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Mind Control Edition

>Posting ERP profiles
>Talking about ERPs
>Joining ERP gaming groups
>Never actually starting ERP

>Go to http://www.f-list.net
>Create a username.
>Create a character profile on that username.
>Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage.
>Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.
>Post contact info
>Ask for advice

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>mind control edition

Oh geez, that's not creepy or repulsive at all.

Yep, fantasy rape is pretty A-OK, and you're not a piece of shit for suggesting that.

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We don't appreciate your kind around here.

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Eh, its fiction, and can be fun if done right. I'm a fan of hypnotic suggestion, myself.


Weekend time, and that means being on so much more!

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I will never understand why people respond to obvious bait.

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I have absolutely not been waiting for this new topic to post my profile.

Gambling wrestler (mostly) lesbian who is totally cheating with magic.

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Are all comments like this bait? How can you tell? Even if it is bait, does it matter if we respond to it or not? Maybe some of these people actually mean what they say, and want to fall back on "trolling" if what they said is considered to be retarded by everyone else.


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What the fuck is that link? We have an IRC thats not furry shit. #1001lewd_nights on Irc.rizon.net

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>Mind control
Where I come from, if we discover a mind controller we cut out their eyes and tongue and force them to wander the Blackened Wastes. The mind flayers LOVE a good fear-riddled brain.

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I'm sorry you can't tell the difference between reality and fiction. I recommend seeing a psychologist before your grasp on reality gets worse.

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These are pretty dead compared to how they used to be, Wheres the talk of Sex Dungeon Crawls with breeding chambers, And selling it PPV to Nobles who want to watch a paladin struggle through a tentacle and Aphrodisiac trap infested dungeon full of Minotaurs?

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It's not even noon yet. Be patient.

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Technically, I'm more a fan of body control. Where the body is doing what I want, but I can listen to their thoughts screaming "why why oh god why?!" every step of the way.

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Like forcing them to play Superman 64 or watch horrible TV shows?

>> No.30992814

IRC a shit

>> No.30992818

Okay, I might be evil, but that's just sick.
No one deserves to be forced to play Superman 64. What kind of monster are you?

>> No.30992843

One who has terrible ideas.

Like forcing people to read Youtube comments and Tumblr.

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Remembering the picture for once!


Feel free to contact me! I'd love advice on the profile too!

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>Making someone explain their internet history to a loved one and an employer.

>> No.30992861

Someone posted my usual character image, using this for now.

Actually thinking about setting up another character who is a priestess of the love goddess

My f-list for now


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This thread turned pretty gay with all the f-lists, Glorified furry meetup. I havent been in one in ages, Will it get better later?

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F-List is a good way to lewd.

I haven't spoken to a single furry. It's easy to stay in /tg/ circles

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So is IRC, With the added bonus of not having it potentially show up somewhere you wouldnt want it to.

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I tried to ERP as a swordmage with a sentient sword trying to go on adventures and some furry guy was my only response.

This was a while back though, back when most of /tg/ ERPd on IRC, maybe it's different now.

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>Not using incognito windows

>> No.30992914


I like being able to immediately compare all my kinks and read their profile to decide whether I'd like to lewd with them or not.

It's a lot more efficient to find the ideal partner.

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Rolled 13


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>letting your family use your computer.

Filth has passed through this portal. Sheer filth.

I will not allow my family to be in it's presence.

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As apposed to just asking if anyone is interested?

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I've always wanted to play a situation that kinda goes like this.

>Be a futa; going out with guy that has no clue
>Make him wait for sex, stall him a little and wait until there's a moment where MAXIMUM FEELS have been accomplished between us
>Start the hypnosis during foreplay
>Make sure to keep his attention on me by saying things like "Why are you looking away? I-is it because I'm not good enough at kissing? Here, let me try again..." whenever he becomes suspicious
>By the time I whip my cock out, he's too under my control to act drastically
>He's clearly disgusted, but pleasures me anyway when I ask him
>Quickly learns to love the feelings of filthiness that he's experiencing
>He has the time of his life when I fuck him; probably enjoying this even more than I am
>Cum inside him
>With my last act of hypnosis, wipe his memory and make him pass out
>Watch as complete chaos erupts when he wakes up; he starts drawing all kinds of conclusions about being raped in his sleep or sleeping with another man by accident
>Tries with all his might to hide this from me
>Rinse and repeat; sometimes simply waiting outside for a few minutes after we have sex just so I can barge back in and call to him I'm coming up while he still has cum running down his legs

Unfortunately, there aren't really any kind of guys I like that I've found so far that like to be dominated, and dom futa players have a terrible rep. It's a tough world out there, /erpg/.

>> No.30993019


But that means I have to have prolonged conversations with twenty people about what they like and don't like, rather than just read twenty profiles in ten minutes, leave about three and just chat to the people where I actually have any kind of chance of RPing.

Also notes mean I can set stuff up from my abnormal timezone instead of having to do it all through IRC.

I'm not suggesting your way is wrong, I'm just saying why I prefer f-list.

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ur fetish is shit m8

I don't think it's just that, friend. It's hard to find ERP with a male character.

I don't think most ERPers want the D at all.

>> No.30993030


Why do I hate them so much?

>> No.30993031

I don't know how I feel about this.

>> No.30993039


You aren't going to find any self respecting guy willing to do this. Not even because there aren't a lot of male characters willing to sleep with other characters with cocks, but the premise alone would probably piss them off.

>> No.30993050

Would be better if all instances of guy/he/him so on were replaced with girl/she/her so on

>> No.30993051

Straight human male looking for feedback or advice on how to improve my profile. Still think it could use...something.


I saw your profile. I wanted to talk to you some time, I am quite interested. Love all those customs of yours.

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>Guy finds out, feels betrayed by women
>Thanks to hypnosis has started to like the feeling of being filled with cum
>Starts desiring bigger and more fertile cocks, boy is now a complete twink


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Because they made males in porn obsolete.

>> No.30993136

>Join the w/y/ld side
Enough men in porn there.

>> No.30993142


>submissive men
>self respect
>getting mad at the premise of being humiliated and frightened

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So I'm thinking of creating an underground prizefighter character to indulge in my more sadistic ryona fetish. I was gonna make her a brown elf but then I realized I'd wind up with a rule 63'd New Jack. So back to square 1 I guess...

>> No.30993197

Another day of wondering why the fuck I come here.

God I hate everyone on f-list.

>> No.30993212

Go to IRC instead

>> No.30993216

I've never touched f-list, I just like to discuss certain aspects of erotic roleplay that help with normal games.

Cool paladin card by the way.

>> No.30993234

But Prizefighting is specifically used to refer to professional boxers fighting for a cash prize.
If you're a professional your ass isn't underground.

>> No.30993251


Yeah, boring human male here. Pretty much looking for a monster or anthro buddy of whatever sex for lewd modern fantasy shenanigans.

And lots of butt-licking.

>> No.30993266

Maybe it's like illegal prizefighting, or they just want the atmosphere to be grimy and shady. Real prize fighters aren't interesting, roughed up criminals are.

>> No.30993274

I figured I would advertise before I head out for the next two hours.


I'll post my Sci-Fi profiles today.

