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>Your opponent takes no AA

and complains your Av10 Flyers are OP

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>Your opponent takes the same list for the 3rd game in a row

and is still surprised when it cannot win, blames you.

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>You roll The Scouring

Your opponent still combat squads his marines

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>You win the roll for table sides

It doesn't matter because the FLGS has no terrain worth mentioning

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>Your opponent's army does not have AA units except fortifications
>Your opponent can't afford to buy new models from GW everytime something OP is realeased
What a noob.

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>Your opponent took Coteaz because he saw it on the internet

And has no units worth buffing

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>Your opponent has 4000pts of their primary army including flyers since before they were in the BRB

They still complain because it forces them to alter the stagnant list they settled into during 5th edition

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>Your opponent takes a special weapon, a heavy weapon and a veteran sergeant in the same tactical squad

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Youre oppoent plays CSM?
Its youre fault!

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>your opponent ignores the mission and just has a shoot'em up

and complains when they lose almost every game

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>Your opponent still plays CashHammer 40Gay
>You still play CashHammer 40Gay


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This sounds like a pretty cool squad. What's wrong with it?

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What's wrong with that exactly, only mission where you really shouldn't do that is purge the alien, or that one with only 1 objective each.

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The Scouring is almost always decided by First Blood and Line Breaker because the random objective values.

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>He still posts lame b8

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>Playing 40k when you don't have the kind of money that makes treating your models like pieces of card board

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>special weapon+heavy weapon
I thought /tg/ was only bad at magic

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What did I say about shitposting, Doom?

One more strike and you're out.

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Le combat squad face.

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>your opponent is as big a clueless scrub as this poster

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Yes. Please insure they can be killed by a single round of shooting from Plasma Vets, Drop Sternguard, Grav Bikers, Iontide, Scatter Walkers, Crimson Hunter Exarch, Ravagers, etc

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Free kill points face

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tg is bad at everything and constantly gets rules wrong. but that's the fun of it.

don't be too upset at him anon, loyalists don't know any better and Codex Astartes recommends special/heavy weapon.

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I don't actually play 40k, so it's not really a case of being bad at the game as not knowing it.

I just like the idea of a squad built to cover all bases.

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Geh kacken, boon

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>your opponent is only good at fantawarhammer

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An issue in 1/6 of your games.

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The is the opposite of how to do well in 40k despite GW insisting the ability to do that is worth paying more points it cost. Every point spent on a unit that does not enhance it's ability to do one job to the best of it's ability before its dead is a waste of points.

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I guess you don't actually play anywhere with Tau or Eldar players.

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look at

Covering all bases is shit in 40Monobuild.
Doing 1 think as good as possible is the shit.

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>Opponent takes a heavy bolter and a flamer
>They're both anti-infantry, so it'll work!

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>your opponent complains when they are surprised by your unit's special rules and blame that for every time they lose

You have been using that unit in the last 3 games you play against them, they are just too stoned to play but insist on playing stoned

My lGC is really bad for this one.

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>Your fellow /tg/ poster uses a lower case 'L' in a capitalized acronym

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I always love it how some people says one thing in one thread and points out how idiotic everything else is, and then in another thread you get the exact opposite advice and everything else is just shit.

Try and figure what's the right course of action at any point.

Also, how exactly is something like plasma gun not helping a squad with a plasma cannon? Or a multi-melta a squad with a meltagun?

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opinions anon, with all this anomonity it's easy to forget that different people post here. though for these 40k threads it does seem like sometimes it's the same 10 people talking about the same thing day in and day out

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Because there are only a handful of viable configurations for tactical squads and mixed special/heavy only fits into one of them, which most people do not limit that combination to.

10 in a Rhino w/Special, Combi-Special

5 in a Razorback w/Special, Combi-Special

10 Combat Squaded in a Razorback w/Special, Combi-Special in transport, Heavy in back field objective camping squad, ideally in a fortification

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Plasma cannon its heavy, so its cropples the squads ability to move, if you dont plan on moving,take a squad with 4 heavy weapons and not waste a scoring unit on 1plasma cannon.
Same goes for other think, better take a unit that has better tank killing than an unmovable multi-melta and 1 melta
how can you not get this?

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>your opponent thinks razorbacks are actually viable

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I'm sure part of that is the /tg/ group think in action. All but 1 member of my gaming group post on /tg/ and there is not way we make up half the posters.

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They are when you have 6.

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>All but 1 member of my gaming group post on /tg/

I'm so sorry anon

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This guy has never been outflanked by 3 assault cannon razorbacks full of plasma that are supporting 3 whitescars biker squads.

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>when your opponent constantly criticises your list despite you having made it clear that "I'm taking a Dreadnought because I like them, please stop"

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>how can you not get this?

Maybe I'm just hooked on the old las/plas and flamer/ML builds that were lauded as the shits in the past. I can't wait for a time when this fad blows over and razorbacks with special/combi squads are for n00bs.

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When I take my dreadnought lists I always expect this sort of behaviour from the hardcore crowd at my local shop, but it never happens. If anything they start talking about how cool things like dreads are and how they should be better.

They're rather chill when they're not gearing up for a tournament. I guess I've lucked out.

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>when you arrange a bunch of guys to play fluff armies, and one guy shows up with 100% netlist
>nah guys 3 riptides are totally fluffy

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>when someone posts a fluff list or a shit unit they like in a list general and cries when he is criticised and told it's shit

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>I can make plasma pistols work guys, trust me

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You can make them work.

If you're Imperial Guard.

If you're a MEq army: lol

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So IG plasma pistols aren't a thing anymore, I take it?

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>Better wait this "fad" out rather than change my ways!

Nurgle is proud of you.

