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Last time, on Song of Swords

The tournament finally closed, with a brave Zell losing her life to the ferocious Aztec Cuauhtemoc. New tournaments are in the pipeline, and the update is on the way.

Last Thread: >>31009360

Current Beta: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x7cdal44p66wyrx/Song+of+Swords+Beta+1.9.pdf

Rejoice brothers, for the legend will never die!

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>This is how I 14 CrP

Jean-Luc (CrP: 14)

WIL 5 WIT 4 INT 3 PER 4(3)
TOU 5 ADR 4 CHA 5 MOB 7(7) GRIT 2(3)

Observation 2
- Awareness
Speech 1
- Intimidate

Proficiencies (9):
Duke's Honor Guard Training (Officer school) level 4
Primary(+1): Polearms(Military Fork), 1H Sword(Cutlass), Wrestling
Missile(-1): Crossbow

Boons & Banes(-15):
Rich(5): Equipment payed for by the Duke
True Grit(2): Jean-Luc has taken a few beatings in his time
Oath(-2): Complete servitude to the Duke, will lay down my life for his
Braggart(-3): Jean-Luc thinks that his station makes him better than the other pesants
Virtuous(-10): Though he may be a jerk, he holds to a code of honor, and would never fight dirty
Unhappily Married(-2): Jean-Luc's wife has hired a tail who will kick his ass if he sees Jean with another woman
Bad Reputation(-3): Though Jean-Luc is a fan of all the Duke has done for him, the rest of the peasants are not
Facial Deformity(-2): Jean-Luc has a huge gap between his two front teeth. The large handlebar mustache he grew to hide this does not help

Equipment: (WT:3.5); (38sp, 7cp)
Military Fork; 2H/VL; STN:10(-1c) TTN:8(+2p) DTN:7; Multi-Hit (Thrust 2), Strike Slot; WT:5; 3 cp
Reverse Hammer; STN:7(+1b); Armor Piercing Strike 1, Shock 1, Crushing 1
Cutlass; 1H/S; STN:7(+2c) TTN:8(+0p) DTN:7(3); WT:.5; 1 sp
Light Crossbow; Range:20; MTN:6(6p); Span:4; Lever; WT:1; 4sp, 8cp
Barbute; 6/8/7; Upper Head, Lower Head, Face*; Hard; WT:.5; 12sp
Heartguard; 6/8/7; Chest; Hard; WT:0; 1sp
Couters; 6/8/7; Elbow; WT:0; 5sp
50-Layer Quilted Coat; 5/2/4; Full Torso, Shoulders, Groin, Upper Legs; WT:1; 5sp
Padded Long Sleeves; 4/1/3; Shoulders, Upper Arms, Elbows, Lower Arms; WT:0; 4cp
Jack Chains; 3/6/0; Upper Arm, Forearm; Hard, No effect against Thrusts; WT:0; 1sp
Gauntlet; 6/8/7; Hand, Wrist; Hard; WT:.5; 5sp
Codpiece; 6/8/7; Groin; WT:0; 5sp
Quilted Leggings; 5/2/4; Thighs, Groin, Knees, Shins; WT:0; 2cp

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I just realized something

Why the heck does a military fork have a strike slot? I don't think I've ever seen a military fork with anything like that.

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I've never seen one with an axe-blade attached to it, but I have seen ones with weird protrusions that might be spikes.

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Got a pic?

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Well I'll be diddly-di-damned.

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I don't suppose you people wouldn't be interested in a gamebreaker tournament with minimal crp?

Just to see how badly this game can be broken with current rules using minimal points.

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>I don't suppose you people wouldn't be interested in a gamebreaker tournament with minimal crp?

That sentence is borked. But, no, we break the game sufficiently with normal tournaments.

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Speaking of bork, when are we going to get costs for bork in the Food section?

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I want you guys to know, these threads are the highlight of my day. I really hope this game comes out soon.

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It's in there, 1sp a pound.

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Can you use jousting lances on foot?

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Really? Are you sure that's bork and not pork?

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>Cheap Meat (Beef, Pork, Chicken, etc) 3cp
>Expensive Meat (Swan, Dormouse, Giraffe, Bork, etc) 1sp

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Oho, cool.

>bork is expensive meat

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are we able to do thraex vs murmillo or murmillo vs retarius?

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Yes but not very well. We need rules for Stances or the asymmetric armor becomes downright stupid. Also tridents are terrible.

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>Also tridents are terrible.
This right here is something that bothers me for reasons.
A trident should be able to fuck someone up pretty hard, more so than a leaf or awl bladed spear of the same length. It has barbs and tines and is also light and is supposed to pierce through the skin and scales of creatures mankind has been making clothes and armor out of because it was tougher than the soft meats we call hide.

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Tridents with sharp points are mostly used for fishing, if I recall correctly. There are shark-skin armors used by some primitive peoples, but other than that...

A barbed trident should probably cause serious Bleed damage, though. (But at the same time, Bleed seriously needs a re-work)

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If you manage to hit, you're probably going to fuck the other guy up. It's hitting and hitting well with such a high TN that's difficult. I'm also kind of disappointed that the pole flail has such a high TN.

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>It has barbs and tines and is also light and is supposed to pierce through the skin and scales of creatures mankind has been making clothes and armor out of because it was tougher than the soft meats we call hide.

Except it wasn't. Tridents were used to hunt fish. Maybe one ignorant peasant race in the pacific used tridents to hunt sharks or something, who can say, but the white man hunted bears with spears, because dividing pressure between three tines is less optimal for killing things than concentrating it on one.

The Spear qualifies better than the trident for the example you gave of why a trident should fuck someone up better than a spear.

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Well, people used spears to fish too.

They were just called harpoons.

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Yeah, Multi-hit 3 on a puncturing weapon does mean that a single damaging hit will pretty much end the fight right there. The problem is actually getting to that point, as TN8 on a thrusts isn't all that hot.

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>because dividing pressure between three tines is less optimal for killing things than concentrating it on one.

This is the problem with Multi-Hit in general. The damage isn't divided evenly between the different striking heads, instead hitting full-force with each one.

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That's probably why they all do lower damage than equivalently sized single-hit weapons. Doesn't work so well on the flails, since they give zero fucks no matter what, but it's made the War Fork less OP than it could be.

>> No.31035458

It's actually fairly close to a number of other polearms now that I look. Pretty good ones at that. It's problem is that it basically has no bonus damage or AP, meaning armor will stop it dead. Against unarmored or lightly armored foes, though, you're going to be shitting all over them with three wounds. That actually seems fairly accurate to me.

Man, but TN9 for the pole flail? Aren't they supposed to be peasant weapons that are simple to use? I may be missing something. Chain is good, but is it that good that a low CP character, the kind of person who would use one in reality, could use a pole flail and not suck ass and die?

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They may be at first a peasant weapon, but that doesn't mean they were easy to use. After all the inertia of this thing is pretty powerful, making it very difficult to control.

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Indeed, simple doesn't mean easy. On the plus side, at low power levels one or two successes with that thing may well be enough to completely ruin a guys day.

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>Japanese flail

Nigga what

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You can say the same with nearly any polearm.

>> No.31035612

Not all of them cancel out parry succeses, though.

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Why are fails so sexy?

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Crushing does, and you can attach a hammer with Crushing 1 to a lot of things. Even things with lower TNs.

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This guy has all of 9 CP and is probably pretty strong for 14 CrP, damn.

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I think we should do a more open ended tournament for 14 CrP. Something points related.

>each combatant may fight each other combatant once
>one point is scored for fighting
>two additional points are scored for winning
>roll on grit table after combat (assuming insanities are in next addition)
>Tournament ends after 1 weekend
>anyone else in tourney can GM as long as both players agree

Whether we allow ranged or not is a question, but I think we need to do it sometime.

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To simulate a campaign we could add the following:

>wounds are "healed" by a 14 CrP medic between fights
>fighters can surrender between combat rounds
>falling unconscious means the match is over
>attacking a fighter that has fallen unconscious or has surrendered will mean disqualification
>death will mean death, so if you die after 2 fights, you can't enter any more.
>prosthetics can be bought between fights, provided you can afford them (assuming we get prices for them)

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Can anyone educate me on the looks and traits of Genpei war era armour?

>> No.31036740

And just to throw even more testing in:

>details of the fight are agreed upon by the combatants beforehand, meaning weapons allowed and location. If they wanted to do a boxing match, blows below the belt would be out, sniper contest in the woods could be a thing, and so on
>characters are submitted to the gm immediately before the match to ensure they are valid. The gm then only posts visually apparent things (armor, weapons, tall)

>> No.31037625

I like this first rule because things like honorable and craven matter. Some of the banes have been really unimportant in the other tournaments. It also gives us a chance to test skills, which have been more or less untested so far, too. And if people agree to ranged matches we will actually get to use guns.

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Why is it so much less expensive to buy a mail shirt and skirt than a longshirt?

>> No.31038089

It used to cover the arms as well, an buying sleeves would make up for that cost difference.

However, for some reasons ever since 1.8 longshirts and coats don't cover the arms any more. Dunno if that's intentional or an oversight.

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I dunno, you can also put plate on one leg and lamellar on the other for a total weight of 1, which is the same as lamellar on both legs. Plate on both legs weighs 2.5

>> No.31038701

It's a bit excessive for a hussite to be kitted out in full plate, isn't it?

>> No.31038714

A 14 CrP doctor. You can't make one better than this.

Doctor Xanidus (CP:4)
14 CrP, max 6 per category
1 Crp - Race
4 Crp - Attributes
5 Crp - Skills
1 Crp - Proficiencies
2 Crp - Social Class
1 Crp - Boons & Banes

CP: (4 ADR + 0 Proficiency)
Grit: (3)

Attributes (35):
TOU 2 ADR 4 CHA 6 MOB 2(1) GRIT 3

Skills (12):
Medical 6
- Surgery
- Diagnosis

Proficiencies (0):
Flailing about with a scalpel - Self Taught (0)

Boons & Banes (-15):
Skill Focus (7, Medical): Doctor Xanidus is the best doctor he knows
Crippled Legs (-16): Doctor Xanidus is bound to a wheelchair
Bad eyes (-4): Age has taken some of his perception
Skinny (-3): In his old age, the doctor has become quite frail

Equipment: (WT:3.5/4.5 )
Scalpel; 1H/H; STN:6(-2c) TTN:6(-1p) DTN:10; Draw 2, Thin Blade; WT:0; 1sp
Medical Equipment

Doctor Xanidus is the finest surgeon in the city. Little known for his skills, he is mostly seft taught.
He lost locomotion at to polio at a young age, but was lucky enought to be rather bright.
He was excepted into a medical school on a grant paid for by the local barron, who hoped to train a personal doctor.
The good doctor took up work for the local boss Don Guido after he amassed huge gambling debts.
The angry barron has since died and Doctor Xanidus is now treating the unfortunate competetors in the illegal duals run by Don Guido.

