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Shadowrun General

Back ammo.
Straighten dragons.
Shoot conservation.

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I really have to wonder what the loli does in that team.

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Elves: Nice to look at, or just punching bags?

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Rigger, maybe? The elf has magic, middle's probably the mage and face given the suit, right's obviously a sammie.

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Elf: Magician
Orc: Gun Bunny
Troll: Face

Hm... then the Goth Loli is clearly a rigger, and therefore capable of taking on a small army.

Possibly a Rigger/Conjurer for extra fun time.

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The loli is actually the street sam

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Gothloli is an assassin full of bioware. Rest are elf mage, orc gunslinger adept and troll technomancer to be specific

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also here are some of the other pages

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>Goth Loli Assassin

Bleh. How ordinary.

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At what point is a changeling to furry to play?

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Right? How boring.

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Holy fuck I would that tusker so hard

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Every point.

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The moment you make it sexual, or make other people uncomfortable. Basically don't be creepy when you describe your character.

It's annoying there's such a stigma against, it because you can do much awesome stuff with it before that point.

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Surge III?

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Also, I'm not sure that's a loli. That's decent scale for a human next to a troll, elf, and orc. She'd just be a little short. Like 5' 5"

Also, the troll is a little short or 5e.

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Would you guys consider an Urban Explorer Jumpsuit with helmet to cover enough of the body to have Ruthenium polymer coating?

I want to be able to have camouflage without sacrificing so much armor by just getting a chameleon suit.

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Shadowrun changelings that aren't human in bone structure tend to really far-out things like having an octopus head or insect face.

If you think you can make an interesting character with a bear head, or whatever, then it's fine - but most changelings with such radical deformities can and should get surgery to repair their faces - especially if they're shadowrunners.


Damn you, beating me to the most important bit.

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Scale's something Shadowrun's never done that well.

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Yes. It's a jumpsuit with a helmet, it covers the entire body.

The ruthenium upgrade probably includes extra material that can be pulled over pouches, weapons and boots.

That exact jumpsuit (with full fire/electricity/cold/thermal upgrades) is like basic shadowrunning gear for my characters.

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Tis 'an extremely runty troll.

I could see that helping if he's the Face. Less of the Gamagoori, more of the negotiations.

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>not wanting Gamagoori on your team

>> No.31052790


Oh I want him on the team.

I just don't want him leading discussions...

The Elite Four would make excellent shadowrunners.

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3 Street Samurai and a Hacker/Infiltrator...

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What's ridiculous about her goth loli wear is that there's actually rules for that shit in this game...and it's still armor.
Shadowrun's possible level of diversity is just staggering sometimes.

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I'm still looking for an additional player to fill a spot in a fresh SR4 game. It's on Fridays at 3pm EST. Skype is in the email spot.

It'll be set in Seattle 2072 using karmagen (750)

Books we're using at the moment are Core, Augmentation, Arsenal, Unwired, Street Magic, Runners Companion, Safehouses, and Used Car Lot. If you wanna use another book, run it by me first.

As for how we're playing, we're using maptools for the game and skype for OOC. If you're confused as to what maptools is, this picture is an example. I make the maps from scratch so I ask that if you intend to join, please at least tell me you can't make it to a session.

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I think Nonon would work best as a Rigger or Magician with Sonic spells. But why not both?

Call it one Sword Adept, one Gamagoori, a Hacker and a Rigger/Magician.

That's fairly well-rounded.

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Admittedly, most Operators Operating Operationally sammies would still give her a fair bit of shit unless she had a pretty scary rep behind her.

>> No.31053047


Nah. Magician or bust.

>> No.31053100

Plus if she REALLY suck with the whole goth loli get up at all times she's definitely have Distinctive Style on top of that. Man, what would that BE like even, for that kinda char to have a rep like that?
>"So I worked with Black Lolita on my last job."
>"No shit? I heard she's pretty much a death machine. Word on the grid says she once halfway tore through an entire KE Firewatch team. Survivors were so fucked up afterwords that they couldn't pursue. All bioware too I think. Bet there's a weird story behind that."
>"Yeah just...don't like...ruin her dresses."
>"She's like...totally girly and shit and it's impossible to take seriously but then I accidentally spilled some soykaf on her dress and she just....flipped her shit. I apologized later with a new dress because I thought I was literally going to get murdered, but then she got all wiggly and called me a 'baka gaijin' and then apologized for being angry but 'she didn't like me or anything'."
>"No idea."

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Yeah, but she has her giant flying missile cruiser.

Definitely Rigger/Magician. It's totally doable without her sucking either.

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Honestly, Distinctive Style should be a multi-level flaw. On the lower end, you have the runners always wearing the same clothing style. Mid-range, your slightly quirky but forgivable types. And at the maximum level the full P.M. types running around with glowing neon trenchcoats and assault-cannon/keytars.

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The maid is a human street sam (book calls her a gilette). She just likes archaic clothes.
The ork is a gunslinger adept.
The elf is a mage.
The troll is a technomancer.

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One of my players went with pretty much this concept once. He didn't actually go full out with it or veer too far into the Magical Realm (which I am immensely grateful for) but instead had the char keep to herself and be quirky and/or goth as the situation demanded. He went the cyber route instead of bioware, though.

The whole thing was sort of similar to Glory from the Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall campaign, now that I think about it.

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Does anyone have art for men covered head to toe in futuristic armor that is fairly light? I've seen some really cool designs like pic related, but they just look too heavily armored.

>> No.31053921

That reminds me; I really do need to get around to writing that story about the class of Japanese schoolgirls who get caught up in a manastorm on a fieldtrip to Australia, all go changeling and form a large runner team.

>> No.31053949

How many players, and what are they running?

>> No.31053959

Also, particularly in a white/gray/black color scheme or even just a line art drawing would be good.

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Deviantart, Pintrest, Tumblr, Grognard.booru, fucking google image searches.

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I legitimately have never seen that reaction image before, though I'm not on as often as I used to be.
Glory was a pretty fun character. She seemed less goth, more robot, but I may have just been paying more attention to her giant fucking razor-blade tipped arms. How did she act goth anyway? Quoted Marylin Manson songs or something?
I would say that seems highly improbable, but the Sixth World took the laws of probability behind the wood shed and shot them with a Panther assault cannon way back in 2055.

>> No.31054026

Currently doing most of those things while requesting them and have been searching for several minutes now. Is that a problem?

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>I would say that seems highly improbable...

Of course it is. It's just an idea I've had rattling around in my head for a year or so ever since several dozen SRGs back when I threw out the idea at random when I ended up responding to someone asking for an explination of changelings and someone else asking about monster-girls in SR at the same time.

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Is it possible to make a katana that can break-down and reassemble? Like the sword from Dishonored?

>> No.31054616


Yup. Memory metal blades can roll up or fold or whatever you like.

Check Arsenal.

>> No.31054647

Victorinox Memory Blade from Arsenal

Or you can apply Easy Breakdown (Manual or Powered) to any weapon you like.

>> No.31054767

>Memory Blade

Holy shit how have I not known about this for this long

>> No.31054796

It's 14R, unfortunately. Like I said, though, you could use the weapon modification...

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I find it hilarious that Nip Chinorc has Chun-Li legs.

>> No.31054888

Hey man, gotta get the ork thunder thighs audience.

>> No.31054917

Yeah, but fuck you if you're a dirty baka gaijin westaboo neckbearded deathfat, you only get pic related.

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I would upload my virus into her datajack if you catch my drift.

A virus that fills her with ork babies.

>> No.31054966

I'd coat her insides if you know what I mean.

>> No.31054976

I'd make her call me a breeder if you know what I mean

>> No.31054981

I'd examine her Capacity, if you know what I mean.

>> No.31054988

I'd hold her hand if you know what I mean.

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Hoi, that's too much, chummer.

>> No.31055111

Mixing with Orcs is just the kind of sick dreck the dragons are trying to force on us.

Stay pure human.

>> No.31055148


Look man, it's not my fault that ork thighs are to die for.

>> No.31055167

I'd totally pork her.

Ya'll catch my drift?

>> No.31055180

>Be angry when humans mix with the subhumans that orcs and trolls are
>Want to dirty elven bloodlines with my dick

I'm such an hypocrite.

>> No.31055314

Skinny dwarf who markets her persona and aesthetic as a "real life loli" y/n

>> No.31055402

Why not make it your mission to knock up all the meta-ladies?

