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You are Reinhold, master swordsman and victor of the Royal Swordsmanship Tournament. The King was so impressed with your skill, he personally requested that you be transferred out of the army and into the Royal Guard! Not bad for an orphan who was raised in a brothel in a poor fishing village.

The only issue at this point is your assignment... you've been charged to be the personal guard of the King's only daughter Marianne. While she is the vision of loveliness that you'd expect from a Princess, her personality is... well... she seems to have some issues.

It looks like the situation here in Marconetti's gotten so bad that Celestino's actually decided to send his wife and children out of the country until it's settled.

You're not quite sure how to take this.

>Congratulations, you are once again an unruly WOLF!
>Wolves are cool and powerful... and also rather dangerous.
>The Princess considers you to be her friend!
>But while wolves are really cool, they still don't count as people.

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>> No.30905305

Poor Sylvie. She can't escape Luciana.

She's going to have to get the arch-NEET to lobotomize her.

>> No.30905335


It's time.

I want to see Sylvie cry.

>> No.30905349

wasn't millien there when monique got knighted, what happened to him?
also, if everyone is going to granache's castle, we need to get granny and citrine to come to. both for protection and having family/learning the family sword style the right way (and shipping her with arnaud)

>> No.30905355

"Whoa, when did you guys decide this!?" Giancarlo shouts.
"During the meeting that you decided was too boring to bother attending," Alberto replies, shaking his head. "It was only to be considered a potential measure, but after losing two Knights like this..."
"Yes, it's far too dangerous to risk having Luciana and the others here while the people responsible for the attacks are still at large," Celestino says. "And they might attack Lisette while trying to get to Chiara, so she's in danger as well."

While you definitely understand Celestino's reasoning behind this, you still feel pretty bad that they're being forced from their home like this.

"But won't we be safe as long as we stay inside the castle!?" Emilio shouts. "I don't want to have to leave home..."
"You know that the castle's security has already been compromised," Celestino says, shaking his head. "And even though we're working on dealing with that right now, you won't be truly safe until we've caught whoever is behind all of this. I've spoken to your mother about this, and she agrees with me."
"This ain't right..." Giancarlo mutters through gritted teeth.
"Anyways," Celestino clears his throat, "Luciana, Emilio and Elena will be leaving with Gregory and Thierri when they leave tomorrow. And Randolf was kind enough to agree to let Lisette and the baby stay in Krassato."

The mood in this hallway's suddenly got very tense, with Emilio, Elena ans Giancarlo (surprisingly enough) taking the news the hardest.

>have anything to say/ask?

>> No.30905405

>taka, karel, andreas are all coming to granach
finally, some guy friends besides nico

>> No.30905422

>Ask Lucianna, quietly, if there's a reason her mother wouldn't want to pay her brother an extended visit.

Just seems odd is all.

>> No.30905470

We should ask Therri permission to ask our grandmother to visit. Not sure Agnes would be up for it, but it would be nice to keep her out of harms way. We don't want whoever's behind this taking her hostage and trying to blackmail us.

>> No.30905476

i think it has more to do with keeping them all in one spot being a bad decision. plus luci, emilio, and elena need the protection of granache while chiara can hold off the assassins on her own

>> No.30905479

I noticed that at the time, but didn't say anything.

It's probably nothing to be worried about and most likely won't come back to bite us in the ass. Definitely.

>> No.30905485

"looks like writing letters to my betrothed will not the only means for me to speak with her now."

>> No.30905507

this : >>30905470
that'll be great for us and elena

>> No.30905526


We should reassure Giancarlo that we'll take great care of them, since he's not going. The guy cares about his little brother and sisters, of course he'd take it the hardest. But we're basically bros now, and bros help other bros out.

>> No.30905563


Agreed. Reassurances are in order.

>> No.30905570

But Karel ain't no dude, dude.

>> No.30905576

I don't really think now is the right time, we should ask later
This works

>> No.30905604

Neither is Nico.

>> No.30905626

But she is a bro.

>> No.30905654

Oh you glorious bastard. Monique is going to be Lucianna's new bodyguard, right?

>> No.30905682

i think he is either going to stay here and hunt the perps or go with the queen.

>> No.30905710


>> No.30905786

I think Taka wants to see his kids and Celestino wants the most dangerous man in his employ to be guarding his wife and youngest daughter.

>> No.30905792


>> No.30905816

Why am I suddenly filled with an unexpected sense of dread? How do you even do that?

>> No.30905832

Turtle black magic voodoo

>> No.30905842

he's just that good.

>> No.30906089

guys, I just got to thinking something
1. These assassins were after Celestino's unmarried children, who are also the children born of his new marriage
2. Almost all of his older children absolutely detest the younger ones, to the point of not considering them family

what if one of them is less rational and more murderous than a normal pissed off sibling?

>> No.30906120

Possibly. I'm still thinking magical bullshit.

>> No.30906133

maybe, but it was okay to kill the older siblings, so for that to work there'd have to be some reason for them to not like their "true" siblings

>> No.30906184

That theory is old hat, I'm pretty sure someone realized that possibility before the end of the thread where their objective was discovered.

>> No.30906192

Do we know which of Celestino's children were not in attendance?

May be people trying to get rid of competition for the throne.

>> No.30906210

then why take the younger ones alive

>> No.30906245

They aren't on the line to succession or are so far down the line that the older sibling would become prime material anyway.

>> No.30906277

In case Emilio gets with Marianne he will inherit the throne so their countries are united.

>> No.30906311

everyone is looking at this from the anti celestino angle. what if this was really aimed at his queen? grabbing those kids alive could be a 'sacrifice' to activate a blood curse to bounce back and go after any and all living relatives?

>> No.30906317

That's a big if to base a kidnapping on

>> No.30906321

Then why take Luciana, Elena or Chiara (I forgot the baby's name, sue me) alive? Seems like they'd be useless for that purpose.

>> No.30906322

That literally makes no sense nor do we even know if magic or curses work that way.

>> No.30906334

I think you need to lay off the cocaine.

>> No.30906345

Maybe the reason they're kidnapping the unmarried children is so that Celestino can't marry them off to gain Marconetti more power.
Maybe they're that slavedriver country.

>> No.30906363

Maybe, but that feels like a stretch.

>> No.30906383

This isn't BPQ.

>> No.30906386

Been reading Dresdon lately I take it?

>> No.30906395

I think we've done that line of reasoning. The slave country doesn't make sense without them being suicidally stupid, since they're already having some sort of hostilities with another country, and they wouldn't want to have two more.

>> No.30906406


>> No.30906498

If they only went for Emilio, then it would be plain that whoever was behind it had a reason to remove him from play. And since we have already figured out that the perps have an inside source good enough to know that Celestino's original plan was to marry Luciana to Monique, having this information would narrow down the list of suspects that much more. When you have a king that can destroy the capital city with a spell who has relatives and friends who are capable of similar feats of strength and magic, and you are very intent on kidnapping his kids, one of the few ways to survive is to either have backing that can easily defend you or remain unsuspected. We don't even know for certain that the entire 5th platoon is corrupt, but they're getting killed just the same, because it isn't worth the risk.

