Lofn innocence lost story

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File: 979 KB, 450x253, 1392837250616.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>too much time
>Implying drawing smut isn't my favorite thing to do

>> No.31168280

Point taken. So much for me being considerate I guess.

>> No.31168315

ELH dropped it ages ago, and even if it wasn't he's to busy typesetting stuff for /a/ to write now.

>> No.31168361

God damnit

>> No.31168420

Can you draw a Tau girl in skimpy yoga pants doing yoga stretches?

>> No.31168489

Look, all I want were the characters I listed earlier naked in sexy poses. Don't make it harder than it needs to be. Feel free to make clothed/bikini versions too, as apparently some people hate nudity (in which case I suggest they find a different thread).

It was dropped months ago. Is it so hard to look on Foolz every now and then?

>> No.31168511

I have a request!
A mad scientist in the 40k setting, either an haemunculus or a Heretek Magos Biologos, building a Frankensteinian composite creature:
The height and grace of an eldar
The tits of a sister of battle
The ass and thighs of a tau girl
The patrician bearing of... some other sexy lady thing

Basically, have him do the "It's alive!" scene from Frankenstein, with the stitched together lady-creature just waking up on the slab.

>> No.31168579

Well then, glad we got that sorted out.

>> No.31168600

>yoga pants
>not a leotard
fucking millenials

>> No.31168673

>he's too busy typesetting stuff for /a/ to write now.

No, I just have like a thousand other things on my plate + crohn's + depression. /blog

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File: 94 KB, 348x253, dearface.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody asked for this, but hopefully someone enjoys it. This is the last one I'll post, I swear.

>> No.31168727

W-why would you stop posting?
Did we do something to make you feel unwanted?

Please don't leave

>> No.31168765

I like it but her eyes feel very flat, like no one's home and she's not having fun.

Please draw the men next time too? That would be awesome. I like your style a lot.

>> No.31168793

A-ah, no. I've just been throwing around wips of that picture for last two weekends. I'm getting afraid it'll turn a bit obnoxious.

>> No.31168842

I saved that shit so fast I nearly set fire to my trackpad.

>> No.31168923

I don't think that's something you need to worry about.

>> No.31168938
File: 47 KB, 537x720, ePXQas0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi, could I get something pic related? Drawn or written are both acceptable. Everything I find is either anthropomorphized female dragon or male dragon and female human. I'd like me some male human and female dragon lovin'. The particular dragon in the picture has a great ass and would be great to take from behind. Thank you very much!

>> No.31169056


Sure, I'll do a little writefaggotry bit of this, minimal plot stuff, I need to cool down from a disastrous session of Only War anyways.

>> No.31169081

It's Only War supposed to end with everyone dying eventually?

Also, yeeeeeeees.

>> No.31169114
File: 167 KB, 361x750, rightintheprophecy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, hi! CD relapses are a bitch, or so I hear. Anyway, you'll always have us if you need anything. Not much I can do to help except offer my sympathies (for what that's worth.)

Pic semi-related. I'm trying to make my own story for a change, but apart from "constantly irritated", I can't seem to get a bead on her personality. Any advice you can give?

>> No.31169232


Less constantly irritated, more that she's tired of having to do everything herself because she's a perfectionist. Someone who *has* to have things done right, and expects a metric fuckton from herself and others. Except that she tends to forget to indulge herself as a result, so she tends to get those 4am "god I wish I had someone to cuddle" mind-demons haunting her.

>> No.31169503

Gotcha. Still have next to no idea what the hell I'm doing and not entirely sure if I'll even make anything, but at least it's something to think about.

Now that I think about it, Alaitoc is the most puritan of the Craftworlds, right? Could be potential for the "repressed sexual urges growing irresistable" factor to kick in somewhere. Not to mention that they might not be quite as tolerant of lusting after mon'keigh dick- although on the other hand, Autarchs do have enough power to bend the rules, so to speak.

Geez, this brainstorming stuff is harder than I thought.

>> No.31169722

>Please draw the men next time too
I would have liked to, but to be honest I was already growing really tired with the picture, and did not feel like sinking anymore time to it than I already had.
I really have to plan out the next thing I'm doing a lot better. Thanks for the critique too.

>> No.31170124

I think Mask meant "next time you draw a picture, please draw the men too."
Not necessarily THAT picture, but pictures that include males and female sin general.

>> No.31170192

Lewdanon is now Lewdagone.
Lewd's last post was on March 15 in a drawthread.
He's dead, Jim.

>> No.31170248
File: 15 KB, 173x140, 13798014696391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> dead
> implying he isn't the immortal patron saint of lewdness

>> No.31170259

Lewd is Lewd- he'll turn up eventually just as he always does. I still think the problem is that there's not enough eldar/clownbutt discussion to get his attention. Or maybe he's working on another .gif. For all we know he's lurking in this very thread.

>> No.31170285


He is an elder god, after all. Just do the usual summoning ritual and/or clownbutt honk and he'll appear.

>> No.31170300

Before March 15th he was drawing very infrequently.
Face it, he's dead. Of hand cancer.
Which is cancer of the hand.
And soul.

>> No.31170306
File: 100 KB, 455x140, macha lewd faces.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or possibly an Elder God.

And the least you could do there is to post the rest of that pic segment. Fortunately, I have the full-color version.

>dat third one

>> No.31170383
File: 64 KB, 339x298, Lewd-Signal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't be such a pessimist. We're like a sexier Hotel California- you can check out whenever you want, but you can never leave.

But just in case, I'm dusting off the Lewd-Signal. When was the last time I used this, anyway?

>> No.31170409

quick question: how many images are viewable in the Lewdanon gallery? I have 415 images in there, but I have a message saying only 225 are visible.

>> No.31170511


>Lewdanon waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were anons in the thread. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to anons were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway. Lewdanon was a drawfag for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the threads and he said to dad "I want to draw in the threads daddy."
>Dad said "No! You will asked to draw the smuts!"
>There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered she stopped. But now in the thread base of the /tg/ he knew there were anons.
>"This is anons" the radio crackered. "You must draw for anons!"
>So Lewdanon gotted his pen and drawed the lewds.
>"HE IS GOING TO DRAW FOR US" said the anons
>"I will request at him" said an anon and he fired the shitpost. Lewdanon ignored at him and kept posting the lewds. But then the thread fell off the board and they were trapped and not able to draw.
>"No! I must draw for the anons" he shouted
>The radio said "No, Lewdanon. You are the anons"
>And then Lewdanon was a drawfag.

>> No.31170582

It says there's 411 in there now. Maybe you should find a different image host, because for whatever reason it just doesn't seem to be cooperating with you.

>> No.31170614


If you're using imgur, you have a hard image cap of 225 images per account unless you pay for premium. So either start deleting/trimming or get another account to supplement.

>> No.31170701

fuck, right in my fetish

>> No.31170802

Got any suggestions for a new imagehosting site?

>> No.31170904


No that's pretty much what you should use. Just get a second account or condense or both.

>> No.31170909
File: 107 KB, 645x611, Idranel PRV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't lewd said last week that he had to juggle with work and other stuff ? my memory is terrible.

So I guess first eldar pinup thing magig is finished.
Idranel, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
At least for those of you who only want the naked vursion. color and clothing come together and after I'm done with ze ink.

>> No.31170944

This is gonna be good...

>> No.31171004

What he said. That, or pony up the jewgold they want.

And I thought Idranel was like an ironing board- maybe the robes were too big for her. Also, interesting shave she's got going there.

>> No.31171250

3 accounts actually.
I ain't payin' shit so 3 accounts it is!
Suggested names for the other 2 accounts?

>> No.31171319

OK, for some reason thel ink to the gallery you have now gives a 404 error. That can't be good.

>> No.31171396

Album deleted, currently being split in 3

>> No.31171557

yes! more Idranel can only be a good thing

>> No.31171719

Its a conspiracy.

