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What do you think?

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I'm really ok with DE on launch.

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But them allying with chaos?

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They've invited Fabulous Bill and Lucius to Commoragh so it's not that unbelievable, they like to live on the edge.

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Well, it wouldn't be a ring, otherwise.

And Craftworlders DEFINITELY aren't gonna ally with Chaos.

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I like LCGs. I like Warhams. I want this to be good. But seriously, Ork-IG, Ork-Chaos, CHOAS-DE, and DE-Eldar are all flavor-ly retarded.

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Ork Mercenaries maybe?
Mercenaries again? Chaos commander promises orks loot and kills?
Beats me
Not unheard of if there's some common goal or compromise, but they definitely would be at odds and I'm guessing certain units will definitely be DE only.

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....Blood Axes?

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I wonder how the hell Necrons and Nids are going to favor into that chart. Neutral factions I guess.

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How long until they completely drop hating xenos as part of the SM faction?

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Sucks that it is only two players

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>DE-Eldar are flavor-ly retarded.
Sounds more like you're retarded.

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Blood Axe orcs work with local Imperial forces as mercs, canon.

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Imperial Guard hires Ork mercenaries plenty. Established part of the fluff.
Happened in Dawn of War: Winter Assault. Why wouldn't they ally?
This one IS harder to explain, but both are raiders and outcasts.
Happens all the time. The Eldar don't TRUST the Dark Eldar, but they'd rather help them than some filthy non-Eldar.

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It seems like not only do you choose a primary faction, but there are multiple warlords you can choose in each faction. I'm excited to see more cards.

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Is it me or does this game just remind people of Smash Up?

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I'll probably play one side or the other of Eldar as primary, with the other as secondary.

Maybe FFG can step up where GW failed and make Mandrakes worth using...

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Well the ability to not choose an ally seems like it's kind of cool. When you sit down to play against someone there are at least three potential overall builds you could be looking at.

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>All this ultrafaggotry

Im going for IG, fuck the lackeys of girlyman

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Responding to myself, yeah it just seems to be Smash Up with 40k pictures. Shame was looking forward to a new 40k LCG.

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While I'm hoping for at least one other chapter present in this first set I'm not holding my breath.

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Oh for sure.

I mean, the core thing is that overall, your own faction will probably suit your warlord best - they'll probably share attributes, design mechanics, even keywords. But the point of adding a faction on either side is to give you limited access to some of their mechanical tricks, so you dilute the straight up symmetry of your faction to expand your options and maybe get some nice racial symmetry.

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They'll probably work out some First Founding warlords. I wouldn't be surprised to see something like a Vulkan Haestan warlord with a Tech bonus.

Successors are probably burnt, though, very few of those have recognizable characters. Pedro, maybe.

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Fabius Billis is a honored guest in Comorragh

As far as lesser human plebs guest can get honored there.

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AGoTs LCG should have been the basis for this to really get the everyone fighting everyone else alliances of convenience thing and the superior 3+ players gameplay.

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I'm noticing all the Ultramarines cards have the tag "Ultramarines" and an Eldar card has the tag "Iyanden" but there are a ton of cards that don't have any kind of tag of that nature like this guy.

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>Pedro, maybe
>Not High Marshall "I fucked a Greater Demon with my toothbrush" Helbrecht.

Its like you hate bad asses, he may be young but he has plenty to give.

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Which is odd as he is, by his own fluff, a Bad Moonz Warboss.

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Sweet, a new FFG 40K relea--

>card game


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For some reason I always forget the Templars are successors of Dorn and not just their own thing.

A Crusade deck would be righteous as fuck.

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But being able to potentially ally them with Tau is pretty derp.

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His tag is Warboss, the other Orks are Boys. What I think this means is that certain cards only effect certain chapters / craftworlds, but for the Orks no matter what you field it gets the benefit because the cards target "boys" or "warboss" which fluff wise makes sense in a Waaagh.

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Yeah, that would be the problem. Ultramarine/Tau alliances have happened and make sense, and even some of the other more reasonable chapters could fall into that.

