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Just finished playing this, and the only thing I can think of is...

> I thought Space Marines weren't allowed any romance
> Mira totally wants Titus to give her the 'D

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Just because she wants his cock, doesn't mean he wants her to have it.

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When I found the first drop pod, I thought it would contain a squad mate. It turned out to be a meltagun.

Best squad mate ever.

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The planetary governor of Rynn's World also had the serious hots for Pedro Kantor. Doesn't mean she's ever going to get it.

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Line from the game

> "Come on, ignore his threats"
> "No...they will destroy you Mira..."

Pretty much implied the feeling was mutual

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Big beautifull warrior in shinny armor who falls from the sky and has shiny oily muscles to spare and saves the day, while pulling that "warrior poet" and "honor" crap all over it.

Which woman wouldn't want his 'D ?

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He's just looking out for his Battle Bro (Battle Sis).

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It's implied to be mutual, and since Space Marines are created in part by supercharging them on testosterone, they should really have an "All sex, all the time" mentality

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Nah, they wanna have smurf babies

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I was going to say a lesbian, but all women are bisexual.

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Why do I get the feeling that Lieutenant Mira was Autograph Guardsgirl?

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The way Mira is looking down while Titus is talking to her reminded me of this GIF

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The question is, would Mira be willing to have her vagina permanently stretched beyond the limits of human imagination by Titus superhuman dick, or would they just have a "hold hands" relationship ?

( I also think blowjobs would be pretty much impossible)

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It isn't so much the genetic manipulation that makes Spess Muhreens aesexual so much as the rigorous indoctrination that makes them think more about war and the Emprah than anything else.

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Three words

Everything fits anal

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You can't indoctrinate male hormones anon. You can't tell testosterone what to do, that's why it's the awesome hormone.

And SM's have shittons of it.

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just gotta work up to it. Based on some of the larger dildos you can find people taking online, just about anything's possible with enough practice

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Aren't Ultramarines notorious for starting families and having households AFTER they become Ultras ?

Also explain Space Wolves

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Google hot kinky jo on any porn search engine, then get back to me

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I'm sure their armor has build in jack-off devices and semen disposers, just as they dispose of urine and feces.

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Space Wolves are....weird
Ultra's don't retire. No Space Marine ever retires, they just get shot or promoted

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Space Wolves do their thing
And pre-heresy Iron Warriors I'm pretty sure had sex with captives a lot

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I think he means "whilst they are Ultras" rather than "after stopping being ultras"

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They are also brain washed into being living weapons. They have no other needs in their life or purpouse other than serving the emperor. If emperor would say to him: "Your mission is to dostroy this females pelvis with your dick" he would tear her in half. Otherwise, he just cares about her as a specially talented servand of the Emperor whos sacrifice would be not needed and would not achieve anything.

In the end the only thing space marine feels is Emperors purpouse and brotherhood with his chapter brothers.

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It's not a question of wether they are indoctrinated to have sex or not.
Indoctrination can't surpress natural urges without causing some major damage (Entire Emperor Legion fell to chaos in a massive collective orgy).

What we should be saying is:
> Are Space Marines near women long enough in a regular situation ( Outside battle, etc.) for it to end up in intercourse ?
A) Yes
B) No
C) Unlikely

> Is said Space Marine gonna find himself enough time and proper place for it to happen ? (Assuming a SM can't take a female comissar to his battle barge and battle barge her.)
A) Yes
B) No
C) Unlikely

> Would most women find a Space Marine sexually attractive ?
A) Yes
B) No
C) Unlikely

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> I thought Space Marines weren't allowed any romance
That's Jedi.

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>Aren't Ultramarines notorious for starting families and having households AFTER they become Ultras ?

No, that's Salamanders, and from what I understand that's more via adoption or remaining close ties to their human families/clans.

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Are you draging our (real world understanting) of genology and biology into wh40k ?
where Tyranid brake 2 law of thermodynamics with their existence?
where Orks are sentient bipedal fungi that resemble man?

dude, really?

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human males have lived lives of celibacy for thousands of years. ascetic monks go with minimal food, even. craving food is a much more significant craving than craving pussy in that state. Yet they do it.

are you saying discipline doesn't exist?

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I can't think of any Ultra that has a family in the fluff, unless its something from the original Rogue Trader books

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No, but you can rewire their sexual stimuli responses and indoctrinate them to understand them differently.

Space Marine sees a xenos: his eyes dilate, his heart quickens, and he gets an urge to move his trigger finger.

The pleasure of sexual climax is just a series of chemicals released into the brain. In a Space Marine the stimulus has been reworked, so that Space Marines derive their intense pleasures and satisfactions from obeying orders, praising the Emperor, maintaining their equipment, and killing enemies.

This is why Chaos Space Marines go ape-shit. Without the Imperium constantly reaffirming their indoctrination, they turn into serial wankers, rubbing their metaphorical dicks against anything and everything for the pleasure that unrestrained violence gives them. Total preacher's daughter syndrome.

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Pic related.

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wait what? sauce on Iron warriors wrecking something other than fortresses

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Long periods of extended celibacy is detrimental to one's psychological health, specially if that person has a thousand litres of gene-seed induced hormones being pumped into their system constantly.

A regular man with a high level of testosterone will develop psychological issues if kept from masturbation or having intercourse. Those include insomnia, lower cognitive function, decreased aggression, increased irritability, increase in estrogen levels and stress.

Now imagine that with a Space Marine which is 10x a regular man with high levels of test.

In every single instance a male has been forced by society to engage in celibacy, it ended up extremelly bad. From medieval times to today, priests have a record of doing shit that would make Slaanesh blush. We are talking about shit that goes from armpitt fucking to pedophilia (of both boys and girls) rape of corpses or bestiallity, and even multilatory masturbation

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>implying Mako wouldn't deepthroat it with her power of cartoon physics

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>Long periods of extended celibacy is detrimental to one's psychological health,

What made you think Space Marines were psychologically healthy?

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Human biology is different than ork or tyranid biology.

Physical laws that we believe are right today, don't mean they won't be disproved in the future (go read up on Ether).

You can't take shit in absolutes anon. What is right today maybe wrong tomorrow. In a 100 years everything can change. Let alone in 40k years.

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>SMs have are pumped full of testosterone
Except they aren't, idiots. High testosterone results in extremely aggressive, confrontational behavior, or exactly what you DON'T want in an elite force. SM musculature is due to their implants, not just a testosterone injection.

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>implying Nui wouldn't create a paper doppleganger to take it so as not to blow her cover.

Fixed that for you

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>The pleasure of sexual climax is just a series of chemicals released into the brain. In a Space Marine the stimulus has been reworked, so that Space Marines derive their intense pleasures and satisfactions from obeying orders, praising the Emperor, maintaining their equipment, and killing enemies.

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> Nothing is true, everything is permited

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which two?
I don't see anything particularly impossible about them. Highly improbable, sure. But not impossible.

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Actually that's exactly what you want in an Elite Force such as Astartes.

I think you are mistaking if for the US Armed Forces, where trully you just want a bunch of drones that invade everything for "freedom"

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it is known

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I want there to be a sequel to this game so bad and I don't think one is coming.

I want to see where Titus ends up, I want more answers on his resisting the Warp thing, I want to see someone calling out Leandros' horseshit, I want to pal around with other chapters in a deathwatch squad or some shit

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not two but second one. They way they conseve biomass brakes the second law of thermodynamics. Its canon that they can gather 100% to the atom biomass from a dead tyranid reusing it again. This is utterly broken and impossible becasue that means that they can make more energy from nothing.

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>your elite forces should constantly be competing with each other and chafing under orders because they're over aggressive and can't handle not being in charge
Hint: "aggression" does not mean "hates the enemy", it means "responds to most situations with violence." It means telling the captain to fuck off. It means ignoring orders.

>where trully you just want a bunch of drones
What, you mean like they specifically want astartes to be? The whole point of the indoctrination, obliteration of all ties to their past life, intentional emotional distance from actual humanity, and basically their entire monastic theme?

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Apparently, a trilogy was planned, but then THQ went and died, so that got canned. whether or not Relic are going to try to use the rights again remains to be seen.

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There's no sequel anon. The company went bankrupt. Space Marine is now in a drawer of whatever company bought THQ.

The main game developed revealed that there would be two sequels, one where Titus would "go rogue" and another where another Chapter would be created around his legend, by Black Templars and Ultramarines alike.(Note: Created around his legend. This implies he is dead)

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Well all DoW got sold to sega, so we have their works to wait to.

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>Rogue Titus
>tfw Leandros was right all along

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Aaaand now I'm glad there won't be sequels

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Yes, yes and yes, but then again it depends on the space marine
Space Wolves fuck bitches and Salamanders have families, but Ultramarines would probably preach stoic behavior and repression of urges
And then they would give in to the huge homoerotic fantasy that all of the astartes, and their chapter in particular, embodies, and succumb to sodomous urges
is it bad that I want to write porn fanfics about ultrmarines in the shower ?

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Astartes would never engage in sexual behavior with a human. Even the "relationships" people keep mentioning when the Salamanders are brought up are more like community wardens.

Sure, the soldiers of the Archenemy might embrace such base, carnal desires. I think what I'm trying to say is, as much as I hate the idea, you're all probably right, since Titus is Alpha Legion

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Nigga have you seen the size of a fucking baby? Spesscock can't be that big.