>> No.30906570

>rereading the archive
>"Here's hoping that today's a bit less stressful, all this drama isn't good for your heart."

>learned that Monique's gonna get knighted
>discovered that Elena spied on him
>spilled the beans about Spinelle
>broke Sylvie's heart
>walked on Nicolette and Melanie making out
>got punched in the stomach
>spotted Milien
>got teased by Giancarlo
>spoke alone with Celestino
>fought dozens of ninjas
>had Gerhard be Gerhard
>discovered that Karel is a reverse trap, pissing her off
>got paranoid about Citrine
>saw the nervous breakdown of half of his friends
>dealt with both Marianne and Karel at once
>saw a baby attack an innocent dragon
>learnt that their is no brake on the Sylvie vs Luciana train

Average day for Reinhold.

>> No.30906571

Pretty sure it was confirmed that the entire fifth had been infiltrated.

>> No.30906599

"I dunno if it's any consolation," you say, "but we'll take good care of them while they're with us."
"Reinhold said it before I could," Thierri joins in. "but our castle's in a better strategic position than the one here, not to mention that we'll have Gregory and Arnaud and everyone else around to boot..."
"Yeah," Gregory nods. "And when Vincent or Arnaud isn't around to look after them, Ariane and I will be there. Granache is the safest place for them to be."
"While I can't really boast the same number of scary folks as Thierri here," Randolf says as he pats Giancarlo on the shoulder, "we still have my old man, Mira's dad and her uncle to keep your mother and baby sister safe, not to mention our own army."

It seems as if Giancarlo's about to start arguing with them, but lets out a resigned sigh instead.


>> No.30906611

>>saw a baby attack an innocent dragon

I wished Archelon gave us an advisory warning before this scene. I still have nightmares of the scene...

>> No.30906683

>mfw i'm waiting for the punched through the earth and moon BAD END courtesy of Vincent...

>> No.30906811

>MFW the assassins are just the Royal Accountants and are mad that Celestino keeps throwing crazy ass parties for his fucking brat kids, so they all decide that enough is enough.

>> No.30906833

The fallout is going to be delicious.

>> No.30906836


"Fuckin' hell..." he mumbles. "Alberto," he points at his brother. "Get some rest so that you're at full power."
"Uh, what?" Alberto stares at him.
"First thing in the morning, you and me are gonna go out and bust some heads. Infernal Hammer, Radiant Edge, I don't care how many forms it takes. All you gotta do is cast the spell and switch the forms out when the timelimit passes and I'll take care of everything else."

Wow. It's kind of weird seeing him all determined like this, especially considering the way he was acting when you first met.

"Actually," Aberto says, shaking his head, "I was going to ask you go go along with our stepmother to Krassato..."
"WHAT!?" Giancarlo screams. "We're a fucking TEAM, how can you ask me to-"


>> No.30906853

>in an alternate reality, Reinhold didn't walk Luciana to her room
>alternate-Luciana's face at the moment of Celestino's announcement

>> No.30906901

Wait I don't recall this? Did I miss something important while catching up on the past few threads?

>> No.30906937

Last thread, Rana and Chiara

>> No.30906943

Chiara pulling Rana's hair nigga, how you missin' dat kawaii shit?

>> No.30906969

Poor Sylvie just can't catch a break, huh.

>> No.30906973

Oh fuck me. I always forget Rana is a dragon. Wish she would go half-scale more often.

>> No.30907059

Good, Sylvie a shit.

>> No.30907072

Average day for Sylvie

>throw party for boyfriend
>that he doesn't show up to
>get told you've won the waifuwar
>Then find out boyfriend kissed another girl
>then find out that they're dating now
>all this after being told 'you've won'
>learn some shithead who called your BFF's mom a whore and nearly killed your boyfriend is getting knighted for doing so
>punch things until your fists are bloody stubs
>Feel like shit for a whole day
>get attacked by ninjas
>get your first humanoid kill
>get LOTS of humanoid kills
>basically swim in blood
>But that's okay, you have your psychotic projections guiding you, instructing you how to kill
>listen to psychotic projections
>feel good after listening to psychotic projections
>Realize that you at least never have to see the bitch again

I don't know what the next step is, but I imagine we're one more bad decision away from a nice boat ending at this rate.

>> No.30907077


Stop samefagging.

>> No.30907103

More like all Glasses a shit, faggot.

>> No.30907108

and the worst part

We're COMPLETELY to blame for this. Maybe not the assassin thing or Lucy thing, but we handled it in the worst way possible.

>> No.30907112

different guy, but Sylvie was the only option I would have been sad with us getting. Bitch was bland as all fuck until she flipped out on us

>> No.30907141


>> No.30907146

It's /tg/, what did you expect?

>> No.30907153


How should we have done it?

Really, I feel like it was already too late for her at this point.

>> No.30907193

>How should we have done it?

Remember what we said about "This is all going too fast and I'm not ready for a relationship" and then STICKING to that instead of throwing ourselves at the next pussy who put out.

>> No.30907216


it's too late

she'll give in to the hate and the anger

she'll make sure reinhold is hers

>> No.30907218

We've been over this a million times.

The conversation will be exactly the same. Nothing new will be said. Stop intentionally stirring shit. Stop replying to the people stirring shit.

>> No.30907226

We really shouldn't have said that at all.

>> No.30907238

Do you remember when we told her to take it slow because we weren't ready for anything romantic? That's when we should have told her we weren't interested and tried to let her down easy instead of building her hopes up then ripping them to shreds fairly publicly.

>> No.30907243

honestly? we should have just told her we only saw her as a friend right off the bat, but tg will never let a waifu option go until we get routelocked

>> No.30907259


>> No.30907285

Nothing we could have done

Those two votes took place a month apart before and after the duel. There were two separate groups of people manipulating it to happen.

It wasn't because we didn't plan, it's because there were two absolutely opposed groups with different goals and motives making decisions.

>> No.30907288

the people who voted for that changed or left really, it was appropriate for the majority at that point in time.

>> No.30907353

Such is the nature of large /tg/ quests.

>> No.30907413

All that suffering! I want more...

>> No.30907445

It pisses me off but spot on.

>> No.30907489 [DELETED] 


"I'd go myself, but I -can't-," Alberto sighs. "Crown Prince responsibilities and all. But I feel bad that she'd be out there without any family aside from the baby, and I know that you're probably more worried about her than anyone else-"
"Of course I'm worried about her, she's my MOTHER!" Giancarlo shouts.
"And that's why you should go," he replies. "If nothing else, at least you'd have some peace of mind."
"It would also give -me- some piece of mind," Celestino nods. "You don't seem to be a direct target of this plot, but at least I'd know that all of my children aside from Alberto are safely out of the country if you decide to go."
"God damn it..." he says, clenching his fist. "Whatever, I'll do it," he sighs.

While muttering curses under his breath, Giancarlo storms off.


>> No.30907515

looking at the archive the "majority" of the votes that locked luci was the lulz brigade, Que Sera, Sera

>> No.30907540

>piece of mind
Heh. OCD archelon when?

