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Heya, Please be drawing for me a pair of guardsmen. One with boxing gloves on sitting on the shoulders of the other. Both are laughing and possibly drunk, approaching a space marine who cant decide if he should kill them or ignore them. Regiments and chapters are your choice.

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Requesting Dreadnoughts dismembering the cast of Frozen, or Salamanders burning the alive.

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Any chance of an Eldar disguised as a commissar giving orders to a Tau and an Ork disguised as Imperial Guard?

>> No.30865217

Maybe with a Necron disguised as a techpriest?

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Requesting a Salamander marine punching out a Dark Eldar

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I didnt draw these, but I thought these were neat

>> No.30865278

An Alpha legion marine, with no helmet and Tzeetch symbol motif
He is a 40yo footbal coach and next to him is a tzeenchian cheerleader

>> No.30865305

How about a 1950's style pin-up of trap marine?

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Carron entombed in a MEHTUL BAWKS

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Could someone draw one of those Special Feeling pictures (http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=special_feeling_%28meme%29), but with Xeno and a blushing Blue?

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I second this, but with the salamanders burninating.

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A priest using all his arms to hug a fellow human

>> No.30865376

We could probably put these ideas together

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Requesting a Sister Hospitaller tending to a slightly roughed up Battle Sister

>> No.30865432

Similarly, I wouldn't mind seeing a techpriestess gently tending to a Battle Sister's cyborg arm.
Maybe even while stroking her cheek with a mechadendrite, much to the SoB's blushing embarrassment

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Something involving them being held in the dread's hands resulting in the inevitable let it go joke followed by appropriate crunching.

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hello lu chan~

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/co/ refugee who wants an end to the autism?
You can't fight it 516 threads of Frozen and going. /co/ is the Jeruselum of the sperg

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Any chance of a follow up to this little series with the Sister and the Guardsmen making up or something?

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an ultramarine benching a bench of guardsladies

>> No.30865493

Made me giggle
Have him saying a quote from the Codex Astartes that talks about lifting and/or women

>> No.30865510

Or the guardswomen sitting on a bar labeled "the uplifting primer"

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It's okay /tg/ has been my bastion of hope. Every other board I frequent has been crushed under the weight of that shitfest. This would be but a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

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Seconding the make up request

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Well dont fucking drag the sperg here like you /co/rpsefuckers did with ponies.

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Hello Ms/Mr April

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i'll do this

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I completely forgot to mention, not from /co/. Don't worry, I don't want them here either.

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Bumping with 1500pt guard.

(125) Lord Commissar w/ Chimera, multilaser and heavy flamer

(547) Infantry Platoon

PCS w/ 4 nade launchers, PC w/ bolter, chimera with multilaser and heavy flamer

2x IS, each w/ nade launcher, autocannon

2x HWT with mortars

2x SWT each w/ 3 demo charges

(155) Vet Squad w/ 3 meltas, chimera w/ multilaser, heavy bolter

(155) Vet Squad w/ 3 meltas, chimera w/ multilaser, heavy bolter

(135) Devil Dog w/ hull multi-melta

(135) Devil Dog w/ hull multi-melta

(145) Manticore w/ hull heavy flamer

(100) ADL w/ quad gun

LC mans quad gun, LC and PCS give their Chimeras to the SWTs. Non-mounted infantry hunker behind ADL, mortars and Manticore in the back. I tried to fit as many pie plates in an infantry-based army for as cheap as I could. I know we are getting a codex update soon but I am trying to put something together in the mean time and this is a list with which I have the models to represent, minus the manticore(proxy) and the ADL(hobby store has one).

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its in the works

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Dawww, I love it already.

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Forgive me, but I think you are in the wrong thread

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I'll do this


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1497 total.

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A female tau fire caste and a sister of battle bonding over their mutual love of burning things and getting stronk, if you wouldn't mind.

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Awesome so far!

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>Two variations of the same request taken
Well I guess theres always next thread

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Checked ca/talog/, no list threads. I will remove post in a few minutes if no reply.

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This is a drawthread, there's no excuse to spam your list here.