>> No.30993296

why don't any normal females want the d

I got to f-list and all I get are (male) furries, men, shemales, or rejections

seriously starting to think that people that play females just hate male characters unless they are offering to run a fucking game for them

>> No.30993300

>illegal professional boxing
But that doesn't make any damn sense. What you're describing is not prizefighting. It's a brawl.

>> No.30993317

>1 bookmark
>still no notes

>> No.30993319

IRC has plenty.

>> No.30993327


It's like a fight without rules sorta thing. Like basically a lot of improvised weapons and nasty shots. I got the kink from the rush I got breaking shit by headbutting and kicking old boards in half at work.

>> No.30993351

>job takes up most of time
>hardly any time for replying to ERPs by note
>can't stop making more characters regardless

>> No.30993371

Grass, greener, other side etc. As a "normal" female (well, biologically anyway), I'm not interested in futa or furries or animals or tentacle monsters or... you get the picture.

And finding a good man or woman that isn't into necropedozoophilia is kinda hard.

>> No.30993403

IRC, Again. Plenty of straight up M&F ERP has been done there by me.

>> No.30993416


You would have the same problem finding a gal. Few (e)rp'ers enjoy a game where their characters is reduced to the state of besically furniture for the other player(s) to use.

>> No.30993442

I bookmarked you for whenever I need examples for shit profiles.

>> No.30993444

Hey guys, can someone tell me a good alternative to F-list? I haven't seen any mentioned in this thread.

>> No.30993512

> there aren't a lot of male characters willing to sleep with other characters with cocks
What planet do you live on?

>> No.30993513

>taking things seriously
I bet you're a furfag

>> No.30993564

Why do you think we stick around when flist is so cancerous? It's the best of a bad bunch


>> No.30993581


You will never get anything if you make absolutely no effort


Doesn't seem like you'd be any fun to play with from something like this.

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>> No.30993614

My kinsfolk. Someone put us out of our misery...

>> No.30993615

Er, well, yes, I know that, I just haven't been on that much, hence I haven't worked on it much.

>> No.30993624

I might be interested in doing this.

and honestly there's plenty of guys in the /tg/ chat that would go through with this sort of thing. You should make a profile and join the chat.

>> No.30993638

Does using hypnotism to let your partner last longer or release his inhibitions and stuff count as mind control?

Honestly I've been wanting to rp some subtle, benign hypnotism for awhile now, less "make you my cock slave" and more consensual mind over matter but I'm having trouble thinking up ideas.

>> No.30993672


I have a normal human female character that likes the D. What's your profile?

>> No.30993709

Yes it counts.

Insta-slavery is boring.

>> No.30993750


>> No.30993760


Ah oOk. Well if anyone is interested...


>> No.30993769

>that character that you thought you wouldn't have much trouble finding a suitable picture for but finding their pictures and icon took you an entire night if not more of looking through image search engines

Describe them.

>> No.30993831


>send someone a note
>no response for a week
>see them online on f-chat
>oh well, maybe they missed it, I'll just say hi and basically repeat myself
>no response, completely ignored
>clearly online

Why do people do this?

>> No.30993847

>military woman
>feminine and pretty
>not overly slutty/fanservicey

Pick two, apparently.

>> No.30993866


Didn't mean to quote.

>> No.30993925


>Male Delphox. Apparently there only exists one picture of a Delphox with a dick and no boobs.

>Musclegirl horse who is not futa. I guess the fact that she has one eye doesn't help.

>> No.30993943


Because they're too much of a coward to just say they're not interested. Or they can't be bothered to send you a reply and don't to play. It's kind of a dick thing to do, but what are you gonna do?

>> No.30993948

Just because the word "prizefighting" makes you think of a legitimate commissioned sport doesn't mean that's actually what the word means. The word "prizefighting" means exactly what it sounds like. It's people fighting for a prize (money). Illegal prizefighting is still prizefighting.

>> No.30993961


Why do you insist on bothering someone that obviously isn't interested? Anyone thinking logically would assume being ignored would mean a lack of interest. I guess you are too dense to take a hint unless the person is ignoring your messages in chat.

Or you feel entitled to a response, as your bitching suggests. Well, no. Nobody owes you one, they shouldn't have to walk you through the process of rejection, you ass.

>> No.30993979

You just aren't looking hard enough. I see plenty of normal-ish females who like guys.

>> No.30994030

>you feel entitled to a response

You know in real life, if you don't respond to someone who is directly addressing you, that would be considered a sign of autism.

>> No.30994087

You know, I could counter the exact opposite. All I've been wanting is for the old school stereotype of a Frank Franzetta-style man who will carry my with off to his tent, earning her loyalty and magic through vigorous lewdness

>> No.30994103

>who will carry my with off to his tent

>> No.30994112


That logic is fucking retarded. There is a difference between how you have to interact with people online and people on the streets. People don't have to respond to every person on F-list for the same reason you don't have to write back to people who send you junk mail or answer the phone for unfamiliar numbers.

>> No.30994113

*Who will carry me off, sorry.

>> No.30994189

>It's kind of a dick thing to do, but what are you gonna do?

I like to think of it as a way to tell if someone is worth your time or not.

>> No.30994229

..It's the exact opposite. You've given them your time, and they've told you to fuck off.

>> No.30994245

Did you follow the links? No one told anyone to fuck off. They just remained passive. Possible passive aggressive.

>> No.30994273

Yeah. I like how >>30993961 tries to spin it like you're being so CALLOUS and BADASS by not responding to people, when really it's extremely passive and beta.

>> No.30994312

I want the D, all of my fantasies involve getting the D.

Problem is that most people who offer to give me the D are either bland and boring, or they're futas. Neither of which do much for me.

>> No.30994342

He was really stretching. But there are some approaches that just don't deserve a response. If I get a 'hi' from a nearly blank profile or something blatantly against what I look for? I just don't respond. No I don't feel cool.

>> No.30994344

Can't speak for everyone, but I'm forgetful about notes.

>> No.30994353

Probably helped if I posted a profile.

>> No.30994390

Yeah, Shiv Shank is the only somewhat masculine guy around, and he's constantly being swamped with pussy because of the lack of competition.

>> No.30994401

We're not deailing with face to face interactions. We're dealing with what is essentially email. If someone doesn't email you back, they're not interested in your message

>> No.30994405

Fuck yeah lazy day!
How's the lewds today?

>> No.30994422

Seems pretty gay(Though not really homosexual) and Flist infested today. Was better back when I used to come here.

>> No.30994431

It's a mindset like that which keeps me bothering people, unsure. I would just move on if they just told me so.

>> No.30994445

Helps that he's also a pretty cool guy on an OOC level.

>> No.30994466


I just realized all my masculine guys are either gay or not human.

I should fix this. I wanna cuddle dom again.

>> No.30994468

My lewds are non-existent. My partner was a no-show. Oh well, I'm sure there's a good reason behind it. Still, was looking forward to it.

>> No.30994476

No response = no. How is this hard?

Hell, if you later are proven wrong, then no harm dome.

>> No.30994489

I want to make a profile for one of those gross pigmen seen in some hentai. I feel like he'd need an extra dimension to him, though.