>> No.30907568


That's not anyone's fault though

Sylviefags were in it to win just as much as any other waifufag was. They weren't going to accept having their waifu get friendzoned as much as sylvie or marie fags would.

So when you look at it from that perspective, every party acted exactly to their best interests. It's really none of their faults that it just so happened to have ended in that way.

>> No.30907576


"I'd go myself, but I -can't-," Alberto sighs. "Crown Prince responsibilities and all. But I feel bad that she'd be out there without any family aside from the baby, and I know that you're probably more worried about her than anyone else-"
"Of course I'm worried about her, she's my MOTHER!" Giancarlo shouts.
"And that's why you should go," he replies. "If nothing else, at least you'd have some peace of mind."
"It would also give -me- some peace of mind," Celestino nods. "You don't seem to be a direct target of this plot, but at least I'd know that all of my children aside from Alberto are safely out of the country if you decide to go."
"God damn it..." he says, clenching his fist. "Whatever, I'll do it," he sighs.

While muttering curses under his breath, Giancarlo storms off.


>> No.30907583

pretty much immediate really.

>> No.30907587

You know, if that Paranoid Guy's right and Alberto is pulling a coup I'm going to laugh my ass off.

>> No.30907598

absolutely. but that's the only way to avoid this kind of situation. If we'd picked Sylvie, a similar scene would probably happen with either Luciana or Marianne, depending on which we wound up leading on more.

>> No.30907650

I'm sure Marianne would prefer to be stuck with Babby than Emilio.


>> No.30907654

You know its kinda weird; I cannot for the life of me like Sylvie at all. There isn't a single characteristic I can point to as the cause but there it is. I suppose other people feel the same way about characters I like. Meh whatever.

>> No.30907684

>arch sister is winning
oh god.

>> No.30907704

alberto's crown prince, he doesn't need to do a coup

>> No.30907724

i don't know who ego or pelegrino are

>> No.30907756

Pelagrigio is the run away prince and I think EGO is another QM.

>> No.30907763

>Dio Brando
Nigga, you think a Sealed King is bad, and you toss up Dio Brando?

>> No.30907765

That's because you're not a sylviefag

I'm not one either, but I can respect other people and their opinions. I'm sure you can too.

>> No.30907772

also he just want a quite life too.
begs the question if Celestino already proclaimed him as his legitimate heir.

>> No.30907787

I, DIO, have taken the lead in this strawpoll!

>> No.30907797

>begs the question if Celestino already proclaimed him as his legitimate heir.
He has.

>also he just want a quite life too.
alberto confirmed for kira yoshikage

>> No.30907809

He wouldn't if his father wasn't functionally immortal.

To be clear, I don't think that's what's happening. I just think it would be funny as hell if after all this mess, that's what it was.

>> No.30907846

>Alberto confirmed for Kira Yoshikage
Not knowing what that means, how concerned about death flags should I be?

>> No.30907859


>> No.30907864

Pro'lly a lot..

>> No.30907880

What if Arch's sis IS Dio?

>> No.30907904

Then arch is very, very old for a human.

>> No.30907907

Well, then how the fuck is he alive still...

>> No.30907929

He's a turtle, remember?

They live a long time.

>> No.30907938

he must be a stand user

>> No.30907970



>> No.30907991

given how the setting works he may be an elemental that took the form of a turtle similar to prosegana did with dragons

>> No.30907996


>> No.30908012

or he's a turtle that developed magic and then ascended into a turtle elemental

>> No.30908047


"Um, where's he..." you say s you watch the Prince vanish down the hallway.
"Probably to go and tell Mother that he'll be coming along..." Luciana replies, her face completely devoid of emotion.

Come to think of it, Lisette and Chiara aren't around here... then again, this isn't really the kind of place to bring a baby.

"Back to the matter at hand," Celestino says, clearing out his throat, "As Emilio's bodyguard, I'd like to ask you to accompany him... you've more than proven yourself today."
"Um, thank you, Your Majesty!" she replies, bowing deeply.
"But I do realize that you and your mother are close, and I'd much rather not separate anyone else from their parents today without their consent."
"...so that's why you requested that I come down here..." Alicia sighs.


>> No.30908078

so he's Polnareff

>> No.30908099

Everyone is coming with us...

>> No.30908131

may want to include something that indicates celestino is talking to karel, like him turning to her or something

except the baby, which sucks for mari, and we still need to get granny

>> No.30908189

>all of my children aside from Alberto are safely out of the country if you decide to go."

What if this was the plan all along? Scaring Celestino into sending all of his children abroad?

>> No.30908217


>> No.30908265

Oh yeah we need to remember to see if she wants to come with us for holiday. Granny GET!


>> No.30908338

Then they have someone who can neutralize like 5 of the biggest bad asses in the quest, possibly at the same time, which makes us even less relevant than we normally are.

>> No.30908358

it's not just holiday. people targeted karel's mom, they may target granny (and citrine and paint bro, so we need to get them to) since it's not like our relationship is a secret after being openly announced that the start of our fight with monique.
also, further security for elena. considering giancarlo practically shit himself at just her name i'd say she can still hold her own

>> No.30908375

Okay, I get what you're saing. But what would that do for them?

>> No.30908381

>Fucking with empress of swords
>Shiggy Diggy Doo Where Are You

>> No.30908435

these guys were stupid enough to attack somewhere where the Red Haze was, they aren't that smart. also, i'm just trying to get an "official" excuse to get granny to come to granache for an extended period. that way we can give andreas a break from elena, get granny to teach us to SWORD the proper family style, have more family time that we missed out on growing up, and try to ship her with arnaud

>> No.30908448

Not him, but

After clearing out all of Celestino's kids except Alberto (and Chiara, though she's not relevant to this particular plot), the big bad shows up and ganks Celestino and Alberto, which with some maneuvering could kick off a civil war since the King and Crown Prince are now dead, and his remaining kids are split into two factions that don't like each other one bit (old wife vs new wife).

Completely outlandish, overcomplicated, and likely to fail, but technically possible.

>> No.30908480

I kinda like this.

>> No.30908514

>not relevant to the assassination plot
just try to gank celestino with chiara around. that girl takes on full blooded dragons with her bare hands

>> No.30908517


Oh yeah, both Emilio and Karel would be in the exact same situation if she decides to come along.

"D- don't think that I'm pressuring you or anything," Emilio says. "I doubt that you want to be forced away from your mother any more than I do."
"And don't think that I'm pressuring you to stay," Alicia shakes her head. "This is your decision, I'll be fine with whatever you decide to do."
"I've always wanted to go to Granache, but this isn't how I wanted to do it..." she mutters under her breath. "...Mom, are you sure that you'll be okay if I'm not around? I mean, I don't think I've ever spent a single day away from you."
"I'm a big girl, I don't need you to protect me," Alicia says with an obviously forced laugh.
"...okay, then..." she sighs. "I guess I'll go, if only because I feel bad for Prince Emilio and Princess Elena."
"I don't wanna go..." Elena mumbles, her eyes watering as she hides her face behind her bunny. "I don't wanna be away from Papa and Mama and Chiara..."

