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>tfw no Dragonblood gf
>tfw no Lunar waifu
>tfw no high salary sidereal sugar daddy

Is there a way to make Alchemicals relevant in Creation that doesn't utterly break the setting?

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No, not really. Autobot's return (even if he is sleeping) is far too important to not change everything

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>Is there a way to make Alchemicals relevant in Creation that doesn't utterly break the setting?
Break which setting? Because you can have them have made contact with only the Mountain Folk, but that breaks the Autocthonia setting.

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Does the 9-fold seal (or whatever) only cover Creation? Could Autobot conceivably send scouting parties to the Underworld freely?

Given that Autobot is dying, I'd imagine that he might have some interest in seeing what happens when a Primordial dies.

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An Alchemical scouting party/pioneer group setting up a city in Creation? It wouldn't break the setting because Creation is fucking huge.

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I liked Gunstar Autochthonia, and how they interacted with the Alchemicals there.

Also, Exalted Modern basically turned Alchemicals into Kamen Rider.

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>Also, Exalted Modern basically turned Alchemicals into Kamen Rider.

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Bah, with the right artefacts you can do that in any game.

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No, the sleeping thing prevents it from turning into the end result of The Quest for the Great Source in Exalted: the Autochthonians.

Don't ever use those adventures. Ever.

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Well, basically the Infernals created Alchemicals as experimental weapons, and tend to be humans forcibly converted into cyborgs. Some workers in the project rebelled, and modified viable into their own Alchemicals.

They even look like normal humans until they henshin by using their charms.

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Viable CANDIDATES sorry.

It's very Showa Rider.

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>Is there a way to make Alchemicals relevant in Creation that doesn't utterly break the setting?
Sure. You can have a stranded handful of them instead of a full-blast intrusion.
See KoC's Nova for example.

Could even make an Alchemicals campaign in that style - a colossus NPC going off into depths of autochtonia, accompanied by escort of PCs. Ends up falling into a rift leading to Creation. Or perhaps they were conducting Seal-breaching experiments and got sucked in without establishing a stable gate.

In the end, nothing else to do but set up shop in the alien world.

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>relevant in Creation
Not really. Stuff where they don't have a huge Creation-breaking impact makes them relevant only to your story.

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>See KoC's Nova for example.
Main difference in portrayal: that you can't make REAL Alchemicals outside of Autochton.
She still could be making cyborgs all she wants, but no Exalts.

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Well isn't that general statement applicable to EVERYTHING?
If it's not something that is a massive impact on ALL Creation, then it reaches your campaign wherever it is. If it's not that huge an impact, then it is relevant to your campaign's zone of activity.

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The Seal covers Autochton, blocking him away from all other realms. Wyld, Creation, Malfeas, Underworld - they all face the same thing.

Of course if Autobot was awake, he could just open it and do whatever he wants. Such as go into the Wyld to recharge or indeed send Alchemical squads to explore Underworld and Creation.

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So, the big question here is, how do we break Autobot out of his coma? Or, how do we break the seal without him?

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you need to diplomacy the leaders of the 8 nations into agreeing to wake his ass up

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The Octet have jack and shit to do with it. They just provide Autochthon with a power source and run a few basics. Actually waking up Autochthon involves trekking to the Godhead in the Pole of Crystal, among other tasks.

The adventure in Exalted: the Autochthonians for 1e had the Eye of Autochthon act to calibrate several Manses to the Machine God in order to wake him up, but as noted, you're probably better off not using it.

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>Implying goons don't love that shit.

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Are there any artefacts that double as headgear besides the Crown of Thunders and the Dragon Tear Tiara? I'm thinking of making a character that has something like the four fulcrums of the UCS. The spear and shield are easy, and there's an artefact horn in Oadenols, so I'm thinking the laurel should be a wreath like Caesar wore.

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Rolled 9


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If nothing else, some hearthstone bracers are actually hearthstone crowns

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>It's very Showa Rider.
Amazon would be a lunar, of course.

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you could always just homebrew one. You could have it double the effect of channeling compassion, for example

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I love how Exalted's analy-devastated defenders constantly bring this guy up like he invalidates every point raised against Infernals and how poorly handled the subject of child rape is.

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No one denies that the first chapter of Infernals was bad. The people responsible aren't writing for the line anymore. The people who are still working on the line are determined not to let that kind of shit back in.

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Speaking for myself, I just don't want the forum that allowed a child rapist to lecture people about child rape (in a roleplaying game).

Do you think that having a child rapist as a mod is okay?

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Alchemicals are the result of heavily modified Lunar Shards so, yes. Yes, that will definitely work.

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That depends.

If he did his time, if he's not re-offended then I see no problem with it. Reforms can happen, people can change. What are we going to pass a law now saying that all sex offenders must announce themselves to everyone they meet like in Le Miserable?

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The fucker was totally remorseless anon, sorry.

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He was also the mod of a completely different forum. Also, citation needed.

Now I've got a question for you, were the other mods aware of this fact when he was a mod?

It's a trick question because the answer is "no." Thier reaction afterwards is understandable when you remember that the people who brought this up were butthurt, banned former Goons who were playing a game of "Gotcha" with SA.

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I don't think anyone thinks those chapters are anything but shit.

But it's pretty hilarious how hypocritical SA was about it.

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The Dream Broadcaster, Wonders of the Lost Age.

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Now stop white knighting a pedophile while complaining about how fictional child rape was handled as a subject in a roleplaying game, it's bizarre and creepy.

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Just what I need to run my nation, thanks.

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Shit fuck, wrong image. Whatever.

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If you want to really dial it up, put the Jewel of the Desert Bodhisattva into it. It applies to all social attacks made with that crown as long as the social attacks have to do with religion/faith in some way. It lets you literally sing into people's minds and have them weep tears of revelation as they bow in worship of your righteousness.

Or, you know. It could. If you wanted it to.

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You should always want to, where megalomania is concerned.

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Is there a non-Infernal version?

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This is a good idea for Exalted Modern: Alchemicals are Kamen Riders, and Lunars are Kaijin serving the Infernals.

Now to find people willing to play in this game.

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Sure, just replace all of the following words and call it a Solar stone:
>Desert for Celestial
>silvery-blue for white-gold
>landscape of Cecelyne with City of Yu Shan
>her Third Circle souls with consecrated holy ground
>Ceceylene with The Unconquered Sun

And bam, just like that, it goes from being a Cecelyne Hearthstone to being a Solar one.

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>Lunars serving the Infernals
u w0t m8

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That's what happens in Exalted Modern. Basically in that version, the Infernals took over the Exalted host when some Solars deliberately tainted their own essence at the end of the Primordial War to gain sweet Yozi charms. The Solars who weren't down for it were sealed away, and since then the Infernal Illuminati has been ruling Modern Creation from the Shadows.

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>Do you think that having a child rapist as a mod is okay?
I expect them to remove and ban any mods that have been revealed to have been rapists.
...which is exactly what they did.

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They knew about it for years and were hiding the fact. They only banned him when the normal uses found out and started raising shit on a site where they couldn't delete such posts.

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After five years.
Despite being the first result when you google his name.
And only when an offshoot site found out and complained about it.

I'm not impressed.

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...As long as you don't need me on Thursdays.

Ideally can I also keep Mondays free, they're my fallback day with my group.

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I'll probably bring it up again later, I'm pretty much fucked in terms of free time for the next few weeks.

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So, I'm planning on making a Dragonblooded Private Investigator based in Nexus. Fire Aspect, and I want him to be the bastard offspring of Philip Marlowe and Liu Bei. Any tips for making him? Using all the errata by the way.

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>Dragonblooded Private Investigato
Oh, okay, so you're going to want him to be Wate-
>Fire Aspect

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>Philip Marlowe

I'm hearin' you

>And Liu Bei
You can do better.

Why Fire Aspect though?

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Somebody already called Water Aspect in the group, and his concept is more master thief (focusing on larceny and MA). And I *really* want to play a detective, it's something I'm hung up on. Plus, lighting cigars with your anima.

Well, the group's a Sworn Brotherhood and I really want to kick things off with something like a peach tree oath.

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I heard there was a charm that lets exalts regenerate from death - new face and all - exactly like in Doctor Who.

What is it?

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>Somebody already called Water Aspect
...so also be a Water Aspect.

>> No.30880595

That sounds like a Lunar deal. I know Solars don't get it (they get something that lets them return from the *brink* of death if they fall in the defense of others) and the Abyssal version is messier and involves pacts with the Neverborn.

>> No.30880609


What's stopping him from being Fire?

>> No.30880623

But then they can't combine to form Captain Planet

You sure it's not a pretend to be dead and come back later with a new face thing? Because death is pretty permanent in Exalted.

>> No.30880624

But anon my OCD compels me to ensure that there's only one of each aspect in this five person game. I'm weighing mechanically effective versus thematically appropriate and I'm stuck.

>> No.30880630

I seem to recall it being a Solar charm for some reason. You get dealt a killing blow and you regenerate completely, but get a new body in the process.

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Abyssals can get the Immortality 2.0 Deathlords have, but only if they forsake positive intimacies, are Ess 5, and the Neverborn view them favorably. Even then, it only works a limited number of times.

I know chimeric Lunars can regenerate so long as single cells survive, but that's more of a 'being unkillable' sort of deal than coming back to life

>> No.30880711

Then I think you're remembering wrong. The only 'ressurection' charm was that one from Ink Monkies, and that's justified by 'your health levels are zero, but you're only on the edge of death.'

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Mostly the fact that Water gets Bureaucracy, Larceny, and, you know, Investigation - all of which are incredibly useful for, you know, an investigator - while the closest thing to useful for that archetype which Fire gets is Presence? MAYBE Socialize?

When one aspect has at least 3 things useful for your concept, and the other has at BEST 2, you go for the former, rather than the latter.

That's like asking what's stopping a Dawn from being a diplomat - nothing, it's just they're choosing a caste that's entirely irrelevant to their concept, when there's a much more appropriate one already available.

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Wait, I do remember something. There was an N/A artifact in DotFA that a Solar had that basically allowed him to come back to life after he died. But DotFA sucked and everyone hated it, so...

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Of course, fluff-wise, a Solar SHOULD excel in their caste's categories, since they're specifically exalted FOR excellence.

Whereas a Dragonblood can totally not excel in their Aspect's favored bits, since it's hereditary.

Heck, given he also wants a Liu Bei vibe, he could be a 'man of the people' type who 'investigates' by knowing a guy who knows a guy.

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No, it was definitely a charm, and it was literally a Doctor Who effect. I seem to recall it being a Solar charm, but I'm not sure on that part. It might have been Lunar.

But it was definitely that, in reaction to getting dealt what should have been a killing blow, the exalt regenerates and their body changes.

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Can you not also choose skills not of your caste?

>> No.30880803

I don't know about you, but in my game the Eclipse took nothing but Martial Arts because he sought that out as a path to enlightenment, while the Dawn was a combination of social focused bureaucrat and corporate raider.

It's not optimal, but it's *fun.*

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You can, but only three, compared to a Solar's five. When all of your favored Abilities are in a single caste and you aren't investing in your own caste's abilities, you picked the wrong caste.

>> No.30880844

That's pretty much what I'm going for. Not just investigator, but also charismatic leader/THE BRAINS OF THIS OUTFIT.

I figure I can get away with using Investigation as the favored ability, using social skills to be very good at prying information out of people, and using dodge and melee for when shit inevitably hits the fan.

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>Picked wrong caste

Not every wants to do the most optimal thing all the time. The way 'I see it if what makes Water the investigator is Investigation/Larceny/Bureaucracy then take those three and be what caste you want.

>> No.30880978

...but why would you want to be another caste at that point? What a given caste is talented at is literally where their entire fluff begins and ends. Picking something else, at that point, is just deciding you prefer for their anima to be a different color.

Also, regardless of whether they're favored, you still have to pay an out-of-caste mote surcharge to use what, apparently, were intended to be the character's specialty, making them inherently more rubbish at using those Abilities than the Aspect, you know, built around them.

>> No.30881004

Whoa, I might have to rethink things then. But I thought the extra surcharge disappeared as of the latest errata?

>> No.30881009


Or instead, like the nature of the Dragonblooded, you can't choose what you're born with, but don't let that stop you from doing what you want to.

>> No.30881036


I'm pretty sure it has, to help alleviate this very problem.

>> No.30881050

I know that's a common houserule, but no, I'm pretty sure it hasn't. I can't find such errata, at any rate.

>> No.30881079

What you're literally saying is that you want to play a character who's rubbish at the things that come extremely naturally to them by the very virtue of hereditary super powers and instead focus on the things they're rubbish at as their specialty. "I want to be good at the things for which I have no actual talent instead of the things I'm naturally good at."

>> No.30881132

I'll check with my ST as to how he's handling the surcharge, and maybe think of what to do next from there. Thanks /EG/

>> No.30881181


Well putting it that way it sounds like shit, but I hate each element being typecasted. This should be the least likely with Dragonblooded as their power is hereditary.

