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Ok /tg/. Lets talk about Star Forts.

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I approve of them

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SO does the Imperium produce these or are they too lost knowlage?

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I approve of them.

I think they're best done if you dig and build them inside of existing asteroids.

I agree that doesn't allow you to show off your awesome gothic space-architecture though.

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No, they can be produced. They're like the Terminator armor of space stations. Artisan crafted, every one, but the Navy still has some made.

I wish to all holy fuck that RT had more rules/hulls for space stations. More fluff would be nice.

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Battlefleet Koronus implies they do, their HQ is a relatively new Ramilies class which someone had the brilliant idea to build in an almost inaccessible system.

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How many friggin' guns does that thing have?
Isn't the Phalanx one? Aren't there only like, three left or something?

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>The Ramilies-class Starfort was supposedly designed by the hitherto unknown Adeptus Mechanicus artisan Magos Lian Ramilies from Standard Template Construct (STC) materials captured in the purgation of the "Stone World," Ulthanx. Bristling with weaponry, the Ramilies itself is heavily armed as befits its role and is fully capable of fighting off a fleet of attackers if need be. The Ramilies cannot be boarded by starships as whole regiments of heavily armed troops would be needed, far more than most voidships can easily carry. The only vessel that could attempt to board a Ramilies is a Space Hulk, as only a Space Hulk would posses the requisite number of troops.

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I think the Phalanx is Imperial Fist archaeotech. It's like halfway between an Emperor Class battleship and a Star Fort, and hueg.

Ramilies forts are rare, but not out of use or manufacture.

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>The hyper-plasmatic energy conduction system used by the Ramilies is barely understood by the Tech-priests in current times, but thanks to the STC system it is still reproducible and has a guaranteed endurance of over 3,000 standard years. The greatest advantage of the Ramilies by far is that its powerful plasma generators can erect a Warp-bubble over the entire structure, enabling it, with the aid of seventeen Navigators and an attendant fleet of tugs, supply ships, warships and system craft, to enter the Warp and be towed to different star systems. This operation, always perilous, has resulted in the loss of over twelve hundred Ramilies starforts in their ten millennia of service to the Emperor. However, each journey has shortened Imperial campaigns by years at a time by allowing the Imperial fleet to move repair, command and resupply facilities right up to the frontline, saving its voidships' lengthy return trips to temporary supply bases or full repair dock facilities far behind the warzone.

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Now I want to have a RT game where a Space Hulk actually boards something intentionally, instead of just passing close enough to whatever that Genestealers can jump the gap.

Some sort of intelligent, malevolent Space Hulk.

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>has resulted in the loss of over twelve hundred Ramilies starforts

These things are like 20km in diameter. That's kind of impressive.

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The Ship is All.
The Ship Moves.
The Ship Hates.

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Yeah, losing them just to the Warp jumps is pretty brutal.

It does certainly imply a decent rate of reproduction and resupply though.

Anyone know if they have stats for any 40k RPG?

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>unknown Adeptus Mechanicus artisan
Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that, somehow, the Alpha Legion is behind this?

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...I just want a Rogue Trader game.

I feel like that would be more of a Deathwatch thing, though. Why would an RT get involved?

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Hmmmmm. An ancient human ship, with an insane AI trapped inside the core of the hulk, screaming to get out.

So desperate it is to escape, that it's brute forced the rest of the hulk under its control, and is repairing and refitting it as it moves from system to system on an unknowable agenda and flight path.

Perhaps it seeks revenge, or perhaps it seeks a shipyard capable of freeing it.

Who can say?

Space Hulks = loot beyond measure. That's an easy RT hook.

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>Ramilies from the Great Crusade lost to the Warp
>Pops back out ten thousand years later, still full of an entire Legion of Space Marines

How fucked

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>Unkown artistan
>Alpha legion detectd

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I don't think Ramilies were generally filled with space marines in the crusade, they usually stuck to their battle barges and what not.

Still, a Ramilies might have had the Imperial Army inside.

That implies naval and ground assets.

