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I've convinced my Rogue Trader players to board a space hulk and I need some suggestions for how to make them regret their foolhardiness.

The party, consisting of a Rogue Trader, a Seneschal, a Voidmistress, a Navigator and a Dark Heresy Ascension-level Psyker, boarded the hulk alone and are presently separated from their boarding craft. They've made their way to what they've surmised is the primary lift shaft of the principle vessel with an eye towards making it to the bridge. Conditions are semi-airless and they're all wearing armored voidsuits (AV3) and equipped, principally, with lasguns; the Rogue Trader is rocking a lascutter.

There are signs of armed struggle throughout the vessel with lasburns scoring the walls, floors and ceilings of the main passages through which they've traveled so far. They haven't been able to discern a clear pattern to the blast marks, leading them to believe that the crew was firing at targets all around them, throughout the ship. They did not find any bodies in any of the main passages.

The Seneschal, who has a number of ranked up lores relating to legend and antiquity, has dated the vessel to approximately M33, placing it in the Imperium's heyday following the Scourging and they're all lusting after the sweet, sweet archaeotech that it may contain.

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Cont'd from >>31083429

I've played the scenario as a pretty straight up abandoned derelict so far. They've been glued to their auspex (operated by the Voidmistress) but without so much as a blip for the entire expedition, so far. They've had to force open a number of blast doors, so far (the Navigator is a prodigiously strong mutant), including the lift shaft; which was stacked floor to ceiling with desiccated, practically mummified corpses of the crew they didn't find, before. They don't know what put all the bodies there and didn't stop too long to ponder it before incinerating them with the lascutter (turning them to ash and evacuating the shaft of what little air it contained) and making their way up to the bridge.

Which is right where we ended the session.


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>Space hulk
Genestealers. Enslavers. Orks. Chaos Space Marines. Radiation. Toxic atmosphere. Floods of acid. Demons. All of the above, at once.

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And in that order.

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Just gonna throw in some interesting things that could be on the ship
>Two ships which are crashed together have overlapping gravity fields, creating areas where the gravity can fluctuate from hyperintense to null in a few meters
>One room they encounter is a statuary; in it are ten statues; nine of the Primarchs(minus Sanguinus) and one of the Emperor, each statue depicting the Emperor and his sons more humbly than one would imagine; only The Emperor, Vulkan and Ferrus Manus are shown in armor. The others wear robes or other clothing of their worlds. Gulliman is shown carrying the Codex Astartes in the form of a massive tome, and so on and so forth.

As the players are inspecting the room, the lights flicker. When the lights return, two more statues have joined the statuary, one of Sanguinus, broken and defeated. Standing tall above him is Horus, shown at the peak of his power, the moment when he confronted the Emperor.

When the players leave, they can never find the room again.

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>Convince your player to do something they wouldn't have done otherwise
>Punish them for it
Is this a That DM thread?

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>something they wouldn't have done otherwise

What self-respecting Rogue Trader WOULDN'T board a space hulk?

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The one that care about being alive rather than disappearing in the warp along with it

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Somebody archive this

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Although the vessel appears to be from the M33 it is much older. Impossibly older. For its apparent age to be correct it would predate human space flight.

Exactly how old is hard to say. Every machine spirit is dead. Radioactive elements in the backup fission reactors have cooled down with age to being little more than impure lead.

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No risk, no reward. I'd board it in a second.

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Sounds like a pretty shit Rogue Trader. Who the hell signed off on your warrant? Probably a bitch, that's who.

My authority comes from the most beneficent God-Emperor of Mankind, Himself, penned by His own hand at the dawning of the age of the Imperium. For the glory of Mankind.

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Go get yourself killed for a measly PF or two while I colonize planets and expand the Imperium.

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You're not a real rogue trader. Dosh would be disgusted. A real rogue trader throws caution to the wind to search for amazing things.

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So you're basically a chartist captain with delusions of grandeur. Got it.

0/10 would not plunder stars with

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Now that, that is a rogue trader.

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>They haven't been able to discern a clear pattern to the blast marks, leading them to believe that the crew was firing at targets all around them, throughout the ship.

Is this what happens when the gellar field fails?
We got daemons at the gates daemons in the air daemons inside the walls daemons daemons daemons! If we beat them off the walls they're sill in the air if we shoot them out of the air they're still at the gates so where does that leave us? Nowhere that's where.

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Space hulks will stay in realspace as long as they're within the gravity well of a system.