>> No.30881254

No, it's the MOST likely, because unlike the other exalt types, it is hereditary. You're from a family with magical super-powered tightly themed after elements, gain those super-powers and super-talents in adolescence, and are steered down that path your entire life.

Other exalts, on the other hand, are normal people with naturally-diverse skill sets until exalting USUALLY in mid-adulthood and, until then, aren't naturally capable with or inclined to any particular thing.

A fire aspect who has experience points saved up can literally go from Melee 0 to Melee 5 instantly.

These are super powers, not just things you would kind of like to focus on, and they define your character and their role in Dragon-blooded society enormously.

>> No.30881318

That's only true for Dynasts, Outcaste's are a thing.

>> No.30881364

In which case, you just change 'you're from a family with' to 'you unexpectedly gain' and everything else still applies completely.

ESPECIALLY the part about being able to instantly learn skills without a tutor.

>> No.30882075

>...but why would you want to be another caste at that point? What a given caste is talented at is literally where their entire fluff begins and ends. Picking something else, at that point, is just deciding you prefer for their anima to be a different color.
Think about what you're saying for a moment. Your telling this dragon blooded dude that he can't be a detective because he was born wrong.
Don't you realize how elementalist that is?

>> No.30882191

I'm reasonably sure that the elemental surcharge was gone as of Thousand Correct Actions. I don't have the books with me at the moment though.

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I think we've all gotten distracted from the core concern here - can we build a Dragonborn society entirely from Musou characters?

>> No.30882433

DragonBLOOD thank you, and frankly if they aren't Romance of the Three Kingdoms as fuck in game, then something has gone horribly wrong.

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Yeah my typo.

And, I agree. But what about their Sengoku compatriots? Or something really out there like some of the Orochi characters?

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And an Abyssal. Really, the Sengoku Basara anime really was everything I wanted to see in an Exalted game.

>> No.30884451

The "optimization of Aspect" in this case amounts to jack and shit. It's one additional mote for investigative Charms, that's it. Fire already has an awful lot of useful Abilities to supplement it, too - Presence and Socialize, and both Dodge and Melee for getting into scrapes. This "you must be X aspect to play a certain profession!" shit was dumb when the practically ancient Chambers of Love blog on the old WW forum released a teaser of Risa's stats from the Scroll of Exalts, and it continues to be dumb now.

>> No.30884536

God, fuck John Chambers. The dude was a blight upon the line. He's the guy who said perfect defenses don't work on sorcery.

>> No.30884537

I've got a game coming up soon and have had about a month to build a character. I've got a concept and idea but I can't seem to finalize a build. Seems like every time I think I have it down I read another charm or ability and rework the whole thing to try and incorporate some thing new.

Do you guys ever run into this problem of constantly wanting to rework a character? How do you break out of the cycle of wanting to remake the "perfect" character?

>> No.30884579


>perfect defenses don't work on sorcery.

What is this bullshit where perfect defenses are imperfect? Did he have a hand in Zeal?

>> No.30884616

Mostly, it comes with realizing that you can always buy the stuff you don't already have, with experience points later.


>> No.30884646

I run out of time and go to the first session and find out I'm the only one who gave a shit about it

>> No.30884725

He was also the guy who said that the Pre-Errata DB Charm Essence Disruption Attack "worked as intended"

The one where you roll a flat difficulty without any chance of the target being able to defend, letting you pretty much lock down their essence for twenty ticks minimum.

>> No.30884907

Does anyone have a particular character concept they like to play?

>> No.30884936

I really like being the fast talking con artist type. They're fun to play, and it makes it really easy to make the other players laugh too.

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Not the fucking point of the post. Have a random bit of Lunar inspiration.

>> No.30885002


I want to play a Twilight Solar who has a fetish for weapons. I mean he wants to design/wield the biggest things that can kill the baddest things. He believes that weapons are great equalizers and tools to get the power one seeks. Endgame motivation is hijack the Defense Grid.

>> No.30885010

Smart but action-y guys. Magic engineers or social rogues mostly.

Also, grifters.

>> No.30885045

Venting about John Chambers is always justified.

>> No.30885121


A combat master. Your typical "Dawn/Dusk/Slayer" type is my favorite archetype to play. But i've happily played the dick-ass thief, an alchemist/thamatergist and all kinds of other things

>> No.30885133


Then excuse my while I empty my spleen of first edition Lunar BS. Like the old "can't have Appearance Charms because it might hose Lunars with ugly totems" thing.

Except that totems never capped Trait ratings.

And someone's self-perception might not make an "ugly animal" ugly, since that's the crux of the totem.

Then there were the Charms that were given over to Charisma or Manipulation just because. Yeah, you know Flowing Body Evasion?

It was a Charisma Charm in 1e.

>> No.30885258

I deny it.

>> No.30885306


And it didn't work, either. It was a Simple Charm.

Also, getting Harmony With Reality Technique had 13 prerequisite Charms. Ritual of Lunar Stability was based on it.

Want to form arrows out of random objects? Six Charms. Also, it was a Manipulation Charm, as most Shapeshifting Charms were (that, or Charisma).

And if you were a pregnant woman, forget about being able to change shape into a human of the opposite sex! Or into the opposite sex.

Guess how much lethal soak Armor-Forming Technique could give you. Go on, guess.


Did you guess?

The answer was half your Stamina, rounded down, and not to exceed 12.

Most trees tended to wander across all three Castes' Attributes. And all Charms cost as much as Immaculate Charms took out of Dragon-Blooded.

>> No.30885449

1E was dark times.

>> No.30885481

Solar who goes FULL FIRST AGE, then realizes that he can go even farther.

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>> No.30885658

Hiimdaisy needs to go back to more videogame stuff. Or else at least finish up that Persona comic.

>> No.30885906


For Lunars. Not for anyone else.

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Did we ever get a 3e sidereals crunch preview?

>> No.30886025


No. Nor did Lunars, Solars, or Alchemicals.

>> No.30886093

Abyssals and deathlords are getting a major conceptual overhaul though. Of those three the only one with major changes is going to be Lunars, and that's to get them in line with what they wanted them to be in 2E but couldn't because of the Eclipse problem.

>> No.30886128


And also the design mandate leftovers that gave us Relentless Lunar Fury and Charms with too many prerequisites.

>> No.30886198

Sylph of Space?

>> No.30887462

Nah dude, Exalts as monster of the week ain't good.
Better make use of demons for normal Kaijin, with some Infernals, loyalist Alchemicals and Lunars as high-ranked boss-monsters.
PCs are Alchemicals (cyber riders) and Lunars (bio riders).

>> No.30888709

Would any other splats fit in?
Rogue Infernals, Abyssals?

>> No.30889632

Maybe as higher ranking lieutenants or recurring villains.

>> No.30889879

We haven't gotten any crunch previews, just fluff previews, except for a couple of Solar charms they posted, like Salty Dog Method.

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Hello /tg/

Hypothetically, if I wanted to create an exalt with the motivation "Stop people from growing up".

How would you go about that?

>> No.30890244

Craft (Genesis) a plague that gives people an unaging mutation.

>> No.30890266

You're thinking too small.

As an exalt, you also need to de-age the people who are already grown up.

>> No.30890289

Then include in the plague the Youthful Form mutation.

That's, like, a 3 pointer for the former, and a Small + Cosmetic mutation for the latter.


Seriously, the answer to any widescale biological change question is always Craft (Genesis).

>> No.30890320

Now make it powerful enough to also affect the Exalted. Bonus points if it also de-ages the dead, spirits, and gods too.

>> No.30890340

It already affects any exalt that doesn't have some kind of immunity to magical diseases - and most don't have that. Those that do, there's not much we can do to.

>> No.30890436
File: 197 KB, 476x433, You_will_die_alot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I imagine a youth plague would trigger lots of sidereal assassins trying to stop you.

Seriously. Imagine all the chaos in the loom when they find out that huge amounts of people are turning into children again.

>> No.30890501

If you've done it in a workshop somewhere Outside Fate, they'll have as hard of a time figuring out you did it as figuring out who caused the Great Contagion.

So, I'm not too worried.

>> No.30890520

Hell, you could release it from like.. 50 different places in creation simultaneously, or many more.

>> No.30890536

Exactly. Brew it in Malfeas, start by spreading it to all the demons there - who are, as it so happens, immune to its effects but still vectors - and then, from then on, every time a sorcerer or thaumaturge summons a demon, the plague has a new origin point.

Easy as fuck.

>> No.30890631


Evidence to the contrary seems to exist...

>> No.30890776

You mean the Eight Divine Ministers?

>> No.30890785


>> No.30890814

Why don't you go to the official forums and ask them about it?

Of course you might find a handful of assholes who do not denounce Infernals Chapt.1&2, but those are a microscopic minority of assholes. The current dev team has expressed thir disgust with that material multiple times.

>> No.30891002

But chapter 2 is fine.

>> No.30891046

You may as well not bother trying, in the echo chamber here you're just going to get "THE ABYSSAL PREVIEW DID NOTHING WRONG!".


Why don't we speak with Plague of Hats about his reasons for leaving the writing team for Exalted 3e? Oh wait, that would mean admitting that everything the SA posters complained about is validated!

To quote Mr. Hats himself: "I fumed for a month and then quit. As much as I thought it was just some dumb, one-off fuck up, I had no enthusiasm left in me for Exalted, not even as a fan. I don't hold any malice toward John and Holden over it, but I'm still a bit angry. I had poured a lot of love and energy into Exalted for almost a decade, and they helped to kill that. Holden's recent groggy post about the latest art teaser somehow makes me feel better about the whole thing. I guess it validates my action, because clearly I'm not leaving due to just one mistake I can't get over. I'm also not so sure about that whole "let's be the industry exception in our art" thing anymore, either. I don't expect it to reach Exlated 2 levels of cheesecake, but I would not be surprised by a pretty standard showing of bikini witches. As much as it sounded like it in Skype, I don't think I was ever actually on the same page as John and Holden when it came to that."

>> No.30891417

Is that why he left to post on a forum that let a child rapist slide? Because he's so angry about cheesecake art? Christ, that's a fucked up sense of priorities.

>> No.30891419

Sounds like creative differences on the tone and sexual content of the game, not "hurr SA was roight."

>> No.30891485

You are confusing two different issues. PoH's reasons to leave the Devteam were not linked to the Lillun scandal, which was, I repeat, universally decried by the current Devteam and a huge majority of the community.

As a matter of fact, Lillun as a thing that happened and caused a scandal, and the Exalted community dealing with it, is way way *way* older than the SA kerfuffle. Basically that was like a random developping country nowadays discovering what Germany did in the first part of the 20th Century and not realising that today's Germany doesn't actually have anything to do with the 3rd Reich's Germany.

>> No.30891496

I doubt he was aware of that. That argument is stupid and you should stop using it.

>> No.30891505

Trillions of times worse than child rape:


>> No.30891539

Zack Parsons and nearly half of al the mods and admins disappeared since Aatrek was exposed. Tell me that's a coincidence.

>> No.30891555

Did they disappear because they'd been covering for him, or did they disappear out of disgust at the site?

>> No.30891556

Sure, break the seals of eight divinities.

Why would this harm the setting? All of Autocththonia (sp?) could empty into Creation and only a few cities might ever notice. Creation is that fucking huge.

How about the Autocththonians have no intention on leaving, and instead they dispatch their Champions to DISCRETELY figure out a way to cure their nations' ills (such as nabbing some solars on the run from the Wyld Hunt before they get into the overweening pride "I WANT TO BE A GOD KING WHO DOES SOMETHING OVERBLOWN AND STUPID" phase and putting them to work at something constructive)?

Or even the deathlords invade Autocththon instead of the other way around.

>> No.30891557

I see no issue with these. It's not like Exalted's target audience is under 18.

>> No.30891560

Didn't Moot start 4chan on the Something Awful forums?

>> No.30891579

Autochthonia is at least as big as Creation as sheer size goes.

>> No.30891583

>Creation is that fucking huge.
No, it's not. Creation has a surface area slightly less than Earth - with about twice the landmass, mind you - and Autocthonia is almost as big as Creation.

>> No.30891600


This one's easy. Void Circle Necromancy lets you (theoretically) "teleport" anywhere in the universe, past any and all wards, including into places that necromancy or the Neverborn would have no chance of reaching.

>> No.30891602

Either is valid, the point is that SA is a fucking mess that's been steadily melting down since whoopsie me we had a child rapist on our team!

>> No.30891635


Yeah but does anybody IN Autobot know that stuff? Or does anybody from outside of Autobot know about him enough to want to find him?

>> No.30891674

At a minimum, twice the land mass and less than a tenth the population.

Our global population, if properly managed, could luxuriously fit into Texas... and we don't have magic technology or superhuman planners. Creation has well over 20 times the surface area per person of Earth. It is almost totally a desolate, bumblefuck plane.

Its a place where the Forces of Darkness (TM) probably won't take over/destroy the world because they'll get hopelessly lost in the endless wilderness, and the raksha hordes will starve to fucking death wandering around aimlessly.

