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Once again, sorry for the crappy quality.


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And sorry that this one is so late. Seriously, I thought it had been dumped long ago, so I never bothered to scan it.


How come the War Zone books aren't available digitally?

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And just in case anyone missed this:


Anyone know what I can do to make the scan quality better?

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Thanks, dude.

You're a Champ.

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GW don't want them to be pirated.
Thanks, dude.

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But they release every other book digitally, and some only get released digitally!

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>How come the War Zone books aren't available digitally?


They stopped after Damnos Warzone making them digital.

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Many thanks to you, man. Been waiting for these books. Gonna get comfy and enjoy them today. I'll send some positive waves your way.

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Danmos Warzone books are more expensive, I think. They have a lot of pretty picture and a lot of folks want them for da rules.

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Apocalypse Warzone books*


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Pandorax was before Damnos (well, it could have been scanned before Damnos).
And oddly, they sell Damnos and it is the only book they sell in pdf format.

I confuse.

They're the cheapest (rule)books GW sells - cheaper than codexes old or new, any expansion, any Forge World book...

Death From The Skies was the same price, I think, and half of that was from White Dwarf or the Crusade of Fire Campaign book.

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I hear that the Damocles novel is bretty good. Can someone who has it confirm?

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What's the population of the average Hiveworld?

I am seeing the population number of one of the Hiveworlds the Tau conquered. It says 16.7 Billion. Isn't that low for a Hiveworld?

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Yep, I have it.

It's really good. The Gue'vesa part of the novel was the best part of the novel.

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There was another thread up on it with a .mobile of the book. Seemed interesting, if only because the fight between Ko'sarro Khan and Shadowsun reads oddly similar to a sex scene.

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Oh, and apparently the Tau got an Inquisitor to go gue'vesa, so they have that. No idea how they did it though.

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please hold my hands yes, both

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It was revealed later in the novel that the Inquisitor had a Nagi with him hidden on his person

When the Gue'vesa protagonist saw the Nagi with the Inquisitor, the Inquisitor explained that the Nagi was acting as his adviser

The novel left it ambiguous, if the Inquisitor was following the Tau'va by his own will or was mind controlled by the Nagi

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you're awesome

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What's a Nagi? I've never heard of one of those.

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I see. Yeah, that "advisor" claim is looking kind of dubious now, but with the Ethereals one can never tell.

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You proved that there are heroes left in man.

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does any one have imperial amour volume 3 2nd edition. only scans we have of it are super bad phone photos and its sad because we have the rest of the IA series in good quality really. Also now that White dwarf is small and warhammer visions is mostly pictures do u think some one could please scan both but skip every thing but the articles ? which is all we really need

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OP is straight.

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Wait, you got a good quality copy of IA4: The Anphelion Project?

Because all I got and been able to find is a crappy photographed version.

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Thank you hero; I'm very grateful

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5th edition rulebook has some statistics of a Hive World (presumably an average one, as why else would you pick that one to represent all Hive Worlds) that had a population of 15 or so billion. So that seems to be a pretty common population number.

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Savior of mankind, OP.
Now if only that drone formation was a STANDARD FUCKING UNIT

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The most disgusting part of the Tau, know where I can get a .pdf of these books?

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>Inquisitor going Gue'vesa
Really now, I get the feeling they only get people who love the Tau to write stuff for them. Nothing bad ever happens, even when they lose they win, and now they're taking Inquisitors and rogue traders like it's nothing.

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>and now they're taking Inquisitors and rogue traders like it's nothing.

Eh, I have problems with the way they write Tau as well, but something like an Inquisitor falling to their side (possibly being mind controlled) isn't one of them.

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Well see, I can understand someone falling to their side, but it always happens far too often and it's always someone that changes the course of the fight in favor of the Tau. In one book a rogue trader crippled an Imperial fleet for them, in damocles the inquisitor changes sides, in shadowsun a colonol betrays his own regiment and hands his planet over. It's just become tedious.

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>in shadowsun a colonol betrays his own regiment and hands his planet over.

Fuck the Imperium.

Family comes first always.

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It's one of the Tau's main gimmicks though. Instead of just smash-kill-maim, they seduce a population and any reinforcements they receive have to question the loyalty of anyone left on the planet. They're unique in the sense that they actually have an appealing empire to join, and the weak-willed are more than willing.

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Nah, fuck that guys family! If he isn't going to do his job the minute the enemy army does theirs then you shouldn't join the damn army. I mean really, he betrayed the god he worships just so he could be shipped off somewhere where he would be forced to listen to the greater good, he makes no sense.

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Planets fall to Eldar manipulations, Chaos, or whatever else every single day. The Imperium loses constantly on every front. Why should the Tau be any different? They're ground down on other fronts all the time.

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Because the Tau lose on a very small basis, and even when they lose they win. In almost every book or battle the Tau just do whatever they want and the Imperium/whoever they're fighting just cower around until they win.

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>Nothing bad ever happens
Didn't they get humiliated by both necron and dark eldar ? If anything, they are the one who get away with everything.

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>then you shouldn't join the damn army.

There isn't a choice in the Imperium, you either join or die. An army that functions this way wasn't worth his life or the life of his daughter. He saved his world from destruction and his daughters life.

> he betrayed the god he worships just so he could be shipped off somewhere where he would be forced to listen to the greater good, he makes no sense.

Where his daughter will have a better future.

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They lost to the Necrons that one time, then it was never discussed again. The Tau beat the Deldar after the cultural exchange incident If I remember right.

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>Forced to join or die
There's no evidence that the Dieper 3 PDF worked like that, as it was explicitly stated that they guard the planet and nothing more. And how will his daughter have a better future in Tau space? Sure must be fun to work on those communal farms and do nothing but wait around for the local Tau to give you an order.

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>They lost to the Necrons that one time, then it was never discussed again

Necrons beat them twice. One in Ka'mais and another on Can'vor.

>The Tau beat the Deldar after the cultural exchange incident If I remember right.

It wasn't a real win for the Tau. Since their fleet was devastated.

>811999.M41 - The Trials of Ghoroi V

>Third Sphere Expansion coalition is engaged by Eldar raiders over the quagmire world of Ghoroi V. The vast majority of the Tau fleet is crippled or destroyed. The only survivors to reach the planet’s acidic swamps are the three Firebase Support Cadres intended to reinforce a far more numerous army. Though they are at first assailed by the same Eldar slavers that decimated their comrades in orbit, the Tau drive them off with a combination of shared targeting data and relentless missile bombardment.

>Though the Eldar raiders sustain such heavy casualties that they abandon the fight, the trials of the Tau stranded there have only just begun. When the surviving battlesuit cadres are finally evacuated from Ghoroi, their members have bonded together with an impromptu ta’lissera ritual. Their rescuers are surprised to see the foetid mangrove swamplands around them choked with the scaled and segmented bodies of several hundred mega-predators whose appetite proved stronger than their wits.

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>Sure must be fun to work on those communal farms and do nothing but wait around for the local Tau to give you an order.

Actually as shown in Damocles novel, human children are well fed and educated. The humans are quite happy living in Tau cities.

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Well I still haven't read Damocles, though I'm aggravated to find that it's probably going to be another "Why life under the Tau is so much superior" thing. The one thing that makes me happy about the introduction of house terryn, those are some people I can agree with.

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anyone got the taros second edition book?

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Yeah, they always win! Except the time they got massacred by Necrons. Or the time they tried to make nice with the Dark Eldar.

Or really any time they're not fighting a massive, genocidal empire prone to corruption.

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That massive genocidal empire is keeping the galaxy safe at least, they're doing what needs to be done to keep chaos at bay, which is why I'm surprised tau space hasn't become riddled with chaos cults without the Emperor to guide them.

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Since the Tau higher ups already know about Chaos and have converted inquisitors and Inquisitorial agents working within their empire, I think they have the Chaos cults problem under control.

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May the Emperor's Light shine upon you anon.

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>No man they're totally not like the imperium!
>They're just going to implement imperial policies with the few inquisitors they have and make it into Imperium 2.0!

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>Imperium 2.0!

But anon...

They haven't converted Space Marines...yet

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Yeah...I dread the day that happens. But with damn inquisitors turning now you know they're going to do something like that soon....

