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Spring Break Edition
>Working on your bikini body
>Talking about your vacation
>Talking about parties
>Never actually starting ERP because you fear the sun

To get started
>Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method

>Go to #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon for IRC
>Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list

>Go to http://www.f-list.net
>Create a username.
>Create a character profile on that username.
>Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage.
>Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.

>Post contact info
>Get help from friendly old hands
>Be chill
>ERP like a whore!

Last thread of the weekend, rolling into Monday. Remember, people, report, hide, ignore. Only you can stop trollposting.

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Nice, IRC is back. I think the thread suffers when it stops being a general ERPing thread and becomes a matchmaking on <site> thread.

Also catgirl bikini tops because I like them.

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You motherfucker, you told me you were done making these.

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Add me and note me for stuffs.

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>log on flist chat
>main room active
>game chats dead as a door nail

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Last call for shilling! Nothing like getting in early. Working on my profile a ton because F-list keeps screwing up.


Love quite a lot of things, especially pregnancy If that interests you, feel free to send me a note or something!

On another note, If anyone is looking for players for Lewd or non-lewd tabletop games, I still got a lot of free time left open! Send me a note, I'd love to discuss it!

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f-chat is having issues, kicking people

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Repost from last thread, since I only posted right at the end!

Here's two silly thoughts I've been wanting to play because of Exalted and D&D. Let me know if you'd be interested in one or both, /tg/?


A minor goddess of books whose minor purview of naughty literature recently and quite without warning expanded sideways to wholesale include knowledge and teaching of sexual techniques, holy texts with sexual contents, etc. Now she has to deal with getting summoning and pact offers by horny young sorcerers and all her new and rather more intimidatingly naughty coworkers.

She'd have something of a Yomiko Readman look, a bit frumpy and modest but rather attractive and nicely figured underneath, and with a tendency towards lots of silky underthings under heavenly-bureaucracy-librarian outfits. She'd also wear glasses that are almost always a little steamed over, and that can steam over completely and animate with the text of books on the inside to let her catch up on her reading or reference one or another sexual guide while in the middle of fuckin'.


Something happened to make the primary goddess of love and lust vanish or die, and through some cosmic accident her position and all her power fell into the lap of a teenage girl. The girl has to scramble to try and keep up with her new job, not to mention having to deal with the naughtier implications; she could be totally (mostly) innocent beforehand, or take to it with a slightly disturbing glee.

She'd have an elegant lolita frills-and-innocence sort of look, but always a bit too sexualized, like an anime girl brought to life - skirts just a tiny bit away from showing off the little skimpy underthings underneath, stockings and garters and a corset and wicked heels to go with an innocent dress, or so on. Alternately (not sure what I like more), she could end up mostly naked with bits of jewelry, pasties, incomplete not-really-clothes, and so on.

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>Have fun RP with someone
>Ask if they want to continue later
>They never contact me
>Week passes and I talk to them
>Same shit happens again
>Third time, ask when they want to start
>When I contact you, stop bugging me

I waited seven fucking days, goddamnit.

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I'm going on a vacation in may with my gf and it feels great.

It's going to suck ass when she realizes that I have ERP threads with people other than her. She doesn't know I do that sort of thing with other people.

It's not like she's possessive, but when I have to respond to all these other threads before hers...

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It might be a good idea to add a one or two line description next to each of those thumbnails, so people know which ones they want to click on without going through all of them.

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Also, I was thinking both could have amusing societal effects, for people who like to play with that kind of background stuff.

For example, book goddess lady could accidentally cause fads in the way of 'sexy librarian' stuff or a bent towards academic/religious education going hand in hand with sexual knowledge, or love goddess lady could have naughty/questionable effects on the age of consent or what's seen as 'innocent' or desireable for youths.

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Good idea.

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I really wish people would fucking tell me when I screw up, before it becomes such an issue they wordlessly stop responding. Christ, I ask for feedback at the end of every session, in my profile, in seperate notes, and in my fucking kinks, you think people would get the goddamn message.

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They sound pretty cute. Earlier I mentioned that I'd like to roleplay with both of them.

Provided you were okay with delicious plump octopus ladies.

I-it's okay if you're not.

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>Can't find a partner
>When you do, it lasts maybe one session before they leave and never talk to you again
>See people all around you having lots of fun
>Halfheartedly cheer them on
>No one ever tells you what's wrong with your RP
>They just tell you to stop whining

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>seven days

Some people do have real lives to deal with, anon. Not everyone literally lives in their parents' basement with nothing to do but the internet.

Personally, I work 40 hours a week and have classes on top of that. I can't predict when I'm going to actually have enough of a libido to typefuck rather than just wanting to laze around being perverted.

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Last thread? Last chance to post my profile.


Interested in all sorts of characters and people. Females, Traps, Futas, Shemales, Herms, cute guys. Just send me a note or a PM and maybe we can set something up.

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You should be honest with her anon and give her priority over internet strangers, even if you're desperate to get your rocks off. Relationships are about trust first and foremost.

>> No.31033098

Kinda new at this, so feedback on my profile is welcome.


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Before the weekend is over, I'd like to grab some anonymous feedback for the profile.~ I'm still working on shaping it up to be more friendly and visibly enjoyable.


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>have a character concept
>go to type it in
>the profile creator asks for the name first

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As I commented in the other thread right before it died, both sound really fun, with #1 in particular really tickling my fancy.

>> No.31033123

It does get a little annoying when someone says "I'll contact you", then waits weeks and weeks on it, then bites your fucking head off when you just ask for an update. Is it really so fucking hard to say "maybe around x" or something?

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>delicious plump octopus ladies

G-go on.

What do you think of fantasy settings? And have you ever played Exalted? I'm not planning to use it directly, but it's got the sort of heavenly bureaucracy I'm thinking of using.

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You seem to have a lot of weird sentence and tense errors, as well as spelling ones. Try to re-read it and see if it flows well, and put it through a spellchecker.

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...I'm getting flashbacks about Morrowind.

>> No.31033147

Sexy man! Thanks for reminding me to send you a note.

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>That feeling when you care so much more about situations than characters that f-list feels restrictive and boring, but you can't find partners

>> No.31033189

>doesn't know about behindthename.com and its ability to search for names by meaning or language

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One last post for the end of the week.
Mind control, exhibitionism, corruption, gradual change, slut and slave play, and general filthiness with girls and girly men, hit me up.
Or call me a faggot, whatever

>> No.31033191

Well, english isn't my first language so I guess I should pay more attention to that.

Spelling errors are a kindy silly fault to have in a profile.

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I doubt this is the most productive use of anyone's time. And not all of us are even in the /tg/ Chat circle jerk, as it were.

>> No.31033205

It'd be nice to see people into mind control listing which side they prefer.

>> No.31033212

Hey, no prob, bob!

I answer all of'em.

>> No.31033215

Dominant, myself, but I'll keep it in mind next time.

>> No.31033246

Finally updated my profile. Thought I'd post it here. https://www.f-list.net/c/bok%20mog/

>> No.31033268

While I'm thinking about scene ideas and stuff to list, are there any play ideas the general outline gives you for one or either that you'd really want to try out?