Realizing the delicate state that his niece is in right now, Sir Gregory walks over to the little princess and pats her on the head.

"You can stay with me and your aunt Ariane if you want," he says in a tone of voice so gentle that it seems almost unnatural coming from him. "And I know that Bernard and Guillaume will be happy to see you again, you can even show off your bunny to them."
"Yeah, I bet they'll be super jealous," Andreas says with an uneasy smile.


>> No.30908549


I know girl's gotta let go of mommy,but what's keeping Alicia from coming?

>> No.30908592

Only thing is, that would automatically put them on Granache's and Krassato's shit lists.
And as you know, Granache has Aquaman, the Fist Wizard, and Sir "Any wind I break is red", while Krassato has 2 900 year old dragons on their side. Unless they are able to marionette the regency and stay hidden or can deal with quantum badass, they're fucked.

>> No.30908595

Not sure. Arch?

>> No.30908606

>you can even show off your bunny to them

Best not show it to Sylvie's sisters, though.

>> No.30908608

She can't exactly leave her restaurant alone without such little prior notice.

>> No.30908619


Oooh. Of course.

>> No.30908624

Her Cafe. She ran it herself when she lived above it, and ran it through the staff after she was moved into the castle. Can't do that from the nation over, though.

>> No.30908650

Though if Carol is getting payed anywhere near our salary it seem like she could probably get by if it closed up for a bit.

>> No.30908675

That's why the civil war angle is important. If the main goal is to destabilize the region rather than seize the crown, it could work.

>> No.30908682

Could be the masterminds are doing it specifically to cause instability in the region, as opposed to taking over the country themselves.

While Granache has a retardedly strong military by all accounts, that wouldn't help them much in a Marconetti civil war scenario because rather than fighting an enemy they could slaughter wholesale, they'd be conducting a police action in a nation they're supposed to be close allies with.

>> No.30908822

>Karel and Emilio having to share a room

>> No.30908828


While Sir Gregory and Andreas do their best to cheer Elena up, you notice that Celestino's looking even guiltier than he was when asking Karel to leave her mother by herself... and then you see Thierri jab him in the side with his elbow.

"Dammit, you're right," Celestino sighs. "Might as well get it over with now... Andreas?"
"Your Majesty?" Andreas says, turning to the King.
"I know that this is asking a lot, but with the situation here as bad as it is, I need as many trustworthy people around as I can get..."
"So you're asking me to-"
"Yes, I need temporarily take you off your bodyguard assignment so that you can help out here in Marconetti."
"Wh..." Elena's eyes grow wide with shock. "You're making me go away but Andreas has to stay here!?"

>say something
>let Sir Gregory and Andreas handle it

>> No.30908848

that's another problem though. Why destabilize? Ancellotta doesn't have the resources or backbone to do this, and even if they did, they don't have the brains to hide their involvement this well, which would get back to the shitlist.
Which means whoever is behind this either has a near perfect way to hide their involvement, or is merely hiding their appearance to avoid unnecessary fighting. As such, we have no motive or distinguishing characteristics. We have nothing, gents. Nothing but the ability to fend off the endless hordes of mediocrity that they call kidnappers.

>> No.30908850

now we see if we can get granny to come, that's sure to cheer her up

>> No.30908851

>let Sir Gregory and Andreas handle it

Arch, plz. No Monique.

>> No.30908853

>>let Sir Gregory and Andreas handle it

i feel like we don't have enough loli points to make any significance.

>> No.30908863

>let Sir Gregory and Andreas handle it

We can cheer up Elena after this is all over by saying that at least she can learn swordy stuff easier now...

>> No.30908866

no one will be left living on the family estate.

>> No.30908868

>let Sir Gregory and Andreas handle it
Who will guard her, then?
Please don't let it be Monique

>> No.30908877

>we let it slip in front of Celestino
>everything between Luciana and us is cancelled

>> No.30908880

she has servants to look after the place and it's only temporary

>> No.30908882

It's gonna be Monique

Maybe he can teach us how to be a player character

>> No.30908886

AFTER, anon. After.

>> No.30908891

Arch i have sticked through with you all this time and through all that shit but if you once again force monique into story, as Elena's guard no less i am going to drop this right away.

>> No.30908896

See you next week

>> No.30908904

Calm down, we don't know anything yet.

>> No.30908918

You're gonna get mad because an NPC is interacting with the story?

>> No.30908921

I think it's time to turn Monique into BROnique.
Also, stop being a touchy faggot.

>> No.30908926

yes, because i dont like the npc.

>> No.30908927

Do you seriously think Monique is going to just drop out of the story when he has a godkiller weapon?

I would fault arch more if he just said "Okay welp, Monique is going to fuck off, there goes your rival character that you're too emasculated to deal with, /tg/."

>> No.30908932

>Let Sir Gregory handle it

>> No.30908934

Elena is gonna be guarded by Reya, right?

>> No.30908947

please yes, we need more guy friends

>> No.30908973

I would like to see this. Since apparently we weren't to far off the friend track before we socked him in like thread 4 or whenever.

>> No.30908978

>Reya and Rana coming with us to Granache
Yes pls

>> No.30908979

I'd rather he not conjure some bullshit reason to have us stuck with Monique after he just got knighted and politically belongs to another country

>> No.30908980

I didn't even think of that, god I hope so, we need someone with Dragonswag around the castle since Karel is a girl and Taka is already married.
>mfw Arch was just headfaking all the Monique haters to see them squirm

>> No.30908988

I hope so, we need more Rana in our lives

>> No.30909001

>Monique comes back to Granache
>spends his entire time with Elena
>goes straight to his new bodyguard room when duty's over
>every time he looks behind him, he sees a drop of blood or a strand of blonde hair

>> No.30909004


>> No.30909005


>> No.30909029

guarding the daughter of the guy he's now sworn to now counts as "some bullshit reason"?

>we need someone with Dragonswag around the castle

>>every time he looks behind him, he sees a drop of blood or a strand of blonde hair
i don't get it

>> No.30909056

But he's, like, old and stuff. Well relative to our group anyway, so he doesn't count.

>> No.30909060

>i don't get it
Remember Gregory intimidating him after our duel?

>> No.30909077

age doesn't mean crap in this setting. nico's mom is old relative to our group and she's younger than her daughter. celestino is like 200. and chiara is so strong she's probably going to be in diapers for decades

>> No.30909078


Plus, he's Reinhold's father.

Unless it's Vincent.

>> No.30909087

ah yes, thank you

>> No.30909094

Yes I sure do feel absolved about the whole duel knowing that our step-daddy character could totally kick his ass.

Too bad we totally can't in any way that matters, even officially sanctioned tournaments, and it will hang like a dark cloud over the rest of this quest.

>> No.30909096

I have a hunch that it's Raoul, honestly...

>> No.30909116

Oh gods no this shit again.

Just give it a rest.

>> No.30909137

Hey man, I have faith that Archelon will give us something that could put up a fight against the Sealed Kings, now, from what i've gotten from all of the 144 threads in the archives that i've read in the past 3 days, it won't BE a Sealed King but maybe something that we have made, or enchanted or something of the like.