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Who says they don't?

It's been mentioned that they're pretty ass at handling human psykers in society because none of them have any experience with psykers losing their mind

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Well, I only wish it would be reflected. You'd think the Tau would second guess taking in so many humans when across most of their captured worlds humans start blowing eachothers heads up and releasing demons due to the inquisition not being there to stop them, or even let them know what the hell they're doing and join the astra telepathica.

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Hey does anyone have a download link of Imperial Armour volume one 2nd edition?

I can't find it, and no I won't log in to an account to link me to downloading it.
>so no 4shared or 2shared

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Consider this a preview.

>I was relocated to Dal’yth, along with a lot of other Fasters. I’m not complaining. Good luck turning it around, I say. You’re welcome to it.

>I’ve been back here on Dal’yth these last five months… a half tau’cyr, convalescing. They’ve got me working alongside the water caste in the acclimatisation programme, dealing with new commonwealth citizens relocated from across the Damocles Gulf. I watched the gue’la coming in from Mu’gulath Bay. Pale, half-starved, terrified. Watching their fear go is the most remarkable thing. Watching their amazement grow is the second most remarkable thing. I thought Gormen’s Fast was a dump, but compared to the hives of Agrellan, it was okay, and this place is a paradise.

>You give us all a choice, but there really is no choice, not a real one. I know that.

>remember when Hincks got it, gunned down by those swine outside of Hive Chaeron. I went to see his widow a few days ago. Nice place she’s got now. Good support from the sept authorities. Hincks’s kids are growing up to be model citizens. His boy says he wants to go into the gue’vesa auxiliaries like his uncle Jathen. He’s a healthy lad, tall and strong. I can’t help think what kind of life he’d have back on Gormen’s Fast. Probably be half-blind from working in the gossamer plants. Or dead. And yet there he is, cared for and fed and as strong as an ambull calf. Remarkable.

>I’m still waiting for the catch.

The novel is 10/10, Imo. I recommend it to everyone. Everyone will find something they like in it.

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>The novel is 10/10, Imo. I recommend it to everyone. Everyone will find something they like in it.

And if you don't like it, you can always use the pages to wipe your ass with. Win win for everyone!

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Ehh, looks to be exactly what I thought it was, Tau wankery. I'm trying to find a .pdf of it in any case, hoping I don't have to really buy it.

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The Warzone: Damocles book pretty much confirms that the Tau eighter have FTL drives during the Third Sphere Expansion, or that the timeline is completely fucked beyond any hope of repair. Technically, it was already implied by the codex itself, but this book gives us th best estimate we have for Tau travel speed.

Specifically, the battle for grellan occrus at 757 999 M41. The defeated Imperial forces retreat to the neaby Knight World of Voltoris, and Shadowsun immediately starts tracking them down. the battle of Voltoris begins at 980 999 M41.
Those first three digits in the date are year fractions (the Imperial calender divides the year ito 1000 fractions). It took the Tau fleet 223 year fractions to get from Agrellan to Voltoris, which corresponds to roughly 80 days (assuming standard Terran year). That means that unless Voltoris is within 0,2 ly from Agrellan (while the two systems are mentioned to be relatively close, 0,2 ly is literally on top of eachother in interstellar distances), the Tau must have FTL travel (infact, they would need o be closer, as the fluff mentions Shadowsun first sending drone scout fleets to find the Imperial forces, rather than just immediately hopping aboard a ship and flying to Voltoris as soon as the battle of Agrellan ends). Now, if somebody would have a starmap that shows both Agrellan and Voltoris (I know Voltoris is found in the map in the Knight book; perhaps one can compare that to the maps in the Damocles book and Tau codex that show Agrellan's location relative to Tau Empire), we could get a rough estimate on the speed of Tau travel.

As a side note, the date for the battle of Voltoris places it at roughly one week before the end of M41, making it one of the most "recent" events in the background (I think the 13th Blac Crusades starts literally at new year's eve M41).

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Is there some fluff in these books or are they just rules for playing scenarios and the like?

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just one of these days I want to see a short about auxiliary colonies used as a buffer against some horrible invasion force

>oh boy life is so good with th-

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Ah...finally things start making sense.

Thanks for the effort and good work figuring all that out, anon.

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You rock man!

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It was dumped but it was shit quality. Thank you for the much superior upload.

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Can someone please make a decent scan of IA2 Second Edition?

>> No.31110578

Sorry, meant IA3, expecially the Elysian part

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If a dense anon can ask, /tg/ - what do we have against the Tau actually giving gue'vesa a good life? If nothing else, it's not like every world in the Imperium is horrible; it's just the people from this particular world seem to have it tough.

>> No.31110991

>If nothing else, it's not like every world in the Imperium is horrible
inb4 the Grimdark Defense Internet Defense Force (or the TIDF, there's a lot of overlap on this particular subject).

But srsly, it's because an entire faction of noblebrightness Even though I think it's only noblebright on the surface is totally against the tone of the rest of the setting, and it's protected by an unbelievable amount of plot armor.

>> No.31111150

You do have a good point about it only being noblebright on the surface - the Nagi prove that, as well as the constant attempts to assimilate other races, and the fact they are all controlled by this higher up caste of Etherals that somehow probably use mind control.

But I think their naivety fits the setting well. It provides contrast, a backdrop. Otherwise you might start to say to yourself, "Well, it isn't that bad, or at least there's no way things could be better." And I do like that there can be Xenos Empires that can stand up to the Imperium and actually live.

Yeah, plot armor is pretty bad, but at least it makes sense where it's coming from - you could even assume that someone IS actually helping the Tau, considering how they got started on FTL travel by conveniently finding a wrecked ship and salvaging their Warp Drive.

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>Ultramarines attack the Tau
>Behemoth besieges Macragge
>Ultramarines attack the Tau again
>M'kar besieges Macragge

>Cadians, White Scars, andRaven Guard attack the Tau
>Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade assaults Cadia, Huron assaults Chogoris, Deliverance is in the path of Waaagh! Garaghak.

>> No.31111343

>but at least it makes sense where it's coming from
there is a believable amount of plot armor (Rynn's World, Battle for Macragge, anything surrounding Yarrick)

and then there is >>31111270

Combined with the holier-than-thou attitude presented in the fluff and everpresent in the fans? Pretty easy to dislike the faction.

>> No.31111505

Thanks for sharing these books Anon!

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Well, that is a good point, both for the reason you're going for and another reason - the Tau are a minor threat. They're expansionist, but not at a fast enough pace to worry the mighty Imperium. Their technology is advanced, but can still be countered and overwhelmed. When a threat that is determined to be larger shows up, the Imperium is perfectly happy to leave off fighting the Tau, make some peace treaties to keep them calm for a while, and run off and deal with the threat that could actually destroy them.

The Tau, in this example, is a puppy. A cute, fluffy puppy that is trying so hard to be nice and friendly, and it's nibbling at your shoe and it's a little annoying. You're about to kick it away but then a wolf comes in and tries to bite your head off, so you have to deal with that.

I'm not saying I'm a huge fan of the Tau, please oh please stop hating my perfect blue men. I'm trying to say they're...interesting. A different opponent than what the Imperium usually faces. It's kind of amazing how a race that would be generic in another sci-fi setting seems so unique in 40k.

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>Tau fans
>More holier-than-thou than tg's inq apologists

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>> No.31111774


At most they just deserve each other.

Tau fans don't go around shitting every other tg thread with FOR THE GREATER GOOD like the Imperial autists who can't get that HeresyBlam stopped being funny before they were born.

>> No.31111812

>Tau fans don't go around shitting every other tg thread
hah hah hahahahaha

how soon you forget TIDF and all the horrible shit that brought

>> No.31111820

The "Inquisition apologists" don't usually either unless the Space Wolves come up. But that's been par for the course almost since the Emperor's Gift came out.

>> No.31111828

Question I thought of - does anyone have any idea on how the Tau treat abhumans?

>> No.31111979

any one have a scan of the new HH visions book?