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>when my opponent brings a shit list with shit units with shit equipment eventho i explicitly stated i want to be challenged in my game finder formula.
the worst. I drive 1Hour to my LGS get in the mood and then some scrub shows up and get his shit stomped to nowhere in 1 hour. no fun for noone.

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>implying the internet is a fad
>implying this wouldn't be the way it was back then if people had more access to information

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>don't use that works for you in your local meta, jump on the latest netlist bandwagon and listen to anons praise builds they say are the best
>buy 6 razorbacks and convert all your sergeants to have specials
>get some Riptides and Tau allies, play white scars, get grav-bikers, stop being a faggot
>trust this anon on the internet over all other anons on the internet
>be that guy and only enjoy crushing victories

GW is proud to have your money.

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It is cockweed. While Riptides are supposed to be rare overall the Cadres that deploy them are specialized to support a group of Riptides.

The Tau do not distribute them equally among their forces.

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You know, maybe next time you want a challenge, don't bring a gun to a knife fight and then bitch about it being over in a second. If you want a challenge, how about bringing a rusty spoon? Now there's a challenge.

When people want a challenge in video games, they usually set the difficulty to harder, make their opposition tougher and cut down on their own benefits. They don't put it on easy and stock up on OP gear to go stomp on some rats and whine about the lack of a challenge.

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ya could make them into plasma guns

>> No.30870269


>implying I didn't just start using my combi-sternguard models as sergeants and consign all my heavy weapons to Dev squads the minute I read the 6th edition BRB.

>implying that cost any extra money to do.

It was so fucking obvious a switch in the meta I didn't need to wait for the internet to tell me to do it.

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>If you want to challenge gimp yourself, don't expect your opponent to be competent.

How about fuck off. Having a coherent army with synergy and redundancy is a bare minimum to be playing at all.

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The thing is i Explicitely asked for a gun fight and i'm angry when people bring rusty spoons.
And i dont want to "challenge" myself by cutting my own leg of and running a marathon. i want myself to be able to play with everything i can to the best of myself and i want my opponent to do the same

>> No.30870340

>When people want a challenge in video games, they usually set the difficulty to harder

In *single-player* games, sure. If you want a challenge in a game where you're against another person, then you try to play against someone good.

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>>implying this wouldn't be the way it was back then if people had more access to information

This is what grognards don't want to admit. The genie is out of the bottle on any scrub knowing the best way to do things. The only solution is games with few options so they are easier to balance so it matters less.

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Scouted an LGS, one of only two I have found in my country.
>Eldar vs Biker spam
>Dreadnoughts proxied as Warwalkers
>Eldar player uses a Wave serpent hull's top and bottom pieces as two seperate tanks
>Half of everything is unpainted
>They treat a Wraithknight like a vehicle, and one of its weapons is destroyed.
>"Wait who chooses?"
>"You do, it's yours"
>"I could get the scatter laser destroyed but nah i'm not so cheesy"
>Using a jetbike flying base as a small blast marker because they cbf opening the cupboard
One plus point was that it stocked the old 10-man Avenger packs, so the trip wasn't pointless.
>Shop assistant gets me to swear that i'll like their facebook page before offering me the seasonal discount.
Bagged the goods and nope'd the fuck out of there.
>mhetro WIN

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Good in theory, shit in practice. 40ks a game. Like all games, specializing is always better than covering all bases.

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>i want to be challenged

If you really wanted to be challenged, you'd play a shit list. Stop talking out of your ass.

>> No.30870533


ass pained fluff-lister detected.

>> No.30870559


I know /tg/ will jump down my throat for this but maybe he just likes that list?

>> No.30870589


That is only 1/3 of the issue.

The other 2/3 of it are that A) he is blaming you for learning from the past two games on how to deal with the list, B) no matter how much they might like the list by the 3rd loss it should be evident that it cannot work and they should move on instead of continuously trying and getting more and more ass pained and deflecting the blame onto everyone around them but themself.

>> No.30870619

They were never athing

>> No.30870652

ive been playing 40k since 3rd edition and If ive always taken both if I take full side squads and I haven't faced an opponent who didn't do it either if they take ten man squads. what youre saying is retarded anyway meltagun/multimelta/sarge with combi melta in a drop pod is an excellent way to take out vehicles. granted I don't do it as often as its a bit easier to take out vehicles in 6th but its still a good way to erase land raiders/knights/huge shit

>> No.30870655

Actually, giving up on lists after 1 or 2 loses is stupid. No list will win every game yet you think it losing once means it is a lost cause. That is true... if you suck at the game and rely on net lists to stand a chance. But, if you are actually good, you can make some lists work WITH PRACTICE. That is, you might lose the first number of games while you figure your list out and develop a working strategy for it.

>> No.30870668


>he is blaming you for learning from the past two games on how to deal with the list

This has always stuck me as one of the bigger problems with my LGC. Several of the guys have large collections but two of them in particular have stagnated into running the same lists consistently, because you always know what they are going to take and how they are going to play them it is easy to beat them and they get super indignant because they general have losing streaks of 4 game between victories because of it. When someone tells them why they literally flip their shit screaming about not telling them how to play.

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I've recently partaken in a 1500 tournament at my FLGS. When I signed up, I was told that the tourney would be somewhat competitive.

Apparently "competitive" means taking 50 firewarriors and having them run across the field to get to you.

The last 3 games I've won by the third turn. Fuck me.

>> No.30870720


As someone who does not net list I still call bullshit on this.

Maybe it comes from playing with the same group of a dozen people for the last 7 years outside of the occasional tournament but when I write a list I generally know if it is or isn't going to work against a given person by the time I've finished writing it.

I will totally concede the point that if I was playing in a bigger metagame this might not be so easily the case.