You're thinking too obvious of suggestions. Warp ghosts, remnants of that one alien species that lived in the warp (Deathguard killed most of them in Flight of the Einstein, forget the name), and a few of those weird pixie thinks from the Chronous Beastery that suck out your soul.

Archeotech, dear friend. More valuable than anything you're likely to find on most worlds you try and colonize, and its study can improve the Imperium as a whole, not just the local supply chain.

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ITT real Rogue Traders board the hulk

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Space hulk don't care about the danger inherent to warping inside a system gravity well. There is no reason for them to stay in realspace.

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Gravity wells are what drag them back into realspace.

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What could be inside? Orks? Tyranids? Chaos? Necrons?

Of course they are, they always are, by the truck load they shall overflow at the brim, but you know what else is inside?

Dreams and riches, the dreams of the imperium! The emperor wills it.

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Another Space Hulk?

Bite the pillow, I'm going in dry

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>Gravity wells are what drag them back into realspace.

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One of the Cain novels says it pretty clearly, also noting that the marine chapter he was with had plans to loot the particular hulk they'd been chasing for the better part of a decade because of the path it was taking through the system they found it in.

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Emperor's Finest.

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I suggest you read Deathwatch: Ark of Lost Souls, which is pretty much the Space Hulk book.

It has a Space Hulk Mission generator, although one designed for Space Marines, but you should still be able to crib stuff from it.

Other than that, you may want to look into Dark Heresy: Purge The Unclean, which has an adventure set in a Space Hulk.

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Hey, how about that weird deamon that posessed the marine's body in the first or the second Horus Heresy book. The moment they go into the mountain keep, and one guy shoot the other one after he went AWOL. And suddenly his body gets up and mutates and starts wrecking shit?

Or you can go with the classic, Event Horizon, deamons, weird visions, generally make them scream for momma and forget any archeotech unless they have some blanks in there.

Or go both.

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Give them nothing but sweet sweet paranoia...

some strange sounds
ancient machinery turning on and off
flickering lights
short times of scanner activity

but no thread ever

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don't forget the servitors, still functioning after all this time...

In trying to perform their functions, they've made strange alterations to what technology remains, and built disturbing structures from whatever they can find...

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Like bodies of never-seen-before aliens? Imagine going through some pretty standart, only long unused shit, and suddenly -> kitchen made from bodies of something that does not exist.

I like it.

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>The party, consisting of a Rogue Trader, a Seneschal, a Voidmistress, a Navigator and a Dark Heresy Ascension-level Psyker, boarded the hulk alone

>>>boarded the hulk alone

So aside from my related image, I think you should consider shifting terrain, sections exposed to outer space and white noise, all rounded off by Tzeenchian horrors and warp storms. I think three complete shift-arounds of the hulk map should suffice to confuse and disorientate the group enough to desperation. Don't forget to throw in dead bodies of NPCs the party has met from their previous adventures.

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Watch the movie Virus for ideas.

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They see/hear/smell obvious signs of a fierce battle going on aboard the ship. Like smoking las burns in walls, burning gas from flamers, the smell of seared burning flesh, screams and cries of agony and death, people yelling orders and curses at enemies that you can't see. But when they get to where they herd the screams they find a hastily made barricade covered in bodies and equipment that have been dead and decomposing for millions if not billions of years, weapons rusting and breaking from age. Only to hear the battle to continue to rage just out of sight.
At one point they get to the mess hall to find it perfectly fine even the bodies look perfectly fine only as skeletons. Then sounds of a struggle are herd from the kitchen, when they enter the food is still hot and cooking on the stove like someone has just put it on, after they enter the kitchen they hear sounds of the loudspeakers call that the ship has been boarded fallowed by sounds of death and battle from the mess hall only to find all the tables flipped into a defensive position and bodies everywhere, bones slowly decomposing to dust.
When they finally reach the bridge they find it completely destroyed, fresh smoking bullet holes smoldering blast marks, broken panels, then the ship lurches and the lights flick off for a second, when they come back on the bridge is perfect untouched except for the skeletons sitting in all the chairs in a diligent position. All monitors and panels work fine showing the ship in perfect shape, only to relies these readings and information is on your personal ship. then it flicks back to the destroyed state

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DAoT repair robots. Spread out of the wreckage of the ship they were in and are trying to "fix" everything they come across.

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Tentacles. So many tentacles.

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>and equipped, principally, with lasguns;
How in the void dancer's roil did you manage THAT? I've never known a rogue trader party to start off with less than boltguns all around.

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