Might be some serious shit, with their high tech.

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My homebrew chapter's background has them try to create an artificial navigator, maybe something like that could become malevolent and it seeks to add more onto itself before seeking revenge?

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static defenses in a 3 dimensional battlefield.

how silly.

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Anything's possible in 40k, i suppose.

With the reach of the guns on a Ramilies, everywhere is within reach. Also, the Ramilies is as much a hardened resupply point as it is an actual defensive piece. Its value as a safe harbor outweighs its direct military use a thousandfold.

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I was under the impression that back in the day they would have been deployed more closely.

Also, BFG claims that some Ramilies ended up being used as Fortress Monasteries for fleet-based Chapters, which suggests that Space Marines have access to them.

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>Anything's possible in 40k
It's the warp, you ain't gotta explain shit

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>BFG claims that some Ramilies ended up being used as Fortress Monasteries for fleet-based Chapters

How old is that book? Cause that's a hugely fucking powerful item for a chapter to have post-heresy. See >>31090357

"fully capable of fighting off a fleet of attackers if need be"

And that's not a planetary defense grid like most fortresses, that's a single station, which could easily have additional ground support.

>not that i wouldnt mind if that was true, seeing as how it's a cool idea. just not sure about the powerlevel.

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chapters that suck the right dicks might get away with making off with one.

And its definitely a no-takebacks kind of kind of situation.

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A rogue trader party once found a mini-ramillies while searching for means to stop a splinter fleet.
Was controlled by an AI, and the techpriest at the time was full-heretic (or at least full-"fuck yeah, this sounds rad!".) and was overjoyed to find it. He neglected to tell the rest of the party it was an AI, though warned them to not mention it to other mechanicus types.

It was just sitting there in the Jericho reach, and had been being used as a base by pirates and renegades. It offered to help them if they could take it away from where it was.

At the time, I hadn't decided whether it was daemonically possessed, or an actual AI (or something inbetween.) Regardless, it would have been unpleasant; insane, psycopathic, but capable of pretending otherwise if it suited its goals, the first of which was "get the fuck out of here". (To that end, when the techpriest communed with it, it took the liberties of implanting a seed-copy of itself in his head. He later used this, under unrelated circumstances, to resurrect a titan and threaten a schism in the Mechanicus.)

Anyway, they did what the station asked them too, stole it a mechanical navigator, hooked it up to the station to make warp-transit easier, then hauled it off to help fight off the splinter fleet they were trying to defend against, and in broad strokes, did. Sadly, they never brought it to a suitably populated and civilized system, where I hoped to have it sterilize the nearest inhabited planet the moment they left.

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Cool. I'm assuming you were the GM?

Obviously they left the station in the lurch, but how did the impending schism go?

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The Dark Angels and Imperial Fists both have moon-sized fortress monasteries that can fly around the galaxy.
A single starfort is successor-pleb chump-change

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Campaign ended abruptly afterwards. After beating off a splinterfleet, where do you go from there? But it served as a decent climax to the campaign.

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You'd have the high lords sucking your dick for a find like that.

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Really? Well then, that's a pretty damn cool idea for some homebrews in the future maybe.

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First of all, you have a massive spacehulk. You know one of the best ways for a rogue trader to get ships? Especially archaeotech, navy vessels, or exotic xenotech? Fucking spacehulks.

Then you have the inhabitants. Tyranids? Call in some favors, throw some bodies at them, get them killed off. Then stuff them and mount them, put it in your private museum or auction them off to like-minded nobility. Orks? Harden your boarding crews, give them live-fire practice. Devolved imperial remnants, lost and primitive within a steel hive they don't understand? Use them to replace your losses in the above two. Psychotic AI? Purge for favor with the mechanicus, talk it into serving you, or give it to your favorite magi as a gift.

Then the hardware. Even on a sub-ship level, who knows what you'll find in there? Some of those ships might have had cargo. Some of those ships are ancient. Maybe cargo of rare xenos treasures, now extinct and unattainable anywhere else in the galaxy. How about men and material for a war that was being waged two or three millenia ago? Nobody will miss it, use re-appropriate it and use it to wage one yourself! You might even find relics from the golden days of humanity, the great crusade itself!

