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What are space marines' backpacks actually for?

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Power, waste filtration, air, etc.

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Power supply for the powered armor.

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Powerplants. Hence the "power" part of "powerarmor"

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I'm suddenly imagining cultists figuring out that the best way to stop the marines is by sneaking up on them with a crowbar.

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That would be pretty difficult to do considering the backpack is armored, the space marine has super senses, and that a regular cultist isn't that strong.

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They're fusion generators.

I think they also do air and waste filtration stuff.

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You might as well be saying "why don't they crowbar off their chestplates then shoot them"

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that would also be funny.

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>Master Cultist, I feel as though I must inform you that trying to remove my armour with hex stock is a terribly unwise decision. I'm asking you to leave peacefully because I'd rather not scuff my armour further and mass-reactive bolter rounds are terribly expensive.

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>three cultists try to pry off the armor with a crowbar
>marine doesn't even kill them because they make good sheilds.

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giant lunchpacks
now you may imagine the fine foods of a nurglite CSM

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>Why are you even using a hex wrench, can't you see that's an octagonal socket? You offend the machine spirit with your stupidity as well as your corruption.
>Wait, that is an octagonal wrench. Why are you fools calling it a hex wrench. By the Throne, do you idiots know anyth-
*the wrench starts glowing blue*
>Oh. That kind of hex.

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>Chaos lords use daemonweapons
>Dark Techpriests use daemonwrenches
>Slaanesh devotees use damonwenches

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>power tools

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What is the name of a space marine's junk?

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No, I mean like, power versions of tools. Like power weapons, only instead of axes and swords it's crowbars and wrenches.

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>Angry Marines

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One of my techmarines has a power wrench.

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Well, they'd see you coming then, wouldn't they?

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>Power Toenail Clippers
>Power Brush

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the convert CO2 and methane back into breathable air, also urine into water

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powersource as the other have said.

also those exhaust vents? guess what? they are for maneuvering in space. they are space marines after all.

true story, old fluff check it out.

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The part about them manouvering in space I remember being in 4th ed fluff, but it was a useful byproduct of the fusion exhaust, not a primary function.

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Why would they ever need to maneuver in space? It's not like they can board ships.

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Getting knocked off the surface of a space ship, compartment got lodged from a ship, etc. Mainly a way to get back to the ship.

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>It's not like they can board ships.
Are you serious?

Marines even have a fucking organ implanted that lets them survive for some time in space without helmet.

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Umm...yes they can.

Boarding torpedos. And if the torpedo doesn't penetrate, they get out and either find another entrance, or cut through themselves.

And while they're cutting through, guess who's going to come out to try and stop them?

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Yes, why would the guys who fly around to all sorts of fuckoff places ever need a way to manoeuvre in ZG or near-ZG? It's not like they fight on space stations or planetoids or asteroids or anything like that ever.

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>>It's not like they can board ships.
>Are you serious?
Yes. How the fuck would you ever be able to board a ship that's moving at several kilometers per second in space?

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By moving at several kilometers per second in space?

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In the same direction*

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>several kilometers per second
try thousands

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>Assault Rams are void attack craft, intended to participate in close-range space boarding actions, that can also act as drop-assault vessels for direct orbital attack. There are many patterns of Assault Ram in use across the Imperium, but among the Space Marine Chapters, the multi-role Caestus is the most commonplace. Smaller than either the Thunderhawk Gunship or the Shark-class Boarding Torpedo, the patterns’ chief advantage is its speed and phenomenal durability which make it a highly resilient assault craft, even in the most fire-swept landing zones. Compact and heavily armoured, the Caestus Assault Ram is designed to survive direct collision with an enemy, leaving only ruin in its wake.

It's almost like boaring things was a thing with Space Marines.

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>[Insert One Direction joke here]

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And what if the ship turns just a single degree to the right or left? You'd smash into the hull into a fine paste since you're going at several kilometers a second, or fly out into the vast nothingness because the ship is moving several kilometers a second away from you.
Not to mention that space ships fight thousands of kilometers away from each other. It's not like it's just a couple of dozen meters between the ships.

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Hiro Yui did it, I think Spess Muhreens can handle that shit as well.

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>Employed by many Legions as their primary ship-to-ship assault craft, the Kharybdis is a monstrous drop pod capable of carrying large assault forces through the void and mounting significant firepower to blast a path through defending small craft.

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Actually, in 40k it's a fairly common tactic to get within a few kilometers of the enemy ship if they outgun you. The splash back from them using their broadsides at point blank range would severely damage them as well.

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Anon, you should know that 40k runs exclusively on rule of cool. Just accept that your puny concepts of 'physics' are but naught beneath their quills, and move on.

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power stairs

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You're being realistic while talking about 40k. A setting in which supersoldiers can absorb memories by eating brains.

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Tech heresy! You besmirch the Holy Elevatus!

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In my Rouge Trader game, we managed to trap some Chaos Terminators on sub-deck 3 by damaging their teleporter systems after they warped on board because coincidentally sub-deck three is furnished like a Victorian mansion, complete with wooden stairs that lead to the upper decks

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True. I guess I'm just being asinine.

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>Victorian mansion, complete with wooden stairs that lead to the upper decks
How horrifying. How did space marines move about the sub-deck?