>> No.30994494

>and Flist infested today

>> No.30994504


Tfw no restsuerp

>> No.30994518

OP forgot to include the IRC in the copypaste and now people are mad about it. And rightfully so, I suppose

>> No.30994523

What have you got planned, if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.30994526

Back in my day it was IRC only and it was glorious, The thread is kinda dead now.

>> No.30994531


No, it's beta for people to bother others just because they didn't respond to their offer to cyber fuck. It's one thing to send a second message, but if you aren't getting a response, you should be capable of just leaving them alone without the need to feel butthurt about being blown off.

The worse you are about this, the closer you are to being this guy.

>> No.30994535


what is it with people only being able to praise males by putting down other males, I see it so often it baffles me

Like when people are like, "Oh, yeah, Tuplet, he's the best, he's more fertile than any other guy, yeah." Not even knocking Tup, he's cool, I just don't understand it

>> No.30994544

Left f-list up over night, kkwoke up to two lovely posts, one of which was nine paragraphs of sleepfucking.

So pretty good. Thanks to both the sexy, sexy Elves who sent them.

>> No.30994554

>that picture

>> No.30994558


Here, found you a character portrait. Enjoy, you sick son of a bitch.

>> No.30994560 [DELETED] 

I think my most masculine guy is an orc, but that's because he's a military guy. My humans range from "normal level" to "mature honed by time level" of masculinity.

>> No.30994564


Stupid tiny phone keyboards.

>> No.30994566

The horror!

>xiii hopcia
FFxiii was bad captcha and you should feel bad.

>> No.30994577

I don't lack for image options, just wondering how else I might flesh out the character. Thank you, though.

>> No.30994582

Holy shit, that's how people play sleepfucking? I need to get me some of that...

>> No.30994584

Was setting something up with Mistress Sandra from last night (who is lovely OOC) to do a gambling driven scene, with one of us in charge, and then swapping based on RNG.

>> No.30994587

As someone that also plays a masculine guy swamped in pussy I find this statement ludicrous. Because when did my erping turn into a fucking competition?

>> No.30994611


>> No.30994623

I think I saw the profile yesterday, if it's the same one I was thinking of.

Heh, nothing better than sleepfucking. Well the idea is pretty how, need to practice it IRL.

>> No.30994642

>what is it with people only being able to praise males by putting down other males, I see it so often it baffles me
Our predatory instincts kick in when competing for a finite resource. Basic economic theory.

>> No.30994657

It's not a "competiton" in the sense that one of you wins. It's a competition in regards to how highly people prioritize you in comparison to others

>> No.30994664

I believe you were discussing it with people, so probably. You've got the giantess right? I don't recall if you have any other characters. Which is a subtle hint to post them if you do. I'm bad at subtle hints.

>> No.30994694

Yeah, exactly this.

In any social setting where people are striving to be the center of attention, it's a competition. We're competing for the attention of others.

When I put it like that, I admit it DOES sound ludicrous... but only because it's something we just do automatically without even thinking about it. It's just human nature, it's instinct. We're always competing for the affection and respect of others (and contrary to what poets and songwriters would have you believe, human emotion IS a finite resource)

>> No.30994701

Will do once I'm done with this sandwich.

>> No.30994719

I agree. I tend to get a lot of opening messages from people, and I'm relatively picky, so it gets sort of tiring to have to explain that you're not interested over and over again.

I explain in my profiles of things/partners I DON'T want (clearly, concisely, obviously). So I really don't feel bad about not responding to people who don't read it or ignore it.

Plus, those people who go "Why" when I say I'm not interested. I always feel like saying "Why does it matter? It could be cause I'm a bitch or it could be your character bores me to tears. Or it could be the fact you spelled 3 things wrong in your opening message. In the end, I'm saying no."

>> No.30994755

this chick's eyes are so enthralling, I love her pics

>> No.30994773


>> No.30994779


I know that feeling. Basically, when it comes down to it, I pretty much always will give someone a response. If it's a no, I don't feel obligated to explain why.

>> No.30994794


>> No.30994798

Does anybody else have this issue?

>Find male character with similar kinks.
Lazy profile, rude, bad writer.

>Find male character that's good at writing.
Takes forever, vanilla-y kinks, wants your RP to be too complicated for your tastes

>Find male character who is nice/cool OOC
Boring as fuck kinkwise, almost impossible to get interested into RPing with them

>> No.30994843

They're pretty neat.

And now for my giant's butt to be put on display.

>> No.30994857

If they've put actual effort into their profile and/or message, then I will almost always tell them I'm not interested. It's just the large number of "no avatar, no information, just a bunch of kinks" profiles I ignore

>> No.30994863

I sadly might fall into the second category, I'm always trying to think of complex plots when sometimes, all the partner wants is the D.

>> No.30994881


My issue was that I get no response, I don't understand the other guy's point of view.

I want a 'no'.

>> No.30994886

I have that too, but now I simply ask how fast they want the D happening to avoid such problem.

>> No.30994907 [SPOILER] 

I LOOK DEEP INTO YOUR HEART AND SOUL (You do have a soul, don't you, fa/tg/uy?),

>> No.30994909

Your approach might be creepy or annoying

>> No.30994910

It's bizarre to think that at some point in history, the "she wants it but doesn't want it" trope was actually novel and unique.

>> No.30994911

To be fair, no response is for all intents and purposes a "no"

>> No.30994971


Could be, but these things happen pretty much never. It'd come up earlier if it's either of those.

It's weird, that's all.

>> No.30995024

It's even worse when you do it to yourself. Feeling frisky, and you set up stupidly long intros because it's just the way you roll usually

Probably not. 90% chance they were in a shit mood / just weren't his type / busy / asshole etc. Sure as hell doesn't mean try again, just move onnnn

>> No.30995095

Tell that to Steubenville High's football team.

>> No.30995115


"You did what to my ice cream?"

>> No.30995164

Fair points. And yes, I know. I've got a good grasp of how the human animal works. The part I found ludicrous was the implication that it is a competetion over who is the 'best' macho man. As if there's some objective measurement for that.

Afterall, Macho man#1 may appeal to certain people while Macho man#2 doesn't, but he, instead appeals to an entirely different group of people.

Though, I find it kinda interesting. I've seen plenty of masculine males around and I hear people clamoring for them all the time as if they don't exist.

>> No.30995187

This seeming like the perfect thread for it, what does anyone here think of running a game based off of characters having escaped the scenario described in the OP's image?


>> No.30995239

>Macho man#1 may appeal to certain people while Macho man#2 doesn't, but he, instead appeals to an entirely different group of people.
Yeah but if 2/3 of the women like Man #1, the 1/3 who like Man #2 will start feeling self-conscious that they picked the loser, and flood over to Man #1.

There's a reason "the alpha male" is a thing.

>> No.30995288

>There's a reason "the alpha male" is a thing.
Well no shit. But that's assuming choosing erp partners works -exactly- like human mate selection and it also assumes partner exclusivity. Which I sincerely doubt is that much of a thing in erp circles.

>> No.30995388

>There's a reason "the alpha male" is a thing.

And among humans, it's mostly the assumption that humans are driven by instinct, not thought. Which, for the most part, is not true.

>> No.30995412

>humans driven by instinct, not thought
>not true

>> No.30995451

>that's assuming choosing erp partners works -exactly- like human mate selection
If you're trying to roleplay your -reasons- for having sex with people, and not just roleplaying the sex itself, then it will tend to resemble organic human relationships.