It would take a very inept rogue trader to NOT be able to turn a profit off of a spacehulk, if not multiple.

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Yeah, as long as you don't lose your whole crew or wreck your ship trying, almost any cost in lives (of people who aren't you) is acceptable.

Even the smallest fragment of archaeotech can make a trader's fortune.

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>Anyone know if they have stats for any 40k RPG?
Don't think so, but here's their BFG stats and i'll post a BFG cruiser stats after if you want to compare and homebrew.

In game each quater of its structure is shot at and attacks individually. So the whole thing has 48 Hits.

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Are there any size comparison images showing a Ramilles with Imperial warships? They're supposed to be able to dock cruiser class vessels, which are themselves over 4km long.

They'd have to be substantially larger than any warship in existence in M41.

In this picture we can get a sense of the scale of Space Marine battle barges - the Cobra destroyer is 1km in length - the Iron Warriors barge is around 13 times the length of the destroyer, and visually resembles a standard battle barge as we know them in M41.

The Flagship above it is 30 times the length of the destroyer, making it even larger than the 24km long Glorianna class battleships of which the Macragge's Honour is an example. None of these still exist within the Imperium as far as I know.

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and a regular cruiser for comparison

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Post like an Emperor or a Lunar cruiser for comparison.

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Here's a comparison of the models. Docked too Starfort in the foreground is a SM Strike cruiser and behind it a Battlebarge is docked.

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The ramilles is said to be roughly 16km wide, and able to dock a cruiser at each corner.

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Macragge's Honor is apparently still the Ultramarine flagship in M41

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The starfort by its nature is a purely defensive thing. They can't go off attacking other systems with it if they turn heretic. The navy would just besiege the starfort cutting off its supply lines. Or just get a bunch of nova canons and pound it into oblivion from outside its range.

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Damn. I wish I'd managed to get ine of them before they went OOP.

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Shoulda bought 10.

Not the same but I liked this scratchbuild

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Is... is that...

It is...

kharak is burning

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No and those fucking sand niggers deserved it. I mean look what they did to my precious Kadesh!

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Thats pretty cool.
I may shamelessly copy that.

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>mfw I just realized that was emperors flag ship, but you could play as Kadesh mothership instead and Hiigarans can be the bad guys.

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Make is a swastika, each ship will dock at the either side of the crooked arms in the center a giant cannon tower facing all over.

I shall be called! MEETING PLACE ALPHA!

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I did that on my first playthrough.

The Kadeshii fighter just looked nicer to me.

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Dont the imperium have a couple others like the dark stars and white council defense satellite?

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I don't remember either of those? But I'm sure they make dozens of patterns of various shapes and sizes

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I know that at one point GW produced a scale-accurate Star Fort and showed cruisers entering those bays on the side and an Emperor docked to one of the corners.

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Do you mean the Blackstones and something else?

So far as I know the Ramilies is just a generic standardized design made for the tabletop game. There are probably other designs in fluff.

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There are some conversion pics in the BFG rulebook I think. Don't have the PDF

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/tg/, how do we fix Battlefleet Gothic?

>Introduce Squadrons
Have ships be in squadrons when they are within 2 cm of each other or closer and of the same class. The Squadron then shares fire arcs.

>Give Turrets range
Turrets now have some kind of range to address and target ordinance. Say, 10cm out and closing they can fire on ordinance, or boost their range out to 15cm with penalties to hit since they'd just be blind-firing.

>Allow Turrets to stack when ships are squadroned
Carrier Spam was a major problem when BFG first came out, and though they came up with rules to address the rape it still left Escorts out in the cold as a fairly useless class. By doing this, squadrons of escorts can now defend capital ships from fighters and ordinance.

>Rules for custom ships
Create a table of points costs for types of classes and hulls, modules, ranges, and ranks of turrets and shields/armor. Create classes of ships that are a little cheaper in order to encourage the use of standardized designs rather than forcing everyone to have to learn a whole new fleet of ship's stats.