I'd be more concerned with the fact that we know at least one bodily fluid has been weaponized in Spess Mehreens.

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They could have done so much with that fucking game. I was disappointed with it. I felt that they didn't know how to progress the game so they just threw as many orks at you as possible.

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>Ultramarines are basically closet gay football players
I'm completely ok with this being canon

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Penis size isn't always relative to human size, it could be that he's just got a slightly larger than average cock.

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Night Lords are rapists so yeah they would.

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1 - B Outside battle they are kept in their quarters either maintaining their equipment, practicing combat or sleeping/eating.
2 - C Unless the SM are guarding an IG outpost for a long time without any kind of military action it can't happen.
3 - A Yeah probably. They are big, mascular and generally Alpha Males. Women mostly like that sort of thing.

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I don't see what's so impossible here. There is a distinct difference between recovering all the biological matter that composed an organism, and reclaiming all the energy it has used. Replenishing the latter is the primary reason why they invade planets in the first place.

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That guy has the worst case of the dumbs combined with a terrible accent.

>> No.31159077

I'm just imagining that "LESBIAAAANS!" comic, but at the end it's the guy "Hello. I'm a Space Marine." "BISEXUAAAAALS!"

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>All of Chaos is just the need to masturbate furiously
>Even Nurgleites


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Take it to /pol/.

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>Astartes would never engage in sexual behavior with a human.
Y'know, that sentence implies Astartes aren't human.

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It actually reminds me of that part in the first HH book where Loken is naked in his room cleaning and repairing his armor and that Remembrancer enters his room to interview him and ends up drooling all over the floor.

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they're posthuman transgenic cybernetic killing machines

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Is there an actual source for Space Wolves having sex - as in after they become Astartes, not before like in Lukas's case - or is it another widespread misconception like the Salamanders thing?

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They aren't human, bro. They started out as humans, sure. Not human after the Astartes modification process.

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I think the most we've ever got is a Marine kissing a woman or doing something like touching her ass, not full sexual intercourse.

I don't think it's outright stated that they can't,but neither is it stated that they can, but there's so much lore out there.

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It's a case of men who can't get laid being frustrated by applying their fantasies onto men who are their ideal, and yet have no interest in getting laid.

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She likes a well maintained and lubed bolter.

>> No.31159196


He probably did

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She wasn't horny, she had diarrhea.
Ok, she might have been a bit horny.

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They're really not. They're genetically engineered cyborg killing machines.

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Isn't that the scene where it mentions her staring at is 'equine like feature' which could either be his gigantor face or horsecock?

>> No.31159241

Probably the latter. Here's some official art of the good captain. His face looks pretty normal.

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First, that implies they turn matter into energy and energy into matter without expending any. This alone defies law of entropy

Second. this is codex. Tyranid is born, runs around, kills something, dies. Its body is collected, turned into biomatter and from that matter new nid is born. Now unless some of the matter was missing (for this example, lets say he did not), hive mind can recreate exact copy of said tyranid just from that biomatter. This is basically ho they teleport. Now dropping matters of mind, counciousness etc. This very thing is impossible becasue tryanid as a living thing produces heat, so excells energy, he moves so uses energy, matter to energy to matter process costs energy. This is one of the principal laws ruling the universe and Tyranid brake it.

Third, there is also the matter of energy naturally dissipating, aka entropying. That also does not occur in tyranids. They can dissolve a tyranid, keep it in biomass form for a thousand years and then create it anew.

I remember there was a huge discussion on /tg/ because someone came up with idea that this is true tyranids purpouse. The were basically designed to consume as much biomass as possible before universe entropies, just to save it.

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No, Salamanders have actual families, maybe not having actual kids, unless they adopt, but even after going through the space marine program, Salamander Astartes will still live with their old families or even start new ones, since all Salamanders are recruited from their home planet, which also has their home base.

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>After the purge the squad hit the shower. As Brother Leandros discarded his armor, he couldn't help but notice the glistening muscles in Titus' back and the sweat trickling down all the way to his firm butt, exposed by his Codex Astartes Approved jockstrap. He felt troubled and quickly got under the sclading hot water, gently brushing his broad muscular torso with a wet sponge, trying not to think about Titus and his bulging muscles. Titus took place right beside him. As the water started running on the captain's face, he closed his eyes and sighed. Leandros couldn't help but peek down, devoured by a curiosity he could not explain. There it was, in all its glory, the captain's cock. It was darker than the rest of Titus' skin, with the foreskin peeled back (as instructed by the codex astartes), revealing a dark red glans from which hot water slowly dripped on the shower room's white and blue tiles. Somehow Leandros couldn't take his eyes off it. The Codex didn't mention anything like this, nor did it talk about the fire burning in his loins or the twisting in his stomach.
>He shook his head and lifted his gaze, only to meet Titus' eyes. The Captain looked him straight in the eye and leaned towards Leandros, who winced, ready for a scolding.
>"Are you lonely Brother Leandros ? Maybe I could be your girlfriend tonight"
>And as he gently gave a long, languid stroke to Leandros' already twitching penis he added :
>"Marneus Calgar will never know"

>> No.31159266

To be fair, that book also made the point that Astartes had oddly proportioned faces, really broad across the cheekbones and stuff like that. But yeah, probably horsecock.

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>"She lusted after their paramours, whose flesh is like the flesh of donkeys and whose issue is like the issue of horses. "
-Ezekiel 23:20

>> No.31159290

I always thought the implication was that while they can they don't, and even if they did the spacemarine is basically sterile, otherwise wouldn't the high lords of terra/chaos lord have tried some sort of breeding program to make semi super humans?
>as for salamanders my guess is they probably do on occasion have sex but not very often and probably don't get married to tribal ladies for the morality of it, since they wouldn't be able to really start a family
>Titus probably likes her but wont do it because spacemarine, haven't any of you ever been nice to a girl you were not going to fuck?

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Too bad you can't get a Multi-Melta though...

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>> No.31159327


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>Loken set aside the segment of armour he had been polishing and rose to his feet. He was almost a metre taller than her, and naked but for a loin cloth. She sighed inwardly at the splendour of his physique. The knotted muscles, the old ridge-scars. He was handsome too, this one, fair hair almost silver, cut short, his pale skin slightly freckled, his eyes grey like rain. What a waste, she thought.

>Though there was no disguising his inhumanity, especially in this bared form. Apart from the sheer mass of him, there was the overgrown gigantism of the face, that particular characteristic of the Astartes, almost equine, plus the hard, taut shell of his rib-less torso, like stretched canvas.

On the other hand...

>‘And then there’s the matter of sweat,’ Karkasy said. He sat down on a lounger and put his feet up, settling the glass on his wide chest. He sipped again, grimacing, and rested his head back. Karkasy was a tall man, generously upholstered in flesh. His garments were expensive and well-tailored to suit his bulk. His round face was framed by a shock of black hair.

>Keeler sighed and looked up from her work. ‘The what?’

>‘The sweat, dear Euphrati, the sweat! I have been observing the Astartes. Very big, aren’t they? I mean to say, very big in every measurement by which one might quantify a man.’

>> No.31159344


Now do a straight one involving Mira and Titus

Make the ending hilarious and heretical

>> No.31159358

what are you ? a faggot ?

>> No.31159368

I just figured their jizz would make normal babbies, since the Gene-Seed is really just Bioware. Maybe fucked up babies born with just a brainstem or disabilities far more frequently due to fuckery with the biology, (If it's enough to turn a nigga's skin white, it sure as hell is gonna fuck with the nutsack) but that's about it.

>> No.31159382

>‘The sweat, dear Euphrati, the sweat! I have been observing the Astartes. Very big, aren’t they? I mean to say, very big in every measurement by which one might quantify a man.’

Hah, I forgot about that.

>> No.31159391

That only breaks the 2nd law if we're assuming recycled biomass is the only place they get their energy from. But its entirely possible they can get it from other sources, I mean what with their DNA integration ad shit they may well be loaded with chlorophyll and be solar-powered.

>> No.31159401

>Very big, aren’t they? I mean to say, very big in every measurement by which one might quantify a man.

>> No.31159423

Now I can't get his voice out of my head
I want this man to sit beside my bed and to tell me Spess Mehreens gay sex tales before I go to sleep
Every single night

>> No.31159424

>As if fungi-orks weren't the stranger bit of the game...

>> No.31159456

I always imagined Space Marines to be like monks, in that their 'equipment' worked (although I'd imagine they'd be as sterile as all fuck with all the gene work done to them) but they were celibate.

>> No.31159462

>> No.31159488

Oh shit, Picard has gone Beast Mode!

>> No.31159494


>paraphrasing incorrectly

Stop that.

>“I had some big plans for Titus,” van Lierop told PAR. “The second part of his story was to focus on a ‘Titus Unleashed’ plot—basically there were forces arrayed against him that would see his loyalty to the Adeptus Astartes pushed to its limit, and his reaction would be to kind of ‘go rogue,’ and we'd see a different Titus, not quite as in control as we saw him in Space Marine. He would be kicked out as a consequence—exiled, which would basically be a death sentence for him.”

>The sequel would've been a much more aggressive game than the first one, which showed Titus and his marines take down all sorts of enemies, from Orcs to Chaos forces.

>The third would bring things to an epic conclusion, according to van Lierop.

>“He would survive, and come back even stronger in the third game, where other Space Marines still loyal to him would rally around him and he'd return to ‘clean house,’ but as the head of a brand new Chapter that we would build around him.”