>> No.31171768

Done. New Lewdanon gallery is in 3 parts:
http://imgur.com/a/cnbMm/all part 1
http://imgur.com/a/ED2ox/all part 2
http://imgur.com/a/rZdQ4/all part 3

>> No.31171810

Thanks! I'm surprised nobody did this sooner

>> No.31171844

Never realized it didn't show all the pictures until today.

>> No.31171913


Should probably fix duplicates. There are programs for that I think

>> No.31171979

I second this fun request

>> No.31171991
File: 731 KB, 230x230, 8eKDzRZ[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, didnt even know this one exsisted

>> No.31172015

Nice. Looks like The Little Mermaid.

>> No.31172121

Lewdanon is the reincarnation of Walt Disney, so it makes sense.

>> No.31172158
File: 480 KB, 500x275, ariel-gif[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, his stuff always looked Disney to me but this was the first time I realized he was referencing it.

Which by all means, if you're going to get good at animation, get good at Animation like Disney was in the 90's. I'd kill for more movies like those.

>> No.31172315

Smut Disney?

>> No.31172321

walt dismut

>> No.31172330

Smut Bustanut

>> No.31172337

holy shit that's really smooth.

Lewd is apparently brilliant at animation, who knew?

>> No.31172504
File: 200 KB, 250x250, n4R8rbw[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you guys seeing her say "my ass" too?

>> No.31172518


>> No.31172557


Now you've said that yes.

But lipsynching is really open to suggestion.

>> No.31172836
File: 487 KB, 2100x1500, tgsmutbikinifarseers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got way too excited doing this.

That frame by frame is mind-blowing. That's at least a dozen drawings.

I know, I used to do frame by frame animation back in college. it was a huge ass pain in the dick.

>> No.31172923

Very nice Keys, very nice.
Bikini is a little overdone, and I hope if you do future ones you vary what kind of swimsuit they were, but very good nonetheless. Really like the blush

>> No.31172930

Nice farseer- the hairsticks kind of complete it.

>> No.31172938

I hadn't seen these before. Lewd is actually pretty fucking good. Dang, dog.

>> No.31173046

Yes, please do the others. Kayleth first, if you can manage it.

>> No.31173090

Oh god, thats amazing.

>> No.31173613

Yup, possibly one of the best. Hopefully he shows up again soon.

>> No.31173698


naked Kayleth
Clothed Kayleth inc

I have an addiction to overcomplicated designs and ornaments. I'm going to try to make every clothes different depending on the character.

That is if I don't drop before.
Tanks tho

>> No.31173940

Got any ideas for a Khorne daemon girl? Maybe some engraved brass bikini/jewelry?

>> No.31173972


>> No.31174009


I make it up as I go

>> No.31174032

I was suggesting skullbras. Maybe bronze engraved skullbras

>> No.31174128
File: 327 KB, 2100x1500, tgsmutbikinifarseers_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know

And it's noted because it's a very good idea.


In the meantime, this is now Kayleth in a bikini thing. Only coloring left to do.

I feel the sleep deprivation clawing at me, so that will be all for tonight gentlemen

>> No.31174161


Forked tongue nipple licks for the WIN!!!

Planet on Planet action?


Hell, Warhammer 40k has things like Hyperslime (goo that feels awesome to soak in, heals you, and supposedly evolves you) and the Spiker Plant (A cactus that fires it's mutenigentic spines at something to turn it into another Spiker) which have NOTHING to do with the Warp.

>> No.31174191

Well, at least we got through a full weekend without ND fucking it up.

>> No.31174251

I was here for thread one and the beginning of two...
Hell I think my last post in two was also about Hyperslime.
...Caught a cold though, so that's kicked my ass for the past day or so...

>> No.31174301
File: 306 KB, 740x1000, 1331465465684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, I won't be able to finish the wide-hipped dragon story tonight. Totally pooped... Maybe I can finish it tomorrow if the thread survives long enough. Sorry.

>> No.31174646


All of the uncensored lewdanon images have had their links fixed, by the way,

With any luck, he'll get this to autosage (relatively) early. People are beginning to complain about the threads being up for too long again. I'll restrict things to two threads from here on and would strongly advise anyone else who makes the OPs to do the same.

(Yes, I know the mods don't seem to care about what we do, but we have to at least try to play nice with the other fa/tg/uys. Seriously, I'd love to move this to an erotic lit board, but it looks like that may never happen. And the only alternative I can think of is 7chan, which quite frankly is kind of a shithole.)

>> No.31174684

threads got plenty of life in it unless some off topic argument kills it

>> No.31174716

Sometimes I wish Moot would let us delete our own threads again. It's really embarrassing to see one of these extend into Monday evening.

>> No.31174791

That's a pity, I enjoy these threads more than most of weekday /tg/, and not just for fap material. Hopefully we can find a balance that makes everyone happy

>> No.31174872

I wish it was a weeklong thing. I mean hell even the ERP thread is open all week and they're usually more lewd than us.

>> No.31174896

ERP usually stays to weekends, too. I'm fine with keeping it to weekends, if it stayed up all week the content would get diluted.

>> No.31174936

I feel this way as well. It's a really important creative outlet for me and I love sharing what I make.

>> No.31174951

That's probably true. I think we only have four or five submissions a weekend anyway. Though, sometimes there are pretty busy weekends.

>> No.31174973
File: 2 KB, 368x27, filter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Part of me knows that we can never make everyone happy here, since some people just seem convinced that we ruin the board simply by existing. But hopefully keeping to a "two threads per weekend" rule should work to keep that in check. (And if anyone wants to submit something new and can't find the thread, either e-mail me or use the filter you see in this picture.

I've been tempted, but as >>31174896
said, that overworks our content creators- ERPing doesn't require the same amount of time and effort as smut writing does. And when nobody's making anything, people get bored, which inevitably turns into shitposting.

If only the general writefaggotry thread (when it's actually posted) got as much activity as we do on a regular basis. It would solve all of /tg/'s OC problems in an instant. But I digress. We should get back to smut for the moment and make the most of what we have now.

>> No.31175022

Shhhh, I'm lurking for dragon butts...

>> No.31175081

>ERP usually stays to weekends, too.
They really don't. They claim they do, but they don't.

>> No.31175253

So, there was a request for monster armor, but I can't really get my plan that I had onto paper so I'm just gonna have to pass that off to someone else.

Sorry to the original requester.

>> No.31175263

Yeah, that's bullshit. ERP threads run like five days a week. And it's the same shitty OP post every time.

It won't let me filter those threads for some reason.

>> No.31175767

A Nazi supporter with OCD and ruling an animation studio like a russian dictator?

>> No.31175768

Damn that is hot.

>> No.31175876


damn that's hot, love that smug expression

>> No.31175911

this face is nightmarish

>> No.31175977

you forgot the plagarism

>> No.31176082

Walt supported Nazis ?

>> No.31176133

also, did you never see any of the ridiculously racist old disney toons? you should google them

>> No.31176195
File: 30 KB, 620x348, what a funny guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone is racist to some extent anon.

>> No.31176198

A lot of people liked Adolf Hitlers comfy chair book before it became apparent that the man was a colossal invasive asshole that wanted to take over the world. Many agreed with the anticommunism sentiments in Mein Kampf.

>> No.31176273
File: 40 KB, 330x465, 1396015120587[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've never been in one of those smut threads of yours, so I fear I might have missed good 40k pinups

Do you have some sort of repository or something? I might also be interested in Warcraft girls

>> No.31176324

see >>31171768
for lots of good art. He does lots of eldar stuff.

>> No.31176344


Well thanks. Any other deviantart of tumblr I should know about?

>> No.31176365

Not that I know of. We mostly just dump stuff here. The writers have pastebin accounts where they keep their stories to link to them usually.

>> No.31176398


You must be really new to 4chan.