>> No.31112296

TIDF was hardly any different than today's infamous Carnac-fag. Neither of them care for nuance of fluff, instead presenting a hard-line and trolltastic "of course I'm right, how could you possibly doubt [The Greater Good, Necron ascendancy, Illic Nightspear being a relevant character]" attitude that does wonders for throwing /tg/ at large into a frothing rage.

Regardless of what the hivemind mantra states, TIDF wasn't representative of the Tau fanbase - just a very dedicated parody of the various things people hate about the Tau and/or their players rolled into a single persona.

>> No.31112755


But does Carnac-fag actually roleplay as an Eldar? I kind of miss TIDF, because he actually put an effort into his charade instead of/as well as just being a faggot.

To be fair, it was also a fair representation of how a Tau within the Empire would behave, based on the knowledge and propaganda of his own side. Man... That was good trolling.

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File: 42 KB, 501x562, tau freud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like you say, TIDF actually used a name and roleplayed to some degree. Though of course he went full tryhard for the sake of reactions quite often.

Carnac-guy frequently showed up incognito, threw out some >implications, and waited for some idiot to take the bait before donning le cronface avatar and posting out-of-context "evidence" to "prove his argument".
Hence the "Illic is the Eldar's OOOONLY hope" nonsense. Once it became apparent that the Carnac series' misinterpretation of basic concepts like Exarchs and the Rhana Dandra were more annoying than "Necrons out-futuresighted you and killed ur gods, neener neener", he switched to "I thoroughly respect all Craftworld fluff, especially those parts that I can contradict with BL passages."

And that's why Carnac was ultimately more cancerous. He didn't just bring out the mindless rage through a consistent theme, he just used the sort of snide two-faced faggotrocious persona that lowers the bar of quality discussion.

>> No.31113742

>misinterpretation of basic concepts like Exarchs
Except that the Path series says that you're an exarch as soon as you are lost upon the path, special armor or no.

Deal with it faggot.

>> No.31113866


Legion of the Damned, if anyone cares.

>> No.31113894

Do you have the Damocles novel?

>> No.31113901

Remember also that planetary size can vary TREMENDOUSLY. Using subterranean living the Earth could hold trillions of people, and in 40k, probably does.

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File: 1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 1395993459955.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone bitches about inquisitors, etc. going to the tau, who if nothing else, have a legitimate point of view, they need to compare it to inquisitors, space marines, etc. going over to Chaos, which is both generally a bad idea (to put it MILDLY) and an utter refutation of their beliefs. Whereas the tau aren't so different.

certainly less demented than Xanthite, Istvaanite, or for fuck's sake, Phaenonite (sp) inquisitors

>> No.31113966

About half of imperial stories are "And then there was a traitor." Inquisitors and rogue traders are particularly unreliable (giving absolute power and no oversight to a guy yields predictable consequences).

Hell, the Imperium doesn't trust the IG or the space marines.

>> No.31113972

Chaos offers power and gives into your vices, what do the Tau offer?

>> No.31113991

>it's probably going to be another "Why life under the Tau is so much superior" thing.

You gotta admit, such fluff is absolutely necessary, since the Imperium fanbase is almost always preaching how much life better is in the Imperium.

>> No.31114004


>That massive genocidal empire is keeping the galaxy safe at least,

Other way around. Most of Chaos's forces are former imperials.

>> No.31114006

I am a staunch Imperial and I will freely admit that life in the Imperium is terrible.

>> No.31114018

So fucking what? They're still literally the only thing preventing Chaos from winning.

>> No.31114024

Chaos's claims are a hell of a lot less credible to anyone who knows about Cult Marines and Chaos Spawn.

The Tau offer a reasonably similar vision to what a lot of these people already had and a basic concern for human welfare and coexistence, which is honestly a lot more tempting than ABSOLUTE POWERRR.

And I say this as someone who first and foremost likes Chaos.

>> No.31114032

Humans existing is (according to core and the godawful Cabal fluff) what gives Chaos a chance at winning (at least at consume the galaxy scale).

Plus giving credit to the Emperor doesn't really have much to do with what the Imperium is doing nowadays.

>> No.31114047

It's also what gives it a chance of losing.

>> No.31114055

>And I say this as someone who first and foremost likes Chaos.
inb4 Abadon becomes a farmer on T'au

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>> No.31114075


The thing with Chaos, though, is that it's seductive and manipulative. Sure, everybody hates Chaos and we all love the Emperor, but the Enemy won't stop with that incessant fucking chanting, and there's this droning hum that just won't go away, and that sigil on the wall almost looks like it's moving. Next thing you know, you're snorting powdered orphans off some kind of titbeast, and your arm is a tentacle, and you would stop to consider how you got here if you weren't so busy reveling in the adulation of the Dark Gods.

The Tau are persistent in trying to proselytize the Greater Good on you, and aren't above brain hacking. But Chaos corruption can be like a festering cancer, thrust upon you even if you didn't choose it.

>> No.31114079

Yeah the RPG materials, stipulated as non canon outside the RPGs by FFG, are cool.

GW source or nothing

>> No.31114084

>stipulated as non canon outside the RPGs by FFG
Prove it~!

>> No.31114110

Nah, it's all equally canon.

>> No.31114146


>> No.31114235

The source says that only GW, BL, and FW are empowered to create IP while FFG wasn't commented on.

>> No.31114284

>while FFG wasn't commented on
Except for the part where he says he totally considers it canon.

>> No.31114290

>Fantasy Flight
>An even more recent addition is Fantasy Flight Games, who produce the 40K roleplaying game, but even now, I’m not sure just where they stand. Like I said, this is a complicated hellhole of treachery, madness and deceit. As it stands, the official line is that there are three factions empowered to “create IP” (an exact quote), and that’s GW, BL and FW. Given that the 40K RPG is mostly made by folks working in or around the main three companies, I think it’s fair to say that its lore counts as canon, too.
Took me whole 5 seconds.

>> No.31114296

>>Behemoth besieges Macragge

By the way the Damocles fell apart on Dal'yth before news of Behemoth reached the Crusade. The Imperials were evacuating when the news hit them.

So scratch that.

>>Ultramarines attack the Tau again

The Zeist was a ruse to exhaust and waste the counterattack of the Marines. It worked but the Tau lost the most of the worlds in the Zeist sector.

>>Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade assaults Cadia, Huron assaults Chogoris, Deliverance is in the path of Waaagh! Garaghak.

The War in Damocles continues on and these guys haven't withdrawn from it..

>> No.31114310

> Given that the 40K RPG is mostly made by folks working in or around the main three companies, I think it’s fair to say that its lore counts as canon, too.

That's the interviewer's opinion and not the the official line.

>> No.31114318

Because there is no official line on them you vile little aspie.
Given that Relic is totally canon, you can kiss my ass.

>> No.31114337

>Because there is no official line on them you vile little aspie.

Then why use the link as a prove that it's canon? As it stands GW only recognizes the holy trinity and nothing else.

>> No.31114352


>> No.31114354

>As it stands GW only recognizes the holy trinity and nothing else
An entire codex revolved around the FFG creation, the Ordo Chronos. The Slaugth have shown up in multiple sources, The Achilus Crusade in the Space Marines Codex, the Hammers of Dorn being rivals of the Ultramarines likewise.

I would say you're a giant faggot.

>> No.31114362

> As it stands GW only recognizes the holy trinity and nothing else.
>I got it wrong myself, right up until I was in a meeting with the company’s Intellectual Property Manager – a situation I find myself in several times a year, as part of the Horus Heresy novel series team. When I was specifically asking about canon, he replied with something I’ve tried to take to heart: “It’s all real, and one of it’s real.”

>> No.31114398 [DELETED] 

What the hell are you on about. Inquisitors fall to chaos like clockwork. The greater good is benign by comparison.

>> No.31114413

No, Chaos is just tryhard, the Greater Good is gay.

>> No.31114432

>An entire codex revolved around the FFG creation, the Ordo Chronos. The Slaugth have shown up in multiple sources, The Achilus Crusade in the Space Marines Codex, the Hammers of Dorn being rivals of the Ultramarines likewise.
And now they're cannon

>> No.31114440


>> No.31114483

The Inquisitor explained his reasons for joining the Greater Good and it made sense.

Want me to copy-paste it?