>tfw no troll snu-snu

>> No.31055638

>implying things wouldn't already be at snu-snu level with orcs

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I have an NPC in the shadowrun game i run who goes by LG--Little Girl. She's a dwarven changeling with Neoteny, closely resembles, well, a little girl.

Her biggest issue is that she's kinda into the BDSM scene and clubbing and shit, a hard-drinking party girl, but every guy interested in her is an utter creepy (given, you know).

She also has paired cyberarms with a bunch of fingertip compartments stuffed with monowhips, but that has little to do with being the little girl.

>> No.31055708


This is utterly awful

>> No.31055769

Being stuck as a little girl all your life, wouldn't your body never go through puberty and correspondingly never grow a sex drive?

>> No.31055795

Pretty sure the troll is the decker/rigger.

>> No.31055802

I agree. Sounds like a character a creep would think of.
Or a moron.

>> No.31055806


Not necessarily indicative of a lack of development of a sex drive, with modern hormonal treatments, it certainly wouldn't be out of the question that such a person could develop..

But.. Yeah, that's pretty magical realm.

>> No.31055817

She'd literally have to request and pay for the hormonal treatments, rather than the seemingly incidental 'being into the BDSM scene'.

I could see her being curious about it, but that's because the brain would never grow out of the childlike curiosity that's a function of brain chemistry as much as inexperience.

>> No.31055845


She SURGE'd post-puberty, is the thing, so...

It's not like the BDSM thing is a big part of her character, mind, her characterization is mostly 'goddamn it sucks it look like a kid all the time' and 'cool big sister' type (another NPC is her younger sister, a big, but smart, troll).

>> No.31055856

That's Japanese, not Chinese.

>> No.31055903

I almost made a changeling catboy, but I figured it'd just be easier to make an elf instead and just give him the ears and tail through cosmetic surgery.

>> No.31055919

Care to share? As someone else who played a catfolk in shadowrun, I'm always curious as to other cats' backstories.

>> No.31055927

Samey moonspeak either way.

>> No.31055935

Neoteny just means retaining traits common to juveniles. It's a solid way to describe a lot of fully mature individuals.

Also >Not being willing to pay for hormone treatments to maintain sex drive.

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This thread went to shitter fast.

>> No.31055974

So basically you made Minnie May Hopkins then.

>> No.31055979

Only with less grenades and more whips. And no Ken Taki to fuck.

Meaning not like Minnie May at all, really.

>> No.31056023

She seems pretty similar to May but for the choice of weapon and lack of boyfriend, though admittedly having a rather simplistic weapon choice like monowire means she can' rattle on for whole pages about the chemical specifics and construction techniques of her chosen weapon, mostly because they don't exist.

>> No.31056030

I mean May drinks more and parties more and is more sexually outgoing then her partner, that's for sure.

>> No.31056056

Its a Gilette you dolt. A Melee Street Samurai with so many hidden blades in her Mumu that you could use her as a blender.

>> No.31056114

Never ask a street samurai if it'll blend.

It can always blend.


>> No.31056698

Whoever said that violence is not a solution, never owned a Panther assault cannon.

>> No.31056770

Makes sense.

Hope they add it as a quality in other books.

>> No.31056781

Hi. tell me about this tabletop igame inspired by Shadowrun, because my snes broke and I want to play. its true that it have fluffy pelouched elves and people with crocodile heads?

>> No.31056791

What's a pelouch?

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>> No.31056949

It have now.

>> No.31056985

It had before

>> No.31056987

>Gothloli is an assassin full of bioware.
Aw, well that does explain the weird skin colour.

Though I figured she was a brain in an Akiyama assassination walker drone, which are child sized and remarkably unpleasant to fight.

>> No.31057012

>gang of night ones call the muppets

>> No.31057058

>their operation base is a fisting club

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So I've been trying to come up with a suitable (ie. non-retarded) AI character. Is it at all feasible to create said character have it completely dependent on its body to function, essentially creating a non-wireless version of an AI. The concept is that the AI's pretty much an aimbot/disposable soldier with a few upgrades. Pic is very related.
I guess my questions are:
1) Is it too sueish? What would fix this?
2) By playing in 5ed what are my options for creation and what previous edition source books should I grab info/rules from?

>> No.31057223

1) It works, but I can't think of what kind of Pilot-controlled drone wouldn't have wireless communications. The thing would be an anomaly, really.
2) 5e core does not have any rules for AI creation, which makes your situation incredibly dicey. If you do push it through, you'll need Runner's Companion and Unwired. For luxuries and drone bodies look to Arsenal, possibly War! and Gun Heaven 3.

>> No.31057243


1: How is that sueishg?
2: 5th ed has no support for AI characters at this time. Unwired has rules for 4th ed AI, but given that the matrix rules have been gutted, you're basically on your own in that respect. Even the number of matrix stats is lower, and the program paragidm's gone, so the innate abilities thing AI's had is a bit of a loose end.

You'd basically need to start from scratch, just about.

>> No.31057304

I've never known one of these to be especially overpowered. Doesn't sound like a Sue to me unless you go out of your way to make it that way.

>> No.31057307


I'll fuck her.

With my dick.

>> No.31057321

I do not understand.

>> No.31057323

...Sorry chief, you've lost me.

>> No.31057355

You know. I have three character concepts I want to play, but I don't know which one is the most suitable and less 'that guy'ish.

The first one is an orc mage boxer detective, to do amazing fencing and solve crimes.

The second one is an orc mad scientist with a clone lab in his basement and wants to do weird experiments with the living. Maybe include magic and make some sort of fusion spell to make chimeras.

The third one is an orc pimp who is gentle with his whores.

Sadly, I didn't managed to find a game yet, so I couldn't guest which is more fun to play.

>> No.31057358

Violence is a solution that creates more problems. However, if you increase the amount of violence used to solve the problem the number of problems it solves starts to swiftly approach zero, except for that last one anyway.

>> No.31057366

Is an elavorate plan.

Put dick in vagina, pull out, pull in, repeat step 2 and 3 until cum, cum, have orc babies.

>> No.31057388

You know, I never really got why orc and troll women have tusks. Tusks are basically a male-specific thing in the natural world: it's basically nature's little way of saying "I have a penis".
Though orc women would still be pretty tall and beefy I imagine.

>> No.31057405

Good deal, already had War and Arsenal. Will try and grab those other books.
The reason I said sueish is because it feels very special-snowflake character to me. This is me, fairly new to the setting, judging things by the way they have written about AIs in the past. Also the idea was that because I was attempt to make a non-wireless AI, I was circumventing some of the disadvantages of being an AI.

Anyways, good to get confirmation that I would pretty much be building from the ground up. Thanks for info.

>> No.31057406

Hm... stealing that idea for some naughty orc setting.

>> No.31057408

>You know, I never really got why orc and troll women have tusks
>basically nature's little way of saying "I have a penis".

There's your answer and if not then you're not playing the right sort of games

>you will never be roughly anally raped by a muscular female Ork dickgirl slaver

>> No.31057410

There's not much hands in the natural world.
Tusks are handles.

>> No.31057428

>orc mage boxer
Sounds neat.
>Orc mad scientist
Hard to make "scientists" into runners, unless they're mages in which case their science can light people on fire with their brain.
>orc pimp
If he's got a job as a pimp why the hell does he need to run? Pimping makes stupid amounts of money, probably more in a shitty place like the Sixth World.
I don't want to know.
I REALLY don't want to know.
You must have some tiny-ass bitch-woman dwarf-child hands then: orc tusks aren't that big.

>> No.31057451

Orc mage boxer DETECTIVE.

And orc pimp runner... for the thrill? also to get cheap whores? ...yeah, now writting it made me think it is a bad idea... at least for group plays.

>> No.31057472

Unless he's a pimp the way Black Dynamite is a pimp...which is to say he's also an ex-CIA operative Vietnam vet private detective pimp kung-fu master.
There WAS actually a rise of "Orxploitation" movies in the 2060's in Shadowrun as the Orz'et language gained wider use and ork culture spread with it's public dissemination.

>> No.31057487

Well, AI.
>Non Wireless
Well, that's actually a disadvantage. AI's are good electronic types. Remove that, and you remove an advantage. All you have there is what an AI could do anyway if it had a rigging background. You've cut off half of it's potential if you're not doing net-jumping hacking style stuff with it.