Of course, there's an easy solution - give Helbrecht a warboss trait that gives him a fuck-ton of appropriate bonuses but says 'cannot take Tau cards in a deck containing Helbrecht'

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>Happened in Dawn of War: Winter Assault. Why wouldn't they ally?
Because the whole purpose of orks creation was to destroy chaos. Bag vg writing does not excuse bad LCG ally choices.

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Weird stuff.

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I know card flopers are the worst barely better than LARPers

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Im not sure what you mean, he is the first card out of nine? Nine warlords for space marines?

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Just talks about what card in what set it is.

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The whole purpose of Orks is to fight.

Do you even WAAAAGH!!?!

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A card that isn't a warlord for comparison.

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Orks were made to fight and kill, they don't care who.

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>the whole purpose of orks creation was to destroy chaos
Nah, I'm pretty sure that's not the case.

The Old Ones created a WHOLE RACE of Warp-using psykers, man.

The Orks were a biological weapon against shit like the Necrontyr, not against the Immaterium.

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I say it's a lot better if you swap orks and chaos. Or maybe not.

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I'm not into cards.

I think I'll stick with the miniatures and RPG stuff.

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And nowhere in the Ork fluff does it imply that they have the faintest notion of that fact, nor are they compelled in any way to act on it.

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Yeah I'm going to stick with what I said, that just shows that in the LCG he is the 6th card in that set who is a fighter.

The 123 is his number in comparison to all the cards in the set, where as the 006 = Eldar and the 05/09 = what unit out of the 9 he is.

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I'd agree, that way you have the whole lost and the damned with chaos.

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It says each warlord comes with 8 cards in it signature squad which you must include in the deck, so maybe this is the 5 of the 9 (including the warlord) which must be in the deck with the eldar warlord

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It also says there might be multiples of cards within that command group, so maybe the multiples have different artwork or something?

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could be confusing, but i wouldn't put it past FFG

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Chaos and Dark Eldar have been known to work with each other from time to time.

>Chapter Master Sarpedon quickly caught wind of this heresy by his battle-brother and tracked Tellos to Entymion IV, an Imperial world held by a mysterious alliance of Dark Eldar and Slaaneshi Cultists. The Imperial Guard, with the assistance of the Crimson Fists, were at that moment trying to liberate the world.

In fact, Lucius and Bile were invited as guests to the Dark City.

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Oh my gosh. Just sqeeee'ed

Gotta get those cards. This must have one for Illic too.

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No, you made shit about Lucius up, his WotD doesn't say it.
And Fabius was captured during the slave rade, not invited.

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No, I didn't.

It says Lucius and Bile were pilgrims and visitors to the Dark City. also Bile was captured but eventually he became a guest and a student in the tower of flesh.

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Yes you did.
"Lucius's fellow piligrim into the Dark City" does not mean he is piligrim himself.
Stop binding wording into what you want to see.

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''Fellow pilgrim'' means he was a pilgrim himself to the Dark City, dude.

You're the one twisting words to deny the broship between Slaaneshi's and Dark Eldar.

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> Dark Eldar are not only in game but right on the cover art
What sorcery is this?

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> No greater honour have the Dark Eldar bestowed upon a member of the lesser races in all of human history. Bile realises this fact well, and has put the lessons he learned there to good use ever since.
> No greater honour
> in all of human history

About Bile.
Get rekt.

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>No Necrons

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Were the other 40K stuff released by FF besides the RPGs good?

Don't recall hearing if Horus Heresy and Relic were good

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Don't ignore Lucius's WotdM which said he was a pilgrim to the Dark City.

Bile was an honored student in the Tower of Flesh learning lesser secrets. Lucius was implied to have been just a fighter in the arenas.

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Even if so, what makes you think he was invited and not just captured as a slave fighter.

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I like Death Angel. It's Space Hulk but in card form.

>> No.30920129

I'm pretty sure FFG actually likes them.

>> No.30920157

HH seems to be good, though expensive and long. Relic is fucking BULLSHIT, horrible random trash, don't even consider it.

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> no crons in TCG
> no crons in Eternal Crusade
> no novels from cron perspective

No one likes deathbots.

