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Favorite Primarch/Chapter thread?
Are any of the loyalist ones still active? And why do the chaos ones who got promoted just sit around?

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Go Fulgrim or go home
Probably the most kills of his brothers
This makes Angron mad

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Well he is perfect

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You are my nigger

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Wait, Russ was seen on Cadia during the Black Crusade? Source?

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These aren't mine, but rather a good way of getting a general idea of the primarchs

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If you're going to go Chaotic Evil, you gotta dial it up to 11.

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It's kinda funny but I don't think we have anything on Horus' homeworld

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>>30863564 That is wonderful

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Best Legion's primarch

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Anyone lurking?

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>it's gr9

This man is some sort of literary genius.

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Me. Keep going.

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Now that you've posted best primarch, I am.

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last one

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Rowboat don't get a lot of love but I like him

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yes, please continue, this pleases the lorefag in me

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>You will never hold power fists with him
>He had his purity taken by Horus
>His husband hole/eye of terror will never have your raging crusade

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So what would happen to the setting if Japan got the rights to make a Moe Heresy series? All the primarchs are the little girl (boy in Fulgrim's case) and so are the muhreens.

Would you still watch?

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>messed up guyliner
>black carapace used harden

Of course.

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I liked the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus

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Pretty sure this one is out of date now that Vulkan has a book of his own in the Horus Heresy series. Haven't read it but supposedly his awesome Primarch power was that he was pretty much unkillable. Regeneration and Reincarnation. Heard all of that second hand though so who knows.

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Before or after they were infested with Cthonian thugs?

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Go to the WST and see the Warhammer high stuff
also I don't get this image, they dyed Fulgrims hair. Whats so differant?

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The rage generated by it between /tg/ and /a/ would sustain my physical form for a good 300 years. And the porn would sustain my dick for twice as long.

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Bet Fulgrim has the best pillow talk

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Thousand Sons are my favorite Legion. Until Magnus dun goofed, they were awesome.

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The smut threads just made an image of freya that got me off

Those threads do good things believe it or not

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I think anon was talking about *little* little girls, not teenagers.

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I don't know, the more I come to understand 40k, the more I start to truly appreciate the Inquisition as a faction.

Don't get me wrong, the whole setting is epic, but the Space Marines need to go die for the common man.

There aren't a ton of Common Man epic instances in Power Armor, it's all Smurfs did this, or Vulkan can't die, Fulgrim is a huge faggot ect.

I really enjoyed Magnus as a character before I realized he was essentially a red one eyed Ogre.

The Smurfs where cool in that Roman/Greek Empire in space sort of way.

Perturabo is most likely my favorite Currently and even then that is only because he is the best primarch in the most understated of ways.


I guess Perty is my favorite, now Its time to wait for the Legion Rules.

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Lion guys

The one primarch who had everything arranged so he would fall given the planet he landed on and didn't.

Also, fuck Kurze. In the HH books he reads as some stupid anime shit when he fights.

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Well my favorite primarch is Fulgrim
But the best legion goes to an unpopular one

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Does anyone really hate the knights besides people who think that /tg/ is just what they read on 1d4chan?

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>Wants to build instead of destroy
>Dreams of utopia
>"Hasn't done a thing since"
It's obvious what' he's been doing: building. He's building his dream world(s) in the Eye, fending of demons and dipshit Chaos warbands.

Perturabo will never go to war again, and that is paradise to him.

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I don't find it worth my time to hate anything in the magical fictional realm of 40k.

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My nigs

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Would you Sanguinus? I woud

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>Perturabo will never go to war again, and that is paradise to him.

How clueless are you guys. Perturabo went to war in the CSM codex (timeline section) and the BL supplement where he joined Abaddon to attack the Iron Hands and then signed up for the 13th Black Crusade.

Sheesh guys.

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Word Bearers, best Chaos Bearers

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If you're looking for relatable, more realistic primarchs then you go for the non-stereotypes

...and surprisingly Khan

I like Fulgrim because he's the complete opposite to that and there's no holding back. He's the mustache twirling villain and in no way trying to prevent to be anything else. He's more in tune with Chaos than Lorgar.

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Best Legion
Pre Hersy and Post

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Was that written before, or after Angel Exterminatus? Because before that Perturabo's entire character was "Evil Dorn"

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This crazy motherfucker.

I've always felt sympathetic for the World Eaters, but Betrayer is what really made me feel for them. Damn, such a good book.

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Can you explain to me the REAL story behind Kharne? I don't want that "cool guy" bullshit

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What do you mean?

Basically, he was the only Captain that Angron didn't bitchsmack into low orbit, and ended up being the only person who could talk him down from his crazy episodes. He was also one of the few people who could resist the Butcher's Nails degradation, but only a bit. At first he could pull himself (and sometimes others) out of the crazy, but slowly he could feel himself slipping further and further into insanity. It's really kinda depressing in a way, because he was pretty much watching all of his brothers turn into rabid monsters, and he knew that it would happen to him too.

