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/tg/! I need pictures of bug people. QT or 2scary4me are acceptable. I need them for research about bug people.

No Zoraks allowed.

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What about just bugs?

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Just to let you know, these are caterpillars.

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I would a mothgirl. Vigorously.

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Isn't that one's whole schtick that she's a huggabug?

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>all that itty bittiness


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I hate shit like that.

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Spideys, y u do dis?

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Absolutely disgusting.

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Struggling to find SFW material.

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Do you criticise my work?
I want to see you do better with the material I had to use.

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Now imagine this going into your ear or nose or eyes.

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Burn it. Burn it all.

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I think is worksafe.

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...is that spider carrying his lunch in a water drop on his head?


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>Tits on a bug

That sex starved?

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Giant Mantises require giant prey. Humans are way meatier than other mantises. It's evolution.

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>complaining about tits on a bug
That autistic?

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What's the deal with moths?

also culled

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I guess because they're cuddlier than most other bugs being puffy and having wings. I'm starting to be a fan myself.

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This spider is unacceptable.

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Because moths are soft and friendly.

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Good luck hugging your moth waifu just to get fucking blind by all that dust later.

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And I think I'm out of stuff.

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I need to go get some raid now, I'll be back when I'm done spraying down every surface in my house.

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Don't forget to spray inside the walls.

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Just remember that European bees are baka gaijin when it comes to Japanese giant hornets.

Only superior Japanese honey bee can defeat giant hornet. By cooking them alive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6m40W1s0Wc

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What is this, a picture for ants?

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Your eye feels itchy.

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>Just remember that European bees are baka gaijin when it comes to Japanese giant hornets.

So wait, Japanese hornets raid bee hives like fucking gigantic vikings, slaughter thousands, make out vigorously to regain their strength, and steal dead babies!?

Why is there not more sci-fi movies about this?

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Fun fact: The Japanese giant hornet is the most lethal creature in Japan due to 30 to 40 people dying every year to the things. For comparison, bears kill 0 to 5 and venomous snakes at 5 to 10

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3erotic5me, blud.

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Huh, didn't expect to see a .gif I made show up some place else.

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If only people were as interested in their own education as this little silverfish was.

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That meme is shit on /vp/ and it's shit here.

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Have some Luminoth.

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this thread is making me severely uncomfortable but i cannot look away

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What's uncomfortable about moths?

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i mean some of them are cute & fuzzy but i think that i still have some lingering nausea due to watching some kind of black worm slither out of the husk of a dead mantis and also that one where the tick or whatever backs up into a hole in some dude's neck when a pair of tweezers approaches


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Japan has the biggest, most deadly hornet in the world and OF COURSE they had to fuck up their nuclear plants and flood the wildlife in radiation. We're all doomed.

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Luminoth are best moth people.

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insects are the one of the great satans of the world

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Oh, horsehair worms? Yeah they're cunts.

Insects have perfected mind-control and parasitism. The more you know.

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I fucking hate those things.

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We should start eating bugs to show them who's boss. Too little steak on this planet anyway.

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>Giant Radioactive Giant Japanese Hornets

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I'd cuddle her huggabug!

Those are Harvestermen/Daddy Long Legs Anon, not True Spiders...


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So are there any pen&paper systems that make accommodations for bug people specifically? I feel like that would be a thing, and if it isn't it should be. Just amass a giant ass table insect features to cross with body-type oriented stats to build specific species templates from.

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>flood the wildlife in radiation
That's not how that works.

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There was one Sentai-esque game where giant alien insects are invading Earth and you build supersuits out of various pieces of their corpses.

Can't remember the name.

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technically there are deadlier hornets in general, but the giant hornet is the most dangerous to people just by virtue of their stinger size and venom. A few other hornets have more potent venom but manage to inject less per sting. The Vespa mandarinia and V.mandarinia japonica sub species have a stinger about a quarter of an inch (6.35mm)

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Four reactors melted down, and spewed some percentage of their 1,600 tons of fuel onto the surface of Japan, into the air over the pacific ocean, and into the ocean itself.