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>>dat ass

>> No.30920306

Crons never made it to DoW2 while Nids were a starting race.

>> No.30920314


At least you can keep Tyranids company.

>> No.30920345

At least they are not an NPC faction!

> no novels from cron perspective

Hammer and Anvil, Infinite Tableau had minor and yet great Necron parts.

Fall of Damnos might as well, I haven't read it yet.

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That's pure muscles m8.

>> No.30920421

The game mechanics look surprisingly similar to the original Star Wars CCG. Which would be nice because I enjoyed that game.

>> No.30920461

>dem pictures
>dat board state
>dem sector cards lined up to make multiple separate battlefields

I am reminded in a pleasing way of the 40K TCG by Sabertooth Games. Shame they went for a cost system over the Sabertooth version's cards-as-dice; that was one of the more interesting things I've seen in a card game.

>> No.30920483

I never played it myself as it was way before my 40k time, but it had some amazing artwork and some pretty obscure lore for a card game.

>> No.30920517

>No Inquisition
>No investigation themed hand disruption
>No exterminatus based board wipes
Other than that seems like it has potential

>> No.30920551

>Exterminatus board wipes

There are multiple planets though.

>> No.30920615

one of the cards previewed literally says "exterminatus" on it you dolt

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Relic's fine if you're okay with Talisman. If you're not okay with Talisman than you'd never like anything derived from it anyway.

>> No.30920838

Yeah, I know. The thing is that I bought it, as everybody seemed to like Talisma, it allowed a big amount of players, it was long and the components were really cool. I quickly read the Talisman rules and I thought that it was ok.

Then I played for like 4 hours a freaking game using rules to make it less random and still it was like 5 people playing alone on the same fucking board, fighting against a freaking dice. It was awful and freaking expensive. I hate it! HATE!

>Hate? But I prefer Slaanesh, why would I...

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Well the expansion is adding a neat competitive component, but I'm sure you're already done with the game.

>> No.30921203

Nah, even with the competitive game, we are talking about rolling 2 freaking d6, and seeing where can you land, then rolling a d6 to fight something, with 1/6 probability for either you or your enemy of fucking the other ass no matter the level.


>> No.30921232

The dice in the Relic set are Tzeentch cursed bullshit. Mine rolled a dumb amount of 6's and 1's. Throw them away and replace them. It actually made the game more fun.

>> No.30921289

I'm either thinking some kind of new game that can use part of the components (the board, the minis and the character cards), or trying to selling it or trading it.

>> No.30921307

I have its what started the Newcrons

Veil of Darkness has some good Cron parts

>> No.30921335

If you honestly don't like it, then yeah sell it on second hand. I can understand why it doesn't appeal to everyone. Personally, I really enjoy playing it with a full group and some beer and music.

>> No.30921354

Don't forget Dead Men Walking, Kriegs and Necrons, one of my fav IG novels.

>> No.30921485

>Veil of Darkness


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FFG is into the weird shit.

Which makes it really weird that they haven't done any Eldar or Dark Eldar books, because they seem to really like them. Hell, they've only done one Dark Eldar path at all.

>> No.30921592

Well where the fuck would you put them on the alliance chart?

They'd be monobuild.

>> No.30921611

There is an exterminatus card.

The big I will probably end up in IG or Space Marines (for Malleus) anyway.

>> No.30921626

Did they?
I remember two careers: kabalite and wych, and also plenty in the Dark Kin supplement.

>> No.30921688

Oh that's right. Kabalite was the only one I remembered, but Dark Kin does add Wych and some alternate ranks.

Still, where's my Yriel's Raiders book

>> No.30921703

A branch off the wheel with Space Marines with an asterisk that they can only join with Blood Angels warlords.

>> No.30921719

Yriel retired from raiding.
Now he has messiah stuff to do.
Gotta find an another space elf pirate.

>> No.30921730

It looks like it's a space marine card (which means it most likely can be used in IG decks)

>> No.30921760

Huh. I haven't read any of the newest 'dexes really. Or is this Black Library?

Yeah, so you could fold it into IG decks (or Tau, which is hilarious. TAU EXTERMINATUS)

Likewise, whichever deck the =I= end up in, they'll be accessible to both Imperial factions.