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Fuck, I meant mail, not plate.

>> No.31038766

"to get ten years behind a shovel", "to pass ten years polishing crests"
>converts often serve the Kasonic Order for a span of ten years

"to be as flexible as von Genoburg's halberd"
>The Kasonic Order's symbol is the halberd; the leader of the Order, Kyton von Genoburg, is a renowned zealot.

"to find/ to search a gray name and a purple shame"
"to confess [under torture] even the names of the Gray guard"
>Gray Company men have sworn an oath to forsake their names
>Purple Guard men don't know shame

"[to be something] heavier/lighter than a Gray armor"
>Gray Company men wear incredibly heavy armor

"to have done the twenty two/three/four times"
>the number of times a family has served in the Ruvian Legions

"to be doing the first twenty"
>said of legionaries of Illegon who don't came from a legionary family

"to stand out more than a musket in the Rat-War Militia"
>typical the Rat-War Militia of Dace armament: swords, axes, daggers, mining implements, things that can pass as weapons...

"as foul as a rout of the Rat-War Militia"
>willing to hide in mud, shit and swampland, rarely have solid leadership

"to be waiting for the Clachish cavalry", "to fear a charge of the Clachish cavalry"
>the Noblemen of Clachland tend to frown upon cavalry

"to show less patience than a Highlander in a battle"
>the Highlanders of Clachland are famously uncontrollable and wild

"gaudier than Krajina's soldiers" "to wear the best clothes of a Krajini soldier"
>the Krajini army is proud of its elaborate uniforms

"to walk as carefully as in an Alankovat battlefield"
>the Alankovat Guard often dares steppeland invaders to strike them in the open, when in fact the ground is a network of pitfalls, deathtraps, stakes, and caltrops

"to be awakened by Mizzick's alarm-clock", "to spend the night waiting for the lions"
> the Lions of Mizzick favor attacking at night, to destroy the panicked foe

>> No.31038782


"to have the battle going to the Rodeleros"
"more safe than a ship full of Rodeleros", "to sail with Rodeleros in the ship's hold"
>the Lagorian Rodeleros prefer skirmishes and battles at sea or in cities to the field of war, but too often they find themselves there against their will.

"as soon as the Hematite Order obeys a priest"
>the Hematite Order has no official ties to the Church, answers directly to the current Pontifatrix and nobody else

"to go for purple [in a gambling game]", "to bet everything to a purple horse",
"more colorful than the Purple Guard in a whorehouse"
"to have more debts than an ugly Purple Guard"
>the bizarre, distinctive, and terrifying Purple Guards are paid ludicrous sums of money, and hope a promotion into a life of splendour

"to try to sell horses to the Iron Horde", "as easy as retrieve a horse that you lost yesterday in the steppe"
>the Iron Horde's dominion stretches across most of the Infinite Steppe

«When inquiring about their Ages, or, if he is not a Native of this Country, about how many Years he has had to live There, the Dacians are fond to answer "I have 20 snakes under my belt", or, "I have 15 snakes inside my pants", and then they will watch you with a Meaningful Look, and wait, and if the Traveller find in Himself the strength to answer, "Alas, but for sure Mine is longer", they that heard it will all have a Laugh, and call you "A Proper Chap", and offer you "a Glass of the redden stuff", and if this shall you choose to drink, be it at your own peril».

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>> No.31039408

Is their wine bad,strong or is it not wine at all

>> No.31039456

My guess is it is moonshine tainted with water from the rivers, drawn while running red with blood.

>> No.31039487

>Much of the Kaselreich's wealth stems from the export of sugar and chocolate

>> No.31039522

From the wine cellar of Jimmy Rome: "Redmouth is a sort of water chestnut that grows in the polluted rivers of Dace. When fermented, its chemical effects on the human body include bleeding gums, staining of the teeth, a total loss of fear, self preservation instinct, sense of time, as well as a capacity for murderous rage that many call Vlatkozick, or "The Power in the Head."
It is strictly illegal, but as the nut already thrives in one of the most toxic regions imaginable, stamping it out is next to impossible, and authorities tend to overlook its use by militiamen."

>> No.31039574

I fucking love Dace. I doubt I will ever run a game with elves, but I could do a game in Dace.

>> No.31039666

>Paleolithic Elves

These guys seem to have the potential to be the Dace of Elfdom.

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Oh crap, I only just now realised that the Ohanedin draw a fair bit of inspiration from the Sidhe mythos. I feel stupid now.

>> No.31040018

Nah, the Ohanedin are just cannibals aren't they? They don't really get me riled up like Dace does. I like that it is shitty and proud. It is imperfect and human in a way that seems outwardly odd, but as you explore it seems right. The cannibals make good villains, but I for sure wouldn't want them to be PCs.

The idea of immortal god-like deities being PCs is even worse to me. Honestly the Paleolithic elves have 0 appeal to me in general. I'm just very anti-nonhumans though. I realize that not everyone is like that. I'm not saying that these nonhumans aren't very well done, they are. I still don't care for other races in my games.

>> No.31040047

Cannibals is the wrong term, I would call them Sapivores.

>> No.31040131

I'm a fan of the Burdinadin and Zells, myself. They're sufficiently alien to not just be long eared dudes, while not being so alien as to be unplayable. They're in that fun place where Thri-kreen are.

Oh shit, SoS Dark Sun would be fucking great.

>> No.31040188


if the hussite in question can afford it: probably not.

The Hussite wars began at the end of the transitionary armour?

>> No.31040345

I think it might help if you try not to think of them as all that fundamentally different from humans. At the end of the day, they're still sapient, free-willed individuals first and foremost, just like humans, and generally there are more similarities than differences.

Basically, think of the elves as just another civilisation/state among the human ones. Hell, arguably there's a bigger difference between living in the Kaselreich and Dace than between Kaselreich and an Iron Glade.

>> No.31040359

The Japanese used a wide variety of weapons both of their own make and gained from trade with the Portugese.

So yeah, they might have had flails.

>> No.31040362

We only have to wait and get the monster, then we will now if SoS world is hardcore enough to compete with Athas.

>> No.31040423

See, I'm not into the Zells either. They have an "the elves are here they are like this" feel to them. They have one culture throuout the species, shit they basically have one personality. The dream thing is cool, but I like it /more/ if the ship is a cursed entity that tricks sailors into staying on it forever.

Most of my problem with nonhumans is that you can do the same thing with humans and the same amount suspension of disbelief (or less). That bias comes from never playing with people that liked Tolkien and therefore had no concept of what the nonhuman races are or why they are there. They always related and roleplayed better without the distraction of "that guy is an elf, he likes trees or something"

>> No.31040432

Well, ohenadin are pretty much boogeymen. "It's gonna EAT YOU!"

And paleolithic elves are fundamentally different from everything. They are immortals from whose death are new whole species born.

>> No.31040464

>Basically, think of the elves as just another civilisation/state among the human ones. Hell, arguably there's a bigger difference between living in the Kaselreich and Dace than between Kaselreich and an Iron Glade.

Frankly, that is exactly my problem with them. They are human enough I would rather they just be humans.

>> No.31040477

>That bias comes from never playing with people that liked Tolkien and therefore had no concept of what the nonhuman races are or why they are there. They always related and roleplayed better without the distraction of "that guy is an elf, he likes trees or something"

Ah, so you got stuck with the people who think 'common culture' means 'monoculture'.

I feel for you. On the other hand, I've seen people do really wonderful things with exploring the ideas of different lifespans, priorities, and biology, when they let themselves work away from the stereotypes, so I like seeing variety in races because it can provide a seed that inspires a new story.

>> No.31040574

I really don't agree on the part with the Ohanedin. The whole part of their super-stringent feudalism through the use of what basically amounts to a geas is pretty damn cool to me and seems to add a fair bit of depth to explore. Only because they don't eat animals doesn't mean they're just hunting humans all day erryday for food, I'd imagine it's more of an added bonus whenever you happen to make a corpse.

Comedy option: They actually think cannibalism is gross, and their diet consists of vegetarian choices and parrots

>> No.31040862

>Ah, so you got stuck with the people who think 'common culture' means 'monoculture'.

Not really, I just got stuck with people that had never been exposed to elves and didn't care to be. Most of us knew nothing of fantasy races and didn't want to put much effort into exploring it. We are a group of people that like roleplaying games because we like to be social and tell stories, but for the most part none of us like fantasy literature. We enjoy horror and strategy, but fitting our tastes to fantasy tropes is just too difficult. For the mist part the more inhuman subjects just turn into indifference.

>> No.31040917

That's cause humans ARE elves

>> No.31040923

Eh, to me it's basically just one more factor of their historical development for a bit of extra variety. Most human cultures turned out the way they are through historical happenstance and geographical circumstances (and occasionally divine intervention), and the nohumans just have some biological oddities to influence their own development in addition to that.

>> No.31041252

I think it is just too strange for my group. And none of us really know why it should be so different. We are into struggles and strategy on personal levels. The overall world level things are things we don't want to be thinking about during play. We just want to play individuals, but trying to play individuals in a world you don't understand or relate to is very difficult.

>> No.31041470

Fair enough. To me, historical and fantasy have equal attraction to me. Historical campaigns let me engage with the places and times I study and try and feel what it was like to experience them. Fantasy, done properly, allows me to study an entirely different set of history and do the same thing. It's all a matter of how you have fun.

>> No.31041526
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>Give build advice
>Talk about historical arms and armor
>System is in regular testing, with active and responsive developers
>People have fun differently, and that's okay!