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Sweet! I must go to bed, but thank you in advance!

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We could use more of Hesperax family time. Who doesn't love waking up to chokeholds?

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This isn't the thread for that
40k specialty threads are to rare for you to fuck up

>> No.30865685

*40k specialty DRAW threads

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Wait, theres a series to this? Could someone dump/post a link?

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To any artist: Draw your favorite Primarch doing his taxes

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Bumping to see if any of the Marine request can't be done

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How about a Tzeentchette, Khornette, Nurglette and a Slaaneshette having a slumber party?

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Those are just regular daemonettes, anon.

>> No.30866035


> "Could someone dump/post a link?"


>> No.30866040

Yes, but he was just trying to be more specific

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Requesting Argel Tal, Sevatar and Kharn together. Nothing fancy, a rough sketch of them is enough.
In return I can writefag you something

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Lynnea Quigley as a repentia.

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Ok I need a weird request
I need Matt Ward dressed as prince Philip from the 1959 Disney "Sleeping Beauty", waltzing with Princess Auroa in Ultra Marine armor (no helm)

>> No.30866590

bumping for delivery and/or more artists

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Thanks a bunch! The fog from her breath is a really nice touch.

>> No.30866689

It's amazing what quality you can do in short time
Will you take any more?

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Wow. Incredibly expressive. Something in the shading on the SoB's face makes her look... haunted, drawn. She's a million miles away.

>> No.30866745

m-muh dick...

>> No.30866776

oh oops uploaded the wrong version

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it's her big uguu anime eyes

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luth, is there anything you draw apart from battle sisters?

>> No.30866890

ill do this

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fuck that's awesome art

>> No.30866953

Not the OR but looking forward to seeing it in the morning

Night guys

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Too late, I saved both.

>> No.30867081

I have it on imgur anyway http://i.imgur.com/dDNXyVh.jpg

i just wanted to see if you really could delete posts i've never used it before

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Damn Muju, I dig it. Added to the collection.

>> No.30867167

Is there even a difference besides the color filter or whatever you did to change the shading?

>> No.30867206

just colour filter to make it darker that's all I think darker fits the mood better

>> No.30867212

Can I have an hotblooded delinquent ork?

>> No.30867236


Shit, it's Muju!

>> No.30867244

Not an artist but could you give a ref or more details? Never heard of this type of ork

>> No.30867364

Ah, okay thanks. Personally, I think they both look good, but then again I'm pretty crap at artistic theory.

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Requesting shadowsun and farsight in front of each other with bodyguards behind
and a thought bubble with what they really think of each other
shadowsun may or may not be pissed off by torchstar next to farsight

a bit demanding, I know, but discussions about these two show up more than I think

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Oh my, Muju. Any chance you're feeling up to drawing some Eldar? If so, I'd love to get a quick sketch of a short female Harlequin hanging off a rather tall and lanky male Eldar Fire Dragon.

>> No.30867438

hm... you know... like in my chinese cartoons.

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Man, I'm still waiting for that anon who drew pic. related to add a small shield to it with Lamenters heraldry.

>> No.30867675

Now let somebody draw this army in action...

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Okay, I have a really odd request. This isn't a 40k drawing though. Could you draw two of these 'heavies' but with boobs, making out with each other, helmets on.

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Cursed hammer of communism
Prismatic cloak of awesome blood

God damnit, I'm a red commie bastard.

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System: Dark Heresy
Setting: 40k
Class/Character: Scummy hired gun. Born 'n' raised on a Hive World (Massive shitty metropolis)
Description: Tall, fairly muscular and covered in tattoos marking his gang affiliations and previous exploits (although none on face/neck), he looks pretty rough. See pic attached for a rough idea of the look I'm after. Early thirties, mean lookin' cunt.

Gear: His clothes would be hard wearing, old and grubby. Wearing bits of worn-out black market flak over his clothes. He fights with a lasgun that's typically slung over his back when he's not 'working'. He carries various tools of the trade on his belt (las pistol, grenades etc.) as well as a combat knife strapped to his leg. Any gear you don't want to include is totally fine.