>> No.30909159

we may very well get an amorphous sword when we combine volker's fragments with tina, and amorphous shit can be deadly as hell once mastered

>> No.30909162

You're right, shouldn't have said anything, wounds are still healing. My apologies.

I just don't like it when people bring up Gregory threatening him. It feels ridiculously petty like we HAVE to have stronger people fight our battles for us.

>> No.30909182

Honestly I think if we learned like, one or two fire-based combat spells we'd style all over his ass.

Remember he was having issues with that fire-bitch that we easily punked after tagging out with him.

>> No.30909188

It's sorta retarded to think that Archelon doesn't like powergaming and he decides to give the rival character a god damned Sealed King.

>> No.30909189

i mean hell we've only had it a couple days and probably messed with it for a grand total of like 30 minutes, but we already used it to cripple some half dragon's hand mid fight. get in some serious arnaud level training with it and we could be vicious

>> No.30909203

No no no no no no

Let's stop

Let's just back down from where this is going

This doesn't need to go there. He has it, there's nothing we can do to change that, let it go.

>> No.30909204

Who is pic?

>> No.30909205

>Tina becomes a polymorphic sword
>Reinhold has Metal affinity

This could work.

>> No.30909219

Well, we CAN'T really, because the sword is being reforged.

Also there's no telling if it would even work that way.

It would be a nice off-hand weapon, though

>> No.30909224

I'm not saying that i'm pissed off about it as much as i'm trying to make sense of it...Maybe it was to PUSH us or some shit, I dun know.

>> No.30909241

Kayneth "Fast Wheels" El-Melloi, from Fate/Zero.

We don't want to emulate him.

>> No.30909245


guy from fate/zero that uses what is basically one big ball of mercury to do all kinds of shit, mostly in episode 8

>> No.30909247

Plus we can't really use that in a duel or any kind of competition with Monique so it's pointless as a way of measuring our cock.

And we already kill grunts good enough with what limited magic we know, so that's out.

>> No.30909253

I've been wondering if we could do some kind of blade forming spell like Mathias did but out of all of that Iron Sand that spilled when we found our affinity, and make it like a Unlimited Blade Works/Rea Bard (Link: http://magi.wikia.com/wiki/Rea_Bard)

>> No.30909262

i thought we were going to try to get niklas to fuse tina and the fragments of volker's sword

>We don't want to emulate him.
maybe not his personality or his Rank E Luck, but his mercury weapon was fucking vicious

>> No.30909264

Should we return Grandma's sword before we go home?

>> No.30909267

Why would we do this when a forged sword is infinitely better and we can SUMMON COMPLETELY WHOLE PORTIONS OF METAL ANYWAY?

>> No.30909276

>> No.30909279

Why the fuck is luck a thing even in Fate series, like, wut?

>> No.30909280

>i thought we were going to try to get niklas to fuse tina and the fragments of volker's sword

I thought that option lost

We gave it to granny to reforge, didn't we?

>> No.30909282

Because being Lancer is Suffering

>> No.30909284

Ever try to fight off a fucking storm of blades from all sides? That can be our power move, ike Andreas's Spinny Star shit he pulled in the escape from the baddies.

>> No.30909287

No, the option to have Sylvie try it right there lost. We voted to let Niklaus have a go when we got home.

>> No.30909297


Nah, Granny loaned us her sword and we planned on having Niklaus reforge Volker's with Tina in it.

>> No.30909298


She just lent us her sword until we could get ours fixed properly by Niklaus.

>> No.30909306

fragment blader already exists, and one super kick ass sword we can insta fix if it breaks is better than shit tons of poor quality weapons

i believe we were given permission to keep it till we get ours fixed

because Lancer

>> No.30909332

But dawg, hear me out here, Quality is only a mid term problem. We can fix that shit if we made it ourselves.

>> No.30909333

Fragment Blader is a spell that already exists but we keep neglecting to learn for some stupid reason

>> No.30909344

Its sort of an aggregate of blind luck, plot armor, and destiny.

Except at the highest and lowest extremes it really doesn't mean a damn thing.

>> No.30909352

How many can you make/control at one time? Because if we get hardcore good at that, then we should still have a good spell on our hands, regardless of the quality.

>> No.30909353

>one super kick ass sword we can insta fix if it breaks is better than shit tons of poor quality weapons
adding to this. rein trained primarily with using a single sword, not metric fucktons. training to use an amorphous weapon is going to be easier for us than training to use tons of them since it's much closer to our current style, not to mention even a couple dozen frament blades would drain our mana down massively

>> No.30909366

>all the kinky uses Luciana is gonna find for Tina

>> No.30909374


>> No.30909375

We asked sylvie to teach it to us after the duel and then everything went to shit.

>> No.30909393


No shit

Where the fuck were you to vote for Fragment Blader when people were voting for lame shit that we never use? We have like two spells we don't even touch and I don't even remember which ones they were. All we really use is holy shine and clay spread.

>> No.30909409

I literally JUST became a contributer after reading the ENTIRE archives for this Quest bra, I would've if I could've

>> No.30909411

We've got Sparkle Shine and Aqua Suspend which are practice spells and don't really have much practical use.

We also have Tailwind which is extremely useful.

>> No.30909413

and tailwind. we have those three combat spells and we use all three of them quite often.

>> No.30909416

>Quality is only a mid term problem. We can fix that shit if we made it ourselves.
spell description flat says they're worse quality than a real sword. they aren't going to stand up to how rein fights since he's not a good enough mage to make them strong enough for his extreme fighting style

each casting makes one sword, costs 3 mana (iirc rein has a max of like 66) and you have no additional control over it

>> No.30909432

Design a spell which temporarily boosts the Tinablade to 'oh fuck' levels?

I'm in this for the theatrics. We have to catch up on Gregory and Andreas, who both have their theme down pat.

>> No.30909439

we just used the clay shot, tail wind, and holy shield in a fight

those were more for teaching us how to use magic in the first place and getting down concentration than for use on their own

>> No.30909446

So we are back to creating super awesome spells now? How many times should you idiots be told that it is not something we can do?

>> No.30909452

Reinhold of the Jelly Sword...

>> No.30909465

Give it time.

Hell, Elena managed it.

>> No.30909467

Of course, we'll have to wait and see what the hell the Tinablade can actually do before we can really speculate about that. Niklaus is gonna fill that sword with so much science it won't even be funny.

>> No.30909469

it's not even designing a spell, it's just using tinablades built in properties at oh fuck levels. it's like how arnaud could beat sealed kings and small armies with nothing but a sword, only we're going to be doing that with tinablade, and then backing it up with more normal magic

>> No.30909473

so so much for learning that or anything else ever

>> No.30909475

We should ask a five year old to make cool spells for us.

>> No.30909479

Best to let them handle this, anything you say would probably have an equal chance of making it worse.