I'm about to get all gay over here, /sosg/

>> No.31041712 [SPOILER] 
File: 65 KB, 400x489, 1361963185658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My body is ready.

>> No.31041818

For real. I'm definitely not saying that fantasy is bad. I sorta get why people like it, but I don't relate and it is just not for my group.

That said I just might make a less fantasy version of Dace. It is a gem.

>> No.31041837

What is gay, but not a different form of dickstab?

>> No.31041901

Dace is great. It's somewhat overexposed in the threads, but for a good reason.

I'm still waiting on the Kaselreich, though. My fish are practically exploding with anticipation to be percolated.

>> No.31041923 [DELETED] 

I forget, was the Kaselreich the one with the castes and ruled by a literal goddess or am I confusing that with another one?

>> No.31041987

The community is really quite fantastic. The micro update strategy that the devs have taken to is really helping it, too.

Unless anyone has a better idea, I plan on hosting a tournament with rules similar to the above this weekend. I just remembered that my gf is out of town and I'll be bored. It will be called Don Guido's Bloodbath. Hopefully we get 2.0 by then to really do it right.

>> No.31041989

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but could I use this system to simulate duels between two combatants? I mean I usually only play miniature games and I don't have a group for rpg-games, so Is it possible to play solo simulating duels?

>> No.31042052

Not really, but there's always a few people in these threads looking for a fight. We frequently hold little tournaments that anyone can enter and play in.

>> No.31042073

Sure, that's what the system is build on, simulated fechting.


>> No.31042078

I think that guy Vis is doing his thing this weekend. Or maybe not, it's a little confusing as to what is actually happening.

>> No.31042091

You would miss out on the planning and yomi aspects if you were to run both fighters yourself, but there's no reason you couldn't.

>> No.31042111

Alright, thanks... I've only quickly glanced at the rules so how hard is this system to learn?

>> No.31042163

What did Vis want to do? I don't remember his idea

>> No.31042196

It's fairly simple, but much easier if you have a teacher or am example to follow. I would run you through a fight now if I could, but maybe someone else can.

>> No.31042223

He wanted a down to earth 14 CrP tournament, using teams. Not really to stress test, so things like The Worm are banned, but more to see if the game remains strong at low power levels.

>> No.31042240

It helps to see it in action, and you'll probably make bad choices early in, but that's not necessarily unrealistic.

>> No.31042275
File: 166 KB, 1200x1550, Swords.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, I would love to get an introductory fight but unfortunately I'll hit the bunk soon... If there is a thread tomorrow I'll ask again then. Thanks everyone, you've been a great help.

>> No.31042393

In the militiaman entry, it suggested that they both drank wine, and ate radioactive PCP nuts. They probably import the wine from somewhere, I don't know if any normal fruit grows in the country.

>> No.31042417

Wow. That went to the wrong post. What sorcery is this?

>> No.31042437

Ah yeah, the teams thing. Vis, if you want to hash out a tourney that's a compromise between ours I'm totally down to make mine a team ordeal and even change other stuff. Two GMs would work well.

>> No.31042568

I'm planning the tourney to happen over roll20, next weekend. That gives us time to get a roster together, organize teams, and do a map.

For map movement, you can move up to your MOB in squares, and we'll represent the range brackets with this:
Medium and below, fighters should be adjacent to strike one another.
Long to Very Long, you can attack a fighter up to 1 square away from you.
EL+ and you can attack up to two squares away.

And yeah, I just want to see some serious fechting, not crazy stuff.

Also, Highlander Clause is in effect. The winning team will fight it out, one on one, mano-a-mano, until we have The One

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File: 156 KB, 966x1023, 1395694649237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That would be the height of the original o-yoroi armor style, which would in SoS basically be tons of lamellar with a bit of mail here and there, mostly on the arms.

>> No.31042778

Are you thinking straight-up blood bath or other goals, like a CtF? I would be really down for a CtF.

Also, what are your thoughts on persistent damage? If we don't magically heal everyone, should we provide Dr. X or make the teams bring their own guy?

>> No.31042913

>Also, what are your thoughts on persistent damage? If we don't magically heal everyone, should we provide Dr. X or make the teams bring their own guy?
My two cents is you heal wounds up after the battle, but keep a casualty count between fights. That way having a field chirurgeon would be important, but not strictly required.

>> No.31043037

Well I think that the idea would be giving time for the team doctor to attempt to stitch everyone up between matches. Maybe a significant amount of time should pass between matches, like 2 months or something.

>> No.31043139

I think the idea with magical unexplained healing is that the tournament gets to go into the final round instead of everyone getting sepsis after the first fight. But then again, we haven't tested proper the infection system yet...

>> No.31043159

Gritty power level would be the most eventful way to test it.

>> No.31043233

>half the victors of the first round die of sepsis anyway
Yes. This should be done.

>> No.31043380

>all dose two-handed swords with possibility for half-swording

aw yisssssssssssssssssssssssss

Is this picture from the beta?

>> No.31043391


>> No.31043503
File: 1.14 MB, 1200x1550, 1370559475541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, take this, it may be useful.

>> No.31043575

The reason I want to not magically heal everyone is to test characters in more realistic circumstances. Whether or not Vis wants to do it is up to him, it is his tournament. I am just offering my hand as GM because I would run a tournament if he wasn't already. With my aid I'm bringing my ideas.

What I would really like to see is this:
>Capture the Flag
>Persistent damage
>1 month between fights

The point is to keep the fights in situations that are closer to what would happen in a campaign. The consequences for direct conflict would be as close to that as possible. Forcing a direct conflict and not magically healing everyone would be a bad idea. But if you don't force a fight to the death (say, by doing a CtF, or allowing surrender) then you can force the players to think about their character's longevity. This means that many of the skills would be important, and many of the Boons/Banes would have values more in line with their actual costs. It also removes min/maxing for combat being the obvious thing to do. 5 Cuaus would probably lose the above tournament pretty quickly. 5 Worms wouldn't stand anything close to a chance.

>> No.31043722
File: 176 KB, 2025x617, 1395697582775.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mods are sleep, post typologyes!

>> No.31043747
File: 36 KB, 800x976, 1395697648422.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31043774
File: 119 KB, 418x800, 1395697717774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31043804
File: 34 KB, 800x993, 1395697801962.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31043998
File: 111 KB, 600x854, 1395698213413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"let's add a skinning knife"
"let's add another one"
"and another"
"more! more! bwahahahaha"

>> No.31044029
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>> No.31044084
File: 31 KB, 800x990, Types & Development - Armor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Many of this images were carefully scanned with a HQ potato back in 1999. True story.

>> No.31044106
File: 249 KB, 800x995, 1395698500145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31044142
File: 32 KB, 800x998, 1395698567771.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31044184
File: 108 KB, 486x500, 1395698686471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"How many penises can you find in this picture?"

>> No.31044231
File: 164 KB, 811x787, 1395698793181.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31044255

Helmet all the way on the left just looks like a broken bottle.

>> No.31044281

Why did I quote the wrong post.

I meant:

>> No.31044310
File: 340 KB, 985x768, 1395699003120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The etrusco-corinthian helmet is the silliest thing ever. I love it!

>> No.31044332
File: 38 KB, 800x959, 1395699068348.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The return of the potatoscan...

>> No.31044358
File: 277 KB, 800x1013, 1395699133867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, Poland!

>> No.31044474
File: 28 KB, 212x207, skepticalvenetian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>soft bodied corselet of chain, rings, scales, or studded leather
>studded leather

>> No.31044496


>> No.31044594

Jimmy, in the rules for the medical skill, the modifier for "Proper Tools" is listed as +2 RS.

I'm assuming that should be "Not having proper tools" but it isn't clear.

>> No.31044776

Yet people keep posting Dean's stuff, and not just as examples of how we've progressed.

>> No.31044787

Remember that the point of the tournaments we've had so far was to test the combat system with many different styles and fighter archetypes. Whatever we do after this has to test some part of the system, ideally one that we haven't tried yet. Skills, Bystander Phases, Ranged Combat, and Team Fights are things that we have hardly or never tried on /tg/.

Jimmy, we need rules for picking things up off the ground in combat or Bystander, and Superior Riposte needs clarification with how it works with Half-Sword.

>> No.31045071

you know im going to make a 14 point char right now just to see how it works

>> No.31045606

Shouldn't besegaws be besegews?

>> No.31045623

Besagew, rather.

>> No.31045670

Fuck if I know.

>> No.31045738

Nothing online has besegaw as armor. It's all besagew. Must be a typo. The e and a are switched.

>> No.31045794

Welp, somebody best inform Jimmy.

>> No.31046613

Relevant question for my Yellow Turban: How would you stat a dao?

>> No.31046642

They all look like dickheads to me!


>> No.31046824

Same as falchion works okay.

>> No.31046838

Depends on the sort of dao you're looking to stat.

>> No.31046941
File: 644 KB, 1600x1200, Han Dao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, he's a Yellow Turban, so... something fairly common, late Han Dynasty... Just a simple, single-edged sword.

Probably something like this, but with less ornamentation since it would have come from a middle-class-at-best owner. It was after all a populist revolution, but the leaders were largely priests and doctors and other professionals, so they would have had SOME money to arm the revolution.

>> No.31046981
File: 104 KB, 972x595, Espadas, tipología.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As seen in Lord Run Run Shaw's "The Thousand Daos of Dr. Dame Un Dao"

>> No.31047007

Hm. I'd use something like one of the messers for that, possibly a kriegsmesser.

>> No.31047040
File: 24 KB, 580x644, 1395707252373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your Yellow Turban could buy a Swiss Dao, too.

>> No.31047072
File: 61 KB, 721x297, 1395707352841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or, how about a European Jian?

>> No.31047101

These are pretty sweet.

Working on him as a 14CrP, so he's more like one of the armed peasants than any of the leaders. But I heard 'peasant fight' and thought NO MORE BLUE SKY

>> No.31047165

A suggestion for the coming tournament. This is just my observation, but after looking at several cases of 22 CrP build characters, I have come to a conclusion.

The honor-system does not work. If you tell people "build characters that you would play," all you're really doing is telling people who play murderhobos to make those, and people who play characters that aren't ludicrous to make meat for them to grind.