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>> No.30868752

Anybody want to be a bro and try any of my Black Crusade group?
A Tzeentchite human psyker (bald with a chin coverage and an eye tattoo on his forehead, other than that you can make him look however)
A Slaaneshi human heretek (mechadendrites have dildos, other than that you can make him look however)
A Plague Marine with lower weapon skill, intelligence and willpower but high fellowship and agility (a fast retard)
A Khorne Berzerker in Crusade armor and War Hounds regalia.
A Nurglish Apostate (felinid, lowest desire, some bro already drew a human picture of him)

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Requesting a Chaos Sorcerer trying to explain to his Rubric Marines to attack, while they just stand there.

>> No.30868868

Perfect. Thanks again!

>> No.30868946

Ugh, luth, everything you draw is so cute, my shriveled heart can't take it

>> No.30868998

A cute tempestus scion chick.

>> No.30869168

Karandras fleeing his banshees fangirls/Jain Zar fleeing her scorpions fanboys, with Arhra brooding in the background

>> No.30869229

an eldar swooping hawk yelling *we have better dakka!* and a bunch of angry stormboyz chasing him

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>> No.30869311

Praise be to Guilliman for creating this blessed training regime.

>> No.30869369

sorry about that. I got swamped by other things and with the new threads forgot all about it. later today I can handle it.

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Could someone draw an IG Atlas commander please?
He's supposed to have a very "standard soldier" look to him- buzz-cut hair, stubble, muscly but not excessively so. He's dressed in an oil-covered, olive drab boiler suit rolled down to his waist and a grubby under-shirt.
Preferably he'd be sat on the side of his Atlas field stripping a laspistol.

Thanks in advance drafriends!

>> No.30870706

I request a darkneldar haemonculus grinning slyly at a panicky looking ork as the aforesaid haemonculus pulls on a wicked looking "glove".

>> No.30871025

Oh shit, is Autograph Guardsgirl back?

>> No.30871107

I request a toddler Sister initiate. Maximum cuteness preferred.

>> No.30871127 [DELETED] 

does this qualify?

>> No.30871144 [DELETED] 


No, of course not. That is an adult sister who happens to be wearing an oversized diaper, not a toddler. Toddlers don't even wear diapers, any sensible parent starts potty training them as soon as they can stand.

>> No.30871149 [DELETED] 

oh god you might have made a mistake, pray this doesn't find it's way to /d/

>> No.30871159 [DELETED] 

>it is way

>> No.30871178

Any chance for just more Macha doing tsundare things such as browsing a mon-keigh dating site while chatting on the phone with her sister Taldeer talking about how stupid and infuriating mon-keigh were during her last mission trying to get them to stop smashing the daemon stone in DoW 1.

>> No.30871190 [DELETED] 


>> No.30871202

>gossiping Macha
>like pic related but with phone
Fund it.

>> No.30871213

Might I humbly request a sketch of a character: a fallen sister of battle of nurgle. Gaunt, almost reaper ish, hiding behind a hood and respirator, and her tainted armor with tattered robes and banners.

>> No.30871234 [DELETED] 

>Diaper joke

>> No.30871282 [DELETED] 

and wearing a diaper, obviously.
Come on it's the perfect opportunity

>> No.30871287

This please.

>> No.30871324 [DELETED] 

please no......... please dont ruin more things with your fetishes.

>> No.30871379 [DELETED] 

>implying it wouldn't constitute an improvement in all fields

>> No.30871409 [DELETED] 

that is an entirely subjective personal oppinion many including myself dont agree with.

>> No.30871410 [DELETED] 

Just stop.

>> No.30871435 [DELETED] 

Yes but that's only because your opinion is objectively wrong. So it doesn't count, really.

>> No.30871450

Could I get a follow up to this image, with the regular guardsmen sandwiched somewhat unwillingly between the two felinids as they're all snuggled up to one another and gathered around a fire, the two felinids cozy and purring and the guardswoman with a "not sure if want" look on her face?

>> No.30871465 [DELETED] 

If you want him to stop, then just stop taking the bait and report him you fucking morons.