Well, HISTORICALLY speaking AI's were very big names, metaplot driving. In 4th onwards though they've sort of started turning up everywhere. It'd be like playing a changeling, or a metavarient. Rare, but far from unknown, although one running is a bit unusual.

Anyway, an AI soldier program that mutated would be totes appropriate. As for rules, you could probably make a basic PC style thing with stats replaced with ratings in certain 'core' programs, perhaps? Or something like that. Maybe even just run it as a bog standard PC that happens to have an upgradeable body. It's not like sammy's don't have a shitload of bodymods as is.

The second and third are a bit odd for Shadowrunners, but great for NPCs.

>> No.31057494

>orc dynamite
I'd watch it.

>> No.31057507

There's supposed to be a popular film franchise called "Neil the Ork Barbariam" that's heavily orxploitation-based.

>> No.31057513

Yeah, something like that, maybe even manking a orphanate brother for orphan prostitutes, like in the cartoon.

Maybe he doesn't have too much money because he spoil his prostitutes and children too much?

And the reason to make a mad scientist was to do nasty frankenstein like tortures to the thugs I defeat. Maybe placing their brains on puddles?

>> No.31057596

I was kinda joking, but for the Pinkest of Mowhawk games, why not?

>> No.31057667

And how about taking the Ork mage boxer detective and slowly evolve him into a pimp?

It would make sense as everyone starts as a nobody in shadowrun.

Also, which skill should be used to harvest organs for the black market? Diotech?

>> No.31057703

Medicine. Biotechnology is the skill of managing, growing, and studying bioaugments of various kinds.
And sure, why not? Note that pimps generally aren't their own bosses: they have to pay dues to people, especially in Shadowrun where your bosses pretty much regardless of what you do are 100% more likely to fuck you up for crossing them.

>> No.31057794


>> No.31057840

Best Shadowrunner? Best Shadowrunner.

>> No.31057857

/r/ing the butt bots incident

>> No.31057890

I knew a gay guy named Oliver in Portland who was a dedicated bodybuilder/fitness expert type.
We went to a...less liberal locale at one point in another city, but even though he hit on one of the guys nobody bothered to pick a fight with all 245lbs of him.
Nice guy, Ollie.

>> No.31057914



>> No.31057942

He wasn't a bear, no. He was HARDO GAY, totally shaved except for his hair, looked like he belonged on some Olympic weightlifting team or something.
Ollie usually plays Rangers when we D&D. He's an animal person. His parents ran a pet clinic.

>> No.31057993


Well, were it not for the shaving he'd be defined as a muscle bear. I guess he's a muscle mary? He sounds too burly to be a gym bunny.

I really need to bone up on my gay lingo.

>> No.31058033

I don't think he especially identifies with any gay subculture in particular, but he's a fairly macho dude and he generally plays really macho characters too. He likes similarly macho guys, but he's dated more normal ones as well.
I can't remember if I played Shadowrun with him ever or not. I imagine he'd make something pretty damned amusing.

>> No.31058096

He kind looks like those pictures of dudes by that "Tom of Finland" artist from the 80's, whom I know of largely thanks to Ollie himself.

>> No.31058171

Female elephants have tusks.

>> No.31058218

In Africa, yes.
Happens in Asian elephants too, but they tend to be considerably smaller, or none at all.

>> No.31058411


Dude, you're kind of coming across as "honestly, I'm not gay, I just have a gay friend and that's why I know what it feels like to get fisted on poppers by a daddy bear. Just, totally not gay. To be clear."

Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

>> No.31058486

The non-wireless thing isn't really a disadvantage. At worst, a non-wireless drone forces you to plug into something that has wireless, if you want it.

>> No.31058577

Heh. Yeah I get that a lot. It comes from where I was raised: Oregon's got some REALLY liberal communities here, and being gay isn't really such a huge thing in them, and every other dude I know at least knows a few mild LGBT community slang terms simply because it's so common to find places like that around here.
East Coast dudes are so hilarious to me: they gaydar is completely for shit because it's a lot more closeted in a lot of places there, so half of the time they'll know a gay dude and walk around oblivious to it even when it's staring them in the face.

>> No.31058597

One thing I don't understand about shadowrun is that half the world exists in a state of perpetual poverty yet the consumer based megacorporations always seem to make enough money to own everything forever.

>> No.31058641

Because the poverty is from spending the money on the megacorps' shit?

>> No.31058651

It's more complicated then that: the middle class of the Sixth World is actually suggested to be significantly better off then the middle class in OUR world, just by looking at nuyen prices and how many things technology has made hyper-convenient for them.
The rub is that usually to qualify for middle class you need to basically work as a citizen of a megacorporation or one of it's subsidiaries.
The Poverty Gap is also significantly worse in the Sixth World: the middle class is better off then ever, but the upper class is a trillion times more wealthy and improved in lifestyle then the upper class of today, complete with "total ability to openly ignore laws" in many cases. The poor are living in urban hellholes more or less, with violence and drug abuse (now basically legalized and not regulated) so rampant among them that there's often no way for them to better themselves at all beyond violence and gang life.

>> No.31058654

Did you know that 85 of the world's richest people have same wealth as half of the world?

>> No.31058678

That statistic is probably considerably worse in the Sixth World.
Basically the Sixth World is full of incredible extremes when it comes to it's society, like most cyberpunk settings
>"A dystopia is a setting where every choice anyone with any influence ever made was the worst possible choice they could have made."

>> No.31058750

Bekuz Imma geniuz

>> No.31058873

Example: minor bioscultping is effectively hyper-efficient plastic surgery, and it's DAMN cheap by today's standards, where vanity surgeries are basically considered something rich people do.
Job security is almost assured among the middle class so long as you're a megacorporate citizen, because your job is literally a function of your nationality.
If you're born into a corp it's probably even MORE assured, with your child's education being paid for by the corporation itself, though they'll probably have to work it off later.
But is that such a bad thing when NOT having a job means trying to make your way in a world that's increasingly violent and uncertain outside your safe suburbs and arcologies?
Shadowrunners are the misfits: they aren't even all ex-military/paramilitary commando types or rogue mages and the stereotypical stuff: notable characters fit into far more boring molds (Baka Dabora is a Japanese salaryman information broker, Kay Street Irregular is a former politician); they're people who are as dangerous (or more) as the gangs and criminals but often canny enough to know more about the world then the sheltered middle class.
They're the people that for whatever reason abandoned the conventional rules of society or perhaps were abandoned by it without their say-so. By their very existence they're a waking "fuck you" to the basic societal rules of the Sixth World, frequently highly (often violently) individualistic in ways that probably make EVERYONE uncomfortable somehow, and that's also why they often have such a hard time getting along too.
The difference between shadowrunners and the usual cyberpunk mercenary is that ridiculous, often nonsensical individualist streak: tons of regular cyberpunk mercs are just another paramilitary/military/police/detective/special forces types or criminal computer programmers, but in Shadowrun you really can't make any assumptions about any runner at all.

>> No.31059046

It's in my opinion that the living standard overall has gone up. Yes, the lower class can only afford soybean based foods but that also means they have protein everyday. Yes, medical care is less available, but if you can get care it's more effective than ever. Yes, As a wage slave you're going to be working your ass off for a corp that flat out doesn't give a shit about you but it pays well enough to feed a family and there's no reason you can work your way up the ladder.

The middle class can still afford real food now and then, very few are going hungry, and you can legally own an assault rifle.

>> No.31059085

>legally own an assault rifle
It's still not any more common, and that's mostly in the UCAS/CAS still. It mentions Japan still has extremely strict gun laws and places like the UK and Aztlan are basically police states.

>> No.31059118

Well the UK WAS a police state until recently anyway.

>> No.31059138

Actually, under US state laws, you generally aren't allowed to own any automatic weapons.

>> No.31059176

The Federal Assault Weapons Ban has been lifted for some time actually, since '04.

>> No.31059205

State laws, Btype. State Laws.

>> No.31059240

Ah. In which case it's variable by state.
As someone who has to work with lawyers, let me just say that the State Law/Federal Law thing is one of the biggest pains in the ass our country's government has going for it, and makes certain otherwise simple legal tasks senselessly complicated.

>> No.31059719

There's a reason domestic violence spiraled out of control when the first elves started coming of age, they blame it on irks, but really its because none of them can tell if they're male or female.

Every elf experiences the pain of being a beaten wife.

>> No.31059855

This is what an AR-15 has to look like in NY.