Here is my proposal. For the purposes of tournaments, remove Skills and Boons/Banes as CrP categories, and reduce CrP by 5. Put Boons and Banes at 0, with a maximum of +15 from Banes. Remove Virtuous, Enemies, Honorable, Complete Monster, and all these other non-tactics related Banes as scoring choices. Only leave things that actually alter combat meaningfully. If you're feeling extreme, lock Int at 3.

Any idiot can break this game's Chargen system. The question is, can Combat be broken? We've seen some tactical fights, but generally what we've seen has been gimmicky characters who win or die off of their specialization.

I don't know what changes Jimmy and the guys have made in 2.0 or or whatever we're on, but I do know that we don't need another tournament of who can take the most worthless Banes and the best Boons, and then rampage roughshod over the competition, we need to see if the tactics of combat actually hold up between combatants who didn't squirrel half of their points away on nothing.

>> No.31047238

I kind of like this if we are going to do a pure combat tournament.

>> No.31047288

I agree with this. We HAVE discovered some genuine combat imbalances during the tournaments but mostly what's been going on has been broken chargen builds.

>> No.31047408

I don't mind this approach, but I think that a tournament with more of a focus on simulating actual campaign-style game play would be more useful. I was the guy who proposed these:

>each combatant may fight each other combatant once
>one point is scored for fighting
>two additional points are scored for winning
>roll on grit table after combat (assuming insanities are in next addition)
>Tournament ends after 1 weekend
>anyone else in tourney can GM as long as both players agree
>wounds are "healed" by a 14 CrP medic between fights
>fighters can surrender between combat rounds
>falling unconscious means the match is over
>attacking a fighter that has fallen unconscious or has surrendered will mean disqualification
>death will mean death, so if you die after 2 fights, you can't enter any more.
>prosthetics can be bought between fights, provided you can afford them (assuming we get prices for them)
>details of the fight are agreed upon by the combatants beforehand, meaning weapons allowed and location. If they wanted to do a boxing match, blows below the belt would be out, sniper contest in the woods could be a thing, and so on
>characters are submitted to the gm immediately before the match to ensure they are valid. The gm then only posts visually apparent things (armor, weapons, tall)

I think that these rules (especially the rules for agreeing to the fight beforehand, and leaving the exact nature of that fight completely open) would create situations that resemble actual campaigns more.

>> No.31047630

that would also allow for team fights or FFA type stuff

>> No.31048227

>non-tactics related
It's come up a few times in the tournaments, most notably the Callidus vs. Harbir Singh match. Honor and Virtuous themselves are worth far too many points.

>> No.31048316

If Honor and Virtuous get knocked down points, I want to see an across-the-fucking-board costs rewrite for all the goddamn boons and banes. There needs to be more of the fucking things that cost multiples of goddamn 5.

>> No.31048595

Team fights would be legit, as long as all of the characters agree to it. MMA, Jousting (assuming that two people actually can afford horses at 14 CrP), and all sorts of other situations.

Cuau had Honorable and Virtuous and it didn't matter once, I don't think making him give me the sword was nearly as important as the fact that I was 2 reach categories shorter than him. Both of those banes are 15. I think the issue is that once a fight is justified (and all of them in the tourney are) the bane stops being important. The rules I proposed would make these banes pretty rough, Virtuous and Honor would mean trying to agree to things your opponent is telling you would be fair, have fun.

>> No.31048693

Well, Honorable alone isn't too bad in a combat situation, even when setting up scenarios, since you're allowed to define it as any code of honor that involves the typical +1 honesty, -1 cruelty mandate.

A Confucian character who was honorable would be more concerned with upholding filial piety and loyalty than necessarily ensuring a completely fair fight, though he WOULD want to maintain certain standards in terms of not being a dick.

>> No.31048731

>There needs to be more of the fucking things that cost multiples of goddamn 5.
Yes please. It's ridiculous that you get Boons & Banes in multiples of five but many things cost 1, 2, or 3.

>> No.31048787

Admittedly a 2 and a 3 adds up to a five, but even those I've found kind of run dry quickly before you're left with things like Missing Limbs and shit.

>> No.31048833

The 3/6/9s are the worst.

>> No.31048975

You have been heard, brothers. Reworks of Boon/Bane points have already been arranged. There's also talk of lowering the maximum number of points you can get from Banes, to make that CrP section less of a dumping ground.

>> No.31049018

You fixing besegaw? Should be besagew. There is no besegaw.

>> No.31049049

How far down? I kind of feel like 20 was a good number.

>> No.31049052

Are we going to get 1.9.2 anytime soon? Or just Soon™?

>> No.31049074

Hey Jimmy, what's up with the names of the kingdoms in Iber? I remember it used to be based on a bunch of random words, now one of the places is named after Loquats, and another seems to be named after... Rabbits? The names all sound good, I'm just wondering where the names come from.

>> No.31049159

I dunno I just don't feel a lot of the Boons are super worth taking(tall being the exception) and that the banes aren't that inhibitive that I can't just take 15 points of banes and call it a day

>> No.31049163

Same, I think 20 works.

>> No.31049235

Your feelings are entirely reliant on the numbers that we've already been given. I think most boons and banes need a rework of their points costs, and that would mean modifying the amount of points you get too.
I also thing Illiteracy should be a bane and it should otherwise be assumed everyone is literate.

>> No.31049252

I just want enough points that if I have to end up with 1 point in Boons/Banes in order to make a concept work out, I can still get a point after to take the damn Literacy Boon if it makes sense for my character to be able to fucking read.

>> No.31049281

Damn. Same thing happened with Bevors. "Bevoirs." I think it's just that we heard someone with an accent say the name, and subconsciously wrote it the way it sounded.

Besegaw was just someone getting letters backwards. I'll fix it immediately.

It might go down/up in proportion to the CrP put into the slot. So someone with high B&B starts with fewer Banes, but can also take more Banes to get additional Boons. More incentive to treat it like a real category.
Most of the changes will be to Boon/Bane pricing. We tried initially to stick to multiples of 10, but got into this weird question of what a Boon was "worth" that ended up with a complex and ultimately fallacious calculus on the stat value of Tall, which was estimated as being worth 3 and a half Attribute points.
This was done early, and was not looked at with proper scrutiny later.

I want it out as soon as possible, because I need feedback on some of the work we've done... But we don't want to release without enough Talents to really cover all the bases, so we're doing a lot of brainstorming for talent ideas.
If anyone wants to contribute, we welcome suggestions. Even just general ideas.

Lagoria is a reference to one of the postulated entymologies of Spain as "Land of the Hares," which we thought was a cool nickname. Nisperoa is plainly a reference to Grenada (Loquats to Pomegranites), while Ezpanna is simply Basque for border, and another theorized root of Hispania.
Some of the other names are a bit more arcane, but I'm sure you can figure those out. The names have to make sense to a degree, sure, but they also have to be really distinct, and easy to associate with concepts so that the countries can be remembered by feel instead of just by name.

We're reevaluating the costs of the individual ones, totally. Tall is definitely the standout right now, but Natural Born Killer is pretty great too, and Bloodthirsty (while situational) is also underpriced.

>> No.31049381

Tall and True Grit seem even better because you can only get them at Character Creation.

>> No.31049431

Uh, you do know most people were illiterate for 99% of history, right? Literate is super cheap, I even think it should be more expensive.

>> No.31049452

Uh, you do know most people playing this game will want their characters to be literate 99% of the time, right?

>> No.31049519

In general, the big problems we're noticing with Banes is that you can get what amount to CP bonuses that apply almost universally for hilariously cheap.

For the cost of being a nice lady who can't have kids, you can have what amounts to +4 to Initiative, +2 Reach, +2 CP, immunity to Shock, halved Pain, and -10 Bloodloss whenever you enter combat.

Berserker, Tall, and Bloodthirsty. Jesus, what were we thinking?

>> No.31049522

>Literate is super cheap, I even think it should be more expensive.

I don't think it should be a Boon. I think it should be something that happens if you have the Education skill above a certain, relatively low level.

>> No.31049554

>Uh, you do know people didn't have a written language for 99% of history, right?
Wow your point is nothing

>> No.31049587

Yes, people will want their characters to be literate, but in a semi-realistic historical game, it should not be the baseline for characters.

>> No.31049589

We did notice that it was possible to be one of the most highly educated people in the world, and not know how to read.
We're fixing that. We're also giving more support to Social Class in general so that it isn't just money and roleplaying potential, you get something real out of it in addition.

>> No.31049607

Don't forget natural born killer!

>> No.31049639

How will that work with wanting to be someone that has different money for their actual social class? Like a really wealthy freeman, or a noble with nothing at all.

>> No.31049665

I assumed that was what Rich/Poor/Debt were all about

>> No.31049715

>I want it out as soon as possible, because I need feedback on some of the work we've done... But we don't want to release without enough Talents to really cover all the bases, so we're doing a lot of brainstorming for talent ideas.

Well, give us a list of the talents you have so far. That way we can see what needs filled.

>> No.31049716

Well I'll reserve judgement until I see what you've got, but a nobility doesn't need a mechanic to be real.

>> No.31049729

You can be an impoverished noble, but not a super wealthy merchant. Though I guess being a super wealthy merchant is weird as a starting character.

>> No.31049773

I do find myself wishing there was a bigger Rich boon

>> No.31049796

NBK is actually closer to being reasonably priced than the rest, but the amount that you get from it is pretty small, so it's only really useful when you have a ton of proficiencies, or have already maxxed out one Prof AND Adroitness and just want moar CP.

>> No.31049895

Let me get out the master list.

We're addressing Wealth. That was something we noticed almost never came up in tests, tourney or real-game, so it needs fixing. And that's to say nothing of misrepresenting real peoples' wealth patterns.

>> No.31049916

I'd just make a minor noble after all a noble with no land and a merchant with a bunch of money aren't too much different

>> No.31049956

That's how it works now, but he said that they were going to change social class, and I thought doing something like that wouldn't work the same.

>> No.31049962

NBK is pretty much ok. The lower level versions of it are useful sometimes to round out a character, but aren't super powerful. If we had been doing things other than tournaments it would probably be less common, in a good way.

>> No.31050050

>Let me get out the master list.