>> No.31033271

It's been a few months since I posted this one so here you go. I hear breeding is a kink a lot of people like so if you are into that, hit me up.


>> No.31033272


Looking for partners and criticism, any notes at all appreciated.

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>> No.31033295


We aim for different kinks, but this is as good a reason as any to link my very similar profile.

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stop whining. no one gives a shit.

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Market Girl Marzipan signing off for the weekend with a reminder that the market will be open again this Wednesday, March 26... and next week Tuesday, April 1! That Tuesday I'm having a special guest attend the market, so you're in for a treat.

>> No.31033324

No one cares about your jealousy, your writing stinks of godmoding, you whine constantly, and your character is uninteresting. Please leave now, or at earliest convenience.

>> No.31033332

I-I-Is that g-good?

>> No.31033341 [SPOILER] 

...so I'm working on a shapeshifter character who isn't quite in control of her own powers, but she mostly gets off on that. Loves to just 'let herself go' and see what happens, or have others force transformations on her.

I'd even make a long list of transformations ranging from "Cat Ears" or "The Usual Futa Stuff" to stuff as strange as "Stuff drawn by Octopus Trap." Naturally, they'd be formatted as a table that I could roll randomly on.

Would anyone wanna RP with that? Pic related, Double was my primary inspiration.

>> No.31033350


Actually, I have the opposite problem. Whenever I roleplay with strangers I feel like they'll be impressed by anything I do just because I'm nice and I can make a good profile. Whenever I roleplay with her, I feel like I have to either do an amazing job or not do anything at all.

I just want her to have a good time, /erpg/.

>> No.31033353

Pregnancy is one of my favorites. I might actually create an F-list profile just to do this... Though I'm nervous as to how to start, what kind of character I should add, etc.

>> No.31033377

Just leave.

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>> No.31033403

Straight human male here. Fetish of the week is accidental transformation followed by vanilla romance. But really, I'm always open to discussion.


Now with 25% more cropped images I found somewhere.

>> No.31033408


You need to put less pressure on yourself to impress her, then. Let her know you feel this way and worry about those kind of things. I'm sure it will be alright, no one has to be a Golden Goose every time!

>> No.31033410

People must REAAALLLY think Chiie is a shitty mod. She has more votes than Leo!

>> No.31033416

Go and stay go

>> No.31033428

I've seen Chiie boot people for making complaints about rulebreakers. So whatever.

>> No.31033430

If you do, as it says, feel free to send me a note, I always like meeting new people who share interests in the same kinks.

>> No.31033433

Good, that's what I was going for!

>> No.31033436

>Would anyone wanna RP with that?

It sounds unusual but I think it has some potential for fun ERP.
Emphasis on fun.
*grows several cocks*
"Whoa, I told you I'm not comfortable with that."
"Sorry anon-kun, I'm not really in control of my own pow-uuh."
*transforms again into something competely random*

>> No.31033478

I would, only because I love rolling dice in my lewds, for some reason.

>Ahh yeah, 88! What now?
>Barbed tentacles.
>Aww shit.

>> No.31033486


Jesus christ, what is with this person.

>> No.31033490

Where all the Amphisbaena girls at?

>> No.31033494

>>31032891 >>31032919 here again, asking if any of you might have suggestions for pictures and things.

Finding stuff with a mythological or Touhouian bent towards attractive but impractical outfits with large hats is hard.

>> No.31033501

I have never seen Chiie be a proper moderator. She just flaunts her shit and shows she has power by joke kicking people or by threatening innocent bystanders.

>> No.31033532

But Chiie is so fat XD


>> No.31033540


She's already in a fantasy setting, so that's covered. I've never played Exalted, but I'm not afraid to read through it. The character I'm talking about is still a WIP anyway so I figure that's the last area I'm lacking in.

>Rich cougar money lender
>Uses her familial ability of reading auras to manipulate others
>Eccentric and silly; sounds like a used car salesman
>Often uses talents to rope clients into lewds and gain a reputation as a sweet, trustable old maid that just wants to help
>Believes that if she's able to slather enough aphrodisiac on her clients through her tentacles and pleasure them enough, they'll have to grope for excuses to come back and see her.

>> No.31033553

>No one will ever have interest in your character unless it is literally the same character with a different gender


>> No.31033587


Transformation Fetishist here. I'll have to remember "Exact physical duplicate of her partner" and "exact physical duplicate, gender reversed" as options on the Random Transformations table.


>> No.31033600

Clone TF is pgood

>> No.31033684


Profile? I may have RPed with you

>> No.31033695

New thread, reposting profiles.

Halfling thief size queen.

Adorable kobold mailcarrier.

Half-elf adventuress, loves monsters and fun.

>> No.31033706

Nobody gives feedback.

>> No.31033742

Basically, think giant sprawling celestial bureaucracy sort of like Chinese mythology. Gods are responsible for overseeing their domains, writing reports for the higher ups, fixing cosmic bugs and so on, and they can affect how it works some but also be affected by it. They can also be promoted/demoted/reassigned or have what they're in charge of expand sideways into other areas, because there's godly titles for pretty much every abstract concept, even really tiny ones. The actual Exalted setting as a whole is kind of Conan swords and sandals fantasy meets high-powered wuxia action movies.

>octopus lady
>aphrodisiac tentacles.
O-oh my.

That sounds slick and squishy and likely to leave even a godly client sticky and exhausted and gasping for breath, then desperately and clumsily trying to get dressed because she has a meeting with her boss in ten minutes, ending up with her half-naked under her coat when she accidentally leaves her silky underthings behind and the entire time she's supposed to be paying attention to her quarterly performance review all she can think about is one of those tentacles between her thighs and others squeezing her breasts and pressing between her lips, and then only after she leaves does she realize there was a blatant line of sucker marks up her neck and jawline that her boss could see the entire time.

Do you have a profile page or anything?

>> No.31033785

Shout out to Capricia, who did.

>> No.31033810

Pic related.
It's Leo.

>> No.31033835

>Pic related.

>> No.31033841


>> No.31033855

You know what's funny? I have that in my reaction images folder because it amuses me. 1/10, made me laugh. Have some more cute macros.

>> No.31033908

The dog is not grinning. He is wincing because he is being spray with water.

>> No.31033951

ERPGing with guy players only...
Is there a point to it?

>> No.31033975


>> No.31033989

Well, in the case of #1, I have a character that occasionally gets tied up in summonings gone awry, so that slots in nicely there. Sometimes he's even the one summoned, go figure. Things rarely ever go as planned, usually because the plans behind said summonings tend to be utterly harebraned in the first place.

Maybe in this case, his patron thought that 'naughty literature' somehow involved naughty as in 'wickedly evil'. Or maybe the ritual was simply done sloppily and ended up getting a divine archivist rather than the weaponized war-demon that was expected. Either way, exasperated sheepishness is likely to follow.

Such is life as the least enthusiastic mid-boss.

https://www.f-list.net/c/arcane%20warlock%20aram/ God, I really needed that week off. Glad to be back, though!

>> No.31033996

>not getting off to the thought and practice of getting other people off, regardless of the niggling details of naughty bits

Stay pleb, serfling. Delighting in the giving of pleasure is the path of the true master race.