As for him becoming the champion of Khorne, I think the seeds of corruption were planted when he got impaled on a Land Raider and [almost] died.

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Does /tg/ have an official Horus Heresy reading list/recommendation image? I read the first three a couple years ago and kind of have the itch to read more.

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I think the first five are pretty much the only "essential" ones. Highly recommend Betrayer.

Honestly, I've just been cherrypicking the ones that involve Legions I actually give a shit about, like, well, Legion. Big AL fan.

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To be fair, he was pretty cool headed and intelligent.

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He the guy who convinced Angron to stop flipping out at the emperor and take command of the legion (after all superiors tried and got ripped to pieces)
He was basically Angron's PR guy as well as his direct right hand man. Went from originally a very noble warrior to a madman because of the butchers nails.

One thing to remember is the world eaters were always butchers even before they meet Angron, but they could at least compose themselves outside battle, and Kharn epitomized this balance completely (before the nails).

Now he's completely bonkers, kill his energy and allies. His goal is simple to get the murder high score basically

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You Need to read the first 5. I'd also add A Thousnd Sons and The First Heretic to that list because:
A)They are two of the best books in the series
B)Magnus and Lorgar play quite big roles in how the Heresy actually came about

Other than that it's fair game. I personally liked Angel Exterminatus, Scars and Nemesis a lot, but interestingly people either love or hate Nemesis.

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There's a really great short story about Kharn where he assaults a Slaaneshi world and the HUD of his helmet ACTUALLY HAS A KILL-COUNTER.

It's nice when 40k stories indulge in the goofy like that.

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The story where he actually became The Betrayer?

And yeah, I think Horus gave him the kill counter before the Heresy.

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Can't decide between Angron and Corrax

The Lion is such a bitch. Can't keep friends, a cheater, kills his men for shit reasons and could probably be a traitor anyway. Also fucks around with aliens

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> fulgrim

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man Moratarion sounds Bro as fuck

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Hey, at least Fulgrim isn't alive. Can you say the same Rusty?

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> implying robots need heads

Only faggots believe that "iron goes too far" bollocks. My Iron Father told me my flesh is dirty and if I keep eating and sleeping I'm gonna fall to Chaos. My hands itch. Why do my hands itch? I cut them off decades ago.

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I'd rather be dead than stuck in a painting feeling eternally sorry for myself.

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He's a snake Daemon Prince with his own planet and slurpee machine. You lose loyalist.

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I ain't no Primarch fan. It isn't my job to know.

Check the dates of the CSM and BL supp releases and compare them to the release date of the novel.

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Thanks for posting these. I don't know much about Warhammer so this has been enlightening. I think Jaghatai is pretty cool.

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Omegon actually does something like this in a HH short.

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>He hasn't The Primarchs. Or Angel Exterminatus.
Fulgrim made the daemon that was possessing him his bitch and trapped it inside the painting. The Laer blade only put him on the path of corruption. He chose to walk that path of his own volition.

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That sounds hilarious, do you know what the title of the short story was?

>> No.30866887


I go back and forth on that one, as the only source we have for validity is Fulgrim himself. Headcanon, it's still the daemon and the Scooby Torture Gang are just THAT gullible.

>> No.30866928

regardless of what ass-coverings came later, Fulgrim's namesake book will always end with him having been outwitted by a sowrd

>> No.30866939


The Serpent Beneath. It's basically Alphas being TACTICOOL AS FUCK with a Shamayalan of Omegon trolling Alpharius.

>> No.30866955


Begin AND end. Bitch nigger got outfoxed at every turn.

>> No.30866959

So the two unknown primarchs were women weren't they?

>> No.30866976

It's The Serpent Beneath from The Primarchs. It is probably the best HH story out there.

The novel also has an interesting story about Fulgrim being hunt by his own legion and some eldar trying to warn Ferrus about chaos, can't remember the other story (dark angels maybe?)

>> No.30867012

Dunno. Maybe. Probably not. Fulgrim and Rowboat Girlyman already have that corner locked down.

>> No.30867020


They were unknown though, if that helps.

>> No.30868181

Fulgrim, because he's an asshole.

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Magnus the red and his Thousand Sons.

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>Choosing The Great Betrayer
>Choosing The Worst of Oathbreakers

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>Greatest Betrayer and Worst of Oathbreakers
>Magnus the red

if you are trying to make me angry with your ignorance, you've almost succeeded.

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I ain't trying to get you angry


>The threat to the Imperium resolved by the Emperor’s council and the Edicts of Nikaea served to mask other, darker deeds already in motion. On the world known as Davin, events were reaching their tragic climax as Horus, first amongst the Primarchs, Warmaster and right arm of the Emperor himself, fell under the manipulative sway of Chaos. This impending doom would not be resolved by any debate or decree.

