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>tfw no gameshop

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It is the worst feeling.

Your best bet is to look for something like a boardgame club near your area on meetup.com (or whatever). Those people who go there are the most likely to warm up to the idea of a miniatures wargame, RPG, card game, etc.

Either that or start up your own group and advertise it around town.

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The problem is, I don't live in the sort of town where many people would want to do that.

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>don't live in the sort of town where many people would want to do that.

Three people to play games with is better than 0.

Find those most exalted few! Share their company! Be excellent!

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>tfw nearest game store is at least 20 miles from my town
>can only afford to go there maybe once a month
>its the only one remotely near me and its usually full of kids playing yugioh/pokemon

I share your pain.

I share your pain.

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Parking near my FLGS is abysmal.

But the place is pretty great actually even if most of the stuff they have is Shitfinder.

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