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Kickstarter Thread!

>What have you backed?
>What are you currently backing?
>What would you like to back?

And to kick it off, I thought I'd let /tg/ know that this little gem just popped up on my radar

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Fuck you spam shit...

Basically, go type Wulin in to Kickstart and be pleasantly surprised

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I want to back MERCS: Recon, but too many things are standing in my way right now (nowhere to play it/not enough money/etc.).

I like the concept of MERCS, but one of the things that put me off about it was the cumbersome card mechanics it had. This game looks like it fixes that and makes a game I want to play. Oh, well. It has already been funded, so I guess I will try it out sometime in the future.

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This, book 0 which is all you need to play is free if you want to try it out before you back.

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Don't they have problems with shipping the actual RPG, though? I've heard it's basically impossible to get a hold of a hardcopy now.

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I've been ummming and arrring over that, in the end, FireTeam Zero won me over MERCS. The models alone look fantastic and will make excellent stand-ins for my CoC games
Looked good but not enough to pull me in, don't know why, just did catch me
Well APPARENTLY the people running the Kickstart are the producers of the original RPG. For $110, to get a physical version of the original RPG and the boardgame, I'm sold!

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Kinda on topic...
What was that Savage Worlds Aztec - sorta game that was on KS last year?

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On the Topic of MERCS. Holy fuck I'm very excited to actually be getting MYTH in a few days.

Other than that, I've backed A Duel Betwixt us, mostly cause it looked decent and I'm a sucker for the Gentlemanly genre.

Also got a friend of mine to back Heroes Wanted.

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Heroes Wanted looks like awesome fun!

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A bunch of Robo-dwarves by Titan Forge

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Stuff backed

>Dreamforge Games Eisenkarn
>Winter Wars by Gavin Tyler

and... that's it.

Both were good choices. At least I wasn't one of the people stupid enough to back the Defiance Games kickstarter.

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I'm just flicking through Kikescammer now: there's a project to make Dark Dungeons: The Movie. It's funded.

New Fire?

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I am beginning to think I made a mistake in backing the Battletech Unseens...err Robotech Tactics Kickstarter. They delayed almost everything an extra 3-4 months beyond what they delayed the starter boxes. It will be over a year until full delivery if Palladium/Ninja Division makes their current deadline, which I doubt will happen.

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- Warzone Resurrection
- Mutant Chronicles RPG 3rd Edition
- Call of Cthulu 7th Edition
- Robotech RPG Tactics
- All Quiet on the Martian Front
- By Fire and Sword
- Endless Fantasy Tactics
- Wargods of Olympus
- Mekton Zero

>Currently Backing
- World of Twilight(not what you guys might think it is)
- Counterblast

>Plan to back
- BfaS: The Deluge
- Mechafront

I'm right there with you. I HATE the card movement thing, but damn do I ever love the setting and the art. Recon looks really awesome and fun, and so does the dice game. It's super tempting to jump in on the $200 pledge to get both Recon sets, the 2nd Edition minis rules(just to add to the collection), the dice game, a novel and all the stretch goals. I'm so tempted to do it, and frankly my common sense is getting beat out by "lookit how much stuff there is!"

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I backed Scarlet Heroes. Stupid motherfucker doesn't have a clue how to run a kickstarter, the final PDF's available and it looks like hardcopies will be available next month. The deadline was June. It doesn't /feel/ like a proper Kickstarter, you know?

Really sweet game, though. It's basically early D&D redesigned around playing with one character. The idea is you can run a game for someone using a published module without having to change any of the stats in the module, you basically just read damage dice differently. It also has a competent thief class, for once in the entire history of the game.

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>The deadline was June.
2014, that is. Dude's very early. His next KS is going to be for a modern lovecraft-ish game, and from his previous work it should be amazing.

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I was backing Mage20, until I noticed that the guy who was responsible for nWoD Changing Breeds was in charge of it.

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I have only ever backed two Kickstarters.
The Traveller's Guide to the Elemental Plane of Fire which failed (i think they had ads above /tg/ as well) and a video game called Bible Chronicles Call of Abraham.

Honestly the only thing i would back right now is a fun ancient era fantasy RPG. Fuck all those lame Classical Era and Medieval and Renaissance fantasy things i want crazy adventures in Assyria and Babylon!

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OP back here...here's what I have so far...

>What have you backed?
-NGS: Narrative Game System
-Arcadia Quest
-Darkest Dungeon
-Heroes wanted
-Lagoon: Land of Druids
-Wakfu Eng Dub
>What are you currently backing?
-The Red Dragon's Lair
-FireTeam Zero
-Journey to the Overland
-Skirmos: Open Source Laser-Tag
>Backed But Failed
-Sinister Gamepad

So far happy with all my backings, still to see any of it hit me but that's to be expected. Thinking of ditching the Skirmos even though they just got funding due to other KS's I want to put my $500 towards.

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>This post.

Scarlet Heroes is different from that supplement he gave out for playing his games with only one character. And while Scarlet Heroes is pretty much released this early, he was open about this from the start. This was to finish his art budget and then release the stuff in the public domain.