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>In every single instance a male has been forced by society to engage in celibacy, it ended up extremelly bad. From medieval times to today, priests have a record of doing shit that would make Slaanesh blush. We are talking about shit that goes from armpitt fucking to pedophilia (of both boys and girls) rape of corpses or bestiallity, and even multilatory masturbation

A lot of sickfucks do that. People just pay more attention when it's a priest.

>> No.31159580

>mfw they canceled

>> No.31159596


> "Come on, ignore his threats."
> "No... they will destroy you Mira."
> Mira watched as Titus limped towards to the Inquisitor and surrendered his bolter and axe to a black clad Astartes.
> He said something she couldn't hear, the Inquisitor replied likewise.
> One black armoured Astartes aimed his bolter at Titus back, another one bound his armored wrists with a heavy manacle.
> Mira looked at Titus, his face still stern and proud.
> Blood tickled down his chest plate and the outside of his shin plate, where the Chaos Lord lightining claw had breached the ceramite.
> Titus turned and started towards the ramp of the Stormbird.
> He managed to go half-way through before falling on his knee, blood pooling around the ramp. Mira made a dart toward him. She didn't get within two feet of Titus before one of the black armoured Marines had her by her throat.
> She gasped for air.
> "We do not know if he is a heretic yet Phylos. Let the woman proceed." Said the Inquisitor
> "Trully"
> The Astartes tightened his grip, slighly, yet it was enough for Mira to feel the life fading from her.
> One moment she was being choked out of her life. The other she was on her knees, the sound of screeching metal and curses all around her. She looked up.
> Titus had broken appart his manacles and was plummeling his fist repeatedly into the Black Templar that had been choking her, while the other Astartes struggled to block the strikes.
> The Astartes being punched managed to hold Titus hand in a lock and threw him down the dock.
> All Black Templars dashed towards Titus.
> "ENOUGH" commanded a deep bariote voice. Then there was a flash of green.
> The biggest marine Mira had ever seen had appeared between Titus and the Black Templars. Bigger than an Ork Warboss. His hands could dwarf mooring clamps and his form cast a shadow across the Black Templars that engulfed all of them.

>> No.31159670


Also, people tend to forget a Space Marine is hardly human to begin with. All those organs and things, they have been genetically engineered to not fear death. I'm pretty sure they could engineer in a "celibacy" thing just as easily. Whether they have or not is up for debate, but Space Marines are not normal humans who have those normal sociological needs for survival.

>> No.31159673

>Mahreens aren't allowed any romance
And that's why Leandrous was right

>> No.31159753

They didn't just put in a genetic switch that tells them not to fear, because fear is a survival response. The indication, fluff-wise, is that numerous emotions are carefully "rewired" to be more useful for combat. Fear response goes to caution or alertness. The Filial comraderie amongst Space Marines may be in part to a restructuring of various social and biological responses and behaviors, to make their cohesion as a unit more effective.

>> No.31159833


Just joining the list of awesome/stupid stuff /TG/ has invented.

>> No.31159867

If Mira is too small for his D, Titus should just cum all over her and do a one man bukkake.

Just for building morale with the Cadian women of course.

>> No.31159880

> "Lord Calgar" said the Inquisitor as he dropped to one knee. The Black Templars stood frozen where they had stopped.
> There where more flashes of light. Another group of Ultramarines appeared behind the titanic figure in armor.
> Another tall marine in ornate power-armor was helping Titus to his feet with the help of a white-clad Marine.
> "Captain Sicarius" muttered Titus to the Marine.
> "Captain Titus, I see you've outdone yourself again" he replied, leaning Titus on his shoulder.
> "On whose authority do you dare apprehend one of my veterans, Inquisitor ?!" bellowed the one called Calgar.
> The Inquisitor did not look up.
> "On the behalf of the Inquisition my lord. Captain Calgar has been acused of consorting with Chaos. The claim has been spoken by one of your own my lord. The same battle-brother that fought alongside Titus agaisnt this invasion."
> "Then it is a matter of our Chapter, Inquisitor. And the duty of testing Titus allegiance lies within me, mine and our librarians. Not within your order. Not yet!"
> The Inquisitor bowed deeper.
> "Yes my lord. At ease Templars."
> The Black Templars did not move. Lord Calgar took a step towards them, the Ultramarines behind rackling the slides of their Bolters.
> The Templars finally lowered their weapons.
> Calgar turned towards Leandros
> "We shall verify the validity of your concern, Neophyte."
> Leandros looked down
> "Captain Sicarius, escort Titus to our Apothecaries, see that we do not lose him to such petty wounds. The rest, establi-"
> "MY LORD" - Mira yelled and prostated herself in front of Calgar's armored boots.
> "Speak, guardsmen".
> "Captain Titus has saved my life, and that of my men. I owe him an eternal debth that cannot be repaid. I wish to enthrall myself in his service as gratidute."
> There was a silence. Calgar's metallic fingers brushed agaisnt one another
> "Captain Titus, do you accept this guardmen as your serf ?" He finally spoke.
> "Please..." she mutered

>> No.31159884

>Leandros was right
see >>31159261
He only ratted out Titus' because he was too troubled and closeted to acknowledge his urges and Titus made him feel threatened

>> No.31159900

Go on

>> No.31159960

>In every single instance a male has been forced by society to engage in celibacy, it ended up extremelly bad. From medieval times to today, priests have a record of doing shit that would make Slaanesh blush. We are talking about shit that goes from armpitt fucking to pedophilia (of both boys and girls) rape of corpses or bestiallity, and even multilatory masturbation

You do realize people do that shit even when they are allowed to have regular heteronormative sex, right?

Simple repression and denial is not going to work. Bottling anything up is not good. But just because you're mad doesn't mean screaming and punching shit will make you feel any better or ease your aggression in any way. If you can process what makes you angry and stressed, then it will help to calm you down. Same with sex. You're not gonna explode if you can't rub one off every now and then, like it's some valve you need to open. You need to understand your feelings and desires and process them.

As Buddha would put it, simply having sex will never satisfy your desire to have sex. You need to deal with the desire, not the act.

Marines go through a ton of mind fucking, therapy and treatments. They're very far from regular humans in every aspect.

>> No.31160022

that's a reasonable assertion, you might think they could only produce something kinda like a mutant, which to any loyal astartes would be the same thing as becoming sterile, although do you think a ultramarine or a imperial fist might make a normal kid? (in these hypothetical situations)

>> No.31160076


> "It would be my honor, Mira." Titus spoke at last.
> ---------------------------------\\--------------------------------------------
> For 3 days Titus stayed at the Apothecarion. Chaos inflicted wounds where slow to heal, and could fester and cause corruption, she had been told by the Apothecary as he had informed her. Still, 3 days was too short of a time for a full recovery, at least for regular humans. After that she had not been allowed to see him, for he was to be probed by the Librarians and questioned by the Chapter Master.
> On the eve of the third day she had been in an adjoining cell next to that which belonged to Titus, one belonging to serfs. They had given her plain white tunics with the Ultramarines symbol embroilled in it. serf garbs. Other serfs had briefed her on what her duties would consist off. Assisting the Captain, cleaning his armor, provinding him with writting utensils, fetching dataslates, and in general doing whatever the Captain required of her.
> A servitor had come the day before to deliver Titus repaired armor. It had mounted the armor neatly on a rack, and informed her that Titus heraldry had been once more inserted into the plating. It had also informed her to counseling Titus into having him wear the heraldry instead of pulling it out as it was his habit.
> She had been busy polishing the armor. Each piece weighted way too much and she couldn't figure out how a Marine could move inside of it. She had attempted to polish the breastplate first but it was too much for her to bear and it had collapsed on the floor, tearing a chunk of her garb with it.
> Instead she had opted to polish a vambrace. Still heavy, but she could bear it. She had tucked away her garb, afraid of damaging it further.
> "What are you doing, Mira ?"
> She gasped and dropped the vambrace. Titus was standing in the doorway, wearing a plain tunic and leather pants.
> "My lord Titus, I was doing my duty as your serf and polishing your armor."

>> No.31160109

good use of a buddha quote

>> No.31160111


>> No.31160147

Space marine romance is one of those things left vague, most likely as a deliberate choice by GW. Either way is plausible and leaving it unsaid allows people to imagine it being whatever way they prefer. Plus, no one reads space marine fiction for the romance.
Personally, I like to think of space marines as devout knights who are still relatively human in mindset, as opposed to the more brainwashed and inhuman interpretation.
Looking at the lore, there are enough chapters stated to have human preoccupations that it's clear that even if some space marines are mostly inhuman in mentality, clearly several still have much in common with normal men.

>> No.31160205

The pretty much answered this in the Emperor's Gift, where the main character is able to find the female Inquisitor his squad is currently with attractive, but ultimately he feels no need to do anything.

>> No.31160216

>leather pants

>> No.31160252

Proceeed and be quick about it.

>> No.31160261

She's horny because the dude is jacked, AND he was only in the contest to get money for cancer treatment for either his mother or his daughter. Something stupid dreams are made of.

>> No.31160304

Isn't Space Marine semen acide?