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Through the doors, I would assume.

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>They didn't.

They ran out of ammo a while ago, but we guess it's their Nurglite blessings that still keep them alive. Now we use it as a place to throw boarders, mutineers, and pretty much anyone we don't like

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Have you seen a victorian mansion? It's difficult for even a normal human being to move around in one, let a lone a 3 meter tall superhuman with a massive suit of armor on.

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Ordinary humans can't simply wade through wrought iron fences.

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Now I'm imagining a bunch of CSM Terminators trying to move carefully in the mess of vases, knicknacks and bibelots that was the typical Victorian mansion.

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>Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk

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Wish I had a reaction image from Universal Soldier where Van Damme runs through the walls in the hotel.

That's the crumpet crumbles

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Like Frank the carniflex?

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Exactly! But it kind of happened before that. God that thread was amazing.

Also, during that daemonic incursion we managed to defeat a Greater Daemon by having our psyker and techpriest bind him to a machine spirit. Said machine spirit is severed from the rest of the ship's systems and is only responsible for opening and closing the doors and shutters in Engineering. There have been a great many stubbed toes and scuffed heels, but at least they're not manual anymore

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That is at least 6 types of tech-heresy.

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I'm a renegade space pirate, why should I care? And as long as we keep searching for this supposedly extremely important STC so the Techpriest can redeem himself on Mars, anything goes

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>the shutters laugh in mores code

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I can't help but think of the cheerfully talking doors on the Heart of Gold.

>be novice techpriest
>trying to sneak into a room to "borrow" the magos' fancy welding torch
>magos is in standby mode while compiling his memory banks for the night
>reach the door, just open it a little tiny bit an-
>magos wakes up
>oh fuc-
>+servitor conversion implant first-time setup complete; initializing wetware CPU scubbers+

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Books, pens, pencils and khorne flakes.

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Anybody got screenshots of the Frank the carnifex thread?

I think story time is in order from >>30975335 as well.

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Story time? Well I don't have time for a drawn out tale at the moment, but how about some anecdotes?

>Find derelict ship
>RT, Techpriest, and Acolyte: It's looting time!
>Holy shit there's survivors aboard
>They claim they were on a holy pilgrimage when they were attacked by xenos and escaped
>Help them aboard, loot the ship, maybe we'll get a reward when we reach port
>Trouble from the hold, something about the pilgrims preaching about the "Skymother"
>Oh shit.jpeg
>Full blown genestealer infestation
>Spend four sessions re-enacting the first Alien with flamers in the crawlspaces
>Confront the Patriarch
>Turns out the Skymother can't locate them because the damn ship keeps moving around
>"Just let us off on the nearest Imperial world and we'll all leave!"
>We have a group of Freebootaz that we occasionally hire, but they've been screwing us over lately
>Sell them the cultists as "Hostages"
>Celebrate with amnesac on the bridge

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>It's almost like boaring things was a thing with Space Marines

Considering that boarding is traditionally a naval action and they are called space MARINES, its the most accurate and literal definition of their jobs.

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Although if you wanna get technical they're more Astrines. Because space is not the Mar.

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Teleportiums on ships, or inbuilt two way teleporters for Terminators.

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>giving them an ever increasing pile of bodies

Anon, I have some bad news for you...

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I never played any 40k, but it's quite obvious: to hide your heresy.

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>admits to being wrong on 4chan.

Today, you just made the world a better place.

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If you're going to apply realism to 40k you might want to apply actual realism. With some (if any, unsure about Necrons) exceptions 40k spacecraft do not use inertialess drives.

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>the convert CO2 and methane back into breathable air,
>convert methane back into breathable air
>methane into breathable air

MFW I have no O

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Do space marines breathe farts?

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Personal question: What are the little bulbs on top of the backpacks for?
They can't be jets because jump-packs are much bigger

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Space Marines like their breathing air humid. Gotta get those hydrogens from somewhere!

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Mare astra, mare aqua, its all the same thing and the naval tactics are pretty much the same. The Imperial Navy uses early 19th to early 20th century naval tactics after all.

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>The Imperial Navy uses early 19th to early 20th century naval tactics after all.
Apart from their widespread use of what basically amount to aircraft carriers, yes.

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Well when crossing the T is still a core part of tactics lessons you can tell things are pretty old fashioned compared to modern tactics.

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What a lot of people don't understand is that the little ball things on it are vents that help them maneuver in zero gravity.

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No they don't.

They are most likely to be powerplant exhausts.

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For fucks sake.


>Stabilising Jets
Says it right there.

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To keep their books, a packed lunch, and and pencil-case in.

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congrats, you realized that space combat in 40k is retarded, because prow torpedo tubes, boarding torpedoes full of space marines, and melee orientated living space ships didn't show that enough already

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>Cultists make good shields.
Can they even do that?

Well. SHOULDN'T they? Sounds like a good strat to me.

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Hey guys,
what if,
what if the marines don't jump out into space hundreds of miles away
what if they use them for zero / low gravity conditions after boarding? Or in case they get blown out of a decompressing part of the ship?

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can someone please link me somewhere like a scribd where I can read the lore in the rulebook?

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>What are space marines' backpacks actually for?


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