I don't even care about sex, I just like making women cry when I steal their man.

>> No.30995483

Is it instinctive to go for the horse pussy?

>> No.30995485


>> No.30995504

tl;dr the illithids (mind flayers) of the planet Glyth kidnap people to breed into a race of supertastyslaves. The bred slaves are docile and of above average intelligence.

Every generation, only the top portion of the population is allowed to reproduce, those in the middle being sold as slaves to other illithids, and those at the bottom being eaten.

Because the (Lamarkian) illithids teach the slaves as much as they can, the breeding population believes them to be a benevolent race of sages come to educate them.

It implies the slaves are too docile to be PCs and if they're a breeding population they might not just introduce captured outsiders like in that OP, but of course details can be changed to make the scenario work for an adventure/ERP.

>> No.30995554

>If you're trying to roleplay your -reasons- for having sex with people
You mean roleplaying a character, even an erp character, as a thinking human(ish) being? Yeah I do that. And I agree, the more you play a character as a person, the more believable and organic the character and its interactions will become.

I still don't agree with the statement that the way we pick who to get our lewds on follow the way we humans pick mates to make babies with to the letter. Even in human mate selection, what drives us to pick a certain mate is much more complex than "It was instinct!" or "It was thought!" or "It was emotions!". We're far from simple animals, afterall. Even if instinct does play a big part of it.

>> No.30995566

For me at least. Lickin' on that grape-sized horse clit.

>> No.30995672

>grape-sized horse clit.
Sweet Jesus.

>> No.30995805

not how it works, smei-unfortunately. at least, not in actual mares

>> No.30995850

Thank goodness?

>> No.30995872

Not really into MC, but I am gonna post my profile anyways!


Looking for all sorts of fun. Females, Futas/shemales/herms, and cute dudes all welcome.

>> No.30995913

mare clits are better

>> No.30995941

I've had a look at your logs and I'm wondering, just how long does it take to write these sorts of responses?

>> No.30995973

With that particular partner I was taking anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes.

>> No.30996009

guy in the logs 5 or 6 minutes on average.

>> No.30996020


>maybe they missed

Notes are often missed or forgotten, /pol/.
I do that too.

>> No.30996029

was it? yeah actually disregard >>30996009 it was probably more like 10 minutes at least with 20 for longer periods.

>> No.30996084

Well, mine took that long. You're a faster typist/better at this than me.

>> No.30996126

eh, it's experience I guess. and I'm am a pretty fast typist so don't worry about it.

>> No.30996137

>don't worry about it.

you realize this is an ERP general

>> No.30996147


I don't get it.

>> No.30996177

>not worrying about every little fucking detail to the point of neurotic mental problems

>> No.30996185


I do that without ERP.

>> No.30996235

Did anyone enjoy Goosebumps? I've heard a lot of people acquired interests like transformation from that series. /tg/ is making an RPg based on it. >>30990635 >>30995832

>> No.30996261

Man, Goosebumps is gonna end up being, like, Totally Spies The Tabletop Game

>> No.30996267

>tfw someone PMs your rough Slasher character interested in having their shemale used as a dildo and an ashtray and choked to death, but you don't ever feel up to RPing.

Ugh, I just wanna roughly fuck a crossdresser and brutalize them by pushing a cigarette into their nipple and cackling. But ERP is so much work.

>> No.30996277

Better get me some of that mare pussy?

>> No.30996282

What does /tg/ think about "herm pronouns" such as "Shi" And "Hir" during RP?

>> No.30996293

you have no idea

automatic ban/ignore

>> No.30996305


>Fauns and other such two-legged ungulates arouse me to no end.

>> No.30996306

If that's what they want, sure, I guess. I'm too much of a SJW to get bent out of shape over something little like that.

>> No.30996322

There was a Totally Spies RPG that's been posted on /tg/ before.

Goosebumps is like the magical version, while Totally Spies is sci-fi.

I find it easier to suspend disbelief when it's magic, but those skintight outfits do tempt me...

>> No.30996334

I block people who use them.

>> No.30996352

I wouldn't really care, but I'd just accidentally use He or She during the RP and probably piss them off.

>> No.30996385

>Find out my friend is at an anime convention with a cute girl today.
>Come to the realization that I'm at home, sitting at alone, ERPing.
>Suddenly very depressed.

Well, fuck.

>> No.30996415

Good, as they should.

>> No.30996435

The guy who used them for his character was a cool guy so I didn't judge much

>> No.30996442

Just Pretend to be an even cuter girl.

Or play with someone Pretending to be a cuter girl, if you're one of those types.

>> No.30996616

I tried to get some profiles reviewed last night, but there was a big argument at the time, so I kinda got ignored.

https://www.f-list.net/c/joan%20of%20astora/ Whoops. Dark Souls OC, donut steel.

https://www.f-list.net/c/dazan An explorer and adventurer who just happens to be based on an MTG card.

https://www.f-list.net/c/gad A gooperson who's tired of being treated like a sex object.

https://www.f-list.net/c/kanto%20champion%20red/ Help I can't stop.

>> No.30996618

Does she bleat when you fuck her?

>> No.30996660


Only when she's crying.

>> No.30996673

Is that girl that played Human Fluttershy still around?

>> No.30996687

Only if you do it really hard~.

>> No.30996715


>> No.30996734

Skragi think shiv best hornyfriend! Is very nice!
But she still not want willy! Is Yucky!

>> No.30996788

Would you help him down, /tg/?

>> No.30996789

would you please? We don't have enough people who cuddledom

>> No.30996809


I cuddledomed. Nobody really cared, so I switched back to other characters.

What's the appeal, I should do it again sometime

>> No.30996822

I would.
Only he agreed to fuck.

>> No.30996836

have him be a pretty nice guy

>> No.30996861


>tfw I absolutely adore playing masculine characters but I doubt my RP is up to snuff.

>> No.30996877

Only the most appropriate boners around here.

>> No.30996895


>He says he is faithful to his mate back home

>> No.30996916

Hell, no.
I'd either take advantage of his compromised position, or I'd tease him with some lewd flashings.

>> No.30996922

Sure, it should only take a few whacks with an axe to cut through his arms.

>> No.30996930

>not just killing him then and there


>> No.30996933

I'd either leave him up there or take him down but knock him out.

>> No.30996937

Maybe proper, even? Knows the reputation his types has, and doesn't want trouble? Then, when he's found a consenting partner, he really unleashes himself? Or he could stay the gentleman, I suppose.

>> No.30996939

He's a pretty cool guy. And a generous lover For a handsy red monkey.

>> No.30996947


>> No.30996954

>"Oh, yeah? Give it an hour."

>> No.30997028

You got a 'he' instead of a 'she' in your personality tab of your Dark Souls OC.

[...], and opens up a bit too easily once she finds someone he can relate to.[...]

>> No.30997049

SHIT. I split one character into one of each gender, and I thought I got all the pronouns.

>> No.30997061


I wanna but I'm realising that I don't know where to find good males... Help?

>> No.30997068

I thought so. No big deal, just thought like pointing it out!

>> No.30997075


Wait, what? Is this opposite day, or are straight males really in that much demand?

>> No.30997081

Thanks. No other opinions, then?