This guy does Kickstarters better than pretty much anyone else because he makes sure the fucking game is done beforehand.

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To be fair Brucato developed the entirety of Mage for two editions.

"He sucked at something else" isn't the greatest reason for refusing to back something where literally no one knows this better than he does.

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>The Traveller's Guide to the Elemental Plane of Fire which failed

I can't blame people for not wanting to back the second lamest kickstarter project I've ever heard of.

>welcome to the elemental plane of fire
>everything is fire
>and on fire
>everyone has fire powers
>fire powers are enhanced
>but everyone has fire immunity, so the Elemental Plane of Fire is the place where fire is the least useful in the entire universe

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I plan on kickstarting a campaign setting to spite someone in my province.

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I did too. I have yet to paint a single miniature. But then I went and backed Bones 2. I think I have a problem.

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not /tg/ exactly

>Based on my cult classic ZX Spectrum game ‘Chaos’, first published in 1985 by Games Workshop, Chaos Reborn is part sequel, part re-imagining of that original game brought up-to-date with high quality presentation.

>At the core of Chaos Reborn is the battle between wizards, fought in an arena with a limited selection of spells. The last wizard standing is declared the victor

>Julian Gollop - creator of XCom, Rebelstar, Laser Squad Nemesis

haha, time for kickstarter, it looks pretty nice and he's been pumping out details and dev-blogs about it for a while (including that it has a functioning build)


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>each creature has a % chance to fail its summoning, with a bonus/penalty based on your matching chaos/law
>you can instead summon an illusiory version 100% every time
>an enemy wizard can choose to "disbelieve" your summon... which'll remove illusory versions, but do nothing to normal ones.

>you see the enemy summon a strong creature, which usually has a high chance of fail summoning... did he summon a real one, or just an illusion. Do you waste time trying to disbelive it, or fight it as the real thing?

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>World of Twilight
have you ever played it? I'm eyeing this one because the minis look pretty awesome.

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That big green guy
>tips fedora

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1 hour of play vs joystiq

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Only backed 1 project so far.


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>What have you backed?
Exalted 3, Mage20, a few art projects (brom and adam hughes) and net.gain
>What are you currently backing?
>What would you like to back?
weird question, if I want to back something I'll back it. i suppose it would be cool to see a well-developed MUD up there

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I backed Relic knights and Numenera

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I know the core elements of the game, and they weren't 100% my thing back when I first read them. However the setting and the minis are really unique, and I'm totally cool helping someone who's at least willing to try and do something different.

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Can someone sell me on this shit? Seriously?

I'm not a hardcore right-winger, but I do think capitalism has its merits. The way things have been, and have worked fine until now, is
a.) You get an idea
b.) you refine the idea
c.) you pitch the idea to a bank or investor
d.) They either reject it, forcing you to refine and fix any flaws
They accept it and you have the capital to produce a product
e.) Product goes on the market and it either sells, so you can pay off your loan and make profit
profit doesn't and you learned a lesson about the market and must still pay off your investors.

It meant people were actually cautious about the quality of goods produced because if they didn't sell, they might literally go bankrupt, chapter 11 and all.

Now you've got pages where you can get a few thousand people of a niche market all pledging money for a product, and if the product is shit, the company doesn't owe you anything because you weren't just an investor, you were an early customer and you bought it...you already paid and got your poor quality product (Assuming the company doesn't pull any BS of never releasing anything, where you can legitimately get your money back).

It seems like it takes all the risk of the market OFF the production company and makes the end customers carry that burden instead...how is this a good thing again?

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As opposed to the traditional model where the cost of any losses are simply passed on to consumers en masse?

It's not good or bad anyway, it just is. If there's money to be made it will flourish, if not it will die.

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The customers are putting faith into the individuals they're throwing money at, so yes, it's does have a massive risk as far as quality control is concerned--although, for that reason, if a product does not meet expectations the individual(s) responsible almost immediately gain a horrible reputation. The system has the advantage of allowing creative individuals the opportunity to generate resources from interested patrons when those individuals would normally not have access to whatever they need to fulfill their end result. And crowdsourcing is typically advantageous for your layman investor because they're exclusively investing in something that they personally want and are typically getting a better deal for that thing than they would otherwise.

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Oh yeah, I know it's not the supplement. It's a whole new game that just happens to be basically early D&D only awesome (and with ~more tags~ for dms to play with!), that's just the one big mechanical difference. That and the trait system. And thieves being good.

I really appreciate the way he works. I'm only moderately interested in Silent Legions, but based on his track record I'll almost certainly be backing for a PDF at least.

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>>but everyone has fire immunity, so the Elemental Plane of Fire is the place where fire is the least useful in the entire universe
I don't get why grogs insist on this. I mean, you're made of meat. You aren't immune to damage from meat sources. Why should a being made of fire be immune to damage from fire?

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That gas station attendant game that has been going on /tg/ for a while looks pretty awesome. 'night attendant' or whatever. Id back that as a board game or vidya.