>> No.31060037

On one hand, this hurts my Army brain.
On the other, I couldn't give a crap.
Ambivalence is a bitch.

>> No.31060058

What's the point? It looks far scarier and more evil than a normal AR.

>> No.31060093

Because politicians are scared of pistol grips because "It allows accurate firing from the hips."

>> No.31060099

Does anyone have any experience with playing a bow/throwing weapon/punching-based adept in SR4? I'd like any advice people may be able to give.

>> No.31060106


Money. Someone profits from stupid bullshit, hence it continues.

>> No.31060111

And is -just- as killy as an AR-15 anywhere else in America short of full-auto's, which are still federally illegal outside of a $2000-ish tax stamp last I checked.

God bless America.

>> No.31060125

>Because politicians are scared of pistol grips because "It allows accurate firing from the hips."

Just wait until someone rigs a sensor to to the side of the rifle and hooks it to a Google Glass.

>> No.31060139


Not beyond the usual of "buy a lot of the throwing powers, use knives and shuriken", to get gun-equivalent damage.

Go Bioware or drugs for extra IPs.

Accept that you have sunk far more points into this than a gunslinger would need to.

>> No.31060143

Oh wait, they've already done that.

>> No.31060167

Nanofax weapons will never be a thing, they're already freaking out about shitty 3d printer guns.

>> No.31060240

aaaaaaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...aHAH...aHAHA...eeheh. That's a good one.
You mean all three at once? Throwing adepts have some nifty abilities (Missile Mastery makes you fukkin' Bullseye).
Honestly, banning guns doesn't really help crime problems. The United Kingdom has comparable violent crime to ours (though not even a quarter of our total prisoners), only people do it with shotguns, knives, and baseball bats instead of automatic weaponry.
Crime doesn't drop when you ban something unless you address the actual problem, which unfortunately is massively more expensive and difficult to fix even if we actually know what needs to be done, thus it never gets fixed because it's easier to put a bandaid on it and call it a day rather then go to the doctor and get surgery.

>> No.31060289

Yeah and they freaked out about Teflon-costing, ceramic Glocks and Black Talon hollow-points.
The upside to moral panics is that the people behind them are inherently retarded and the people driving them have the attention span of children.

>> No.31060317

As evidenced by Teflon-coating becoming standard, Glocks being the most common police-issue sidearm in the United States, and the Black Talon re-branding itself and then everyone forgetting about it without any changes being made.

>> No.31060731

Fellow magicians, what do your foci look like? I just got a summoning one and was trying to think of what it is.

>> No.31060741

Why should I ever take an SMG when I can just put two Barrel Reduction mods on an assault rifle and have it still be better range, damage, and everything with the same concealability?

>> No.31060759

So I'm thinking of making a Ork Ex-Detective for 5e who is mundane with minimal cyberware (maybe datajack and cybereyes), don't need high optimization but want to make this fairly useful with lots of social skills and decent secondary combat skills.

Viable concept?

>> No.31060769

What tradition do you follow?

>> No.31060773


Because not all of us play 4e where you can cheese the fuck out with Arsenal because retards wrote it.

>> No.31060792

yes. just get good skill and attributes and edge

>> No.31060811


Yeah I intend to go skill monkey even though skills are generally less efficient than attributes/nuyen

>> No.31060864


Please don't tell me you think 5e will handle it better? One-attack, super-grenades, damage-bloat, invincible-milspec, Shadowrun 5?

Because, with a shake of my magic 8-ball: "all signs point to me laughing at you".

>> No.31060878

so something like skills A, attributes B, Orc C, resources D, Magic E

>> No.31060891


Still better than fucking armor stacking and battle rifles. 5e has plenty of stupid shit (grenades I'm looking at you) but thus far it's toned down a fuckton of the 4e retard shit.

>> No.31060947

It's just silly that I can make an AK-97 the same size as an AK-97 carbine, but do more damage and AP. You'd think someone would consider the fact they fire the same size round or something.

Honestly I like SMGs over Assault Rifles, a lot of them look so much better like the SCK 100 or P93 Praetor, but the powergamer in me says they're just not worth it.

Still, I think I will end up using some karma to get a rank in Automatics and a specialization in SMGs for my face/street sammy. Holdouts are nice, but I can't exactly carry my Ingram White Knight everywhere.

>> No.31060957


>job description involves brutally slicing people into pieces of meat
>job title named after a SAFETY razor

i guess she's just a wild animal with its fangs and claws pulled

>> No.31060965

Are you a dog, or a wolf?

>> No.31061005


>> No.31061049

Aztec. Makes it kind of hard getting stuff or initiating in the UCAS.

>> No.31061151


Battle Rifles are courtesy of War! - hardly a point worth making.
Armour stacking simply did not do what you think it did - noone was invincible without far more than just adding some PPP.

SR5 can only claim to have less problems because it has less content - but it still manages to be worse than the SR4 core book from the outset. It's still being written by the people who fucked up SR4 and stopped SR4A from fixing anything.

>> No.31061202


Okay HVARs with APDS or EX-EX firing long bursts.

Don't try to claim like 4a didn't have plenty of retarded shit and crazy damage codes. It just hid the retarded damage codes in the burst damage instead of base damage like 5e.

>> No.31061253

What about a small obsidian medallion resembling Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc or some other aztec god?

>> No.31061266


Look, I like 4e but even I will admit it fucked some shit up, crash rules for one.

And two you can make a troll with a higher body stat then a semitruck, and then stack armor on top of that, it is very cheesable.

>> No.31061304


or Trollbows prior to the infinite nerfing

>> No.31061370


Which reminds me, vehicles font have a strength stat, would it be possible to strap one of those super bows onto a drone, give the drone a mechanical arm to reload, and play a game of "Pin the meatbags to the wall"?

>> No.31061406

The last problem, you only have exexplosive rounds left for your panther assault cannon.

>> No.31061458

Is it bad if i nowadays think that burger king etc. is stuffer shack?

>> No.31061493

Speaking of, what's a good way to use the pistol crossbow and/or slingshot from Arsenal to make them viable?

>> No.31061502

I think Stuffer Shack is 7-11 more than Burger King.

>> No.31061522

But Burger King isn't Stuffer Shack. 7-11 or any convenience type store is.

>> No.31061568

What are some good modifications for bows?

What are some good arrows?

>> No.31061626

You know, reading that made me actually interested in the game for the first time.

>> No.31061655

Well i should look more what kinda stores there are, because only one i knew was stuffer shack.

>> No.31061738

in 4e, that is.

>> No.31061745

I've always had a thing for focci that look like mundane, everyday objects or just stuff found in nature, rather than your typical amulets or carved idols. An old baseball with a few odd marks carved into the leather, a bird bone on a string and so on.

>> No.31061834

There's also McHugh's if you want a more fast food type joint. Basically a fucking McDonalds.

>> No.31061843

>Ika Musume nendoroid

>> No.31061863

About cybereyes, are the any rules about having only one? I'd imagine some people have apprehensions about carving out their (working) eyes for robotic replacements, but replacing a single injured one might be more likely.

Also on the same subject, 5e says:
>Vision enhancements take up Capacity in cybereyes or Essence in natural eyes, not both.
So that means you only pay the essence cost for you Cybereyes (rank whatever) and the upgrades are "free" as far as essence goes? I'd missed that detail before.

>> No.31061897

Yeah, if you have cybereyes then you ignore all the essence cost of the upgrades.

>> No.31061909


Now talking about surgery. How do hormonal treatments work on shadowrun? can a trasgender get boobs without surgery?

Also, Bioware. Could a player build it? there are no many rules about it. Also, how is the organ market going? good to keep a refrigerator with you in runs?

>> No.31061914

Can't they just put them in the fridge and change back if they get bored of watching the world in pixels?

>> No.31061945

I always imagined they got sold to someone like the creepy eye-scientist in Blade Runner.

>> No.31061987

But he was like Bob Ross, not creepy

>> No.31062013

Ok, this is maybe too complex for you.

To make an analogy you can understand, is like using a particle accelerator on an atom of B4R4 and divide the atom releasing radiation XB-3 like it is explained in the Gunbrich Theorem, expanding the density of matter and increasing the gravity field on the spot, making the atom to divide to itself before exploding into a pocket universe.

Got it now?

>> No.31062078

Can plastics be used for focci, or are they too artificial? IIRC, there's also a limit to how complex an object can be before the magic stops "sticking". So you can use an old revolver as a focus, but probably not a hi-tech automatic with mindlink.