>> No.30997088

Is your character a straight woman or a gay dude?

>> No.30997094

Straight males that aren't shit?
hell yes they are.

>> No.30997100

INTERESTING straight males are in demand. The problem is that mine are all incredibly boring and generic.

>> No.30997103


What qualifies as shit.

>> No.30997105


Where's the option that I'm looking for, straight male?
Because that.

>> No.30997109

They're too alien and distracting. I have no problem with characters who have the physical traits of both sexes (herms, dickgirls, etc.) but mentally you're still either a he or a she. More people need to learn to separate gender from genitals.

>> No.30997119

Why would I kill an intelligent without fully understanding them? Part of my investigation would deal with sexual matters of course. If he performs well enough, I might even consider keeping him.

>> No.30997126

>mentally you're still a he or a she

>> No.30997135

Generic, boring, self insert, furry, or special snowflake
>implying there are straight furries

>> No.30997139


Why is he wrong?

>> No.30997146

Oh, I thought you were looking for males. I was asking what YOUR character is. If you're looking for good straight males, /tg/ chat is your best bet. Tough luck.

>> No.30997162

Just use 'they', like you would for genderless characters.

>> No.30997163


Well I want to be a straight male, but I don't know where to find a good picture to set up the profile.
Sorry for the confusion

>> No.30997171


Shittiness-check on https://www.f-list.net/c/lyrik%20corbin/, then? My, er, 'dance card' is somewhat full at the moment, but I'm curious.

Also comes in human spellsword and sci-fi flavors, for those uninterested in weres.

>> No.30997177

I really don't wanna turn this into a lecture, but generally speaking, if you tell someone "you're only allowed to feel this way or that way otherwise you're wrong", you're probably being an idiot.

I can agree with this. They is a good, unobtrusive gender-neutral pronoun.

>> No.30997179

If you don't know whether you identify as male or female, that is the DEFINITION of gender confusion, and fuck you for trying to validate it. You're the reason transgendered people have to jump through so many psychiatric hurdles just to be approved for hormone therapy.

>> No.30997182

I think she's nice to read and equally interesting, here comes the but(t) though: I got the criticism once that my male character didn't have any sexy spice to him. Now I find this to be pretty irrelevant since not every character has to be centered around sex but I suppose if some people don't see that there's potential to bone then they might not be interested. On the other hand I doubt that you'd necessarily need those partners.

I went on way too long with that.

>> No.30997191

Rule 34.net
Those are the big three.
Just use the "male solo" tags.

>> No.30997204


How can you feel both at once though?
I'm not looking for a lecture nor am I telling this to people.
I'm just curious.

>> No.30997210

>implying those problems don't also plague female characters

Face it. The problem isn't that males are so much worse, it's that males in general bring less to the table.

>> No.30997213

>people say straight males can't get any action

There are so many straight males who prove yall wrong its not even funny.

If you're a straight male who can't get ERPs, its probably because you're boring. I mean no offense, but you probably need more custom kinks, more plot hooks, more pictures, and you need to send out more notes and PMs.

>> No.30997234

I really like that first line of the profile.

Also, make more custom kinks.

The problem is that you're treating "male" or "female" as the only options? What about drag queens, people who are male in their normal lives, and female while performing? Or people who intentionally straddle the line, and like some things about being male, and some about being female ('genderqueer'). Or ones who think the whole system is bullshit.

I've already made this derail go on long enough. Google "gender spectrum" for a good resource on educating yourself. Thank you for being open-minded, internet stranger. <3

>> No.30997240

I dont suppose this is where Id go to find a crazy /d/ writefag. Id go to /d/, but they dont have any kind of RP or writefag threads, or even any smut threads

>> No.30997253

Profile Whoring for the Whoring god.


Yandere Frog Maiden, psychotropic aphrodesiac excretions

>Lailia is a curious and intensely shy Rusalka, who loves to watch others in secret, and longs to know what it might be like to be among them. Sometimes she takes to admiring a particularly pretty man from afar, leaving him small flowers or pretty rocks or other tokens of affection, without him ever knowing. And if this man should be seen to love another, she can become very jealous. This occasionally arouses her to attempt to prove her worth, by taking by surprise and seducing the unsuspecting man. Or she may play mean and bothersome pranks on the woman, hoping to drive her away from 'her' admired man. Unsurprisingly, these relationships seldom work out, but she's always hopeful of finding Mr. Right.

>> No.30997259

>if you tell someone "you're only allowed to feel this way or that way otherwise you're wrong"
That's assuming male and female don't cover every way someone can feel. What possible sense of identity could someone have that is incompatible with being "he" and also incompatible with being "she"?

There isn't any. Any person (as in personality) will make sense as a female person or a male person or either.

>> No.30997295


Alrighty then, thank you!
Big issue is with picking a proper picture is that I don't know what look is attractive to women. I try to avoid the 'Is that something I would fuck' mentality.

>> No.30997309


>> No.30997312

That's pretty neat.

>> No.30997314


>Using porn sites

I'll have you know the best male characters start out as though you're making a PC for That-Campaign-You're-In-Right-Now, but at the end you realize the DM is totally allowing you to fuck, rape, cuddle or otherwise get your lewd on.

It's how I made a burn-scarred hardline Paladin that puts on a frightening figure in both word, action and presence but breaks down into a doubt-riddled wreck that desperately wants love and care, but feels himself unworthy of a woman's attention after the horrors he inflicted "in his other life" during the last war.

It's also how I made Dennis the Mage.

>> No.30997321

>Thank you for being open-minded, internet stranger. <3

Shucks. I usually get yelled at for asking question on 4chan.
Nice feeling.

>> No.30997323

Um... sauce on original manga?

>> No.30997328

Check ur privilge m8
I have met more shitty females in my time on F-list than I have males

>> No.30997348

Just post something that looks good to you. Especially if it's drawn. Don't use photos of real people. If the proportions are right, you should be good to go and your taste in kinks should hopefully make up for it.

This applies to anyone who complains in the chat about not being able to find someone. Straight males, shotas, furries, and even futas from time to time. If you're complaining, not only is it probably due to your character not being well developed or interesting, but by complaining you're hurting your chances even more. We aren't going to feel sorry for you.

>> No.30997352

So what're you so mad about?

>> No.30997363


You're looking at it, it was a one-pager from what I remember.

>> No.30997366

...guess not...

>> No.30997370

There isn't a manga. It's a single page. Use Google reverse image look-up.

>> No.30997379

Oh, I thought he was talking about art, not character ideas. You're right, the development of the character comes first. And if you can't find any art that fits your character's description, there are always drawthreads somewhere.

>> No.30997430


I was talking about art and I appreciate sources.


No real photos. It's such a turn off for me, I barely understand its intensity.

>> No.30997472

>I was talking about art and I appreciate sources.

Character art threads and Deviant Art are excellent sources.

>> No.30997542

>What about drag queens, people who are male in their normal lives, and female while performing?
Those are men. They're about as female as blackface performers are black.

>> No.30997564

Please for the love of christ people

ADD CUSTOM KINKS. It is what me, and many, many other people look for when we go to your profile. Yes your background is cool and awesome, but I care more about your custom kinks.