>> No.30891676

And what does that have to do with Plage of Hats? Once again, that's a completely stupid argument and has nothing to do with the matter at hand.

SA covered a child rapist and that's terrible of them, but PoH didn't have anything to do with that and you acting like he's obviously left Exalted to hand out with the Pedos doesn't help. He had a disagreement with the Devteam and chose to leave. The devs didn't curse him for it, neither did the playerbase, and he himself didn't slander or insult anyone.

Also it had, once again, absolutely no link to the Lillun Scandal. >>30891046 is wrong because even if Plage left the Devteam because of some disagreement over the amount of skin artwork should show, that has nothing to do with Infernals Chapter 1 and thus doesn't at all validate the complaints of SA posters.

>> No.30891705

...except Creation has a population comparable to what our world had in the middle ages, and SIGNIFICANTLY larger than what we had during antiquity. And they managed to have wars and conquering and empires and international trade just fine.

People dramatically overestimate how large Creation is and dramatically underestimate how big its population is.

>> No.30891720

>Or does anybody from outside of Autobot know about him enough to want to find him?

I can think of five, seven, thirteen, and twenty three "people" (and I'm using the term generously) who could be interested.

>> No.30891739

We're talking about people who consider rat based cuisine to be fine dining and are used to living in filthy cramped 40k hive world type standards. Oh and know how to into magic technology.

>> No.30891758

And I'm talking about how them showing up would ripple through Creation faster than the fall of Thorns or the victory of the Bull of the North.

>> No.30891809

Well, if they so desired. Which they probably don't want to.

Both events transpired in densely populated areas, and the fall of Thorns was purposefully showy to try to draw Creation's attention to the threat the deathlords pose.

Unless its a nation trying to be as stupid as possible -- and there are alchemical castes that are all about being smart and discrete -- there's no reason the alchemicals need ever give away their position in Creation, until the PCs run into them of course. Alchemicals can simulate human appearances and stupid human feelings just fine. They are also the kings of population management.

>> No.30892046

Except that assumes the Alchemicals even know what to expect in Creation.

If I were them, I would expect a hell-world overrun with Yozi, demons, and undead. That's certainly the most likely outcome based on their last information when leaving.

Alchemicals are coming into the world blind, ignorant, and, hell, probably don't even get to pick where the portal spits them out.

They'll blow their cover goddamn immediately as a squad of cyborg storm-troopers sets up a base camp, because that's the actual smart thing to do - for their objectives, not for keeping your setting intact - based on what little they know.

The ONLY version of Autocthonia coming back into contact with Creation that doesn't permanently alter a ton of Creation is them coming into contact with the Mountainfolk instead of the surface, and even THAT completely rewrites the entire Autocthonia setting.

>> No.30892048
File: 160 KB, 700x773, 1395071836969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the piece of artwork that provoked Plague of Hats' meltdown, by the way. Yeah, I guess SA posters have a point, you've got to keep children safe from this art (when you aren't raping them).

As a counterpoint, here's some SA approved loli porn from a hentai game that's hosted on the site's servers that Lowtax point blank refused to get rid off a couple of weeks ago:


And before you try to tell me that they were only masturbating to this ironically, they also included a fucking referral link telling you exactly where to buy the game.

>> No.30892177

I don't really get his problem with that. Exalted has never been super gritty ultra real. It's about larger than life pseudo-mythological heroes doing great deeds, which tends to include cheese/beefcake and various volumes of sex. I mean, shit, of the new iconic Solars the only one wearing less than a full coverage shirt is male. And that character's pretty clearly a Lunar, and thus more likely to be comfortable using every advantage her body grants.

>> No.30892194

I don't get it either, if only because there's no sense of proportion. Lillun, that random Lunar pic, whatever, it's pretty much all the same to them.

>> No.30892273

How is that perverted?
She's showing her shoulders and a bit of leg.

>> No.30892334

Maybe it was a straw breaking the camel's back sort of thing? All I know is that art piece is what prompted him to write that post, fume on grognards.txt, and say "I WOULD QUIT ALL OVER AGAIN BECAUSE OF THIS" on the Onyx Path Forums.

I think he needs to chill out. And also maybe not act like a shit to a former friend dying of what may or may not be lymphoma.

>> No.30892343

Hell her breast aren't even ridiculously huge.

>> No.30892400
File: 737 KB, 631x680, HJ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She can't be worse than Harmonious Jade who's outfit looks like it was torn off from a poor person's curtain.

>> No.30892747


Nice try. He left over the Abyssal preview and the handling of the ensuing fallout on places like RPG.net and SA by Morke and Holden. It's a continuation of the attitude and environment in the Exalted community that led to Lilun; PoH doesn't think it will ever be that horrible again, judging from his posts, but he also doesn't think they are committed anymore to being a great example within RPGs either.

Pretending any of the critiques have a thing to do with Aatrek is silly. SA has a corrupt circle-jerk of a modteam who are all shitstains, no one is denying that. It also has precisely zero to do with the collection of 40 or so people who frequent SA's Exalted thread hidden in the TG subforum. (hint: Aatrek never posted in it)

>> No.30892769


You've mistaken the SA front-page comedy article (which was a bit overblown) with the SA Exalted thread that people are decrying. They're two completely separate things; the people who did the comedy thing don't even frequent the thread.

>> No.30892806


Hahahahaha what a strawman. You're aware its not that piece of art that did it, but Holden's incredibly misogynistic reactions to people snarking about bikini witches right? I have to believe this is a troll and no one can be so wrong.

>> No.30892813

Man, Plague of Hats is such an oversensitive douchebag. That level of hypocrisy blows me away. This is the game that features glaringly obvious pierced nipples, all over the place, without rhyme or reason, and worse.

Also those are some horrifying loli pictures. That don't even LOOK fun.

>> No.30892843

>Holden's incredibly misogynistic reactions to people snarking about bikini witches right?

Say, what do deranged contrarians consider "incredibly misogynistic" in this context?

>> No.30892857

She could be dressed basically like Panther, like the abyssal caste one is.

>> No.30892958

But I'm talking about the WTF D&D article, Which keeps getting reposted in the thread. I barely even read the Exalted thread, but the article was created by Zack Parsons, who also uploaded the loli porn for his 'ironic' hentai review. Parsons was an admin before he quit and/or got shitcanned, it's his fucking job to make sure the right people are put up as mods or not.

Oh I can cover that one.

>Really weird to me that given a picture of a Exalt levitating into the air on wings made of daiklaves, a bunch of socially enlightened thinkers choose to define her by her breasts and gender.


>> No.30893001

There are people so retardedly desperate to be offended that they classify that as misogynistic?

>> No.30893012

I was never talking about the Exalted thread, just the comedy article. Though I guess if I had to say anything about the average SA poster, I'd say, "is it really worth your precious tenbux to ignore these incredible creeps?"

>> No.30893027

It's ten trillion times worse than child rape, anon.

>> No.30893068

Damn, that's a lot of rape equivalent. The only thing I can think of that would be that bad is what Melkor intended to do to Luthien.

Is the "trillion" figure a specific reference?

>> No.30893069

Basing your opinion of a group on the secondhand descriptions of people who hate them to death is a bad idea.

>> No.30893114

Fuck you. They deserve it.

>> No.30893126


All that needs to be said about censorship supporters is that they're censorship supporters. There are no other variables that matter, and hating them to death is genuinely what they deserve.

>> No.30893177

It's not "censorship" so much as an opinion other than yours. If disliking something = censorship, then trying to censor all forms of censorship by executing those who express censorship opinions is probably not a good idea.

>> No.30893213

Not the guy you're talking to, but there are people literally calling for 3e to stop being made because of content they expect to be in it. That's the very definition of censorship.

>> No.30893215

It was the only thing Holden said in relation to the artwork. If that's "incredibly mysoginistic" then fucking explain why.

>> No.30893247

No, that's the very definition of an opinion. Declaring that any disagreement with X is censorship doesn't remove everyone's right to disagree with X.

>> No.30893250

Is being related to an important directional god stupid?

>> No.30893260

Doesn't have to be. It could be a neat plothook, actually.

>> No.30893262

I have no problem with people declaring something is shit. That's not censorship.

Declaring that something they disagree with shouldn't be allowed to be published, on the other hand, is THE DEFINITION of censorship.

>> No.30893309


>It's not "censorship" so much as an opinion other than yours

Tirelessly harassing devs and calling them misogynists without even a shit tier reason (for example, calling Exalted misogynistic about turning the amoral strong female character, the Scarlet Empress, into the submissive villain and puppet of Ted -- yeah, that may be a dumb argument, but ITS AN ARGUMENT) isn't an opinion, it making a collective, cult-like effort to restrict art and freedom of expression.

>trying to censor all forms of censorship by executing those who express censorship opinions is probably not a good idea.

Holy projection, Batman!

>> No.30893320

No, THE DEFINITION of censorship is people being punished for expressing themselves, like when internet vigilantes rain bloody hell on someone for expressing a censorship opinion. It doesn't mean judging a statement.

>> No.30893330

>calling Exalted misogynistic about turning the amoral strong female character, the Scarlet Empress, into the submissive villain and puppet of Ted -- yeah, that may be a dumb argument, but ITS AN ARGUMENT

No you fool, they'll write this down and then it's all these threads will ever be about.

>> No.30893343

No, censorship is actively pursuing making an opinion or information inexpressible.

Punishing someone after the fact, on the other hand, is just being a massive asshole.

People calling for 3e not to be printed based on the content that they expect to be within it is, in no uncertain terms, calling for censorship.

>> No.30893346

Tirelessly harassing devs and calling them misogynists without even a shit tier reason (for example, calling Exalted misogynistic about turning the amoral strong female character, the Scarlet Empress, into the submissive villain and puppet of Ted -- yeah, that may be a dumb argument, but ITS AN ARGUMENT) isn't an opinion, it making a collective, cult-like effort to restrict art and freedom of expression.
Actually, it's people expressing an opinion which you find disagreeable and offensive.

>Holy projection, Batman!
You literally demanded the death of anyone expressing an opinion you deemed "censorship".

>> No.30893373

>No, censorship is actively pursuing making an opinion or information inexpressible.
And stretching the definition to include anyone who ever says "you shouldn't say that", then declaring war on said people, is intellectually dishonest.

>People calling for 3e not to be printed based on the content that they expect to be within it is, in no uncertain terms, calling for censorship.
It is, in no uncertain terms, expressing disagreement with the content.

>> No.30893408

I am almost certain that if any SJW was ever going to rail against the genuinely misogynist-looking stuff in Exalted, they would have by now. The parade of powerful women = evil fucktoys in Exalted is pretty damn in your face.

The corrupt and decadent race of warrior wizards who use elemental magic who have pretensions of ruling the world from their island realm that is finally brought down by the failings of its own ruler as he or she returns to fuck up everything he or she held dear, however, gets a free pass.

>> No.30893412
File: 292 KB, 379x400, 1395077769763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hating them to death

"What is an expression of speech?"

>> No.30893439


>Actually, it's people expressing an opinion which you find disagreeable and offensive.

To censor people and to hit people with hate slurs til it sticks.

>You literally demanded the death of anyone expressing an opinion you deemed "censorship".

"Literally" is not the new figuratively anon.

Unless you think hating people to death is an actual power that exists.

>> No.30893469
File: 133 KB, 540x768, 217504552_XFiC5-XL-2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying it doesn't

>> No.30893517

Hahaha yeah that's what I was thinking of, but he's going to need a lot more nanoangstroms of hate to kill anyone at that rate.

>> No.30893541


This all started from laughing at the SA Exalted thread for a "there they go again!" after literal bikini witch art from the update preview.


Strawman. This isn't about censorship. They are free to create what they please, and people are free to say "hey, I would spend money on this if it wasn't full of rape charms that make my group uncomfortable".

Wishing they would stop making rape jokes and using 10 year old defenses of their silly art direction is just good PR sense nowadays.

>> No.30893561

Okay, seriously, how is:

>Really weird to me that given a picture of a Exalt levitating into the air on wings made of daiklaves, a bunch of socially enlightened thinkers choose to define her by her breasts and gender.

from >>30892958 "incredibly mysoginistic"?

Either back it up for fuck off.

>> No.30893587

In this thread? No, it started from >>30877779 getting posted again. And the image is from Parson's WTF D&D article.

>Wishing they would stop making rape jokes and using 10 year old defenses of their silly art direction is just good PR sense nowadays.

Back it up, or fuck off. They literally have a post-tracker documenting every single thing they say: http://nishkriya.com

>> No.30893610

>"What is an expression of speech?"
Inconveniently accurate. As you said, censorship is an attempt to make certain thoughts inexpressible, and some people certainly want to make the thought that words are judgable to be inexpressible.

>To censor people and to hit people with hate slurs til it sticks.
...is what people try to do with opinions they see as "censorship" or "politically correct".