>> No.30871466


>Ultramarine training regiment

SM: Damnit Rathon we have to go or the Sarg will get mad at us again!

Rathon: Just a sec bro, gotta do a few more reps..READY LADIES!

>> No.30871498


>> No.30872009

I would like to request an oil-stained Earth Caste engineer practicing waltz moves with her construction drone in the corridors of an Imperial ship's enginarium.

>> No.30872056 [DELETED] 

kinda like this?

>> No.30872081 [DELETED] 

No. More flesh (mostly in the right places, too), more Tau tech and more Imperial ship, also earnest but awkward efforts.

>> No.30872172

Gracias Comrade. You are a good person.

>> No.30872180

>Gauntlet of the Forge
>Right hand

>> No.30872371

like amost this but more gaunt, for the sister. if its not a burden. Although she would be armed with a decaying imperial power sword. Well powered reliquary blade so already made out of the bones of an imperial saint for the hilt, but now the blade is ruined by rot, decay, rust and pestilence.

>> No.30872444

I just realized we really don't have many pictures of cute navigator girls. It would be wonderful if someone fixed that.

>> No.30872543

yes we do... go here

>> No.30872588

I don't think you can read very well.

One =/= Many.

>> No.30872602

there's this

>> No.30873180

Define a 'cute navigator girl' for me, I might have a crack at it.

>> No.30873834

The OP pic isn't in the DA page

>> No.30874260

I would like a picture of some Space Marines and Sisters of Battle engaged against each other in a dance-off, the Sisters having recieved orders to out-dance and then purge the Marines under false suspicions of heresy. However, the REAL threat is creeping up from behind, with a squad of Chaos Marines preparing to swoop in and out-dance and then murder both Imperial factions!

>> No.30874413


>> No.30874445

There's really only two things to navigators. They have a 3rd eye, and they're (usually horribly) mutated

>> No.30874509

They mutate as they get older, young ones are mostly fine

>> No.30874561

Dawww, I like it.

>> No.30874693

polite bump.

>> No.30875363

bumping with one of the most awesome drawings ever to come from a 40k drawwwwwthread.

>> No.30875459

Didn't someone do a follow-up drawing to this?

>> No.30875489

Oh Emperor I hope so. That'd be amazing.

>> No.30875498


>> No.30875579


>> No.30875708


Not a follow up drawing, but a follow up post.

>> No.30875748



>> No.30875792

The Emperor always delivers.

>> No.30875814

i made an art

>> No.30875852


>> No.30875920

why did you post it?

I wasn't supposed to feel tonight


>> No.30876036

Can we have a space marine adaptation of some terminalance strip ? Please

>> No.30876204

poster of >>30875814 here, im going to be doing a spin off comic of a black space marine squad who was ordered to join the Emperors campaign against Horus, took all the supplies and armor but never went, being too afraid of warp travel (Black marines dont warp travel! Those white marines are out 'dehr minds!).

>> No.30876225

squad, fuck, CHAPTER

>> No.30876283

>Titans still in shipping crates
>Power Armor and Terminator Suits still in bubble wrap.
>Warehouses full of land raiders

>> No.30876333

The Blood Ravens find it.

>> No.30877412

A junior Sororita scout selling Adepta Sororita Cookies.

>> No.30877505

A mahou shoujork with a Squig offering contracts in typical Ork speak. Because of, uh, reasons.

>> No.30877715

Rolled 15

I wanna see this

>> No.30878209

Let me guess, and the one who's she selling to is a Inquisitor?

>> No.30878301

>implying everyone from every faction doesn't put everything on hold for Sororita Scout Cookies
Aint nobody can resist the delicious taste of Faith Mints or Purgealongs. Aint nobody.

>> No.30878324

What about the Grey Knights?

>> No.30878359

They'd kill for just one box of em.

>> No.30878676

adorable, maybe i will do stuff for this some time.

>> No.30878870

Even Chaos? Man, those cookies must be serious stuff if Failbaddon orders a box...if he had arms to eat them.