>> No.31176455

Nope, we avoid such things, best collection you'll find are the imgurs of Lewd and Keys and the artists collections, or in the Master Smut List, right below the OP

>> No.31176469

The tumblr comment might have been pushing it but drawfags do occasionally have tumblrs, and there used to be a really ancient 'drawfags of /tg/' group that was a good repository. It's not an out of place question to assume that some artists may post some stuff on either of those. I mean, come on.

Not that anon btw.

>> No.31176472

What Anon is saying here is that 4channers are ludites that are afraid that other communities will hijack our culture.

>> No.31176501


> abloobloo my secret club
> am I fitting in yet guyz

>> No.31177084

so uhh, any new Centaur stuff? or Drow or orc? (female)

>> No.31177133


There was some updates on The Stray posted by GEoM in earlier threads, but nothing this thread.

>> No.31177472

Choker, maybe?

>> No.31177657

That group is alive and kickin, actually.

>> No.31177666

Oh yeah, that was what I was thinking of in this case now that you mention it.

>> No.31177747


>> No.31179323

Oh, poo. Thanks for trying, mate.

>> No.31179957

Warcraft girls would be good
dat draenei /waggle

>> No.31180005

I have been slowly working on a Warcraft story as I mentioned earlier. But it's slow progress because doing romantic stuff is really damn hard for me without it feeling so awkward that i just want to delete it all.
I know Keys also made a Draenei pic which I think should be in his imgur gallery.

>> No.31180043

yeah it's there

I wanted to continue the thing, but I spilled coffee on my keyboard because I'm a retard. so I have to go buy another one. w/e I'll prolly have them next weekend.

>> No.31180125


To be fair, Tumblr as a whole is worse than /b/ is these days for sheer amounts of stupid. If someone said "I came here from tumblr" I'd probably tell them to get the fuck out if nothing because I know what they're like.

It's a good place for artists to post their stuff, though. So if someone asked for a link to someone's tumblr that's perfectly fair and encouraged in my book.

>> No.31180205

Worse then 9fag even?

>> No.31180312

Well as an user driven site, tumblr is not really bad in its own right. There is good stuff and good content creators there too.

>> No.31180417

Tumblr has a problem with generating original content. I think this is caused by its users deciding that it's easier just to make the same lame pun or shout a dumb meme like I'm done than to actually contribute to making there site tolerable. Because of this I personally find Tumblr to be nothing more than another dumb site for people who have absolutely no drive for putting effort into things to shitpost on and I have no desire to browse it. I can see how someone would like it though.

>> No.31180422

That's generally true but since you can pick and choose what you follow my tumblr just feeds me art from a bunch of my favorite drawfags.

>> No.31180617

Edinbro, Begninner, ELH, JAW, Smutomancer, and now Lewd?
This does not bode well.

>> No.31180867

Too many requests and no thanks probly

>> No.31181382


All those listed like to write large arc stuff. Usually, anyways. It's hard to build up energy/interest/time/effort to do those. Sure, it means a better end product that we all fawn over silently, but it still doesn't make more of it magically appear.

>> No.31181690

People come and go and thats just how /tg/ works.

We simply accept it and who knows, we might see them come back.

>> No.31181744

ELH posted here earlier as an anon- he said that between RL stuff and his Crohn's flaring up again, he can't write at the moment. You'd have trouble writing too if you suffered from super-diarrhea.

>> No.31182073

Yikes, poor guy. And here I was thinking my chronic diarrhea was bad.

Good luck, ELH. I hope you feel better soon.

>> No.31182498

what about them?

>> No.31182565

They haven't shown up in a while, either due to IRL problems, lost motivation, or having simply vanished.

>> No.31182653

It seems that the former is the most likely explanation for now, but one can never tell here.

I've noticed something a while back- the 40k kinkmeme apparently died a while back and now its old name is open. How hard would it be for someone (i.e. me) to start a new one as an extension of the thread? They seem to work well enough in terms of content creation, and since it allows for anonymity it shouldn't be too big of a change from what we have here.

>> No.31182654

oh, that is concerning

>> No.31182715

Newfag here. What is 40k kinkmeme?

>> No.31182758

ELH posted earlier back up >>31168673

You can't really tell since he didn't use the name. As I've always noted, RL is a huge pain in the ass- I shudder to imagine what would happen if I had to leave unexpectedly, since I'm the only one who can add or change stuff on the list.

If it seems like anything's about to happen to me, I'll make sure to back everything up and post the link on mediafire or something. With any luck, some other guy will take up the torch.

A Kink Meme is a thing they have on Livejournal where a user (who usually remains anonymous) posts both a pairing and a kink (or some kind of basic plot setup, or some other stipulation). Another user then anonymously fills this request with either art or writing. 40k's kinkmeme has been dead for ages now, but the ones for Mass Effect and the Elder Scrolls have been doing well for quite some time. From what I could see, the format is nearly perfect for us. Now if only I knew how to use Livejournal.

>> No.31182762

>the 40k kinkmeme

What is this whole 'kinkmeme' thing, anyway? Is it just a tumblr page where anyone can post any erotic material set in a particular universe they've created?

>> No.31182768


>> No.31182885

Ah, thanks for the explanation.

>> No.31183487

Did anyone save what content they made?

>> No.31183567

As far as I know, it's either lost forever or (if what I've seen elsewhere is any indication) consisted mostly of the Primarchs buttfucking each other. And something tells me the latter wouldn't be worth saving.

>> No.31183591

What's wrong with the primarchs getting fucked.

Wait that 40k highschool bullshit ?

>> No.31183632

I think he means the male primarchs.
Which begs the question: Aplharius x Omegon; incest or masturbation?

>> No.31183668


>> No.31183689


He also dropped a quick greentext in the Diablo thread. Suppose that's all he has time for these days.

>> No.31183752

Exactly that. And most of it seemed to be written by people who knew nothing about 40k besides what they had read from the Horus Heresy novels.

>> No.31183811

It's incest. And either way, yes, it is gay.

>> No.31183812

Didn't they have like a mental bond or something?
So if one was wanking, would the other feel it and start getting off too?
I can only imagine one of the twins on some secret infiltration mission, sleeping with some chick he's trying to get information out of, while the other is commanding the Legion trying to hide his boner and grumbling about how his brother gets to have all the fun

>> No.31184499

Someone fucked with the meeting Horis story and changed Julius to just a nameless face.

>> No.31184577

Wait, what were we talking about again? I'm confused.

>> No.31184663

Highschool 40k
It was a large collection of Anons coming togethor to produce storys about the daughters of the Primarchs had the Heresy not happened.

The series ended for the main part but occasionally aspiring Anons produce one off short storys for it.

>> No.31184700

Isis (Horus's kid) was supposed to be paired with Ollanius Pius's son Julius but it looks like some fag deleted it and replaced it with this crap.

>> No.31184789

Oh, that. That thing was cancerous, even by our low standards- good thing the Chaos High thing ELH was working on didn't turn into the next HS40k, or we'd never hear the end of it. We're perverts, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

>> No.31184804


I think Julius is worse than a nameless, faceless character.

>> No.31185045

Its the stuff dreams are made of

>> No.31185108
File: 228 KB, 612x370, No-Homo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

love your Horus getting fucked on roller skates pic btw, put it up as my wallpaper, but my gf saw it and thought I was having a gay affair

>> No.31185253

WHH was always about authorial self-insertion with genderbent primarch waifus, so none of the boys were allowed to be anybody important. They had to stuttering little fagomatics who came from the underhive but for some reason these veritable demigods fall hopelessly in love with them.

>> No.31185286

How about a pic of two dark eldar being blasphemous? Having consensual sex in the missionary posaition. Perhaps with another DE looking on and shouting 'YOU SICKOS!'

>> No.31185421

At least our stuff doesn't pretend to be anything other than masturbation fodder. Even then, at least most of our generic characters have something vaguely resembling a personality.