"It'll only be for a little while," Andreas says, patting her on the shoulder. "And once you get back, we can go right back to hanging out like usual, okay?"
"You don't know how long it's gonna be!" Elena shouts, tears streaming down her face. "It might be a year before I'm allowed to come back home and Papa's gonna keep making you fight those scary men until you can find the person who sent them!"
"You know that's kind of my job, right?" he replies. "Part of being a Knight means that I have to fight who your father tells me to."
"Andreas here's pretty strong, weren't you even bragging to me about it on the way back to the castle?" Sir Gregory asks.
"So was Andreas's friend but now he's dead!"

Those words seem to hit Andreas like a punch to the face.

"It's not fair..." Elena cries. "I don't wanna go away..."


>> No.30909480

Luciana if she doesn't want to continue teaching.

>> No.30909481

So what affinity are Reinhold and Luciana's kids gonna be? Metal or Light?

>> No.30909492

Light, mother is usually the inherited affinity

I want a quest with Reinhold's children, THAT would be awesome.

>> No.30909494

Well, what am I here for then...

>> No.30909496

Elena learned an existing spell she has seen being used. Also she is most definitely a prodigy for succeeding at it. Reinhold is not a magic prodigy. Stick to learning useful spells. You dont have to create some super awesome spell special to yourself.

>> No.30909499

Neither, Spinelle took Reins balls when she had her way with him.

>> No.30909503

kids typically take after the mother unless the dad is super strong, so reinhold's children will have the same affinity as spinelle

>> No.30909509

The Love affinity

>> No.30909512


So Wood?

>> No.30909513

Unless you want to remain a background character
CAPTCHA: Reiner escaping

>> No.30909515

I assume we could funnel mana into it to make it ridiculous though. Plus, it can't really be stolen or disarmed. As far as an overall theme goes, it's pretty solid.

More like Reinhold of the Broken Blade. Now applies to both him and his opponent.

>> No.30909523

what are you even arguing now. just shut the fuck up for fucks sake.

>> No.30909528

We're never getting to the point where we can turn into metal like Sylvie said all those threads ago, are we?

>> No.30909530


Reinhold of the Poked Bladder.

>> No.30909538

>Reinhold of the Broken Blade
fucking want

and tina eats our magic normally to do what she does. that may go up when she's bigger but aside from that there's no work besides training on our part

>> No.30909545

uh uh, she's going to cast...

>> No.30909548

Where the hell is your ambition, anon

It's almost like you don't care that this setting is clearly heroic fantasy

>> No.30909551

Dicks in butts, good sir, dicks in butts. Try to keep up, ol' chap

>> No.30909556

Wait. What is Broken Blade Implying? About the broken blade, or we keep fuckin' breakin' 'em?

>> No.30909561

Lets ascend as reinhold tomorrow and become a metal spirit then.
You cant just call ambition when you are making unrealistic plans and asking for the impossible. Well, you can, but it is never going to happen.

>> No.30909569

I'm assuming both.

>> No.30909572

If Tinasword would work similar to bracelet, even if it breaks we can just reshape/regrow it.

>> No.30909579

1) breaking our opponent's swords, just like volker taught us
2) our sword being one that was broken, and may very well wind up getting broken more (which will be much easier to fix once we can just will the pieces back together)
3) we're the son of the swordbreaker

>> No.30909581

Well, then it'd be Reinhold of the Immortal Sword.

>> No.30909592

That Reinhold is going to break your sword
Also that the sword being used to do it was once broken
Also that motherfucking Volker was Reinhold's adoptive father and he's the heir to the style

>> No.30909731


As Elena goes from simply crying to a full-on wail, Luciana walks over to her and crouches down to eye-level.

"You know that Takamaru is a dear friend of mine, right?" Luciana asks as she brushes her little sister's cheek with her hand.
"Y... yeah..." Elena nods.
"I'm actually absolutely terrified right now, but was I crying when he went out there to find those bad men who attacked us?"
"And do you know why?"
"...'cuz it's not proper for princesses to cry in front of other people," she mumbles. "But I don't care about stupid stuff like that..."
"No, that's not why," Luciana replies. "I didn't cry because I don't want Takamaru to worry about me any more than he already does. Do you want Andreas to worry about you?"
"Uh-uh," Elena shakes her head.
"I thought not," Luciana says, patting her on the shoulder. "Now dry up those tears, alright? We're not leaving until tomorrow, so why don't you make the most of your time and do something fun?"
"Yeah," Andreas nods. "I have some leftover cookies, how about we eat those while we pack your things?"
"'kay..." she mumbles.

Even though they normally bicker, Luciana was the only one who managed to get Elena to calm down... sister relationships really are strange.


>> No.30909789


Andreas, Gregory, Takamaru, Thierri, Arnaud...

We're surrounded by based dudes.

>> No.30909826

>Not including Shadow Butler

>> No.30909841

The entire powerbase of the setting seems to be centred around dudes with ridiculous fightan' powers who can murder entire armies by looking at them.

Why do armies even exist in this setting? To distract the guys who are channelling the divine power of machismo for a fraction of a second?

>> No.30909873

he's just that good of an assassin, we forget about his existence moments after he goes off screen and we're behind the fourth wall

>> No.30909885

Because super rare badass's, are, by definition, super rare. Composing your entire army out of 4-8 dudes is fine for defending a single, small area, but numbers are necessary if you want to protect/conquer anything larger than a castle.

>> No.30909893

But the dudes can fly

>> No.30909900

Arnaud would beg to differ.

>> No.30909902


So that Reinhold could have somewhere to go between leaving the brothel and becoming a bodyguard, obviously.

>> No.30909903

one superpowerful guy cant do everything and be everywhere no matter how powerful he is. if you put gregory up against a thousand ordinary soldiers and he will murder them in ten secons, yes. but ask gregory to make sure there is no crime in 50 different villages and he will never succeed even if he goes from town to town 24/7, but put 20 soldiers in every village and the problem is solved. this is just one example. armies have their uses still.

>> No.30909924

That's why fuck everything else.

>> No.30909931

Luciana will be a great mother if Reinhold ever gets past his intimacy issues.

>> No.30909950


But as heartwarming as this scene may be, there's something else that has you curious.

"If Andreas is staying back here, who's going to be acting as Elena's bodyguard while she's in Granache?" you ask.

Please please PLEASE don't say that Monique's going to take Andreas's place.

"That's right, it had almost slipped my mind," Celestino sighs. "I know that I've asked a lot of you and your sister already," he turns to Reya, "but would the two of you be willing to stand in for Andreas and look after Elena for me?"
"Wait," Reya stares at Celestino. "You're asking us to go to Granache with them? But there's no Adventurer's Guild over there so we wouldn't have any place to stay, not to mention that-"
"The two of you can stay at our castle," Thierri says. "It's not like we're hurting for space, anyways..."
"Or if Elena wants to stay at my place," Sir Gregory joins in, "we have plenty of spare rooms that you could use. ...as long as your sister stays away from my wine cellar, that is."
"Your father would be -quite- impressed to learn that you've gotten such a high-profile job," Mira says, her lips curled into a sly grin. "Just imagine the look on his face when I tell him that little baby Reya's guarding a Princess..."