>> No.31160312

> "No, I meant, why have you done this ?"
> "My lord ?"
> "Why have you enthralled yourself to me ?"
> "I owe you life debt Titus."
> "The truth now Liutenant."
> Mira looked down at his feet.
> "You know fully well why Titus."
> He stepped into the room and picked up the heavy breast plate, pinching it between thumb and index finger. He then placed it back into the rack.
> "There is still time to revert this. I can have you at Maccrage. A good position amongst our planetary defense force. I can even see that you get our own household. I owe a title I do not use. I do not wish for you to serve me."
> "Titus, I..."
> "You know this is not allowed Mira. You know that even if it was, it would never work."
> "Titus, you don't know."
> "I've lived for 368 years Mira, I belive I know more than you will ever know."
> She stared at his face.
> "I am not a man, Mira."
> "Yes you are. I'd be surprissed. Remember ? You told me yourself."
> His face grew stern.
> "As you wish liutenant. But remember, I cannot correspond to your feelings."
> "Then why did you throw yourself in that Black Templar, Titus ?"
> "Enough" He turned his back and walked away.
> Later it ocurred to her he had walked in while she was without her garb, wearing nothing but loincloth. She blushed.
> He did not talk to her for days afterwards. She would stay in her cell, or go around the ship in boredom. Titus would only return to his cell so often to read a dataslate, remove his armor and sleep a few minutes in the oversized cot. Most of the time he spent in the armory, sparring with other marines, or with a Librarian, who'd probe his mind for the taint of chaos.
> On one particular day she entered Titus cell bearing fresh robes and tunics for the Captain. She set about placing them in the small drawers and then started organizing the various dataslates Titus had left all over the room.
> "Liutenant."
> She gasped.
> Titus was standing in the doorway between their adjoining cells.

>> No.31160329

It's funny because his wife was right here.

>> No.31160348


>> No.31160360


>> No.31160444

>you will never have a space marine husbandro

It hurts to live.

>> No.31160500


Continue plz

>> No.31160509

By all means - CONTINUE

>> No.31160513

> "Where have you been ?"
> "I... I was out doing my duties m'lord."
> "Stop that."
> "What m'lord ?"
> "That. I am not your lord woman."
> She felt a tingle of anger.
> "Then stop calling me Liutenant."
> "That is your rank."
> "I'm and not a guardsman anymore Titus."
> "What happened to "M'lord" ?"
> She looked him in the eye.
> "Are you jesting ?"
> "No."
> She stared at him, then picked up a dataslate from where she had dropped it.
> He kept standing there.
> "Is there anything else m'lord ?"
> "Do you still aim to keep this charade ?"
> "I don't know that which you speak off."
> "Are you that much of a fool ?"
> She picked the dataslate and flung it at his face
> It smashed agaisnt his forehead into a thousand pieces and he didn't even flinch.
> "You dare call me a fool ? You are the fool! You wouldn't appreciate gratitude not even if it smacked you in the face!"
> "You serve me for gratidute, or for love ?"
> "You saved my life!"
> "I did my duty."
> "You can't lie to me."
> Titus stepped inside and sat on his cot.
> "You are a fool."
> "Don't call me a fool again Titus."
> "You are still a fool."
> She tried to slap him on the face. His gigantic fist caught her hand in the air.
> "Stop that foolish thing"
> She tackeld him. It was like coliding with a rock wall. He didn't budge. She warped both her arms around his neck and tried wrestling him down. He didn't even flinch.
> "What are you trying to do Mira ?"
> She looked him in the face, her rage was such that she was shaking.
> "You are a fool captain. I serve you because you save me. Not only from the Orkz, not only from Chaos. You saved me those times for duty. But I server you because you offered yourself to the Inquisitor. Then again from the other Astartes. You saved me Titus, not when you had to. But because you wanted to.
> He stared at her.

>> No.31160538

>3 - A Yeah probably. They are big, mascular and generally Alpha Males. Women mostly like that sort of thing.

theres a point of dimineshing returns with that. women like alpha males within the context of a human. that roided up dude isn't attractive, let alone a space marine built like a fridge made of beef

>> No.31160594

Not to mention that they're full of plugs, excrete a mucus that seals them against the vacuum of space, have acid saliva, and probably have no idea how to use their "inside voice".

>> No.31160641

>no idea how to use their "inside voice".

>> No.31160685


It not a flaw, its a feature.

>> No.31160713

>all women have the same tastes
Have you ever heard of fetishes? A woman could get wet just from seeing a man eat. It all boils down to conditioning and personal tastes.
For example Mira was conditioned that the most valuable virtue of a man, that determines his worth as a partner and a father figure of her children, is strength, valor and self-sacrifice in the name of others.
Now let's take a generic guardsman that get taken out by one chop or bullet. His morale is lacking and he will drop his weapon and run at the first sign of strugle. Also do I need to talk about doing what's right in the face of terror?
Now, imagine how the space marine should have looked like to her. Like an angel of death, he came swooping down on his foes, tearing them to pieces without any regard for himself and his safety. There you have it - the perfect man. Atleast in her eyes.

>> No.31160732

> "You saved me because I mean something to you. There's more man to you than I can imagine, Captain. You told me yourself. And if there's a man inside your Astartes husk, then that man loves me!"
> "I cannot love you Mira."
> "But you do...Isn't there enough evil around already that we can't cherish the good things, like love Titus ? Your order is about fighting for what the Emperor sought to defend. Isn't love one of those things ? Is love not worthy ?"
> "I'm sorry Mira."
> "I'm not."
> She kissed him.
> His lips where hard like rock and oversized.
> She kissed him again.
> "Mira"
> "Shut it Titus, if you can't love me, then I'll have at least this."
> "Then lock the door."
> She looked up in his face and smiled.
> She stood up, when to the chamber door and pressed the key to lock it.
> Halfway back she stopped and pulled her robe over her head.
> "I thought you just wanted to kiss."
> "I want much more than that Captain."
> Titus sighed and stood and went for the door to her cell
> She moved to stand in his way.
> "Sit, Captain. You owe me"
> He looked at her for a while, and sat.
> She pulled her loincloths and dropped them on the floor. Then she pulled his tunic over his head.
> "This is unheard off." He spoke
> "Until now."
> She kissed him again then kissed him on his neck. Her hands ran through his rock-hard torso feeling every muscle and scar. The scars where numerous.
> She took his nipple in the mouth and moved her hand inside his trousers.
> Her hand closed on what she was looking for. She gauged the size and gasped.
> "Emperor's holy throne" she though.
> She pulled his trousers open and stared at his member.
> "Will that fit into me ?"
> "Fit what, where, Mira ?"
> "Silence you."
> She knelt in front of him and tried taking the huge thing into her mouth.
> He stiffened.
> His member went rigid at once, filling every corner of her mouth.

>> No.31160765

By all that is holy - YOU SHALL CONTINUE.

>> No.31160874

>on any porn search engine
If you're going to use google as a verb, at least use it when talking about google.

>> No.31160920

Dis gun b gud

>> No.31160973


> "Oh fuck" she though
> The took the thing off her mouth with some effort.
> Erect it was even bigger.
> "So you are a grower AND a shower."
> "I don't even know what those things mean Mira."
> "But I know you know what this means."
> She took his member to her mouth once more. She couldn't get it past the glands but she tried to relax her throat and forced her head down. It went inside her throat with some effort. She only got it halfway in before she gagged.
> "How did that felt?" She asked, tears running down her eyes
> "Good."
> "Then relax"
> She repeated it several times. Each time she tried to take it deeper but she could not. She kept at it. Her eyes where watering but everytime she felt him stiffen she decided it was worth it. At last she felt what she was aiming for. His member because rock solid and he moved his hand to force her down. That's when she pulled out.
> "Not yet!"
> "This is awfully more complicated then what I remember it to be Mira."
> "Ssshhh"
> She made him lay on his back and then stood atop of him. She crouched down with her legs spread and directed his shaft in between her legs.
> When she had it in the right position she started to drop her weight and allowed the tip of his member to enter her.
> "Here we go" she sighted.
> It was painfull. The tip itself was huge and she felt like it was spreading everything on the way in.
> She moved her hips a bit to get her juices to lubricate him
> That was when he grabbed her by the hips and forced her down
> She gasped
> It hurt like shotting a lasrifle in your own feet, but felt good just like a fresh cup of Recaff in the morning.
> "I could not wait, you where taking too long"
> "Apologies"
> "At least it's in..."
> She started rocking her hips back and forth, then up and down. His member slipped in and out.
> Her juices soaked the bed, her sweat ran down on his abdomen. She placed his hand on her breast and told him to squeeze it.

>> No.31160993

Aww, I thought it was going to turn out he's like a ken doll

>> No.31161060

>> "I don't even know what those things mean Mira."

>> No.31161096


>> No.31161134

I have been reading this to the tune of Clive Barker's Jericho OST.

It just makes it funnier.