1,600 tons of plutonium - admittedly not the sole or even major constituent of the MOX fuel in question - is enough to kill over 100 million people.

Will it? Probably not. However, the effect the radioactive particles released by Fukushima Daiichi will have on the Earth will be powerful and horrific, on some scale or another.

Optimistically, the star fish are back on the beaches where I live, but the west coast is supposed to have a bunch of radioactive debris wash up this year, so we'll see if this positive sign is repeated next year.

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TECHNICALLY the 3rd party Fursona supplement can do that. The question is if you actually want to use the damn thing.

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You won't have what he implied:
Giant radioactive Japanese hornets. That's not how mutation works.

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For Pathfinder I might add.

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fuck that fuck that fuck that

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That is a weird chart. Why make it go down instead of up like almost every other chart like that?

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The best bug peoples.

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>Implying it doesn't

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He said;

>Japan has the biggest, most deadly hornet in the world and OF COURSE they had to fuck up their nuclear plants and flood the wildlife in radiation. We're all doomed

Nothing about giant radioactive moths.


I don't know.

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Actually yeah, it sorta is. When they breed they'll be prone to mutation (granted those would be mostly fatal birth defects) and if mutations result is super crazy shit that doesn't happen to die immediately it can breed and repeat the mutant strand gradually creating a new subspecies of mutant giant hornets. Maybe they'll have extra stingers. Maybe they'll be fuckhuge. Maybe they'll have 2 heads. Or maybe they'll just be immune to certain chemical effects.

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...What if they become cute humanoids?

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That pic, man.

On one hand, she's cute as fuck.

On the other hand, I hate silverfish. I hate them with the hatred of a thousand Hitlers. I hate them in my closet. I hate them in my books. I hate them everywhere I find them. They've easily cost me a thousand dollars in damage over the years, and I've killed dozens if not hundreds of them.

Why must you make me deal with this inner conflict, /tg/?

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>Silverfish monstergirl tormenting local bookseller shut-in but eventually forming a flirty, playful relationship with him that blossoms into romance.

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I don't think I'd mind silverfish eating holes in my clothes and books nearly so much if she was humanoid and willing to repay me in bed for the damage she caused.

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Well shit, now I'm actually really tempted to try making something like it myself. I guess the first question is what kind of stat system to use at the core. Should I try doing it as a supplement to an existing system to dodge having to make a combat system, or does this seem like something that should be its own thing?

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This thread is making me sick to my stomach. Make sure to translate that into your game. Roll against will not to be freaked out by bug people.

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Depends on what you actually want to do. Most of the time it is easier to appropriate an existing system, sometimes it is easier to make a new one.

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>However, the effect the radioactive particles released by Fukushima Daiichi will have on the Earth will be powerful and horrific, on some scale or another.
Yeah, no

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My moth folder is not large enough, pls post more moths

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>moth's face when no more winter coats to ruin

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Well since the emphasis is on general bug geekery I'd think the species-specific mix of features like skills and abilities ought to be the main draw, calling for things like combat specific systems to be a little lighter on their own. I feel like maybe trying to find broad categories of bugs and bug features first to figure out what kind of problems solving tools are being used might help point me in the right direction for a general conflict resolution system.

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I'll never understand girls who think moths are icky and butterflies are cute. When you look at them close up, it's the other way around.

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Wait... so the moth flies off to get help if you boop it?


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Moths are like flying rabbits. these are adorable.

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No terrain is too tough for All-Terrain-Venomoth.

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This is slightly off-topic but I love campy old sci-fi shit.

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Wow, I actually did a persuasive speech for my public speaking class I took about a year ago that was almost exactly like this image. Nice to know I'm not the only one that feels this way.

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>Weird things wearing dresses

Yes, this is my fetish.

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Something else to consider: butterflies often excrete urine from their anus onto things like feces and corpses to soak up the nutrients and then drink it up again.

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Lepidopterous individuals aren't "weird" just because they don't fit your close-minded ideals, BIGOT. That's like saying "I'm sexually attracted to black people because they're abnormal."