>> No.31034023

I don't even understand the question. There are actually plenty of female typists, they just don't advertise it for obvious reasons.
You should learn to just not care though.

>> No.31034323


Looking mainly for Orcs, Insects and monsters

>> No.31034400

Please use this image for your avatar.

>> No.31034426


any special reason why?

>> No.31034445

Because the one you had up previously was all pixely and shit.

>> No.31034467

well that's true,

thanks man.

>> No.31034626

In unrelated news, Jesus Christ has been spotted in the Bottle Room.

>> No.31034698


I like the second one.


Custom kinks, even if it's just emphasizing existing ones. Explain what you like and don't like about things.

>> No.31034724

I actually like it when guys let slip that ERPing with me has made them hard, or they've cum or whatever. Means I'm doing something right, not to mention it's sexy and a massive ego-boost.

>> No.31034727

Verrrry nice.

>> No.31034737

I love telling my partners how horny I am, and I love people telling me it in return. I've had a few partners where we stopped the RP, teased eachother to climax, then started RPing again with the same vigor

Sadly, they all left, and now I can't find anyone else into that. Doesn't even have to be full on teasing eachother to orgasm, just a partner who tells me when they get hard, and how horny they are.

>> No.31034743

I'd say that it would be polite of you to mention your degree of availability on the profile.

>> No.31034762

Just input a random name and be done with it. You can change it later, or redo a profile by copypasting.

>> No.31034787


....actually, one of my fetishes is IRL stuff, and the idea that two guys are basically text-fucking eachother through the veils of their characters is really hot. Especially if the characters are nothing like them. (cute girls, herms, even Furry)

Bonus if it's that sort of OOC sexy talk, talking about what our characters would do to eachother, while talking about what we're actually doing~

>> No.31034790

I would. That sounds really hilarious.

For an extra lewd can have options for circumstances that trigger the rolls or needed to change back. LEWD circumstances.

>> No.31034803

sounds interesting


>> No.31034807

As an Exalted fan passing by, your character would fit into the godly bureaucracy juust fine.

>> No.31034825


To a degree, but too many of them may make it seem like you can't type well. When the sole interaction you're going to have with people is typing...

>> No.31034827

Tell me about an ERP that you're currently doing, /erpg/.

If you aren't in the middle of one right now, tell me about one of your favorite ongoing threads.

>> No.31034849


Well, I've been enjoying a SUPER longterm corruption thing. Lost of pet play and subtle mind control. Good stuff.

The best part? It's consensual. GOD do I love this shit.

>> No.31034851

Just letting you know that your profile is really pretty!

More custom kinks though. They never ruin a profile.Unless you overdo it.

>> No.31034854

I've had a few. One involves my loli rust monster girl. The others are pretty generic (teacher/student is probably the kinkiest out of the rest of them)
Best one would have to be one where the player has enjoyed my character so much they are making a custom profile just to RP with me with that has a harem for my character.

>> No.31034861

Doing two straight shota scenes, one with a young babysitter that's letting a boy experience sex for the first time and another with a good old MILF and her son.

Shota stronk

>> No.31034862


>overdo it

I remember that girl who had nothing but custom kinks, descriptions and all. Maxed out, 40 of them. It was a really fun read.

I don't think you can overdo them.

>> No.31034869

It's true. After a few months on F-list, you stop reading anything else kinkwise. The regular ones only help for searches, honestly.

>> No.31034870

None ;-; I don't even have a profile.

>> No.31034879

I do go "I'm not reading all this shit" when it's a shitton of customs on all the different topics, replicating standard kinks and fucklong descriptions.

>> No.31034881


>rust monster

I NEED to see this profile.

>> No.31034888

Ugh... I just logged off.

Just go to F-list and search characters. Her name is Loli Rust Monster. Can't miss her.

>> No.31034893

Here she is, I still had this bookmarked. Shame she's not around anymore.

I still read any and all customs.

>> No.31034903

>TFW your main kink is adventure and you can't find a GM who likes orcs.

>> No.31034913


Yeah, that's fine.

>> No.31034916

Yeah, a load of those are just replacing standards. And not even expanding on descriptions or specifying things, just semi-ICing over them.

>> No.31034925

Personally I don't see anything wrong with that.
I'm sure as hell not gonna read the description of 'anal' if it's not a custom, hearing one's take on it is always fun though.

>> No.31034940

Okay, i'm morbidly curious. Tell me what you guys think.


>> No.31034946

It just looks excessive to me and hampens searches.

>> No.31034955

Selecting opinion on every single kink was kinda excessive.
Add symbols (Often * but whatever works) in front of customs to bump the upwards.
Add some more customs.

>> No.31034957

Ok, let's give it a try.


Tell me what you think

>> No.31034959

>First I see
>Age regression
>Read it as "anal Regression"

thats what I think

>> No.31034976

my favorite character, please rate and give tips.


>> No.31034979


I and a buddy decided to do a yuri roleplay with genderbent JJBA characters because Jojo lesbians sounded cool at the time.

>Takes place after the mansion battle when Johanna is injured and in the hospital
>Her hair became singed something fierce in the fire and looks terrible
>She has no choice but to have it cut short
>Erina has experience with these things as a nurse and offers to cut it for her
>Really intimate hair-cutting scene all while being mothafuckin ladylike to each other
>Johanna feeling down about having short hair and being reassured by Erina that she's still just as pretty as ever
>Some almost-kisses but no actual kissing because for some reason we gotta stall things even further and take it slow

How am I supposed to hop on some proper lady pussy when there's so much FEELS and no homo happening?

>> No.31034990

Just keep going.

>> No.31035010


Yeah, that's usually the best course of action in an RP. Just keep going, embrace the drama, the feels, the confusion. FEED on it!

>> No.31035026

Anybody have that character of theirs running about that they love, but never gets attention? Pic related.

>> No.31035027


I've cleaved a bunch of them off, though I don't have too many specific kinks I can think of that would fit into customs for that character.

>> No.31035031

Just emphasize what you generally do (>taking it in the butt)

>> No.31035032

I like it.
send me a note sometime if you're interested

>> No.31035035

That image reminds me once again that I will never finish having my lewd cybernetic-limb-detatching funtime with a Chiense street tough. I miss Yueliang.

>> No.31035046


Done and done.

Still removing more as I go that don't feel relevant.

>> No.31035047


I actually did ask for this.

Artificial limb/augmentation maintenance RP is fucking great if done right. Like Medical/healing play without all the squick.

>> No.31035054

gotta go fast!

>> No.31035058

Got my adventuress in an ongoing dungeon crawl through an intelligent, dimensional dungeon that functions more like an h-game. Fucking loving that one.

The halfling thief is currently offering sexual favors to an awkward, inexperienced bounty hunter to pay off a debt. Getting good.

Dear little Kip-kip the courier, female kobold delivery specialist, recently delivered a 'marital aid' to a werewolf who was dissatisfied with his order, and in the interest of customer satisfaction she's about to sub herself in for the defective device.

Then my vampire has this increasingly complicated rp plotline with a vamp-hating tiefling that so far involves nothing more explicit that some flirtation, but damn is it good rp.