>> No.30893220

Good, well-run kickstarters are basically "here's the thing I want to make but can't afford to, here's how I'm going to accomplish it, here's a 90%+ text-complete PDF without art, give me money and I can do this thing" or whatever.

It helps if people don't masturbate to idiots with a terrible track record in the industry, like GMS, or back games made by people who clearly have no idea how to design games, or back projects involving Palladium.

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know my suffering
more than $1300 in rewards still to be delivered
Dr McNinja game three months late, no real word on delivery
Defiance minis will probably be vaporware, can't believe I was dumb enough to back that one
no updates from Stab City since October
Arena Rex three months late, no solid delivery date
Rivet Wars round two still supposedly on track
we're all familiar with KD
Dream Forge round three deliveries gonna be at least a year late
likewise the entirety of Relic Knights

why do I do this to myself, /tg/

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Aww yeah. Man, that's where it's at.

>> No.30897644


It lets consumers vote with their wallets in a more direct fashion than is normal, choosing not just what to buy, but what to make in the first place. If the end product is shit, a number of people are out some beer money for a month, instead of a company being forced into bankruptcy.

Whether or not that's a good trade to you is up to your politics and level of risk-aversion. Personally, I feel like being able to bypass the publishing industry (who are almost universally risk-averse, and so likely to pass on anything deemed either marginal or too offensive) is a good thing, particularly for games.

Take Cards Against Humanity - a successful kickstarter that became a successful and highly sought-after game. Clearly, there was (and is) a market for the game. But let's be honest, the chances that CAH would have been published by Hasbro or WotC or any other big game publisher were pretty much nil.

I think that as long as people go into it from the point of view that they're helping to get something they want made or done, and not preordering an already completed product from an established company, they're less likely to be disappointed by Kickstarter. This is something that Kickstarter itself could probably do a better job of conveying.

>> No.30897831

I'm waiting for the new Super Dungeon Explore one. Though that may be because I just love soda pop's minis. Anyone else ready to wait a year past the due date for shipping again?

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>What have you backed?
Aliens vs. Predator Miniatures game
Battlesystems Modular Terrain

>What are you currently backing?
Nothing, the two above ruined my finances as is.

>What would you like to back?
I would have liked to back the Mars Attack kickstarter, but AvP and Battlesystems needed too much back then already.

>pic related, what im getting out of battlesystems

>> No.30897963

I'll say, you clearly do not have enough bones. You should wait until Bones 3 to get more.

>> No.30898116

I will without question be funding the new SDE kickstarter. However, as I understand it the delays with Relic Knights and previous Soda Pop products are primarily the fault of CMON, and SP seems to be making a break from them for this campaign.

>> No.30898138

basically, rather than convincing a man in a suit that there is a market for your product, you ask the market itself.

>> No.30898416

Busty Barbarian Bimbos (I was pleasantly surprised finding my KS username under the 'Particular Acknowledgement' paragraph)
Kingdom Death ($600, including the $80 special pinup box they released a week ago)
DreamForge Games ($377, waiting for the third and final delivery)
Bones I ($326. I should probably sell one of the boxes)

>> No.30898545

oh shit, I didn't realize the Crusader was that much bigger than the Knight.

>> No.30898602

It's about an inch shorter than a Warhound.

>> No.30898651

That's good to hear. I knew they were striking it off on their own, but I didn't know it was CMON causeing the delays. I can't wait for RK to ship out in a month or two.

>> No.30898723

I backed Dreamforge, but neglected to get one- mostly because additional weapon arms were $25 apiece. Looking very much forward to my heavy troopers and APCs, though

>> No.30898837

Well, I see the Leviathan as a count-as Warhound (since it's much closer in size to one, compared to a Knight), and warhound weapons cost $60-65 each from forgeworld, and you can't swap them unless you magnitize them.

>> No.30898840

I will add to this that I am waiting on delivery of about 15 projects, and have received the following:

Storm the Castle
Eminent Domain expansion
Castle story
Bones 1
Stonehaven gnomes

The only one I was disappointed by was Castle Story, and I didn't exactly have high hopes for it to begin with. But it was only $15 and the developers are still working on it, so who knows what it'll look like when it's done.

>> No.30899120

I may consider getting another Survivor box when Pootykins reopens the pledge manager... but I also want all the armor kits I couldn't afford last time. Together it would be an additional $555 though...

>> No.30899263

I only pledged for addons for KD since I hate the Phoenix and am indifferent to a lot of the other minis, but every time Pootles posts pics of new plastics the urge to up my pledge to Survivor when he reopens things gets harder to resist. Is there something wrong with me?

>> No.30899319

>I hate the Phoenix
Is it the Goetse that puts you off?

I'm damn curious how big the human form dragon will be compared to the survivors.

>> No.30899374

The lavish and interesting world they described wasn't "a sea of fire" it was a fire themed world. Efreets, Salamanders, Azer and Fire Elementals were the races with special racial classes they were working on.

With a giant ocean of lava and flame too though, but due to GIANT LAVA SERPENTS and you know... drowning even fire creatures could get fucked up if they fell off the boats.