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Oh, you.

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These look like they might be the same artist or character.

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You're half correct. The "Congratulations" Moth was the one I used as concept art to commission >>30975345, which was illustrated by a more recent /tg/ drawfag who also happens to be my roommate and DM.

He does stuff like this.

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The "congratulations" picture actually inspired me to come up with a race for a setting I've been tinkering with.

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It's just a good picture.

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Oh shit niggers, the Cazador apocalypse is upon us!

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But why are moths so gross from far away?

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Hey, don't make fun of her body image issues. If she wants to stuff her bra, it's not our place to make fun of her for it.

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What if he was asking if the bug was sex starved?

Maybe she thought that getting sex with humans would be easier, you know, because of all the hybrids clearly strutting about. If you can't lay with your own people go out fuck semi-animals, maybe pad your chest to look like them i dunno.

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Butterflies tend to be more colorful and disarming, and the media depicts them to be cute creatures. Besides, they'll never get that close to them anyway.

Moths are cute, but less commonly associated with cute things in media. Because of this, they get lumped in with all the other "icky" bugs. It's okay, they will never know the wonder of having a cecropia moth crawl across your hand, or what it feels like to pet their fuzzy carapace, or see the myriad of forms these interesting insects can take.

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Stop being a pussy it's not funny

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Oh hi, I'm upgrading my spider

>> No.30978962

Don't forget the Japanese Bee Grinding Pile?

>> No.30979057

Some moths extend these strange protrusions in order to better spread or detect pheromones, I forget which.

Beauty is scent-deep for moths.

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And I forgot my freaky image.

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Welp. Now I want to play a moth-folk for my DM's campaign. Is there such a race?
D&D 3.5, preferably no level adjustment because our dm pretty much hates player characters with them.

>> No.30979427


I don't think there's a race like that in D&D. Would it be possible to fluff your own, or reskin another race to suit your purposes?

>> No.30979461

Probably. I'll spend a bit on it and see what I can cobble together.

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Someone needs to add a "You've gone too far this time, boner" caption to that image.

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That totally looks like it should be a stand.

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Moth starters for Pokémon would be awesome.

>> No.30980326

My brain just went somewhere bizarre.

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>Dat delicious Fire/Bug moth
>you even find a high-level one at the bottom of the dungeon in the desert
I had a full bug team for the first time and it was awesome.

>> No.30980438

For some reason, I'm imagining playing as a normal-sized bug (maybe a jumping spider or something) and fighting that thing Shadow of the Colossus style.

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Do you have a source on these?

>> No.30981182

And for her moth form: http://imgur.com/a/xwI0P#2

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I need moar moth girls

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>boring animu shit

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>> No.30981558

>complaining about animu shit
>not contributing with more bug people.

YOU are the problem here Anon.

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I tried. It's a bit rough, and could use some refinement. Took the flight mechanic from the Raptoran (Races of the Wild) because I liked how it worked.

Basically a culture of researchers that aren't above some well-intentioned thievery in the pursuit of knowledge. They'll usually remember to put the books back, though. Easily distracted by lights, but more clever than most.
Their native language is a kind of clicking, almost rhythmic, banter with different meanings for clicks and the gaps in between based off of things like antennae position and body language.

For religion they follow a deity called the Great White Flame(Full Moon), and their faithful often decorate their shrines with mirrors and small quartz enchanted to glow faintly. Commoners might not even notice the glow at first, subtle as it is. It's not uncommon for Mothkin looking to "Acquire" new knowledge to pray before going out.

Adventuring Mothkin are usually doing so in order to find secrets and such.

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We're posting snails now?

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>> No.30981636

You forgot to change the name from raptoran in a couple of places.

>> No.30981663

Their ranking in society can be based off how fluffy they are. The fluffier the higher you are. Their leader just be a giant ball of fluff.

>> No.30981754

I would say it's the other way around: Higher ranking = more time/money to devote to appearance = more fluff.

>> No.30981794

>Their leader just be a giant ball of fluff.
Their leader is just a giant cotton ball that someone once mistook for a person.