>> No.30909955

Dude, Reinhold's got 5 years of fuckin' experience below his belt, pun intended, to use on Luciana. That's what i've been thinking about. He's gonna be givin' her the "O" face with his Swords skills, 'nah meeeeeaaan?

>> No.30909969

fuck yes

>> No.30909975


>> No.30909976

Oh thank god

>> No.30909980

His tears might put a damper on the mood.

>> No.30909983


Official PGQ future mother power ranking:

>Great Tier:

>Cool Tier:

>Good Tier:

>Abuse and Neuroticism Tier:

>Lesbian Tier:

>GAAAH Tier:

>Rana in Nicolette's house

>> No.30909986

Or act as super lube...

>> No.30910001

>Rana and Reya

>> No.30910015

Awwwwwwww yeah

>> No.30910026

Not bad.

>> No.30910027

The Ara Ara~ levels are already going to reach critical when Nicolette arrives home with Melanie. Throw Rana in there and we might just have a cascade scenario on our hands.

>> No.30910031

>>Rana and Reya

>> No.30910041


>> No.30910075


>> No.30910089


"Well um I guess I wouldn't mind but I'd have to ask Rana first and umm..." Reya mumbles.
"Just get back to me once you get your sister's approval so that I can make it official," Celestino says.
"S- sure," he nods.
"And with that out of the way, I have some more work to get to," Ceestino says, clapping his hands together. "Though I have to emphasize that it's far too dangerous to leave the castle, consider yourselves free to do whatever it is that you may want aside from that."

With that, the two kings, Alberto, Randolf and Mira make their way back toards the conference room where they were when you told them about Gerhard's arrival while Alicia makes her way into the infirmary and the others linger out in the hallway...

>what will you do now?

>> No.30910091


>> No.30910105

>Talk to someone.

>> No.30910110

Go over to sylvie and inform her that we won't need her help with magic any more, as the superior magic teacher is now coming to granache. Also punch her in the teeth and spit on her face.

>> No.30910113


Maybe prepare something so that Karel and Alicia can say goodbye to each other properly.

It's terribly nosey, but eh.

>> No.30910119

Can i have my doubledate with Nico and Melanie now? Its fine if it is in the castle too.

>> No.30910121

"When I see you with Elena I can't help thinking what a great mother you'll be one day, Luciana."

Awkward pause.

"Did I say that out loud?"

>> No.30910123

Or you know wearing them down. Yeah the first 1000 might get creamed, but the next 500? And after that another 200? Greg or any one else is going to go down or be forced to fall back. And I am just talking about mooks with swords and bows. Toss in some mages and that shit would progress even faster.

>> No.30910125

I am sure they are capable of saying their goodbyes without our meddling.

>> No.30910129


We'll have that every day in Granache.

While Sylvie is being harassed by Guillaume.

>> No.30910141

>Wanting to die this much

>> No.30910143

elena's still in the room right? can we try to cheer her up now? something like
"you know elena, since my sword broke i'm using my grandma's, and after i get mine fixed i have to get this one back to her. i was planning on having my sister take it back to her, but i may just be able to convince her to come visit while you're staying with us"
or maybe stop aquaman before he leaves and ask if it would be okay for sister and/or grandma to stay over in case people try going after them

>> No.30910150

But nigga, he can fly and shit...

>> No.30910157

Can confirm tears can be actualized into aphrodisiac with the right setting/technique.

>> No.30910160

Seconding the being cautious about arthritis granny.

>> No.30910168

Chat to Luciana

Attempt to conceal happiness. Fail to conceal happiness.

>> No.30910172

Please teach me...

>> No.30910174

Lets go with this.

>> No.30910179

there you go.

>> No.30910195

Huh, I thought there'd be actual science involved...Like some Discovery Channel sort of shit.

>> No.30910206

Nigga you never emotionally bonded with a girl to the point where your initial intercourse brought you to tears?

Must feel bad yo.

>> No.30910210


>> No.30910215

>Crying during sex

>> No.30910216


We already did enough rape science when we tried to calculate Reinhold's potential compared to Guts and how many time he was raped.

>> No.30910217

No, because I am not a faggot.

>> No.30910229

>having sex
it's like you don't want magic powers

>> No.30910240

>Implying i'm NOT a beta ass virgin
T-Thanks man...

>> No.30910245

>not science
it exist. and cheap-ass shit like discovery channel cant even begin to describe it. this is serious business.

>> No.30910246


What if Reinhold's magic potential was stunted because he had so much sex?

>> No.30910248

Obviously you haven't watched enough T.V.

"Relax, Brown Bear. There's no shame in crymaxing." - J.D.

>> No.30910251


I wouldn't suggest it as a default behavior but with a virgin who "wuvs" you? Bitches love that sensitive side.

>> No.30910303

Since some of you seem to be confused about this, let me remind you that Citrine and Marius live in Granache and are only in Marconetti right now because they're Celestino's guests.

There's no point in trying to make it so they come back with you seeing as how they'll be doing so on their own anyways.

>> No.30910305

This reminds me, arch. When we do get to the sweet loving you aren't going to give us a "fade to black" are you?

I expect a well crafted scene, by god! Complete with post coitus awkwardness followed by cuddling/snuggling.

>> No.30910322

Hell, if you can't post in on this board because of it's retarded SFW policies, then just Pastebin it and link it.

>> No.30910328

>Ey yo sis and bro in law, you wan' go on vacation?
>Sure, Reinhold! Where at?
>That country where yo live at.

>> No.30910330

>we'll never have the chance to ask Alicia about Karel's father


Reinhold doesn't want to marry right now (though coming from him that doesn't mean much).
You don't touch Luciana before marriage.

>> No.30910334

And a sudden moment of TRAUMA

>> No.30910338

Might be a while considering Rein's issues

>> No.30910347

Text smut is fine, apparently. It's only NSFW images that are objected to by the rules and mods.

>> No.30910355

i believe it was more about getting them inside the castle where there are things like guards and sir vincent, instead of whatever normal house they live in

>> No.30910373


If I'm not going to get a sex scene I honestly wonder why the fuck I keep following this quest after learning its (VN)format.

>> No.30910375

>Sir Vincent
I'm glad we're on the same wavelength here...

>> No.30910387


That's a new one.

>> No.30910392

There are plenty of those with no sex, you know.
You're only setting yourself up for disappointment.

>> No.30910399

Why don't we just make clones of Reinhold?

Grab a few kids, rape em' a few hundred times and hand them out to women in droves.

Everybody is happy.

>> No.30910412


Reinhold only got raped because he's a babe magnet.

>> No.30910413

I hope I'm not. But that would continue with the theme.

>> No.30910414

I thought that VN stood for Vaginal Novel
Pic related

>> No.30910418

Force feed them magnets before step 2.

>> No.30910426

We should visit Agnes before leaving.

>> No.30910446

while i like the idea there's not really time, now isn't the time to be leaving the castle and we're leaving first thing in the morning, and detours would be a bad idea when there are assassins after half your group

>> No.30910477

Could one of the older sisters or their husbands be behind the assasination attempts? Who else would want to assasinate Gregory's children from Lisette and why?