>> No.31035077

Well, in this case, it was more an incidental seizing up and removing of a shitty-quality salvaged leg aug that made my character realize "wait, if I took off this leg as well, then I could just lift her up like this, and..."

Thoughts of conveniently portable cocksleeving ensued. But will never go anywhere. Such is life on F-List.

>> No.31035084


more like anal oppression amirite

>> No.31035085

Well... I can tell you about the adventures I had as an orc.

I could talk about some adventuring where the price are different pets. I had it in almost any kind, be it collecting only boys or girls, or both.

I could talk about the roleplay I'm trying to do as a shadowrun orc pimp collecting boys and girls to make them work (you see a theme, right?)

I could even tell you my adventures as a younger half orc in modern fantasy warland.

I have many stories to share, but not for a christian board.

>> No.31035095


Hah! Fuck up stuff that.

Well, to each their own.

>> No.31035105

I'd love to have a person GM a thing for me, some adventure with lewds. Walking around and doing stuff.

Do people do that? I imagine it's a giant dedication on the part of the GM and a really ungrateful job at that.

...but I can dream.

>> No.31035108

Not my usual cup of tea either, but at the time it seemed like the best idea in the goddamn world. Shamefully arousing, really.

>> No.31035113


People do, but yes, it's a HUGE undertaking. Most make sure the person doing the running is worth the effort first.

>> No.31035121


The best RP often comes out of such spur of the moment lewdness.

>> No.31035125


>> No.31035126

Lots of changes. Now for Round 2!


Still working on some scenario ideas.

>> No.31035167

>Female to Male transformation

>> No.31035223

Not really considering this one done, but I feel like I'll need some comments before I can really improve it that much. I set the character in Shadowrun, because it leaves a lot of room for goodness with VR, magic, cybernetics, and the like. I'll probably do some more writing tomorrow. I also need to find a more appropriate image, this one's not bad but it's not quite right either.
Is my taste weirdly specific?

>> No.31035245

>no description
>no custom kinks
>103 images

Jeez, woman.

>> No.31035271

gotta say...very interesting profile.

>> No.31035277

Interesting how?

>> No.31035280

Share the link with the class, anon, so we could all get a laugh.

>> No.31035287


>> No.31035301


There's actually a lot of profiles that I'd like to do that for, but time is the big constraint. Shit I've got about 200 bookmarks and I haven't even noted more than a handful because I don't have the kind of time needed to play with everyone that I want to.

>> No.31035316

Nope, still halfway to bumplimit.

>> No.31035324

the "sneaky-sex" bit paired up with "lesbian sex" can yield some cool results.

>> No.31035347

>Halfling thief size queen.
>no vaginal gaping
But why!

>> No.31035348

Definitely. Then you throw in tactile feedback from augmented reality.

And the spell that the game calls "magic fingers".

>> No.31035357

Well, tell me what do you think about the younger version of my half orc.


I've even added the reason why he looks like that.

>> No.31035386

Oh man, I have just the character for you.

Except the profile isn't really set up yet.

>> No.31035418

pls send a message when it's done

>> No.31035453

>guy makes RP ad saying he's looking for rape
>Profile is standard fare, roided up warrior looking to swing his footlong cock around while he thumps his chest, singlehandedly conquers kingdoms, rapes princesses and female combatants, with sperm so potent it could chew through asphalt, etc.
>"Orcish Mcorkerson is a warrior and brute and takes what he wants a blahblahblah..."
>oh hey maybe someone who actually likes rape
>"look guys, I don't actually like rape, noncon into con only if you have to, please"
why is f-list full of fagets

>> No.31035460

I really need to go back through that kink list. Made those in kind of a hurry, didn't really think. I'd be open to that.

>> No.31035471

Personally, I just ask. I WANT to know that you got off.

>> No.31035475

I actually meant that it is kinda silly for me to have spelling errors on my profile and that I should probably fix them.

>> No.31035479

Gonna miss these threads ;_;


>> No.31035483

Well, I don't mind rape, I just don't want to be a dick about it.

Basically, he takes the women and rape them, then he is sweet with them even if they like it or not.

...I'm all about dehumanization.

>> No.31035506

Are you not going to be able to post?

>> No.31035520


Aren't these threads limited to the weekends?

>> No.31035560

not as far as I know. Mostly posted during the weekends, sure, but I've seen em during the weekdays as well.

>> No.31035574


My experience is that many players get fed-up with only roleplaying rape day in and day out

>> No.31035651

They are supposed to be relegated to weekends now, which works better for several reasons. They periodically pop up on the weekdays but usually don't last long, often deleted.

I do look forward to them, though, which is something in and of itself.

>> No.31035662

We constantly run them only on weekends. If something pops up during the weekdays, it's generally not continued once it slides off.

>> No.31035757

Gentlemen, I am thinking of making a sexbot character, but I am torn between life-like with noticeable joints or something more robotic looking like pic related

>> No.31035794

Do the picrelated hipbot. DO IT.

>> No.31035886


>> No.31036032


This thread was started on the weekend. There should not be a replacement once it finishes, but there's nothing wrong with it staying alive until it's done.

>> No.31036073

I've tried to write a profile since about 3 hours and I can't manage to even start.

>> No.31036081

Step first: what do you want to do with it.
Step second: get aname. Any random name will do.

>> No.31036107


>Who is she?

Triskie Twindlefoot, Halfling Christmas Cake/Small Dom/Milf/Ara Ara~

>What does she offer?
Ara Ara, A swag ass fucking tavern setting with lots of detail, did I mention Ara Ara?

>describe her!

Tall and voluptuous for a halfling, Triskie stands at an impressive 3 foot 6 inches, being slightly taller than many men of her own race and adorably small by the standards of others. In her youth she was a darting, agile thing, and though she stays in shape the years have put upon her gracefully, giving her a curvaceous and matronly build over toned and practiced muscles. She's aged gracefully, and looks as if she could still be quite younger than she actually is, though her motherly personality can make her seem more mature than those who are even older than her.

She is fond of feminine wear, frills, jewelry, and other girly things, and can often be found in such lacy decoration. She typically does her hair in intricate curls or braids with jewelry and strands of silk, though sometimes she'll settle for a simple ponytail and a pretty ribbon

>Wow, that was detailed faggot

Fuck you, that isn't nothing, I also drew fucking floor-plans for her inn so you could completely immerse yourself in fucking Rule 63 Bilbo Baggins fuck, note or PM me and read my pointless lore Bullshit under the "Dagger Dip Inn" tab

This message brought to you by the Christmas Cake Foundation: Oh my~

>> No.31036120

I've got the character down, just the profile is making me troubles.

>> No.31036125

Cute. I would breed green children with you.

>> No.31036131

What exactly is giving you trouble? Name? Who cares, you can change it later, slap together something random

>> No.31036137

Hell yeah, I still need to rp with several of your characters.

>> No.31036236

Currently in longterm romantic RP between my Paladin Waifu and someone elses Elven Barbarian. She's accepted his marriage proposal and they've fucked like Rabbits, now they're going to get the blessing of the forest god, but oh no magical lust has overcome them in the fairy lands~

I'm going to spring PLOT on him after they're done fucking. Which could take a while

>> No.31036260

I've been lurking these threads for a few weeks now. I want to make a profile but I'm a little turned-off by the mascot on the front page. Are there any alternatives to F-chat and how bad is /tg/ chat with the furry menace?