>> No.31114509

Even if all humans were gone tomorrow, Chaos would be unaffected in the warp. They reached self-reinforcing consistency hundreds of thousands of years ago (except Slaanesh, although the birth of Slaanesh was probably inevitable that long ago, it would have just taken longer without any Eldar).

Chaos doesn't want to conquer the material universe in the way that commanders want to conquer territory. Chaos is all about corruption. If there's nothing sentient to corrupt they don't care at all - in fact, daemons don't actually like being in the material universe unless they have someone or something leaking unusually high amounts of warp energy nearby.

Chaos marines are all about revenge and destruction, they're more recognizably human in their motivation, as you would expect since they are (or were) human. So they're a different matter. But to chaos they're just a proxy.

>> No.31114528
File: 148 KB, 683x268, The End.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chaos doesn't want to conquer the material universe in the way that commanders want to conquer territory.

see picture

>Even if all humans were gone tomorrow, Chaos would be unaffected in the warp.


The Daemons of Chaos dexes says that Chaos would be greatly diminished without humanity.

>> No.31114564

They've retconned the bit about them finding an FTL drive on a wreck on their moon (before retcon, it was probably one of the Imperial colony ships that were sent to T'au but were swalled up by the warpstorm).

In the current fluff they used huge STL generation ships to colonise 8 planets during the First Sphere expansion, which took them aroun a thousand years. In the Second Sphere they developed drives that could push the speed of light. Of the Third Sphere, the only bit mentioned is that newled developed impulse reactors allowed them to reach speeds previously unimagined. This is probably same as the old Tau FTL, considering that their previous drives were already almost light speed and lots of the fluff only works if they have FTL (pretty much all of the 3rd Sphere expansion; see >>31105343
for a good example. Plus the codex states that it takes them months or years to reach distant warzones, not decades or more you'd expect with STL).

I like Tau but yeah, they have loads of plot armour. I think the problem is that they're too mnior compared to other factions, which means they have to pull tons of plot armour for them to survive. If the Tau were a bigger player in the galactic scene, then they could also take proper losses without being in danger of instantly wiped out.

>> No.31114575


>Where his daughter will have a better future.

She's the daughter of a goddammed colonel, that shit means schola progenium, she can choose whatever job she wish from the imperium structure, from administratum, to a high rank place in the imperial guard or the fucking inquisition, all while studing on the best academies, receving the best food, studies, health care, actual retirement benefits and more, he take aññ that from her daughter and leave her in a menial and/or simbolic position within the tau, and is not like the humans have that much power/future within tau democracy.

>> No.31114600

I don't read it that way.

In the Farsight Enclaves book, it mentions that a truce was negotiated with the Water Tribe to be allowed to evacuate, which they only bothered with since they figured they could preserve their forces that way since that was the point of the evacuation.

It was understood by both the Imperium and the Tau that the negotiations themselves only happened because the Imperial forces were needed to fight the Tyranids. Certainly, the Imperium would have evacuated anyway truce or no truce, but there's no question that they did so AFTER knowing they were being redeployed to fight the Tyranids, otherwise they wouldn't have negotiated a truce.

If the Imperium evacuated simply because they were losing, they wouldn't be trying to negotiate a withdrawal (see for example Taros and a dozen other campaigns), since after all, what would they have to negotiate with? The only thing of value would be a promise to cede the planets formally to the Tau, and the Imperium has never and would never do that. They'd rather their forces be thrown at the Tau until every last one is dead (as they have done in many other campaigns across the galaxy).

>> No.31114624

>that shit means schola progenium
The Schola only takes in orphans.

>> No.31114687
File: 3.67 MB, 1200x1572, 1st Damocles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but there's no question that they did so AFTER knowing they were being redeployed to fight the Tyranids, otherwise they wouldn't have negotiated a truce.

Absolute nonsense. The evacuation started before news of the Tyranids hit. All the news of Behemoth did was break the the resolve of the few stubborn dudes who wanted to continue the fight.

Why the truce was made? Because the Tau reinforcements were on their way and would have surrounded the damaged Imperial fleet. It was made to allow the Imperials safe passage and for the Tau it was made in order to sow seeds of cooperation that would bloom later.

The Warzone book brought up the 3e back word for word almost probably to dispel all this misinformation.

>> No.31114751
File: 74 KB, 308x114, c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Picture also from the latest Daemons dex.
It occasionally takes the fancy of individual deamons or even all of the god to meddle in the material universe, but their only real interest is in the Warp, which means fighting each other. Even in this they're whimsical over who they ally with or who they attack; they're chaos, after all.

The chaos gods might not have the same vibrancy without mortals, but they're fully self-sustaining, so since the number of people have no affect of the amount of chaos, only the "orientation", they would be lesser only in absolute terms, not relative ones - which wouldn't matter if there were no mortals!

>> No.31114795


With all the orks, tau, necrons, tyranids around is just a matter of time, the point here is that tje colonel was just saving his neck, he wasn't thinking in a better future for her daughter.

Hell, he is probably a noble, if he got the power to hand over the whole planet, her daugther could probably choose any academy in the sector if she wanted.

>> No.31114811

The Chaos gods usually have little interest beyond the Great Game. However, the Daemon of Chaos love invading the mortal realm because in there, unlike the battlefields of the Great Game, they can do actual lasting damage. Carve out a legacy and whatever.

That's why they are focused on invading the mortal realm.

>> No.31114822
File: 54 KB, 336x641, f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well then, different fluff disagrees.

>> No.31114826

>and is not like the humans have that much power/future within tau democracy.

As shown in the Democles, the humans can rank up and get into higher positions.

The Inquisitor working for the Tau had his own battle suit and the Tau obeyed his orders, for example. Humans can rbecome something in the Tau empire. A Gue'vesa'O!

>> No.31114842

Evacuation followed by Exterminatus is not retreat, it's tactical withdrawal while you bring in your heavy artillery and ensuring your own forces are not in the way.

>> No.31114851

Goddamn, that's awfull.
It's like we didn't have enough taufaggotry before.

>> No.31114859

I don't think so.

Here is the timeline of the whole series of events
1-Realize that they bit more than they can chew and make plans for evacuation
2-Imperials fight their way to the starport
3-Inquisitors and Space Marine want to continue fighting
4-News hits the fleet of behemoth (Panic)
5-reinforcements from other Septs has the Imperial fleet nearly surrounded
6-Imperials and Tau agree on truce to prevent pointless bloodshed

>> No.31114898

They were withdrawing from the war. Obviously, they did not have the resources to continue to fight the Tau Empire. So saying that the arrival of the Tyranids acted as plot armor for the Tau is utterly false. The arrival of the Tyranids only prevented the Imperials from consolidating and fortifying their conquered and reclaimed worlds.

>Exterminatus prevented due the fleeting nobility in humanity

Even now there is hope for man.

>> No.31114917

The ordinary Gue'vesa were given basically Fire Warrior gear that was made for their physiology. Also they were given hovercrafts (Devilfish). The implication that I got from the novel that if humans become more trusted in the Tau Empire, more of them will be allowed to use suits.

I think Gue'vesa Crisis Suits are awesome. What would anyone have against humans using crisis suits?

>> No.31114940

> stupid gue'la why wouldn't you join Greter Good :^)
> year 999.999.m41, liveing in the Imperium xD
> blueberries

>> No.31114956

Have something*

I see your point but...

>stupid loyalists why wouldn't you join CYOS :^)
> year 999.999.m41, liveing in the Imperium xD

No different really and it's logical for the Tau to go this direction since their codex say they are lacking in the numbers department and need huge populations to help them grow and fight their wars.

>> No.31114969

Well, I din't say chaosfaggotry is any better.

>> No.31115047

It doesn't say that they were withdrawing from the war. It says that they realized that the Tau would not stop fighting for that planet, and they couldn't proceed while the Tau controlled it. So they planned on taking that planet out of the equation.

By implication, they were not withdrawing from all of Tau space, otherwise why Exterminatus just one planet?

Though their forces were insufficient for taking that planet, they weren't necessarily insufficient for continuing to wage war on less defensible/important worlds.

>> No.31115090

>By implication, they were not withdrawing from all of Tau space, otherwise why Exterminatus just one planet?