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Holy shit, they're like Kender, as written by someone who isn't retarded. Like, with flaws that are *actually flaws* and not Mary Sue bullshit.

>> No.30981912

time to add moths to my homebrew RPG

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>> No.30981998

Judging from Body-Fluff ratio, I'd guess this Lamp-Lurker to be lower nobility, particularly wealthy merchant at the very least.

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I actually started this thread because I was thinking of adding bug people to MY homebrew RPG. I am not in the least disappointed in the direction of this thread.

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This is an interesting drawing.

>> No.30982079


Surprisingly close to the way I did mine, of course, mine were a little more emotionless and logical for a more grim, grimy world than a fanciful and endearing race for high-fantasy. That and they were magic specialists, not rogues.

Still, I like it. Good job. Also what >>30981909 said.


Wonder if anyone else is willing to share their moth race concept.

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>> No.30982097

anons on /tg/ usually have these two major fetishes, xenophilia and worldbuilding

>> No.30982118


>Wonder if anyone else is willing to share their moth race concept.

Base them off Luminoth.

>> No.30982127

Mental note: hit up drawthread. Get actual art for this, one day.

Boop! Fixed, I think.

>> No.30982130

Just what kinda bug is that, anyhow?

>> No.30982134

>thinking tits on a bug makes any evolutionary sense

Seriously at least my fetishes can be practiced in reality. Maybe you should spend some time outside and remember what the difference is?

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>> No.30982161


>> No.30982175

mine were going to be a race of archaeologist/scientists that are part of a bigger insect empire, but they dress Elizabethan Era

>> No.30982193

I have no idea, but apparently getting in their face is a Very Bad Idea.
Anon, do you even Pervy Arch-Magi?
That's pretty much my Go-to explanation for this kind of thing. Bored Deities work for less Magical Realm-y ones.

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>> No.30982196

>> No.30982216

im going to get some of my friends that are artists do the art for my RPG, so if you want the mothperson art from me you are more than welcome to have it when/if its done

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>> No.30982227

>You wanna start shit with me, biped? Huh?
>Yeah, that's what I though, squishy.

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>> No.30982268

That'd be pretty awesome.
But I have work in a half-hour. Does your friend have a dumping site of some sort?

>> No.30982286


Seems like knowledge acquisition is a big part of insect races based off Moths. Do we just associate them with the search for knowledge, or that we see them as little adventurers of the dark, finding secrets in the shadowy places?

Maybe we see them instinctively drawn to the flame, and are reminded of our own insatiable curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge, even if we get burned trying to get to it?

>> No.30982305

I've been looking for a replacement for gnomes as an industrious inventor archetype for a while now. I decided to do bugs because beetle people were a cool idea. After this thread I can't just shoe horn in the bug race. They have to be special. Moths are definitely going to be a part of it. I'm thinking it will go something like this.

Warrior: A beetle. Larger than other classes, hard shell and maybe two sets of arms for more weapons.

Wizards: Definitely Moths. Fluffy spell casters and marginal flyers.

Waywards: I have no idea yet. Maybe a mantis. Mantises are cool.

Workers: Ants maybe.

>> No.30982308

no, but if you want to hit me up at [email protected] then ill send them to you when and if they get done

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>> No.30982339

thats the most beautiful description of moth people that ive seen ever, mind if i steal part of it for my RPG?

>> No.30982352

I've been working on a serious moth race for a setting for a little while, but I've only got one of the main moth nations written out.

Anyone want to hear it?

>> No.30982368

>Anyone want to hear it?

Where do you think you are Anon? I-

>> No.30982379

Lets hear it, man. The moth the merrier.

>> No.30982381

>mothkin rogue breaks into your house
>the fucker stole all of your books, lamps, and candles
>the worst of all is it ate your favorite coat

>> No.30982390

but that pun thoe

>> No.30982456


Go ahead. I seem to have rekindled my writing skills, though they're not used for much more than essays and posting on /tg/. If something productive can come from it, all the better.