>> No.31036275


Interested in criticism, thoughts, etc.

I've been gone for about a week, so I'm sorting through a note or two from when I was absent.

>> No.31036281

Who gives an honest shit

Christ you people act like this is some deeply grievous offense or something

I swear to christ you niggers that post all this bitching about mods and all this gay ass shit have to be the same butthurt faggot upset over some incredibly inane shit, with nothing better to do but whine like the king of faggots

chiie is a dumb bitch but she's harmless, move the fuck on with your life

>> No.31036291

Ahah! Your still alive

>> No.31036298

>I want to make a profile but I'm a little turned-off by the mascot on the front page.
I'm pretty sure you can disable it with adblock somehow.
Setting the theme to light make the image slightly less disgusting.

>Are there any alternatives to F-chat
There is IRC, but IRC isn't very friendly and doesn't have instant access to >muh profile kinks

>how bad is /tg/ chat with the furry menace?
A couple furfags in there, none that would actually go and wear a fursuit and fuck at a con though.
We also get the odd retard who isn't from /tg/ who shows up, but they usually leave because >4chan

>> No.31036376

There are a couple furries around, but they're sane and don't shove fur in faces of people that aren't into that.
TG rooms are like 90% monstergirl level or lower.

>I'm pretty sure you can disable it with adblock somehow.
Yes you can, very easily.

>> No.31036392

Still going through my longest term ERP (around a year now?) between my male noble and my partner's female noble. Its pretty much Game of Thrones...

>> No.31036410

But do they talk? I'd rather not have to deal with them at all.
Someone said Shangrila was good but i can't find it.

>> No.31036436

If you're that autistic about it you're better off finding some place else to go. The furries in /tg/chat don't cause any trouble, they're not obnoxious, and they certain;y won't bother you if you make it obvious you don't want to interact. They're generally indistinguishable from other uses as far as general chatting goes

>> No.31036438

Congratulations, you are actually more autistic and obsessive than furries. That takes a bit.

>> No.31036441

Yes they talk. What's your fucking problem?

>> No.31036455

Yeah, do not prioritize random other people over your girlfriend. Partner comes first, always.

>> No.31036464

Just because i don't like something that makes me autistic? God, you guys are defensive. Sheesh. I'm just trying to find a place where i don't have to deal with that shit.

>> No.31036470 [DELETED] 

>the furries in /tg/chat

Yeesh, those fags. I don't know why they come, they're obviously out of place. But they hang around and they don't start shit much, so I suppose they're "tolerable".

>> No.31036476

You make it sound like the mere presence of someone with the profile in the chat will perturb you

You should probably fuck off if you're that sensitive to fetishes you don't like

>> No.31036490

Not wanting to ERP with furries is perfectly fine and it's respected in /tg/.

Having a raging hateon so that you can't even OOC talk to anybody furry: yeah, you're autist.

>> No.31036504

It's not the not liking something, it's being so closed-minded and obsessive in your blind, pointless disgust that interacting with someone who enjoys what you don't enjoy on any level whatsoever is something you just can't handle.

I don't like scat. I can talk for days with people who do like scat, because (big shocker) there's more to them as human being than that.

Please do as others have suggested, and fuck right off.

>> No.31036505 [DELETED] 

Nah, you're fine. Stuff like >>31036476 is probably furfag. They won't bother you in chat if you make it clear they're scum, but they still do spark the fursecution complex, occasionally.

>> No.31036532

I think this is a new low of pointless bickering even for this thread.

>> No.31036536 [DELETED] 

That makes more sense than what the others are saying. I think I will stick to Omegle and other cam sites. At least I get something visual out of that. and I don't have to deal with judgemental and psychotic assholes.

>> No.31036541 [DELETED] 


Oh, I get it now, Monday morning troll

>> No.31036546

I dunno everyone being jelly of Alex's mad swag last night was pretty lame.

>> No.31036549

Man, I wish these threads included more erp game finder aspects. Just not a huge fan of freeform rp myself. Currently sitting as a forever GM with my normal group and want a chance to play in a erotically bent campaign.

>> No.31036552 [DELETED] 

It suddenly makes so much sense...

Oh well. Goodbye, ERP thread. You shall be gone when I return. Looking forward to next weekend.

>> No.31036563 [DELETED] 

Oh god you are fucking priceless, thanks for the laugh anon

>> No.31036565

You and everybody else, man. There's advertisements for games in the /tg/ Chat channel on F-List, but as is always the case games are tough to get and GMs are in short supply.

>> No.31036579

Raping is orders of magnitude less popular among men than being raped is among women.

Being a rapist is also tiresome. I get kicked and scratched by a sobbing maniac in her death throes, meanwhile all I want is just some good ol' in and out. It's not worth the effort.

>> No.31036582

We have LOTS of people who like doing lewd campaigns and would prefer using a system rather than free form.
Timezones and shoddy internet providers ends up being a huge problem though.

I hope your internet gets better soon Laura, I really wanna play.

>> No.31036593

>be really bad at rp
>everyone keeps saying how much fun they had playing with me

plz be honest

>> No.31036594

Seriously. I get asked for it all the time, I swear a lot of them is because they can't come up with any ideas or don't know how to be seductive. Gets old fast.

>> No.31036595

Being raped is really just more popular, period, regardless of gender.

>> No.31036597


> implying your ERP partner is a real girl
> implying "she" has internet problems when he really just want to be left alone after fapping

>> No.31036605

Can still have fun with you even if you're not that great, honestly

>> No.31036608

Normally I'd offer to GM. But with a full time job, a real life group, and no online play experience. I just feel like it would end poorly for the players.

>> No.31036612


Wasn't there an Oglaf comic that made fun of the common idea of a sub being an inconsiderate bitch that sits around waiting for her Dom to do all the work?

>> No.31036621

Some of us really do have lady parts, anon

>> No.31036631



Hidden text "Free slaves!"

>> No.31036633


I kinda want to run a game. But my schedule sucks and I'd want to keep it small.

>> No.31036651

Just take a deep breath and stop giving a shit. People are never going to give concise feedback for whatever reasons. So worrying about it is just gonna add a bit of stress to you.

>> No.31036656


Same for me. It would be great to get a GM and just two players. Any more than that and I think scheduling would be horrific.

>> No.31036673


Scheduling and running. with an ERP you can be doing blow-by-blows for two different people at the same time quite easily.

A Shadowrun or Traveller campaign would be pretty cool though.

>> No.31036686

You have higher standards than they. It's fine. If you're having fun, keep going.

>> No.31036708

My shemale Inquisitor has killed about ten thousand people in an effort to keep chaos from taking root.
Then she lewded a Sister of Battle and a Tech Priestess. Heresy is fun!

>> No.31036848



>> No.31036856

Suck it up those feels, green brother.

Since I'm here, might as well advertise. https://www.f-list.net/c/captain%20marbletusk/

Orc captain looking for a good-old barrack fun, or a hands-on training to those female soldiers, you know how it is.

>> No.31036972

…damn. That hat is just top notch.

Fucking ace headgear. Really makes an orc, y'know?