>More models

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>>Allow Turrets to stack when ships are squadroned
They already do if the ships are near enough to each other.

Well, they don't stack directly, because ordinance would be useless if you could easily have 12+ turrets, but each ship with turrets close to the main ship can add +1 to their turret count.

And remember, bombers lose one attack for every turret on the ship they hit.

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Maybe only allow as many bonuses as there are other ships in a squadron? So, if you have a squadron of six then they can have up to +5 bonus to the turret rating of the defending ship?

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Give us more classes of ships and better defined roles.

Escorts should decide whether they can be hit-and-run attackers or act as long-range ordinance artillery. Cruisers should be straight-up brawlers. Light Cruisers should be long-ranged fighters. Carriers need to have weaknesses to compensate for their ability to launch fighters even at point blank range; maybe some kind of "summoning sickness" for attack craft or a minimum attack zone where they need to get the fighters ready before they can launch them to attack.

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I didn't buy the Ramilies star fort or elder haven spire despite being an formerly-avid BFG player (over 25000 points between 3 fleets),with the means to do so.

It will be my eternal shame, as I fear they will remain unavailable to me forever.

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When I saw "star fort" in the catalog, I was thinking of something completely different entirely

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The Phalanx is a Dorn original. One of a kind.

Other models of Starfort exist. Some unique, like The Rock, some standard designs like the Ramilies.

>Aren't there only like, three left or something?
I suspect you're thinking of the Blackstone Fortresses. 70 million year old super weapons left by the Old Ones. Only a few left in existence.

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the cap is +3 extra turrets in BFG. Though it can be done with any friendly ship not just those in its squadron.

At the scale of BFG it makes no sense too have a minimum range for ordnance even when in base contact ships are still thousands of km apart.

Carriers already have summoning sickness in that they have too pass a command check on the Reload ordnance special order if they want too launch another salvo/wave.

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They're not all that different really. They both serve the same basic function.

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So did I

Are there any good wargames involving 18th-19th century warfare?

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My. Thats an impressive looking fortification.

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It is, planning on going there this summer to stare at it

>> No.31095609

It must've been a biiiitch trying to assault that back in the day.

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Black Powder is a big game published by Warlord Games.

>> No.31095681

They're pretty similar aesthetically as well.

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Wasn't the Phalanx pre-Dorn and found by the Emprah?

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>the cap is +3 extra turrets in BFG. Though it can be done with any friendly ship not just those in its squadron.

See, that just makes squadroning not a factor at all when it's necessary for making escorts more useful and promoting formation gameplay.

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Squadroning in BFG has other benefits, ships in a squadron can combine their ordnance into larger waves/salvos, the main advantage is that you only have to make 1 command check to place every ship in a squadron on a special order and you can use the highest leadership value in the squadron for the test.

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oh, squadrons can combine firepower with regular weapons too

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I have stats for a Ramilies, if that makes you feel any better?

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It would make me feel better if you posted them.

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Tabernacle of Lord Angevin
Class: Ramilies Class Star Fortress
Speed: 0 [1 under tow]
Maneuverability: N/A [-40 under tow]
Void Shields: 4
Detection: +30
Armor: 24
Hull Integrity: 400
Turret rating: 4
Equipment: Ramilies Hyper Plasma Reactor[*1], Ramilies Warp Bubble Generator[*2], Gellar Field, Quad Void Shield Array, Command Bridge, Hydroponics Decks[*3], Voidsmen Crew Quarters, Command Station Auger Array[*4], Small craft repair deck, Repair Docks[*5], Munitorium, Servitor Reclamation Facility, Civitas Decks[*6], Medicae Deck, Barracks, Temple-Shrine to the God-Emperor, Librarium, Murder-Servitors, Observation Dome,
Teleportarium, Astropathic Choir-Chambers, Cogitator Interlink
Machine Spirit Oddities: Martial Hubris
Past History: Haunted
Maximum Morale: 94 (losses 1/4 normal, +1)
Max Population: 105 (losses 1/4 normal, -3)
Crew Quality: Competent (Skill 30)
Weapons, Each quadrant arc (4):
Sunsear Las-broadside - Macrobattery; str 6; Dmg 1d10+3; Crit 4; Range 9
Hecutor Plasma broadside - Macrobattery; str 5; Dmg 1d10+2; Crit 4; Range 11
Godsbane Lance Battery (x2) - Lance; str 2; Dmg 1d10+2; Crit 3; Range 12
Jovian pattern Landing Bay (x2)
Weapons, Basilica (keel):
Ryza Plasma cannon battery (x2) - Macrobattery; str 4; Dmg 1d10+5; Crit 4; Range 5
Mars pattern torpedo tubes (x2) - Torpedoes; str 6 each [*7]