>> No.30893629

>As you said, censorship is an attempt to make certain thoughts inexpressible
Actually, no, I said that. You're arguing with more than just one dude.

>> No.30893660

You were taking 'I want to hate you to death' as a legitimate death threat. What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.30893735

>after literal bikini witch art from the update preview.

You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it does.

No seriously, stop using literal to denote emphasis. I know that >>30892048 may look as hotly dressed as a typical Disney princess, but a bikini witch she is not.

>hey, I would spend money on this if it wasn't full of rape charms that make my group uncomfortable".

Now you are putting a woman in a Disney princess tier outfit on the level of rape charms. Quit being retarded. And also,

>Strawman. This isn't about censorship.

Your (and other people in this crowd's) BLATANT misrepresentation of facts (calling >>30892048 a bikini witch, calling Holden's utterly tame rebuttal 'incredibly misogynistic', and so forth) have to be classified as censorship. Simply put, you are part of a group of lying liars who knowingly distort facts.

The rape charms criticism is fair -- and ongoing criticism of it would be worthwhile if he did not remove it when asked.

Simply put, you lie. Knowingly. Intentionally. For the purpose of smearing a guy who is, honestly, politically no different than you.

>> No.30893817
File: 179 KB, 335x338, Yeddim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So wait, a Yeddim can jump 19 yards straight up, and 38 yards vertically? More if it stunts.

That's a fucking long way for a big bastard like that.

>> No.30893869

Yeah, "verisimilitude and simulationism" always gives you weird shit like that.

>> No.30893910


>...is what people try to do with opinions they see as "censorship" or "politically correct".

The nonsensical "no u" element is nice and witty, but its interesting how criticism of RPGs has went from the hard core right to the hard core left. The left is supposed to be about an appreciation for divergent opinions, for art, for the avante-garde, and that imaginary realms need not hew to conventional social norms.

How did you let your movement down so badly? How did you turn a political slant that used to be about liberation into one about trying to get creative projects shut down?

How did you fuck up so bad?

>> No.30893971
File: 87 KB, 640x512, 138159235559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would a stunting Yeddim even LOOK like.

>> No.30893977


Also apparently weighs 2.5 times less than a hippo.

>> No.30893993

Hollow bones? Oh, whatever.


>> No.30894026

I remember reading that they're actually skin & bones and all the apparent mass isn't muscle, it's all fur that just gives them super strength.

>> No.30894029

The general justification has always been 'inclusivity.' We want more people playing games, so we need to clean up the hobby and make it so nerds aren't creeps that try to push out anything new.

Which sounds nice in principle, but, I'd also like a hobby that's inclusive to lots of different tastes in games too?

>> No.30894038

Everything is made of magical particles, physics are the result of rules written into the system controlling the world, and the spiders that maintain and tweak that system like to adjust things so attempts at crazy cool things are more likely to be pulled off.

>> No.30894045

Yeah, hence the "EXALTED!"

>> No.30894073

>The nonsensical "no u" element is nice and witty,
It's not nonsensical, it's the whole argument being displayed here. People see others criticizing a product, and react by declaring the criticism "censorship" and demanding that it be hated out of existence.

>> No.30894086

"I charge my yeddim ass up the hill, ramp off a fallen jade pillar, wall jump off that statue of the empress, and try to land on top of the building."

Lunar. As. Fuck.

>> No.30894110

I think that people have a right to criticize and reject a criticism in term. The fact that some people are hyperbolic neither invalidates the initial critic or the critic of the critic.

It's certainly shitty when people are hyperbolic and resort to outright exaggeration when giving a critique though, there's no denying that.

>> No.30894121

>in term.

Meant IN TURN fuck sorry. Feel free to criticize this faux pas friend!

>> No.30894152

>People see others criticizing a product

They're not criticizing a product, they're projecting misogyny and bikini witches where there are none.

>> No.30894289


This is /tg/'s Exalted right here, guys. Where censorship = criticism.

>> No.30894393
File: 863 KB, 700x1068, 1369411927305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck this thread

What type of Exalt would this guy be?

Captcha: blacksmith sampaax
No, captcha, I don't think he's a blacksmith

>> No.30894409

Ah, the ubiquitous chefxalted. I have seen him as an abyssal who made orphan waffles.

>> No.30894411


Pretty much any of 'em except Alchemical?

"really good chef" is in that "any Exalt can do it" themespace.

>> No.30894424

Twilight with Melee favored and an artifact chef's hat

>> No.30894440
File: 234 KB, 752x1063, 1395081855750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess we're done talking? Nobody can explain the 'incredibly misogynistic' part of what Holden said, or back up the idea that the devs are making rape jokes?

Fine, new topic. I want to run Exalted for my group, but 3E isn't out and I don't want to ruin the entire hobby for them by using 2E. Any good Exalted hacks/homebrews you'd recommend to tide us over until 3E finally comes out?

>> No.30894505

Unless anyone's raring to go with a combat character (as in, combat is the dominant element of his style, not "I'm taking XYZ so I don't die,") you may wanna use charms + Masters of Jade etc. more than combat. That's my suggestion anyway. If the PCs are intent on saving mortals, I would consider focusing on the macro element rather than the micro element.

Just a suggestion.

Of course I would much rather look up internet homebrew fixes. MoJ isn't much of a game.

>> No.30894622


Also when stats are a shitty mess. Which the beast stats and descriptions definitely are.

>> No.30894672


Ah, of course, I keep forgetting the echo chamber in here. The first tasteless one:


Then here's his apology for being a crass asshole before anyone in here tries to defend him:


Here's where he does it again and gets banned for his own good (seriously, dude just can't stop himself):


Hint: it wasn't a rape joke he was referencing, but a triage/surgery joke about biting down on a leatherstrap to deal with the pain of PR work.

He spent a few days defending the Abyssal preview weakly, basically getting demolished in the debate about it.

>> No.30894702


Wrong art preview, dumbass. Check the recent comic one, with the lunar wearing a vampirella outfit. Here, let me find a link for you:


>> No.30894716

Look, I'm on your side here, vis a vis "a lot of these people are overreacting or are being intellectually dishonest", but that also requires that WE conform to better standards. Like, when we're talking about bikini witch art, we're PROBABLY talking about

Which is a literal bikini witch, whose art was released in preview articles, whom Holden has personally stated would be wearing LESS if he had the proper commissions.

And no, misrepresenting facts doesn't make it censorship. It means that they, the arguers, are incorrect. Why? Who knows. Maybe they were told these things, and hadn't seen contradictory proof, maybe they ARE lying, maybe they're just wrong. It's unnecessary to assume malice when ignorance will do.

Myself and another gentleman had an argument just last exalted thread where we both learned the rules better by both being wrong in our argument, and being corrected by the other.

They don't just see people criticizing a product. They see aggressive critics demanding that the entire product not be produced. Which is censorship. Despite the fact that, by Kickstarter alone, the book in question has over 2,000 pre-ordered copies, these people believe that EVERYONE should be denied the product because it offends THEIR sensibilities.

Which, to many individuals, including and especially centrist Americans, who believe that Freedom of Speech and Expression is an exceedingly important value and law, is itself an offensive position, and they react with, potentially, excessive vehemence.

Forgive my ignorance, but is 2.5E, as the game post-Scroll of Errata has been called, similarly too broken for you? Because that's the system I'm using to introduce it to my players, with some basic house rules. (strength to hit in Melee, and so forth.)

>> No.30894736

>Viewing this content requires the archives upgrade. Regular users can only view threads from the last six months or so. Users with archives access can view old threads dating all the way back to 2001. WOWZERS!

I'm not paying tenbux to someone as fucked as lowtax plus who knows how many other bux else for archives access to soothe your hurt feelings. I'm sorry.

Also, be honest with the echo chamber shit: if this argument were happening on SA, anyone who disagreed with you would have been banned ages ago. But thank you for coming out from behind the paywall to discuss things with the hoi polloi anyways.

>> No.30894737

Where are the red pandas when we need them?

>> No.30894756
File: 196 KB, 800x546, Lunar Seduction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30894757

No asshole. That was last week, Plague of Hats quit in November. Learn to linear timeline.

>> No.30894758
File: 2.25 MB, 400x300, Lunar Strength Excellency.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30894775


Look up Orichalcum Chef Style.

>> No.30894782

This is pretty good.

>> No.30894785

Hats quit?

>> No.30894816

Yeah, he melted down over the picture in >>30892048 apparently.

>> No.30894817


He stormed off to SA, yes.

>> No.30894822


What's wrong with that picture?

>> No.30894843
File: 48 KB, 525x700, boa computer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Will you settle for a baby snake wrapped around a mouse?

>> No.30894854

It was more due to Holden's ridiculously misogynistic statement of

>>Really weird to me that given a picture of a Exalt levitating into the air on wings made of daiklaves, a bunch of socially enlightened thinkers choose to define her by her breasts and gender.

or something.

>> No.30894855


Ah, yes, the recent comic art update does have a Lunar in a bikini but no evidence of her witchiness. I stand corrected and retract my use of "literal".

But please stop intentionally misrepresenting the history of events and calling criticism of art censorship.

The many-sword girl art preview from above had some snarking about it, and Holden's responses were taken by PoH as justification that the devs are not going to change their ways. That's a truth. It's not the art design itself, but Holden's attitude towards it and criticism of it, that was the cause of him leaving the team. If you want to refute that, it's on you to prove otherwise.

>> No.30894873

I'd rather know why you think >>30894854 is ridiculously misogynistic? I mean I KNOW IT'S NOT YOUR JOB TO EDUCATE ME but jesus christ dude it's getting tiresome.

>> No.30894893
File: 4.23 MB, 320x240, determination.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30894905

>ridiculously misogynistic

Doesn't he say it's silly for people to focus on her being a woman instead of HOLY SHIT FUCK SWORD-WINGS!!! ?

Maybe I don;t know what misogynistic means, because that doesn't seem like it.

>> No.30894913
File: 105 KB, 400x345, 19789999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It was more due to Holden's ridiculously misogynistic statement of

>> No.30894928
File: 102 KB, 672x799, 1394438035734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A new brand of ball mouses!

>> No.30894938

I was being sarcastic, but yeah, that's what the SA people in the thread keep on implying.

>> No.30894949


It's fascinating, as a relative outsider, to see the sub-group of Exalted threads' terminology.
For instance, I had never before seen someone on /tg/ use the term 'echo chamber' to refer to the 4chan population. Nor had I ever seen such vehemence against the SA site, mostly seeing a sort of mild disdain.

However, in few other threads have I seen as much immediate, thorough help for those looking for it. I mentioned last thread being unable to find a perfect defense in the Ebon Dragon Infernal charms, and I was told where EVERY Yozi's PD was, and what they did.

A very divided, but supportive group.

Now, who wants to tell me the most broken thing a solar or abyssal can do with <50 xp?

I kind of want to be a dick to my party when I introduce them to the villain of their adventure, and show how terrifying a well-made exalt can be.

I was thinking an Abyssal with Ravening Maw of Archery, Withered Feather Maelstrom, and Splinter of the Void(Hundred Paces Bite), so that every shot costs 4m, but drains 3m+damage for the Abyssal. As long as he deals 2+ damage a shot, he's gaining essence.

>> No.30894955

>I was being sarcastic


So Hats just completely lost the plot?

Morke's dead.

I don't think we're ever going to see 3e

>> No.30894959


Ah, sorry, didn't realize that was in the archive and not in the forums (which are unpaywalled at the moment I believe). Mea culpa. If you are willing to take me on faith that the posts are real, here are the choice bits:

1)Holden_Shearer: I'll drop in again only to reiterate that there is no rape-- "rape" in the sense of "hold you down and stick it in," as opposed to the sense of "anything that creeps me out" -- anywhere in the preview PDF. "Ravish" is used in the fashion of bodice-rippers, a style intentionally adopted when tacking toward the Lover. Judging from the hullabaloo, it's clearly a word-choice we might have looked at more carefully since these are thumbnail concepts rather than full explanations, but hey, bit late for revisions now.

2)Holden_Shearer: You know what? You're entirely right-- it was crass and rude and I did not at all stop to consider anyone else before posting it and I damn well should have. I feel like a heel for posting it, and I can only offer my apologies for it.

3)Goon posted:"This is 100% true. Bite down hard on your leather strap, battlehamster."

Holden_Shearer: kukla is that a rape joke D:

>> No.30894985

Which is odd, really, because Exalted is easily the system with the best examples of feminist equality, LGBT friendliness, and sexual liberation in the industry. Yes, there are regions in the setting with bits they don't like, but it's not like FATAL where every woman's probably going to be attacked by the regular rape gangs.

>> No.30895024

Really not seeing what's so bad here? I'm sorry if that irritates you but, hey, he stated his intention wasn't to put rape in the preview, apologized for articulating his statement badly, and then called out another goon for, well, MAKING A FUCKING RAPE JOKE.

>> No.30895037

I'm rather certain that the errata shut down everything that involved draining Essence.