>> No.31037074

Anyone in the mood for an angry french warrior lezzie?
H-Hand holding appreciated...

>> No.31037097


> french

Le omelette du fromage

>> No.31037156

>mad swag
>deliberately giving people shit, being pushy not with one but two characters, using mod status to flex nuts, never even bothering to set himself as busy to keep game going, getting snappy at other regulars

And then you wonder why people stopped coming to bottle

>> No.31037158

With... RP in French or in pseudo-French accented English?

because angry warrior lezzies can be fun...

>> No.31037186


I would hold the ever loving shit out of that hand.

>> No.31037200

Deciding on whether or not i should go with regular english dotted with french phrasing, or go with some who legitimately only knows a bit of english/common language and is heavily accented. But i seriously cannot speak fluent french, so rping in french would probably be beyond my abilities.

>> No.31037225

I don't think he's a mod

>> No.31037231

u havin a giggle m8?

>> No.31037238

Ahh... I see... Good, because I cannot into French myself. Should totes Angry Lezzie away!

>> No.31037244


> Be french
> Be somewhat fluent in english
> Never had the occasion to play a french-accented character in an english roleplaying session

>> No.31037250

Working on a pigman profile; the idea is the classic disgusting pig orc type of guy, but he's not some ravenous rapist, but a pretty nice guy. Not a rapist in the least, overly apologetic and slightly "beta", but man does he love to fuck big voluptuous ladies, and ones that are into nasty pigmen drive him wild.

>> No.31037252

I do both actually, adding french words into a heavily accented voice. Than again I am from Canada so I know what something like that would sound like.

>> No.31037259

Of course! I'm currently on my phone for the time being however, so I currently cannot angerlezzie. Put up your f-list however, and I will bookmark you.

>> No.31037261

stop shitposting, faggot

>> No.31037284

If you're having fun roleplaying, you're doing it right.

... What do you roleplay anyway? I'd be happy to give it a whirl with ya and maybe offer some critique.

>> No.31037291


>> No.31037309

A long term corruption story working on a farm to a centaur who was going to turn her into another milk and breeding cow.
But it turned into consensual romance along the way somehow, and I think that is what makes it really interesting.
Sadly, I barely see him on anymore, so I don't think I will get to finish that one.

>> No.31037311

Not anymore he is not. I wonder why

>> No.31037381

dude, when your character is done, hit me up with a note!


I freaking love Pigmen!!

>> No.31037400

Where is your background Info?
What is your story?

>> No.31037404

Oh my...I hope you're looking forward to having squealing babies, my dear.


Only just made the profile, will update it in a while

>> No.31037442

I really haven't thought up much of it yet. Not really sure where to go, but I've been thinking of making her a "classic" farmers daughter.

you are bookmarked, buddy!

>> No.31037457

Yay, I managed to catch the thread.
Having an enjoyable afternoon, /erpg/?

I hope that earslut got her fix last night.

>> No.31037569

Hell yes! Got myself a cute pet last night and I am on cloud nine right now. I am a switch and she was a dommie but I managed to show her just how fun subbing can be.

>> No.31037605

Posting my shit.

A hunter of worthy prey. If you want Predass, come here.

Gentle Snuff character built around romance and seduction.

Shemale Shadow Hunter who will fuck you with both her dick and magical voodoo.

I'm mostly in the /tg/ room as Yautja Huntress, the patron Saint of Skulls. if you want to throw me a PM there, or send me a note that's cool with me.

I also have an Inquisitor character, but it needs a bit more work to be suitable for public viewing.

>> No.31037656

Great! Nothing better than showing a character the 'ropes'.

>her magical voodoo.
That's a great name for it.

>> No.31037745


Thanks! So what are you up too on this fine morning?

>> No.31037807

Just done some course that helps with metal health and such, few more days of that.
Now lissening to this,
Because Sexbad is great at reading smut.

Got anything planned for this week?
This goes for anyone in the thread.

>> No.31037828

Where is my Sudoku knife?

>> No.31037861

Jesus, please never post videos like that ever again.
It makes me very angry.

>> No.31037868

>Got anything planned for this week?
I'm either going to try out getting a sleep-fuck or two, or adapt the principle to work with a rape scenario so I can do it without leaving my computer on all night

>> No.31037956

No promises.

I'll try and do that again some time sooner or later.

>> No.31038067


Is this Moon over June with a guest artist?

>> No.31038101


In a jar, on your desk.

>> No.31038106

Ok I chuckled. Just what can she not play with again?

As for me I don't have anything planned for the week, still planning one rp with a long time friend and I have two subs to play with if I get bored. Being a switch is awesome.

>> No.31038125

Fluffy tail thread

>> No.31038173

Oh god

why is coming up with something as simple as a name so hard.
where do you guys go to find names for your characters?

>> No.31038188

Behindthename.com is what I use. I just do meaning/definition searches for names that might mean something vaguely related to the character. Or even a thematic color or something.

>> No.31038191

It's just as hard in table tops.

>> No.31038204

No watch the un-cropped video on youtube. He is smiling.

>> No.31038225

So we all agree that this is the best profile on F-list?

>> No.31038247

This, basically. I try to think of names that aren't too extravagant, but are not super common and boring either.

>> No.31038248

>I just do meaning/definition searches for names that might mean something vaguely related to the character
Is it strange that this is the main reason I ever started using Moon names for characters when it's reasonable? It's just so much more convenient to simply do kanji puns and shit than it is to come up with something else.

>> No.31038263

Oh god yes Ill just cuddle the fuck out of that pussy

>> No.31038289

Maybe next Friday.

>> No.31038307

New nipple piercings.

The author is producing an entire story if you want to read it. Its in the middle of chapter 4 now.


>> No.31038333

I know your profile says you like monsters and bestial not-rape, but how do you feel about handsome romantic men showing you the value of superior elven dick?

>> No.31038350

>Hiss @ Penis

Lost it.

>> No.31038374

>handsome romantic men
eh, nothing bad about em, but I prefer the Slightly chubby slob.

> value of superior elven dick
is there such a thing?

>> No.31038393

>elven dick
Pick one, and one only

>> No.31038426

I know that feel so well.

>> No.31038482

maybe post your profile, so that you two can find something interesting?

>> No.31038508

I did, and all people told me to do was stop whining and leave.

>> No.31038553

dayum shame

>> No.31038601

Just cropped this one, pretty much sums up erp.
Gonna do some more crops now.

>> No.31038658

One more.

>> No.31038661

>Redheads and silly bondage, the comic

>> No.31038671

because you should stop whining

>> No.31038682

It's a great comic.

>> No.31038697


>> No.31038702

I read the whole thing. Didn't pop a boner once, just liked the story.

>> No.31038716

Tomboy adventure-girl!
Pretty flexible on being a girl-next-door or a super powered heroine character.

Make me girly, buy me pretty swimwear (the stuff I got for school's pretty boring, right?), and rub some tanning oil into my paaale skiiin.


>> No.31038728

I came for the boobs, stayed for the plot.

>> No.31038750

And the last one, for now.

>> No.31038870

So what comic is it, anyway..? I've seen panels before but never caught the name or link.