There was an endless desert of ash filled with nothing but the dead because none could live there, but beneath the ash wastes lay the ancient ruins of the Azer empire, filled with magical treasure. The Coal plains where people grew fire resistant plants because bitches gotta eat. That one city i forget the name of that is in every book about the plane of fire.

Quite frankly there are also plenty of ways within PF to bypass immunity and resistance, like turning half your damage to "holy fire" etc and shit. The Fire elemental class specifically had increasing ability to penetrate resistance and eventually immunity to fire, burning so hot that even traditionally fire immune creatures didn't have enough defense. SO FIRE YOU CAN BURN FIRE

>> No.30899676

God fucking damn it...what a disaster that turned out to be. I kicked $65 to Defiance Games because one of these very threads "highly recommended" it.
Shows me the result of kicking KEWL STUFF without doing further research, I suppose.

At least Reaper shouldn't end up throwing my Bones II money out the window.

>> No.30899743

If they do, they're idiots. They have a great source of investors to grow their business year after year with those kickstarters.

>> No.30900027

That's a big part of it. Put it this way- I was never a follower of Papa Nurgle- the whole weeping-sores-diseased-flesh-and-body-covered-in-anuses aesthetic just turns me off.

>> No.30900237

Yeah, Reaper may have toned down the Oprah-mode (and YOU get an add-on!) this time around - but they're a well-established company, looking to put the funding into production relocation, that already delivered the last KS successfully. That's a trustworthy reputation.

Defiance Games had some decent concept art that wooed me, but I'm ashamed I missed the red flags. There was a definite lack of confirmed finished designs, and that "we're aware of our limitations, buuut" line in the FAQ was blatant excuse groundwork in hindsight. And a simple google search would have turned up one of the many shitstorms this "Tony" fellow seems to constantly get himself into. Buying likes on Facebook instead of, say, working on the KS product you hyped up? Really?

Next time I invest (having finally been reminded that KS is just an investment), I'll actually check who I'm giving my money to next time to make sure they don't have a history of catastrophic failure and excuse-making.

>> No.30900315

But the phoenix doesn't have any sores, just human parts peaking out from beneath its feathers.

>> No.30900410

I really should do that as well, but so far I've only been burned to the tune of $15 on something I wasn't that excited about. Everything else I've backed looks like it's progressing, even if it is behind schedule.

>> No.30900518

It's got a whole bunch of little anus-sores under its wings and along the sides of the body, and clustered just behind its arms

>> No.30900533

I got suckered by Defiance, too- supposedly they rid themselves of that Tony guy, but still they seem to be pulling the same shit

>> No.30900562

Maybe it's just molting?

>> No.30900588


I don't know what to make of this one. On the one hand, I have wargames factory amazons converted to imperial guard already, and these could be fun.

On the other hand, the WF amazons are shitty model, and these could be too. I'm conflicted.

>> No.30900769

>hey everybody, it's the last day of the month that was posted as the delivery goal, just popping in after two months of silence to tell you that we can't produce here after all and are busy looking for someone to do it in China
Having read up on their history this week in my search for answers, this looks like just the sort of denial-excuses that have been made whenever Tony runs past a deadline.
And according to one of the three ex-designer, everyone BUT Tony jumped ship after months of mishandled work and "delayed" wages.

So despite the rampant obfuscation of what may or may not be happening with our funding, I'm resigned to the assumption that we won't be getting what we were promised.

>> No.30901062

Ask a fa/tg/uy who backed Dwimmermount anything?

Also backed:
Numenera, Fate Core, Reaper Bones 1 & 2, Paizo's megadungeon, Torchbearer, OmegaZone for fate, LotFP Better than any Man, The Strange, Project Dark, Scarlet Heroes, Breachworld, and Appendix N adventures for DCC RPG.

Emails from Appendix N go straight to junk mail at this point (100's of updates about being late), never got all the backer rewards or print copies from Better Than Any Man, and Dwimmermount remains in production hell, but may one day be finished.

Scarlet Heroes, Fate, Torchbearer, and Numenera remain the best run campaigns, IMO, and I would/will back campaigns from these folks again (ergo, backing The Strange).

>> No.30901083

What the fuck is Dwimmermount

>> No.30901659

One of the greatest nerdcore, grognard flameouts to ever hit kick starter.

>> No.30901772

it sounds like some kind of elven sexual position

>> No.30902882

Engine Heart
Sunless Sea
Hyper Light Drifter
PULSAR: Lost Colony
The Mandate
Tiny Trek
Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Police Precinct 2nd Edition
EONS: Cosmic Expansions
Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition
Draco Magi

Proven Lands

>Backed unsuccessfully:
The Ship: Full Steam Ahead

>> No.30903501

Aaaaaaand I just caved and pledged to MERCS Recon. I have a month to save $200 for it, shouldn't be a problem if I keep making the money I am right now.

>> No.30906505


>> No.30906927

That guy in the power armor looks pretty baller.

>> No.30907013

It's part of the third and final stage of the Dreamforge kickstarter, pic related. It should ship within a few months I think.