>> No.30895066

The playtesting is in phase 2 of 3 and nearly the entire game is now in a playable state. Plenty of time left for Morke to wither and die while we argue about bullshit.

>> No.30895077

You can't gqin more than 5 mote/action and most of them got turned into overdrive motes instead of just normal ones.

>> No.30895099

Well, two reasons for why this is a bit nonstandard: the first is that SA people are apparently angry enough to post on 4chan about it, and that they're also convinced we're an echochamber when they're allowed to argue with the posters here. Iunno. It's weird.

>> No.30895134

Be related to a directional titan instead.

"My daddy can beat your daddy"

>> No.30895156

Aren't directional titans massive UFOs that can outfight the Kukla?

>> No.30895166

Hmm. Looking at it, the new rules make it 3 motes a shot, rather than 4, Ravening Mouth's trick just lets you free up personal motes by giving you "attunement motes", and Hundred Paces Bite can't give you more motes than damage.

So it's certainly LESS effective. He essentially can just barely beat breaking even. Hmmph. Well, pros and cons, I guess.

>> No.30895168

>directional titan

A what?

>> No.30895170



Well, no, the Kukla would stomp the shit out of one, but yes, they are Artifact N/A UFO deathstars.

>> No.30895175


As someone who wanders a lot of different Exalted fandoms (SA, RPG.net, /tg/, Onyx Path, etc) there really is a very divergent culture on each.

RPG.net was by far the most creative and diverse, but interest died down during the wait for 3e. SA is the most interested in historical and cultural elements, and incisive when it comes to Exalted's failings in both (you should check out the Raksi chat with Stephenls from a few weeks back). Onyx Path is more argumentative between fans, but oddly has a reputation for being a "hugbox" when it comes to developer interaction. /tg/ seems to draw the "Exalted can do no wrong!" fans who will defend Savant & Sorcerer's cover-art to their dying breath.

To the people saying that us disappointed fans are calling for 3E to "not be printed because CENSORSHIP!!!"... could any of you provide examples? I don't think I've seen any, but my own biases would probably cause me to gloss over it as hyperbole.

>> No.30895182


A part-living artificial floating island fortress with a giant doom cannon that's like a magnifying glass put up to the sun, only magical.

>> No.30895185


Exalted does not equal the internet postings of Holden Shearer. That may be the source of your confusion.

>> No.30895205


It wasn't a rape joke. You bite down on a leatherstrap when someone is performing surgery on you... which is what the thread was doing, taking apart his terrible Abyssal preview defenses.

Congrats, you are just as dumb as Holden!

>> No.30895209

A mountain-shaped and -sized airship that is capable of withstanding an attack from a Primordial, with all equipment necessary to start a new world if the Creation was destroyed - walls protecting from the Wyld, factory-cathedral with templates for most of the artifacts, animals and plants.

>> No.30895211

I seem to remember that they stress tested the Titans by having them fight the Kukla. I don't know if it was just one or all five, though.

They were detailed in DotFA. The Solars built five of them, one for each Direction, and they were all able to outperform the Five Metal Shrike in terms of raw destructive potential (though the Shrike could beat them easily in terms of mobility).

They were absurdly powerful, could autorepair, and basically had a giant fuckoff death cannon. Also in the event that Creation is destroyed, the Solars could use the Titans as an escape vessel and create a brand new Creation elsewhere in the Wyld.

They're all broken or gone now (except Mount Metagalapa, which was revealed to actually be a dormant Titan in Return of the Scarlet Empress).

>> No.30895220

How dangerous is it for a starting Solar to go into the Middlemarches to fight Raksha without IPP?

>> No.30895226
File: 63 KB, 600x668, 1380253522272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30895237

It's almost like giving no context and expecting people to read your meaning on the ether yields mixed results.

Sorry for saving my ten dollars?

>> No.30895243


Pretty dangerous.

Not that he'll LOSE, but having to spend willpower to resist all the Raksha's shaping effects and then "whoops you're a badger now lol" puts him at a distinct disadvantage.

Upsides: Solars have the highest "Shaping DV" of all Creationborn.
Downsides: He can't really do anything except spend willpower to resist that Shaping once it does hit him.

>> No.30895253

>How dangerous

Extraordinarily. There a fucking Unshaped roaming around in the Middlemarshes and unless you are statted solely towards doing exactly this without a persistent shaping defence you're gonna make chimera look normal very quickly.

It's an E1 charm isn't it, why not just take it? And take Chaos Repelling Pattern too.

>> No.30895265

>/tg/ seems to draw the "Exalted can do no wrong!" fans who will defend Savant & Sorcerer's cover-art to their dying breath.

You're on /tg/ right now. That... that is just not happening right now, sorry.

>> No.30895268

The only canon parts of RotSE were the stats for Scarlet and Ebby, so Mt. Metagalapa isn't actually a directional titan. It could be one, but the conclusions of that book don't make it necessary.

>> No.30895286

Just remember to have a Solar charm "Omnipotent Admiral Authority" prepared, since it allows you to use a vessel without a crew. Titan needs 5000 lore-and-sail trained men to operate.

>> No.30895287

>Talking about terrible defenses.

HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHHA dude that's like listening to Josef Stalin tell Genghis Khan that he should stop slaughtering random people for disagreeing with his leadership. SA doesn't even defend their opinions half the god damn time. They are right because they are them so they are right no questions.

>> No.30895316

Hey, you're a goon right? Is anything being done about the Loli Porn stuff? You'd think that people on SA would be a bit more... critical?

>> No.30895328
File: 1.08 MB, 255x255, Worf Laughing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Titan needs 5000 lore-and-sail trained men to operate
>one E4 charm solves this entirely

Fuck this game man, what the hell are E6+ sail charms supposed to do that will top this?

>> No.30895341

Having one?

No sir, you aren't thinking Exalted. You must stick your penis in one and have it bear your worldmaker ship daughters.

>> No.30895349


Here's what I wrote in the first post where I didn't realize my links went to Archives:

"Hint: it wasn't a rape joke he was referencing, but a triage/surgery joke about biting down on a leatherstrap to deal with the pain of PR work.

He spent a few days defending the Abyssal preview weakly, basically getting demolished in the debate about it."

Context was given, hope this helps.

>> No.30895369


There's actually a wide range of times when you would bite on a leather strap, INCLUDING triage (because actual surgery would almost certainly anesthetize you), riding out a grand mal seizure, BDSM sex, and, depending on your captor, rape.

Making such a reference in a thread about 'rape ghosts" was perhaps unwise. Holden's calling out of it was further unwise.

>> No.30895385

As evidenced by this thread, goons *really* don't like being called out on the terrible shit that goes on in their site.

>> No.30895409

>The people who are still working on the line are determined not to let that kind of shit back in.

Not really, judging by the way they handled the whole "Abyssal rape Charms preview" thing.

>release short summaries that sound really rapey
>tell people they read it wrong
>explain that it's not rape, it's just that sex-hungry ghosts claw at the windows of the people the Charms are used on
>argue with fans who are annoyed that one of the first previews is of Charms made entirely for skeevy fucking of people
>upset people touchy about rape *and* people who don't care about rape but want Abyssals that aren't sex vampires
>issue a "we're sorry if you were offended" not-apology
>hope everyone completely forgets that it happened

>> No.30895429

Not particularly, but if you're playing apologist right now: why was his initial statement saying that the terminology of the charms was bad such a horrific thing to say?

I remember some of that thread, and it really heated up in the kickstarter update addressing the preview said 'the ghosts are special effects, our intent was never rape.' Why did something like that enrage everyone there?

>> No.30895438

He's a Lunar. Horns as a tell, cooks amazing food in order to add it to his Heart's Blood Library. It's pretty obvious, really.

>> No.30895450

Because it suggests bad, bad things about whatever echo chamber they're writing in that nobody ever said "hey, that sounds kind of skeevy, can we rewrite that to be more sensual/spooky Dracula instead of rape Dracula?" until after the public release.

>> No.30895462

Why did they get ANGRIER after the kickstarter update? Because Holden was banned after the update, and people started *really* flipping the fuck out after that. Please explain.

>> No.30895476

Because Holden spent the whole time arguing with people who were skeeved out by it about how they were reading it wrong, instead of ever just saying "the skeeviness was unintentional, we will rewrite the preview to clarify things".

>> No.30895479

It's even funner when you realize Hat flat out said he thinks exalted 3E will be great. But he left because his Goon friends where bitching so much that he didn't want to leave them.

The goons literally bitched so god damn much that one of the writers thought he might lose fucking friends from it. All due to some already admitted to be testing the waters to see the reactions charms.

>> No.30895490

Are there any good homebrew Alchemical charms somewhere online?

>> No.30895527

Other goon here, fuck you.


>Yeah, I think we can do better than having a 'rape cascade' in our final product.

That fucking ghost rape fort thing in the Labyrinth is another 2e idea that will be staying in 2e, and good riddance.

>The Deathlords are still pretty much terrible people but we're not really in an arms race to prove they're the MOST TERRIBLE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD in 3e (see: Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Waters as unlikely lynchpin of the West's military resistance to Realm aggression-- which doesn't make him any less the fucker who runs a state-sponsored suicide cult) like some past books seemed to do.

>Sure-- I said last time I was here that we put these things together to entertain, not to cause people upset or anguish, and it'd be dumb to just stick verbatim to a design note that clearly caused a lot of people a lot of distress.

>> No.30895540


Dreams of the First Age? Which one? Can you give the page number as well?

>> No.30895543
File: 83 KB, 701x566, flim-flams.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All due to some already admitted to be testing the waters to see the reactions charms.

I personally don't buy that. It feels like the sort of thing that a teenage boy master ruseman would try to pull.

"well I didn't REALLY mess up, I was just ruseing you, so I could see your rused face"

>> No.30895546

>They don't just see people criticizing a product. They see aggressive critics demanding that the entire product not be produced. Which is censorship.
No, it's people disapproving of something, and other people wanting to censor their disapproval by redefining censorship.

>Which, to many individuals, including and especially centrist Americans, who believe that Freedom of Speech and Expression is an exceedingly important value and law,
If you support freedom of speech so much, then you shouldn't shout down anyone who even acknowledges the idea that people should apply thought to speech.

>> No.30895549

Don't have the book on hand, but I'm pretty sure it was in the setting book for it.

>> No.30895554
File: 277 KB, 570x1000, 1358624279481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, Ahlat. He's a badass bro, Southern god of cattle, war, and cattle raids. Canonically, he's a major candidate for king if the UCS gets murdered somehow.

As such, I think it would be reasonable to assume he's got sufficient balls to make more than one exigent.

After all, the sun and moon could handle 300 apiece. Each of the Maidens made 20. Let's assume Ahlat is able and willing to make 5.

What would you name each Caste, and which Abilities would you give each of these one-man castes?

Personally, I would make one the Cowboy caste, and give them Ride and Survival if nothing else.

>> No.30895583

So ah, are we just getting out of context bullshit from behind a hug-box? No, listen, I don't thinkk we give a shit, just fuck off.

>> No.30895594

...and that's how we end up with this situation:

>> No.30895603


No idea what's being done about that. I don't follow goon mod drama, I mostly just hang out in their tradgames subforum and a few other places (political cartoons thread!). I imagine somewhere there's a riot of goons making a fuss about it with ardent defenders on every side, many of them posting ironically about anime.

I'll ask around and see if I can learn anything on it, if you're genuinely curious. At a guess the mods will close ranks and defend their own and try to downplay the whole thing, since the common stereotype is "mods are a circle-jerk of internet power-trippers".

>> No.30895608

Why need actual Exigents when his Godblooded children seem to do fine without the need for weakening himself

>> No.30895621

And so the thread comes full circle.

Oh, no, I'd definitely keep the Bride of Ahlat theme going on. Zulu spearwoman all the way.

>> No.30895656
File: 494 KB, 700x963, 1386479695565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmmm, alright. So, the Cowboy Caste definitely has Survival and Ride. The Bride Caste probably has Melee. What else?

>> No.30895679

>Check the recent comic one, with the lunar wearing a vampirella outfit.

You mean the Lunar who has extra arms sticking out of her torso, which prevent her from wearing a shirt?

>> No.30895704
File: 9 KB, 301x292, eastwood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha, that's great. Okay, so Cowboys are obviously the sacred tenders of Ahlat's cattle, while the Bride Caste are the ones who wreck the shit out of anyone who fucks with the former.

Cowboy: Survival, Ride, Archery (flame-pieces yo)

Bride: Melee, Integrity, Resistance.

Anything else we can do? Anima powers?

>> No.30895729

I'd rather narrow down the other three Castes first. Aside from the Cowboys and the Brides, what else is solidly Ahlat? He supports midnight cattle raids and honor duels, right?

>> No.30895731

Canonically, he's a SHITTY candidate for UCS replacement.
That aside...
Cowboy-Dawn Caste equivalent. Archery, Resistance, Ride, Survival, something else.
Herder - Zenith caste (herd of followers) Melee, Presence, Performance
Rancher - Twilight caste (builds homes for the herd)
Rustler- Night Caste Equivalent
No idea what his Eclipse would be called

The opening line of Wikipedia defines censoship as "he suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient" by relevant authorities.