While I do approve of this, I don't think any drawfags are here yet. I'll write it down in the request list though.

>> No.31185564

still lurking.
I don't know, I'll check if I can do it. Otherwise it's on the waiting list

>> No.31185654

Well, I personally enjoy the idea of corrupting all these perfect goddesses into trashy whores who make their line impure from all the crack babies they have.

>> No.31185733

I was the one who wanted to watch em all get raped by tyranids before getting tossed into some digestion pools.

>> No.31185959

...and here we go again demonstrating why nobody wants anything to do with hs40k. I'd rather just pretend that they never existed in the first place.

>> No.31186018

Dragonbutt. Dragonvagina. The best kind of both things.

But not dragonbreasts, those don't exist, duh.

>> No.31186108

I like to think that dborn women have tits because they are still mammals; they just look reptilian because loldragons.

>> No.31186923


I'm going to post my whole dragonbutt fic in this topic to accelerate its death.

>> No.31186945


>> No.31186957


>> No.31187084
File: 124 KB, 700x700, angry dragon typing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop saying dragonbutt!

>> No.31187122


>> No.31187130

someone is dragonbutthurt

>> No.31187156

I must say I do enjoy the near Ahegao look they usually have.

>> No.31187193

That was quick. You still working on those pinups?

>> No.31187239
File: 541 KB, 2100x1500, tgsmutbikinifarseers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elenwe and Kayleth are done, Taldeer, Macha and Caerys left.

Since I can use those pics as folio pieces I'm probably going to do the full on shading and all for a couple and leave the rest with matte.

oh god why do I love elenwe so much

>> No.31187242

Apparently "near-ahegao" is called "torogao" now. Because we needed another tag on the boorus, I guess

>> No.31187307
File: 575 KB, 1584x1106, 1396305326355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...really. Good grief.

Next step. A group picture featuring a whole bunch of 40k women in swimsuits. Called Babes of 40k Mk 2.

>> No.31187391

I'll do the eldars first.

We'll discuss about the rest afterwards.

I don't like to start projects I can't or know I won't finish.

>> No.31187414

Sounds sensible really.

>> No.31187891

So I've realized that waiting with the smut isn't such a bad a idea since it does give me time to write some banter.
Which has always been something enjoyable to write for me. And maybe somehow I'll even make it sound flirty too.

I really need to figure out how to work in the classic Mageweave outfit into the story without it feeling out of place. Because that outfit. Holy hell.

>> No.31187920

I'd be down with that too.

>> No.31188160

Have you uploaded finished/colored Kayleth?

>> No.31188352

It's rare that a new story gets a single response, let alone useful criticism. I can hardly blame any of them.

>> No.31188380

Yeah it does feel like i have to fish for compliments occasionally if I want some responses. Which isn't something I enjoy doing.

>> No.31188806

Holy shit, that was fast and awesome

>> No.31189139

Right, here's an update on the Warcraft story for those interested before I hit the sack.

Still no smut and that probably isn't due for a while either based on how this is going so just some banter right now. Which hopefully will turn into some flirty banter later on or something for decent non-awkward story progression.

>> No.31189298

They're not here because of RL stuff. ELH posted on this very thread as an anon saying his Crohns was flaring up, Edinbro was on last week talking about being swamped with exams and shit, and Beginner's still probably dealing with family trouble as was mentioned a while back.

Odds are good that it's all just a whole bunch of RL crap going on at once. Hell, even I'm up to my armpits in work these days. That said, I'm sure that when summertime rolls around we'll get a lot more participation as colleges let out for the summer and the like.

And feedback should be less of a problem, but I can go through the "how to give constructive criticism" lecture as many times as necessary if it means getting more participation here.

>> No.31189469
File: 314 KB, 661x935, orcchug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some Orky break drawing.

>> No.31189521


10/10 would get plastered with and drunkenly plow in a night of passion.

>> No.31189654


Nice to see you drop in Weremole.

M-Maybe do a KGB kitsune w/ two tails if you have time?

>> No.31189686 [DELETED] 

Could've sworn I did
In pic

When RL hits you in the nuts, you gotta drop everything.

>> No.31189692

A fine job there. The cryind dwarf in the background is a particularly nice touch, as is the skull-buckles. Its the little details that make for good art.

>> No.31189720

No, that was Idranel/Elenwe (they're basically the same character model so it doesn't matter much).

>> No.31189740
File: 407 KB, 2100x1500, tgsmutbikinifarseers_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, but I remembered posting it.
Also i forgot the pic so w/e

When RL hits you in the nuts, you gotta drop everything.

>> No.31190034

Aww yiss. Orcs never get enough love

>> No.31190574

She seems disappoint at us neckbeards.


>> No.31190812

I like the musculature

Yeah, Ive been shit with giving feedback, probably should give it some effort. Part of the issue i think is that our stories are written to make people fap, and speaking from experience I dont feel motivated to give thanks and criticism for my wank material.

>> No.31190833

Probably because it took us nearly three years to make rule 34 of her. Was it because she wasn't a Farseer?

>> No.31190838

*After I've used it

>> No.31190867

UNF, I'd fuck her vagina with my penis, if you now what I'm saying

>> No.31190898
File: 72 KB, 618x779, chipmunk and banana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Story and/or picture request:

A reverse trap manages to reach the final stages of selection for a Space Marine chapter's recruitment drive. As the apothecary starts the physical to make sure she's not a mutant, he discovers her true gender.
She then attempts to seduce him in order to keep him quiet.
As an Apothecary, perhaps he has some sort of chemical that can make his dick work?

Pic related?

>> No.31190923

>chipmunk and banana.jpg
That is clearly a hamster, not a chipmunk.

>> No.31190961
File: 270 KB, 600x864, 1396317698705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dumping the >>31168938
fic to kill the thread as I promised. I'll also upload this to my pastebin and post the link once I'm finished.

Gather round, friends, and let me tell you a tale. It is a short, light-hearted, and fairly erotic yarn, and the opinion of this spinner is that one should take everything in it with a grain of salt. Yet, if one should be searching for some strange new material to arouse the particular vapors of passion within them, this is undoubtedly the right story to listen to. Our exotic adventure begins with a mighty hero at the end of a perilous, glorious quest handed to him by his liege, the King of Rhaynelund!

“Oh no, no no no, not this again,” the noble knight-errant, Von Bracht, growled when he saw his goal. Yes, he was talking to himself, a habit he had long grown used to during his long journeys. “I’ve come too far, killed too many things, put up with too many trials of bravery and strength and wisdom and piety, and sacrificed too many potential nights with barmaids for this!”

The knight was, of course, speaking of the harpy chained to the rock face of the mountain in the distance. Technically she was a human, a princess named Ferrinnas to be specific, possessed of beautiful, long, golden hair that gently flowed in the breeze. She held a handsome face, dazzling azure eyes, and a wondrous bosom, the last of which was tightly bound by her dress, though even the iron vice of her corset could not manage to fully repress their size. If an observer was cheeky, they might ask how or why her immaculate visage was not marred by the many days she had spent with no protection from the elements; the answer, of course, would be that she wore a magical ring that granted such protection, and for that smarty-pants observer to sod off because it’s magic and there is therefore no obligation by the narrator to explain it.

>> No.31190985


Why was she a harpy, one might ask? Simply, she talked too much. In fact, she was talking right at that very moment, to the beast before her. She expressed her disdain and discomfort with her current situation in far too many words than was necessary; this was, perhaps, in part, due to her aristocratic upbringing, though it is the opinion of this storyteller that it was rather due to the fact that none dared silence the comely daughter of the King, lest they incur her shrieking banshee wrath.

