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So... apparently Oglaf is well known by the rest of the internet. In any case, I just now found it, and was wondering, if you wanted to run an rpg with the same tone and humor as the comic, what system would you use?

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>what system would you use?
Whatever system you want. If you think you need to roll dice for penis humour, then perhaps you're not cut out for penis humour. Like jewish foreskins.
Get it? It's a penis joke. About circumcision.

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FATE. It's more of a story telling system, and flexible. It's up to the DM to set the tone.

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Anything. What youw ant is not a system, but the humour genre, even freeform works.

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Maid RPG.

or Risus. Risus does light and it does comedy. Together, they do Light Comedy.


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I dunno about the accuracy of this comic...'moist', flange, panty and whitebait are pretty sexy words in this particular context.

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D&D 3.5

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Yes, but I also want to have the dungeoneering aspect. Adventuring, a la DnD/Pathfinder/etc but with more of that tone. I would just say well... DnD/Pathfinder/etc, but I almost want some sort of rules for the epic kinds of tomfoolery like best-at-blowjobs curses and swirling-ink pussy traps (...how long do you think the confusion lasts?)

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FATE or Dungeon World.

You need freeform narrative over crunch mechanics for your erection's Save Vs Flaccidity score.

That being said, nothing would matter more than your ability to make good jokes on the fly. No system is going to replace that.

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Of course not. Having a GM and a player group that could do it well would be required to make it work. But doing so would be really hard

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Use the setting from D&D/Pathfinder, add Oglaf-style jokes, monsters, curses, NPCs, etc, use the FATE system.

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because reasons

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I hate when "homebrew" becomes code for knowing something doesn't work in D&D, but not knowing any other games, and thinking the only alternative is to make your own third-party remake of D&D.

FATAL isn't a functional game. It's a bad joke. It's also not remotely the same kind of mature as Oglaf, so bringing it up is a bad joke too.

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So assuming FATE is the consensus, what house rules/variant skills should the setting use to set it apart from the core FATE game?

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Is this even a question? You run FATAL and you do so without shame

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Anything you want, since the mechanics mean incredibly little. Pathfinder? Sure, it's got silly mechanics, wizards are hilariously effective, Paizo's shit is pretty fetish-y. 4e? Now you got your Barbarian warrior befriending the shit out of people. Flavor your powers to whatever level of crazy you're comfortable with, and you're good. L5R? Sure, why not?

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>FATAL isn't a functional game. It's a bad joke. It's also not remotely the same kind of mature as Oglaf, so bringing it up is a bad joke too.
Literally two posts above you.

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FATAL isn't actually a game. It's a 900-page joke with no coherence whatsoever. It isn't possible to play it because it was never intended to be played.

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>anyone that suggests FATAL

Literally Hitler. The game has utter shit for crunch.

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>Implying FATAL is playable.
Go ahead. Roll a FATAL character.

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You better roll for anal circumference so we know how much blood you loss when I tear you a new ass hole

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Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Copulation, and Teasing must be treated as separate skills. The rest is probably stunt/aspect related.

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Second, FATE or Dungeon World. I'd use DW, making up new moves and compendium classes and stuff is loads of fun.

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Why is oral sex with men but not women a skill?

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He said fellatio and cunnilingus.

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You'd also need a Restraint skill and a new sexual stress track.
Restraint is active defense, endurance gives you more sexual stress.

A fun stunt would be the ability to use your cunnilingus as fellatio, but only if the 'target' looks like a woman. So you'd need traps or men in drag.

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So does preforming oral on an herm require two skill check, some sort of average, the highest skills, the lowest skill or what?

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Depends on what part of the anatomy you're going at?

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What bit are you stimulating?

If both, lowest of two skills, same as any multi-skill check.

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imbecile >>31065683 >>31068628 >>31068683 >>31068708 >>31068814

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Whichever part you're going for. Or you could have it one modifying the other, the way skills normally modify the others. You choose which you want to focus on, and you roll that, with a +1 if the other skill is higher, or a -1 if the other skill is lower.

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Lets say both
Makes sense
I see.

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