They don't have to be wild and crazy, how about instead of putting 'footplay' as a favorite, you put your own custom 'footplay' one and describe what sort of footplay you like (maybe you like only footjobs, maybe you like sucking toes.)

Custom kinks make it look like you actually care, and lacking them makes it a lot harder for someone to tell what you like. Yes, I know you have "Ass Worship" as a favorite, but tell me what you like about it, make it sexy, make me interested.

>> No.30997567


One gardevoir, fresh off the preshes.

>> No.30997591

If I am not into MC/Hypno, are you still interested in a note?

>> No.30997599

>making a PC for That-Campaign-You're-In-Right-Now, but at the end you realize the DM is totally allowing you to fuck, rape, cuddle or otherwise get your lewd on.
Huh, that's how I made my illusionist wizard guy, he was a character sheet that I left lying around, the only thing I had to do was add how many inches he has on his Rod of Wonder.

>that moment when you had more fun making sheets of different systems for your ERP characters than actualy going around looking for lewds.

>> No.30997601

I may renig on my personal stance of avoiding pokemon/canons

I love femdom hypno

>> No.30997624

Or go my route...

>> No.30997666

It gets a bit tricky once you have a character that isn't a humanoid.

>> No.30997686

So, do I have to make the straight male in fantasy setting? Looks like it's what in demand, or am I imagining things?

>> No.30997690

Of course. Kinks are not must-haves, they are suggestions.

>> No.30997697

>Decide to venture out of /tg/ chat to find someone who may be what I am into (there are people in /tg/ chat who are into it, but they aren't on all that often)
>My face when going to other channels

I promise I will never leave again, /tg/.

>> No.30997703

Freshly made character, based on a pretty simple concept. Open to some suggestions on refining it a bit.

>> No.30997705


Look at me, I'm eggcellent.


>> No.30997749

The prodigal son returns.

>> No.30997763

/tg/ chat is undoubtedly one of the best f-list channels. Every other channel I've been to has been an unending stream of ads and utter silence.

>> No.30997816

>and utter silence.

It's the silence that scares me the most.

>> No.30997849

Never leave us ever again.

>> No.30997885

Pfft, you are either not looking in the right channels or impatient. There are a lot of other rooms with culture and a few which have a definitely better userbase than /tg/, which is mainly for the vanillafags with the bad fetishes.

>> No.30997915


Because if you aren't into breast impregnation and fetusplay, surely there's something wrong with you.

>> No.30997918

fuark that's top tier

>> No.30997929

If only pokemon included genderswapping and transformation into pokemon. It features in fan art a lot, but it's not the kind of thing they'd include in the canon.

>> No.30997952

When I'm using F-chat, /tg/ chat, the Sexual RP ad room, and occasionally one or two other rooms for group sex are the only channels I ever have open and I spend most of my time either playing with partners or just chatting on /tg/.

Granted, I always have to look and see who is currently RPing in the public room at the time. If there's an attention whore posting every minute with single sentence replies, I typically just leave for a different channel. They are good for getting that special kink out of the way. Especially when that kink requires more than one person.

>> No.30997956

After lightly browsing this thread, I no longer have any doubt that this is the place for this question can I get any of you eloquen/tg/entlepeople to do some writefagging for me. I promise that it needs to be deeply, deeply depraved

>> No.30997968

Unfortunately this is not the place. Look for the Weekend Smut Thread.

>> No.30997976

What was the thing you were looking for? Go ahead. Spit it out. We don't judge here.

>> No.30997988

Its nothing crazy, its just the people who I know like it generally are some of the people who don't RP as much.

>> No.30997992

>We don't judge here.

Oh yes we do. Liberally.

>> No.30998000

There are others which are fine. Not many, but there are.

Yah, can't help you there...

>> No.30998011

>Mind control pretty boy/waifu
>Inspect them from up close, ugh so unkempt
>End up giving them a luxurious bath
>That washcloth gently exploring them
S-So lewd.

>> No.30998031

Tried them, they turned me away for not being /tg/ related, and seeing as they dont do these threads on /d/, you guys seem like the logical option; you're fairly skilled writers, no stranger to filthy subject matter, and...well, thats about all Im looking for.

>> No.30998035

>Just post something that looks good to you.


>> No.30998045

Azurill is a kind of Pokemon that is male 25% of the time and female 75% of the time. The Pokemon it evolves into, Marill, is male 50% of the time and female 50% of the time. Because of the way gender is generated in the pokemon games, this means about 25% of Azurill are born female and transition to male as they evolve.

>> No.30998065

We don't actually produce content in this thread though. This is more of a networking/discussion thread.

>> No.30998104


The judgement is kind of schizophrenic. We'll be helpful as well as spiteful. Depends on the person and the moment.


Yeah that looks fine by me. Understand there's no 100% winner picture. It will appeal to some, not to others.

>> No.30998127

Yeah. Looks good. Now go get 'em.

>> No.30998152

Thats what Im here for; to network and find someone I can hook up with who's willing to write something for me. Consider it one-sided ERP.

>> No.30998153

Thanks. Now if I could just find a couple of busty witches to throw over my shoulder...

>> No.30998164

>l RP ad room, and occasionally one or two other rooms for group sex are the only channels I ever have open and I spend most of my time either playing with partners or just chatting on /tg/.
>Granted, I always have to look and see who is currently RPing in the public room at the time. If there's an attention whore posting every minute with single sentence replies, I typically just leave for a different channel. They are good for getting that special kink out of the way. Especially when that kink requires more than one person.

>> No.30998179


Blarg I hate when it copies text for no reason. Sorry.

>> No.30998198

There is already someone who uses that character as their picture.

So I mean, its up to you if you want to use it. Perhaps ask them if they're cool with it.

>> No.30998220

Hope you find 'em.

>> No.30998331

Why do I get the feeling my post was copied and posted on /tg/ chat? or am I just being paranoid

>> No.30998357


Nah it wasn't. Just 4chan sometimes will copy a post's text even if I didn't copy the text.

Chat's mostly just discussing halfling milfs right now.

>> No.30998375

Alright. Sometimes I get myself worked up over nothing. I hope you understand that. It's not you, it's me being suspicious of everyone in the world.

>> No.30998389

Nah, you're just being paranoid.
Or are you?

>> No.30998393


S'all cool dude.

>> No.30998414

Isn't it easier to assume that 50% of female marills die before reaching adulthood?

>> No.30998427

Trappish, effeminate young men who want giant breasts of their own is my fetish..

>> No.30998434


Ah, shits.

>> No.30998441

You could, but the genderswap is literally what happens in-game.

>> No.30998466

>Ask Teshki is she wants to RP with lizard character
>She says no
>Ask her if she's sure
>She gets mad

>mfw this kind of crap plus no other good female kobold characters to play with.

>> No.30998474


Well you shouldn't ask if she's sure, but that seems like overreaction.

>> No.30998505

>implying I can fix it now.

>> No.30998508

I enjoyed this doujin very much. It was a good doujin.

>> No.30998529

If you're the crocodile guy, I don't blame her dude.

You seemed to be talking to Teshki quite a bit in the main chat, trying to get her to lewd you.

>> No.30998547

>Ask her if she's sure

Talk about being beta.

>> No.30998575

>are you reeeeaaaaally sure?