Indeed, such was her fearsome legend around the noblemen of the realm that none had summoned the courage to court her, in spite of her shimmering beauty and royal position! Unlike her, her brothers and sisters had all found their one true loves, and were currently in the process of living happily ever after. The beautiful princess Ferrinnas could not understand why she was so avidly avoided by all the men she came near, even the peasants, and in her desperation to seek out true love, she lost her temper even more often!

>> No.31190989

Its also telling that the constructive criticism guide linked in the OP has less hits than the newest things on the masterlist.

>> No.31190999

The tragic figure, physically bound by the rusted chains, tired of her imprisonment, and faced with her captor, could only resort to her most trusted recourse: her sharp tongue. The crimson beast with sparkling scales that crouched before her seemed confused and upset by the stern words that were hurled at her by the princess. Any man who saw the creature would near instantly deem it a monster: long, curved horns stretched from the back of its skull; its glowing, yellow eyes which bore catlike slits rather than rounded pupils; its hide bedecked with coarse, hard, red scales; the underside a soft, smooth, pale yellow skin like that of a lizard; the wide tail that jutted out from just above its rear, long as the creature was tall; the small, jagged, red spikes that ran from the back of its head down its spine to a fair distance along its tail; the animalistic, long feet tipped with deadly claws; the fearful row of carnivorous teeth behind its maw; all of these aspects were inhuman and understandably frightening.

Yet, the monster known as dragon, scarcely larger than the average woman, did not behave as a slayer of men and destroyer of nations. It simply remained crouched in front of the haughty and obnoxious princess, head cocked, bathing in the sun’s rays for warmth. The dragon was blissfully unaware of the glorious hero that had only just conquered the cliff of the mountain not a stone’s throw behind it.

>> No.31191007
File: 805 KB, 586x737, badger and apple.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31191009

This or Titus and Mira, who're fucking while fighting off the inquisition

>> No.31191012


“Curse this quest!” Von Bracht snarled under his breath. “Damn the King! He told me that a valued noblewoman had been taken, not Princess Ferrinnas! This dishonesty is an insult to my honor!” The knight, veteran of over a hundred quests, at least a dozen wars, and of countless scores of maidens’ beds, was surely a match for any creature of evil that dared to face him. Indeed, he remained unconcerned with the dragon before him, though he was admittedly a little disappointed by its size, as it would not pose even the slightest challenge to his prowess.

Von Bracht examined the creature more closely while he had the initiative. He noticed that the fearsome dragon which had kidnapped the princess had a distractingly round and plush rump, no armored scales upon it, only tender flesh, and wide, child-bearing hips on top of it. He wondered if it was actually a female, though with its tail in the way, he could not tell. Unbeknownst to the man, the dragon’s nostils flared as it smelled the scent of a man nearby. As if responding to his gaze, the dragon’s tail slowly lifted up in the air, curling over into a semi circle above the beast. What lay underneath was even more tantalizing: a small, pink hole that was its anus, and below that, upon its crotch, a fat, round mons crested with a small slit, which could only be a vulva.

The knight, hormones raging due to his vow of celibacy which he took for every quest as a means of motivation, felt a strange sense of arousal at the sight. He shook his head to clear it, though it was only partly successful. Woman or not, he could not engage in sexual relations with a monster that he was destined to slay. With a soft ringing of metal against metal, he withdrew his enchanted blade from its steel scabbard, his magical and gilded armor clinking very softly with the motion.

>> No.31191031


The noise was just enough to attract the creature’s notice, and it idly turned its lizard-like head to see the source of it slowly approaching it. Seeing the drawn blade, it emitted a queer noise, similar to a hiccup, and stood up and backed away from the knight. “What, is the fearsome dragon afraid of my steel?” Von Bracht laughed incredulously. He was woefully unimpressed now.

“Sir Von Bracht! My hero! Oh, thank goodness, you’ve come to save me!” Princess Ferrinnas babbled, excited at the prospect of freedom at last. The knight twitched at the high-pitched squeaking assaulting his ears, and his shoulders slumped, the will to fight draining rapidly from his person.

“Yes, yes, I’ve come to deliver you from the clutches of evil, madam Princess. Now please, if you don’t mind, I must slay this monster before I can break those shackles that bind you to this evil mountain,” Von Bracht said, summoning his conviction and brandishing his sword.

“Oh, yes please, do,” the princess said. “The vile thing has been feeding me overcooked birds for days now! And hasn’t spoken a word! Or done a single thing to entertain me!”

“How terrible, Princess,” Von Bracht muttered, resolve quickly shattering under the relentless hammer of words.

“Yes, terrible! And after you rescue me, I rather hope that you will take your time bringing me home,” the princess said, wriggling her eyebrows suggestively and swinging her chest side to side seductively. “And we will undoubtedly need to share a bed on the cold nights in the wilderness…”

>> No.31191054
File: 110 KB, 730x1000, 1390590056665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The knight considered pointing out that the princess was quite literally immune to the cold thanks to her magic ring, but dispelled such thoughts. Indeed, had he brought the subject to the fore, it would have only provoked the endless fury of the princess. Rather, he silently approached the monster, seeking to end the battle as soon as he could for his own sake. He could apply a sleeping draught to the princess disguised as wine and carry her home with minimal risk to his own person.

However, rather than the dragon charging him in a desperate effort to escape, as he expected, the dragon merely let out another hiccup noise and sat down submissively, expressionless face impossible to read. The knight reached up to adjust his helmet, unsure he was seeing things correctly. No amount of shifting the visor changed the picture he was getting, though. In fact, giving the dragon a closer look had some consequences that he never expected.

He could not help but notice the soft curves of its yellow underbelly. While it possessed no breasts, its entire underside looked delectably soft and smooth. Glancing downwards reflexively, he saw that the dragon’s love mound was actually engorging before his very eyes, the lips spreading open to reveal the soft pink flesh beneath them, with a tiny drop of lubricant sliding down the yellow hide from the bottom of the slit. There was a noticeable clank of his armor as his other sword was drawn.

>> No.31191071


“Sir knight? Why have you not slain the monster yet? I am weary of these bonds and wish to thank you for my rescue properly!” Princess Ferrinnas groaned.

“Princess, I would respectfully ask you to remain silent,” Von Bracht grunted, struggling with his vow and personal pride against his overwhelmingly repressed sexual desires. Normally, he would just celebrate the end of the quest with whatever damsel he rescued, but like hell if he was going to do such a thing with this princess. However, he could most definitely do it with this dragon. It certainly did not seem opposed to the notion.

“Excuse me? I’ll have you know that I am Princess Ferrinnas, daughter of the King of Rhaynelund! How dare you tell me to silence myself?! You should be ashamed of yourself! And you call yourself a knight! A man of honor?! Hah! You’re just like every other man in this miserable kingdom!” the blonde beauty roared. Von Bracht sighed. He was not in the mood for this. An idea came to mind.

“Princess, I have some business to settle with this monster. I trust you’ll be fine if you remain bound for a bit longer?”

“What?! No! Free me this instant or I will have your head for this insolence!” the harpy screeched.

>> No.31191092


“Don’t worry, I’ll come back when you’ve settled down,” Von Bracht chuckled, reaching down to wrap his arm around the docile dragon’s thighs and then swing it up onto his shoulder, a demonstration of his incredible strength. He whistled a merry tune as he walked away across the plateau, headed for the nearby cave he had already spotted on his ascent up the mountain, which he knew would do just fine for his purposes. All the while, the dragon watched the man silently, not resisting in the least.

“Wait! Come back! You dog! Fiend! Coward! My father will have you hunted down for this! My father is the King! Come back! Come baaack!” the princess shrieked, desperation only increasing as the knight grew further and further distant.

Alas, the story takes a turn for the erotic at this point. The listener who is interested in such frivolities would do well to perk up their ear from here on out.