The crusade was spent and fresh reinforcements were coming from the other Septs to encircle them. Farsight was very sure that they would corner the crusade and finish it off and the Imperiald feared that this would happen.

>otherwise why Exterminatus just one planet?

Because it was an important Tau world?

Anyway, it's clear for anyone that the First Damocles Crusade was in no way capable of wiping out the Tau Empire regardless of the arrival of the Tyranids or not. Which is the my main point.

>> No.31115109

Well, the part I posted gives the order:
1. receive astropathic message ordering redeployment to face the Tyranids
2. one by one, forces are withdrawn.

It specifically mentions that the Ethereals commanded Farsight to allow them to evacuate. Why would that ever have happened unless there was a truce, and why would THAT ever have happened if the Imperium didn't particularly need to forces and were planning on Exterminatusing the planet anyway? And for a fucking Space Marine to negotiate the peace treaty? No WAY that happened because of an Admiral who got in too deep.

As pointed out elsewhere, even if this is wrong, it was not a full-scale retreat of the entire force, merely an evacuation of planet-deployed forces back into space. What would have happened next can only be speculated on, but full-scale retreat without orders from the Departmento Minitiorum (or an Inquisitor) would lead only to executions, doubly so if they negotiated peace with the Xenos they were sent to destroy. It's unlikely to have been a retreat, what with Inquisitors and Space Marines already hanging around with them.

>> No.31115139

Oh, I'll readily agree that, without reinforcements, there is no way the Imperium could have destroyed the whole Tau empire with just the Damcoles Crusade forces. Even if the Imperial forces used Exterminatus at every opportunity.

But yeah, my reading of the forces involved didn't suggest that the Imperium couldn't have continued grinding on another couple of years at least, and certainly no that they wouldn't have done just that if they didn't have a more important enemy that a Very Important Inquisitor was ordering them to go and fight instead.

Everything about the Damocles Crusade screamed "this is exactly how the Imperium fights every war they fight", and without the Tyranid excuse, it'd probably have ended the usual way; Imperial or (less likely in this case Xenos) forces crushed, no middle option.

>> No.31116273

Lathe Worlds get a shoutout in the Knight Codex.

>> No.31117299


They also put Calixis Sector on the corebook galaxy map.

>> No.31117566

Not him, but that could still mean FFG need "official" confirmation to be ""canon"".
Not that I care about what is canon and what is not.

>> No.31120203
File: 4.30 MB, 2660x1476, TauFTL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Using the information from Warzone: Damocles
(see >>31105343) and the Map from the Knight codex which conventiently shows both Voltoris and Agrellan, I calculated the lowest possible speed the Tau would have to move to get from Voltoris to Agrellan in the given timeframe.

Long story short, Tua have FTL travel during the 3rd Sphere Expansion, and eighter GW sucks at math or they're actually considerably faster than Imperial Warp drives. Even if GW sucks at math and the Tau are supposed to be slower than Imperial ships (which is what all pre-codex fluff and Warzone Damocles states), it is still clear that they have FTL travel, as the background for the second Damocles Gulf Crusade doesn't feature Imperial forces waiting 3000 years on Voltoris for the Tau fleet chasing them to arrive there.

>> No.31120500

>GW sucks at math
A "major Imperial campaign" was about as large as World War 2.
No shit.

>> No.31120571

>>GW sucks at math

The american invasion of Iraq involved more men then your typical Imperial invasion of star systems. Why doesn't GW just throw an extra 0 or two at the end of all their numbers.

>> No.31120728
File: 35 KB, 487x203, Jericho reach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many zeros should they throw in?

Again thanks for the effort.

>That map

I m curious where exactly the Sautekh Dynasty is located in it.

>> No.31121133
File: 458 KB, 1000x710, TauVsImperialNavy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No idea. I don't think the Sautekh are shown in any map other than the one in the Necron codex, and I don't own that one. They are somewhere in the Eastern fringe, tho. From what I remember from the fulff in the codex, they're relatively far from Tau Empire, but close to Ultramar.

>> No.31122627

Forgeworld and Black Library are left to run independently of GW. Confirmed by the ex-GW employee posting last week.

Also. Thanks for the scans

>> No.31123016

"Was"? Carnac is still around. Though openly admitting that he never cared about the fluff in the first place and just wanted to troll people did make his trolling weaker now than it was before.

>> No.31123100

See? Told you carnac was here.

>> No.31123134

He's even in this very thread. After seeing enough of the trollposts, you begin to also see the ones that (ostensibly) aren't.

>> No.31123157

Iraq's also more populous than some fluff planets that are considered important imperial worlds though so it could be a relatively insignificant world. Or that GW is really really bad at math.

Cadia's population is lower than both the US and the Soviet Union at the end of the cold war.

>> No.31123213

So I'm guessing that he decided that since the Eldarfags no longer pay attention to him that he would start annoying Taufags instead.

That's kind of sad.

>> No.31123291

The Knight planet the Tau invaded only had like 7 million humans living on it.

The Hiveworld the Tau conquered had like 16.7 billion humans on it. I thought Hiveworlds had more than that. I can't believe people actually made a big deal about the Tau conquering this planet. By the way, it's not the only Hiveworld the Tau conquered

>> No.31123313

Sounds like communism and socialism.

>> No.31123369

So am I the only one the download just hangs for and sits there going "Starting" without actually ever starting?

>> No.31123434

I think its 99% likely that not all planets are the same size. Probably a big reason why people bother with hive worlds at all (if you had good enough food production and water recycling, the Earth could hold trillions without going full hiveworld) is that the population can only survive inside a closed off environment, so probably most hiveworlds are also on planets of unusually small size that can't hold their own atmosphere.

>> No.31123671


My download worked perfectly.

>> No.31123820
File: 35 KB, 626x126, tau propaganga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any 40k fluff thread has a good chance of attracting him, no matter the subject. Though he has described himself as a Tau fan as well as a Necron one, and they certainly seem to be a favourite subject of his.

Which was part of what made me realize Carnac and TIDF were the same person. While Carnac doesn't roleplay like TIDF, at least not fully, their posts are written in the same way, with the same images, quirks of spelling and punctuation etc., and of course the same trollishness. I'd suspected it for a while but didn't WANT TO BELIEVE since I'd actually defended TIDF when he was around, then at some point I stumbled upon his old posts during a (completely unrelated) foolz search and it all hit me. I seem to recall Carnac denouncing TIDF during his "Xenophiles!" phase as well, but then he's shown that he's perfectly willing to adopt contradictory viewpoints/personas.


>> No.31123914


>the method of controlling the populace by lying and distorting the truth; something the Imperium would never stoop to

premium imported lels

>> No.31124060

A hiveworld in the billions could actually be workable if the hive doesn't cover everything. At a tenth of Earth's landmass, you get a density of 1000/km2; assuming HK like densities however makes it silly unless the Hive World classification is more esoteric than just "Planet of one city".

Earth couldn't hold trillions without going full hive world. Earth at a trillion people would mean that every km2 of landmass has a density equivalent to Hong Kong's

>> No.31124076
File: 10 KB, 138x171, tau are primitive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mocking the Primer

I bet you'd write in the KEEP THIS SPACE CLEAR space too.

>> No.31124091

Speak what you will about the Imperium...

At least they don't sterilize ya

>> No.31124119

>hereditary castes

No, now crawl back to /b

>> No.31124146

>implying they don't
>using Dawn of War's obviously imperial narrator as a proof of anything

>> No.31124162

The Tau are described as collectivists and equalists.

Guess what these codes are code words for, citizen.

>> No.31124183

You brought up DoW but you conveniently ignored FFG's Deathwatch.


>> No.31124184

They're codes for "you're a retard whose awareness of political systems is, at best, a US middle school civics class".

>> No.31124204

Because that piece of propaganda was in Dark Crusade first.

>> No.31124235

And made it in another Warhammer material in which it wasn't a piece of propaganda.

>> No.31124269

Everything in Warhammer is a piece of propaganda.

>> No.31124373

or mind control you

>> No.31124404
File: 21 KB, 272x299, 1327619630866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not very surprising, even if it is quite depressing.

>> No.31124523

Yeah, but the War Zone books are published by GW proper.