You also seem to be forgetting one this: Every time you do lose with that list you are not the only person learning. Your opponents will see just as much information about it as you, especially if it a 3rd party watching the game, they will likely notice more than either person actually playing. Then the next time you bring the list out they will have an even better idea of how to beat it than before.

>> No.30870750

i must have been on the internet too long, could've sworn someone with a huge amount of models and all the supplements/allies/dataslates would make it impossible to predict what someone could bring and constantly making new lists

>> No.30870758

>You also seem to be forgetting one this: Every time you do lose with that list you are not the only person learning. Your opponents will see just as much information about it as you, especially if it a 3rd party watching the game, they will likely notice more than either person actually playing. Then the next time you bring the list out they will have an even better idea of how to beat it than before.

What pretty much every autistic 40k player forgets, their opponent is a person capable of making observations of their own.

>> No.30870769

>implying people in multiplayer don't find challenge in stuff like just using pistols or trying to play an MMO without killing anyone or anything

>> No.30870776


I my experience it is more of an issue those players having those large collections due to being long time vets but then that also makes them all in their mid to late 30s and 40s, making them grognard primus.

>> No.30870778

>my opponent is having wrong bad fun and I want them to stop

Why don't you just go play tourneys if you so desire to get your ass handed to you?

>> No.30870781

>your opponent takes a mixed devastator squad
>one missle launcher, one las cannon, one plasma cannon, one heavy bolter

>> No.30870790


How is the person not playing learning more?

>> No.30870800

>I didn't have to buy anything, so nobody else has to either

Not everyone has combi-sternguard packed away nor a ton of razorbacks.

>> No.30870827


Knowing your opponents well is a huge factor actually, not just their model collections but also how they tend to use them.

Its different if most of your opponents are random pickup games at a store. You can't just write things off automatically based on one or two games.

>> No.30870841


Then you are complaining that someone two editions out of date has to spend money.

Its almost like you want GW to be a charity and not a business.

>> No.30870859


By not occupying their mind with trying to win they can focus on observation and insight. This is pretty basic logic, I mean I'm sure you have heard of how 3rd party arbitration works? Well this is why it works.

>> No.30870861

>dickmonger detected

>> No.30870866

>Its different if most of your opponents are random pickup games at a store.

Who actually does this?

>> No.30870899

He's fucking right though. I started building fluffier lists, only optimizing them against opponents who have a powerful enough army/list.

Only scrubs play to win.

>> No.30870913

4e had combi-sternguard?

I'm not complaining about that you have to buy new shit, I'm just wondering why people get so buttmad at someone who doesn't go out and buy the latest shit and be super competitive all the time to give them a challenge so they can enjoy themselves. Of course the casual scrub that plays every once in a while has no right to anything. If he's not honing his skills, lists and tactics every other day at the FLGS and decoding the newest rulebooks and codexes down to minute detail, making excel graphs and shit, they might as well go and die. Fuck those guys. Forty-kay, sirius business.

>> No.30870919


This is what actual scrubs tell themselves to justify their buyers remorse.

>> No.30870928


4e had general veterans who could take melee or ranged options, the most popular configuration of which was still a pack of combi-weapons in a drop pod because some tactics do always have a place in the game.

>> No.30870943


>ass blasted shit eater who can't cope with the idea the 'fluffy" isn't a viable descriptor to refer to under power armies.

A "fluffy" Saimhane list would rip your eye's out through your ass too friend.

>> No.30870976

Do people really only use one list? I have a bunch of lists that I randomly cycle through. One game I might go air heavy with 3 vendettas, 3 squads of storm troopers, 4 squads of vets (2 in vendettas, 2 in chimeras), and a CCS loaded out with plasma (toss it in a vendetta to drop 4 plasma guns in an enemy backfield). The next game I might field lots of tanks, with 3 demolishers, 6 squads of mech vets (with demo charges obviously), and a CCS hiding behind an Aegis Defence line with a quad gun. Another game I might double up on my FoC so I can spam mech vets with grenade launchers and demo charges with a few static units behind an Aegis also having missile launchers. Another game I might use my favourite (if crap competitively) list involving 20 mechanized storm troopers, 2 vanquishers, 30 veterans, and 3 vendettas.

>> No.30871018

>4e C:SM
>Veteran Squad
>4-9 Vets + Sarge
>may replace bolter with bolt pistol and CCW
>frags for 1pts. per model, kraks for 2pts. per model
>one dude can take HB, ML, MM, lascannon, plasma cannon, pair of LCs or a power fist
>another dude can take flamer, melta, plasma or power weapon
>sarge can take terminator honours and if so, he may take stuff from wargear
>if sarge has terminator honours, rest of the squad can have them too (doesn't say they get access to wargear)
>can take razorback or rhino
>can take furious charge, tank hunters or infiltrate

Now I must suck, because I can't find a thing about combi-weapons or even drop pods.

>> No.30871020


A lot of people do only every run one list. Even if it isn't a matter of only have the models for that one list. In my experience its for one of 3 reasons: They are a grognard entering a stagnation cycle, they don't want to contradict their armies lore and have too much emotionally invested in it due to past victories, both of these at the same time.

>> No.30871052


I was a kid during 4e, I'm pretty sure me and my friends were taking the wargear cause we thought it was implied.

>> No.30871072

My current marine list is a captain, 3 tactical squads with 2 in rhinos, 2 land raiders and a tri-lascannon predator. I've been using it for the last few months(I game maybe every 3-4 weeks) and have met some success. My previous list I was using since late 5th ed. and instead of land raiders it had dreadnoughts, a command squad deathstar and land speeders or flyers.

I lose a lot because I can't be arsed to write specific lists for variable matches(more of unit X for fighting army Y, blah, blah, blah), so I take a list I like the look of, make a paragraph or two of fluff and plug away with it until I get bored of playing it.