Nigga wat you doing

>> No.30998595

I find Teshki annoying, but then again, I find all the kobolds annoying

>> No.30998618

Market Girl Marzipan reporting in, and I do have some good news for you all: I think I can manage opening the market up again on March 26, Wednesday! No times set for now, I'll just try to be open when I can for as long as I can. Plus, there'll be a special guest helping out on April 1st, Tuesday! If you want a taste of something a little bit different, come around in April.

And no, I still don't have March's logs cleaned up.

If you have any questions, please send me a Note as I'll be gone for most of today. Cheers, and get on gettin' on.

>> No.30998643

What would you call someone who's basically a dickgirl, but identifies as male? A boobman?

>> No.30998645

There any way I can use chat outside of the browser? Some external program?

>> No.30998656

>Mind control edition
The time has come and so have I.

>> No.30998659

slimCat, or plugins for Pidgin and Adium

>> No.30998664

>halfling milfs

...go on.

>> No.30998673

Marzipan you unrighteous skank, I demand to know what you're doing with all this sperm people dump into you. If you aren't using it for evil, you have nothing to hide.

>> No.30998679

So, what, did we just entirely give up on IRC?

>> No.30998687

>Shoot someone who I've lewded with AND had extended conversations with before
>"Hey man, whats up?"
>my face when

>> No.30998709

You'll need this picture.

>> No.30998733

What do you think goes in all the pastries?

>> No.30998739

Every time I have been in the IRC it has been nothing but OOC and most of the people seem rather hostile.
Only pluss side to the IRC is that there are way less furfags

>> No.30998782

Sexbot edition when?

>> No.30998794


Robutt is best bot

>> No.30998814

I would dig another /m/ ERP thread

mechs get everyone's motor running

>> No.30998819

I believe I have made great strides in my time here, as I have managed to find two lovely, muscular brown girls to lewd with. This makes me very happy, I love you guys.

>> No.30998860

No seriously, give us your scenario. I know at least one person in /tg/ chat who writes for commissions and someone else who helped them write it for free.

>> No.30998899

This image makes me want to be the guy who invented the sex robot, and is trying to help her come to terms with all of her "twins" being used in degrading fashions when all he wants is gentle lovemaking and cuddles.

>> No.30998923


>> No.30998926


Please vote.

>> No.30998998

Is she a robot herself, or she is a human?

Because if she's a robot, that adds to the degradation, by having her constantly aware that a few lines of computer code are the only thing that separates her from them.

>> No.30999004

Vote for room theme, /tg/

>> No.30999030

Male herm seems common

>> No.30999050

I like to imagine she finds the whole situation absurdly hot, and people who own the sex doll send videos of them using the dolls to her, and she schlicks to them

>> No.30999053

She's a robot, yeah. One of the first models to go out, he got one free in return for all his hard work. Maybe even keeps that knowledge hanging over her head when she starts to get a little uppity.

>> No.30999054


does it really matter?
/tg/chat is OOC 90% of the time anyways.

>> No.30999126

>every furfag who isn't Malaren
I never thought they were that bad on /tg/ chat. They mostly keep to themselves.

>> No.30999180

This is the funniest shit ever

>> No.30999323

>Geselle, twice
>all that Shubb
>all that Erinna
This may be the greatest poll of all time.

>> No.30999348

Why settle for video? Since they're robots, people who own the doll could probably copy the doll's memories and send them to her. Then it'd be like she's actually getting fucked by all those guys.

>> No.30999366


>> No.30999383


Nobody can spell Shubb's name

>who is shuub

>> No.30999535

>Ask Teshki if she wants to RP with a lizard character
>She says no
>Says no

>> No.30999540

That doesn't answer his question.

>> No.30999620


>> No.30999661

How's that OOC lewd friend search going?

>> No.30999662

/erpg/, I need your help.


>> No.30999700

Big floppy donkey dicks

>> No.30999720


>> No.30999733


>> No.30999743

>Is this about the IRC or the stupid Flist pls respond

>> No.30999745

So what makes for a good straight male character?

>> No.30999781

Who doesn't like foxes.

>> No.30999811

Nothing bland and samey, from what I've been told.

>> No.30999824


Lots of girls want the muscled male "Will fight you to get you pregnant" type, but every once in a blue moon you'll come across a gal who's like, "I just want a regular, nice guy to romance me." Both are good, really, but don't just assume every gal is gonna want the randy, rough asshole.

>> No.30999828


What does that mean though

>> No.30999846

What do you think that means?
Also this >>30999824

>> No.30999849

Now a slightly /tg/ related poll

>> No.30999861



>> No.30999865

I don't know what it means!

If I knew how to be a good straight male, I wouldn't need to erp.

>> No.30999873

I like how all of the focus is on custom kinks when we know full well that's not a panacea.

>> No.30999883


That's a no brainer.

>> No.30999891

I play a female

I like straight males

But if one has no pictures, and no custom kinks I don't give them the time of day.

>> No.30999908

But the presence of custom kinks alone means shit. Sure, it's better than no custom kinks at all, but there's much more to the issue than that.

>> No.30999926

A clear focus on some kind of interest. Don't try and cover everything. There's more than enough of your kind to go around, so you have to show a particular interest in something. Doesn't mean you can't be flexible, but you're more likely to get noticed if people share that interest.

>> No.30999930

Not really.

Have nice pictures, have a decent backstory, make sure your guy isn't "jeans and a t-shirt", and put in some good custom kinks.

There are plenty of straight males who get tons of action. I'd know, I play with them.

>> No.30999946

>Have nice pictures, have a decent backstory, make sure your guy isn't "jeans and a t-shirt", and put in some good custom kinks.

If that was all that was needed, there wouldn't be this stigma of "Oh god straight male so hard mode."

>> No.30999962

Are you tired of all the doms or is it still nice?

>> No.30999988



Like, it is NOT hard to make a straight male. I PLAY with them, they have 1000+ views on their profile, and they get plenty of action. They are RPing all the time.

Be a switch. That is the best thing you can do.

>> No.31000014

where the mecha girls at?

>> No.31000032

I've got a mechanic girl that can work on mobile suits, does that count?

>> No.31000033

What other things is a straight male supposed to wear? Fedora? Trilby? Duster?

In all seriousness though, I really do have no idea how to be creative with men's clothes.

>> No.31000038

No no no, you have the issue all wrong. The funny thing is you know what it is but you put it in a flawed context.

>I am mr adventurer! I have a sword and I fight some monsters!

This right here. We've had this discussion in another ERP thread before. The issue with straight male characters isn't so much they're generic and boring, it's that they don't focus on the sex enough. They want story, they want buildup. Let's face it though, the bulk of F-List doesn't want to deal with that shit.

I've taken a look at straight male profiles that don't get play. They have pictures, they have solid custom kinks, they have a solid backstory--but that's the problem. They're built very well for story, but nobody gives a shit for story in ERP.

>> No.31000041

>be fembot prostitute with dreams of stardom
>work my way up the escort ladder until I'm a porn star with my own line of sex dolls
>decide to clean up my act, decommission the dolls, and become a pop singer
>a malicious group of hackers steals a huge archive of millions of sex-memories, hacks into my brain, and uploads them into me
>I'm forced to live out a near-eternity of millions of men running a train on me
>a non-stop twenty year gangbang
>concert next day
>hear fans snickering in the audience as they see my thousand yard stare
>all the passion is gone from my voice
>stop right in the middle of a song, and walk off stage
>career is in shambles, and because of the third rule of robotics I can't even kill myself
>stumble awkwardly back to the whorehouse I came from

>> No.31000052

I give a shit for story, mate. Not everyone is here to go straight to typefucking.

