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So I know a lot of people here are big fans of Tolkien's work, whether they play in a Tolkien based universe or not, and I thought it would be cool for people to just ask questions about the lore and discuss the world in general.

For example, there was a wonderful thread about Ungoliant and Tom Bombadil that went for a couple of days a week or so ago.

I personally know a heap of lore so feel free to ask anything to get the ball rolling!

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Why has china yet to utilize the silmarillion in interrogation and torture? Is it an issue of translation or availability?

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Because chinls can't read.

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So, we all know that Orcs are corrupted elves, and that dragons were likewise the result of some horrible god-play involving... something (maia? lizards? both?)

Is there any indication of what trolls are? I heard someone claim they were corrupted ents, but that doesn't ring true to me. Is there any suggestion that they're a "fallen" version of something, or are they just dumb but not inherently evil creatures which fell under Morgoth's sway long ago?

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If Sauron is a shape-shifter, why the hell didn't he just turn into a girl instead of trapping around?

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One does not simply homo into Mordor.

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Don't tell me you wouldn't make people question their sexuality if you had that kind of power. You don't even have to be evil, just bored.

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>Thanks to that fucking artist, the Dark Lord of Barad-Dur will forever be stained as a bishonen fangirl.

Thanks, Phobs. Thanks a bunch.

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You're welcomed.

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Oh come on, it can't be that bad.


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Because he may be a power bottom, but he's still male.

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Just don't.

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Stupid, sexy Wizards

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Was Saruman able to create rings? I know he boasted to be "Saruman the Ring-maker" at some point, but he never seemed to use or have any.

Also, do you thing the name of the Wizards were forshadowing their fates? Saruman means "Man of Skill", and Men are corruptible, while Gandalf means "Elf with the wand", and he got to go back to Valinor.

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Saruman never demonstrates ring-craft.

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Okay guys, let's make our mind work

Saruman stayed on the side of the Free peoples: How does the story changes?

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For one, the Fellowship is able to travel from Rivendell to Gondor with little issue. Thus, no Moria (thus Gandalf doesn't die), no Lothlorien, no Amon Hen (thus Boromir doesn't die).

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He sends a feedback spell into the Palantirs, blowing out the top third of Barad-dur and critically wounding Sauron. The party can now simply walk into Mordor.

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Wouldn't Boromir still try to steal the One Ring?

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Since he was being corrupted by its power, yes that is very likely. He migth have bid his time until they were in Gondor though, surrounded by his kinsmen.

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>Thanks, Phobs. Thanks a bunch.

Don't blame Phobs. Blame Anon. Always blame Anon.

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Couldn't Morgoth make anything he wanted by following steps like these?

>1. Sauron turns into the desired type of being
>2. benis in bagina
>3. infantile desired monster things are born
>4. Profit


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I should have specified that the route they would have taken would have been directly south of Rivendell along the Misty Mountains all the way to Orthanc and the Gap of Rohan, like they had originally planned, and then through Rohan to Gondor and Minas Tirith.

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Alatar is best girl, hands down.

Everything is much easier for them. Saruman uses his resources and wisdom to aid Rohan, instead of trying to destroy them. They can either move south to help Gondor quicker, or maybe head up North to help Dale and Erebor much earlier, possibly by walloping some Easterlings before they even attack, and then amass even more forces to use against Sauron further south at Osgiliath, etc.

Who knows?

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Doesn't no Lothlorien mean Shelob eats Frodo and Sam?

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Only if they take the way to Cirith Ungol. I wonder how Gandalf wanted to enter into Mordor

If the Gondor tries to take the One RIng from the Fellowship, would the Elves declare Exterminatus on their sorry lesser-numenorean asses? I think this kind of treason would cause anyone to flip their shit

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The fellowship would get to Gondor without any trouble. There, Denethor and/or Boromir try to steal the ring and use it against Sauron.
Since all of Gondor is on their side, the fellowship stand no chance against them and surrenders. In the following campaign, the ring is lost to the forces of Mordor and Sauron rises to power once again.

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>implying Samwise Gamgee couldn't solo Gondor

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Didn't they originally plan to cross the mountains to Lothlorien, but Saruman stopped them with that snowstorm? That was the reason they took the way through Moria. I don't think they wanted to travel directly south, through Isengard and Rohan to Gondor.

Also, they only took the way through Cirith Ungol because Gollum led them there. Gandalf said that he would not have taken that path, for obvious reasons.

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Pallando and Radagast need bigger busts

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No, they need no busts at all. They need beards. They're wizards. They're men.

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>So, we all know that Orcs are corrupted elves
Less known fact is that it isn't true.
Tolkien tried out a few different origins for his Orcs throughout his life but died before he could fully revise The Silmarillion with his final view on their origins and nature. Tolkien's Orc origin ideas were published posthumously in The Silmarillion, with other versions of events appearing later in The History of Middle Earth.

Tolkien has 7 theories on the origin of orcs which you can look up at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orc_%28Middle-earth%29#The_origin_of_Orcs

There's even less information about creation of Trolls. According to Treebeard, they were created "in mockery of ents" leading people often to jump to the conclusion that they were made of ents, which to me seems pretty daft.

There are many dark creatures with no clear origin, the safest assumption is that they're spirits inhabiting a body (Werewolves were explicitly mentioned being such) or some crossbreed between such spirits and other races.

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When Gandalf goes to Saruman, Saruman has cloth made of all colors and a ring. It is also said in Silmarillion that Saruman was becoming an expert on the ringmaking and was actively seeking lesser rings and the rings of power, especially the One in order to create his own.

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Girl-Radagast needs red/brown hair and a big bust because she's inclined with nature. Nature, life, fertility. Boobs.

Girl-Pallando needs a bigger bust because I want to bang her.

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>Girl-Radagast needs red/brown hair and a big bust because I want to bang her.
>Girl-Pallando needs a bigger bust because I want to bang her.

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Saying its not true is HIGHLY misleading. Its what made into print. The first orcs were mistaken for wood elves who had gone feral, and we know not just that they were corrupted elves, but they still looked just like elves.

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It is not misleading. The other theories also made into the print. Since the print wasn't made by the orginal author, it should not be considered set in stone canon ESPECIALLY if the author himself has listed other theories. Leaving out the part that there's other theories is misleading.

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the Girlstari are awesome

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Thanks to Saruman's help, the Rohan achieves industrial revolution (without burning Fangorn or destroying nature, since Saruman still care about it), leading to a more profecient army and better living conditions for the population

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>if Tolkien were a modern, Japanese man writing silly mango/animus instead of novels...

>Istari would be qt grils
>Aragorn would be a younger, more hot-blooded warrior eager to prove himself or some shit

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>And we all know with what the Shire would be populated with

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>legolas is the calm cool headed sidekick with glasses who often says "just as planned"
>gimli is a tsundere loli

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>"Waaaah! What are we gonna do in the Mines, Legolas?"

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>gandalf is the eccentric but powerful master/trainer who is first seen actually fighting 97 episodes in

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>"*sigh* i think I'll have to used THAT"
>summons eagles

Here you go, the #1 plot hole in LOTR explained.

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>And then it turns out he was a wizard loli in disguise all the time to seem more mature and ensure that people listen to her.

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>Sauron without the One Ring is also a loli who tries very hard to look evil but is just too cute so no one take her seriously and just pat her head

Loli of the Rings

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>Gandalf gets nosebleed
>whenever the cutesy characters from the Shire does something

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