>> No.30871098


GW sold SM Veterans with combi-weapon and SM Veterans with Power Weapons blisters. Each blister had two models in it. They didn't call them Veteran Sergeants on the blisters. I think that would imply they guys did get access to wargear.

>> No.30871121

How was it implied? Terminator Honors entry doesn't say the model gains access to wargear and the vet entry only gives sarge access to wargear. Nothing says regular vets with honours get access to wargear. Don't remember anyone ever fielding vets with wargear. Or vets in general in 4e.

And combi-sternguard in a pod in 5e wasn't exactly an auto-win option. So what incentive was for someone to invest in it, when they could have used any number of other builds or units they might have had or were available to them?

>> No.30871122

I mean even if you actually do fluff out your army it isn't that hard to modify it to include options for special lists. For example lets say my last list is my default list. My vendetta and deepstriking storm trooper list (first mentioned) might be a special mobile strike force, or simply a combat situation when a unit lost their tanks and most of their chimeras and is mostly fighting from the skies. The second list could be a specialized vanguard force tasked with breaching enemy defences. I just find it weird to limit yourself to one list, it is like playing CoD and limiting yourself to a single weapons loadout, never switching to another.

I mean if someone likes their list I'm not gonna complain, I just find it strange.

>> No.30871123


That description fits three of the members of my LGC to a tee.

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File: 93 KB, 873x627, SMVeteransmk1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mark 1 veterans came with a fist sergeant, twin-LC marine, power weapon marine, and 2 bolt pistol/CCW troopers. All which you can use in a 4e veteran squad.

>> No.30871225


First off all, GW sold multi-model Veteran blisters. They wouldn't have done that if it was just Sergeants.

Second of all in 5e Drop-Sternguard was an auto-include in many meta suffering from over-saturation of IG which was the entire GT circuit in addition to many of the larger gaming clubs.

>> No.30871315

>First off all

You sure, because all I can find are blisters marked "veteran sergeants". And any vets they sell are mostly fancy space marines. Can't find pics of any old dual-combi blisters.

And second, seeing that Guard was never a big thing around here, the need for sternguard was much smaller. I actually thought about getting some in 5e, but never found a use for them that couldn't be taken over by another unit.

>> No.30871334


You can like a list. You can bring the same list to fight the same person again and again. But complaining about your list not getting the job done without adjusting it and then being surprised it doesn't get the job done is just stupid.

It's kind of like watching someone trying to cut steak with a hammer and complaining the hammer isn't sharp enough.

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File: 478 KB, 200x150, 1393263404375.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Apparently "competitive" means taking 50 firewarriors and having them run across the field to get to you.

Damn that sounds like fun

>> No.30871384

How do Tyranids deal with AV 12 flyers consistently outside of Crones/Harpies? Zoanthropes can still cast psychic shit on them right?

>> No.30871395

>needing something sharp to eat a steak

Proper steak you should be able to eat with a spoon.

>> No.30871428


Fuck you I like mine well done.

>> No.30871459


>outside of Crones/Harpies

You don't.

>> No.30871470

Do explain to me how raw steak is more tender than well cooked one.

>> No.30871472

It wasn't fun at all.

Half of them were either dead or below 50% strength after turn 1.

The other half died/were falling back turn 2.

It was a really dumb game.

I lost a grand total of 0 bikes in that 1500 game.

>> No.30871484


>running your gunline

W-what? I'm completely new to 40k and I'm still assembling my first army but that seems like a really dumb idea. Do people just pick tau and expect to win because they play tau?

>> No.30871509


Why would you ever not be taking as many Flyrants and Crones/Harpies as possible? You can have 9 FMC in a list now, it's the only viable list nids have.

>> No.30871517


Because no Crone/Harpie model. I'm taking 2 Flyrants already, but I was wondering if any other shit could do the job just as well.

>> No.30871527


Not that anon, but one such reason might be, that with the exception of perhaps the flyrant, all those models look like shit.

>> No.30871609



>> No.30871692

maybe he thought he was guard for a game, trying to run into the enemy to make them waste all their shots.

>> No.30871748


>> No.30871755


Reminds me of one of the Tyranid formations in apoc. If your opponent rolls 5 or more 6's To Hit, then you immediately discount all of their dice and don't even roll to wound. Something about running out of ammo.

>> No.30871933

No, proper cooking. Using a knife to cut a steak is an insult to the chef, because it implies it's not tender enough.

I take it you have never eaten a good steak that just peels off the bone and melts in your mouth.

>> No.30871985

>Inform opponent that he'll be facing a Warhound Titan in advance.
>He brings his heaviest armor and deploys all his army first turn.
>Complains when his Baneblade gets a Str D right through it for D6+6 hull points.

That is NOT how you hunt Titans people! Get those flyers! Get those Void Shield emplacements! Space out the infantry and open that fucker up!

>> No.30871994


So you're that guy eh.

>> No.30872082


The kind of guy who uses a model he has bought and can legally use?

>> No.30872102


Not that guy, that guy.

>> No.30872152


It would be that guy to not tell them.

>> No.30872153

You sound fun. Enjoy having no one willing to play against you.

>> No.30872163


I would play against them with my Stompa and my Kill Bursta.

>> No.30872227

> Drop Sternguard, Grav Bikers, Iontide, Scatter Walkers, Crimson Hunter Exarch, Ravagers, etc
>forcing your opponent to send a 200+ point units to kill a 80-100 point unit

Shit nigger, how bad at 40K are you?