Assuming that critics of the system don't want it to be made, then they want to CENSOR the product. Redefinition is unnecessary.

You can say, "I dislike what you're doing, and here is why."
Saying "I dislike it, therefore no one should be allowed to have it" is different. Again, you're allowed to say it. But it is censorship, and I am allowed to dislike your opinion, and decry your choice to censor it.

>> No.30895739

I don't see why you wouldn't send the most gory or objectionable bits first. They might be but assuming that just flat out is hilarious. Though I can't even see why everyone flips out so much over some Gothic style succubus draining charms. That's shit is like PG-13 tier bad. This is from a guy who doesn't even like exalted all that much and I still think that entire goddamn argument was retarded.

>> No.30895745

If he's got that much pull, I think he'd be better off making one exigent, and then pulling some strings to get a Siddie attached to the case along with his new Bull of the South. As opposed to, yknow, diminishing himself so far that his rivals can just swoop in and off with his purviews.

>> No.30895770

No seriously, we something building on the theme of the Brides of Ahlat, because that's pretty much the most iconic thing about him.

>> No.30895781

Agree with you. It would be far better to make one extremely powerful one to use instead of 5 which would weaken him massively.

>> No.30895788


>cattle raids

Irish Mythology has a few stories involving these. Look up Táin Bó Cúailnge and Táin Bó Flidhais.

>> No.30895814

There are still years until Abyssals or Infernals come out, so yes, they can legitimately claim that to be the case. It's not like they have to drastically rewrite huge quantities of text when they're at the concept stage.

>> No.30895857

Rolled 9

Alright, so, the Raider Caste with Stealth and Larceny? Not sure what an honor duel caste would be.

>> No.30895895

Yeah, he's a terrible choice, but he's the one most likely to pull it off. The dude went from being the god of an obscure mating ritual between bull seals all the way to the most prominent War God in the South. Climbing his way up there is *entirely* in character.

>> No.30895921

It's more of a question of how many more enemies he'll make on the way there, and how the ones he already has will try to keep up. Someone hates upstart former walrus mating ritual guy -> gives Wafting Sweetness promotions -> CONSPIRACY!

>> No.30895926

>extra arms sticking out of her torso, which prevent her from wearing a shirt?

Or, you know, she could have clothing designed to actually fit extra arms, or magic clothing that shapechanges, or any number of other things better than "the artist was too unimaginative to figure out any possible way to dress her in a way that's not straight off a Conan pulp novel cover".

It doesn't actually bother me much, but it seems like kind of a bad trend that the most beefcake I've seen has been the one topless guy who's dressed like a gladiator, but they keep showing preview art of girls in harem outfits (not even 'skimpy gladiator' ones).

>> No.30895928

Speaking of odd births, do you actually turn into a raksha (on top of anything else) if Gaping Virtue Mouth is used on you?

"With this Charm, the raksha can pry open the Cup, Ring, Staff or Sword Grace of a creature who has acquired such a Grace by some means. Thereafter, the targeted creature can treat said Grace as a feeding Grace, and the creature can learn the Charm Ravishing the Created Form, as well as any other Feeding Charms for which the creature meets all prerequisites. The maximum number of feeding Graces any character can acquire after character creation is equal to (her Heart Grace – 1). A minion for whom a Cup, Ring, Staff and Sword Grace have been formed and who has at least one opened feeding Grace is truly considered a raksha."

For reference: Sentient Creation-born are considered to have the equivalent of Heart 2 and Creation-born with Essence 5 or higher have the equivalent of Heart 3 for purposes of shaping combat and Charm prerequisites.

>> No.30895965



To quote Stephenls on this topic:

"Dude, stop. I have no interest in commenting on this one way or the other, but if you want to defend it, you can't do so by making statements that can be countered by "It was the author's choice to include characters who have convenient in-character reasons for wearing exploitative outfits."

>> No.30895972

No, it makes you a Creation-born with a OP Grace that lets you learn certain Raksha charms instead of just a Grace.

>> No.30895979
File: 113 KB, 560x776, image-265952-full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30895987

>do you actually turn into a raksha (on top of anything else) if Gaping Virtue Mouth is used on you?


It should be possible to use Behemoth-Forging Meditation on a mortal, then form all their graces and open a feeding grace with Gaping Virtue Mouth. That would turn them into a raksha, but it's questionable if they'd be the same "person" (since being turned into a behemoth would destroy their free will, and being turned into an independent raksha would recreate it).

>> No.30895993


Lunars are all about pulp cover novels. There isn't actually enough moonsilver to outfit everyone with armor, especially since it's glaringly obvious, St. Seiya-style, cover-ruining equipment. It attracts attention and enmity, because Lunars are the foremost users of it, and they are the foremost enemies of the single largest and most powerful country in the world, which has influence far beyond its borders.

>> No.30896023

It's shitty that they don't control what Jim Zub decides to draw for the comic, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it dude.

>> No.30896034

I'll take that as a no

>> No.30896038

Not since we lost the wiki

>> No.30896047

I don't know of any, sorry.

>> No.30896104

too bad.
I mean we only have a single book with charms, compared to the tons of Solar stuff

>> No.30896109

I'm not saying that they *haven't* made armored females, just that there seems to be a noticeable tilt towards "cheesecake" instead of "beefcake" and in ways that seem as inexplicable in context as all that 2e art with Exalts wearing visible panties with some reason (often with stars on them).

Like, if there was a half-dressed lady in a gladiator outfit, it wouldn't stand out for me, because gladiators have a *reason* to be dressed like that, right? Same kind of thing for a Night Caste in something form-fitting, a rough-and-tumble Lunar in minimal but sturdy clothing, or so on. But the Vampirella getup on some random Lunar for no more reason than to show off skin (with a lame "so she can use the extra arms" excuse) stands out.

>> No.30896136
File: 250 KB, 700x898, 1395088353112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well there was the other woman in the same kickstarter update.

it's the person in the foreground in the bottom left panel

>> No.30896149

Yes, my apologies, I started that post before we decided to include the Brides, which, in all honesty, I didn't remember until someone mentioned them. They could fit fine as the Zenith Tier, I think.
Melee, Presence, Integrity, Athletics, and another one?

>> No.30896169

Either Resistance (for armor) or Performance (for prayers to their dad)

>> No.30896187

Exalts dress ridiculously. That's part of their charm.

>> No.30896190

Then I would counter with saying how many people in real life wears skimpy outfits? I know plenty of people who walk around in worse shit then this. And why do people go off the wall when a pulp story has them? For that matter not everyone has them.


To begin with and what the hell does the clothing random characters you probably won't even use have to do with the quality of the work in general? For that matter why should I care that someone online is offended by skin?

>> No.30896196

War of course.

>> No.30896198

>But the Vampirella getup on some random Lunar for no more reason than to show off skin (with a lame "so she can use the extra arms" excuse) stands out.

Who the fuck cares. It's a fucking drawing.

>> No.30896229

> 2e art with Exalts wearing visible panties with some reason (often with stars on them).

I loved that artist. Her obsession with panties was hilarious.

>> No.30896253

Yeah. I just don't think I actually care to be honest. If they want to draw half naked people of any gender, idgaf.

>> No.30896274

Strips > Stars

>> No.30896280


Dress by Exalted Genre!

Solars: A mix of scraggly lack of clothing and finery.
Dragon-Blooded: Coolest clothes in the Realm.
Lunars: Sparse clothing like pulp novel covers
Sidereals: My other personal tailor is a god, too.
Abyssals: Gothic frills. (Also likely applies to Liminals and Fair Folk)
Infernals: Conspicuous consumption.

>> No.30896283

That was Kiyo, right?

>> No.30896287

strips, god damn it

>> No.30896304

Yes. Complaining about heart panties will only bring on underwear with even more ridiculous patterns.

>> No.30896311


He offered a lot of "but they aren't REALLY rape charms!" arguments that fall apart fast under scrutiny. Eventually he accepted that he was wrong, apologized, and promised a Kickstarter update with apology and corrections.

The actual update is a "sorry you were offended" type statement accompanied with a few small fixes to wording that don't address core complaints. It felt like a walking back from the constructive conversation that was had on the place for the darker material Exalted touches on.

>> No.30896334

What are you, retarded?

>> No.30896367

Yeah, no: >>30895527

Though, what exactly were the core complaints here? The goalpost keeps shifting as to what, precisely, the big issue was.

>> No.30896439

The Issue is the Goons have bleeding hearts unless it's from their own forum. It's the reason I left that site years ago back when it wasn't shit.

I don't even complain I thought it was hilarious and wondered why people cared about it.

>> No.30896465


Dat nigga is fucking crazy, I love him.

>> No.30896483

Plausible anachronisms, man. Sidereals may have had the dosh and heavenly resources to have proper panties with magic elastics, but shouldn't everyone else have been in fundoshi instead?

>> No.30896491
File: 160 KB, 560x722, image-269009-full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't say there's any particular theme for Lunar clothing, really. Blending in with the local styles is just as important as wearing something that stands out.

>> No.30896500

I thought Kiyo was a lady. I don't know, I can't tell gender with something an artist draws.

>> No.30896509


You know people in real life who dress like vampirella to sword duels? That's pretty rad, bro.


The new Solars sigs had a lot more thought put into them and it shows. When they are rushing things (or maybe not vetting them through people like PoH or Stephenls?) we get stuff like the Infernals and Abyssals previews, or the recent comic preview.

>> No.30896560

But they didn't do the recent comic preview, that's Jim Zub.

Also, isn't this better than discussing things on SA? Jeez, I'd have been probated, banned, or given a really obnoxious red-text avatar.

>> No.30896634

>Though, what exactly were the core complaints here?

People complaining about new "problems" that have been core setting pieces since first edition. If you can't deal with tits, don't go anywhere near Manacle & Coin.

>> No.30896649

Manacle and Coin was really well written though. I thought it was really well received?

>> No.30896680

I'm fairly certain it's considered one of the best books in either edition, despite the naked sex slaves rubbing their tits against fat Cynis Dynasts.

>> No.30896708

Did Scroll of Swallowed Darkness get this much hate?

I've never noticed this level of bile towards the art before

>> No.30896729

Seriously, though, this 'poor me' shit has to go away on SA. They wrote an article that just outright of calling anyone who backed 3E as condoning pedophiles, you guys really shouldn't be so fucking flabbergasted when people find out the guy who wrote as been condoning pedophiles and, well, pedo-shit.

>> No.30896742


Some Lunars blend in, like Seven Devils Clever, who hails from Nexus, but even she has on lower class clothes. Lunars like the one to her right are a bit less concerned with blending in, and go Film Poster Conan if they aren't simply nude..

>> No.30896745


Hahhaah. Chick dude. Like when people asked about the panties think the writers pretty much said "Ask the artist. She likes to draw panties."

>> No.30896760

It was pretty much an April Fool's joke released for free, making fun of the game's creepier fans. It's why they used fan-art and homebrew from the Freedom Stone forums for it. I don't think anyone really minded up until SA decided to flip out over it.

>> No.30896772

Everyone knew it was a joke at the time. However, over the past half-decade since, some people have tried to dig it up and use it as a negative example, which is as skeevy as the presentation of Abyssal Charms.

>> No.30896802

>I don't think anyone really minded up until SA decided to flip out over it.

Then can we please stop talking about it here, because it's really boring. All the good social stunts on both sides have been used and re-used, there's nothing left and neither side is ever going to agree with the other.

Let's talk about something else, like how to build a Pokemon Trainer using Yasal Crystals and Spirit-binding spells.

>> No.30896810
File: 2.94 MB, 390x391, kaiju disapproval.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anything in the Scroll of Swallowed Darkness being from the Freedom Stone

>> No.30896816
File: 19 KB, 600x165, forumpost1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The goalpost keeps shifting as to what, precisely, the big issue was.

It was the "but they aren't REALLY rape charms!" arguments that he initially offered, the reluctance in finally admitting that, yes, it was skeevy, and then the "apology" update that was actually just a "sorry you were offended" update (and then Holden acting like that had fixed everything). He was banned from SA because every time he clicked the Reply button he just made it worse for himself.

Pic related for Holden being obliviously offensive even when trying to explain things.

>> No.30896845

You know, you could probably get an entirely new Exalted type out of the concept of Pokemon.

>> No.30896871

It's very easy to find someone offensive when you're thin skinned and easily offended. It's pretty easy to misread the waters on SA, especially since, well, SA has a pretty hideous reputation. Like 4chan, admittedly.

>> No.30896892

I remember seeing some of the art in there on the freedom stone. It was in that "Transcendant Smutforging Practice" forums.

>> No.30896900

>vampirella to sword duels?

Whats funny is I know people that have fought sword duels in their underclothes. For no other reason then the funny of seeing some chick in a bra and panties having a sword fight with a dude in boxers.