>> No.31050054

I figure one of the things they will be getting is like high freeman and up just get the literate boon or landed noble gets the boon Famous (for being the Baron of such&such place)

>> No.31050196


Consider reworking the CRP system for them too, I think.

I donno, but the first time you run through the character creation, boons and banes is at the end, and you might be thinking...

"Well I'm just making my first character, I won't put any points in advantages/disadvantages"

And then you get to that point and find you have to take -15 or go back to the beginning and redo your derivative attributes to get a character who isn't crippled.

>> No.31050243

>And then you get to that point and find you have to take -15 or go back to the beginning and redo your derivative attributes to get a character who isn't crippled.

This is why I'm in favor of getting more Banes costs with multiples of 5; so if this happens you can more fulfill the requirement with Banes that are serious but interesting to roleplay and not PHYSICALLY crippling.

>> No.31050257

Except that one is a noble and the other is a commoner. They are hugely fucking different.

>> No.31050359


The former is also immensely jealous of the latter, who had the audacity to be rich without being born that way, the bastard.

>> No.31050367

We are considering a general rework to Chargen for ease of use for rookies.

Right, so here's the abridged version of the list right now.

Bob & Weave (Better at dodges while unencumbered)
Brawling Boxer (Better at fighting within Reach, can make Punch attacks at closer range than normal)
Centerline Control (Better at making Thrusts, better at defending against Thrusts, better at Closing Distance and preventing others from Closing Distance)
Cutting Drills (Better at Draw Cutting)
Good Form (Cheaper maneuvers)
Grappling at the Sword (Better at using a sword in the grapple, can use Coup de Grace with longer weapon than normal)
Ground Wrestler (Better at wrestling on the ground)
Flourishing Drills (Bonuses when making repeated Strikes that adds up over multiple Actions)
Formation Fighting (Better at Cross Maneuvers, Bonuses to resisting Mobility Maneuvers in a group)
Helm-Splitter (Better at simple downwards strikes)
Loose Order Fighting (Better at Mobility Maneuvers, better at Quick Defenses)
Lightning Reflexes (Can change hit locations on self slightly)
Orthodox Style (Better at maintaining Stances between Actions and switching to new ones fluidly)
Precision (Can change hit locations on target slightly)
Rapid Rechamber (Better at Double Attacks and consequtive Strike/OffhandStrike/Strike combinations with two balanced weapons)
Shield-Breaker (Better at Hewing. Hewing has been made more difficult in general)
Slippery (Better at Mobility Maneuvers)
Special Move (One Maneuver that can be used one-time per opponent with great bonuses)
Straight Blast (Can chain together Punches using new One-Two Punch maneuver more effectively)
Technical Boxer (Better at maintaining distance, can make Punches at longer Reach than normal)
Unorthodox Style (Can use Stances without identifying them)
Winding & Binding (Can use Hilt-Push in more extreme situations, better at it in general)

>> No.31050453

>Tall Precise Technical Boxer with Centerline Control


This seems good.

>> No.31050553

A noble without any land is just a Fop.

>> No.31050593
File: 32 KB, 500x360, 1244665852046_f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Add Unorthodox, and you have Ryo Mashiba. Add Orthodox, and you've got Mohammed Ali.

>> No.31050603

Suggestions for more that may or may not be good:
>Dual wield as fuck talent
>Something like what shastar vidiya does with closing void better
>Horse stuff in general(archery, lance based stuff, etc)
>Something for being good at fighting with a shield
>Maybe something for fighting in armor or without it too
>Tough hands for striking in pugilism without hurting yourself and maybe other stuff too
>Talents for ranged proficiencies in general too

>> No.31050614

A noble without land might be the material inferior to his otherwise peers, but he still holds a dignity, poise, and divine favor beyond any man of common birth.

Also generally the excellence inherent to being the product of centuries of selective breeding.

What it you add both?

>> No.31050631

>What if you add both
Sugar Ray Robinson.

>> No.31050636

Or, y'know, the vast majority of serving knights, as well as samurai on retainer to a lord rather than being overlords of estates themselves.

>> No.31050730

>not exploiting Honorable gift against them IC
>not forbidding them from Feinting and using dirty tricks
>not appealing to their Honorable trait before the fight starts and asking them directly who they are and what tactics they are going to use

I'd take Honorable and Virtuous just to see that happening. Also, sepsis tier difficulty mod for the next tournament players don't know anything about other competitors except what they can see or observe during fights: physical traits and attributes, equipment, skin color; Only GM and owners have full character sheets

>> No.31050733

We're working on additional maneuvers for unarmed combat, but some of them might not make it into the next update, and some might be cut in the final release for bloat.

That's actually a thing we should mention. Some things are going to be cut for tightness in the final book. Not important stuff, nothing core, no systems, but things that feel like an unusual amount of detail for one section will be removed for space, and released whenever we get around to doing a supplement that relates to them. So while we might go MAXIMUM BOXING in the Beta, there needs to be a Ballad of Boxers someday, and we'd rather compile all the special stuff that won't come up in normal play but will come up in boxing-heavy campaigns to be there.

This is not a First Day DLC situation. You will still have access to all of this stuff. You know it exists, we know it exists, you still have the material for it, we're not going to make an attempt to hide it, but the core book right now is looking to be absolutely fucking massive, and we're really concerned about that. More bloated core means a more expensive game to get into, and nobody wants that.

We could just not tell you this, but I feel it's better to get it out in the open early so that it doesn't feel like treachery later.

>> No.31050759

>Also, sepsis tier difficulty mod for the next tournament players don't know anything about other competitors except what they can see or observe during fights: physical traits and attributes, equipment, skin color; Only GM and owners have full character sheets
Hell. Yes

>> No.31050774

No problem. Can we get some info on stances?

>> No.31050789

Good ideas all around. I'll admit, I usually get distracted by Shastar's videos and start looking up cool Sikh weapons. Do you have any examples of his obscene void-closing skills on hand?

>> No.31050866

>Something for being good at fighting with a shield

This is probably the only one I question the need for. Shields are already going to be insanely good with Stances and Favoring coming up and Hew being nerfed.

>> No.31050939

It's in every one of his videos pretty much. He walks forward in such a way that he misaligns his opponent and makes it harder to act. Even with his normal voids, it's very subtle.

At about 2:50 in this one

Also Stealing initiative at 5:40

>> No.31050944

>Shields are already going to be insanely good with Stances and Favoring coming up and Hew being nerfed.
You can't speak of what will be good or not when you don't know the mechanics.

>> No.31050959

Stances are tricky. What we're looking at right now is three things:

Making some areas harder/more expensive to target.

Offering bonuses when attacking or defending in certain ways from a stance.

Changing Shield Coverage with a stance.

Each of these prevents numerous difficulties. Shielding in particular is hard, because we need to essentially invent a system of Shield Coverage that can be centered on any area, and then flower outwards according to a template or chart or something... And this has to be simple enough that it can be done fast and easily in combat.

As I'm sure you can imagine this is an enormous hassle to write for. Right now the game does suffer somewhat from an assumed stance, which is a a square-footed... Like, Wing Chun thing where you're basically standing flat against your opponent and all areas are equidistant on both sides of your body from them. We want to change that, because Jesus is that unrealistic (most of the time anyway) and it completely borks the point of asymmetrical armor.

>> No.31050976
File: 758 KB, 631x498, Herc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stat me, stat.

>> No.31051060

>Also Stealing initiative at 5:40
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIu8DY-EH6w [Embed]

God, I love how casual he is about it all. He doesn't even move fast, it's just certainty of movement.

>> No.31051063

I know the mechanics of shields as they stand, and since we have heard not a word about those mechanics changing, it can be reasonably assumed those (very, VERY good) mechanics are still going to be there. And reasonable assumptions can be made about how shield mechanics should logically interface with a favoring system.

>> No.31051067

The Shield Coverage thing is interesting... the easiest thing I can think of is creating a paper doll sort of thing, and using that to create your Shield Coverage template, where you could sort of overlay your shield based on stance? I dunno. I remember at least one system where a bullseye type thing was used to determine how far off hit-location a shot could wander, which is my inspiration.

>> No.31051129

From what we already know about the mechanics shield fighted sounds pretty good. Big shields give passive protection to the entire torso and neck and everywhere else can be defended with TN 6 dodges and TN 7 duck. (and you really ought to wear a good helmet to help the ducks) Plus shields are insurance against dieing to missile fire.

>> No.31051204


Every time I read about special move, I imagine a bandit picking up a handful of sand and winging it at a guy in a dramatic fashion while yelling "SPECIAL ATTACK!"

Meanwhile time freezes for a moment, and a stylized picture of the bandit's face cuts across the screen in a cocky pose.

And then the sand just hits the guy, and he brushes it off and goes "What the fuck?"

>> No.31051272

An early suggestion was the paper-doll thing, but it seemed really awkward and "feely" to put in a game, particularly one with so many online players.

An alternative is to create a series of... I guess boxes, like a 3x3 set, that the body can operate in either Forward, Middle, or Back position.

So a stance where you've got a strong foot forward and the body turned to the side, like Alber, or Vom Tag in longsword, would have everything in the center-line, of varying heights, with the forward leg, arm, shoulder, of the body "forward", the trunch and head "middle" (and maybe arm), and the other leg and maybe arm "back."

A shield would then basically cover a number of these squares out from its holding point, and the positioning would determine what gets AV. Attacking Back parts of the body would be more difficult, while attacking Forward ones would be easier.

This is obviously pretty tricky to explain and demands visual aid, which makes it hard to implement on a short timeframe because we've got to get our artists to draw the least fun sort of thing that it is possible to draw--highly technical clarification illustrations.

>> No.31051318

I would look to GURPS for inspiration but I don't think they have anything for shields. Their stances seem to be mostly for tactical gunfighting, except for some basic rules to take advantage of asymmetrical armor.

>> No.31051399

And while he's going what the fuck, the bandit stabs the guy in the dick.

>> No.31051410

That reminds me of Lego Quest, with the pocket sand trick working against all enemies until a man with a visor was encountered.

>> No.31051496
File: 14 KB, 169x230, vom tag anyone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Changing Shield Coverage with a stance.
Wards, man.

>> No.31051537

It is on, Tyler. We will have our boxing league.