>> No.30872286

>I told you to bite the pillow
>why didn't you bite the pillow?
>it's not my fault I went in dry

>> No.30872306
File: 2.97 MB, 250x258, MAXIMUMDISSATISFACTION.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>>Eldar player uses a Wave serpent hull's top and bottom pieces as two seperate tanks

>> No.30872309
File: 1.03 MB, 3264x1840, IMG_20140127_185709_906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plenty of people wanting to play against me, like this fella >>30872163
Name the place and get 1500 pts.

>> No.30872335


How bad at 40k are you? When the unit in question will reliably kill your unit in a single turn it doesn't matter how expensive it, you are not tying it up if it has no better target of opportunity. If it is turn 4 already you might as well finish off any scoring units they have left.

>> No.30872360


Holy shit that cover placement is bad.

>> No.30872377



>> No.30872382

Yeah and tbh I still enjoy a med-well with peppercorn sauce just as much.

>> No.30872388

>Hey friendly anon at the LGS, could you go an buy $400 worth of GW jewcrack just for me?

Holy fuck, I thought entitlement was just a thing old folks on Fox News screamed through chain emails and yahoo forums. But here you are. How about you let your opponent proxy a netlist so you can wax your dick more often. And go the extra mile and build a counter to your list he has to play. Fuck christ, you spoiled autist.

>> No.30872396


Wow I feel sorry for you guys.

>> No.30872412
File: 860 KB, 1024x768, jimmy-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There tends to be no man's lands when the game starts over here, and I'm kinda cool with that considering.
But if you have a pic or two of better terrain placement (which should be easy) I wanna take a look.

>> No.30872432
File: 1.31 MB, 3264x2448, 5M8M9TD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30872486
File: 570 KB, 1600x1200, Adam&Rocco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm not a US American. Canadian tournaments look like this. This is from Conflict Toronto a year ago. It's not amazingly better but its an improvement.

>> No.30872489
File: 981 KB, 3264x1840, IMG_20130425_142726_646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well that looks pretty damn awesome! And you get that with the standardized terrain allocations?
Not to mention there are other people who want to use terrain at the store...

>> No.30872508

I refuse to believe your opponent doesn't have any models that could take anti-air upgrades, like rockets, which were added for this exact reason.

>> No.30872514


Still an improvement but damn the amount of No man lands on these boards just put me right off. Are you not allowed to rearrange the terrain?



>> No.30872529


Still an improvement but damn the amount of No man lands on these boards just put me right off. Are you not allowed to rearrange the terrain?

No because time constraints, that's why fortifications are auto include.

>> No.30872603

>Combat squad is bad, just terrible in a vacuum
>now here is a scenario where everything is dead and i just murder troops turn 4

LOL. At least construct a good argument on how CS is bad without being a fucknut. Combat squading allows target saturation, splitting up of resources, like those special and heavy weapons and combi's, allows more flexibility and transport options.

I can only assume you think a 30 brick of Death company is some unstoppable kill machine if combat squading is so bad. I can't tell you how many IG chimera's, Russ's manticores, Tau fish, and Deldar skimmers I have murdered because I kicked out a combat squad.

If you clump up against a shooting army like an idiot, you just let your opponent win through dice averages. Combat squads has a possibility of having a fucking marine or 2 run around like a fucker due to the vagaries of random dice, which is horrible for non-demons and non-MEQs.

It's why death stars don't work on the Grognard circuit. If you tell your opponent to roll all his dice on one huge unit you just auto lose. L2MEQ.

>> No.30873068

Off-topic but,
is it pronounced "sow-win" like the band/celtic mythos?

>> No.30873115

wtf? two Lords of War? cheats and hax

>> No.30873135


1 LoW per primary detachment. I will double force org. I needed 4 troop slots anyway.

>> No.30873216

Can't hear you, take 1 of the penises out of your mouth.. you're mumbling.

>faggot thinks cash grab MC is in any way "fluffy"
>Hurr durr, they are only fielded together guys I'm not just being a bandwagon talentless faggot, I swear

>inb4 I'm so skilled, people are scrubs for not playing the newest OP codex

>> No.30873276

>cook fag detected

I bet you refuse to cook a steak well done

>> No.30873294

His mistake was playing in a game with superheavies

>that's what epic is for, faggots

>> No.30873305

i thought it was like sam-hi or same-hand

>> No.30873334

This guy knows what it's about

>btw units aren't even worth kill points in 5/6ths of games

>> No.30873506

Yes, because I just love getting sick from badly cooked meat.

>> No.30873602

>Rageflounder status: Baited
Go calm your tits, and come back when the thought of a biker-mech Eldar list being strong AND fluff accurate doesn't send you into hysterics.

>> No.30873603


>badly cooked meat
>well done being more likely to make you sick than raw/medium

Funny boy.

>> No.30873646

Personally anybody who brings air or D weapons to any game of 40k should quit. They don't deserve to be part of this hobby.

>> No.30873812

Enjoy your raw poultry and pork.

>> No.30873921

>compares it to Pork and Poultry

Be careful having anal sex. I hear you can get pregnant.

>> No.30873975

>implying only beef comes in steak form

Who's the cook fag now?

>> No.30874024

>Your opponent is Imperial Fists
>He takes a Devastator Squad
>It's all missiles

>> No.30874103

So ?

>> No.30874127

Missiles are fucking awful compared to lascannons.

>> No.30874164

an eldar craftworld

Celtic newyear/halloween
also Misfits successor band.

>> No.30874438

>Your opponent cannot take AA
>You have a tank that cannot be destroyed.

Yeah, awesome.

>> No.30874756

No if you're fighting tyranids.

>> No.30874778

Because you REALLY need that extra help stomping tyranids.

>> No.30874790

You can fire all HE if you so desire though.

>> No.30874808

Missiles have a tactical place. They are great for hitting all targets and have good range, where as Las cannons will do jack shit to some targets.