>> No.30907015

Does anyone know if Westwind are going to do their Secrets of the Third Reich Kickstarter soon, or has another project gone in front of it again?

>> No.30907335

Christ. You're the sort of idiot who really supports the worst elements of Kickstarter. "But who could have known, I didn't do the research!" is meaningless when even at the time, five seconds with google would have told you what a clusterfuck of a scam Defiance were. People had been having issues with them and their bullshit from day one, or even earlier.

But no, just give them money and go "well, shucks, I didn't do the research, who could have known" because they shilled themselves. /tg/ is really fucking dumb a lot of the time.

>> No.30907504

I don't know. Didn't they do one for Empire of the Dead last year? I'd totally throw in support for a SotTR one, though.

>> No.30907645

>Defiance games

I want to pity you, but I am seriously amazed you trusted them.

Did nobody warn you? They were pretty notorious by the time this kickstarter came out. DakkaDakka for example wanted Tony's head for all the shit he had pulled.

>> No.30907732


Oh thank god I didn't see this while it was still going

I would be living out of a cardboard box right now and preparing to move into a house built from modular terrain

>> No.30907778

top kek

>> No.30908946

I'm a notorious backer but currently I'm only backing Wasteland games 6mm buildings, Want to get into epic again. I usually back Mantics stuff but there current one doesn't interest me.

>> No.30909064

Not saying those of us that backed the DG kickstarter couldn't have perhaps exercised better judgment, but I will point you to WGF. Tony started with them, pulled the same shit he later did with DG, then got the boot, and now WGF does stellar work- they're producing the DFG minis (Stormtroopers and Leviathan posted in this thread) and I believe also the KD minis.

>> No.30909100

Also, dudes- the new SDE KS is live. Only one pledge level, $100, with addons likely.

>> No.30909455

>WGF is good now

Exactly, because they got rid of Tony.

I'll fully admit I got suckered too, but I was suckered into the UAMC marines. They really weren't a bad kit for the money, but after seeing the crap that company has pulled, I've lost all will to paint them or use them. And I got suckered in because at the time it seemed like a fairly legitimate story that WGF had screwed him over (maybe they did, who knows) Every WGF kit that was out at the time was garbage, and the new UAMC troopers and hardsuit renders look so good. And of course, who could resist female marines in reasonable uniforms.

I still feel sick about supporting that company. There were some cool ideas there, but they just didn't work out. The idea of "1800's colonialism in space" was awesome, and the concept art was cool a too. It's just a shame the company and it's models couldn't live up to the promise. I would have loved a couple of those battle eggs with the hilariously large missile pods.

>> No.30909464

Waiting for paycheck.

>> No.30909510

I'm waiting for 100k

>> No.30909529

That's what I meant- information available at the time of the KS indicated (or seemed to) that DG had also kicked Tony.
Already backed it.
It's already more than 10K past goal, I think we'll see 100K by tomorrow. I hope this KS does well, better than Relic Knights at least. I wanna see what else is on that stretch goal chart.

>> No.30909552

Well, Relic Knights was 900k, so it's doable.

>> No.30909580

They didn't have the stretch thing up the last time I checked. I hope one of them is another spawn set. Also, Monk hero and Ninja baddies.

>> No.30909590

That sounds like another expansion to me.

You get the RK SDE models?

>> No.30909608

Wow, December fulfillment. I mean, I get that they're being realistic, but This is the thing I hate about Kickstarters. I'm gonna pay my birthday money to get my Christmas present.

>> No.30909614

I feel like they're probably going to save the asian-themed characters for another expansion- thus far each set has been based on an area of the island map, and there's a pretty obvious asia expy off on the right.

I got/am getting the paladin. I didn't have SDE when I pledged for RK originally, so I'm going to have to try and get those elsewhere. I'm a little disappointed, though- the art in almost every case is way better than the final mini, and the paladin's probably the worst offender of the bunch.

>> No.30909621

Probably, I think it got the second most votes the poll they did. Clockwork Cove won the vote if IIRC.

>> No.30909632

One more picture because itty bitty Tau

>> No.30909646

I'm all in on RK, SDE included.

I like the vast majority of the models. I feel like the style difference has to do with art =/= physics.

>> No.30909649

there was a poll?
also I wonder if any of these expansions will come into play in this KS. Probably not.

>> No.30909667

I still really liked the models though. Kisa and One shot in particular.

>> No.30909669

I didn't back anything, not even the RPG revolution

>> No.30909686

The pally model just bugs me. The others much less so. I got the Black Diamond and the Paladins for RK, so I am kind of wishing I'd gotten the SDE One Shot instead of the not-Solid-Snake cat thing.

>> No.30909687

Wait Kingdom Death whatever the fuck that mini porn game is STILL not out?

>> No.30909726


>delivered on time

choose one

>> No.30909914

Breaking news! Production has a long set-up time! More at 11!

>> No.30909947

Due simply to volume of interest, I'd say it'll take a while.

They also switched from Resin to Plastic after initial production had started, so there's that too.