>> No.31062127

What about a sock muppet? I will glue my deceased grandpa's glass on it for added mystical value

>> No.31062148

*glass eye

>> No.31062184

....why are you in the General if you were never interested in it in the first place.

>> No.31062224

No, the last problem is finally you've killed everything only to discover you aren't capable of running an entire civilization by yourself.

>> No.31062226

I was bored and reading opinions about global economy and social things is always fun.

>> No.31062234

So how many of your characters wear mirrorshades or have mirrored cybereyes?

Are you man enough to mirror up?

>> No.31062258

I thought Glocks became common police-issue because they were cheap wondernines with almost three times the capacity of the 1911s and revolvers they replaced.

>> No.31062277

Can I get a set of mirrored abs in the game? it would be totally rad.

>> No.31062309

This. also they're cheaper than colts

>> No.31062369

They probably just I inject hormones.
And organ legging is still a thriving business, though I should note that it's SIGINOFICANTLY less profitable then it is in modern day thanks to the prevalence of cybernetics and vat-grown organs that are even cheaper.
Second-hand organs are likely for people who can't afford the relatively reasonable price of having a new one grown, or for emergency services.
Individual organs are worth less money, but a whole human corpse is still worth a tidy profit, more if they have augmentations you can sell on top of it.
And I suppose in theory a runner could grow his own bioware but that would require funding, time, nutrient vats, cloning stuff, shit that doesn't find cheap or easy, especially to your average runner.

>> No.31062381


I think they aggressive marketed to law enforcement about the same time that the Beretta 92FS was largely taking over as the primary military side-arm.

It was only later that .40S&W was seen a potentially superior law enforcement round.

>> No.31062412

5th ed mentions that you can enchant a car, so a plastic toy should be possible. Does this also mean you could make a truck that shoots fireballs?

>> No.31062418

That's a funny way to spell 10mm Auto

>> No.31062444


.40 S&W isn't 10mm Auto bro

>> No.31062467

Wouldn't ghouls that somehow have disposable income be interested in buying "left-over" organs as well? I also imagine that certain mages would want human body parts to use as material for spells.

>> No.31062487

Kind of completely missed my point.
My point was that when it was introduced people assumed that since Glocks's slide and framing were ceramic it would defeat metal detectors, (never mind that the barrel, guiding rod, spring, and brass and jacketing from every single round all detectable) so the gun shouldn't be allowed in the US anywhere ever because it would allow criminals to carry weapons past them.
It's even a plot point in Die Hard 2: McClane brings up the Glock as a ceramic and then hilariously claims it's cost is enormous so that means they're sophisticated.

>> No.31062512

Tamanous, the largest organ legging outfit in the Sixth World is heavily associated with ghouls.

>> No.31062560

Hm... now to think how to make a orc (maybe magician) street doctor with some 'dark hobbies' or an orc magician detective interested in pimping the people he defeats?

Maybe all the above?

I have a problem, that is wanting to do everything at the same time.

>> No.31062602


How is he pimping those that he defeats. Even if it's through mind control spells those are really difficult to maintain unless you are Immortal Elf level power.

>> No.31062614

Starting to get a little "That Guy" there.

>> No.31062621

BTL chips I think.

You can brainwash people using BTL chips created to do that, don't know if it is still a thing in 4th edition.

>> No.31062638

You're right.

Alright, I'll behave myself.

>> No.31062645

It works still, yes.

>> No.31062647


Personafix BTL chips are certainly possible but it's really not a PC level shenanigan more of a Bunraku parlor owner trick.

It is also magical realm as fuck

>> No.31062697


Then I'll stick on my magician boxer detective. I'll keep the rest for f-list.

>> No.31062714 [DELETED] 

like homogeneous

>> No.31062856

.40 short & weak is the bastard child of 10mm auto.

>> No.31062978


Not in question, it's just that 10mm auto isn't exactly a common law enforcement round at least not in the crazy power ranges simply because it's too much gun for most users to be accurate with it.

.40S&W is kinda a middle ground between 9mm and something heavier.

Granted it's still all handgun shit

>> No.31063018

Hey BType I saw you recommend Eclipse Phase to some one who likes to do transhuminist stuff yesterday.

Do you have any recommendations to look at as well for some one who likes playing Robots/AI, I mean you can in shadowrun, but it always kinda feels like trying to special snowflake, or becoming that guy, neither of which are much fun.

>> No.31063031

I've shot both: the 10mm Auto is certainly a much more powerful round, but is wildly impractical for anyone who doesn't weigh over 200lbs of solid muscle: the recoil is somewhat absurd for what the round is supposed to be for.
The .40S&W is a lot snappier then 9mm Luger, but honestly the stopping power of both is comparable enough that with hollow points it shouldn't matter in either case as long as you actually hit the guy in a part that matters.
Anyone who shoots knows that accuracy is more important then anything else, so pick a gun that fits in your hand and that you can handle the recoil of: that way you can put your rounds where it hurts.

>> No.31063074

Actually you can play an AI in Eclipse Phase too: since people can digitally upload their brains to new bodies in the setting, synthetic intelligences end up being indistinguishable from organic ones.

>> No.31063301

Off the top of my head? Imaging Scope, Easy Powered Breakdown, Personalized Grip, Melee Hardening, Ceramic/Plasteel Components, Camo/Chameleon Coating.

>> No.31063328

You know...
With metal detectors and armed guards.
The former is less effective than the latter as even someone's cybereyes or datajack will set it off.

>> No.31063331

Nothing that stops it from using a smartlink: the reloading feature doesn't help, but the assisted HUD targeting would function.

>> No.31063337

If you want to play an AI in Eclipse Phase, the easiest way to avoid all the usual stigma is to keep to the outer system; the autonomists are much more open-minded about AGIs than the hypercorporate drones of the inner system.

Or just don't tell anyone that you're an AGI.

>> No.31063359

BType why are you so elegantly knowledgeable?

>> No.31063363

No one uses metal detectors for that exact reasons. MAD scanners are a different thing and are seen as really intrusive because it is a longer, interactive scan. Inn 5e more cyberware is explicitly immune to them anyway because cyberguns lose 100% of their appeal if they are not as concealable as the special holdouts AND you can't take them off..

>> No.31063371


But Muh Hydrostatic Shock!

>> No.31063461

Because I have an IQ twenty-five points north of genius, relatively few ambitions, way too much free time and a consistent desire to know absolutely everything.
I find the people who argue about hydrostatic shock have never shot a dude before. I don't care how little hydrostatic shock the bullet has, if you survive three or four 9mm hollow points to the torso you're wearing a vest or on drugs.
You don't need hydrostatic shock when you put four holes in their lungs and cause REGULAR shock.

>> No.31063497

Yeah, that too. Put some thermographics and/or Ultrasound on the scope, and you can play at being a Predator.

>> No.31063511

Or play at being Prophet while using a Predator!

>> No.31063516


Honestly I really don't care about hydrostatic shock's validity or lack of validity but I always found the guys who thought that winging someone with a .50 desert eagle and that causing their heart to stop was a bit too good to be true.

>> No.31063533

Nothing makes you look dumb as bragging about your IQ.

>> No.31063536

Ok wait let me grind it out with my gears: hydrostatic shock is when the force of the bullet alterates the volume of liquids inside the living tissue.
did I got close?

>> No.31063563

I've never even met anyone who could shoot one properly, so I couldn't tell you.
Yeah. It can fuck up a person pretty easily.

>> No.31063581


Pretty much. Put-bullet-in-dude is usually enough, every other consideration when it comes to caliber and round type revolves around other conditions - will you need to shoot through a windshield? A car door? A vest? Do you need to NOT shoot through the wall of a house? How much carry weight is comfortable? How much ammo will you need to carry? How big are your hands? If you're intending to shoot non-human things, are they feral dogs? Wild boar? Bears?

>> No.31063592

Really motherfucker? Which scale?

Because claiming you are on a short enough list of people that I could find your name without doing a google search is a silly thing to claim.

>> No.31063624

Well since we are talking SR I'd generally want to go with something bigger to handle Trolls which are typically wild boar size and weight and probably just a difficult to take down.

I don't think I'd be wanting to fire 9mm at that shit.

And let's not even get started on critters. Long guns for that shit.