>> No.30982508

>It then proceeds to seduce you with its fluff

>> No.30982533

That's not fair, no one can resist the fluff.

>> No.30982551

>be wearing wool clothes
>moth-girl can't resist dat flavor and basically undresses you with her mouth
>soft, fluffy moth sex ensues

>> No.30982564

>implying evolution has anything to do with the creation of races in most settings

>> No.30982587

You condescending little dumbshit, what do you think tits are for? You think tits on a bug is really that "out there" when there are hundreds of thousands of insect species that naturally secrete nutritious substances from their bodies? You think it makes "no sense" for a large, intelligent animal with a high caloric demand to subsist on milk during infancy?

>> No.30982599


>> No.30982610

>implying evolution created the races in our own setting

>> No.30982617


>> No.30982624

>Wake up next morning.
>Moth girl is gone.
>Entire apartment has been dusted.

>> No.30982658


I'm fairly sure that moths don't eat clothing directly, it's their larva that goes bananas for that stuff.

Most moths don't eat anything, living their final days in search of mates before they die of starvation. Those that do eat tend go for high-value foods like nectar, honey raided from bee's nests, and in the case of one Russian species, blood.

>> No.30982668

>> No.30982702

Right, since I haven't really typed it all out in one place, this might take a while.

>General moth things:

>Language: Mostly buzzing antennae and a bit of clicking here and there, though the moths do have vocal cords (dragons wanted to be praised more).

>This moth nation is populated mostly by petal-wings, or (moth name here), which are based off pic related

>The petal-wings average 4'8" for males, 5'0" for females, the smallest sub-species of the moth people
>Society strongly encourages color and beauty over all else, resulting in very strange but beautiful cities
>Day-to-day/civic activities are mostly ruled by the priesthood, who assign jobs to the lower castes
>Priests worship the greatest light of all, the sun itself, which they believe to be the shining cocoon of their god
>Government decisions are made by a meeting of three houses, one of which is the priesthood, which ask three questions of a suggested law/motion/etc, passing it after reaching a consensus
>Said questions are:
>"Does it please [the sun]?" (asked by the priests)
>"Is it beautiful?" (asked by the... aesthetic police? uncertain here)
>"Does it benefit us somehow?" (not sure about this last house)

>Moth metalwork and mining is fairly poor, so they trade often
>Exports of the moths include spider silk, herbs and spices, dyes, artwork, etc
>Unlike other subraces of the moth-folk, the petalwings are not particularly talented at magic, being somewhat less naturally proficient than humans

>> No.30982705

It's an old joke that we're using in a slightly different way.

>> No.30982757

>tfw no mothkin gf

>> No.30982791

>I'm fairly sure that moths don't eat clothing directly
They do.

I found one eating my best suit one time. It had its face buried in a little hole in the sleeve it had made, and was feasting with great enthusiasm until I blew it to bits with an electrified bug swatter.

It's funny, but its last meal was twice as expensive as the costliest dinner I've ever enjoyed.

>> No.30982821

>Exports of the moths include spider silk
>Not moth silk
What the fuck

>> No.30982827

I envisioned moths as being super-ultra-mega great at magic but being frail as shit. Then again I also imagined them as Gypsies kicked out of their home by something big and bad.

>> No.30982834


Obviously, you need to eat a meal four times as expensive as that to get back at that damned moth.

>> No.30982841

>its last meal was twice as expensive as the costliest dinner I've ever enjoyed.
Damn, but do they know how to eat!

>> No.30982849

I like the idea of colorful and pretty moth people. It's a nice contrast to all of the GRIMDARK BROODING on this board.

>"Does it benefit us somehow?" (not sure about this last house)

I imagine that would be some house that concerns themselves with the greater good.

>> No.30982859

This makes me want to talk about a God in a setting I'm brewing, which is semi-related to moths.

Anybody interested?

>> No.30982897

If you have to ask, the answer is yes.

>> No.30982915

Given how seemingly naive and unconcerned with death moths in the real world appear, I'd imagine moth-folk would be carefree beautiful creatures even in an otherwise grimdark setting.