>> No.30921865

From Iyanden supplement.

>> No.30921881

>Now he has messiah stuff to do.

Hey, that's my job!

>> No.30921904

But you are incompetent, m8.
Like everyone from Alaitoc though.

>> No.30921914

>Yriel as son of Vect
...I can accept this headcanon.

Look I just wanna be an Eldar pirate is that so wrong

Like, a Craftworld book would be tough because CWE are so restricted, I get that, but I feel like a Comorragh book would be right in FFG's fuckin' wheelhouse. Include some regular Eldar corsairs, and we're golden

>> No.30921926

so its just an updated version of the 40k ccg?

>> No.30922003

>a Comorragh book would be right in FFG's fuckin' wheelhouse.

There is one, sort of. Technically it's an adventure splatbook, where a Rogue Trader and crew get involved in Dark Eldar politics, but it's got full rules for playing as a Kabalite Warrior. FFG also put out a short web supplement which adds Wyches as an option, along with ways of representing Hellions, Wracks, and Incubi.

The book's titled "Soul Reaver", if you're interested.

>> No.30922029

I'm aware of it. Isn't that one kinda railroady? And sure it covers Kabalites and Wyches but what if I wanna be a Scourge? Or a Hellion? Or an Incubus?

Besides which
>implying I ever get to play Rogue Trader

>> No.30922038

Is there a craftworld that jobs harder than Alaitoc?
Or did they exclusively claim that title amongst their kin?

>> No.30922101

Iyanden has a fair amount of defeats.

>> No.30922130

Iyanden only jobs occasionally, but when they do they job so hard that everyone is robots.

Then they job again.

Then Yriel shows up.

>> No.30922131

They're all dead though and at least bear shame no more.

>> No.30922164

Kaelor is pretty fucked up and I'm not sure if they ever really came back. I think they fucked up the most without actually dying out.

>> No.30922187

Jobbing for nids isn't jobbing, it's charity.

>> No.30922214

IIRC they got revamp in one of FFG books.

>> No.30922215

What do you call it when they do it to marines?

>> No.30922256

I'm highly curious now.

I liked Eldar Prophecy, hence Kaelor. People said the fluff was way off on craftworlds, but the entire point was they were separated and had good reason to be off.

>> No.30922260

At war everyone loses sometimes, but still it's impossible to compete morons from Alaitoc, Carnac-kun.
Deal with it.

>> No.30922281

>Walking into an ambush



>> No.30922339

Well, you know, properly written eldar tactics would restrict them from jobbing.
So writers often politely forget about it.

>> No.30922353

And yet has never been right. Ever.

Hence why I'm 100% sure that Vulkan's not dead and is no longer a perpetual.

>> No.30922432

Can they, anon? Can they really?

>badmouthing the BEST Craftworld

One of those days I am gonna compile all Alaitoc's glorious victories to counter your slander. If only I can muster enough care and mental endurance to wade into Eldar lore without me bashing my head against a wall.

>> No.30922501


He's the warlord, card #1 in the set

each warlord comes with 8 cards that must be included in his deck, he's warlord set 1, card 1 of 9.

It's the same concept as card pods that Eric Lang used in his previous game SW:LCG.

>> No.30922547

It's shame the last capable person on Alaitoc was Kael Ra who isn't only dead for god knows how long but now also is dead forever.
Such is a tragedy of Alaitoc.

>> No.30922578

So is that the first warlock set then? They're going to keep a running tally of every warlock set?

>> No.30922615


I have warlocks on the brain.

>> No.30922670

>now also is dead forever.


The Spiritseer retrieved his spiritstone and made it to the Webway gate before the scarabs ate everything. Prince Ecliptic lives in death.

>> No.30922904


Lol, can't read more than a sentence of any post at one time?

>> No.30922970

Still doesn't cover Scourges.

But yeah I guess it does include Hellions and such as alternate ranks.

It's still not really what I was looking for (a dedicated Dark Eldar RPG with distinct mechanics) but it's something to look over if I get an RT game going.

>> No.30923008


Which ones are scourges again? Haven't played DE since maybe middle 3E 40k.