>> No.31000060

Explain this to me, dear anon people:

I'm sure at least one of you disappeared for no reason, leaving seemingly a perfect match behind.
You talk, you get along amazingly well and then it just ends, abruptly.

Why is that? I'm kinda curious about that side of the fence.

>> No.31000064

>If I knew how to be a good straight male, I wouldn't need to erp.
So yeah, what spring to mind is that a normal male needs a twist, something interesting.

Start with something like a profession such as a businessman or a blacksmith; or some physical like cyberarms or eyes, something not the norm.

>> No.31000073

Because I remember there are better things to do with my life than ERP.

Seriously, oftentimes that's it.

>> No.31000086

Here is a hint: Try not to make a modern character. Modern is generally the worst setting for ERP.

Try to make a sci-fi or fantasy character, and if you can't get creative with those, then I am sorry anon, there is no helping you.

No, the issue with most males is that they're boring as fuck. That is the biggest problem. I've seen males with long backstories who get action, but thats because they send notes, PMs, and have good kinks.

>> No.31000095



>> No.31000104

Please sir, no more. My penis cannot withstand this. I beg of you.

>> No.31000105

Not gonna lie, i find that really sad

>> No.31000116

I don't know how you can find that sexy, anon.

>> No.31000134

More or less, real life stuff happens, lose the urge to erp or have no time to do it.

It sucks that this happens, but like most relationships you have to work this out with your partner or move on.

>> No.31000142

It would probably happen, too, judging by today's standard of dickhead neckbeard

>> No.31000200


Oh well. I guess that's how it is, then.

>> No.31000287

>being a fembot
>being connected to the net
>TYOOL 2164
Oh shit nigger what are you doing???

>> No.31000297

Don't worry, anon.
You'll find someone to fulfill your sordid fantasy.
We'll be here for you.

>> No.31000322

>blaming the victim

>> No.31000333

That's not the one I wanted but okay.

>> No.31000365

Chart form. All responses with only one answer were cut.

>> No.31000372

Protect yourself, bitch. Disconnect today.

>> No.31000386

Hi /ero/

So... To make a long story short, I decided that I should run more games. I can't ever really find anything I want to join or partners, so maybe I can run a game I like.

I know there are a lot of people who will jump to player, but... I'm currently just looking for ideas and suggestions, even if they are specific.

>> No.31000396

>3 different shades of cyan
Fuck you.

>no shubb
Is that the 12?

>> No.31000397

The graph's title must have cut it out. That last color is Shubb by the way.

>> No.31000426

If you just go clockwise from the top, it's not entirely difficult to read.

>> No.31000428

Don't tell fembots not to get cyberraped, tell hackers not to cyberrape.

>> No.31000439


Why do people hate Kpop?

>> No.31000459

Swiper, stop swiping ;~;

>> No.31000462

>Not putting all the answers with only one person
>Not knowing that the system was laughably easy to game
>Not knowing I voted five times for five different answers
You dun goofed, trollanon.

>> No.31000522

I voted about twenty times

>> No.31000531

When that happens, common courtesy is to let your partner know that it's not their fault, you don't feel like continuing for whatever reason.

"Hey bro, something on this end threw me out of the bone zone. It's been real, but for now I'm donion rings."

Proper ERP etiquette. Real simple stuff.

>> No.31000548

>Proper etiquette
>using the phrases "bone zone" and "donion rings"

I hope that's just ironic on your part.

>> No.31000551

"T-this is what I was w-wearing... T-tell me I w-was asking for it.. p-please."

It's sadder knowing she wanted to be a singer but had no talent for it, now she drinks all day erry day.

>> No.31000575

>donion rings

collo mccoolguy posting here

>> No.31000599

Worthless fag that's always talking shit but the moment YOU tell him something he starts whining "n-n-n-n-no bully"

Fuck him and his games

>> No.31000607


>Not saying bone zone or donion rings

someone's streets behind.

>> No.31000662

I use words like "totes", "legitsies", and "obvs" all the time, but donion rings? That's a new one.

>> No.31000672

>bone zone
>donion rings

And now I really want some onion rings now.
God damn.

>> No.31000675


Uhhh, this is interesting. I really cannot stand when people god-mode me in the chat, so if this is someone who's mad at me for saying you rape me or you take my women and had it refuted, then, uh, sure, god bless.

>> No.31000705

But why, Anon? Why make yourself come across as a complete shit?

>> No.31000721

To scare off spergs like you.

>> No.31000755

>bone zone
>donions rings
What a thigh-slapper

>> No.31000757

Same reason I listen to gangsta rap whenever I notice an infestation of STEM majors on my floor. That shit is like aspie repellent. I think it's the high-pitched snare drums they can't stand.

I should do a bit more research on autism, so that I can optimize my musical tastes for maximum discomfort.

>> No.31000778


>Your woman

Yeah, you sound like a fag.

>> No.31000819

>streets behind
I have this one friend who used to say this thing relentlessly until we started using it relentlessly. Eventually it devolved into these giant arguments over who is more streets behind than everyone else. Eventually, he banned the words "streets behind" in his household even though he was the one that started saying it.

>> No.31000825


Well, that's what happened!

>> No.31000851

what happened?
Sounds fun~.

>> No.31000879

Here's how it works.

I set myself to looking, say I'm looking for sleep fucking. IRL I'm actually asleep.

You more or less have full reign to do whatever you want during the sleep.

Yes, it's horribly selfish. But people do that.

>> No.31000912

God damn, I have to try this once in a while and put my giantess's booty up for lewd grabs.

>> No.31000990

That sounds... kinda hot.

It's not something I'd make a habit of, since I like playing pure-ish characters, but I'd like to try it once.

>> No.31001018

I play a pure-ish character too.

Doesn't stop people from finding their way into my room at night~

>> No.31001109

I now have an image in my head of somebody sleeping sweetly, then one person comes in and has their way with your body, leaves the door open for the next person to come.

I may have to do this tonight and read the logs in the morning.

>> No.31001186

New thread.

>> No.31001201

After a lengthy hiatus, I'm back with my curvy MILF for all sorts of lewd escapades! All kids who wanna /ss/ are especially welcome, but let's not pretend she won't take just about anything. Also looking for profile suggestions, if you don't just want to bang.


>> No.31001223

Already been made, but OP forgot to include the IRC again. Or make the OP related to the edition in any way

>> No.31001246

a note was sent

>> No.31001269

Scenario hooks.

>> No.31001326

>Fave: Vaginal Sex (Giving)
Wait a sec. Huh? She seems more the receiving type.

>> No.31001358 [DELETED] 

I-it's not like I just wanna bust ghosts with you or anything.

>> No.31001367


This has been corrected. hue

>> No.31001437

That's what happens! It's wonderful

>> No.31001488

How does /tg/ feel about character art like pic related?

>> No.31001513

no thanks

>> No.31001532

>page 10
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