I wouldn't take them exclusively but I do try to keep some missiles scattered about in my force.

>> No.30874856

In a devastator squad, for 20 points more, you become significantly better at killing whatever a devastator squad should be shooting at. It's well worth it.
You give up the ability to make small blasts for
>Piercing that 2+ on Riptides and other dangerous deathstars
>+1 strength when penning vehicles
>+1 to the vehicle damage chart

It's well worth.

>> No.30874881

No army in the game is without AA option brohiem

>> No.30874915

Only versus armor.

Versus infantry or air the squad is a dead squad, so unless the squad is firing mostly on vehicles the entire game you are wasting a ton of points.

So while its strictly optimal to have some devs with very specialist weapons, against mixed army types you want to sprinkle some missile launchers in the list somewhere.

>> No.30874916

>1000 pts mini tourney at my FLGS
>8 players
>first game is against a tau player
>two riptides, one imperial knight, two units of firewarriors and a fireblade
>mfw when I won
>mfw when everything is dead by turn four
>mfw I was playing grey knights

The guy was a total bro though. He even bought me a burger afterwards.

>> No.30874978

Would I be a prick if I used the FW Manticore and layed out two 7" 9/1's a turn?

I want to supplement by chopping a couple chimeras I never use into missile mutts.

>> No.30875008

>Playing with Flyers

OP is a Dick.

>> No.30875069

Flakk missile. It's like, what, 10 points?
Pretty much screws a flyer with just two and doesn't require buying new models.

>> No.30875072


>> No.30875105

The sisters can use FW flyers though.

>> No.30875113

Both have access to fortifications.

Every army has access to anti-air.

>> No.30875135

>this small 100 points thing that can be stolen by the enemy
>any excuse to not give these armies Flakk missiles
yeah sure

>> No.30875169

>Flakk Longfangs
SW would be viable again

>> No.30875171

>My fluffylist almost never loses to their fluffy lists
>My army is cheese

For some reason my locals entire meta is anti-tank or rule of cool by doing personal stories of non-named characters, so my assault Necrons do really weirdly well.

>> No.30875215

>assault necrons


>> No.30875270

If I wanted soup I would have ordered soup.

I want something that I can sink my teeth into and know that this was once the flesh of a living animal.

If you've turned a perfectly good steak into pudding, you're at least as bad as Hitler.

>> No.30875307

I'd allow it.

Fuck that fortification bullshit.
>also trojans are considered troop choices from the IA update for IG and you take IG allies, grab two 35 point trojans and suddenly HYDRA TANKS CAN BE YOURS NOW with no imperial guard aside from 1 HQ of your choice

>> No.30875349

My group doesn't allows it, but i've brought down flyers with enough fire
>tfw i'm almost obligated to play GH/LF spam and never use my fluffy and cool units ebcause is the only hope against this meta

>> No.30875386
File: 70 KB, 1024x768, Kenpachi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this Nigga doesn't know shit about being strong.

>> No.30875403

So I just realised that Tyranids can't even ally with themselves even though the entire ally chart is off limit to them under 2000pts. Why is this so hilarious to me? On one hand my brother is getting more and more pissed that Tyranids get shit on, on the other it's just funny how gimped they are.

>> No.30875443

With Skyblight Swarm, you can join Marines, Chaos Marines, Necrons, Space Yiffs, and Imperial Guard in the category of "Not as good as Taudar but we have this one list that might win a game against them, depending on dice rolls and shit"

>> No.30875503

>Your opponent doesn't have a side

And he loses 10 games in a row because he's also a horrible player.

>> No.30875517

>5300 posts apart exactly

Anyway. GW pushed for a rock-paper-scissors-HAMMER approach to the game.

You're forced to take some of the first three, but you can always take the HAMMER in good quantity.

Lots of people pick the hammer because they don't want to waste money. The game is too linear to assume there will never be a HAMMER in the mix.

IG it's Vendettas, Valks, some FW stuff like Vultures with Punisher Cannons and the 7" pie plates. Meltavets. Math-hammer on variable dakka with boom boom then dakka.

Dark Eldar it's all about the venom-dakka and lance spam min/max.

You get the idea.

>> No.30875556

Try it. You'll like it.

I've seriously had allot more fun playing shitty fluff lists then hardcore tailored lists. It levels the playing field, and makes the game more competitive against scrub/casual players.

It's also allot of fun against the more competitive players. I really like playing at a disadvantage, it makes winning all the more sweet. Even eking out a tie is incredibly rewarding when you're facing off against the newest spam list.

>> No.30875717

>not using an aegis with a squad gun in deployment zone for a squad

>> No.30875811

No, with Skyblight swarm they're the best army in the game.

>> No.30876391

>I buy a ton of new stuff that the opponent cannot deal with unless they also buy a ton of new stuff
>They're not allowed to complain because I spent money and they didn't

You are the cancer, Necronfag.

>> No.30876447

A dude bought 2 imperial knights and our FLGS banned it, dude threw the hugest hissy fit even when EVERYONE TOLD HIM They'll probably get banned or allowed in Escalation

>> No.30876611

Fuck off.
Knights are the heroes we need to get away from this shitty MC metagame.
If it means people actually have to start balancing their lists rather than going for whatever kills MEQ/MC's, then I'm fine. Vehicles are shit in 6th anyway.

>> No.30876646

>Knights are the heroes we need to get away from this shitty MC metagame.
Changing it to Knightspam metagame?

>> No.30876683
File: 779 KB, 352x254, 1394238278190.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>spamming $100 has become a problem
>lets fix it by spamming $200 units

And GW laughs all the way to the bank.

>> No.30876831

4 Knights in 1500 is obnoxious, but 2 is easily countered by most balanced lists.

>> No.30876849

>MC metagame

We don't have a MC metagame

its a deathstar metagame

Do you people even know whats good in 40k? Or are you all just shit.