>> No.30910492

i mean Celestino. incest doujins are starting to effect my mind.

>> No.30910495

>Gregory's Clildren
>From his sister

Rethink that sentence, please.

>> No.30910500

>Could one of the older sisters or their husbands be behind the assasination attempts?

We don't know.

>Who else would want to assasinate Gregory's children from Lisette and why?

You mean Celestino.

>> No.30910503

>Gregory's children from Lisette

>> No.30910516


>> No.30910520


You're drunk anon, go to bed.

>> No.30910532

I have no idea what this image is meant to imply but dammit I laughed at it for like 30 seconds.

>> No.30910549

damn man. i am having breakfast here. spurt a mouthful of tea on my laptop.

>> No.30910552

I know right, this shit gets me every time.
It's meant to insinuate Wincest in this instance

>> No.30910567

Well, if the Red Mist wants to screw his sister, who's going to object?

I just hope the Infernal Hammer isn't in the same situation.

>> No.30910576

nope, celestino knows that virgin daughters are worth more than non virgin daughters, so giancarlo has to keep his hands off

>> No.30910577

Taking your time now, Arch

>> No.30910588

Karel's followed her mother into the infirmary, Luciana's talking with Marianne, and it looks like Sir Gregory and Andreas are trying to reassure Elena... might as well try and help.

"Hey, Elena," you say, walking over to the little Princess.
"Hi..." Elena mumbles.
"You know, I was thinking," you begin, "I've been using my grandmother's sword since mine broke..."
"Yeah, she told me that."
"I was planning on having my sister take it back to her, but maybe I'll be able to convince her to come visit while you're staying with us and I can hand it back then."
"Huh, I didn't even consider that," Sir Gregory says with an amused smirk. "And I'm sure she'd love to tell you ALL about her dueling days..."
"Y... you think she would?"
"For a certain little girl who reminds her of herself?" he asks, rustling her hair. "You know it."

While she's still pretty upset about having to leave, it looks like your suggestion's cheered Elena up at least a little bit.


>> No.30910591


He must be lost in appreciation of the wonders of IRC.

>> No.30910598

Well I can get behind that if you know what I mean.

>> No.30910611

>my suggestion was used
i feel so accomplished

>> No.30910614

Reinhold the Happy Maker

>> No.30910617

>lost in the wonders

>> No.30910628


Having Reinhold as a grandson's gotta be pretty exhausting, isn't it?

>> No.30910635

Goddamn Rein you are going to give that adorable loli a complex which will come back to bite you in the ass in a decade or so.

>> No.30910644


>> No.30910654


Nah man, he has much better chemistry with Babby.

>> No.30910660

She will want to fug Rein after she figures out boys aren't gross because we were nice to her. That is the joke.

>> No.30910663

He's insinuating she's gonna save herself for Reinhold when she gets bigger and then she's gonna challenge us to a duel as a confession, and HOPEFULLY lose, or else we're getting raped again...

>> No.30910689

if anything, we're giving her a complex for SWORD that's going to result in her getting a sealed king and doing the same things monique does
of course this raises the question of whether she'd like her sealed king if he ever did happen to get released

>> No.30910715

"Fuck I wish Luci didn't die in the great vampire incursion."

"I bet our kid would have been much cuter."

"Well she is here and I am brooding as hell so why not."

"Gonna be awkward as hell with Greg tomorrow but whatever; ever since he lost his hand to the ninja Meidos he has been kinda of dick anyway."

>> No.30910719


"And now that Elena's feeling better," Sir Gregory says with a long sigh, "I guess I ought to get back to Thierri and the rest of them before Celestino decides on some other stupid plan without telling me..."
"'kay," Elena says.
"And thanks for helping out, Reinhold," he says, patting you on the shoulder as he walks past. "You're already acting the part of Elena's big brother..."

Chuckling to himself, Sir Gregory makes himself scarce before you can form a response to his comment.

"How about we go play with the baby some before we pack your things?" Andreas says as Elena hands him her rabbit. "I know how much you like to play with her."
"Yeah," Elena replies, frowning slightly. "I'm gonna miss her too..."
"And I'm sure that she'll miss you," he replies. "Now let's go before your mother puts her to bed."
"'kay," she nods.

As Andreas starts towards wherever it is that the Queen is, Elena follows close behind him... but then quickly turns around and runs up to you.

"Thanks for being nice," she says, hugging you tightly for a few seconds. "You're not as nice as Andreas is but I'm still happy that you're gonna marry Luciana."

And much like her uncle just did, Elena runs off before you can say anything in response.

>talk to the princesses
>talk to reya
>go see how Karel and Alicia are doing

>> No.30910723

>>talk to the princesses

>> No.30910727

Nah, Reinhold is gonna die protecting one of the princesses. Right after have Marianne finally accept you as a human being.

>> No.30910737

>talk to the princesses

So about that long distance relationship

>> No.30910746

I want there to be a tear-jerking funeral scene if we die. One where we end up getting to see what everyone felt for us.

>> No.30910748

>>talk to the princesses
dating one and employed by the other, plus they both killed people today, so we should keep an eye on them

>> No.30910754


>> No.30910767


I would corner Alicia but that'd be a dick move. Just leave them alone and go to the Princesses.


And a real hero.


Sylvie wish she could have felt us.

>> No.30910773

I still don't get why everyone is coming to Granache and Lisette is going some other country?

>> No.30910777

>talk to the princesses

>> No.30910785

There be dragons

>> No.30910786

>talk to the princesses
Kinda weird having to write letters, considering we will be in the same castle and all.

>> No.30910792

eggs+one basket

>> No.30910799


Chiara is gonna be placed in a super secured facility that has no equal outside of Krassato.

Remember how terrible dragon babbies born in dragon form are supposed to be?

>> No.30910825

Elena a cute.

>> No.30910836

Heh lets lay this terrible joke on her and get a smirk.

>> No.30910846

Lol yeh

>> No.30910855

And that is all for tonight.
It was fun as always, and I look forward to more drama in the future.

I'll be skipping tomorrow night on account of various things that would otherwise keep me from starting until like 1AM mostly but not entirely related to Tyler Perry, so the next thread will be on Wednesday night.
I guess I'll use Tuesday to continue rewriting stuff or something...

And as always, thanks for playing!

>> No.30910876

Fo Sheezy Muh neezy

>> No.30910890

Tyler Perry a shit.

Thanks for running arch. I look forward to shitting up your next thread with my hot questions.

>> No.30910975


Cheers OP, you a good one

>> No.30911161

Today (in-universe) now represents 1/7 of the entire Quest.

>> No.30911262


Well, it HAS been an eventful day

>> No.30911267

Did the ball represent 2/5?

>> No.30911279


At the time it ended, yes.

>> No.30911291

So we've spent a majority of the threads in Marconetti?

>> No.30911313


Reinhold's been in Marconetti since thread 49. So two thirds of the Quest.

>> No.30911417

I'm not sure if I miss the monotony of the first few threads or not, so much has happened since then

>> No.30912458

I do .
For dozens of threads weve been moving at a snails pace.
getting tiring

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