>> No.30923017


The ones that turn themselves into birds.

>> No.30923037

Flying heavy gunner bird guys.

Also it seems to handle basically everything as alternate paths rather than as distinct careers.

It's a start, though.

>> No.30923553


probably when they get rid of the Dark Angels and Black Templars

>> No.30923618

I like this Warlord idea.
Sounds like the identity cards from Netrunner, but even nicer.

>> No.30923674

Is it normal for Space Marines to ally with Tau?

>> No.30923712


Only Ultramarines.

>> No.30924039

Godfuckingdammit. I already play A:NR and LotR.

>> No.30924188



>> No.30924204

Well I guess now I play three LCG games. Why don't I just completely give up on all publishers that aren't Fantasy Flight? I mean they OBVIOUSLY make the best games of the traditional world, there are just no other publishers that compete with the consistent quality and volume that FFG does.

>> No.30924630

My thoughts exactly.

>> No.30925093

How does it comparre mechanically to all of the other LCG games?

>> No.30925094

Did anyone here play FFG's Blood Bowl Team Manager card game?
It looks like it's the same, but the individual Blood Bowl matches have been replaced by planets that you conquer? Feels kinda silly.

>> No.30925281

It seems like a wierd mix of all the other LCGs, Cthulhu's center row of objectives. SW taking turns striking during combat, WH:I Deckbuilding and resource structure.

They need to expand their design team and appoint different heads of development for different games

>> No.30925311

You forgot about Netrunner's identity cards.

>> No.30925329

IG Warlord?

>> No.30925392

Good catch. If find out they made saves from AGoT a thing in this I'll lol over them not accepting my application.

And the cry.

>> No.30925576

I just want to believe y'know? I've just heard that the other LCGs are kind of mediocre.

>> No.30925651

I've only really played Netrunner and that one is pretty good.
However the core mechanics of that game haven't been made by FFG because it's a remake of an old Garfield game.

>> No.30925729


No, it caught my attention but I never made the purchase.

>> No.30925991

>Eric Lang is once again lead designer (Call of Cthulhu, A Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Warhammer : Invasion)
Well that explains that

>> No.30925997

AGoT seems to be pretty good. And WH:I is entertaining. The real problem I see with WH:I is that it seems a bit static, like I'm not really motivated to buy new stuff, but I like playing the game.

Probably that's the real problem with 1v1 games. Multiplayer is the way to go.

>> No.30926047

>Multiplayer is the way to go.
I heard the last expansion added multiplayer to WHI.

>> No.30926152

Ah, if I had someone to play that thing with...

In fact, if I had someone to play /tg/ things with...

>> No.30926871

Man, that would liven things up. I mean, you can kinda houserule it, but not enough CCGs support full on 'get everyone around the table' play.

One of the things I always liked about L5R was that it was built with large games at least partly in mind.

>> No.30927466


Netrunner is better than MTG, GoT is fun and mechanically sound, never played Invasion, Starwars is good but I hate that setting by now and LotR is wonderful, but it's coop.
I really like CoC, but It may be weakest out of the bunch. It's still amazing.

LCGs are good.

>> No.30927721

I play A:NR and LotR currently. Star Wars did not look particularly interesting, and GoT looked a bit messier than what I've heard about it. But yeah, I've heard just that A:NR and LotR are the two stand-outs of the line. I have faith and I'm sure I'll get it day one, just have some slight skepticism.

>> No.30929021

Star wars is my favorite out of the bunch, I play Netrunner with other people's decks. Used to play AGoT, CoC, WH:I, but ended up dumping them all since I like SW much better and playgroup was into it. I play LotR too, but it really doesn't count.

>> No.30929361

The web supplement for the book actually does have rules for Incubus (though for some reason they forgot to stat the Incubus armour) and the Skyterror, which is basically Hellion, Reaver and vehicle pilot all rolled into one.

Neighter is a full class tho, instead being just an alternate career rank. The Incubi one is also a veyr high level, one, rank 8 I think.

>> No.30932262

What do you like about the SW LCG?