Notwithstanding that they're usually based on Black Library stories and full of Forge World models.

Also War Zone Damnos is available (and is the single, solitary thing available in PDF format, strangely).

>> No.31124652

>you vile little aspie.
I like your style

>> No.31124656

You mean everything in 40K is pick and choose. But not all fluff is equal.

In-verse reports and narrations rank lower than the omniscient narrator.

>> No.31124677

Not that guy, but I would.

>> No.31124680

They're not, that's just the thin veneer over the top.

They're actually the opposite of equalist - they're elitist. The Ethereals rule everything by virtue of their cast alone, and cannot be challenged regardless of merit. Furthermore, your success within your own caste is determined by who the Ethereals decide to sponsor, again regardless of merit, so it's not even equalist within individual castes.

Naturally, the propaganda is the exact opposite of reality (which is the point).

>> No.31124788

this man gets it

>> No.31124797

>Their leader comes before me, sinking to the ground on the white-hot jets of his flightpack. He lands lightly and they cut out.

>‘Well met, son of man,’ he says. I raise my head. On my knees, he seems tall. If I were a lesser being, I would be intimidated. I am not, but I am taken aback by what occurs next.

>The chest piece of the suit cracks open, swinging wide upon hinges to reveal the occupant within. Unlike our own battleplate, his limbs do not fill the limbs of his armour, but he sits in a space inside, piloting the armour rather than wearing it.

>At this juncture, the reason for the suit’s greater size becomes apparent. What gets out to stand over me is no tau, but a man.

>‘I am Gue’vesa Dal’yth O’Va’Dem.’ Tall, noble of features, a sure and steady gaze. He wears dazzling white armour of form-fitting plates, a high gorget covering the lower portion of his face. Upon his forehead is branded the adorned I of the Emperor’s Inquisition.

>‘I was once Inquisitor Lucien van Deem. You may use that name, if you wish. It is long since I spoke with an adept of the stars,’ he says. He is weighing my fate, this arch-traitor, but there is no hostility in his face. ‘I apologise for this conflict.’

>> No.31124816

Commie parties and leaders went against the tenets of their own doctrine. It didn't make them any less red.

Just saying.

>> No.31124838

isn't he the guy with the mind-worm "advisor"?

>> No.31124844

>‘And what would you have, if not conflict, when the enemies of mankind pit themselves against us and its very protectors turn persecutor?’ I say. My voice is muffled by my helmet. The traitor nods to the two battlesuited elites to either side of me. ‘Hold him,’ he says. The tau with him defer to his orders as if he were one of their own. He is every centimetre the alien commander, but his face is brown-skinned, not blue. The downward pressure from their hands increases. The rogue inquisitor reaches down to my helm. I jerk from side to side, but he grasps me hard, and with swift fingers depresses the hidden catches to release it. The seal hisses. I smell burning and scorched flesh at their fullest strength, and then he has drawn my helmet away from me and looks down at me with appraising eyes.

>If I could move quickly enough, I would break his neck. I test the strength of my captors, and still cannot rise. If the Raven Guard still possessed the full suite of the Emperor’s gifts within its genestock, then I would spit poison in his face, but I have no Betcher’s Gland. Some of my brothers do, those raised from seed tithed to Terra by other Chapters. But I am of the purer sort, a greater proportion of Corax’s own genetic material is meshed into mine. For this singular honour, I pay the price in lessened ability. It is the only time I have ever regretted this lack.

>The rogue’s gorget slips away into itself, and he looks at me, a traitor now fully unmasked. ‘What else? Cooperation, adept. Coexistence. Peace. Are these words so repugnant to a Raven Guard?’ He holds my helmet with respect. His hair is white, as is his beard. His eyes are a piercing green.

>‘Treachery, deceit, dishonour. Are these words palatable to you?’ I reply. ‘They are anathema to me. You are anathema to me. What have they done to you, these creatures, to turn you from your sworn duty?’

>> No.31124871

We will get to it. Be patient, anon.

>> No.31124918

>He crouches before me, and sets my helmet aside. He knows the reverence with which we Space Marines treat our wargear. He respects it. ‘They have done nothing to turn me but talk to me. I was part of the Damocles Crusade, two hundred years ago. I was left behind upon their world which we so brutally ravaged. And for what reason? Reason did not come into it! The bitter pride of an old man – that was the reaction our Imperium gave to a race who bring nothing but the promise of peace and salvation from the darkness. As they said to me, this is only what our own Emperor tried to achieve, so long ago, before the great treachery destroyed his dream on the cusp of its realisation. You are shocked. Oh, I see it even beneath the mask of hatred and contempt you wear. They know much of us. I swore to defend the Imperium of Man, from threats within and without. But what is the Imperium if not the guarantor of man’s survival? The oaths I swore were to serve humanity, not the prison it has built around itself.’

>‘Those are not the oaths of the Imperium,’ I retort.

>‘They are the spirit of the oaths. Or should be.’

>‘And so you throw your lot in with these naïve children.’

>He snorts and smiles. ‘The eldar say the same of us. We say that their empire is done and we are the inheritors of the stars.

>Not so. Our time is done also. We had our chance, and fell. The Emperor failed to restore us. I throw my lot in with a race which is young, vibrant, and just. A race that will tear back the veils of superstition and bring a new age of enlightenment to the galaxy, an age in which mankind can prosper as part of the Greater Good.’

>‘You seek to convert me. You will fail.’

>> No.31124958

>He shakes his head and looks down. ‘I do not seek to convert you, because I know I cannot. You cannot be taught the virtue of the Greater Good because you are not free. You are not a man, but a weapon, and there is no place within the new order for such as you. I am sorry.’ He motions to his followers. They haul me to my feet. My armour is dead upon me, and I cannot act.

>‘You are a traitor.’

>‘If I am, then what I betray is worthy of betrayal. Take him away.’

And that it. So what's your opinions on what just happened, /tg/?

>> No.31125038


>It was then that I noticed the tube built into the side of Lucien’s underarmour. I’ve seen them before. A nagi housing; you sometimes see them with the ethereals. Lucien had a mind worm with him, ensconced in its own subaquatic environment, safe from our poisonous air. He caught me staring at it, he smiled at me, not entirely reassuringly.

>‘This? Do not be alarmed. This is Illluoosun, he is my advisor.’

>‘He is carried with you gue’o,’ I said, feeling a queasy horror. ‘Is he interfaced directly?’ I was pushing my luck asking such a question.

>‘Of course,’ he replied. ‘All the better to advise me,’ said the ex-inquisitor. ‘You have done well, and proven yourself. We need more humans like you, who take the Tau’va completely to heart. Until that happens, we will not be able to do our best for the greater good of all. I will make recommendations for you, in my report. Rest assured, they will be propitious. With the glowing praise Skilltalker lavished upon you, I think you have a bright future. Tau’va.’ With that, he walked out of the room, and out of my life.

>‘Tau’va,’ I whispered back.

>like to believe that the worm was there as an advisor, that the aun had not put him under the creature’s control, that Lucien was his own master and served the Tau’va of his own accord.

>If not, then I have to believe that it’s all for the Greater Good anyway.

>> No.31125088

My issue is this line;

> A race that will tear back the veils of superstition

The problem is that a lot of what the Tau would consider superstition is completely true - the nature of Chaos, Daemons, and the other weirder things that lurk in the corners of the galaxy. And a great many of the Imperium's superstitions, such as the ones regarding AI and other unbridled technological research, have quite understandable reasons for existing - because they tend to end in disaster, so a massive cultural taboo has built around them. I can certainly see high ranking Imperials defecting to the Tau for the reasons mentioned, but an Inquisitor of all people should know how dangerous it would be to 'tear back the veils of superstition' and be very hesitant about the prospect.

Though, when you consider this >>31125038, it makes more sense - the Inquisitor may very well have been brainwashed or mind-controlled.

>> No.31125092
File: 50 KB, 422x400, 2013-02-25_143545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, that's just pitiful.

>> No.31125172

That guy isn't the only Inquisitorial member working for the Tau. Also there is more. The Tau have ways (Nagi) to mind-rip Imperials and collect their information. The mind-rip works on marines.