Though to be honest I just chalk that up to exalts being eccentric as hell and wearing whatever they want because they can. If I got superpowers the next morning I know I would dress up up like a fucking Victorian age noble just because.

>despite the naked sex slaves rubbing their tits against fat Cynis Dynasts.

Yeah honestly that never really bothered me just because that is pretty much what I would imagine me doing if I was some noble in the past loaded with dosh and slaves in a society that didn't care what you do with them.

>> No.30896914


Arguing makes the walruse sad.
Don't you want the walruse to be happy?

>> No.30896945

I'm sorry walruse :(

Okay, so Bride Caste: Melee, War, Performance, Athletics, Resistance? How's that sound

>> No.30896967

No occult?

>> No.30896991

I guess we can forego Resistance for Occult. I figured Performance would make them sufficiently 'priesty.'

>> No.30897008

SA's banning policies are intentionally capricious because it's one of their biggest sources of revenue. And anything that goes against the community (read: admins) point of view is enough for a ban. Stop using his banning against him.

>> No.30897024

Oh yeah, I forgot priesting was Performance.

>> No.30897026


Just how bored are the people who build these things?

>> No.30897048

I don't think the SA guy is going to leave the argument alone before somebody else does, and at this point both sides are just going to be reposting the same thing.

>> No.30897054
File: 60 KB, 516x511, do not patronize the dino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd have noticed, since at the time, I was quite keen to note everything that went on there. So I can say with confidence that you are very, very wrong. Also, note the contributing authors. They were regulars on Exalted books, and not fans. Your ignorance is both patent and complete.

>> No.30897068

To be fair, this thread is pretty boring.

Yeah, I'm thinking Melee, War, Performance, Athletics, and Resistance then. They don't understand the workings of spirit world or the cosmos. They worship Ahlat and don't afraid of anything.

No idea what the anima effect should be though.

>> No.30897092

People on the internet can be very vocal over-sensitive dicks. Exalted has to suit all kinds of audiences, and emulates mythological and pulp stories and art.

If you don't like the Abyssal Succubi-like charms, don't fucking use them, but demanding their removal only harms the system for those who like the evocative imagery of a femme fatale deathlord.

Some characters will be flat out bikini witches in design. Sorry, but that's pulp. Some characters won't be. Exalted covers all audiences. Grow thicker skins people.

>> No.30897115

I stand corrected. I know I saw the art *before* the book was released. Somewhere...

I miss the Freedom Stone comic. It had that gag a day thing that Keychain had with somewhat better art, IIRC.

>> No.30897123

I'd say it wasn't so much that people were offended that got him banned as it was that by the end of his time on SA he was missing the point so much at every turn the autism even annoyed the mods.

>"what about Charms like these other ones that don't literally require sex to work"
>no I can't read those posts for legal reasons
>"just saying, if there's going to be sexual content, it should really be considered in context of the icky stuff that has been published in 1e/2e"
>I have been writing for this game free for forever stop trying to make me feel bad

>> No.30897172


There's a lot of valid complaints. There's the way the text eroticized violence and rape in a way that made some people deeply uncomfortable. There's the argument for how narrow in scope the Charms are to fixate entirely around sex. There's how the charm set neatly mirrors real-world victim-blaming surrounding survivors of rape and abusive relationships. How it replaces metaphor and nuance (the Vampire's kiss from VtM, as example) for the explicit and tawdry and gross.
There's concerns over upsetting fellow players who have survived sexual violence and enabling shitty environments at Exalted tables (easy fix: keep the skeevy stuff in Black Dog-style supplements, not in a preview for the release of a whole new edition).

*As an aside, if I can find it, there's an excellent discussion on how the preview is not even a good set of Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears Charms anyhow.

Here's a good post from the thread that covers the general sentiment:
"Let's put it like this. We know that Creation is full of sex workers: prostitutes, courtesans, companions, what-have-you. That's fine, no one wants the setting to be turned into a theme park. What we don't want are random prostitute encounter tables in our book. We don't want to pick up the Manual of the Lotus or whatever next year and see a chain of martial arts techniques for pimps to use to slap prostitutes around with. We don't want the setting to leer at this stuff.

If you must include explicit "on-screen" sexual content in the books (and that is an incredibly huge, 256-point red flashing "if") then what people are looking for are assurances that it will be handled with grace and tact and subtlety in full knowledge that it's far easier to add content at the table than it is to remove the words in the books you've printed and the public statements you've made. And for the love of all that's good in the world, never, ever use it as cheap shorthand to point up how gross or grim or evil somebody is."

>> No.30897180

Well, you'd be pretty worked up too if one of the owners of the forum wrote a clickbait hatchet job on something you work on because you love it purely to take advantage of how successful your kickstarter was.

>> No.30897215

>Melee, War, Performance, Athletics, and Resistance
Yeah, that sounds really solid for the Bride Caste.

Still not sure about the Cowboy or Raider castes, nor what the other two castes should be. Something about honor duels, I think I heard someone say?

>> No.30897225

>a chain of martial arts techniques for pimps to use to slap prostitutes around with
Why would you ever not want that

>> No.30897236

Goon: This about it like this, you said and I agree that the 1E Storytellers Companion was probably the coolest Abyssal stuff in the line. You also said that the Yozi write-ups in Games of Divinity were some of the best writeups (I think you said that). Shouldn't you adopt a less is more approach here? The Lover is cool as hell and she was awesome before we had mechanical explanations of how she fucks people to death. We don't need to know that. We're smart enough to get those themes on our own.

Holden: Yes, I've agreed on this point a couple times now.

In reference to Miltonslavemastas post:
Damn, that's a good post, and a good set of points.

Goon: Does doing it well require charms literally only useful for sex? Can't you just have a lusty demon who grants her followers mind control and lets them do as they wish?

Holden: Possibly so-- appetite and excess are really the primary hallmarks of the Lover if you take the exact execution methods out.

The dude was listening and then got banned anyway. Man, I don't know. Maybe we read the english language differently. All I know is, this seems really disingenuous when you're trying to put up stuff from behind a paywall that only you and I can read, with a ready made interpretation in hand. I'm really not happy with this shit.

>> No.30897266

That's the thing though, the Abyssals book is at it's core death-themed villains, and more likely than not the preview was something they slapped together when they had the spare time in order to see how far they could go, not as a set in stone "this is what they will be like."

>> No.30897275

Stop posting shit from SA, everyone's tired of the argument. It's like WW1, I just want it to be over and be back home away from the front lines.

>> No.30897314

Yeah, I'm tired and I'm not going to convince him, fuck it.

>> No.30897340


Also you'd really have to stretch the interpretation to come to conclusion they did. Also, these charms aren't meant to be nice, they're the charms based on a succubi like deathlord's imagery. He whole shtick is pleasure till you become desensitized to everything.

The imagery one gets from the text harkens to the succubus, and supernatural harlequin novels. Not sexual assault. People need to grow thicker skins.

>> No.30897447
File: 1.61 MB, 489x259, Lunar Exalted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can this really be done?

>> No.30897486

IRL? Hell no. But yeah, pretty sure a Lunar can keep their absurd strength scores even when taking a really tiny form.

>> No.30897524
File: 313 KB, 520x349, God Damn Siddies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>IRL? Hell no.

Well obviously, I meant in 2.5

>> No.30897625


Well, here we have to start from the beginning of what was a lengthy debate already resolved nearly a year ago. And it was an awesome debate, the stuff on different takes for the Lover might even get used in an Exalted game I run someday. Here, interesting stuff gets lost in a morass of reflexive defensiveness. I wouldn't call this thread better for discussion. It has a long climb to get there. But being able to just yell whatever you want with anonymity has its upsides too.


Scroll of Swallowed Darkness was an April Fool's joke. If the Lover's Charms showed up in a Black Dog-style supplement instead of a preview for hyping up fans of Exalted, I imagine it'd garner a similar reaction to the Scroll. They'd still be awful, mind you, but at least easier to excise and dismiss.

>> No.30897673

Oh man, I would not call that SA thread a debate. More like a shouting match to see who was the most aggrieved. Still, to each his own?

>> No.30897747

>Scroll of Swallowed Darkness was an April Fool's joke.
Keep in mind that the clickbait article that started all this shit used the parts of Infernals everyone thinks is shit, thematically appropriate nudity in Lunars, and that joke book on top of the abyssals preview to conclude with:

>Zack: Fuck that, I don't care about mature, or joking. These guys who made this are pieces of shit to draw a comic of a child with demon vaginas on her body about to get raped like depicting the most disgusting thing possible in graphic detail belongs in a fucking game book. What the fuck do you pieces of shit bring to rape or child rape or any of this shit with your stupid demon comic? White Wolf isn't a joke, it's garbage, and everyone who works for them can get fucked with sticks of dynamite. Multiple people looked at this and said, "Huh huh this is so sick. I love it. This will gross people out big time."
>Zack: They're making a game for people to play. They don't deserve these sorts of issues. It's no different than some hack horror director upending a bucket of guts onto a dummy. They deal with rape and child rape with all the tact of Kevin Siembieda assigning hit locations to a giant robot refrigerator. No fucking offense to K-dog either. He wouldn't sink to this level. What power can the 12 year old rape monster give our demon warrior? Fuck these people. I'm done with this shit.
>Zack:: Hooray for the 3,280 idiots who donated to this garbage. I hope you get some more little kid rape comics to make your level ten Commanche cogsmith real powerful, you dumbfucks.
>Zack:: Burn in hell.

Holden was downright fucking calm and nice in his attempts to make counterarguments to these jackholes.

>> No.30897764

How badass can minor gods really be in comparison to Exalted? Is there a god of the Wyld Hunt and if not, could he kick Solar butt?

>> No.30897799

>little kid rape comics



God, they're worse than fucking Reddit.

>> No.30897829

No, no way in hell. If the god is a particularly big deal, like the god of an important river or a trade route, then the Exalts might break a sweat. But the Wyld Hunt gets called in routinely to deal with jackass spirits more than actual anathema.

>> No.30897867

There'll be Gods of Crusading, Law Enforcement, plus lots of angry unemployed Gods who's domains were fucked up by the Balorian Crusade who will be out for revenge. They'd be up for it.

I doubt they could go head to head with a Solar, but a Lunar with decent preparation and aiming for their weak spots rather than going sword to sword with a Full Moon who's warform is Yeddim.

>> No.30897897

A regular human swordsman can curbstomp a Solar with no combat skills. Don't sell Lunars short.

>> No.30897920


Yes, Holden took a lot of positive feedback after the preview. Then there was the not-apology update with didn't address most of the complaints. A second discussion ensues, he eventually relents and starts taking criticism again, and then gets banned for running his mouth in the most stupid way. Later on, Plague of Hats is revealed to have left the writing team over this very issue months ago; Holden's behavior on the OP forums regarding complaints about sexualizing women in Exalted art has him feeling as if his decision is validated.

Do you take issue with that summary of events? Because the conclusion, from Plague of Hat's big post on the matter, was that he didn't expect Holden or Morke to change. I am inclined to believe his assessment.

>> No.30897949

>How badass can minor gods..

Extremely so. Depending on the gods history. Like a former high ranker that got demoted could be extremely powerful and if the god has a decent number of friends he could be a pretty good threat to exalts with time to call in help. In general though most gods will die vs a exalted.

>> No.30897983

Can someone elaborate on the Balorian Crusade and why it was such a big deal? All I know it was it was a Fair Folk invasion somehow motivated by Abyssals that ended with the Realm Defense Grid raining cold iron on raksha.

>> No.30898018

How much does the God's domain affect the power? I mean if the god is really God of Killing Solars or equivalent, will his power level be significantly higher against Solars?

>> No.30898030

>Balorian Crusade

Simple way to put it. Balor one of the most badass fae to exist charges into creation with a army of billions upon billions of Fae and rapes the shit out of creation dying of the plague. Then he got his ass back stabbed by his own allies for a story and died.

>> No.30898032

No. These were all after the kickstarter update, not before. He was banned days after the kickstarter update talking about the preview. They were all posted right before he was banned.

You still haven't said what was so misogynist about Holden's statement either.

You've come on to fucking 4chan to defend the sacred honor of your fucking internet forum. A forum that let a child molester run wild and steadfastly refuses to remove shit they complain about everywhere else.

And you keep changing the story of what really happened behind the fucking paywall.

Fuck off to your echo-chamber.

>> No.30898039


I'd like to see these different takes on the Lover, but I refuse to give money to SA. Any chance you can compile the ideas and post them?

>> No.30898068

Raksha fucking hate Creation. It's all stable and real won't dissolve when they wish and it pisses them off.

The Great Contagion ravaged the people and spirits of Creation and fucked up it's Geomancy. As a side affect it altered the barrier that prevented the Raksha from surviving there for more than a few moments. One of the Deathlords (or Neverborn, I forget) pointed this out to them and King Balor led the armies of the Shaped Raksha into the weakened Creation to undo it.

They got pretty close, before the invasion there was just "Creation" and "Wyld", but the the incursions let chaos bleed in and form the marshes & Deep Wyld. But it wasn't enough, Scarlet triggered the Sword of Creation and pushed the Raksha back.