>> No.30934027 [DELETED] 

I need to know everything about this. Reviews are mixed, but I'm interested...

>> No.30934640

I can't wait to see the overpowered core set cards.
Betcha the strongest cards will have only 1 or 2 copies instead of 3.

>> No.30934682



You won't.

>Betcha the strongest cards will have only 1 or 2 copies instead of 3.

You're a fucking genius man.

>> No.30934735

Yes, the DEEldar that are Dark Eldars only BATTLE BROTHERS in the actual tabletop. Definitely flavorly retarded.

>> No.30934737

>Thinking the core set cards won't be poorly balanced.

Babby's first LCG?

>> No.30934807


You're using that incorrectly.

If you played any LCGs you'd know that the core cards are often the most optimal versions of things, but the later variations of the same mechanic end up being more useful.

This is why Corroder is the best Fracter, but it doesn't mean that it's in every fucking deck because it's 'overpowered'.

>> No.30934865

I say Corroder is overpowered

>> No.30934869

Corroder is in every deck because it's poorly balanced. It's not overpowered, but the game would be healthier if it cost more influence. Also cards like Account Siphon and Astroscript are obviously too powerful, and would not get printed now.

>> No.30934915

Remember when they thought giving the most efficient code gate breaker 1 influence was a good idea?

>> No.30934938

Another good example is Desperado. As far as I know, the devs said they regret not having put it at 6 cost to install.

>> No.30934958

It's not in every deck.

This is 2014, March already. If you still can't handle Account Siphon, you're not too good at this.

>Astroscript are obviously too powerful, and would not get printed now.

Core set are always the best cards. It's made so you can play with just core, not buying anything else. Maybe another core.

You're challenging an entire game and its balance, you're gonna need a strong argument, rather than /v/-talk.

As far as I know, you posted a source.

>> No.30934972

>destroy chaos
>they were made to destroy C'tan

I know that it's easy to get those mixed up, but if you're obviously new to 40k you shouldn't talk like you know it.

>> No.30935004


At first I thought a 40k game is a good idea, then I remembered that this a brony-tier fanbase.

>> No.30935026

I fucking love Account Siphon, doesn't change the fact that there's no way they'd print it now.

They've said they'd avoid more 3-2s, do you really think they'd print by far the best 3-2 given the chance to change it?

I've played 4 different Store Championships this year, with 21 unique opponents. There has been 1 opponent who didn't have a corroder in their deck. It's in every deck.

>> No.30935029

His point isn't that he sucks at countering Account Siphon, but that Account Siphon was obviously poorly balanced.

>Core set are always the best cards. It's made so you can play with just core, not buying anything else. Maybe another core.
Alright, so you agree with us that core set cards are unbalanced.

>> No.30935067


>my post is right, decklists are wrong

Sure thing buddy boyo.


>Alright, so you agree with us that core set cards are unbalanced.

Why am I wasting time arguing with a retard that can't read?

I can't blame a kid for crying. It's in your nature.

Come back to me when you re-read the post and think a little.

>> No.30935105

>damage control

>> No.30935126

I just checked the first 12 tournament winning lists on stimhack. All had corroders, even a Kit deck. What's your mystical source of lists with no corroders?

>Inb4 "I don't need corroder to beat my friends so it's not in every deck."

>> No.30935170

Looking at The Soul Reaver and THe Dark Kin, its small expnansion, there are Deldar fliers and fleshcrafters that are statted, so you could arguably make an incubi or a hellion based on all of those. You might have to homebrew a little, but most of what you'd be doing is just switching talents and skills around on the advantage buy list.

>> No.30935188

>Fitting 4 cool kid responses into one post.

Seriously, fuck off with this netrunner talk. Go be an idiot in a general.

>> No.30935211

Homebrew it and pitch it to FFG.

>> No.30935235

That's not damage control.
Not even him, it's just my pet peeve.

>> No.30935435

So, how high are the chances for a Raven Guard Space Marine Warlord?

>> No.30935766

In the core set? Zero. Eventually? It's possible. We'll probably get about 1 new Warlord per faction in each cycle, and they'll probably do one for Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Templars first, and there'd obviously be plenty of competition after that.

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