>> No.31038899


Enjoy the story time, start with part one.

>> No.31038901 [DELETED] 


>> No.31039181

>Try and set up a scene with someone
>"How about instead of our characters meeting, its more like a mini campaign, and we can go on a bit of adventure while having lewd fun times"
>'Oh, that sounds cool, I think we could do that. Are we gonna like share GM responsibilities?'
>"Oh... actually, I wanted you to GM it!"
>'...okay, well, what sort of stuff should we have in it?'
>'...Well, what about my character? I mean, if I spend all my time doing that, will my character get to do anything?'
>"What? Why does your character need to do stuff? You're already gonna be playing a bunch of monsters"

I'd never normally say this, but fucking dropped

>> No.31039198

Now to get shit done and play vidya.

>> No.31039199

>Rp with someone new
>They S-Stutter in every fucking sentance
I know it's "supposed to be cute" but fuck, unless stated that the character has a stutter, I actually get a little pissed.
of course, that just might be because I stutter like fucking Agnus from Devil May Cry 4, but that's another matter

>> No.31039241

It's funny, but my character and another person's character are a redhead sub and a blonde dom.

The blonde just got to dress up like a nazi dominatrix and tattoo'd an iron eagle on the redhead's ass.

>> No.31039262

Anyone who ever wants you to GM or something like that for a scene is usually not worth it.

I've done it 3 times, and they're all fucking lazy. They might be fine RPers, but they're lazy as fuck and post-Size Queens.

>"I don't need to do 30 lines to describe that"

>> No.31039282

I need to get out of the habit of stuttering.

I don't do it every word, but generally once a dialogue thing if my character is nervous I put in a small stutter (one that makes sense. No one stutters random words, they stutter at certain parts if they're nervous, so I make it realistic).

But I've been doing it a lot less lately.

>> No.31039284

Is it alright if my character stutters when someone who is clearly larger and pissed off at him bullies him and makes him do things he doesn't want to do? Because I do that, but I don't do it randomly to seem cute. It's completely situational when I stutter.

Also, confound you college classes! I really want to meet up with that powerbottom cuntboy again.

>> No.31039352

Shit yeah.

>> No.31039395


>> No.31039400

>Transgenic housecat
I want to make some sort of supervillain character purely so they can sit there stroking this cat while plotting world domination.

>> No.31039438

Your not mad at Lialia Zaba, a-are you?

>> No.31039453


>> No.31039495

F-F-Fnot really

>> No.31039500

>Anything involving 0 cocks

>> No.31039525

Don't you think that's a little harsh? Judging someone because of the way they t-t-t-t-talk?

>> No.31039527

Who said anything that none of them had dicks?~

>> No.31039564

Well then its not really F/F/F.

I know futas are still females, but one says F/F and means a futa on something.

>> No.31039575 [SPOILER] 

Gonna make another attempt to drum up some attention.
Looking for a partner for a summoning gone wrong (or maybe right), especially involving chocolate elves or drow. But I'm not about to be picky.
Elf Tits because why not?

>> No.31039600

Females don't have penises. Say shemale then.

I hate people who do this on F-list, having a cock but marking their profile as female because of M-MUH GENDER IDENTITY.

>> No.31039624

>Summoning gone wrong

Harumda up there has that literally as a kink, or something like it.

>> No.31039640

I thought the picture was your profile.


>> No.31039669

Your fault for not reading.

>> No.31039715

alright that made me chuckle. well played.

>> No.31039716

There is nothing in your post hinting at your character being male.

>> No.31039721

The amount of times I've fucking gotten this song and dance. FUCK. THAT.

>> No.31039743

>Blonde Nazi Dom, Redheaded Sub and Shemale Troll switch walk into a party.
No, seriously. Our next Shadowrun session is Thursday.

>> No.31039762


Holy shit, I've had so many people want me to GM mini campaigns for them, while they put in no work and don't care about what I want.


They also never care about what you find hot, because they assume your fetish is doing all the work.

>> No.31039768

New character, feel free to give my others a look too

>> No.31039782

>They also never care about what you find hot, because they assume your fetish is doing all the work.
amen, brother.

>> No.31039790

Why are all sex-bots flat-chested? I would role play the shit out of a sexbot with big tits and wide, child-bearing hips. Seriously, where is the customer satisfaction?

>> No.31039801


this has happened to be dozens of times

>Hey, your character looks cool, we should set up a scene

>> No.31039817


I mean, C'mon man! even if their just latex bags filled with lubricant, it would be fine!

>> No.31039902

>not reading the description at all
Well, she is facing away from the camera, so I kind of decided on the cup size myself.

>> No.31039938

I did read it. I'm referring to the image more, as it seems to be the general pattern for things. And upper C/Lower D is still smaller than what I'd like to see.

>> No.31039957

I just imagined all of this happening consensual and popped a massive boner.

>> No.31039974

its still got NTR, which was another one of my No's, but a girl who consensually wants to be in a gangbang is hot as fuck

>> No.31039996

You don't understand, it's perfect. I love NTR.

>> No.31040010

>a third party instructs my character to seduce someone because reasons
>meet up with that person
>"Hey, can you make it rape? Because that's what gets me hot."
>Huh, no. I don't like rape. Also it gets in the way of the whole seducing thing.
>"Okay, just asking."
>we get it on
>she reacts to every single thing I do as though I was trying to rape her
>try to be gentler
>she starts crying and saying "No, please, no"
>I call the scene off in utter disgust

At least I didn't waste too much time.

>> No.31040013

Well thats fine anon, whatever tugs your boat.

>> No.31040076

I'll do one better.

>logged in on douchebag "fuck bitches, get money" character
>approached by sultry female
>profile is generally slutty and she calls me stud and hon while chatting
>we start and I rough her up a bit by pulling her hair
>immediately bursts into tears and tries to get away from me

Bitch what the fuck.

>> No.31040097

If I didn't already know who you were, I would of said the same thing. You shouldn't post images that aren't directly related to your profile in the same post you link your profile. As you can see, it leads people astray.

Also, I wish I didn't work full time. I'd like to try something.

>> No.31040104

m-maybe her hair raped her once and it's a trigger?

>> No.31040120

Fair enough. I'll be more careful about that in the future. And send me a note anyway, I don't mind something slower-paced.

>> No.31040141

No no no!

You're supposed to rape her tenderly!

>> No.31040158

We already have sent each other a few notes.

>> No.31040183

So, what information would people consider the bare minimum for a profile?
I've recently realized that if I don't have a rough guideline for what I need to get down I'll write a few thousand words worth of notes for a character idea and yet manage to have then cover almost nothing usable.

>> No.31040214

Oh oh, me too!

>Playing a feminine young man in high school
>Is actually rather dommy, has a in-the-closet friend
>Long term RP, the sub has home issues
>Wean him off of alcohol over the course of ingame months
>His character falls off the wagon, mine gets pissed and gets really harsh in sex
>Other player calls me an insensitive asshole for not magically knowing it was his rape-anniversary
>Drops a three month (IRL) long term RP over a single line

>> No.31040243

>>31032891 here again.

Basic profile put together for love goddess girl. Tell me what you think, and suggest any custom kinks you think would fit?


I'll be doing one for divine librarian lady next.