>> No.30982944

>killing a moth
How could you, anon? She better not have been a cute fluffy moth.

>> No.30982976

I'm now envisioning a scenario where 2 rogues, one Drow and one Mothkin, break in to some big fancy house.
The Drow goes in with twin daggers flying, seeking revenge on the owner of the house because angsty reasons.
The Mothkin, meanwhile, uses the distraction provided by the Nigger-Elf to sneak past the guards, pick the lock on the Library/Vault/Bed Chambers, stuff as much EVERYTHING into her bags of holding as will fit, and proceed to De-ass the area with the quickness.

>> No.30983003

Wouldn't be hard, just put the material in a blender and it'd come out better.

>> No.30983004

Moths a shit.

Post cockroaches.

>> No.30983008

>> No.30983020

>a lot of artists
>very good and renown tailors
>maybe have them be good with those Japanese style bows
>exotic dancers?
>multiple arms might make them pretty good bards

>> No.30983049


Well, technically, it's not really a God. Or it kind of is. I haven't decided yet.

Let's just start with the beginning.

In the setting I am trying to create, there are no such things as atoms. Everything is made out of an extremely small silk-like texture. Even metaphysical things like spirits, music, Magick/Mana/Magicka, and Reality itself.

So, I thought I would make the Chief Deity of my setting a Moth. Haven't chosen a name yet, though. Originally, it was going to be some sort of gigantic flying whale, but yeah.
I could explain some more, but I would have to delve deeper into the setting, something which isn't really completed.

Sorry if you expected something more complete, I just thought of it now.

>> No.30983055


> Anybody interested?

If you have to ask, on /tg/, YES.


The question could be rephrased:
> Of what benefit is it?
> What are its consequences?
> Is it good?
As it is, it seems a little selfish. Would they be so unconcerned with matters outside themselves? The last house could be one of morality, as acts purely for the sun may not be beautiful (or great for anyone), and acts purely for beauty may not be for the sun (or great for moths or anyone else).

>> No.30983077


Here >>30983049

i might actually go into more info.

>> No.30983087

mothkin necromancers

>> No.30983109

It would stand to reason that the doctrine of the sun would include benefiting those outside the community, as the sun bears its grace upon all equally. Just saying.

>> No.30983122

> Lawful Good Mothkin necromancer

Aw yiss nigga

>> No.30983140

I remember when I was thinking of a moth race, I also tried to think of a foil that embodies everything they aren't. Moths are light, delicate, and friendly creatures, so I thought, what would be something that's heavy, sturdy, and very surly? First thing that came to mind was a crab. And because the sound of crab claws in cartoons is often indicated with castanets, I figured that crabmen would have Spanish accents.

>> No.30983161

>Yo, dead guy, how'dja die?
>That fuckass over there stabbed me, yo!
>K, thanks bro, you can pass on now.

>> No.30983164

>for a noble moth woman, it is a rite of passage to create a beautiful garment or other cloth object from the silk of her cocoon. In the rare event that she fails this test, she may be disowned and even relegated to a lower caste.

>> No.30983180

This is a crab thread now.

>> No.30983231


Sounds neat, that reality is really just a complex, universal tapestry. A masterstroke of living artistry from the gods. Would the moth-god have woven it? They seem to be the ones who eat it. Is there also a spider-god who weaves? Could make sense in interaction: a weaver who creates and an artist who cuts and creates.

My own moth race was part of a fable of predator and prey: the spider (allegory for a spider race) learning the first ancient magics through building the web as a kind of dreamcatcher, and the moth (allegory for mothrin) entangled in it becoming its first disciple. The moth then brought this knowledge to the bat (allegory for vampires), who brought this knowledge to the human.


Exactly what I played with this character, >>30975345, though with a little more business tact and grace.


That or The Burning Hate. Just as it gives life, it can just as easily sear it away. The beautiful fire that mesmerizes can destroy if left unshepherded.

>> No.30983236

So, would moth people wear clothing, or would their fluff suffice to satisfy whatever modesty they have?