The knight roughly deposited the dragon on the rocky ground of the cave, sheathing his sword and pulling off his helmet in preparation for what was about to come. The dragon, meanwhile, wasting no time, climbed onto its hands and knees, presenting its massive ass to the hero, glancing back to continue watching him expectantly. Von Bracht couldn’t help but run a hand through his long brown locks of hair and laugh at the situation he found himself in. He proceeded to remove the rest of his armor and his pants, keeping his tunic and boots on to help with the cold of the high altitude. The narrator feels it apt to simply say that there was a reason that Von Bracht was so popular amongst the maidens of the land, and it was not merely that he was handsome, or rich, or powerful. That reason sprang proudly to full size, and the crimson dragon let out what sounded like a nervous whimper at the sight of it.

>> No.31191122
File: 435 KB, 480x270, 1380942738299.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Finally prepared, the knight reached out and seized hold of the monumental rump before him. It was unbelievably soft, the smooth flesh burgeoning around his fingers as he squeezed. It felt like warm clouds in his hands, a heavenly feature he had never seen before in all of the women he had bedded – and he had bedded more than his fair share of them. He began to gently knead her huge buttocks, fascinated with them, prompting a low purring noise from the creature. Its deep red tail sensuously swayed side to side, and the man’s urges quickly overwhelmed his desire to take his time and enjoy the curves of the creature.

Taking a deep breath, Von Bracht positioned himself for entry, rubbing his manhood against the soft outer lips of the crimson creature’s honey pot. The stimulation caused the creature to push back against him, as if trying to force him inside of her. Not one to keep a lady waiting, the hero pushed himself in slowly until his full girth was buried inside the dragon’s warm, moist, silky walls. They squeezed and rippled around him in ways human vaginas never could, and he let out a breathless grunt as he felt his dick massaged in dozens of different places, especially the sensitive tip. “Gods, so tight!” he muttered under his breath.

The dragon’s tail wagged excitedly, and she squirmed around him, clearly trying to acclimate to his size. The knight took a deep breath, letting the reptilian creature calm down before slowly pulling his hips back and swinging them back against the dragon’s ass. The dragon let out a weak animalistic groan, clearly that of pleasure. Von Bracht was yet again amazed by his partner – her ass was so big and soft that when he thrust into her, it jiggled against his lower abdomen, the sensation of the warm flesh indescribably incredible against his skin.

>> No.31191141


It felt so great that our hero lost what little restraint he had left, and, grunting with arousal, he began powerfully humping the dragon, proudly taking her from behind. The wet smacking of his sweaty body against her lovely thighs and ass echoed through the cave, and the dragon shook with the force of every thrust, mouth hanging open in joy. The knight could feel his body heating up from both the exertion and the sensations all over his rod, and his balls felt funny. He had gone a whole month without sex, and now he could feel them tingling as they prepared their dense load.

The dragon eagerly bucked against him to meet his movements and rhythm, her forked tongue hanging out between her sharp teeth and dripping saliva on the smooth stone of the ground. Her magical insides were caressing his length like they were trying to milk every last drop of semen out of him. The knight’s prowess was great, but his inexperience with such an inhuman, incredible sex, combined with his long celibacy, was bringing him to the brink far sooner than he had hoped. Afraid of disappointing his new partner, he had to do something – and the tail swinging around in front of him gave him an idea.

Grunting, Von Bracht grabbed the tail with both hands, using the long appendage as leverage for his continuing assault on the creature’s rear. The difference in angle allowed for just a few more centimeters of depth to be filled with his rock hard meat, and his efforts were successful. The dragon let out a yelp and shivered against him, pleasure starting to overwhelm it as well. He had found its G-spot, deep inside its chamber, where only men amongst men could claim it. And he did.

>> No.31191154
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His burning, swollen, electrified cock throbbed inside the beast with his heartbeats, only the last vestiges of his willpower keeping him from exploding inside her already. The beast’s eyes were closed, giving everything it could to swing its hips back into those of her lover’s, thin tendrils of flame erupting from its mouth as it exhaled haggardly. The rhythm accelerated; the pace picked up, and soon the knight was thrusting as quickly as he could, gritting his teeth and squeezing everything he had left to not bust his nut early.

The walls of the flower that he plundered suddenly clamped down upon his sword, and the dragon released a great howl that was unmistakably that of ecstasy, a jet of flame blasting the wall before the duo and blackening it. Moments later, panting and groaning, Von Bracht slammed himself in to the hilt of the creature’s spasming insides, balls tightening. He unleashed his seed within the beast, countless spurts of white painting its pink walls over.

And then, both he and the beast were spent, and Von Bracht fell back, strength leaving his frame from the intensity of the intercourse. The dragon slowly opened her eyes, looking at the man who had ravaged her, and she prowled around and curled up beside him, wrapping her tail around his waist to help keep him warm. It took several seconds for him to gather his senses and catch his breath, and then he turned his head to see the dragon. He reached out and caressed its face passionately. A question came to mind, a question that had nagged the knight ever since he saw the monster for the first time.

>> No.31191189


“Dear dragon, how on Earth did you kidnap the princess?” he asked between pants.

“Simple, dear human. I am a powerful magician, just as all of my kind are,” she replied. The hero’s eyes widened.

“You can speak?!”

“Of course I can, human.”

“Why did you not tell me?!”

“You never asked,” the reptilian woman answered, resting a warm hand on his hairy, broad chest.

“But we made love!”

“I did not find words necessary for that, did you?” the dragon asked, purring against him, the warm vibrations soothing his soul.

“No, but… most women prefer to speak with men before they are bedded by them!”

“I am not most women, in case you failed to notice that. Why do you think I kidnapped such an obnoxiously loud girl in the first place?”

>> No.31191210
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“You were hunting for a man by kidnapping the princess?” Von Bracht asked, the pieces fitting together in his mind.

“Indeed. You were the first man to arrive here, which means you conquered a perilous journey that few else could. And you also accepted my invitation. I believe that means you are qualified to take me. And judging by your performance, you had the passion that I was looking for as well. You will make a most suitable husband.”


“Indeed. We have performed the ancient rite of wedding of my people, and now we are bound to each other, in heart, in soul, and in fate,” the dragon said, lips curling into a smile for the first time, revealing her sharp teeth. The knight paled at the sight, and upon hearing her words.

“But I’m still so young! I still have so many years, and so many quests, and so many maidens left to… you know!”

“Dragons do not much care what their partners choose to do with their life, as long as they are happy. I, myself, rather enjoy the thrill of travel and danger. I would gladly accompany you on your adventures.”

>> No.31191246

>that image

>> No.31191256

lovely story

>> No.31191276


“You would do that?”

“Of course, my dear human.”

“Dragon… what is your name?”

“In your tongue, I would be called Scarlet.”

And so the knight found a new companion, one with which he could share both risk and passion. He did lay a fair few more maidens over the course of his travels, with the dragon’s consent and participation, and got up to some raunchy hijinks with some drow, a lamia, and a few orc women, but those are stories for another time.

>> No.31191299

Nice use of twist endings, too.

I smell sequels. They smell vaguely of bacon.

>> No.31191309

her nose and lips are bloated, that's disgusting, fix that.

>> No.31191315


Good story, Beetle. Very enjoyable. Thank you very much for sharing

>> No.31191316

I smell...


Achievement unlocked, I was able to read this withouth opening a dictionnary

>> No.31191325

When the archeologist of the future dig through the wreckage of the internet, they will find this and name it as one of the epics of this age, equal to Homer's Odyssey, The Tale of Genji, and the Ramayana.

Thank you

>> No.31191333

Hehehe dis nigga.

Nice man.

>> No.31191337

So, the actual smut part of it was great. Loved the imagery, love dragonbutts.
However, I didnt really like the "narrator" bits at the beginning and whatnot, but I can't really say why.
Was the story intended to be comedic, because it did make me chuckle a bit.

>> No.31191352


And here's the pastebin link:


And you can find the link to my profile from there if you want, though I don't believe the rest of my stories to be much like this one... yet. Give Oil and Promethium time.