The Tau have Imperial scribes (dudes who record information in their brains) in cold storage and they squeeze them for information.

With all this knowledge at their disposal, the Tau are not so ignorant anymore of the galaxy.

>> No.31125266

I haven't seen any of that fluff about the Goa'uld. The codex just says they're Ethereal advisors.

>> No.31125304

it's all from damnos, I'm betting

>the Tau are not so ignorant anymore of the galaxy.
still exceptionally ignorant, considering they have no psychic defenses and persist in making ever-more-advanced AI

Of course, they'll never face any real consequences for these things because of reasons

>> No.31125325

>the Tau are not so ignorant anymore of the galaxy.

This assumes the Tau actually believe the information they recover, rather than passing it off as superstition, misinterpretation, or primitive ignorance. The impression I have of the Tau is that they have a massive confirmation bias - they think they have the galaxy sussed out, and so long as they're under the influence of the Ethereals, don't think to critique their vision too hard when it's exposed to new information. An example of this would be the end of the Medusa V campaign, where the Tau were performing research into warp energy.

>> No.31125328

>because of reasons
Their unbreachable shield of plot armor isn't Voldemort.

>> No.31125335

Communism is an economic system, not a political one. It just happens to be practically unimplementable without a certain kind of government and that requires a certain kind of political system.

Anyway, the Tau are collectivist (as opposed to individualist) and they are elitist as opposed to meritocratic, which is their social system. Economically there is every indication that they are socialist - there's numerous examples of this Greater Good crap (greatest resources go to the greatest need, everyone works for the benefit of all, etc.) but there's also a lot of examples of private wealth (there are entire retirement planets for those that are selected to have access to them).

But politically? They're an Aristocracy (rule by those who are inherently superior).

Contrast the Farsight Enclaves, which are a true meritocracy if not an outright autocracy.

>> No.31125361

There isn't that much in the way of proof that AI=Chaos Demons shit is why the age of strife happened.

>> No.31125370

Sorry, pressed submit too soon.

When everything when predictably wrong, with the Earth Caste engineers being driven mad and mutated horribly, the Ethereals just hushed the whole thing up and banned further research along those lines. One of the main Tau characters in Fire Caste persists in thinking of "The Chaos" as a mental sickness unique to humanity right up until the end, even after having come into contact with a Daemon.

>> No.31125400

Tau is basically Plato's Republic. Or any ancient state. Every political system is collectivist.

>> No.31125430

>still exceptionally ignorant, considering they have no psychic defenses and persist in making ever-more-advanced AI

The lower ranking members. But the highers up? Not so much, considering all the information at their disposal.

The new novel has expanded their lore somewhat. Cute and persistent little buggers.

The Marine doing the talking in the green text above is being mind-ripped by a small army of them and is being forced to recall past events and to share all the details on the Raven Guard activities.

>> No.31125482

Medusa is very old and is likely to be a subject to a massive retconing of its events. They already changed the date of the conflict and put it before the Third Sphere (Shadowsun novel).

I wouldn't use it as an example.

>> No.31125488
File: 87 KB, 800x680, IA3-2_Cover1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here, I don't know if the qualifies as decent, but here you go:


>> No.31125523

>I wouldn't use it as an example.

It's as canon as anything else. I don't like the Rogue Trader-era fluff that has humans and Eldar being able to interbreed and the resulting offspring being trained as astropaths, but there it is.

>> No.31125530
File: 88 KB, 800x680, imparmour4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP again, "good quality" is beyond my ability, but if you'll settle for "readable and complete" you can have his:


Honestly I don't know if it's any better than any other version out there. Sorry.

>> No.31125640

Canon as the Oldcron lore or anything that doesn't mesh with the new fluff.

The reason for the Tau being present in Medusa would have to change to suit the new lore. Their reason for entering the conflict was to gather information to develop better Warp skimming drives. As you know, the Tau traveling technology has changed in 6e making the whole medusa mission as it was portrayed in the older fluff pointless.

>> No.31125832

This is much better than the 43-44mb version floating around with all the glare, thanks.

>> No.31125847


I don't suppose you have the old Aeronautica Imperialis or Tactica Aeronautica books, do you? The only scans of those presently online are like a dozen pages each -- unit rules and basic game rules, but no campaign rules, art, or lore. Thanks!

>> No.31125938
File: 42 KB, 1004x569, Goa'uld.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's it. You gonna get wormed, Gue'la.

Come here.

>> No.31126013

Hey, I am noticing a pattern here.

Tyranids have bugs that mindcontrol folks.
Necrons have techno-bugs that mindcontrol folks.
Tau have worms that mind control folks.

Mindrape for everyone!

>> No.31126114

OP here, I have everything. It'll take a while to scan though, my setup is very clunky. I probably won't get a chance to do it before tomorrow.

>> No.31126185

everyone except for the Imperium. Some "greater good" if they can't even convince people without mind-raping them, eh?

>> No.31126343

Awesome! I can wait another day. I thought idly about picking up a set when FW announced their firesale, but I wasn't in a position to spend that kind of money. I'm glad they'll at long last be fully scanned and preserved.

Your other scans have generally (your scan of IA4 is a bit dim, bot otherwise good-quality) come out very well -- keep it up!

>> No.31127047

I thought it was pretty cool and well reasoned. It's all brainwashing, but it really is for a GREATER good. They are doing exactly what the Emperor did 10,000 years ago.

>> No.31127128

But the Emperor never brainwashed people and he was an advocate for freethinking and freewill.

>> No.31127158

>The Emperor never brainwashed people

Butcher's. Nails.

>> No.31127180

Are you now impying they were made by Emperor? Seriously? That's just ignorance.

>> No.31127182

Wasn't his doing.

It was Angron's doing.

>> No.31127212

Hey, does anyone have a good scan of the Apocalypse rulebook that isn't just a rip of the iBook version?

>> No.31127231


>> No.31127256

>scan of IA4 is a bit dim
Yeah, sorry, not much can be done about this with my setup. The gloss on the books catches light like crazy, I basically have to eliminate all lighting and let the scanner compensate with its autobalance. It seems to favor orange over green, and for Imperial Armor 4 that looks bad.

>> No.31127477

The Buchter's Nails came from the people on the planet Angron landed on. They made him into a gladiator for their arenas.

Even then, all they do is heighten aggression - do you think Angron would've had a rebellion if he'd been mind controlled?

>> No.31127546

Would the worms work on Eldar?

>> No.31129390

Thank you very much

>> No.31129425

I don't see why it wouldn't, unless the Eldar are too advanced biologically to be mind controlled. Not to mention, their society is more strict - same reason they don't often have genestealer infestations is likely the same reason they'd be good at rooting out those mind-controlled by Nagi.

>> No.31129479

Not even society.
They have such a great level of empathy that they would spot any deviations very fast.

>> No.31129542

I doubt they'd work on anyone with psychic talent.

>> No.31129591

I was wondering if the Tau can use the worms to get an Eldar to tell them the secrets of their technology and webway or reveal what they know about the galaxy.

An Eldar would be a treasure of information, especially if it was a Warlock or Autarch

>> No.31129634

How secrets of psy-tech could ever help tau?
Even basic eldar shit requires psykers to produce.

>> No.31129705
File: 115 KB, 694x268, Eldar Plasma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How secrets of psy-tech could ever help tau?

Not all Eldar technology is psy-tech. There is some elements of true science in them that the Tau can learn from. The Tau in DC for example figured out how Shuriken guns work.

Also Eldar tech can be interfaced with non-psy means. Admech hacking into Eldar tech and Dolmen Gates are examples of this.

>> No.31129726

It can be interacted, but cannot be copied.

>> No.31129849

The Tau couldn't copy the full effect of the Orks shields, but from what little they understood about it they produced a new innovation.

Even what little the Tau can gleam from other races technology can lead to decent results. Just saying.

>> No.31130257

>everyone except for the Imperium
Psykers, advanced technology. It's been done.

>> No.31131241
File: 121 KB, 590x445, DevID_mark_2_by_Protocol_9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This obviously depends on how the Nagi's abilities work read: depends on the author.