>Staring into the depths of the Warp from his sanctum upon Prospero, Magnus beheld a vision of Horus’ pledge of fealty to the Dark Gods. Every detail was laid bare – for Magnus saw the foibles of his brother Primarchs, seeing all too clearly how Horus would play upon them, turning them to his unjust cause. He saw the trap being laid upon Isstvan V, and the decoy that lured away the Ultramarines and Dark Angels. Alone in the entire galaxy, Magnus saw more clearly than any what tragedy was about to unfold. He understood each consequence and every role, save for his own.

>In this precognitive vision, Magnus thought he had found certain proof of the value of his magical studies. He would need yet more sorcery in order to warn the Emperor in time. With the combined power of his fellow sorcerers, the Primarch set about casting a spell across time and space. Breaching all protective wards on the Imperial Palace of Terra, Magnus projected his warning of impending revolution into the presence of the Emperor himself, naming the Warmaster as traitor.

>If Magnus hoped that this would be his moment of triumph, it did not turn out so.

>> No.30868401

>The Emperor, his own works ruined by the breach caused by the Primarch, judged Magnus’ blatant use of arcane powers the worst sort of oath breaking. Magnus’ continual pursuit of forbidden knowledge was deemed tragic proof that he had fallen under the sway of the very powers the Emperor had warned him about. It was said that the Emperor broke contact with Magnus’ projected visions with such force that psychic wards through the palace arced with lightning and shattered. Magnus’ warning was delivered but unheeded, and the Emperor directed Leman Russ to lead his Space Wolves to attack Magnus upon Prospero.

-Index Chaotica (Rubricae)

I am just stating the facts.

>> No.30868452

you do know if the Emperor had actually told him of that travel-thingie he was building, Magnus would probably had been a lot more careful.

I mean, fuck - he was only trying to warn his father that Horus had betrayed him.

>> No.30868486

Leaders don't have to justify or explain their actions to their subordinates.

Magnus gave the Emperor an oath. Stared him in the eye and swore that he won't use sorcery ever again. Then he broke later out of pride and arrogance.

>> No.30868511

>pride and arrogance.
>implying he didn't think it was the only way, since Horus would most likely know if he had sent a warning via any sort of Comm-channel

>> No.30868591

I'm assuming you've listen to Butcher's nails - dem Kharn/Angron feels

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>younger than teenagers

Gay as hell

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Would I?!

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I like the Thousand Sons, but Magnus is a whiny baby even as a Daemon prince.

Rogal Dorn would be my favorite Primarch.
Does my favorite loyalist Chapter choice have to be from the first founding?

>> No.30870412

Who cares if Horus knows? Horus is a traitor now, what would he do that he would't do if he didn't know about the message?

>> No.30870456

would you?

>> No.30870459

Maggie would've been smarter to just pack up his Legion and move to Terra in preparation, especially since now he officially has the vision about Horus ON NIKAEA and he could have just trailed after the fleet heading home.

>> No.30870475


Not really.

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Ive always liked the Alphas and the maddeningly obtuse 'prophesy' involving them.

Since Terra did not fall and the Throne installed, did that mean that the Alphas decided to fight against Chaos by being within? Are all their myriad plans and strategies somehow allowing the imperium to succeed even if it means damning them to eternal war?

Or was it a whole plot to trick Alphas into fighting for chaos?

>> No.30870774

HH series just made the Alpha Legion full retard. Instead of being overlooked hardasses with a grudge to settle against the more famous legions they're now a bunch of faggots who don't know what side they're fighting for and spam "I'm Spartacus" maymays every time they show their faces.

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You know it, babe~

>> No.30871264

searches prove nothing

>> No.30871678

It's a hentai with A wolf coming to rape some sheep family, but the sheep rape him and then force him to fuck their sissy trap younger brother.

Meanwhile the Sheep's MILF mother actually went out and fucked the Wolf's Shota kids to exhaustion going full Cock gobbler young men lover on them, and we're only given hints of it.

The tags should be incest, sheep, yaoi, and furry.

And limit it to Manga.

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>Those Clothes
>MFW I realize with a few retextures here and there I can totally make Him/her/it/HSHIMIT/zir in TK17


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I googled and found Turkish Airline flights. What are you talking about?

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...that's pretty convoluted, isn't it?

>> No.30871766

Go on /t/

Then you'll find out.

>> No.30871963

Ah, now I see. Did you try to make that Slaaneshi design? I'd be interested if you did, friend Anon.

>> No.30872014

We'll see.

I've yet to find the content torrent so I can load up the stuff for it, But retexturing Klub17 stuff is piss easy.

I'll probably do it, but I've got other stuff going on.

>> No.30872061

Would you?