>> No.31063642

>bragging about IQ

So you're actively trying to make people think you're a stuck-up idiot? Why?

>> No.31063656


Protip: always internet bragging because it's always bullshit

Except me I've totally got a 12-inch dick

>> No.31063672

Yes but this is so easily proven untrue I am wondering why he is willing to ruin his tripfag rep over it.

>> No.31063689

So int wasn't my dump stat after all
no, I never shot a guy either.
well, I did actually, if you consider wood logs as a firearm.

>> No.31063701

Not really bragging: anyone can score as high as I did, you just need to study hard enough.
The IQ test is a lousy grading system for actual functional intelligence I think, since there's so many other factors that come into play.
Couldn't have said it better.
Honestly? No idea. My parents made me take it when I was seventeen along with a bunch of other tests, and I do believe the score can increase or increase depending on age.
I scored 165, which they said >>31063642
I was "twenty five north of genius", which subsequently caused something of a pressure in my mind to somehow be the most brilliant and successful person ever.
Took me five years to get over that issue frankly.
I don't care about my rep. Problem solved.

>> No.31063712

What if I had twelve 1-inch dicks?

>> No.31063730

I seriously doubt if you've ever met someone as unstuck up as myself. My life has not been happy, and I've no delusions of elitism.
...what now?

>> No.31063746

>"look at this tripfag claiming to be a genius!!"
Jesus christ guys, can we go back in the adult area?

>> No.31063753


>>Constantly claim that SR needs handguns and/or bullets specifically for Anti-Troll use/self defense
>>GM says that would be racist

>> No.31063760

Yours might be longer than mine, but my dick woudl surely emerge victorious if should they ever meet in battel

>> No.31063767


Shooting to kill with a handgun in SR is never optimal. Shooting to disable? Then something with a hi-cap mag and S&S is your go-to daily carry. Shooting to kill? Get a machine pistol or an SMG for light duty, and get a MOTHERFUCKING ARES ALPHA for everything else.

>> No.31063771


>> No.31063793

Either way, I hope that all helped, Anon.

>> No.31063794

Hey, the test guys said it, not me.
Besides: I met the guy who scored equal to me in my school. He's the most dysfunctional human being I've ever met.
Supposedly he was this mental giant, but the guy never really knew how to act or even function around people. IQ is by far the shittiest measure of intelligence we've developed.
Short but sturdy wins the race!

>> No.31063819

>Not knowing IQ is pretty much bunk anyhow
Like BType said, it's less a measure of how you learn as what you know- Giving the test to people whose native language it isn't in yields wildly varying results, for example.

>> No.31063827

I think my CO would alternatively love and hate trolls. Naturally armored right foot long-armed super-strong angry guys who take orders? Perfect.
Now they're also on the other side. Fuck.

>> No.31063828

The chance of you really having an IQ of 165 are amazingly low. Statistically there should only be about 2,000 in any given country.

If you actually had an IQ of 165 you would not have been given any chance to wallow in self pity.

>> No.31063844

Actually, according to what the people in middleschool said, I'm supposed to have something like 210 IQ.
I never learned the multiplication tables.

>> No.31063845

As shitty as it may be a 165 is too high to not have utterly dictated your life path. And not in a "Oh man I have so much to live up to way" but in a "Colleges want to enroll me for free when I am 14, visits from the president" way.

>> No.31063864

So, how do you battle dicks?

Touch tips?

Is the winner whoever's cock can engulf the other's?

>> No.31063868

Why? When you score 165 does your dad stop drinking and beating you if your poor? Does your dead mom come back to life. Does it allow you an education your parents can't afford?
IQ is an arbitrary number for something we still only barely understand.
I bet I'd score lower now. Or better even: I'm awesome at studying for tests.

>> No.31063886

I did, actually.
Most of my career choices, up to and including my enrollment in the Army have been somewhat calculated.
Also, is there like a list of people with IQ's that high somewhere and then a list of then visited by the President?

>> No.31063912

The IQ test (well, both of them) were meant for separating the clinically retarded from the otherwise normal. It's moderately well at this but as an actual assessment of intelligence it's pretty bad.

>> No.31063922

>Why? When you score 165 does your dad stop drinking and beating you if your poor?
Yes, because at that point you would have enough media attention as a "super genius" that the issue gets state attention.
>Does your dead mom come back to life.
>Does it allow you an education your parrents can't afford.
Yes, yes it does. Your IQ puts you at "I was reading when I was 1 year old and taught myself some college grade shit at 6" tier.

No shit but it doesn't change the reaction people would have to an IQ that fucking absurdly high.

>> No.31063931

I've got an IQ of 141, according to a test I took when I was 7 at John Hopkins University.

Extreme poverty meant that absolutely nothing was really invested in my education.

The ability of America to just not give a single shit should never be underestimated.

>> No.31063933

Yeah, exactly.
Like I said: the guy in my school who scored higher was a dysfunctional mess who nothing ever worked out for.

>> No.31063953

With the passing of years, the only thing I've become good is reading people in a matter of seconds with just a couple details, like the way of moving hands and walking. its no use during tests, but its perfect to fuck with the teacher before and have her hand my all the correct answers.

>> No.31064001

Heh. I actually WAS reading at 1. Though my affinity for language in general was exceptional, especially compared to my peers.
Oh man, my old CO would love you. The ability to successfully cold read a person is hard to do, and not easy to teach, and the willingness to push buttons afterwords is even better for HUMINT work.
But seriously, don't go into the Army, I hated it.

>> No.31064031

I have a question about falling damage. The book says:

When a character falls, use the Falling Damage Table to determine the damage. Use Body + half the rating of the character’s Impact armor (round down) to resist this damage. Characters may also add Gymnastics skill dice to the damage resistance test.

When it says "add Gymnastics skill dice" does it mean just your ranks in Gymnastics or Gymnastics+AGI?

>> No.31064068

Throwing weapon adepts are ridiculous. You take a high rating throwing weapon skill, with lobbing +2 specialization for grenades. Then you proceed to throw the grenades at the targets with the help of Missile Mastery and Power Throw adept powers. Missile mastery adds +1 DV to all non-explosive weaponry and lets you use anything from throwing cards to pens with a DV of (STR/2) Phyisical or stun damage (your choice). Power Throw adds 2 to the character’s effective Strength solely for the purpose of determining range and damage of thrown weapons and objects for every rank of the power you have (Maximum = your magic attribute) You could be killing people with the grenades before they even blow up, and then the explosion would result in even more carnage depending on whether or not your enemies' allies are nearby him. It's in Street Magic Page 178/179.

>> No.31064075

But can we redirect the thread to Shadowrun?
I don't want to argue over the dumbass arbitrary Power Level system that we've developed for intelligence, and how totally irrelevant intelligence is in our sadly deteriorated education system.

>> No.31064102

How is the Ares Alpha the uber gun in 5e (i mean except for the total bullshit Rainforest Carbine which I will permanently ignore).

I mean assuming that it's probably a standard assault rifle with underslung grenade rifle why does it get such awesomesauce stats.

Hell it out performs a fucking LMG.

>> No.31064110

I'd say that depends on whether or not your GM loves you.

>> No.31064113

We had a guy in our group for awhile that just went around trying to find more and more ridiculous shit to kill people with using Missle Mastery.

>> No.31064119

141 is a lot different than 165.

141 is just biting into genius level.

People do exist in the 99th percentile. It is 1 person out of 100, hell, I am at that level. He is claiming to be something about 1,000 times more rare.

If you were reading at 1 and in the public education system, the fact you are essentially a hyper-genius would not have been noticed that late.

And no, being in a shitty school system doesn't change that. In fact it makes it more likely they would try to play you up.

You brought it up explicitly to boast dumbass.

>> No.31064140


4e adepts in general had bizarre as fuck rules. Yeah they generally sucked at low karma levels other than punch adepts that abuse the rules but man awakened and cyber is so badly balanced in 4a it's unreal.

>> No.31064141

It means add the ranks of your Gymnastics skill.
So any ranks you have in Gymnastics, plus any augmentations or other bonuses which specifically augment Gymnastics (such as the Cat Mentor Spirit or a Synthacardium).

>> No.31064157


How? Because God Bless America/Ares. It has good Recoil Comp without any mods, it has a built in grenade launcher, and good magazine size and accuracy rating.

Why? Because God Bless Ares/America

Where? In the hands of Operators Everywhere.

When? In one to seven business days if you order now.