>> No.30876880

Well, my local meta is Trip/Quadtide, along with Jetseer Council.
But Jetseer council is bullshit and dies to Reaver Chainswords anyway.

>> No.30876885

Like Taudar?

>> No.30876916


Eldar / Dark eldar is top tier list.

>> No.30876956

I've always wanted to try Dark eldar, are they decent now?

>> No.30876974

No, but they make the Jetstar even more deadly.

>> No.30877010

also, how's the jetstar? could i use DE bikes for fluff reasons?

>> No.30877040

Just take a bunch of venoms with as many splinter cannons you can shove into there.

Then outfit your other choices with dark lances and spread them out a bit so you can pick things off easily one by one without wasting shots. They're that effective, to the point you don't go "I need this many to hurt that" to "I could kill this with any shot now, I hope I don't waste shots".

3+ to hit, 4+ to hurt unless you can hurt it easier. Just get in range and roll enough dice and they drop. The same happens to your units too by the way, which is where you use speed to get "just within range" to get those first shots off. Getting first turn only matters if the enemy can damage you in the first turn or not. It will be a blur after that.

>> No.30877097

I was late to the thread, what do you want?

>> No.30877112

Also if anyone could suggest some Dark Eldar batreps with players who understand / don't fudge the rules, that would be much appreciated.

>> No.30877189


I would have left calmly and seriously vandalized the store later.

>> No.30877231


So you're that guy eh.

>> No.30877248

Does your FLGS ban Tau, Eldar and Daemons?

>> No.30877258


If you are referring to the LGS Bandit, no I don't even live in the same country.

>> No.30877282

it uses Swedish Cap system

>> No.30877293

And thats what the knights are best at anyways. MCs like fexes can actually ruin knights.

>> No.30877309

Centurions and Sternguard make short work of them.

>> No.30877319

I really want to Lone Wolf' a Knight

>> No.30877325


Sternguard make short work of anything, it's whether or not they survive the ordeal that is the issue.

>> No.30877339

Isn't it amazing how the most elite of the Emperor's forces are used as suicide units?

>> No.30877366


They are the Emperor's Fire Dragons.

>> No.30877384

Do you have the image?

>> No.30877389

Well technically being wounded and out of action is considered a casualty.

SM's can go dormant when they lose blood pressure to the brain. I forget where the source is though. It's not long lived IIRC.

>> No.30877464

Yeah man, people barely understand getting a mini back to the box may also mean they're hurt or just out of combat

>> No.30877482

>Play in meta were Fortifications, escalation, formations and dataslates are all in play.
Deathstars are non existent

>> No.30877483

According to codex Craftworld Eldar it's pronounced Sam Hine.

>> No.30877507
File: 98 KB, 1081x469, Saim-Hann.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my pic.

>> No.30877521

I thought that a S8 AP3 blast that can Instant Death a Chapter Master would be enough to consider the unit dead rather than KO'd.

>> No.30877563

Everyone so far has gotten AA options that don't rely on buying new models from 6e.

>> No.30877573

SW, SoB.

>> No.30877598

Wolves come to mind, never knew why they didn't get Flakks.

>> No.30877608

SoB's antiair option is Retributors in an Aegis stacked with HB

>> No.30877639

Everyone so far has gotten AA options that don't rely on buying new models from 6e.
>Buy an aegis

>> No.30877668

Yeah well everyone so far usually gets real codexes. And new units. And plastic models.

>> No.30877750

I suppose I may be "that guy" on this thread.

I don't have a main anti air choice (as of current, still waiting for zhanchui to get me my contemptor mortis")

And I play a fluff based DA list.

But I have fun, and I usually find that I'm able to do a decent job having a fun game against opponents running decent tier armies.

Except that one guy with 2 riptides and a whole bunch of markerlights. But hey, I managed to charge the riptide with a single marine and do a wound to it before the riptide pasted him.

So does my "BADWRONGFUN" make me "that guy" or do I have to complain that I'm intentionally bad before I become such?

>> No.30877764

>playing dark angels

you were going to be bad anyways

>> No.30877926

Don't have 6e updates yet. Though like every other imperial faction you can expect at least flak missiles to be an option to be given when they get theres.

>> No.30877953

>implying sisters don't have a 6e update

they do.
If you can call that a codex

>> No.30878021

>Complaining about having to buy thing for what has never pretended to be not a business


>> No.30878116

6th edition has been out for a long time, and if you want to be semi-competitive you have to buy new models from time to time. If you don't care about winning at all you won't complain when you lose.

>> No.30878198
File: 133 KB, 772x1034, 1342594984516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw some retards in this thread actually think that AA missilles are any good

Sure thing nigger, I love to pay a unit of overpriced Havocs that can't shoot at anything but flyers.

At least the autocanon spam is still decent enought to take down flying junks like a Dakkajet but good luck trying to get down a Stormraven without getting yourself a fucking Helldrake. Thank god the Hellbrute dataslate will eventually fix this giving us the option to take 2 twinlinked autocanons like GK Dreads do.

>> No.30878237


Dakkajets are bad but I still take them because I can only fit 3 units of lootas and shooting orks needs every spam gun they can get.

>> No.30878297
File: 17 KB, 250x250, 1300044776986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying from GW at all

No, seriously. Why do you people still do it? You acknowledge that they're money-grubbing jews of the highest caliber, who "balance" the game so as to make sure you always have to buy the latest and most expensive stuff to be competitive. You admit this. And yet you continue to--completely willingly--walk into their store, bend over, and let them fuck you in the ass again and again.



Why does anyone continue to support a game that hasn't been good in almost a decade, and which only continues to get more and more expensive?