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Special Rules:
Four equal quadrants - Due to the Ramilies' huge size and symmetric construction, all four arcs, port, starboard, prow, and aft, use the rules for side arcs. In other words, the Ramilies has four equal sides; weapons in each can only fire into their own 90 degree arc, but all four sides can, and do, mount broadside weapons.
Big as a Hive Spire - Due to the Ramilies vast bulk and huge population, morale losses from damage are only 1/4 normal, rounded down, before applying any modifiers for equipment. Also, it may mount systems for any size ship, but must always mount the largest if there is a choice.
Space station - Unless it is under tow, the Ramilies Class does not move or turn in combat, and cannot be moved by an outside force. The station's massive banks of position keeping thrusters and grav stabilisers ensure that it will stay in a stable orbit.
Stable firing platform - The huge bulk and massive inertial dampers provide a superb platform for accurate, long range fire. The Ramilies has a +10 bonus to all ballistic skill tests with macrobattery and lance weapons.

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* Special Systems:
1 - Ramilies Hyper Plasma Reactor. This immense generatorium uses principles poorly understood by the Mechanicus. It provides more than enough power for all the fort's systems. Unfortunately, if it ever goes critical, the resulting explosion will be colossal. If the Ramilies ever suffers a plasma drive explosion, apply the following changes: The test to avoid damage is Arduous (-40), the blast radius is 1d10 + 10 VU's, and the damage is 2d10 macrobattery hits.
2 - Ramilies Warp Bubble Generator. This arcane device allows the Ramilies to be towed through the warp. Unfortunately, it requires vast quantities of bottled warp energy to function, with horrific effects if the device is ever destroyed. If the Ramilies ever suffers a Warp Drive Explosion, double the radius and damage of all effects.
3 - Hydroponics Decks. These provide fresh air, clean water, and food, even if it is only algae paste. The Ramilies suffers no penalties to crew population or morale no matter how long it stays in the void.

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4 - Command Station Auger Array. The Auger Arrays on the Ramilies are not only high quality, they are far larger than anything a ship could mount. They provide a +20 bonus to detection (already included) and score one extra degree of success on a successful roll.
5 - Repair Docks. The Ramilies can completely repair docked ships or itself with enough time and effort. A Ramilies has four docking spines. Each of these allows a vessel of Grand cruiser size or smaller to dock. Additionally, a Ramilies can dock twelve frigate or smaller size vessels internally. Each docking spine is a huge version of a manufactorum. Internally docked ships (and the Ramilies itself) receive a +10 bonus to Tech-Use tests for all repairs as the internal docks have air and gravity, allowing the laborers to work in shirtsleeves. These can also be used to build frigates or smaller vessels given enough time and resources.
6 - Civitas Decks. The Ramilies is, in effect, a small city in space. The Civitas Decks can comfortably house a half million or so civilians, with all the amenities you'd expect in a modest city.
7 - The Ramilies' command basilica has a cluster of anti-ship torpedo tubes. These have triple the normal torpedo stores due to the vast size of the station.