>> No.31064179

It does not, in fact, outperform any LMG besides the super shitty one that is designed as a hybrid with assault rifles.

It also isn't god tier, it just is the best general use assault rifle.

>> No.31064190


I had a retardedly large IQ especially when I was younger because IQ tests typically represent young test takers poorly.

One thing is certain IQ is totally bullshit, it's just slightly less bullshit than most of the other ways of measuring intelligence and anyone who represents high IQ as somehow being special is making up for other deficiencies.

>> No.31064196

Fuck encumbrance rules, I'll just add load-bearing harnesses to my load-bearing harnesses. Gimme twelve of those fuckers.

>> No.31064205

Yeah. But he said he took it at 17. Shit would have definitely been noticed and the person administering the test would have impressed on him how he basically has a free ride for life.

>> No.31064216


In 5e machineguns are unbelievably shit due to the double recoil modifiers which basically make them worthless as anything other than supression weapons or drone mounted weapons.

>> No.31064230

Adepts gain significant power (perhaps enough to unbalance them), if you let them take qualities from "Way of the Adept" and take a Geass on their powers.

A simple Geas on all your adept power (such as prayer once a day), decreases the total cost by 25%, and a "Way" lets you decrease the cost of some other relevant powers by 25%.

A "Way of the Warrior" Adept who takes on a Geas of Prayer can get Increase Reflexes 3 for 2PP, or Increase Reflexes 2 for 1.25PP.

>> No.31064238

>brought it up explicitly to boast.
Nope. He asked, I answered, and honestly I don't care enough to argue.
Are you actually like an Ares advert bot?
I mentioned that complete lack of ambition didn't I?

>> No.31064267


Yeah I was a white male with a genius level IQ, damn near perfect SAT scores. All the advantages you can have.

I was also a lazy asshole who felt I was too good to work hard at anything because it all came easily. Shit catches up with you.

>> No.31064275

It WAS a little unbalancing when we employed it as an experiment.

>> No.31064281

Just get 6 RC silly. You should have some free RC from strength, usually 1 but if you are into autofire 2 from having 4 strength, then you get a rating 3 gas vent and a shock pad and you magically don't give a shit about recoil anymore.

RPK also has more than enough default RC to allow you to fire every action phase without modifiers as long as you make sure to do a simple action between each shot, like aim.

>> No.31064290

I like you dude. if you were a girl, I'd totally fuck you to tears, pussy, mouth and ass
no homo

>> No.31064300


Every time I see a Japanese version of a western RPG I always, ALWAYS love it. It never disappoints.

>> No.31064324


way of the adept makes adepts playable at low karma level and then makes them retardedly overpowered at high karma once initiation gets rocking especially if you allow people to trade in initiation ranks for PP because lets be honest Adept centering is the only metamagic they need.

>> No.31064341


Not really enough to handle full auto complex actions bro.

>> No.31064346

I'm not a girl but flattered anyway....I guess?
It's rather unfortunate I'm not gay, would make my life easier.

>> No.31064353

>I was also a lazy asshole who felt I was too good to work hard at anything because it all came easily.
this plus personal background is what fucked 90% of the people around here, I guess.
and every one have a different source for that laziness. I guess the problem was that we were plenty of mothods to extend its borders and avoid facing the main problem, until we completely lost sight of it.
you reap what you sought, the only intelligent thing my father ever said

>> No.31064358

I'm a mage with 2's in all my physical stats, how fucked am I? I bought strength and body up from 1 with karma.

>> No.31064371


>>Those cumulative recoil rules


I'm not an Ares Bot, but I've taken it upon myself to espouse the virtues of shooting people whenever possible. Hence Anti-troll guns. Its a losing battle, because SR Devs only want people to play as magical immortal elves.

Picture unrelated, as its Shadowrun done right.

>> No.31064391


What version of the game?

2 Bod is suboptimal but you can deal with it in 5e. In 4e you pretty much need better bod to handle the mandatory armor stacking to deal with long bursts.

>> No.31064399

Ok little geniuses, what edition people use at this day and age, 5?
that's pretty damn fine

>> No.31064432


Potentially tangentially related.

>> No.31064435

>Yes, because at that point you would have enough media attention as a "super genius" that the issue gets state attention.

IQ 169 here, IQ 165 is not "supergenius", it's a garden-variety normal genius and doesn't entitle you to any sort of special treatment at all. In fact I doubt any level of IQ does, unless you're literally the smartest person on the planet and can become a minor celebrity that way like Marilyn vos Savant did. Even then, you're literally nothing next to even a mid-tier guy who plays videogames on Youtube while making fart noises.

>> No.31064446


Honestly between armored jackets and dermal armor and retarded bod stats Trolls should be able to tank most low caliber assault rifles.

Of course we have to make automatics the king combat skill so assault rifles are actually better than combat shotguns and marksman rifles in 5e in a good percentage of scenarios

>> No.31064448

It's always really amusing isn't it?
If it makes you feel better, my group and every other SR group I've played with LOVE guns. Easier to shoot people in the face then a lot of other options when it comes to violence.

>> No.31064529


Honestly IQ tests don't really do a good job of measuring people outside of the 2 standard deviations from the mean.

Plus there is like a zillion different measurements. Unless everyone is talking about Stanford-Binet it's hard to tell if we are measure dicks using the same tape measure.

>> No.31064554

Yeah, but getting to high karma levels quickly requires a GM that gives excessive karma out quickly. Likewise, cybered characters that have a GM that showers the team in dosh flourish. It's a give and take; gotta find the balance to keep everyone up to par with each other.

>> No.31064560

You should maybe read the errata.

Unless you are always taking full round fire actions but lets face it, if you are you lose control of your gun in two turns anyway.

It is possible to absorb a full turn of a long burst with a full auto gun with the same setup you need to absorb full auto from an assault rifle. This means not only will your damage output be consistently higher. You lose 4 points of defense reduction, which averages to 1.3 points of damage, but end up not only gaining 1 point of damage and 2 armor piercing (Which averages out to .666 damage) but can do it every turn with an accuracy boost from aiming to boot, which puts you at 1 damage over the first turn of full auto from an Ares.

Here is the kicker, after at most two turns of full auto fire the ares needs to drop down into burst fire, which removes his advantage entirely and puts you at a full 2 above him. And you also can chose to move and maintain your fire superiority by .666 points, unlike him who needs to stay still to get close to matching you.

Furthermore many opponents won't be able to muster the full 10 dice to defense, while high armor is more common. And high armor also reduces your attack to stun if you can't get above it in damage. A target in combat armor and a helmet is a problem for the Ares but not for an RPK.

And on top of that the RPK can use Flichette ammo (Which is criminally underrated, as it gives you flat out the most damage of any ammo type) with very little risk of reducing the damage to stun against anything save full body armor, which means that it will out damage the Ares if he switches to explosive ammo for armored jacket wearers.

>> No.31064570

rip VR technology

>> No.31064579

>An IQ of 169 and 165 in the same thread.

Yeah, and I am the head of state for a country.

No seriously, if you go for the count of around 200 countries there is actually a much much better chance of a head of state showing up in this thread.

>> No.31064602

That's a mildly disturbing thought somehow.

>> No.31064604


The problem is that betaware is realistically as good as a cyber character is going to get and even then it's inefficient because they generally have to upgrade twice to get betaware from chargen.

So cyber characters start as specialists and become generalists because they quite being able to use karma for advancement much.

In contrast adepts can get gross and still get a decent amount of tech to back them up.

>> No.31064605

I just took a quick online test, and scored a 71.

>> No.31064616


It's surprising you can actually use a computer

>> No.31064634

Putin is chatting with you about DV and accuracy.
I know, right? Maybe I've got an invisible friend standing behind me and helping.

>> No.31064660


Putin is the expert I'd call in if I wanted to ask about the rules to apply to Plutonium Poisoning.

>> No.31064661


I wouldn't be even the least bit surprised if there was a president or at least a couple ministers in here.

Also bear in mind that 4chan in general, and /tg/ especially, gets smarter than average people in it because dumbfucks are out there being popular and having sex with women.

>> No.31064679


You should see Japanese MTG cards, one thing Japan does right is never cease to be amusing.

>> No.31064686

Putin is your online GM. You just got hired by S-K.

>> No.31064692

Oh of course I was not really accounting for the average userbase of 4chan. But honestly the chances of two people above the 150 line being in thread are so low that I probably a selling the chance of a head of state showing up a bit short.