Just off the top of my head:
>Powerful thrusts (can power attack on thrusts, just like strikes)
>Step into it (change combat range by 1 when changing stances)
>Really Quick Draw
>Watch the hands (bonus to the first kick of the match when holding a weapon)
>Performance enhancer (bonus when fighting inebriated, I have no idea if there is any historical basis for this)
>Caped parry (upgrade arm-parry with a cape so it works like a defensive beat)

>> No.31051597

Yessss, gooooood.

Mace to Face? More like DACE TO FACE!

>> No.31051600

I think the most depth GURPS goes into on its own is just that a shield's DB doesn't count if the attack isn't coming from the direct front or the shield side.
There's this, though: http://www.gamesdiner.com/rules-nugget-gurps-shields-and-cover
It seems cool, and I'm excited to use it in my upcoming game. And TBone's rules nuggets are okay in general.

>> No.31051666

On the note of coverage for shields, you could add a talent that gives coverage to a region from a weapon, for particularly defensive fighters

>> No.31051743

Good suggestions. I'll get see what we can do with 'em.

Ooh. Hello, what have we here?

Not a bad idea, though generally we'd prefer weapon positioning to offer a bonus to Parries. Maybe even a free parry with the amount of the normal bonus if the attacked area is struck while the defender has no CP but is still in the stance.

This is all tricky stuff, one of those things where you can't just focus down one part of the system at once, it all has to be made simultaneously and with consideration for all parts.
Kind of like magic, really, with many of the same difficulties.

>> No.31051852 [DELETED] 

Stat me /SoS/.

In all seriousness I feel compelled to roll up Link.

>> No.31051878

Zell, 1H Sword, chivalric arming sword and heater shield.

>> No.31051890
File: 960 KB, 914x1668, 1395721204582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stat me /SoS/

In all seriousness though I feel compelled to roll up Link, just to see how he'd do. Might want to wait for stances though...

>> No.31051927

>not Orredin

>> No.31051973

I agree. Zell is very deeply imbeded in the sea so to speak. Orredin however has the issue of cannibalism... Not very Hero of Time-ly.

What weapon school? Since he has combat prowess passed down through his lineage and he uses a slew of weapons including 2H swords (Biggeron's Sword, Great Fairy Sword) 2H Blunt (Megaton Hammer), Bows, Slingshots, Boomerangs, explosives, ect. ect. I'm thinking Soldier maybe? Or one of the new ones when they come out.

>> No.31051983

You confuse Orredin with Ohanedin.

>> No.31051984

The Hyrule Elves are basically just humans, the ears are an aesthetic thing. I would also postulate that Link is stupidly competent with an absolute metric fuckton of weapons, and is thus probably a human.

>> No.31052003

I did. Ooops.
And fair point.

>> No.31052012

He's one of those Orredin/Human experiments. Everyone in Hyrule is. I want to see how they represented in SoS, though. I wonder if they'll be just Humans.

>> No.31052050
File: 967 KB, 914x1668, 9000 milliseconds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31052086

So: Mastersword, Longsword used one handed or what?

>> No.31052095

>original character do not steal

>> No.31052113

Hylians, the pointy eared ones, apparently have a greater connection to the divine.

Hyruleans and Ordons don't have the pointy ears and are just human.

>> No.31052176

They're humans at core, but they start developing very subtle Orredin traits. Most of these will probably involve magic (they probably won't be fonts themselves, but they might 'count' as another Orredin for the focus and expanding energy, etc) and they will be playable.

Of course, these guys are basically national treasures. In fact, they're almost state secrets. For one to be roaming around murderhoboing it up raises a ton of questions, though maybe we can work an explanation for it into the lore. Maybe even at that point, when they're Born in the Purple, they have to prove that they're worth taking that final step into joining the tribe, so they get sent out to accomplish shit.
Or maybe they only let one from each bloodline take the final step, to avoid inbreeding, so all the siblings of any Purple litter have to go out and prove which one is the best suited.

>> No.31052235

>For one to be roaming around murderhoboing it up raises a ton of questions, though maybe we can work an explanation for it into the lore.
You said before that mercenaries of these guys were highly praised and sought after.

>> No.31052250

How many stages of human/orredin generations does it take before you get a purple guy? Are we talking like hexadecaroons here?

>> No.31052277

Someday I hope for 2 things. Canon art of Sarah Gizka, and then immediately following that, rule 34 of Sarah Gizka.

>> No.31052307

The mercenaries are the selection pool for the chance to be part of the genetic pool that will eventually yield human/Orredin scions.

>> No.31052328

>rule 34 of Sarah Gizka
Any rule 34 of her is bound to be guro, so no.

>> No.31052362

That's a rather pessimistic view. Action females are rule 34'd normally all the time.

>> No.31052396

Yeah, but, this Gizka we're talking about. She'll likely be using a man's severed bits for a solo act, or fucking a guy with a slit throat.

>> No.31052417


>Closing attack (after making an attack which changes the Range of combat, move one range step closer)
>Dirty Evade (once per combat maybe, kick sand or something while making an evasion, gain an automatic success)
>Rebel Yell (once per combatant maybe, gain an automatic success on a steal initiative)
>Spit in yer eye (gives a maneuver that is only usable at HH, gives the opponent one-eyed bane for 2d10 rounds)

>> No.31052439

Nah, I could see her just sitting there buck ass nude with only her sword and a bunch of dudes with upsidedown l's fawning at her feet.

>> No.31052447

You really don't need automatic successes when you're rolling at TN 5.

>> No.31052457
File: 127 KB, 327x338, 1383521791439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I did. That was meant to apply to guys who've been accepted, but are still in the process of entering the bloodline, but I suppose it applies logically to the rest of them as well. Once they've impregnated an Orredin (or been impregnated, can't let the elf ladies have all the fun) they're probably pretty expendable, assuming the intent is to maximize diversity.

So once you've used them for their primary purpose, then you've got a stupidly competitive band of ultra-mercenaries just sitting around. Why not use them? Worst case scenario, it's good publicity, draws more potentates to the field, worst case scenario they die, and nothing of value was lost.

It actually raises a serious question, which is what role the newly-entered Orredin play in their society. Are they the permanent odd-men out for being of human descent, or are they hailed as being the salvation of the race (that'd be about as fucked up for a generation as being despised), or is it mixed?
Probably mixed. Put four Greeks in a room and you'll get four opinions. Make them each 500 years old and you'll have /pol/.

Canon Gizka is coming soon. I cannot speak for the rest. Our official position on pornography is that it is degenerate and you are degenerates, and degeneracy is not ok. You weirdos. Who even likes that stuff?

Jesus, and they call me perverse.

>> No.31052466

Lets you throw fewer dice. Or, it could let you use it right after attacking.

>> No.31052494

Jimmy, you haven't seen the shit I've seen. I'm lucky my biggest kink is monstergirls.

>> No.31052515

That'd be ok.

>> No.31052523

Rome confirmed for taste.

>> No.31052528

>Lets you throw fewer dice.
The only time you'd want this is when you're doing an Evasion not to get out of combat, but as an armored fighting technique when you want to reduce your enemy's bonus successes low enough that his attack won't hurt you. It's a very niche usage. In any normal situation you'd be throwing all your dice into the Evasion.

Using it right after attacking would be something neat, like combining a Blind-Toss with the ability to run away.

>> No.31052580

Monstergirls is barely even a kink on /tg/.

I shouldn't talk though. My kinks are so mundane you can represent both of them with a couple Banes.

>> No.31052599

Speaking of my other kink, can we get a Happily Married Boon?

>> No.31052623

W-what banes?

>> No.31052637

A true Love bane too that has the exact same cost as Happily Married

>> No.31052644

Wouldn't that just be the Folks Back Home?

>> No.31052650

Yuntoudao looks odd. And blunt.

>> No.31052668


And One-Eye

Ideally one or the other on a female with good STR/END/HLT

Yeah, you could probably just use Folks Back Home to represent a loving family/significant other.

>> No.31052672
File: 72 KB, 263x184, F 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can it be mutually exclusive with being homosexual?

>> No.31052716

Man, now I want to run some shield fighting GURPS fects using these rules. I like them.

>> No.31052784

You are a good man and a true [insert country of origin]ian.

>> No.31052844
File: 2.97 MB, 627x352, 1387076565005.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't imagine it being past eight generations. I'm an Octoroon, and I'm so aryan Japanese tourists stole me to take pictures of me with their families when we visited the Grand Canyon.
It probably depends on what the human's ancestry is like. If they have any Din in them, it'd probably be a quicker process.

That's not even that bad.
I grew up an introverted Catholic, in a pretty conservative family, in the hills, in America. I should be a most sexually repressed, deviant, closet skullfucking kind of weirdo. Instead, most I ever got was a weird priority list of sexual features in women. At last count, collarbone and nose bridge were above tits and eyes.

Every night I lie awake and wonder why I'm not a clusterfuck of fetishes and kinks. I live in fear of what may someday surface from the depths. I'm going to develop a fetish for tennis balls or sawhorses or that foam that forms on the beach after high tide, or some shit. I feel like the later it manifests, the worse it's going to be.

Sorry, this game is meant to be realistic.

I'm reading 'em too. GURPS is like the goddamn Simpsons of RPGs.

>> No.31052906

Those triangular ones that you can tie a woman on top of are kind of hot.

>> No.31052915

>Sorry, this game is meant to be realistic.
But Jimmy, what good fantasy game has swordfighting, plots, and pirates, but NOT true love?

That's gonna ruin my immersion, Jimmy.

>that foam that forms on the beach after high tide
...oh man I love nereids. A rusalka is fine too.

>> No.31052943

>Short and One Eye
>Not Tall and One Eye
6/10, needs improvement

>> No.31052967
File: 94 KB, 541x541, 1395724585732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tall's not a bane.

Tall does go better with One Eye though. That's also at least part of how I'd stat my personal favorite historical hero.

>> No.31052969
File: 2.75 MB, 313x337, KLK 2 GIF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>At last count, collarbone and nose bridge were above tits and eyes.
Add cheekbones to that and you've got some good taste.

>> No.31053004
File: 22 KB, 335x255, 1353830229915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, jaw

>> No.31053016

>At last count, collarbone and nose bridge were above tits and eyes.