>> No.31191432




Sequels may or may not be on my backlog.


I don't like Ayn Rand either.

But I do like shiny red dragons. Sexy, sexy, shiny red dragons have sexy, sexy, shiny red dragonbutts.


I'm flattered!


I always try to make my work readable by anyone.


Yes, it is intended to be somewhat comedic. I agree that the narrator bits may not really contribute much to the story, but I wanted to try something different. I might remove them eventually.


I wish I could draw. I'd draw dragonbutts all the time...

>> No.31191544

Her lips actually seem to be the same size as they were in the game, more or less. They certainly look kissable enough. Boobs look like they were just made for suckling on, but the fucking part of that can wait until Keys finishes up the rest of his stuff.

We have plenty of it. And we've autosaged. See you all soon- I'm just gonna lurk here like I always do so feel free to shoot the shit if you like.

>> No.31191603

No, her lips are bigger in this picture, and even if they were the same size, or smaller, it wouldn't make them any less horrible.

I wouldn't want to kiss that any more than I'd want to fuck the mountain of flab that's your grandma's ass on the pretense that "b-but it's big and big butts are fuckable!"

>> No.31191619

I think it's safe to say that writers do get a lot more notice and attention, even if it's only compliments, by posting directly in the topic.

>> No.31191673

But if everyone did it, then we'd have 5 or 6 smut threads every weekend. Or more, if we had lots of contributors going at once.

And can you imagine if two or more people were posting stories in the thread at the same time?

>> No.31191683

My, aren't we getting flustered here. It's a bit too late to get wound up though- you should have posted earlier in the thread if you wanted to shitpost. Or do I have to teach people how to make constructive criticisms for the 5th time now?

>A guide to constructive criticism, because "Your writing/artwork sucks" doesn't help anyone get better at it.


Read this, then try again.

>> No.31191730

We've never been quite that active, so using pastebin is a safer bet unless things are going really slowly. In practice, the only person who does it a lot is Emps, because it's oldfag tradition to post straight to the thread.

>And can you imagine if two or more people were posting stories in the thread at the same time?

No, because usually we're polite enough to wait for one person to finish up before another begins.

>> No.31191758

I post my stories in /a/ monster girl threads and I literally never get a response.

>> No.31191760


The number of threads per weekend isn't really a big deal if you ask me. However, I do agree that reading a 5,000+ word story in a topic is the last thing I want to do. I'd say what was just posted is fine because the thread needed to die anyways and it wasn't too long, and it was posted in quick succession so that each post isn't scattered around the topic like, say, Emprah's tend to be.

I'd say just authors being polite and waiting for one to finish before dumping their next one is fine. But if they aren't dumping it, and are writing it directly in the topic, and taking hours to do so, like Emprah, then they should probably not do that.

>> No.31191766


>> No.31191778


/a/'s a shithole though...

>> No.31191795

You just don't attract any interest, then.

>> No.31191796


I'm glad you were around to see it. Now, speaking of /a/ and monstergirl threads, I should probably post this over there and see how many extra hits I can get...

>> No.31191817

May have seen one of yours. If I didn't comment on it, it probably was because I didn't think it was that good.

>> No.31191824

Yeah, some stories go for 6000+ words before the smut even happens.
And it would get annoying to wait until someone else was finished.
Even more annoying to wait until someone else finishes and then have someone ELSE who was waiting in the wings to get in before you.

And I'm not raggin' on C.B. I'm perfectly fine with his helping this thread reach page 10, doubly so since it was such a fine *ass story.


>> No.31191836

did we ever get any of the robutts the first thread was obsessing over?

>> No.31191838

Emps writes slowly, but at least he does a good job of it, which is good enough for me. Plus, it's kind of a no-no to talk back to the Master of Mankind.

Which is why a lot of their people find refuge over here where they can actually be appreciated.

>> No.31191847


Not every woman has the exact perfect proportions.

Kayleth is pragmatic, smug and proud. I felt like giving a hard nose and some larger lips fit well with the character. It's stylized and also I think it doesn't make her look bad at all.

Can't please everyone, sorry if those two aspects turn you off

>> No.31191877
File: 105 KB, 495x700, 1396320976394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking of writing something, need a bit of help.
Whats the name of the kind of boob-jewlery in pic related?
How do they keep from falling off?

>> No.31191881

No, unfortunately. Threw that one on the unfilled requests list too, but I think Mask was considering rewriting his/her "robot cuddles" story to accommodate robot sex. I think the spoilsport who was whining about it not being realistic enough discouraged anyone from trying it. Asshole.

>> No.31191893

A pastie? Nubra?

>> No.31191922


God, I'm that guy, and I just feel terrible about it. I was such an asshole. I'm so sorry. Fuck.

>> No.31191928

magic, and that is one damn smug dragon
That's a damn shame, oh well at least I got next weekend to look forward to.

more robot cuddles would be niiiiiiice

>> No.31191949

Well you felt that, but you were wrong. You can sylize characters without making them look ugly, and pleasing the standardless idiots that swarm those threads is nothing to be proud of. Pleasing an even remotely selective person is.

>> No.31191979

What? Isn't "the nose and mouth are too big" not constructive and specific enough for you?
I could hardly get more helpful without re-drawing it myself.
You're being very dishonest.

>> No.31192005

Wikipedia says pasties (pasty singular), and they are usually held on with adhesive, which doesn't always work properly

>> No.31192006
File: 2.62 MB, 478x347, laughing zelda.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're cute

>> No.31192129

I would like to think that my attempt at writing is at least somewhat better than greentext stories that get a dozen responses because of 'feels'.

Regardless, I have a question about writing short stories with smut, is it better to write in 2nd person or not and have character development in something that supposed to be relatively short.

The longer I get with writing my spidergirl rape story I keep thinking I should go back and rewrite it in first person or something and add more development, but I don't want to get to far away from the smut which was the purpose of writing it in the first place.

My shitty writing for reference.

>> No.31192220

Character development is always welcome, if you can find a place for it it should be included. That being said, it should not get in the way of smut, especially if the fic is short.

As for perspective, I think it depends on the story, but I dont feel like I know enough about writing to really give something helpful further than that, just that it works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt.

>> No.31192229


You forgot the part where you are supposed to point out a good thing as well as a bad thing so you don't sound like a dickbag. Now try it again.

>pleasing the standardless idiots that swarm those threads is nothing to be proud of. Pleasing an even remotely selective person is.
>implying that being selective isn't just being an ungrateful nitpicker

6/10, thought you were serious for a while.

It's got potential, but it seems more like it's meant to play up the horror in the situation than any true bit of lewdness and as the story mentioned it's hard to be aroused when you're scared shitless. If you toned that part down a bit you might be more successful. Plus, it's hard to develop characters in something which is basically meant as a fap-and-go short story.

Might want to try reposting it next thread- not too many people are on now.

>> No.31192287

>but it seems more like it's meant to play up the horror in the situation than any true bit of lewdness and as the story mentioned it's hard to be aroused when you're scared shitless
The point of the story was being scared and rape, I was fulfilling a request from the monstergirl genreal.

Does terrifying rape fall under smut? Maybe I should go back to lovey dovey things, I just wanted to put out more diversity.

>> No.31192289

implying the reader is impotent through a 2nd person narrative character proxy, may not have been the best move.

that being said it was enjoyable up till the cock block, but that may just be me liking aggressive women, and liking women getting off. I mean come on if a dick gets whipped out somebodies got to put that shit to good use

>> No.31192306
File: 696 KB, 242x191, 1361920657349.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw the thread is on autosage before I finished my short story.

Fuck it. I'll just wait the week. Hopefully I'll have another by the time the next WST gets posted Friday.

>> No.31192326

Amazing work sir/madam.

>> No.31192329

Another thing the look forward to next week!

anticipation begins

>> No.31192347

It's not exactly rape if no actual fucking happens. That may have been the problem with it.