I didn't back KD and am not a huge fan of some of the stuff in it, but you gotta give Poots some leeway.
One of the if not THE most successful mini kickstarters that keeps its backers up to date, and Poots even has threads on /tg/ of all places, I don't see how anyone could complain.

>> No.30909988

>that mini porn game
Am I the only one that didn't get any of the pinups?

>> No.30909991

Poots, the project manager, didn't know if the game would even get funded at $35K, so the deadline that was set at the time was reasonable for that goal. However, the project exloaded to over $2M, and he got a monsterload of work to do after that, especially so as it started out as a one-man operation. I think he has a team of maybe four or five producing for the game, including his girlfriend, himself and artists, and he has hired a game master who's only job is setting up and running games to test it. According to the updates, he's working 16-18 hours a day for a year now.

>> No.30910017

No, according to an update or a post he did on /tg/ (forgot which), the pinups didn't stand for much of the KS. So you are very much not alone. I would maybe get them if they didn't cost $15 each, and if they came with some sort of gear card/s or rules to it. But they really look nice, and I would get them if I had more discretionary income.

>> No.30910054


In his defense

That dragon is pure sex unf

Is the website updated with all this? Because I can't find the kickstarter page

>> No.30910060

No, it'll likely not be updated until after all shipments have been sent to the backers. And in case 4chan doesn't like the link for some reason, search for Kingdom Death.

>> No.30910130



Also the plastic survivors look awful I remember the original I think they are resin? Were much better

>> No.30910138

>resin holds details better than plastic

>> No.30910167

>backed Warzone just for the miniatures
>planning to turn the Cybertronic mooks into Van Saar gangers
>also thinking of using the bitz for a model for my current Shadowrun char
>models arrive pretty promptly considering the delays
>all of the backs have these exhaust-things sprouting out of them
>mfw no face 'cause I'm on my new laptop and stupidly didn't transfer my reaction folder over

Better go buy a file then I suppose, and learn how to greenstuff clothes while I'm at it...

>> No.30910181



>> No.30910203

Why do the cards worry you guys? I didn't mind them at all, in the design of the game they thought about terrain and IIRC you can use the cards on their side, also they have a neat snap-to-cover rule which smoothens things out.

I bought the rulebook quite some time ago, but never got the time or money to start collecting the miniatures. I was also disappointed to see the scale of them, they're quite small and usually consist of only two parts, which is a bummer since I was hoping to convert them with 40K bitz and use them for MERCS and Necromunda.

>> No.30912953

It can still be a pain to use them in multi-level buildings. Another thing that bothers me about card movement is how you HAVE to move a full card length and can only move up to one base length if you are next to terrain/a person. You can't just move 0.5" if you want to.

It bothers me that a trained soldier can't take two steps to the left if he wants to.

This game is very vague and the card movement mechanic is nothing more than a clunky gimmick. I see no reason why tape measures can't replace it.

The rules are also pretty vague, if I remember correctly. And the cards don't fully explain abilities, they just give summaries, so I have to drag out the rule book if I want a more detailed explanation.

>> No.30914311

That's the point. People who'd seen that happen were already pointing out how much of a scumbag he was and how terrible an idea the kickstarter would be.

You will point me to WGF? People _were_ pointing at WGF, and you idiots still backed it.

>> No.30917801

The only reason we backed Bones I

>> No.30918055

I'm considering backing the new SDE kickstarter, but I've never played the original. I've heard that it's fun, but has diminishing replayability.

Could anyone who's played the original weigh in? It looks like it'll either be that or Fireteam Zero, which looks like another great co op game.

>> No.30918427

It's only been recently that I've had available money to spend on games (yay new job!)

>Project Eternity
>Arcadia Quest

Currently Backing:
>Guild Ball
>A couple tech projects

Would like to Back:
>SDE: Forgotten King
>Fireteam Zero
>Chaos Reborn
>Possibly Mercs: Recon (Played a demo of Mercs and somewhat disliked it, but what the hell).

>> No.30918502

I understand they're probably gunshy after what happened with Relic Knights, but three of the first five stretch goals being addons doesn't sit quite right with me.
who the fuck am I kidding, I'm gonna get them all anyway. Goddamnit.

>> No.30918560

I don't like the Mage or Cola as a stretch goal..But the Free Spawn Point, and the Not-Mononoke are pretty great.

Also dat KD crossover..

>> No.30918624

Cola's free, so I don't care too much about that. But each of the heroes being $10 (or more) bugs me a little since there're only four heroes in the core box as opposed to eight in the original, plus you can get most of the add-on minibosses and heroes for 10-ish if you shop around. And the new spawn point and monsters are nice, but they're just recolors of monsters from the Caverns of Roxxor expansion. I'd rather forego the additional spawn for more heroes in the core box.

>> No.30918683

Well, you get 6 with Candy and the Troll from the free add on, so that's a bit better.

>> No.30918897

But I do feel your pain, I really hope some of the later unlocks are more interesting stuff.

>> No.30918965

>chibi Twilight Knight
>muh heart
>muh dick

>> No.30918981

Is that you Foron?