Sexuality isn't really as binary as it's normally portrayed. Most of our attraction to the things we're attracted to is rooted in what most people would think of as secondary characteristics. Same thing with expressions really, a smile means almost nothing, the microexpressions within it separate it between genuine, facetious, sardonic, furious, or enraged.

The only thing weird about this is being aware of it, and dwelling upon it.

>> No.31053033
File: 1.56 MB, 500x375, Turn Hi Five.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look, proper facial structure is hot, I think we can all agree to that.

>> No.31053043

>collarbone and nose bridge were above tits
As expected
>and eyes
You been trying to fuck a Blemmyae, Jimmy?

>> No.31053075

I was joking. I'll see about adding something in. We already crossed the Rubicon with Unhappily Married, might as well sack Rome.

Wait, was that in-game? I really wish I had kept playing after DW5. I knew it was going to get better, they can't suck forever, but it was just all so awful after 4.

The list was a lot longer. I trimmed it down to seem less weird.
Besides, everyone likes good cheekbones.
And good jaws. Jaws are hype.

>> No.31053140

Wouldn't have put it like that, but you're probably right.

Not like that. I mean the structure around the eye. I'm a lot more forgiving with those overhangs of skin beneath the eyebrows than I am with sellion depth.

>> No.31053146
File: 536 KB, 692x982, Zhanghe-dw7art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah that's from DW7, one of the DLC costume sets.

DW6 was fucking awful, but it showed that they were trying new things.

From DW7 on shit's been pretty hype. WO3 is fun as fuck, and SW4 is looking good.

Plus Koei's art is fucking gorgeous. Here's my other favorite, more for his historical character than his in-game one... although I'm okay with his in-game character, too. FABULOUS combined with competence is always good.

>> No.31053206

>overhangs of skin beneath eyebrows
I have that along with almond shaped eyes. Made me look Asian as a kid.

>> No.31053213

I remember I played ROTK 7. If you don't know, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which I think is also Koei, is like the Crusader Kings to Dynasty Warriors' Chivalry.

Absolutely amazing game, more realistic, more historical, etc. But Zhang He actually looks like... You know, Zhang He.

It was offputting as shit, I kept expecting him to start talking about beauty and flowers and shit, instead he just built the fuck out of Louyang's walls every season so that I never got the bonus for competing because he was too good at it. Had to suck major dick to get transferred to one of the Eastern provinces, and the fucker followed me and took my job there too!

Fuck you Zhang He!

>> No.31053225

How the hell did we get on this subject?

>> No.31053248


>> No.31053286
File: 4.55 MB, 2456x3337, Zhanghe-dw8art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just mad 'cuz he's stylin' on you.

And yeah, I've got RTKXI on my desktop. I keep trying to make Yuan Gonglu's usurpation happen, but it's a bitch, because inevitably everyone fucking hates you for usurping the Han, even the fuckers like Cao Cao who you know are just gonna do it anyway! There's Lu Bu, but he rarely makes it, since he tends to break alliance with Xuande despite that being colossally fucking retarded and then inevitably gets sandwiched between either him and Yuan Shao or Cao Cao and Yuan Shao depending on how fast Cao Cao moves East.

Plus even if he didn't you can't trust the fucker, and Yuan Shu has all of three competent officers...

>> No.31053295

Croaker calls is "The Snake." A train of conversation that extends only a certain distance back in memory, but that twists out of control in every direction.

You can follow it back to a point, but eventually it just tapers off and you can't remember what came before. Thankfully this is an imageboard, so we know that someone expressed anticipation for Rule 34 Gizka.

>> No.31053326

I still do.
Regardless, what school does Gizka use? If I may ask? If any at all?

>> No.31053327

I'm mad because that son of a bitch can build walls. SO FAST.

I stopped playing after 8. Something about being an officer in someone else's service and slowly worming your way up the ladder was just so much more fun than being the guy calling the shots.

>> No.31053354

I think she's self-taught. Jimmy said something about buying off poor form.

>> No.31053426

What profs does she use aside from 1H Sword?

I was a bit of a late arrival.

>> No.31053442
File: 40 KB, 299x449, 1395725912492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, Jimmy, you asked and I wasn't sure if you saw my reply. There's a 2010 series called 'Three Kingdoms', subbed by the group Jiang Hu, which is absolutely worth a watch. Covers everything from Cao Cao's first assassination attempt on Dong Zhuo to the end of Liu Chan's reign in 95 episodes, and it's fantastic.

Chen Jianbin is a delight as Cao Cao, Lu Yi kills it as Kongming, and Peter Ho is a fantastic, incredibly sympathetic Lu Fengxian.

It's a great show.

>> No.31053443

>Something about being an officer in someone else's service and slowly worming your way up the ladder was just so much more fun than being the guy calling the shots.

This is actually the reason I like playing lower-ranking knights and samurai in those sorts of games.

>> No.31053583

One of her conceits: She just doesn't like melee weapons besides swords. She knows how to use a polearm, but dislikes them, and hasn't bothered correcting her sloppy techniques with them.
She's aware of wrestling (at which she is technically good, but obviously at a huge disadvantage against virtually any opponent) and pugilism, but mostly it's the sword and the pistol.

She was Self-Taught, but after she was already successful, she had the money and status for professional training, so she might have transitioned to a different school (probably Noble.)

Obviously that's not mechanically possible right now, but it's something we know we're going to implement later. We do know that she's still buying off Poor Forms on her core proficiency. She's got bad habits.

The picture we had for how Gizka fights was essentially somebody with enormous natural talent but no formal training, who developed through it into being a monster.
And only after becoming a monster did she start receiving formal training, which compounded the monstrosity. So she's a strange mix of good fight geometry, methodology, but underpinned by an unshakable and primal attitude towards violence.

Basically Narveaz fused with Bryan Hawk, if the result were a small woman.

>> No.31053709

Was. If the result was. Jesus.

>> No.31053732

>95 episodes
Hot damn! that's gonna keep me busy for a while. Thanks chief.

>> No.31053760

uhuhuh! AFTER update 2.0 Jimmy. All play and no work after all.

>> No.31053853

Don't worry. Work first, pursuing Lu Bu later.

>> No.31053863
File: 286 KB, 672x1000, bancho knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I dunno why exactly, but while I'll read and enjoy European myth and history, none of it grabbed me quite to the level of Chinese and Indian stuff. The Three Kingdoms is fascinating shit. It helps that you can just about drown in the media output.

I also got really into wuxia at the same time, which got me into classic cinema, which got me into the old Toshiro Mifune roles, which indirectly contributed to this character art.

>> No.31053882

You still owe us Lu Bu vs Gizka

>> No.31053897

And I still owe him Winged Hussar vs. Gempei Samurai. Give us rules for it.

>> No.31054039

RTKXI is a pc game, or something you emulate?
Know where I can buy a digital copy, or failing that download one?

>> No.31054098

Available for PC.

The RELOADED release is on everyone's favorite receptacle for nautical naughtiness.

XII came out and has been English Patched to some degree but really isn't as good.

>> No.31054103

>Round and round (Must be using a flail. After rolling 0 success on an attack, roll again with half dice. This is still opposed by the same defense)
>Step on his foot (make a thrusting kick to the foot to step on the opponent's foot, gives a +1TN in the next exchange)
>Jump-kick(declare a simultaneous dodge/kick after attack is aimed at legs, adds the special clause from Duck)
>Nose, meet knee (in the Clinch, have head Trapped/Pinned, perform a Knee maneuver; gain half again bonus successes to damage [so like Draw 2, but with a Knee])
>Kids, don't try this at home (opponent is Prone, perform an Elbow Maneuver; gain half again bonus successes, you end up prone)
>Keep it(weapon Stuck in enemy; make a Thrust or Strike targeting the location the weapon is Stuck at TN+1, if successful, add bonus success to the damage of the previous attack)
>Sparks (using a weapon that is on fire [like a torch] Jimmy >.>; Weapon gains Shock 2) (basically you are good at getting sparks to fly at their face and into the cracks of their armor)

A lot of mine are more like extra maneuvers, I don't know if that is good or not.

>> No.31054149

>Round and round (Must be using a flail. After rolling 0 success on an attack, roll again with half dice. This is still opposed by the same defense)
>Sparks (using a weapon that is on fire [like a torch]
Yeah, nah, that's ridiculous and highly unrealistic.

>> No.31054189

Beating people with a torch just seems like something you do when you get raided at night, and you already have a torch in your hand. Other flaming weapons is totally unrealistic, though.

I have no idea how flails work, but I do understand inertia, if you whiff with a pole-flail that ball is still swinging around out there. Mind, that talent isn't really that good.

>> No.31054214

Swinging a torch at someone is fine and realistic. "Getting good at making sparks fly at the opponent's face" is not.

>> No.31054215
File: 190 KB, 422x600, Keiji_Maeda_(NAS).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What this guy said. Dynasty Warriors 7 was a return to form and DW8 added a fuckton of new characters and weapons. Coincidentally enough, DW8XL comes out today and adds more crazy shit, like Lu Bu's daughter. It's gotten bonkers, but its a fun bonkers.

>> No.31054282
File: 4.79 MB, 2456x3337, Yuejin-dw8art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They added Yue Jin, right?

So we're, what, 4 for 5 Great Generals of Wei?

Shit, I'm gonna need to run a Romance campaign once the rest of the system comes out.

>> No.31054334

>no fun allowed
I still want fucking torches.

How about this:
Lose the rags (using a torch; declare with a strike the rags come off the torch after the attack. If there is a successful wound, the burning rags are lodged in there. If not they fall to the ground.)

I'm still one of two people to suggest anything, come on /tg/

>> No.31054352

I thought Dynasty Warriors has been basically the same game since 2001? Bunch of guys at once, mash square to win?

>> No.31054373

Oh and occasionally hit triangle?

>> No.31054403
File: 619 KB, 680x980, Zhugedan-dw7art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The core mechanics haven't changed a lot, but the flow and challenge of the game has, and different movesets do have markedly different properties.

You probably won't notice much of a difference on Easy, but it can be significant on Hard or Chaos.

Also special moves and other expansions of the system.

They're not especially complex games, though, no.

The latest games have also added a storyline for the Jin dynasty, which is nice.