>> No.31096547


Relevant Modifiers:
+20 to Ballistic tests with ship's weapons from bridge (still +15 if Bridge is disabled)
+5 to all Command from bridge
+20 to Hit and Run tests.
+10 to Tech Use tests for repairs on itself or escort sized ships.
Bonuses from equipment are already included in the above statistics.

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The Ramilies Class Star Fortress named "Tabernacle of Lord Angevin" was recovered and reconsecrated by Imperial forces just in time for service in the Angevin Crusade. (Its history prior to the Crusade has been sealed by a high level Inquisitorial writ, but it is believed to have been transferred from the
Mandragora sector in late M37.) The Mechanicus lavished much attention on the refurbished fortress, declaring it sacred and equipped it with the best manufactoria plus an exceptionally high proportion of servitors. Though it was never on the front lines, the Ramilies orbited Solomon for much of the Angevin Crusade, providing a vital link in supply lines and critical repairs to the Imperial Navy. It was never a popular post during the Angevin's Crusade, with officers preferring the chances of glory in a ship command, and the enlisted crew constantly muttering that the fort was cursed. The Tabernacle saw two significant Xenos raids during the fighting, as well as one major sabotage attempt, but the fort survived. In the millennia since, the fort has served Battlefleet Calixis well, being moved from Solomon to Malfi in 891.M39. It remained around Malfi, supporting naval operations in the Malfian Sub until 772.M41.

>> No.31096562

In that year, it was reassigned and sent into the Koronus expanse to support the increasingly troubled Margin crusade. (This was done by order of Lord Sector Marius Hax, over the vocal protests of many Malfian nobles, an act which further soured political relations between Malfi and Scintilla.) In 788.M41, the Imperium lost contact with the forces of the Margin Crusade. The Tabernacle of Lord Angevin was but one of many losses suffered by the Imperium in that ill fated venture. The surviving Imperial records do not show where the fortress was located in the Koronus expanse, or even if it arrived. Today, the Tabernacle of Lord Angevin drifts in the Koronus Expanse. The crew are all long dead, though the fortress is still blasphemously active...

>> No.31096570

The station is haunted or controlled by some unknown entity. Perhaps it is the ghosts of former crew from the Margin or Angevin crusades. Perhaps it is some warp entity or insubstantial xenos (Cryptos?) that possesses systems and motivates them to function. Or perhaps the Cogitator Interlink is, in fact, an AI. Whatever the cause, systems still function, and servitors walk the halls, mindlessly carrying out their allotted tasks. From a distance, the station appears mostly powered down, though a few eldritch lights still shine in the windows. However, a successful active augury reveals void shields and weapons are active, and the fort will fire on any ship that gets close. (Broadcasting the correct Imperial Navy access codes might allow a ship to dock, though these should be very hard to get... and this only works if the controlling entity is the AI. Warpspawn or Cryptos will feign compliance, and then Lock-On with all available weapons at point blank range.) The safest way to board is probably to take a small shuttle on silent running and sneak in. The interior has moderate damage; some areas of old damage have not been repaired, and the fort suffered considerable fighting when the possessing entity took control and exterminated the remaining humans.

>> No.31096581

There are many, many active servitors on board, some of them blasphemously corrupted or heretek designs, and these will oppose any attempt at recovery. A brute force solution will be very expensive. The elegant solution is to find and eliminate whatever entity is possessing the station... Once it is defeated or placated, then the fortress can be salvaged without resistance. Naturally, the Tabernacle of Lord Angevin contains a vast amount of Imperial military hardware. It is unlikely to have very rare items, but it has squadrons of small craft, plus enough tanks, transports, weapons, and other materiel to equip several regiments. Returning it to Imperial control would earn a big reward for the explorer's dynasty, and attract the attention of several prominent noble houses on Malfi. (Note that the latter is not necessarily a good thing, given Malfi's tendency toward poisonous intrigues.)

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You know, it would be amazing to be a fly on the wall if one or more of those had popped out of warspace near the Tau fleets during the crusade against them.

I don't think they would have every seen something on scale with that before...ever.

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I would wonder how a space station of the similar design idea would fair out in combat. Like a large space-stations with smaller, connected space stations surrounding it.