>> No.31040252

Ugh. Reminds me of a trap i thought would be alright, that just talked in exaggerated cutespeak.

Who the fuck says 'sowwies', and, god forbid, spermies in anything ever?

>> No.31040294

I'd say a picture for an avatar (to distinguish yourself)
At least a basic description of your character
The main point of what you look for in Roleplay (in a well written summary.)
And loads of custom kinks to get peoples attention

You can get away with a lot more on a female profile. Male profiles really need to find ways to stand out.

>> No.31040328


fucking hell, I'm both terrified and laughing at the same time!

>> No.31040424 [DELETED] 

I figure I'll give this a go. I'm looking to play this ranger in some cute or loving lewd scenes, because damn I hate that stereotypical ranger brooding in the shadowing inn corner stereotype. Anyone up for some fun and romance?

I also GM and have a wolf companion for him if you're into that I guess

>> No.31040502

I figure I'll give this a go. I'm looking to play this ranger in some cute or loving lewd scenes, because damn I hate that stereotypical ranger brooding in the shadowing inn corner stereotype. Anyone up for some fun and romance?

I also GM and have a wolf companion for him if you're into that I guess


>> No.31040592

I'll send you a note. Sounds like it could be fun.

>> No.31040613

Is your character supposed to look like a girl?

>> No.31040845

>Ranger with a wolf
>last name is Notting

I smiled.

>> No.31040939

Avatar, 1 or 2 pics, physical description, personality description, settings, scenario hooks/idea's, custom kinks.

>> No.31040964

I RP with Cale. He's great.

I didn't have the heart to tell him his character art was a girl

>> No.31040986


I don't have a reaction face good enough for this.

>> No.31040995

>implying he doesn't know

>> No.31041022

All we need is to corrupt him into liking crossdressing, then sissification, and then...

>> No.31041055

So I filled this out some, curious if anyone might have some feedback.


>> No.31041097

I love it!

>> No.31041135

Needs custom kinks, but otherwise very good.

Make some for the things you REALLY want

>> No.31041136

>Cock diameter (inches): 10"
>Cock length (inches): 3"
> a nice fellow that just wants to get along with the word

So, he has a 3 inch long, 10 inch thick cock?

>> No.31041192

Yeah, gonna get to that in a while. I'm a little busy at the moment, so fleshing him out is going slow.

damn it, I do that all the time

>> No.31041194


>> No.31041267

You need to work on spell checking, and could use some custom kinks, but I'm kind of liking it and might note anyways.

>> No.31041277


Are you proposing to me asking my Nazi Dom to dom you?

>> No.31041315

Because sometimes, I just want to play a big buff manly man who gets all the bitches.

I don't know how to seduce yet, still learning. https://www.f-list.net/c/brad%20hunters/

>> No.31041319

Uh, no, I forgot to take off the linking, sorry about that.

>> No.31041336


>> No.31041429

How do I ERP as a giant olm

>> No.31041437

Added a couple customs, and I'm actually pretty embarrassed about the spelling errors. I used to be such a perfect speller! ;_;

>> No.31041486

Very carefully

>> No.31041500

Oh heavens.

>> No.31041580

Their mother isn't wrong.

>> No.31041604

Futa are that uncomfortable grey area that screams 'vaguely bisexual'.

>> No.31041607

It's fine.

>> No.31041637

Except when it screams 'raging faggot'

>> No.31041658

that was actually a cross dressing doujin, those are actually dudes in that pic

>> No.31041702

Oh fuck, you're right. Wouldn't have caught that first glance.

>> No.31041733

Ay /tg/! Send me a note!


>> No.31041771

ur a fagit

>> No.31041988

>those customs

all of my yes

>> No.31042080

>He's not fond of his own bum being probed, though, so if you have a dick, don't bother trying to poke him there.
Might I suggest putting Anal Sex (Receiving) under No?

Unless you want people trying it anyway.

>> No.31042086

Yeah, thats a problem question for folks round these parts.

They don't respond well to it. I'm on the fence with all this, and I imagine the majority of, ah, typists are male. I don't feel comfortable with that.

Of course, I have no other option if I want to rp sexing up gnolls or having heroic high fantasy sexy adventures.

>> No.31042201

Personally I went from kind of caring about it, to not giving a shit at all. And I only roleplay to indulge my lesbian fetish so somehow it feels like even less of an issue.

>> No.31042220

Good point.

>> No.31042228


Can I have a quick question here?
I mean, I'm looking at the piggu and he's neat and all, but I gotta wonder - seeing as you got many replies and are popular so far.

Is this what girls really want?

>> No.31042269

Not all of them, but some of them. Plus some of those responses may be guys, so.

>> No.31042294


I'm just really intrigued. Very much so.

>> No.31042296

I responded because it was something new, and interesting.

Pig man that isn't all rape and hair dragging. Thought it was neat.

Interesting ideas are my fetish. also pregnancy

>> No.31042311

Oh, no, I don't think so. He's certainly not the average male. I had the idea for raep piggu, but wanted to take it in an interesting direction, so that's why I went where I did with it. And I guess that's why he's getting so much attention!

>> No.31042359

Lots of girls on F-List use it for exploring the really out-there fetishes they don't usually consider otherwise. It's a pretty non-judgmental place when it comes to that sort of thing.

>> No.31042401

From my experiences IRL, a surprisingly considerable amount of women are into this sort of thing. Pretty darned cool, in my opinion.

>> No.31042427

It doesn't really matter to me really. Its not like having an actual female on the other end is going to make the ERP better. Also, half of the people claiming to be women OOC are probably men anyways. Basically, if they make you horny and you cum, then what does it matter?

Recently, I've been playing female characters with other guys and not referring to my actual gender. It really seems to get them off and I love to know that I made them cum.

>> No.31042447

>check out profiles to find something horrible and hilarious
>rape rape rape NTR NTR noncon rape unbirthing
>female female female female shemale futa female gay dude gay dude bi dude
>never been so bored in my life

c'mon guys. can't you do better than this? Gimmie something straight up disgusting. Some nasty ass shit I can sink my teeth into.

>> No.31042453

Indeed, society has taught them to hide desire such as these, keeping them suppressed. /tg/ and F-List are the sword of the righteous, cleaving away the shame of the civilized world!

>> No.31042474

>page 10
>civil discussion on a Monday

I'm gonna miss you guys.

>> No.31042488



>> No.31042490

>dat pic

He's a keeper

>> No.31042500

You really only have to wait till friday.

>> No.31042502

It's because we had our shitty F-List drama thread yesterday, instead.

>> No.31042504

It's someone making porn with you, not sex. It's not like their gender matters at all, their genitals don't affect the roleplay.

I mean, if you have a problem with writing smut with a guy, I have to ask you, do you have a problem with the fact that most doujins and the like are made by men? Those hot chicks you fap to were drawn by masculine hands, dude.

>> No.31042522

I just take up a don't ask don't tell view.

Not that it changes anything if they do tell, really.

>> No.31042562

does that happen often?

>> No.31042563


I would love feedback and any eventual tips.

>> No.31042569


Deliciously awful.

>> No.31042588

so..this mean some woman might actually find me somewhat attractive?


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