>> No.30898091

>God of killing solars.
No. Gods are mainly of domains that need overseeing. Killing Solars isn't a domain that needs overseeing. If he was a god of killing or something he would do a lot better at killing if his inherit power is enough to matter with it added on. A weak god will in general not get that much of a boast while a strong one will get more of one. Especially with worship.

>> No.30898127

>But it wasn't enough
Hell it was enough. If balor wasn't betrayed then the world would have been lost right there.

>> No.30898189

Fuck him, I'll post it. It was from Miltonslavemasta.
"Walker being a roving mercenary gives me a lot of hope that there can be 4-6 player games where the PCs are all the Abyssals in the service of a single Deathlord, and all these games play differently. In a Bishop game, you're on a mission to evangelize, whereas Bodhisattva might be about taking places over, setting up strict rules, and acting as secret police. The Mask of Winters has you playing Game of Thrones against all his extremely capable neighbors, while Walker's game is straight out of Black Lagoon and various older stories of wandering mercenaries. Instead of being mercenaries, First and Forsaken Lion might be the Deathlord for a game where the PCs were dedicated to putting together The Last Army To March On Creation, which might actually be the army he plans to use to defeat the Neverborn. The Dowager knows many secrets the PC's don't and sends them on errands to find more forbidden bits of arcane knowledge, which they piece together and only then realize they are on the cusp of aiding the destruction of every living being in Creation. Rewrite Eye and Seven Despairs completely so he's sending his Abyssals out to judge the wicked, whom he hates.

The Lover can be the best of all, actively alternating between trying to beautify Creation into something she can look at without being empty and seeking to crush the ugliness of it all, and if The Black Heron ever gets more Death Knights, she's going to try to declare independence from the other Deathlords and go completely renegade, refusing to obey them and the rest of the Deathlords, and then it's all-out war against the Neverborn.

Then, while you're running one, you can concurrently have the others vaguely moving in the background and these motivations bumping into each other, and then you've got a game that's really about Abyssals."

Whoever the fuck you are, I hope you're not Miltonslavemasta.

>> No.30898196

Creation was far larger than it is today. Current borders were still something that was considered close to the centre. So the gods of everything that was there were either destroyed or left domainless. Some of them should be quite strong, and even demotion will take only a portion of that power from them.

>> No.30898220

> Just a quick additional idea for her, let's say the Lover Clad hands you an orange. This is literally the best orange you've ever had in your life, you will never have another orange as good. All oranges you ever eat for the rest of your life taste like ash and dirt compared to that single perfect orange. Eventually you fall into despair, because you will never again attain what you once had.

>Yes, this is the kind of thing that makes me want to bust out the entire Aarne–Thompson classification system and look at all the ways giving an amazing present can corrupt and turn someone. There's such a huge wealth of inspiration in myths about demons and reapers and psychopomps giving things to people and making pacts or bargains with them that I wouldn't even know where to start. I would literally dig out my Encyclopedia of Myths and Legends and get tons of character ideas going, some of which are indeed Incubi and Succubi and Vlad Tepes, but also so many other things. I am glad one of the developers still thinks this can be a Lover charm.

>I'm interested in the possibility of making Abyssals into true "Death's Lawgivers." While Solars are the signifier for the return of magic, the birth of new life, and the possibility of beginning a new age, and Infernals being their excesses and the corruption of power, I am interested in Abyssals being The Last Judgement. Perhaps some of the Deathlords find all of Creation wanting and believe it is time to visit judgement upon it, but perhaps others work on a case-by-case basis, and this is a valid path of employment for a Loyalist Abyssal; To test people, kingdoms, nations, deities, and see if they are wanting. This is naturally connected to wanting the ability to tempt people with a wide variety of offerings in a wide variety of ways. There's just so much thematic depth related to temptation, judgement, and finding things wanting that Mistaya is making me feel, even more strongly, should be in the purview of the Lover.

>> No.30898239

"I'll give you that making it a touch effect lacks punch! "Touch someone, give intimacy" sounds like a bad 2e social charm. I'm thinking, though, that working on the full breadth of possibilities you get from the word 'intimacy,' you could call it "a shared intimate moment' and get players coming up with all sorts of creative options.

*The moment when your swords are locked, both balancing carefully on the wall above Snake Dojo, and the realization dawns on you that you've finally met your match.

*The moment when the Dynast drinking alone in a Denzik harpsichord bar hears the song they played two hundred years ago at his wedding for the first time since his wife died.

*The moment when the new advisor to your court drinks a fifth of rum with you and finally, you have a person with whom you can exchange jokes about how the next-in-line to inherit the throne is going to ruin your legacy.

*The moment when you're both bleeding, sweaty, and exhausted, staring in disbelief at the corpses of three agents of the Wyld Hunt, and realize you're both in this together now.

I just think that of all the best intimate and most evocative intimate moments portrayed in fiction of all kinds, sexual ones account for maybe a fifth of the total. A fifth shared between two off-duty working people sick of their bosses's shit also accounts for a fifth."

>> No.30898256

If I'm remembering right, the basic idea was to take the Lover's sexuality and emphasize it as meaningless gilding over an empty, yearning nihilism that consumes everything it touches in a desperate search for some kind of meaning.

Plenty of room for sensual Charms but also low-key psychological horror, and it even gives room to turn people into ghosts and specters through emotional connections without needing to have literal sex ghosts.

>> No.30898257

"I get that, but I think it would be more interesting, open up a lot of space for people to use the charms to build more archetypes, and allow more tables to be comfortable using the charms if the actual mechanical powers were de-coupled from sex. If you wanted the Lover's characterization to remain the same, you could make a powerful statement by saying she has these sorts of influence powers and chooses to exercise them through sex or seduction, versus those being the only way these powers work. Or, perhaps The Lover can be given a deeper characterization, so while she does have sex a lot, that's simply a signifier for the dizzying array of ways this ghost of an Elder Solar can use intimacy to manipulate people into doing what she wants.

I don't mind the Lover as a Deathlord being focused on carnal acts, though I'd like her to be deeper, but it just seems so unnecessary to me for the fertile conceptual ground of "using intimacy as a weapon" to be restricted to lust and sexuality even in the hands of PCs who are probably nothing like her. Wordcount and charm-count are limited, and I see no reason to publish the charms in a way that clearly would limit their use to a significantly smaller subset of PCs."

>> No.30898334

The problem I have with this was that that "only sex" theory is based entirely on one - ONE charm tree, not her entire section. A charm tree that was at least three years from publishing and was used mostly to test the waters.

>> No.30898377

That's all of them that I can find.


May 29 2013

>But before we get to our usual Milestones breakdown, we need to address the concerns that the Abyssals Preview raised after we posted it.

May 30, 2013

> Damn, that's a good post, and a good set of points.

I'll admit. I'm pissed off with you.

>> No.30898392

That was literally just a repost from the SA thread about alternate takes on the Lover. Should have greentexted, sorry. Just for everyone's edification.

>> No.30898410


These are all SA reposts and some genuine interesting shit, if anyone wants to use it.

>> No.30898470


This always was the Lover's themes.

>> No.30898593


Thread on the OP forums is here:

Holden's "We're not the misogynists YOU'RE all misogynists!" post and Plague of Hats call-out both on page 4. That was harder to find than I thought; I couldn't spot it on Nishkriya.

And nothing you said disagrees with the timeline I gave, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I don't give a fuck about SA's internet honor, and think the mod team should all be sacked for knowingly hiding some skeevy shit; that has zero bearing on the complaints about the Abyssal Charm preview. We could go hunting for non-SA reviews of the content if you would prefer to remove such a hated source from the discussion?

(Here we go: https://plus.google.com/117024929835204509892/posts/fNAzVCSyn5N just from a quick google search)

Prove your statements, I have provided links to everything while you just keep making shit up.


I'll try to find them, it's probably a more constructive use of our time than this farce of a discussion.

>> No.30898676


Be pissed off all you like, dude. You still haven't addressed why we should disregard Plague of Hat's opinion on this matter. He saw the same posts you're looking at, but also was in the private Skype chats with the devs at the same time too.

>> No.30898689

>Holden's "We're not the misogynists YOU'RE all misogynists!" post and Plague of Hats call-out both on page 4. That was harder to find than I thought; I couldn't spot it on Nishkriya.

YEAH, I already posted that a bunch of times. Like here: >>30892958

The statement really doesn't seem that bad.


>Brandon Schmelz

You DO know Brandon is Mikan right? On the SA forums? And that Andri Erlinggson is Rulebook Heavily, and so on and so forth? What the fuck?

My point was that he was taking feedback, even up to the point where they decided to ban him. I don't think they wanted a conversation.

That said, if you do have more stuff besides Miltonslavemasta's posts, share them.

>> No.30898721

So what would most raksha Balorian crusade veterans be like these days? They fought against Dragon-blooded for the most part, right? Shogunate with First Age gear?

>> No.30898740
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>Trigger Warning

>> No.30898758

We've been lied to several times already, and he just tried to pass off a post written by an SA poster on Google+ as an unbiased third party. I'm just sort of appalled, is all.

>> No.30898762

>So what would most raksha Balorian crusade veterans be like these days? They fought against Dragon-blooded for the most part, right? Shogunate with First Age gear?
Dead, mostly.

>> No.30898802

I figure they're really eclectic and outright legendary in terms of scope. I don't think they'd ape the Dragonblooded, they'd look more like, I don't know, David Bowie

>> No.30898852

>raksha Balorian crusade veterans be like these days?

Dead mostly. The main reason they kicked so much ass was the leader had a epic as hell story that wrapped up literally billions of fae. Which then made the story stronger which made him stronger which wrapped up more fae which made him stronger. Doesn't matter if their is a million dragon blooded if their is a few fucking billion fae charging the gates.

>> No.30898872


hahahah that was perfect bro. Same first two words.

>> No.30898954

A Raksha with the stamina to stay shaped all this time would be freaky as fuck. He'd also have a big ass demense to hang out in

>> No.30898991

You can read about Swar, the City of Formlessness Constrained from Graceful Wicked Masques;

>At the dawn of the Balorian Crusade, it was called the Devouring Hammer, so great was the Chaos Lord’s hatred of Creation and loyalty to Prince Balor. Unfortunately for this unshaped raksha, its zeal exceeded both its wisdom and its puissance. When the Scarlet Empress unleashed torrents of cold iron from the skies against the invading Fair Folk, the Devouring Hammer was the first to feel the blow. Struggling in the face of death, the unshaped found a hiding place while the Empress’s retaliation moved on to other targets. Seizing upon an abandoned war manse, the Devouring Hammer tore its structure apart, repurposing it into a freehold and concealing its waypoint body within.

>> No.30899061

Speaking of the Raksha I always thought that first edition eclipse who decided to chill the fuck out with them for a entire year was badass. Just what type of person goes "I don't have anyone to stay with right now so I'm going to go crash in the Raksha's place."

>> No.30899090

...someone with diplomatic immunity, I reckon?

>> No.30899149

That's useful to have but imagine eating with guys that look like they would love to have you for dinner. For over a year and all it takes is you breaking it enough for them to attack you.

>> No.30899290





>> No.30899294

A shaped raksha only needs one mote per day to survive in Creation, but lose the Essence from stunts at the end of the scene. The charm Banquet of Crumbs lets you roll your feeding grace once per scene when in the presence of Creation-born experiencing powerful emotions and gain equal amount of motes from that. A raksha suffering from bedlam could easily exist in Creation for extended periods of time.

They could also learn Heaven Rains Wisdom to use Hearthstones like Creation-born do, which might be easier to acquire than a cyst from a Freehold.

>> No.30899303


I didn't know that was Mikan, though I do recognize the name!

Your point IS valid. He was taking criticism and then said something stupid and got banned. I think keeping him in the thread would be better for the gameline, so the ban was definitely a net loss for Exalted. If you look sometime in Feb in the new thread, there's a great chat about Raksi that Stephenls took part in where I think 3e's take is (hopefully) going to be much improved. It's excellent stuff which, to me, disproves that goons don't "want to have a conversation" with the writers on stuff that Exalted has done poorly. You present it like the whole thread banned him ("they banned him") and not a mod, which is just silly.

Perhaps he learned a lesson from this whole incident, perhaps not. This is the crux of the whole PoH stuff; his comment showed he still doesn't get why some fans are pointing out the sexualization going on in Exalted's art after getting raked over the coals a few times already.

Sorry for riling you up, you seem legit. I suppose we're both coming at it from our own biases. You see Holden's good posts and think "he was making amends!" and I see PoH's post and think "in private he wasn't willing to compromise with PoH over things as simple as bikini witches and rape charms?".

May as well leave it at that, since that's the part neither of us can convince the other of.

>> No.30899332

Fine, that's fair. Let's not bring our stupid fucking pissing match into the next thread? I'm terribly unhappy with SA, the Exalted thing is just one more thing along with that.

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