>> No.30878987

The Black Crusades were all just an excuse to restock on Sororitas Scout cookies. Every last one.

>> No.30879023

>Abby is now essencially the Trix rabbit
A failiure every time too

>> No.30879040

Dang, the Chaos Gods were facepalming all that time.

>> No.30881265

Can i get a necron and a techpriest holding hands, of the opposite gender preferably

>> No.30881341

Can I get Dio Brando as Lucius?

>> No.30881425

here is the contemptor with the patterns of lamenters. Is this good for ya?

>> No.30881459

DEFINITELY doing this one. good lord the adorbs

>> No.30883534

>Abaddon with no arms staring at a box of Sororitas scout cookies with a sad, defeated look on his face


>> No.30885617

I-I'd really appreciate a picture of a generic Dark Angel with some kawaii as shit watcher latched onto his head.

Something like pic related

>> No.30888411

Requester here. Fair enough.

>> No.30888456

You know what? I actually start to feel sorry for the jerk. Even Lofn once read to him a bedtime story. And mind you, she's a half-Eldar.

>> No.30888507

Exceptionally big burly fellow in guard flak with a gasmask on and bushy red hair sticking out from around his helmet.

Instead of any guns he has a large two handed sword in hand (or on his back) and several knives on a bandolier.

Any bare skin would be very heavily scarred, not by slashing or burns, but a natural thick tough hide. (Mutant)

Thanks matey!

>> No.30888515

Hey luth, if you're still around, how is your commission queue looking lately? I didn't want to send you an email/note if you were really backed up.

Oh and muju, if you're around, I wish I could throw money at you. But you make it so difficult ;_;

>> No.30888524

For a dark heresy I took a shining to. Feral assassin who liked to cut things. Perfect physical stats, bombed his fellowship. He is ugly as sin and knows it, but can take one motherfuckin beating. At low levels anyway. Only got to second tier with him.

>> No.30888695

Because he's the heretic that /tg/ deserves, but not the one it needs right now...and so we'll hate on him...because he can take it...because he's not a hero...he's a screaming jerk, an angry man...the Armless Blight.

>> No.30889915

Poor Abby. He'll never get a break.

>> No.30891097

Gue`vesa, in imperial guard armor but with tau markings and pulse rifle. Gender would be prefered to be male. Thanking all ready in advance.

>> No.30891109

How can I forget something like that?

>> No.30891128

We could get a picture of Cultist chan feeding him Sororitas Scout Cookies.

>> No.30891166

yeah nah, it's just that /tg/ can't let go of old tired memes even when they don't match the canon in the slightest.

Abaddon is actually one of the most badass and competent characters in the setting, and not just because the fluff says "he's badass and competent", like with most others, but because his achievements are listed, and actually impressive.

>> No.30891241

Right. The newest Chaos Dex shows that he actually is steps from conquering Cadia, despite Creed spamming his Tactical Genius like crazy.

And Dranon films it from afar, only to blackmail the Warmaster later on...

>> No.30891389

>because his achievements are listed, and actually impressive.
I remember that he went to some planet where time ran backwards and sacrificed his future self in order to give his next self the name of the tzeentchi daemon in charge so he could bind it

>> No.30891434

Is anyone doing any of this.

>> No.30891460

that's but one thin among many others

>> No.30891469

>that's but one thin among many others
Oh I know, it was just one of the cool ones that stuck out to me.

>> No.30891479

That outdoes that Ork Boss that started a Waaagh against himself to get a spare copy of his favourite gun.

>> No.30891486

The difference is Baddon did it intentionally whereas the ork just didnt give a fuck

>> No.30891514

Requesting a Chaplain calmly hammering the shit out of a common guy's face with a book (Codex or Lectio Divinatus) saying "That's Heresy".

>> No.30893919


Alrighty here is a rough draft, very very rough mind you. any comments on the outfit is appreciated though in making it more like a sororita kids outfit without being ust a shrunk down version of the normal garb

>> No.30894795

hopeful bumpin'

>> No.30895525

Looks appropriate enough to me. A robe-type thing with fleurs on it.

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