>> No.31161198

You're doing gods work anon

>> No.31161215

fucking gud mang

>> No.31161236

> Titus squeezed her breast gently. For her it felt like a vice, yet it was not unpleasurable. A drop of milk dropped from her nipple.
> He seemed amused by it. Innocently, like a child who is amused by a new toy. He pressed more and more until milk ran down his hand and her stomach.
> She had forgotten she could do this. So much time in a battlefield and she had forgotten almost everything about her own body.
> She moaned. She had him take her nipple into his mouth. He did as necessary without her even asking it, sucked on it greedly and had her moaning within minutes.
> She started moving her hips more vigorously as she noticed he was starting to thrust into her for once.
> She tried to match his rhythm as best as she could but she soon grew tired. No mortal can equate an Astartes stamina.
> In the end she had him hold both her arms down while he thrusted into her.
> She started couting "One imperial ship, two imperial ships"
> He kept thrusting
> "...seveteen imperial ships... eighteen imperial ships."
> He kept thrusting.
> And thrusting
> and thrusting
> It didn't take long for her to change her count
> "seventeen orgasms.... eighteen orgasms... oh fuck here I go again."
> She went to hell and heaven back and forth. She touched the sun. She flew among the stars. She tasted the warp. She commuted with the Omnisiah.
> She stared at the rock of a man laying between her legs.
> He had his eyes closed, sweating profusely. She knew he was close
> She didn't care for how much time they had been at it. Someone had knocked on the door either minutes or hours ago calling for Titus, her being midway through an orgasm, had yelled "WE ARE TRYING TO FUCK HERE", whoever was knocking had stopped.
> She felt his member stiffen insider her. It became as solid as ceramite. Titus let out a groan and stared her in the eye.
> She orgasmed as she felt his warm seed fill her. It was way too much volume for a normal woman to handle, it dripped out into the sheets.

>> No.31161275

>ceramite hard

>> No.31161287

Wait, is Mira already pregnant, or on a bunch of hormones, or is lactation just your fetish?

>> No.31161300

>Me reading this

>> No.31161308

Who cares - this is beyond gold.

>> No.31161318

btw the lactation thing is ridiculous, you could have spared us your hentai approximations
otherwise it's great work

>> No.31161341

>she's trying to wrestle him down
>"what are you trying to do Mira?"

I lol'd

>> No.31161391

Space marines were created to be perfect weapons of war...

lightning reflexes

eidetic memory

superhuman toughness

who know no fear

... and tiny penises with no sensitivity that retract into the body for self protection

>> No.31161429

> His seed kept dripping out of her as she fell on his chest and hugged him. His member was still pulsating more and more into her.
> She closed her eyes and felt his twin heart beat like a jackhammer on plasteel.
> "That was... satisfying." he said.
> "I take it you enjoyed it."
> "Indeed"
> He kissed her for a long time.
> "I can see this working" she said.
> He didn't respond.
> Later that day he excused himself to atend the Chapter Master. Mira started cleaning the room. She threw her and his sweat stained robes and tunics into the cots sheet, along with pieces of the dataslate.
> The sheets had been stained with semen, milk, sweat and her own juices. She decided to best throw it all away and wrapped it all in a bundle.
> She picked a new change of robes and exited into the ship corridor with the bundle in hands.
> A few moments later she passed Titus walking the length of a hall along Lord Calgar and Captain Sicarius.
> She stared down at the floor as she passed them and muttered "my lord"
> Titus nodded. Lord Calgar remained stern and Captain Sicarius turned to look at her.
> As she walked past them she overheard Sicarius voice
> "I wish my serf where like Titus. Would take the edge of campaigning all the time.
> Lord Calgar did a metallic sound with his throat that seemed like an "Uhm"
> "What good are serfs ? I wish I still had anything besides machinery bellow my waist Captain Sicarius."
> She laughed out loud and had to duck behind a pillar as she felt the marines turning to look.
> Lord Calgar did another noise and Sicarius chuckled.
> "You did good Titus." said Calgar.

>> No.31161448


10% of women can lactate at will.

My gf used to squirt milk at me when I was playing vidya. Fucking annoying

>> No.31161465


So you guys are fine with squirting, deepthroating a elephant cock but not lactation ?

Lol wat

>> No.31161509

stfu I ain't gonna justify shit

>> No.31161543

Oh god I'm just picturing this is killing my sides

>> No.31161550

I'm not saying that I am saving all of these >>31161429 (but I am)
Praise the Emperor!

>> No.31161569

Also I'll do a quick grammar check and post results if anyone wants.

>> No.31161651

My god I thought I was the only one who played that game...

>> No.31161655

Proceed with my blessings, Scribe.

>> No.31161671

The game got 6 out of 10 - you're definitely not the only one.

>> No.31161680

OP here

This thread did NOT go the way I expected it to go.

>> No.31161698

>With my hammer, Godsplitter.

>> No.31161713


Now wait just a goddamn minute. I know how internet statistics work, but this one's beyond bogus. I've sucked on a lot more than 10 sets of tits, and the only ones that were paying out were on chicks with newborns or who were still breast feeding. If even HALF that many women could lactate at-will, you'd see 100x more lactation porn. Yes, you can flip the biological switches to turn that on, but it's a process, and that's not exactly at-will.

>> No.31161714

Geeze, it looks like his head is shopped onto his body.

>> No.31161725

>She went to hell and heaven back and forth. She touched the sun. She flew among the stars. She tasted the warp. She commuted with the Omnisiah.

>Commuted with the Omnisiah

I don't even care if this was a mistake or not, I love you

>> No.31161731

Hey, you got to get to Space Work somehow

>> No.31161735

God that game is one of my cult favorites. When I started it and I saw the Minigun/Magic crystal combo with Steve blum voice Acting I knew it was gonna be good.

>> No.31161764

Why? I dont even use google.com.

Bing is the much superior method of googling things. Bing is arguably the best googler on the internet. Go google me a better googler than Bing. You would probably have to use Bing to find such a googler.

>> No.31161768

what if it's a standard procedure in the training of female cadian officers so they can breastfeed their soldiers if they run out of rations ?

>> No.31161807

Man, people who think a girl fucking a space marine would harm her have a BIZARRE outlook on sex.

Space marines aren't inhumanly tall. They're 6' something (6'3" to 6'6", depending on how much the size added from their power armor is).

Official GW height: 7' IN ARMOR
FFG height puts it at similar.

>> No.31161826


>> No.31161841

It had it's parts here and there. My personal favorite was the character design and the "...wut" stories of my companions.
Now that I think about it - I couldn't even say that that game should be judged by aspects like gameplay or level design. It was an experienced. And I liked it.

>> No.31161849

>within the context of a human
The context is different in 40k though.

>> No.31161855

Its not canon that they can conserve 100% of the biomass, that's fanwank, a la "orks are invincible and would win everything if they believed it."

If that fanwank was true, the tyranids could just turbo-evolve by ouroborousing themselves for all eternity.

>> No.31161869

yeah I felt it too as I wrote

>> No.31161888

> I've sucked on a lot more than 10 sets of tits

This logic would be valid if there where only 100 in the world anon.

>> No.31161890


>> No.31161897

Couldn't have put it better myself.

>> No.31161900

Space marines aren't 'genetically engineered to fear death'. Legion-derived marines, loyalist or otherwise, don't have And They Shall Know No Fear.

Space marines absolutely have self preservation instincts, they'd be useless as warriors otherwise. They just normally channel it into fighting even more effectively.

Not to mention that even if you don't feel the usual biological imperatives towards sex, that doesn't stop it from happening.

>> No.31161916

>I've sucked on a lot more than 10 sets of tits
But to disprove this you'd have to have sucked on more than 90% of the sets of tits of the world

>> No.31161919


> Meanwhile somewhere in the warp
> Tzeentch is sitting in front of a monitor, slunched back on his chair, hand inside his pants, room floor covered in tissue papers
> "That totally did not go as planned, but just as well."
> Slaanesh peeks over the door and says "lol"

>> No.31161976

>implying Tzeentch isn't sobbing as Slaanesh is sliding a hand down his pants and whispering "jus as planned"

>> No.31162215


That seems like something the emperor's children would do to captive sisters of battle or guardswomen.

>> No.31162218

Mira, if she really is thinking that, is a statistical anomaly. An example of "humans really will try to fuck anything eventually". Most have no interest in the rather-de-sexed-despite-the-looks avenging angels of The God Emperor Of Mankind.

As for Titus, he may or may not still have a penis, if he does he may or may not have been chem-gelded, and even if not, chances are his dreams are... uh... ya know.


Space Marines live in a world of men.

>> No.31162261

>Nigga have you seen the size of a fucking baby? Spesscock can't be that big.

You do realize birthing requires the female body to pump gratuitous amounts of hormones, pain killers and dilators just to make the birth work?

And even then, the vagina gets stretched and distorted.

>> No.31162288

Yes but these are 'assigned' [or sticking around as giant uncle bobstartes] families. They're not dicking anything. It's just that the Salamanders realized they need to remind marines just who it is they're fighting for, lest they all turn into assholes in blue and white.

Thus, everyone gets a giant uncle to help out on the farm or wherever.

>> No.31162315

Here is the once through of Titus and Lieutenant Mira's vertical tango.

Please tell if you find grammatical or syntax errors.

>> No.31162320

I dunno, that might make a real woman all the more alluring. Most of these guys are taken from their homes when they're kids, you know. Anywhere from 12 to 18. It's not like a Spartan society, where they're sent to live in barracks when they're 7 and stay there until..what, their thirties? Then they get married, I think?

Space Marines probably have memories of loves and crushes, and even proper girlfriends.

>> No.31162348

Do they explode into each-other with a background of roses when you continue?

>> No.31162374

Near the end. "I wish my serf where like Titus." Were? Or, maybe it's supposed to be "was like Titus's serf?" I'm honestly not exactly understanding what he means there.

>> No.31162381

oh yeah. The whole "we're tougher because the pain of childbirth" is a load of bullshit. the reason we take that without having a heart attack or stroke from all the pain is that our body produces enough drugs to kill a fucking horse for the occasion.

toughing out Compound Fractures are a different matter entirely.

