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What was that setting based on women's romance novels called again?

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World of Darkness.

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That's Teen Paranormal Romance.

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I know some mad anon made a system for bodice rippers. Don't remember what it was called.

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Blue Rose

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>Hot as texas sun
Please help, I can't stop laughing

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Monster Hearts

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I thought that was for playing Mercedes Lackey/young adult fantasy novels?

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Don't laugh at that, or they'll send a Cowboy Commando after you.

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Or even worse, Scottie McMullet.

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He'll even bring his own sniper squad with him.

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Just don't let him near the burritos.

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jesus christ god

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I've got more.

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For a doctor, he sure doesn't know his jargon.

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Do you perhaps mean "Silk in The Glen"?

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He knows some jargon.

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Why cowboys..? Is there something about stetson hats that add to the eroticism that I'm not getting?

>So there's this super hot studly guy, and he's all lustfully looking at you..
Uh.. okay..
>And he's wearing a cowboy hat.
I'm like a God damned geyser now! TELL ME MORE

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What else do you expect from a bum?

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Anon, I'm not sure what to make of the fact that you have an entire collection of these covers to post.

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Certainly not refinement or poise.

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o gawd why
I can't stop laughing

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I have only two words for you.


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I picked them up from a nice little town in Gay County.

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>>Too bad Camaros hadn't been invented yet

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That scoundrel is captivating in his own way, though.

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Oh my god they're multiplying.

We're doomed.

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Just give in.

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Sure, a blind man could see that.

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Somewhat relevant.

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Lordly, in fact.

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What else to expect from someone who mastered the marquess?

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/vr/ can get into this too.

I actually have a copy of this game signed by Fabio. He actually was pretty cool about signing it. I was like the only guy in line to see him, all the rest were women.

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dragonfucking where now?

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Ugh, nothing short of barbaric.

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How many children born out of wedlock has he left behind?

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Curse the master of desire.

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File realated is not a setting, but rather a game system in it´s own right, using a custom sytem with roll under your stat on d10 or d100 as resolution mechanic, and random, table-based chargen.

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That's the one.

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Please never stop posting.

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Oh man, I remember seeing that in a Nintendo Power magazine.

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Fabio actually seems like a pretty cool dude.

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Don't forget about the generator.
>He couldn't stop his flying rook into her vacuous, bare, silken forest.
>He jammed his sexy club into her blooming, dripping, mercurial lagoon.

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What generator?

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Here are the standard romance novel male love interests:
Pirates who don't do anything.
Scottish highlander noblemen.
English noblemen.
Wealthy english non-noblemen that somehow know kungfu (The Amanda Quick specialty).
CIA Agents
Modern Americans with a badass job like race car driver or fire fighter.
Native Americans.
Antebellum Southern landowners that don't own any slaves.

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The thing that always gets me about romance novel covers is the guy always has his shirt fully unbutonned, but tucked neatly into his pants.

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How much you want to bet that's part of a series with names like Dazzling the Duke and Engaged to the Earl?

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You got the cover where the chick has three hands?

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>The best selling author of Wisconsin Whore-Dog

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CIA agents are deliciously morally grey. I want to stick my dick in one, but I half suspect the organization is still almost totally male.

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What are you gay?

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I'd a fabio. Somewhat jelly, anon.

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Clearly. So homosex

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The purple prose generator that was made in the topic the system was presented:
>He hammered her with his virile, turgid sword into her pink, parted, mercurial study.

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>He slammed his flying, Machiavellian, Machiavellian thunder cock into her mercurial horse mouth.

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>He lampooned her with his glowing , supreme, enormous engine into her puckered, pink, loose undiscovered country. The rest of the dominoes fell like a house of cards. Checkmate.
wait what? why is this an actual result?

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People like making Futurama references?

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Here it is again.

>He jammed his plump shaft into her flushed, desperate, non-euclidean undiscovered country. The rest of the dominoes fell like a house of cards. Checkmate.

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He , displaying his tactical genius, infiltred his murderous ramrod into her love juice covered, loose, desirous castle.

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>He hammered her with his stocky man root into her waiting mound of Venus.

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