>> No.30919009

Wow, my copy of The Doom that Came to Atlantic City arrived today, never thought I'd see it. The minis are pretty bitchin for plastic, wonder if I'm gonna get the pewter ones I paid for

>> No.30919030


>> No.30919382

Here's a little unboxing sequence

>> No.30919475


>> No.30919509


>> No.30919534


>> No.30919572

360 shots of Cthulu, lemme know if you want any others

>> No.30919608


>> No.30919620

Umm.. no? Can one not enjoy both cute and lewd without being confused for a tripfag?

>> No.30919622

>The Doom that Came to Atlantic City
So it's basically Monopoly, chtuhlu edition?

>> No.30919643


>> No.30919658

It's an easy mistake to make, considering his vested sexual interest in KD.

>> No.30919669

Reverse Monopoly, yeah. You destroy houses, collect/sacrifice cultists, fight each other, and open gates. Also it only takes around 45 minutes to play.

>> No.30919686

You mean his vested sexual interest in anything that wriggles?

>> No.30919700

Yeah, but specifically KD in this case.

>> No.30919721

Wow those are really nice, quality pick up man.

>> No.30919810

Yeah I'm pretty happy with it, especially since I'd written off that $75 as a loss after the original producer went belly up.

>> No.30919892

the only thing I've ever backed is this. And it's worth every damn cent

>> No.30920019

I would say that /td/ on kickstarter would be a lot more reputation based than video games on kickstarter, which has the media on its ass 24/7 and massive crowds of fans poaring a shit load into the games.

Look at Star Citizen. I can't wait for the game to come out and look at all the posts on /v/ and /vg/, no matter the outcome.

The pressure is so high.

>> No.30920092

>No lusus naturae

Step it up, /tg/

>> No.30920624

Shit son, that surely is selective and exclusive.

I remember when this threads where viral when that faggot from the journey tried to build hype.

>> No.30920647

It wasn't The Journey, It was The Reward I think.

>> No.30920690

I really like it, but I haven't played it a ton. The problem is that there is really limited choices in the base set. You get 2 Kobold spawns, 1 Dragon spawn and the same boss and miniboss in every game. Expansions help however, but some things in expansions go together like Von Draak and the skeleton spawn points. If you back the kickstarter you'll already be getting more than the base set for cheaper, so I'd say it will most likely be worth it. Especially if it blows up like RK did.

>> No.30920741

Do you know anything about the co-op rules? I would've bought in to SDE a long time ago if it had good solitaire rules. Do you know offhand if that's what this adds? There wasn't a lot about it, other than just "co-op".

>> No.30920795

All I know is that it adds AI to the monsters. I'm guessing it'll add rules for random spawning and monsters what monsters activate and target.

>> No.30920834

Yeah. I'm leaning toward going for it, especially if the extras start to pile up. I just figured as someone who has played the base game and perhaps looked a little further into this expansion, you might have a better understanding of things.

Thanks, though!

>> No.30920883

The biggest reason to buy is definitely the minis. The game is great, but even not getting to play it much I can't get past the chibi goodness.

>> No.30920901 [DELETED] 

>Begstarter thread
How is this not a violation of the advertising rules, mods? do something.

>> No.30920948 [DELETED] 

I will never understand why people get so butthurt by kickstarter.

>> No.30920953 [DELETED] 

No one is advertising. We just talk about projects we are interested in. Sorry if one of the ten "how do we fix pathfinder" threads 404ed.

>> No.30920979

How different is it from the version that's floating around on the internet?
I was looking at the kickstarter page and it says that the $55 reward includes 6-sided dice and cards, and that shit ain't in the PDF I've read.

>> No.30920988

Honestly, not that interested in the minis. I don't quite like the style, it feels just a bit off for what it's trying to be. They're okay, though.

I just love games like that. I love the shit out of Gears of War, even the D&D games aren't so bad, and I can't wait for KD:M. I'll probably pick it up, the worst that can happen is that I get $150 worth of game that I can just sell to someone else I guess.

>> No.30921067

i'm sorta interested but i can't shake the feeling of WRONGNESS that comes from the fact that you're essentially a heavily armed Government military group busting into a civilian location and shooting it the fuck up. Generally terrorizing the normal people.

>> No.30921100

The Seas of Chaos is a fun game currently on kickstarter. It is a title based, pirate RPG that is completely different every time you play it.


>> No.30921374

SDE is decent if you like games like that, think Gauntlet Legends with minis.

The original base set doesn't give you much variety, but the KS certainly does.

6 heroes, ALL the expansion card sets (so you can proxy if you want) 5 Spawn points and 3 Bosses (2 mini-bosses) isn't half bad.

>> No.30921445

What comprises "a hero", anyway? If it's just the mini, then at that quality $10 seems a little steep. If they have a deck or some other stuff, it's not so bad, though. Just curious so I know how much to dump into this.

Because I'm pretty sure that I am now.

>> No.30921515

Mini + Character card. Though if it's like the promo heroes it'll also include a unique treasure card.

>> No.30921643

You get the "Hero" plus his/her stat card and usually some unique loot.