>> No.31162408

Keep in mind though that they're heavily rewired as to what is 'good' and pleasure.

Screaming the praises of the emperor is now a source of pleasure. Maintaining your armor feels good. Protecting your battle brothers with your life is YES YES YES.

>> No.31162439

Typing Titus' means (I wish my serf was like his)

>> No.31162461

That's more of an Emperor's Children thing. Its only a couple traitor legions that have done that.

>> No.31162516

>> No.31162567

Perfect. Now in need of its own page in 1d4chan's NSFW section.

>> No.31162581

I will leave that with you now gentlemen.

>> No.31162626

Semen covered, dumb
slaaneshi scum

>> No.31162799

>took out commuting with the Omnisiah
Shit tier -1000/10 please die

>> No.31162865

I thought the spaccies were castrated when they join the chapter.

>> No.31162917

>implying that isn't fixed.
If you're gonna TL;DR then do so but don't pretend you've read though it.

>> No.31162990

I think that there was a book that talked about a Space Marine who had a gf and lost his virginity to her at the age of 16. The next day he was recruited. He fucked the girl and then gave the best excuse to dump her: "Sorry baby I'm going to became a transhuman ageless supersoldier. It's not you, it's me."

Honestly I think most marines would be total virgins. Maybe they were never explained how sex worked.

>> No.31163003

isn't that how the whole 40k universe works?

>> No.31163078

I don't think they're castrated, I think they are infertile/dysfunctional because of the massive amounts of hormones introduced into their system to make them super soldiers.

Also they live a monastic lifestyle with their battle-brothers. If they are functional at all, they're probably into other transhuman men.

>> No.31163095

That's probably Ragnar Blackmane

Anyway, them being virgins is higly unlikely, since their recruitment pool usually comprises the most alpha boys of tribal communities

>> No.31163102

this must be archived on 1d4chan

>> No.31163215


Nah, Ragnhar was midway into a fuck with a girl he liked when another tribe invaded his village and started killing everyone. He was like, "Well, that was fun, could've been good, but it was fun." and she was "yeah, it was alright, I suppose we go die now right ?" and he's like "Yep" then he picks up an axe and kills a bunch of the invading tribe and midway through the battle a Space Wolf shows up, nods to him, then he kills a bunch of more dudes and takes an axe to the face. He then wakes up with said Space Wolf loading him into a Thunderbird.

>> No.31163226

>Aren't Ultramarines notorious for starting families and having households AFTER they become Ultras ?
No. You completely made that up.

Families which brought forth a fitting recruit for the chapter take great pride in it. But SM don't retire. They fight until they die a violent death.

>Also explain Space Wolves
The instances of SW fucking (ragnar and lukas) happened before they were recruited. Consequently don't have any significance for the topic in question.

>> No.31163256


Ragnar fell in love with an Inquisitor, the fuck you are talking about

>> No.31163345

>But SM don't retire. They fight until they die a violent death.

Do they though?

Ortan Cassius is described as the 'oldest, active Ultramarine' which would imply there are even older, INACTIVE Ultramarines.

>> No.31163351


>> No.31163393

I think there is mention in some istances of SM "retiring" from active duties due to old age/injuries (there was stuff like problems with bionics IIRC) and acting as counselors, but I'm not sure

>> No.31163401

Yes. And those guys are all in dreadnought sarcophagi.

>> No.31163413

They're probably the poor sons of bitches stuck in Dreadnought coffins.

>> No.31163414


>> No.31163499

Surely a huge walker that counsels commanders in strategy on the battlefield and wades straight into enemies to rip them apart would be considered 'active' members of the Chapter?

>> No.31163504

the bunch that got lost in the outer reaches of the galaxy with those space sirens in the codex.

>> No.31163582

>Ragnar fell in love with an Inquisitor, the fuck you are talking about
The book only hints at that, and has him wonder about how his perspective has changed.

It's not a love story. That's just wishful thinking on your part.

>> No.31163619

Awakened only when their advice/face-smashing ability is desperately needed by the Chapter. Since they are counted among a Chapter's greatest treasures.

>> No.31163648

The only instance of a "retired" space marine i have ever read about was the winner of a fanfic competition.
the hook was that a administratum scribe was admiring all those brave heroes he read about in the paper he shuffled, turned out he was a marine that was reduced to barely above potatoe status due to brain damage. and since he was 'one of the emprahs finest' they didn't put him out of his misery.

fanfic though.

>> No.31163695

Salamanders "retire" when they get too bored to continue and succumb to ennui. But their retirement consists of wandering off into the wilderness of Nocturne with nothing but robes and a walking stick.
Which come to think of it, sounds like it might be a Dune reference.

>> No.31163738

>commuted with the Omnisah

now i have to explain to my orthodox father why i'm snorting with laughter.....

>> No.31163746

> Is said Space Marine gonna find himself enough time and proper place for it to happen ? (Assuming a SM can't take a female comissar to his battle barge and battle barge her.)

Such dedication to the Emperor, such beauty, somebody write smut now! And with a good chapter, like Black Templars! The puns with Imperial Fists would be unforgivable

>> No.31163755


This articles mention Space Marines that are too old to die in battle. At least, among the Salamanders.

>> No.31163759

They'd make him into a Chapter Serf, like they do with failed initiates.

>> No.31163820

Makes me think of the old black dude in power armor in a rocking chair from the Brood War intro.


Ah, those long lost days when Blizzard hadn't drowned in mediocrity.

>> No.31163848

Might be seen as indignified if Brother Captain Joe, hero of the BBQ crusades and veteran of the purging of the steaksauce-quadrant, got reduced to Servitor #39678, keeper of the chapters sanitary facilities.

>> No.31163902

He serves the Chapter, and he serves the Emperor. Only in death does duty end.

They wouldn't need to servitor him. There are plenty of non-combat roles that are filled by the aforementioned failed initiates and trusted humans from the recruiting world.

>> No.31163935

Some chapters servitor all their serfs. The servitoring, or lack thereof, of serfs various from chapter to chapter.
Like everything in 40k.

>> No.31163955

kind of reminds me...

>> No.31164010

>Except they aren't, idiots.
Yes they are. Fluff is clear on that.

>> No.31164020

Seems to me like the most logical use of 'retired' marines would be as instructors and shit in training exercises.

>> No.31164069

>Implying Nui could Kill la Kill Mako.

>> No.31164076

Totally. But in this case they were talking about one who had suffered extreme brain trauma.

>> No.31164113

Ah right right
I guess any kind of service is better than no service if they are still capable of rendering it.

>> No.31164123

Space Wolves novels. Included a guy being called a womanizer.

>> No.31164135

So, I heard a lot of the Chapter serfs are failed male initiates, but it's also stated that many of these serfs have families, married and even have kids, like the Excoriator serfs. My question is, how do they recruit the women? I'm pretty sure the Chapter fortress is well guarded and they wouldn't let just any person barge in and I'm assuming the male serfs rarely leave the fortress, so how do they court women?

>> No.31164151

It's not so unusual, anyone who thinks Space Marine romance is out of this world is just projecting.

>> No.31164274

I've always imagined how proud the family of a succesful space marine would be, and how sad it would be when the space marine doesn't come home for 50 years because he's crusading.

Some grandpa is telling his grandchildren of how he met his families' astarte as a wee lad, only to die a couple of days before their space marine comes home to greet them again..

>> No.31164402


Well they are serfs. That would seem to imply that their whole family swears to serve the Chapter indefinitely. I'd imagine that there's whole villages of serfs near Chapter Monasteries, and that the women either work for the Chapter too or just take care of the home and children. The children of the serfs would doubtless contain some of the next generation of aspirants.

>> No.31164452

>Implying it wouldn't be a Crimson Fist by the end.

>> No.31164625

I always thought it was depressing for parents to know they will never see their child again. The imperial fists, for example, have chapter keeps all over Terra and a couple of other worlds where aspirants from all walks of life are allowed to participate, presumably because the Fists reward the families with fame or maybe monetary compensation for the poor families. It's stated that once an aspirant is considered worthy to be a Space marine, the Fists inform the Neophyte' families so that they may rejoice at their offspring's great fortune.

Keyword there is "may" because I can see it as a mixed blessing. On one side, their child has become an angel of death, a divine being to most imperial citizens. On the other, they can no longer call him their child, because he is now a son of Dorn.

>> No.31164696

No, they are seven feet tall outside their armor, according to Origins of the Legiones Astartes, you nigger.

>> No.31164753

The Raven Guard from the Damocles novel had exactly that. Memories of kissing a girl, of killing the man who raped her with a shard of metal, etc.

>> No.31164843

There are like a dozen of them in Space Marine. The book.

>> No.31165114

no it doesn't, what the fuck are you saying? It implies they would have sex with something OTHER than a human


>> No.31165160

Same thing happened in the Deathwing short story. Cloud Runner remembered a girl that he had loved before becoming a Space Marine, and still carried a charm made of her hair hundreds of years later.

That's kind of old fluff, so it's not as legitimate compared to newer things, however.

>> No.31165260

> "What good are serfs ? I wish I still had anything besides machinery bellow my waist Captain Sicarius."

My sides have achieved escape velocity and will be achieving geosynchronous orbit within a few hours.

>> No.31165523

>Space Marine. The book.

>Although the temptation was great to rewrite significant portions of this book to make it conform to current background, as a curiosity piece, an historical snapshot of the Warhammer 40,000 universe circa the early 1990s, this book is invaluable.