>> No.31096693


Why not just asteroid rings?

>> No.31096704

Like flying in formation, or different orbits entirely?

Because as much firepower as those stations have, it doesn't do a lot of good when your target is on the opposite side of the planet.

>> No.31097168

IIRC, back in the... third edition Codex? The Fire Hawks had a Ramilies as a Fortress Monastery.

>> No.31097205

No, iirc, Dorn already had it when Emps found him and united him with his marines.

>> No.31097250

Im talking about a could other star forts and artifical planets mentioned in tidbits of the fluff in Black Library books.

They were in the Word Bearer's arc final book.

>> No.31097345

It's the same thing as having a planet for your fortress monastery, isn't it? Just in space. I mean, you could pack up and move a ground-based one, but it seems a bit unlikely. Don't think a Ramillies being used by a chapter would move much either.

>> No.31097420

...wouldn't they just go looking for a Void Abacus?

>> No.31097569


Actually IIRC the plan was to take it to the Jericho Crusade and use it to guard the warp portal on the other side or something, then they found it was too big to fit through the portal in the first place.

>> No.31097712

Couldn't they just send ut through the warp the way it normally travels then?

>> No.31097714
File: 26 KB, 300x346, 1394333576739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Index Astartes entry for the Imperial Fists holds that the origins of the starship are unknown, but is believed to have been constructed during the Dark Age of Technology, predating the Imperium. In this account, the vessel was discovered by Rogal Dorn prior to being reunited with the Emperor of Mankind. Upon encountering his father for the first time, Dorn was manning the helm of Phalanx, which he offered to the Emperor as a gift. The Emperor declined and willed that Dorn use the ship in carrying out his command of VII Legion.

The capabilities of the Phalanx are substantial. Entire portions of the vessel are used to emulate different combat environments for training purposes. [2] Her foredeck is so large that it can dock a dozen large cruisers [1] and has developed its own ecosystem, complete with unique species of animal life which have had their own evolutionary history aboard the ship. [3a]

The interior of the Phalanx incorporates stone corridors, archways, and cathedral elements. As of the very beginning of the Horus Heresy, the starship featured a gallery that displayed the battle honors of the Imperial Fists which stretched for kilometers. [3a] Of course, the ship continues to house Chapter honors and relics. Among the most prized are the Remains of Rogal dorn

A structure that leads observers to believe Phalanx "might have been a planetoid or minor moon," perhaps implying a spherical shape. [3b] A ship that is "many kilometers long, triangular in cross-section with its upper surface bristling with weapons and sensorium domes. Two wings swept back from the Hull, trailing directional vanes like long gilded feathers. Every surface was clad in solid armour plating and every angle was covered by more torpedo tubes and lance batteries than any Imperial battleship could muster" and with "thousands of battle-honours and campaign markings all over the beak-like prow." [4]

Is it this difficult to goople for people?

>> No.31097729


That'd take years, though. A ship going at full tilt without stopping can cross the galaxy in two years. As star forts need to be towed, that's going to be even slower.

>> No.31098141

Absolutely. No-where to hide. They went out of style with the advent of explosive shells making indirect fire a real problem.

>> No.31098183

>The Ramilies cannot be boarded by starships as whole regiments of heavily armed troops would be needed, far more than most voidships can easily carry

Couldn't they send boarders from more than one ship?

>> No.31098199

Presumably that would be a "negotiate with your GM" moment, assuming you've brought a fleet of sufficient size.

>> No.31099086

Also, based on some of the fluff earlier in the thread, it sounds like the Warp journey is far more likely to destroy the fort than actual enemies in realspace.

A tow of that journey would be ludicrously risky, like "We need to move the Golden Throne to the other edge of the galaxy or the Imperium will disintegrate, and we need a bigass box to keep it in" level of YOLO risk.

>> No.31099134

>A ship going at full tilt without stopping can cross the galaxy in two years.
It actually depends on several factors. Most importantly the ship and navigator, both of which can have a huge impact on travel time.