>> No.31064717

You'd need to be like non-functionally retarded to score that low in theory.
As someone who worked for INSCOM Putin alarms me in a way most national heads do not.

>> No.31064740

Yeah, more likely it was a bullshit test.
Why's that? Because he's (generally) competent?

>> No.31064741

Smart runners never try to deal with a dragon. Smart dragons never try to deal with Vladimir Putin.

>> No.31064824

Yes, exactly.
I just talked to people at INSCOM and after learning how easily people are tricked and manipulated by basic lies and half-truths I'd rather have a fool in charge rather then someone who knows what he's doing because he could get away with anything.

>> No.31064880

Alright chummers, after consulting some "friends" I have in the military I have found that all 3 major lethal damage ammo has the same average damage increase, 1.3333
Flechette: If you don't actually end up lower than the target's armor or don't care about dealing stun it is hands down the best ammo. The price, rarity, and legality are all lower than ADPS and EX. You can be caught with flechette without being arrested with a fake license.
APDS: Averages to the same damage as explosive, 1.33 but as it negates more armor and thus is actually superior if you really care about getting over armor.
EX: Only is good if you want to penetrate armor but for some reason can't afford APDS or can't get it.

As for non-lethal? You would be surprised. In order of damage of non-lethals, stick and shock lost it's throne. The damage descends as Flichette (if you can put your bullet into non-lethal territory), gel, then stick and shock. Gel is cheap, super easy to get, and deals more damage than S&S so you only should get S&S if you want to cause the short minor action penalty.

Hollow points are generally a bad deal, unless you know for a fact that your target is only going to be 1-2 points of armor under your average damage. It costs more than flechette, is illegal, and deals less overall damage.

...I am sure he is nicer than you think...

Exactly. And I am- he is clearly not some paranoid psychopathic imperialist who rigs elections and has people assassinated.

BRB calling someone to help me take care of some people...

Well maybe call him nice to his face and he would like you better.

BRB calling someone to cancel a favor...

>> No.31064948

It bothers me that they confused Flechette with buckshot.

>> No.31064969

It wouldn't be so bad if we had people who knew what they were doing in charge. Then maybe we'd get things done.
>Then again, maybe we'd accidentally a state and get kicked out of the G8, too, so I guess it's a wash.
No, not at all. And he'd never pull a Hitler and just walk his army into a country and take it, either.

>> No.31064991

5e. Mostly concerned about agility and reaction but I'm going to pick up alchemical Increased Agility soon probably so I can actually use my pistol. A real attack spell besides stunbolt would probably help too.

>> No.31064997


>> No.31065049

A wise man told me that a functioning government doesn't make good things happen, it prevents bad things from getting worse.

>> No.31065076

You mean with shotguns? I was under the impression that buckshot just "counted as" flechette because they didn't want to stat another ammo type.

>> No.31065090

Yeah, I've heard -that- before.
What man was that?

>> No.31065137

it gets worse slower, maybe. the looping idiocy of the masses is unstoppable

>> No.31065158

That's not even close to how anything involving IQ works.


A Counselor.

>> No.31065172

>tfw Ms. Johnson tortured a Triad man whilst playing this to drown out his screams


He came out in a loose garbage bag.

>> No.31065188

My dad.
His advice was always practical and simple.
That idiocy is so exploitable too!

>> No.31065229

That's what I figured too.

>> No.31065264

Functionally similar enough to the point buckshot would basically be pure shit anyway right? Like for the same reason we don't use black powder anymore?

>> No.31065266

I don't think IQ actually "works", since its just a pile of vaguely science-based assumptions. it can separate and recognize broad categories at best.

>> No.31065270

>Not this
Most good advice is.

>Something a friend just found for me; the translated content from the German versions of Arsenal and Augmentation.

>> No.31065299

Yeah, exactly. There's a reason the scale doesn't get more invested than ">99.9%", because the scale kind of falls apart at the extremes. And you certainly won't have the local/national news going nuts because "THEY FOUND ANOTHER SUPERGENIUS", because those tests are only really used in the context of other tests.

>> No.31065320


Oh, that book is GREAT. My current throwing adept uses the Injection Daggers. Because it's so much safer than actually coating a blade in toxin.

>> No.31065351

I'm liking it so far. Enough so that I'm considering allowing what's in it for my game(s) now that I've got a good translation, pending a full read-through.

>> No.31065356

Depends really. Against armor yeah, but if you shove it in someone's unarmored face or are getting jumped by a barghest or whatever it works just fine.

>> No.31065369

Flechette shotgun rounds are actually armor-piercing in real life.
Thank your friend for being a fucking saint!

>> No.31065397

Exploitability of dumber specimen of the same species is what social animals are all about, and is also the way we evolve. its not even about actual mental faculties, but about conformation of what defines an individual
I need a guinness and a pub to do these discussions. it doesn't feel right like this.

>> No.31065408

Oh, he's lurking and saw that before I could tell him.

Tell him not to get a big head over being a saint~

>> No.31065480

Man, I'd love to play a Reservoir Dogs type shadowrun. Have folks in the party fight over what color names they get.

>> No.31065537

"The fuck you mean I am Mr. Ultraviolet? I can't be Mr. infrared?"

>> No.31065550

I'll be Mr.Coquelicot

>> No.31065559

You're my kinda conversationalist.
Humility is a virtue too.

>> No.31065586

>Meanwhile, no one wants to be Mr. Blueshift.
That it is!

>> No.31065609

So what other names can we come up with?

>> No.31065637


>> No.31065706

Hey Shadowrun General, I've seen your excellent game and world around for a while, and just recently I ran a short session withsome quickstart rules I found and really enjoyed it.

I was wondering... where should I start? Are there any quick guides to the slang, the world, and the flavor? (Also, anything Seattle specific would be much appreciated)

>> No.31065712

How active are hacker groups in SR? Like do they actively oppose corps or are they just like mafia's but on the net? How do hacker groups make money if they are the latter?

>> No.31065750

Slang is centered mostly at the front of the book. Same with the world, as the first chapter is a condensing of the world (yeah, it is actually considered by some a bit too short).

There is a pure fluff book, forget what it is called but it is good.

>> No.31065764

Mr. Maroon
Mr. Eigengrau
Mr. Red

>> No.31065783

Attitude, most likely. It's not -pure- fluff, but most of it is very fluffy.

>> No.31065794

Too mainstream.

>> No.31065811

Nah it went over the history and countries of the world and was 100% fluff.

>> No.31065843

4th Edition book, Seattle 2072.
Details the entirety of the Seattle Metroplex.

>> No.31065866

Ah, the Sixth World Almanac?

>> No.31065899

There's hacker groups. Most are basically criminal enterprises by using datasteals, scams, all that stuff.
Some are activists, but just like today an equal number are just criminals with a wireless connection.

>> No.31066050

>Implying activists aren't just scummers too hypocritical to admit they do it for business

>> No.31066075

Mixing business with ideals is tricky.

>> No.31066105

Ideals are tricky on their own. the bigger they are, the most likely you will trip on them and chip your teeth

>> No.31066351

Hm. That's pretty good. Mind if I snitch that for a game later?

>> No.31066532

Only if you post your totem animal in a provocative pose

>> No.31066652


>> No.31066843

uh...your totem is Google Images searching St.George symbol?

>> No.31066879

Yours isn't?

>> No.31067023

Nah, I'm a simple man

>> No.31067076

I took an IQ test in highschool. I got 106! I was so proud I got over a 100 till I realized it sets the statistical average at 100...

>> No.31067111

I'm on my phone.
And Saint George has a title.

>> No.31067166

Dragonslayers up in this bitch

>> No.31067192

Big Boss?
y-you know, he eats snakes and everything...

>> No.31067258

Every flavour, every goal, every method.

Seriously, that's like asking if anyone is good with technical stuff. The nature of the setting means that there's a million hacker groups out there. Some of them are individualistic, but a lot of them are parts of other organisations.

As for money making, about what you'd expect. Extortion, credstick fraud, datamining, intrusion, paid sabotage, insider trading, etc.

>> No.31067325

Smart man.

>> No.31067360

This is especially true considering the ridiculously expanded capabilities of the Matrix compared to the Internet.
You can literally kill people with it.

>> No.31067639


putin is actually an ancient elf that has been in control of Russia since time innumerable.

>> No.31067823

That would explain a lot.

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