Not exactly 100% conform to current fluff anymore though.

>> No.31165576

Laurie Golding can suck my asshole. Also Laurie is a girl's name.

>> No.31165587

I actually read a summary of that book. Get this - a group of scouts actually get into a Titan of some sort, eat the brains of the Princeps and his crew, and use those skills they've learned to pilot the thing.

>> No.31165660

>Also Laurie is a girl's name.
Is it not?
Only read the name, don't know the person behind it.

>> No.31165749

>Although the temptation was great to rewrite significant portions
>an historical snapshot
black library why do you suck so much

>> No.31165868

okay did some googling.

from his twitter.
>Commissioning editor and continuity loremaster for Black Library.
>continuity loremaster for Black Library
>Black Library


Also he's painting Star Wars models on his twitter. top kek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVxevIgVmG8 [\spoiler]

>> No.31166830

I don't know why, but that image just makes this comment inexplicably funny to me

>> No.31166882


I'm the guy that wrote this.

If you guys want more let me know.

Accepting requests as well as continuing this storyline

>> No.31166934

Probably any woman that realizes he's a brainwashed mutant.

>> No.31166946

requesting Mira with another female serf

>> No.31167012

As they say every Jack has his Jill.

>> No.31167106

Female commissar with space marine.

>> No.31167130

Can I get an image of a female space marine out of her power armor?

I wonder how wacky that shit would look.

>> No.31167147

Actually never mind not commissar, sororita would be better.

>> No.31167208

why would you waste a female commissar in anything but an IG related femdom scenario?

>> No.31167271

I did change my mind.
But on that subject, I say why not.

>> No.31167281


something with Gabriel angelos, he names his dick "cuntsplitter"

>> No.31167393

>Immortal being sets out to create an army of nearly perfect supermen to liberate the galaxy
>Complete control over their body and mind, their bodies are clay in his hand
>He forgets about sexual desires
E removed the means and the desire from his warriors.
Procreation is yet another thing that separates Astartas and Mortal.
If they could fuck, there would be entire systems over run with 100% Space Marine Planets.

>> No.31167411

The real question.

Is just how alfalfa Mira is.
She isn't only a female imperial guardsman.

She's an imperial guardsman that's like, only 1 foot shorter than a space marine.
All other IG are dwarfs compared to him.
But Mira?

That girls got some kind of alfalfa genetics.

>> No.31167570

They do it like in the movies, anon.

Apparently Tom Cruise used his mind control powers to remove all records of him standing on a box from the internet.

>> No.31167681


> "Lord Calgar is a stern man" said Katerine, letting out a sigh. Mira paid attention.
> "...Lord Calgar is a stern man. He requires discipline and duty at all times. Servitors must be on point for his schedule maintances 3 times a time. Four times a day he goes to his room to acess information, I must fetch the required dataslates, after he leaves all dataslates must be reorganized and turned back into the archives. Whenever he wises for a tome, he goes and fetches it himself, at least that's a relief."
> Katerine stopped long enough to sigh again.
> "I must confess Mira, this is not what I expected when my family offered me this "honor". I expected glory, to counsel him when he need it, to provide relief from the stress of battle and planning. I'm just a glorified house-maid."
> "It is not that bad Katerine."
> "I've been serving at this Fortress Monastery for 10 years Mira. It is that bad. Even when Lord Calgar was felled in battle agaisnt the Tyranids I was the one who stood there with him in his flagship, staring as the Tech-Priests and Apothecaries turned him into a machine. He didn't even notice it Mira. He kept bellowing orders around as servo units where drilled into his head."
> Mira looked away. Poor Katherine. Most serfs weren't as lucky as she was. Titus didn't demand much of her. Actually Titus had serfs serving her.
> "But on another mather, how fares our illustrious 2nd Captain Commander ?" Katerine asked.
> "Sicarius ?"
> "Titus, Mira."
> Mira blushed. Katherine noticed it.
> "Titus is the second in command of the 2nd Company, the proxy for Captain Sicarius when he's attending the Chapter Master. He shares rank with Sicarius but Sicarius holds seniority."
> "I know, but that's not what I asked."
> "He Campaign hard for months or years and stays too little. What am I to say Kat, I am only a serf."
> "We all know you are a bit more than that Mira." She winked.
> Mira blushed harder
> "Those are rumours."

>> No.31167728

Knowing the Emperor, he might not have ever intended the Space Marines to last longer than the Great Crusade.

Besides, it's not like he was able to create them from the ground up - he had to take a human and turn them into a Space Marine. There's a lot you can do, but there has to be some limits.

>> No.31167899

awww yis

>> No.31167970

> A pair of blonde, young looking serfs passed them and let out a giggle as they overheard the conversation.
> Mira was feeling uneasy.
> "So... how "big" is he ? Actually, how does it feels like, you know, getting it on with an Astartes! I can only imagine it being similar to a horse because of their stamina an-"
> "Stop it Kat." Mira shifted the heavy cloak she was carrying from one arm to the other.
> "I'm sorry Mi. These things just makes us curious. I envy that everytime Titus comes back to the Chapter House he locks himself in that room with you. I envy that he has made you his queen. You are living what most of us serfs would consider a dream.
> "I'm not his queen, I'm his...I don't know... wife ? Can Marines have wifes ?"
> "No. There's no such thing. I read it in a tome once that Lord Primarch Guilliman used to have a consort. A mistress that was his private confidant. Maybe you are Titus mistress."
> "That doesn't sound nice."
> "Well, depends on how you see it. I prefer it better than "bedserf"."
> "Kat..."
> "Oh alright I'm sorry again. I'm just lonely Mira. I used to fantasize about Lord Calgar but I guess not all Marines are capable of what Titus does for you."
> "Oh Kat, I wish there was something I could do for you."
> "Let me spend a night with Titus! I JEST, I JEST! Calm down Mira!"
> Mira unclenched her fist.
> "Well, at least you can help me carry this laundry back to my cell."
> "You got it Kat."

>> No.31168181


The Mexicans could into space?

>> No.31168185

Well Lord Calgar probably doesn't actually possess a penis anymore.

>> No.31168220

>"Oh Kat, I wish there was something I could do for you."

I was disappointed when this didnt lead to a steamy lesbian romp

>> No.31168312

didn't you read the thread? we've been commuting with the Omnissiah in here.

> "What good are serfs ? I wish I still had anything besides machinery bellow my waist Captain Sicarius."

>> No.31168358


> They walked the lengthy corridors of the Fortress Monastery until they reached Katherine's cell.
> Lord Calgar wore little to no clothing, except for the ones that adorned his armor. Each piece was the size of a tapestry and weighted just as much. Both where sweating as they got there. Mira pitied Katherine for she often carried these burdens herself.
> Katherine's cell were spacious and ample. A luxury for a serf, but it fitted her rank as the Chapter Master personal serf.
> They laid Lord Calgars adornments in an oversized ornate chest, in a separate gallery attached to her cell. The Chapter Master allowed none to enter his private chambers save when he required it.
> "May I offer you a refreshment Mira ? Or do you have any pressing duty to attend to ? It seems I'm done for the day. Stay a while and let us talk"
> "I can stay" Mira said.
> Ever since her new "status" with Captain Titus she hardly did any serf activity. Instead her wandered the Fortress Monastery all day, sparred with the Maccragian recruits at the PDF training grounds (she still had her fight left in her) and chatted with the local guardsmen regiment. Besides that most of her days where immersed in complete boredom. Mira cherished being able to have a normal conversation.
> "Wine or recaff ?"
> "Wine"
> Katherine produced two cups from a nearby drawer and poured wine from a small jar at a desk.
> "It gets lonely in here Mira. No other serfs talk to me for they see the Chapter Master in me, and all I get to do it menial work."
> "Kat, I think you are depressed. Maybe a medserf can get you on some stim."
> "Nah, this is all the stim I need." she raised the cup of wine "although I need other things..."
> Katherine voice died.
> "Let us bathe Mira, carring Lord Calgar's tapestry has left us in a mess."
> Mira looked around.
> "Here ?"
> "I have my private bath chamber. Comes with being the Chapter Master's serf. Now come. Let's get you out of that robe."

>> No.31168458

Not until I'm done with him.

>> No.31168632

>tfw "slaanesh" removes its mask to reveal it was tzeentch all along.
>tfw "tzeentch" pulls of its mask to reveal it was slaanesh all along

>> No.31168723

> And just like that Katherine had yanked hers and Mira's robe and tossed them at a corner.
> Katherine led Mira by the hand towards a small ornate metal door set in one of the corners of the cell.
> She pressed a rune and it opened, leading towards a smaller cell with a large stone carved bath in the middle.
> Katherine let go of Mira's hand and jumped into the steamy water.
> Mira stood there.
> Katherine resurfaced and sat at the other end of the bath
> "What are you waiting for ? A written invitation ?"
> Mira plunged into the hot water. She surfaced and sat besided Katherine.
> "What's with you being all shy all of a sudden ?" said Katherine as she spread lotion across her breasts and neck.
> Mira turned her face to she side and pretended she was grabing for a cloth. She knew that feeling. She usually felt this near Titus. What was going on ? Mira had seen other women bathing before but never had gotten or felt anything like that.
> "What was in that wine Katherine ?" She asked
> "Grapes. I don't know. What's wrong Mira ?"
> "Nothing. I'm feeling a little tipsy is all."
> "Here, let me help you wash your hair."
> Katherine hugged her from behind and pulled her back towards the edge of the bath.
> She started applying oil to her hair then pulling back with a metallic comb.
> "Mira, why aren't you cleaning yourself ?"
> Mira immediately grabbed a cleanser and started rubbing it on her skin.
> "You have a mighty worked body for a serf Mira."
> "I was a Liutenant in the Imperial Guard before I became a serf Kat."
> "Oh, and how did you come by Captain Titus ?"
> "He saved me..."
> "I see."
> Katherine applied lotion to her hands and started rubbing it on Mira's shoulders and neck.
> "See how this feels."
> Katherine danced her hands across her shoulders, upper back and breasts
> Mira felt her privates tingle, her nipples flared rock-hard

>> No.31169064

Doesn't the Geneseed fuck your DNA enough to make it so they can't reproduce with normal humans anyway?