The Oficio Assassinorum can cross the galaxy in a week according to Seventh Retribution thanks to a combination of the best navigators and seriously rare archeotech.

Space Marines, especially the older chapter can almost probably do it in short order (though I doubt they can manage a week or two.)

>> No.31099214

How do they work? Are they fixed at a random point in space? Do they act like comet? Are they in orbit of a stragetically important planet?

>> No.31099234

They're in orbit above a strategically important planet. But they're capable of slow stellar flight, and can be towed through the warp, if they're needed elsewhere.

>> No.31099459


Even the Relictors had one of these things, till they got Inquisitioned.

>> No.31099882

Wouldn't they just go looking for a what now?

>> No.31100189


It's a archeotech device in RT that's basically a calculator that lets you make full scale warp jumps without a navigator. Naturally this means the Navigator houses consider them crazy heretical.

>> No.31100241


The whole point of the Achilus Crusade is that it's "TOP SECRET", hence the whole pretense that the Margin Crusade is still going on and why everything goes through the Warp Portal. Sure, you could probably ring up a forge world near Ultramar and be all "Yo bitches, dis is the High Lords, we need a Star Fort Yo." Except then they're going to be all "Ok, and where do you want it delivered?"

>> No.31100517

You forgot to mention it only works on warp jumps that would take you a week or two. You still need a navigator to cross any long distance in a reasonable amount of time

>> No.31100805

Yeah, that's the thing. The balancing factor in BFG is leadership - want a lot of ordinance on the field? Ld checks. Why squadron your boats? Less, and easier, Ld checks to do the things you want.

>> No.31100857

Yeah, but for the purposes of BFG boarding is a ship-to-ship attack. Ramilies-based Fortress Monasteries are even more ridiculous - only a Hulk can board, and they get like, a +2 for size, and a +2 for being full of Marines.

Do not board a Fortress Monastery.

>> No.31100948


Isn't there another +1 for Terminators?

>> No.31101035

Oh yeah, if you haven't used your Terminators for a teleport attack I think you get an extra +1.

It's just a Bad Idea

>> No.31101459
File: 170 KB, 1511x961, Ramilies London.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.31103071

You know, that's smaller than I would have thought. Especially for something that can dock like 4 Lunars.

>> No.31103209

Greater London has a 50km radius give or take. You could line a dozen cruisers in that.

>> No.31103569

Capital ships dock too the outside of the fort. They don't actually fit inside it.

>> No.31104432
File: 639 KB, 800x600, screen96[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please tell me I'm not the only one who immediately thought of this

>> No.31104468


holy fuck where the fuck can I get BFG models? I want to start eldar but I don't really like patrolling ebay. I'm fine with recasts, anyone have any idea?

I heard GW does actually still produce them but you have to call to order

>> No.31104551


ork space hulks are piloted (sort of) and can be guided (kind of). They have rules in BFG and are pretty similar in firepower/endurance to star forts.

>> No.31104637

Wait for them to make BFG vidya.
Bloodbowl now, Mordheim in the works. BFG/Necromunda soon, fellow specialist.

>> No.31104849

They're OOP. Calling won't help.

If you don't want that you can probably convert them from the plastic kits. Or go 3rd party. FSA aquans would make decent eldar, just add the sails

>> No.31104891

>"Liberate Tutamae Ex Infernis."

>> No.31105083


Well, they're "OOP". I've heard of people being able to purchase backstock from GW direct up until last year and when asked the casters said they'd make more from their old sculpts if they kept selling.

>> No.31105178

Taiidan. The Empire was Taiidan.
Kadesh were the guys with Multi Beam Frigates, related to Hiigarans/Kushan.

>> No.31105217

They only made more too fill orders tgat had been placed before they ran out.

But I guess you can always just try calling anyway.

>> No.31105243


I mean, this was 2013. I don't think they had a backlog that big.

>> No.31105948

There was a pretty big rush of orders when they anounced the end of production.

But there's not much point talking abiut it here. Just call them and find out

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