I'd agree that I don't think they're great to buy individually (and I've bought 2 outside of this KS), maybe the Mononoke is worth it.

But getting them in a package with the KS may save a few pennies. Usually they're 12 or so retail.

>> No.30921704

Neat. I think I'll hold off, other than the Twilight Knight. If CSI is anything to go by (even though they're out of stock) it looks like they cost even less post-kickstarter.

>> No.30921772

If you only want that glorious knight, I'd say definitely wait for retail.
I don't think it'd be worth the hassle of dealing with middlemanning ks backers for one mini, and as you said, might even be cheaper.

>> No.30921811

Oh, no, I meant as far as single hero addons go. Assuming the kickstarter goes well, buying the boxed game should be worth it as well. Any addons I can just wait and get for $8 retail instead of $10 kickstarter.

>> No.30921818

i just pledged a dollar and learned that there will be no Kickstarter exlusive models. so fuck yes the twilight will be out for normal price later. What's CSI?

>> No.30921829

Oooh, I getcha. Wise move.

>> No.30921838

coolstuffinc, an online retailer in the US. Their prices are generally very good, especially during a sale.

>> No.30921844

CoolStuff Inc would be my guess.

>> No.30921886

I'm just getting everything from SDE. The only exception is the starfire mini. No matter what I do I can't justify that much for a variation on an existing boss.

>> No.30922050

The resin sculpt is also a bit bad. Apparently it needs a ton of fixing and it's been reported on the forums that the model is even missing some teeth.

So all in all, I'd say you made a good choice.

>> No.30922267

Original starfire is one of the three models I haven't painted from the base set as well since it wasn't set properly. Well, three excluding the treasure chests.

>> No.30922299

Mine didn't fit great either, but I ran his legs under hot water and did some bending and some he sits perfectly.

>> No.30922361

*and after some tweaking

>> No.30922436

Yeah, I really need to do that. Just him, the bear and second Rex to go.

>> No.30923166

Luckily it's easy to bend stuff. And I think I still have most of my kobolds left..Going slow.

>> No.30923841


Currently backing

>> No.30923903

Not backing anything at the moment, just backed StarCrawlers, Province, Kingdome Come and the Delta Green short story collection.

>> No.30923909

Where's the update Sodapop?

>> No.30924211

>110 bucks for a rulebook
Yeah right.

>> No.30924392


Aw fuck, glanced past the thread, there's a Mercs kickstarter?
Fuck, why can't they throw the SotTR guys a bone, we've put up with next to no support from them for ages.

>> No.30926784

>Using Warzone minis for something 40k.
You make me sad. Am I seriously the only damn person on this entire board who funded that game for the sake of the game? It's a fucking good game, too.

Recon is a different game entirely. It doesn't use the card movement thing since it's basically a board game. Watched the game-play vids and it looks damn fun.

>> No.30929067

Same here. Too much for not that different. First Starfire was Win for me though. Friend broke his trying put it together, offered me $40 and his broken model for my perfect looking one. Then e-mailed sodapop to let them know I had a faulty one. Now I have two.

>> No.30929383

>I'm waiting for the new Super Dungeon Explore one. Though that may be because I just love soda pop's minis. Anyone else ready to wait a year past the due date for shipping again?

I just backed the new SDE. If we have to wait longer than the estimate for production then that just gives me more time to get round to painting the SDE I already have and the Relic Knights I'm going to have. Not my pic. I haven't started yet because I haven't finished my Infinity stuff....

>> No.30929401


Seriously wtf?

I wish they'd just throw up a fuckin rulebook kickstarter option. I give 0 fucks for the boardgame...

>> No.30929560

So far the number one most damaging factor for a product has been the investor. This does away with the need for investors.

>> No.30929624

Has anyone seen the Wasteland Game Studio buildings? They look really cool, and for the price, really good for some pieces to do custome buildings for mordheim/warhammer.

>> No.30931715


Sure, but they're in 6mm scale, so way too small.

>> No.30931801


Damn, after seeing that vid I really, really want that game to be made, but I'm really, really broke this month.

>> No.30931933

You can still use the old heroes though.

>> No.30932214

>wakfu blurays
>battlesystems terrain
backed and recently received, pic related

>> No.30932700

I'm still waiting on my package from Center Stage miniatures with my 28 mm Demons and Devils. The hold up is one artist, who is making the King of Evil Dragons. (this mo fo is the only pic of the rough i can find)

>> No.30932741

I've backed two things: Order of the Stick reprint drive and Fate Core.

I REALLY wanted to back Bones, but without a job I couldn't justify dropping $100, even if it was saving a bunch of money on a hypothetical future purchase.

Gonna scan the thread for good things to look at now that I have a job.

>> No.30935651

I've backed both troublemaker games indiegogo campaigns as I have a weird emotional attachment to 6mm figures and don't want Epic to die.

Been very happy so far, still waiting for the plastics but I trust them.

Also backed the 10mm Evil men on indiegogo fingers crossed this guy doesn't rip me off, haven't heard anything in a while.

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