Craftworld Eldar spend their lives resisting Slaanesh's corruptive pull on their soul, so presumably they'd be capable of shutting out other psychic intruders. If it's a purely biological effect, then it probably depends on how effective the Eldar mind-over-matter routine works internally.

>> No.31132610

any one have dwarf codex?

>> No.31132737

Interesting, they mixed Dune's Shai-Hulud, and Stargate's Goa'uld.

>> No.31133314

Dark Eldar aren't psychic anymore and they still have access to most of the same tech, just plus spikes.

>> No.31134480

Dark Eldar are able to eat other people's souls. They might not be active psykers, but I'm pretty certain they still retain the basic level of psychic activity all of the Eldar race possesses, they just don't use it the same way.

>> No.31135073

Speaking of other types of scans

is there an uploaded copy of tyranid onslaught, the third dataslat, somewhere?

>> No.31135122

New Nid Datasheet been shared yet? Dont see a thread anywhere

>> No.31135154

The Nagi refused to land on the hiveworld. It was revealed in the novel and mentioned in the Warzone book that the Hiveworld suffered a huge daemonic invasion sometime in the past that forced the Inquisition to exterminatus it. The taint of Chaos was not entirely purged, though. The energies of Chaos still pour across the world, the walls of reality are so thin in some areas that daemons can manifest, and there psychic signal (anomalous signal to the Tau) that broadcasts the voices of the dead and daemons.

If the Nagi were so afraid to land on that wotld be cause they sensed all that, this implies that they are psychic.

>> No.31136354


looks like you got lucky. I was randomly checking for things as I do Sat morning, and "will" has it already:

>> No.31136700

Does anyone have a pdf version?

>> No.31136717

No he banned those from usage but Angron needed his metal steroids.

Emps is easy, follow his orders or he'll kill you. However other then that he's pretty bro tier and very flexible.

>> No.31136773

You do. Just like the people that post the pdf, it is made from this mobi file. Download Calibre and convert it yourself easily.
Now you don't have to live at the mercy of other people.
Give a man to fish/Teach a man to fish.

You should have this program already, anyway. Organise all your digital files (pdfs, ebooks) and sync them to your device. It has an ebook reader. You can also set it up to share over the internet so you have access to all your stuff anywhere you go.

>> No.31136834

>Give a man to fish/Teach a man to fish.
I can't help but laugh at myself for that typo haha

>> No.31136958

I don't have Windows.

Anyone wanna help me get Wine working?

>> No.31136987

Give a man to fish and he will never be hungry again !

>> No.31137125

>I don't have Windows.

Neither do I...

If you had clicked the download link you'd see it's multi-platform open source.
Stop being a lazy.

There is even a terminal command for linux to download/install/update the software.

>> No.31137158

There is even a portable USB version of the Calibre. Trust me, it's worth using. I have every single thing organised by type (Core, Codex, Imperial Armour, Dataslate, Supplement, White Dwarf, War Zone, etc, etc) and shared over the internet as a repo for my gaming group. I keep it completely current and they can just sort by "New" to keep up to do.

>> No.31137177

Oh, it it even has the cover flip view mode like iTunes does. Looks sexy.

>> No.31137539

Yeah, I saw alot of Dark Eldar d-weapons, prism-guns and...

>> No.31137916

They're DRM'd. I have to get some ancient version of some Adobe program to decrypt them, according to some random calibre plugin that's apparently required.

That random Adobe program simply exits when run under Wine. No error dialog, no logfile, no nothing.

I'm not lazy, but this isn't easy, either.

>> No.31138131

Just use the pdf plugin that is required then. You are making this difficult some how. It is incredibly easy and straight forward. I can't even fathom what you are actually having difficulty with so it makes it pretty hard to help.
I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and have had virtually no problem at all. Also, I'd just recommend using the epub version (also readily available or easily converted from mobi to epub within Calibre).
I think you need to have more faith in yourself instead of just giving up. Requires plugin? Okay, I'll just stop... instead of using that plugin. I don't get it.
Wine was not even required. Are you using the Windows version of Calibre through wine instead of using the Linux version of Calibre...?

>> No.31138250

>The Tau in DC for example figured out how Shuriken

Dark Crusade? I don't remember that particular piece of information.

>> No.31138274

It's not that difficult anyway.
Shuricat is just a tiny railgun that shoots razor sharp discs.

>> No.31138282

It's in the Tau victory over the Eldar narration.

>> No.31138376
File: 18 KB, 395x149, calib1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I'm using Debian Wheezy with XFCE s my Window Manager. I get Calibre from the repository via my normal package manager (apt).

I try to load the ebook, it loads fine, so I try to open it, and it gets "invalid start byte".

According to Google, that's because it has DRM encryption, and the solution is to get the DeDRM plugin from http://apprenticealf.wordpress.com/ .

The instructions for setting this up (the readme file) then explains that you need to run Adobe Digital Editions under Wine to configure the key folders.

>> No.31138385

Anyone got death from the skies scanned or at least full?

>> No.31138607

They aren't DRM, though. They are in fact DRM free. It's more a problem with your system than anything. I mean, I have added this MOBI to Calibre 1.30, opened it with it's E-Book Viewer, converted it to EPUB, viewed that, sent the EPUB to my phone and my tablet and it has worked with no hiccups what so ever.
What version of Calibre have you installed?
Read this entire page:
Do you have all the dependencies?
Maybe remove/purge what you have already installed and use the "Binary install" method they show at the top of that page. That is what I do. I also close the program and run that exact command whenever it tells me there is an update.
>sudo -v && wget -nv -O- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kovidgoyal/calibre/master/setup/linux-installer.py | sudo python -c "import sys; main=lambda:sys.stderr.write('Download failed\n'); exec(sys.stdin.read()); main()"

>> No.31138704

And while this *is* proving to be a bit of a chore for you (and me now) I am willing to help as that is how it should be done and it will be worth it to you in the future.
Another benefit of Calibre, is that if you set it up to work on the internet, it also generates a feed like online book stores. I use Mantano Reader (Premium but the free version is good too) on my Android devices.

>> No.31138988

Well, I'll look at installing the latest version (seems to be pretty old version in the repository, not an unusual story for Debian).

Thanks for all your help.

>> No.31139698

It's updated fairly frequently as well.

>> No.31139716

use this web

>> No.31139931

HERESY no, that would require thinking, something tg doesnt do well

>> No.31139967

Same as the humans. To them they would appear as the human versions of castes.

>> No.31140246

Do any of you guys get the digital WDs? I never see them in these threads

>> No.31140274

that is because they are on kickass

>> No.31140312

Mh okay. Thanks. I'm not a fan of torrents. Makes my paranoia act up.

>> No.31140344
File: 28 KB, 400x320, amazement2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And just in case anyone missed this:
I did. Thanks.

>> No.31143085

I see. Well, I guess it can't be helped (and the IA4 scan is fine, just not as good as the others -- also quite a bit better than the quality of the AI/TA pdfs that exist at this time).

>> No.31143369

Anyone have a decent scan of Apocalypse? Something with the cover and not the ipad rip?

>> No.31146305

Check out IA2 2nd Ed, P. 81.

>Relic Predator of the Blood Ravens Chapter.
>The archives state that this vehicle was used on Lorn V.
>Records of that crusade do not back up this assertion.

Damnit, Magpies...

>> No.31147742

Mega upload doesn't work for me. It's frozen at starting.

>> No.31147823

Can someone upload the file here?

>> No.31147862

Which file?

If it's any of OPs files, they're way too big to be uploaded here.

>> No.31147891


>> No.31147986

oh cheers man!

>> No.31152288

any one have dwarfs?

>> No.31153016

You are a god among men.

>> No.31153387

does anyone have the Inquisition, Imperial Knight Codexes?

>> No.31153404


>> No.31155249

What's the decryption key?

>> No.31155259


>> No.31158519

Bump to wait for Aeronautica scans.

>> No.31162219


Imperial Knights:

>> No.31163701

DE Psyker level is pretty low due to necessity. Psyker prisoners must be very carefully handled in Commorragh.

In Path of the Archon there's a bit with Vect's body double (the Geldling) which is convincing enough to give pause to a room full of high-ranking Archons, Malys included. Yet when a visiting Harlequin stops by, he can tell them apart in an instant.

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