>> No.30983271

I figured they would wear scarves, hats, or single piece of clothing.

>> No.30983274


>> No.30983277

Apparently they're not actually smoking the cigarettes, they're eating them. Or if they don't like the test, they just hold them anyway because they're too interested too let go of it.

If they have naughty bits and modesty they probably wear clothes they can't eat.

>> No.30983303


If anything, they could wrap their wings around themselves to serve as a colorful dress or coat. That might be enough to pass for modesty among other races.

Any clothing they would wear would have to deal with two sets of wings and arms, so it might be somewhat simple underneath that.

>> No.30983320

Fluff is largely sufficient for modesty normally, but depending on how much time they spend around other races they might pick up other behaviour, particularly if they start to feel self-conscious about not wearing clothes when everyone else does. Aside from adopting elements of dress from other cultures they deal frequently with, they probably have their own culture of ornamentation- I imagine plain moths tend to dye their fluff, while more naturally colourful ones accentuate their natural pigments with jewelery or sashes.

>> No.30983325

All clothes they wear are purely for aesthetic purposes. The clothes are designed to show off has much of their fluff has they can.

>> No.30983332

The lower and middle class moths who are more dusty than fluffy would need clothing.

Indeed, it might be seen as a status symbol for a moth to be sufficiently fluffy to be able to go around nude without exposing itself indecently.

>> No.30983356

So they dress like hos?

>> No.30983369

>Suck it, Serfs! I'm so fluffy, I don't NEED clothes!
Yeah, sounds about right.

>> No.30983388

I love your idea of a Spider God, the artist.

I really mean it. I fucking love it.

My idea needs work, but if I get it all sorted out, I might post it on /tg/, although it would take many threads to explain everything (There are dozens of races, but I'm trying to make them all unique)

>> No.30983410

The fully matured moth people don't really have much reason to care about anything but fucking.

>> No.30983478

But that begs the question, can they breed with other species and if so, what do their children come out like?

>> No.30983536

Do you not know what species means?

In a more magical world where giant moth-people could actually exist? I don't know. If it was my setting... inter-species breeding can't be a thing. Sex might be sort of possible, but offspring is completely out of the question.

>> No.30983598

>In a more magical world where giant moth-people could actually exist?
Uh, duh.

>> No.30983664

I doubt it.

Maybe with other egg-laying creatures, but I just can't see insects and mammals being able to create offspring together. The life cycle is just too different.

>> No.30983906

Where could I possibly find more Mothkin art?

Googling it isn't really helping.

>> No.30984009

have a friend do it or commision it, its the only way

>> No.30984142


>> No.30984188

yep. ITs hard out here for a xenophile that just wants the love of a fluffy moth butt buddy

>> No.30984290

Yeah, but really, who hasn't done that?

>> No.30985855

Doesn't seem so bad..
>realize that is skin

>> No.30986944

Hm, could probably do that with the Nightbane Morphus tables for insect traits.

>> No.30987755

I bet if you hugged a mothperson they would be slightly squishy :3

>> No.30988846

Care to find out?


>> No.30988888

You mean like The Weaver from oWoD?


>> No.30989148

>>30982702 here, back from partying

Moth silk is produced only from the cocoon you make once in your life, making it a very, very precious thing to you. Typically, such silk is made into the finest finery, worn for festivals.

Spider silk is cultivated and grown in large quantities and woven together, being pretty but ultimately of little value.

For the most part, they avoid the rest of the world (as other creatures are less beautiful), occasionally trading for what they cannot make, such as finer metalwork. Adventurers are quite rare, and only really exist when the priests miscount the larvae in a hatching.

Exiles, on the other hand, are bleached before being thrown out. It takes a lot of shit to get exiled.

>> No.30989868

i now want beetle space marines....goddamn it

>> No.30990019

so have fungus
apparantly we mammals are doing it wrong

>> No.30990058

We did roll up a chapter of one a while ago.

>> No.30990150


>> No.30992573

Ok. I actually think that's kind of cute. The gifs before were terrifying, but this is just being a great mother.

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