It's not quite dead yet. With any luck, it might get finished before it hits page 10. Otherwise, just e-mail it to me and I'll get it in the list with all the other stuff.

>> No.31192416

"In the Amazon valley and New Guinea highlands, women are frequently kept in their place by gang rape when the ordinary mechanisms of masculine intimidation insufficient. "We tame our women with the banana," said one Mundurucu man (Murphy, 1959:159) (Reiter 163)."

Reiter, Rayna A. "Traffic in Women" Toward an Anthropology of Women. Monthly Review Press. London, England. 1975. Print.

I have a feeling someone in this thread might find this useful/interesting. I'm thinking orcs, drow (for a reverse scenario), some alien culture...

>> No.31192440

Hmmm, thinking about doing some robutt stuff.
May not be exactly what people had in mind, but I'm getting an idea.
Also; would people count warforged smut as robot stuff?

>> No.31192469
File: 310 KB, 2100x1500, tgsmutbikinifarseers_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



did I do her right ? I don't know, /tg/ I heard she was special to you or w/e

>> No.31192477

Writefags like you are why I love these threads so much. Thank you.

>> No.31192478

>It's not exactly rape if no actual fucking happens. That may have been the problem with it.
I got to embarrassed to write an actual sex scene and cock blocked my story.

At least I have a good next scene because of what happened.

>> No.31192503

I'd say so; nice to see Macha showing off, and I like the choice in attire.
That eyebrow is great by the way, seems like your faces are getting way better with farseers illustrated

>> No.31192506

Maybe a biel-tan tatoo somewhere on her midriff.

>> No.31192617

Four weeks ago, some anon said "Practice makes perfect"
Yeah, after 34 drawfaggotry, it's starting to go way better

>> No.31192667
File: 17 KB, 303x500, give her the banana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We tame our women with the banana

It's fucking horrible, but I giggled.

>> No.31192691

Very special indeed- she was the very first female Farseer to appear, and consequently holds a special place in our hearts/dicks. And the look on her face just screams "FUCK ME NOW" in the best possible way.

For more information about our long, surreal relationship with the 4000-year old virgin, check the 1d4chan page.


>> No.31192730

I would, and I'd likely enjoy whatever you go in mind

>> No.31192768

unf, bless you good sir

>> No.31192780


Personally, I'd like to see her lower bits done differently. You have a sort of "same-vagina" thing going on across all the Eldar thus far. Which is fine... to a point. I guess I actually care because it's Macha.


>> No.31192800

Define "differently", if you can. What would you prefer her pussy to look like, then?

>> No.31192823


I have a very personal disgust for staring at vaginas. I would love to be more diverse, but I have to refrain from puking everytime I look at those references.

This type is the only that's bearable [mostly because I keep getting it shoved in my face]

>> No.31192839


Eh... hard to explain on a blue board. But just a different labia structure would do well.


And that's perfectly okay. Maybe just lessen the gap a little? Or not. I'm just one anon, after all.

>> No.31192881

I suppose I gotta put some effort in my shit if I want to get gud.

Yeah, I'll try to make it more different ? I guess.

>> No.31192909


Could always just go full clamshell. Less to draw, nice and compact, no puking. Everyone wins.

Except Macha

>> No.31192935
File: 88 KB, 303x260, mmmfruity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Especially Macha


>> No.31192952


...Suddenly her flamer scene has more context.

>> No.31193065

You must be new here. Suffice to say her days of being the Ever Virgin are long gone and she's been doing a lot to make up for lost time. A whole lot.

>> No.31193098

Like the orgy with clownbutt and Lelith.
Which really needed some lezzig out, btw.

>> No.31193127


...Shit wait. Is Lelith on that chart? Can we sub her in for the Wych?

>> No.31193184
File: 86 KB, 647x1000, lelithcatsuit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was thinking more along the lines of Extra Large Heresy, but that's just a matter of preference and headcanon conflicts that I'd rather keep to myself. (Although it does have lezzing out, for the record.)

No, but she ought to be on that chart. For now we can use this little number from Muju. That Singaporean sure draws a mean evil space elf.

>> No.31193250

>nose and lips are bloated, that's disgusting, fix that
Her lips are rather large, but some people have such lips. Personally not exactly my taste, but I wouldn't be an ass about it like you.

her nose is merely above average, there are people with larger noses. And in my opinion it looks attractive

>> No.31193494

Macha gives the best mouth hugs.

With the exception of her sister Taldeer who is a true master, much to the benefit of her lucky husband.

>> No.31193524

Hey Keys, I was wondering if you were taking requests.

>> No.31193642

Yes, but Macha is far more creative with her use of psychic powers to "enhance" the experience. Slaanesh himself was jealous of the end result.

>> No.31193712

>they will have to go have a contest.
>Taldeer and Macha have a BJ contest
>lucky LIIVI gets to be the judge
>eventually they can't wait turns and both tag team
>buckets of mon-keigh geneseed everywhere.
Fund it.

>> No.31193935

Why stop there? Wife-swapping with Leon might be funny (if only for the guys' confusion/bemusement at being the subject of this bout of sibling rivalry).

>Uh...what's going on? Why is Taldeer just strip and barge in here?
>Uncertain. It appears Primary Asset and Tertiary Asset have had some kind of agreement without our knowledge.
>You don't need to know the details, Inquisitor. The important thing is that I'm going to show my dear sister who's better in bed. Now hurry up and "question" me- Macha already showed me that video of yours, and I expect you to live up to it.
>O-kay...wait, what was that last part?

>> No.31193975

>LIVII? Where did you go? Callidus made sure to take her time showing me exactly how to please an assassin, and I can't wait to show off what I've learned.
>When they finish their bet, let us never speak of this again.

>> No.31194135

Page 10 now. See you all in a few days. Oh, and was my greentext any good?

>> No.31194171

I've never read Evervirgin, or LCB for that matter, so I can't really tell.

>> No.31194192

Eh, fair enough. I tried at least. Maybe I'll ask again next thread.

>> No.31194235

got a chuckle out of me anon, see you next weekend

>> No.31194247

also, did you mean: Why DID Taldeer just strip and barge in here?

Also, when you have that many characters involved in a greentext it's nearly impossible to make it clear who is talking. From what I've read, and written, 3 seems to be the comfortable maximum. Usually in the form of two characters having an argument and the third "commenting" on it.

>> No.31194266

I realized that after I posted it.

And I'm not too good at greentexts, but I couldn't resist giving it a shot.

>> No.31194300

Well, my greentexts are easily identifiable since nearly every single one of them has a fucking typo.
Like that one with Macha and Lelith at Callidus' apartment. Lelith looks in the pantry and asks if anyone wants a vodka, and Callidus says that they're her "beers." That one was an issue with draft changes. But all of them have something like that.

Also, I didn't read yours together at first. It works better when they're one greentext, I think.

>> No.31194350

I know. I combined them into one in the greentext list to fix that, since I forgot to add the second part in when I initially posted it.

>> No.31194383

Writing stories with dialogue alone really makes me appreciate how fucking amazing playwrights are. I know it's cliche, but look at Shakespeare. He created characters we've been discussing for 400 years almost entirely through dialogue alone.

>> No.31194403
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It's been fun, gentlemen.

>> No.31194405

And in a form of English most of us can just barely understand, too. Reminds me of that book I read about him- it was called "I Love My Willy". Shall I whip it out for you?

>> No.31194419

Heh, it always is.

>> No.31194428

In public?

If thou must.

>> No.31194453


>> No.31194509

We ought to make that our theme song.

>> No.31194542

Or one of these:

>> No.31194572

At least use the soundtrack version that people can hear:

>> No.31194869

I thought it was

>> No.31194945

It can be all of them.

>> No.31195067

Third-to-last thread now. Goodnight, all of you.

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