>> No.31054452

Hothead is a death sentence and needs to be toned down. Making an RS 5 or if you are in a bad spot RS 3 check to not get angry will get you killed very quickly, or at the very least make almost any social situations turn sour. Most characters can't even make an RS 3 check reliably, let alone an RS 5.

To top it all off it's only -3 points.

>> No.31054465

You can't really win by just mashing. The different button combinations are simple, but the timing of the attacks and their effects vary widely between the characters, and at least in the last one I played, it was a very technical game despite its relative simplicity.

It's still a dumb beat 'em up, but it's got class and synesthesia.

>> No.31054469
File: 452 KB, 1600x1600, Yujin-dw8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

XL added Yu Jin, so Wei finally has all Five Great Generals. Xu Huang, Zhang He, Zhang Liao, Yue Jin, Yu Jin

Oh, that is most definitely there, especially on easy difficulties. On harder settings it can get trickier and knowing combos is important. There is also MELODRAMA and goofy bullshit. (Except the Warriors Orochi series, which eschews melodrama in favor of Super Robot Wars levels of ridiculous mashups).

>> No.31054479

A WIL 10 character won't even make the 5 RS most of the time Jimmy.

>> No.31054486

I still remember the horde mode of Samurai Warriors. When you hit floor 100, fucking Lu Bu showed up to stomp your nuts. His musical theme starts playing too, before he walks through the door.


>> No.31054575

The really talented but poorly taught and unthinking warrior archtype who just keeps muscling through on physicality is almost never applied to women. Gizka could be the trope namer.

>> No.31054708

This is important.

I wonder if Opaque did the probabilities on Attribute checks and RS. It's really simple and very important.

>> No.31054718

I think it's been done before. Everything's been done before.

Some of the RSes are remnants of a time when we expected Attributes to be higher.
Others were just moments of stupidity where we forgot how our own system works. We'll try to tone those down a bit.

>> No.31054739

Also: Craven. That is absurd.

>> No.31054793

Craven and Bloodthirsty... Tone down.

Also, we're totally going to implement Amnesia. I can't remember why we decided not to. Hemophilia also, though I think that's one Bane nobody is ever going to take in this game.

>> No.31054807

Isn't Amnesia sort of covered by Dire past?

>> No.31054814

Case in point. An average human with WIL 4, but with Craven, has to pass an RS 4 WIL check to willingly put themselves any sort of danger. That has a ~0.8% of happening. Less than one percent. Someone with WIL 8, the highest you can get at character creation as a human, still has only a about a ~19.5% chance of passing the test.
If they get hurt by violence, a Craven person has to pass an RS 6 WIL check or they panic and try to run. Even a WIL 8 guy passes that only ~1% of the time.

And if you buy the -8 pt version of Craven, both of those tests go up by 2 RS. Just forget ever trying to fight.

>> No.31054823
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>Also, we're totally going to implement Amnesia. I can't remember why we decided not to.

>> No.31054899
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>Hemophilia also, though I think that's one Bane nobody is ever going to take in this game.
Even in GURPS it's terrible to suffer from.

>> No.31054941

Hey, check this out. About the encumbrance of armor.



>> No.31054947
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But how will I play 'The Adventures of Rasputin and the Young Tsar' without it?

>> No.31054997

Just like real life.

>> No.31055078

>All subjects carried a longsword, which was supported by both hands during locomotion.

>> No.31055206

The last stand-out thing from the actual study report is that a very high amount of the measured increase in energy expenditure came from leg armor weighing down the legs, making each striding motion more taxing. Interesting stuff.

>> No.31055229

is that why legionaries look kinda silly

>> No.31055349

You talked about reserving lot of the lore for a supplement/pledge goal, right? We will still have basic knowledge of tattered realms in the core, right? Also for a talent that removes self harm from unarmed attacks, something like "striking with hard bones" etc. would be appropriate, since most ways to do less self damage is to strike with palm/elbow/etc.

>> No.31055394

Any chance of a Simultaneous Parry/Unarmed Attack in the future? Something like parrying a blow and tripping your opponent with his own weight? Or Guarding against an attack and busting a dude in the nose?

>> No.31055450

>Also for a talent that removes self harm from unarmed attacks, something like "striking with hard bones" etc. would be appropriate, since most ways to do less self damage is to strike with palm/elbow/etc.
You already have Elbow, which doesn't have the self-harm factor. If you wear gauntlets you don't have to worry about hurting your hand with a punch. A minor talent that gets rid of the self-damage for punching bare-handed might be good.

I hope not. That sort of thing is covered nicely by either Stealing Initiative or the standard flow of combat with defense and offense.

>> No.31055470

Also: Is the AV from a shield only give to one side? I feel like it should be. Also will there be rules in the future for non-wooden shields other than bucklers and rondelas?

>> No.31055472

>That sort of thing is covered nicely by either Stealing Initiative or the standard flow of combat with defense and offense.

You could use that logic with regard to pretty much all of the Simultaneous Defense/Offense maneuvers.

>> No.31055482

>I feel like it should be

I agree, but it's not going to matter once Stances and Favoring come into play since the side it covers is always going to be the side presented.

>> No.31055495

And why not? It seems as equally likely as Sim. Parry/Attack. Should that ALSO only be represented as "natural combat flow". Also, how is stealing initiative at all like that?

>> No.31055569

On that note: Simultaneous Arm-Parry/Attack or /Unarmed Attack NEEDS to be a thing if we're gonna do fist fights.

>> No.31055590

I disagree. I do not think it needs to be. I think it will become more clear when we have rules for stances and talents. Hopefully this will include a boxing stance where you protect your head and vitals with your arms, giving a natural, passive defense. This would work better than having to simultaneously parry and attack with nearly every action.

>> No.31055599

Currently shields cover exactly what they say. When it says "shoulders" it means just that: both shoulders. Where it's not plural it means just the shield side. The hand, for instance.

>> No.31055608

It would also be extremely useful for other builds as well, specifically ones that have a free hand but a bad parry TN on their main weapon. Either way there is legitimately no reason to leave it out.

>> No.31055620

We have Riposte and Superior Riposte for turning a good defense into a more powerful offense. I think standard Riposte needs to apply to more maneuvers but I think it's pointless to discuss that while we're on the eve of a supposedly big rules update.

>> No.31055637

There is surprisingly little you can do with a Reposte or even a Sup. Reposte. And either way, if that's your logic than strip out all the Simultaneous maneuvers.

And I mention it because the update isn't here yet, it hasn't been addressed and it needs to be.

>> No.31055652

Also Jimmy, dunno if you saw this but on the Reposte entry, it says a Strike or Cut TN, I'm assuming you mean Strike or Thrust

>> No.31056563

Man I hope the changes to 2H Sword are good enough to hold it properly up.

>> No.31056615

I don't see why everybody's so down on 2H swords. Sure, they may not have the raw power of polearms, but riposte, half-sword and murderstrike offer some pretty amazing versatility and utility and on average their TNs seem to be slightly better, especially defensively.

>> No.31056702

Hilt push is awesome. Hell if I know if it actually makes a difference in combat, but it's damn fun.

>> No.31056786

Because as things stand none of those things measure up to the effectiveness of having a shield.

>> No.31056815

We haven't really used it all that much yet, but from looking at it it seems like Hilt Push would be most useful in these situations:
-Cancelling out the attack of a defensive simultaneous parry/attack
-Denying your opponent most of the common defensive options (I suspect this will be extra useful against Stains-of-Time'ing Burdinadin)
-Sneaking deeply inside the range of somebody with a longer weapon through hilt push->half sword

>> No.31056944

Eh, those can be pretty easily hewn apart, and the lack of murderstrike together with the generally smaller damage bonuses makes getting through armor quite a pain.

Basically, the way I see it is that 2H swords main strength is their versatility. No matter what type of enemy or situation comes up, they'll always work quite well. The trade-off of course being that you they don't perform quite as well as a dedicated specialist weapon might.
>Enemy outranges you -> Hilt push
>Enemy in your range -> Half Sword
>Enemy in plate -> Murderstrike
>Enemy in maille -> Solid stabbing
>Enemy in cloth/leather -> Ridic +c damage

>> No.31056995

>Eh, those can be pretty easily hewn apart

Yeah I'll get right on that with my 2H Sword proficiency that *doesn't have Hew*.

>> No.31057077

They occupy a bizarre place in the game right now. The Montante oozes potential power, but I don't think enough gameplay has happened that we can know how to harness that power. The potential of things like Superior Simultaneous Parry/Attack is enormous, but when do you use them?

A very strong build that I can see becoming a thing is going Defensive 2H Sword. Weapons shorter than yours get taxed for range. Shield bashing gets taxed for range. Even shield feinting, which is the bane of Parry/Attack, gets taxed more because multiple attacks and range costs have to be paid.

Against weapons longer than it, either they don't have shields (halberds, glaives, other 2H Polearms) and can be Parry/Attacked with relative impunity, or they -do- have Shields, but absolutely horrible Parry scores, making them atrocious in the Hilt Push that you will usually be able to force them into. Hilt Push removes range from the equation, and only 2H Swords do it well. This makes the 2H Sword the only weapon that has complete control of the Range game at almost every step of the fight.

When you look at the rash of Reach monsters that have been showing up lately, this becomes very significant. It's a weapon that's defined by its ability to counter other styles rather than on its own strength.

>> No.31057114


>> No.31057627

>Ezpanna is simply Basque for border, and another theorized root of Hispania

A very minor word to the wise: that's a glaring example of what Caro Baroja called «etimologías de sonsonete» [sound-alike etymologies], without any real base, sense or logic. The same when the magic euskera word is rendered as "izpania".

On the other hand:
- Lagoria is perfect. Enhorabuena.
- Lusitan. Too easy, too easy... But Portugal needs all the love it can get; also, Viriato. So there, I'm all for it.
- Mendiak. That's a good one, oh, very funny.
- Nisperoa, well, to a Spanish ear sounds "wrong": "NISperoa" doesn't sound as natural as would sound "NISpera". But it is a moot point, because you can easily build a real, bona fide (if somewhat gongoristic) Spanish word: Nisperada ("a place full of loquats, or loquat-trees, or the fragance of loquats").
- Kartzletan. No bloody idea. Color me intrigued.

I'm really loving this «Endecha de espadas» RPG of yours, sí señor.

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