>> No.30878320

Dakkajets are great, they just die too quickly.

If you use your Waaagh! turn 2 when 2 of them come then they'll probably kill enought stuff to be profitable

>> No.30878544

> oh boy, it's these people coming into another thread
I do admit you have a point.
My personal reasons are liking the fluff the models. Also financial investment has gone into the models so not using them seems wasteful to me.

>> No.30878671


If more people played other games locally I would but I'm one of the only people in my local gaming group who can afford to pick up another system.

>> No.30878680
File: 775 KB, 200x150, 1394239996126.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I like their models and I want them to make more. (I'm a collector more than a gamer but I also enjoy the fluff).

>> No.30878695


That's exactly what I do.

>> No.30878981

>less than 2 years is a long time

Yeah newfags like you would think flyers are okay. They didn't stay skimmers why, exactly?

>> No.30879096


>> No.30879436

You mean other than when their codex came out, flakk missiles didn't exist?

>> No.30879497

Because GW wants to sell models. No one forces you to buy new models, you could go without buying flyers or AA if you wanted, you would just suck. If you play with some reasonable people you can just say "hey I live in crippling poverty despite playing Warhammer 40k, can we not use flyers in any of our games so I don't have to spend money on any new models or set up any existing units specifically for AA?" Also, almost two years is plenty of time to grab some AA. An Aegis defence line costs 30 bucks, can you really not save up 30 bucks over a year? 40k changes a lot, you can adapt to the changes, accept that your army might not be competitive, find a new game, or bitch, and bitching doesn't accomplish anything and only annoys people.

Hell if worst comes to worst, many codexes have upgrades for units to give them skyfire, for example flakk missiles, so you don't even have to buy anything new in some cases, just say a unit has skyfire and pay the points.

>> No.30879527

They released a FAQ and didn't gave them flakks
GW could literally just write "Oh yeah, LF have flakks btw"

>> No.30879567

>you would just suck

Yes, the past 2 years at the FLGS has been murder. So much so, that I finally had to dig up my aegis line to make the quad gun, and only because there's a local tournament coming.

>> No.30879603

>implying this is the only time GW has missed an obvious opportunity to give an older army something all the other armies have

I'm glad they at least gave SM command squads special weapons.

>> No.30880653

>"hey I live in crippling poverty despite playing Warhammer 40k"

"Hey I live in crippling poverty BECAUSE I play Warhammer 40k".

>> No.30880685


Flakk missiles are terrible. It's better to go without them and save the points than to have them, even against flyers. That's how bad they are, since MLs cost like 20 points now BEFORE flakk.

>> No.30881020

Chaos SM would like a word with you.

>> No.30881040


Are Orks included or are Lootas our AA?

>> No.30881066

>str 7, 1 shot
>vs AV 12 flyer
>actually costs more, on top of dev and ML cost

Nice bait.

>> No.30881249

>Your BS 2 is now BS 1

Orks are one of the few armies that didn't really notice flyers

>if only they'd get an update
>tfw you never get to play against the green tide

>> No.30881260

Well this thread is about AV 10 flyers.

>> No.30881280


Because Necrons only ever take 1 flyer.

>> No.30881542

Because you are forbidden from taking more than one missile launcher

>> No.30881559

>thinks MLs are still good
>thinks flakk is ever worth it
>thinks paying for that many MLs isn't retarded

>> No.30881560

>Your BS 2 is now BS 1

Never really understood this, a drop to 1/6 chance to hit is still a drop. And orks have maybe three units in the army with twin linked, so it's still just as bad for them as other races.

>> No.30881639

I guess you don't understand numbers

Space Marines are BS4. Snap shots are always at BS1. There is a 3 point drop in effectiveness, a 75% loss of shooting power.

Orks however at BS2 only lose 50% of their firing power.

At a d6 scale this is a huge difference. Lootas only need to get 2/3 6's to bring down a flyer quite easily

>> No.30881664

Heldrakes are the CSM AA.

If you want specifically interceptor, yeah tough luck. Fortifications of bust

>> No.30881775

Forgefiends have 8 shots which give them ample chances to hit a flyer. 2 hits for a heldrake, 1.3 hits for a forgefiend, that has extra dakka for ground targets.

>> No.30881799

Forgefiends are also terrible units that die first turn to any competent opponent.

>> No.30881850

Thems the ropes.

Though three points and a 5++ save is pretty nice for something like that.

>> No.30882187

What country?

>> No.30882955

>Buy two knights from LGS
>LGS bans them AFTER they are bought

That is the most underhanded bullshit I have ever heard. I would have told the owner to go fuck himself and that he lost a customer.

>> No.30883081

I assume "everyone" includes the shop owner, y'know, since he's probably a person.

>> No.30884277


FLGS owners aren't people.

>> No.30884344

It is if you keep losing to someone using AV 10 flyers which you view as the most broken unit he uses.

>> No.30884940


No, it still isn't. You must not play marines.

You must not play 40k at all in fact if you think AV10 is relevant to Night Scythes and you think Necrons are on the level of DE flimsiness.

>> No.30885139

>FLGS owners aren't people.

...So I'm not the only one that suspects that FLGS owners are lizard people in disguise.

>> No.30885288
File: 119 KB, 678x1763, 1354767920762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30885434

How do you use "youre" correctly and incorrectly in the same post? You must be a special kind o' retarded, boy.

>> No.30885564


Allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go.

Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.

>> No.30885570

What? His usage is incorrect both times, you god damn mongoloid.

>> No.30888415

I suspect that they're more talking about casualties inflicted by small arms fire rather than heavy hitters like the s8 ap3 template you're pulling out of your arse.

>> No.30888435

You, and people like you, are the obnoxious Linux users of tabletop wargaming.

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