>> No.31169066


> Katherine took notice of it "Well, they said this bath lotion was invigorating but I never expected it to be THIS invigorating" she said as she felt Miras flared nipples.
> Mira broke free of Katherine and turned to face her.
> Katherine had a look of utter confusion in her face
> "Mira, what's going o-"
> Mira launched herself towards Katherine. She held her face and pressed her lips agaisnt hers and kissed her long and deep.
> Katherine went stiff.
> When she was done she eyed Kat in the eye.
> "What are you doing Mi ?"
> "Helping you out."
> She pulled Kat to her lips once more and drove her hand between her legs. Katerine let out a moan.
> With her fingers she probed around in the delicious wetness of Kat's privates until she found what she was looking for. She pressed it and rubed her forefinger agaisnt it.
> Katerine looked up and let out a large "ooooohhhhh"
> Mira kissed her on the neck while keeping the pressure up with her finger. She kissed, sucked and bit. Kat only moaned louder. The wetness between her legs increased.
> Mira's other hand shot out to Kats breast and cupped it. She squeezed a pink nipple between thumb and forefinger and rolled it it between.
> With her other hand she slipped her finger down towards the middle and slit it inside.
> Kat let out a tiny groan and blushed. The freckles in her face looking even more salient agaisnt her blushed cheeks.
> Another finger slipped in. In and out. The wetness and heat increased. Until Mira felt the walls of Kat's privates squeeze her fingers and Kat go numb.
> "Oh... Emperor save me... Oh... I needed this... thank you Mi, thank."
> "Shut up" said Mira pulling Kat for another kiss.
> Mira swam to the other end of the bath and climbed up the edge. She sat and rested her elbows on the marble floor, then raised her legs from the water and spread them open.
> "How about some payback ?"

>> No.31169100

scum pls go

>> No.31169336

I'm surprised this is the thing that would bother you considering how much furry, bestiality and futa stuff pops up on here randomly...

>> No.31169374

> Kat smiled and swam towards her.
> She grabbed Mira's legs and pulled them even apart, then buried her face in between.
> Kat's tongue did a circle around her outer lips, then played with her inner lips, then played with her sweetspot long enough for Mira's leg to start shaking.
> Kat stopped, kissed the inner parts of her legs, then got back to work.
> Mira orgasmed not once, but four times.
> "Kat, I'm cramping let me switch position."
> Mira closed her legs and knelt on all fours to get up.
> As she stayed on all fours she felt Kat's hand grab her buttocks.
> A finger went inside her privates, then another, then another, then in and out
> Mira closed her eyes but suddently it stopped.
> She looked at Kat.
> "Why did you stop ?"
> "I got an idea" said Kat winking. "Thrust you butt in the air and lower your head."
> Mira did as asked. A few moments later she felt a tongue between her asscheeks, playing with her rear hole.
> Mira let out a laugh and stiffened.
> "What's that ?"
> "I'm just improvising"
> The tongue licked around the circumferance of her rear-entrance, then upwards and downwards. Finally it went inside and Mira felt her juices tickle down her leg.
> "Someone here likes it up the butthole!" exclaimed Kat.
> "I never had anything up there!"
> "Not even Titus ?"
> "It wouldn't fit!"
> Kat laughed.
> "Later I want you to do this to me." Said Kat spitting between Mira's asscheeks.
> "What are you gonna do ?"
> "This!" Kat shoved her index finger into Mira's rear entrance.
> "OWWW"
> "I know you want it!"
> "At least do it in the other hole as well!"
> Kat complied. The fingers went back in. Both stood inside for a while. Sometimes Kat used her tongue, othertime is was more fingers.
> Mira couldn't tell the difference between the finges in her rear door and at her front door anymore. It felt one and the same sensation.
> Eventually Mira collapsed to the floor exausted.
> She giggled and got back up.
> "This felt good."
> "I know" said Kat.

>> No.31169440

Femdom is just under foot fetish and NTR in terrible fetishes.

>> No.31169539


> Mira looked up and saw Kat standing facing a wall, sticking her butt out.
> "Time to go to dinner Mira." She said shaking her hips.
> Mira spread Kat's asscheeks appart and went to work.
> Meanwhile at the adjoining Chapter Master cell, Marneus Calgar sits in his room reading a giant tome and reviewing map charts.
> His superhuman hearing coupled with bionics allow him to pick up a feminine voice in the air letting out a small, almost inaudible moan, followed by mumbled words which he makes out to be "Oh for the Emperor's sake this feels good!"
> He stares in the direction of his serf's cell and rests his head agaisnt a giant metallic finger.
> "One of these days someone is gonna summon a Daemon around here and I'll have to deal with that shit."
> He turns the volume on his hearing bionic down to the last notch and resumed reading his tome.
> "Fucking tech-marines turning me into a robot. Not even the decency so make me a dreadnought, now everyone is getting laid but me."

>> No.31169579


I take it nobody is paying attention at these.

Will take a break. Keep this thread alive until tomorrow afternoon and I might resume writting this crap

>> No.31169608

Requester here, it's great mang, much appreciated.

>> No.31169660

Please continue.

>> No.31169704

This is all awesome. Now we just need pdf anon to save this part as well

>> No.31169748

> Meanwhile at the adjoining Chapter Master cell, Marneus Calgar sits in his room reading a giant tome and reviewing map charts.
> His superhuman hearing coupled with bionics allow him to pick up a feminine voice in the air letting out a small, almost inaudible moan, followed by mumbled words which he makes out to be "Oh for the Emperor's sake this feels good!"
> He stares in the direction of his serf's cell and rests his head agaisnt a giant metallic finger.
> "One of these days someone is gonna summon a Daemon around here and I'll have to deal with that shit."
> He turns the volume on his hearing bionic down to the last notch and resumed reading his tome.
> "Fucking tech-marines turning me into a robot. Not even the decency so make me a dreadnought, now everyone is getting laid but me."

It was a crappy fapfic until this point, but then I laughed.
Nice job.

>> No.31169843

>I read it in a tome once that Lord Primarch Guilliman used to have a consort. A mistress that was his private confidant.
What the heresy am I reading?

That was his adopted mom,.


>> No.31169881

Implying they do remember how things were after 10k years.

>> No.31169885

Am I the only one now picturing the techmarines as those dwarf-creatures from Olduf?

>> No.31169905

>implying Tzeentch wouldn't bitch slap Slaanesh for making a poor horny impatient impression of him so hard which would make even Khorne be slightly impressed.

>> No.31169968

>> "One of these days someone is gonna summon a Daemon around here and I'll have to deal with that shit...AGAIN"

Being Lord Calgar is suffering.

>> No.31170154

Word of the Dev's during the games creation was that GW told them Space Marines were equipped and functional.

>> No.31170359

>I don't like the thing.swf

>> No.31170461


why is that allowed?

>> No.31170522

It is both impressive someone remembered that organ and depressing they still didn't use it right.

>> No.31170770

Space marines were in fact NOT meant to last longer than the crusade, just as the Thunder Warriors weren't meant to last longer than the conquest of earth.

SM's cannot breed, genetically speaking, with humans. They're too fucked up.

They probably can fuck though

>> No.31170810

Because thats the proper pronunciation, Americlap

>> No.31170827

where's the "F"

>> No.31170947

he word was originally two Latin terms, "locum" meaning in place of, and "teneris" meaning holding, together the phrase applied to anyone "holding in place of" someone else. Over time the word "locum" evolved into the French word "lieu", which is pronounced in French as it is spelled. It is possible that when the English heard the French pronounce the compound word lieutenant, they perceived a slurring which they heard as a "v" or "f" sound between the first and second syllables. Most English speaking nations, with the exception of the United States, still pronounce the word as though there is an "f" in it.

The Norman French phrase 'lieutenant' may have predated the Latin rendering 'locum tenens'. The earliest examples in OED are all from Scotland, and it seems even then that the "Lefftenant" pronunciation was being used (Barbour's "Bruce" has "luftenand" in the mid 14th century). Moreoever an Old French rending of lieu was "luef". The British pronunciation was still used in the USA in 1793 but had almost died out except in military circles by 1893. One could explain this the influence of non-British immigrants applying standard French pronunciation to a word with apparently obvious French origins.

>> No.31171483

You my good sir, have provided gold. I love you.

>> No.31171681

these are the funniest fapfics i have ever read. thank you

>> No.31171772

Well, at least in the UK no one can compare our junior officers to lavatories...

>> No.31173801

Well, in America, we don't really have the slang for toilet that you brits do, so it never really comes up.

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