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>> No.30872324


>> No.30873239

>Favorite Primarch/Chapter
Post-corruption Fulgrim and his entourage of flamboyant fucktards.

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How about best Primarch Model and rules?

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File: 3.85 MB, 3096x912, Slaneesh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't done and re textures yet or install any mods or skins, just wanted to use the Vanilla Assets of the latest release fitted the specifications I hoped for.

If I recall, in the version I used prior to this, the editing of horn size, shape and position were available, so their current state shouldn't be a problem as I can change them.

Not too sure about the shackles and bracelets however, I do know I had loads of options on my older modeded version.

Managed to get the masculine arms shoulders and collarbones on it, but as for hair, This is longest I could get.

Seems to be clipping in the "You know where with the "You know what" model where the loincloth model I'll use is.

As for the face, I should be able to get the whole Egyptian eyes symmetry thing working out when I get my mods for the skin, but it'll have to look like this for now, and messing about with the chin to get it like the 2d Image is something of a challenge, without it getting too masculine of feminine.

Hands, shoulders and arms are pretty much set, just need the mods for the spikey fingernails methinks.

The image is numbered in reverse, first being the most recent face.

The second numbers on it Are just the numbers shown in the actual game's saved faces for me to remember.

Overall, looking plain at the moment, and needs some detail to polish it, but it looks doable.

I'm tempted to do the Emprah for shits and giggles later

>> No.30875951

since when is Billy Zane a primarch?

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File: 46 KB, 360x640, tumblr_matrucRH0f1rz6yxao1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since Chaos was a Part of the realm of DARKNESS

>> No.30876051

That's not bad, Anon. What mods and re textures and such were you planning on applying? Chin trouble is understandable, though I'm surprised they don't have longer hair.

Emprah would be some funny shit

>> No.30876123

And that's the Problem, for whilst I'm sure I can give unto others re textures of vanilla assets, skin and tattoo textures, tool mods and the like are a lot harder for me, considering the content I used came from a fuckhueg pack of mods, assets, modding guides and .exe packaged goodies

Whatever, should I finish it, you'll find a link in a /VG/ thread or the TK17 /t/ thread.

Doesn't help either that I'm low on HDD memory, I just hope I don't run out of space.

>> No.30876235

Marked as "Slaneesh" like your filename?

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Dorn. He seemed to be the only one who took his job seriously instead of being some wangsty cry baby because daddy didn't make him Head of the Department of Sculpting or some gay shit like that. Really acts like the only actual adult among a class of first graders going through super-puberty on telemundo

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it says porn on right foot

>> No.30876960

lessen the cheek bones, I think they are too far out

>> No.30877008

I Fists gotta fist, but I'm laughing my ass off at a thunder hammer made of fists.

Now I want to make a Warboss with a similar weapon made from two looted powerfists.

>> No.30878702

What about Girlyman?

>> No.30878780

You mean that guy who almost started a second civil war over trying to micro manage everything with a book?

>> No.30878875

Personal Primarch ranking:

1. Ronald
2. Flynn
3. Pablo
4. Vinnie
5. Fergus
6. Maurice
7. Myron
8. Albert Oscar
9. Robert
10. Corey
11. Horace
12. Seamus
13. Logan
14. Lionel
15. Aaron
16. Conrad
17. Jamal
18. Lorenzo

>> No.30878898

But there wasn't a war and it was a good book.

>> No.30878993

>Sane names for primarchs
Cool but can you give them in order of the 40k names, some aren't too intuitive

>> No.30879029

He's like that control freak girlfriend who was willing to burn down the house if you took a different route to work than the pre-determined "easiest to keep track of you on a GPS" route. And "Good" was a bit too extreme,it left them pretty unadaptable and samey

>> No.30879037
File: 281 KB, 766x992, 1341533454242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Horus, your failings as a son are because of my failings as a Father. I hope one day you can forgive me."

>> No.30879123

Like this?

Albert Oscar

Those are just the most similar alternative that came to mind though, there might be better names for each primarch. Excep Horace.

>> No.30880143
File: 231 KB, 412x900, 1364357763860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30880345
File: 53 KB, 134x357, Victoria.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fulgrim any and everyday

>> No.30880848


Yeah, this is why the Emperor is a terrible FATHER, not leader.

>> No.30880878

Vulkan gave his favorite kids a huge galactic scavenger hunt for nine of the coolest toys in the galaxy, and then fucked off with the Wolffather to drink booze and fuck bitches and told his kids he'd be back when they finished the game.


>> No.30881076


You mean Vulkan was stabbed by a Magical Spear and now lies in 'The Unbound Flame' somewhere waiting for his sons to find his body?

>> No.30881077
File: 108 KB, 599x786, nigger2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truly a credit to his race.

>> No.30881096
File: 151 KB, 850x919, ferrus-manus1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Surely you mean this.

>> No.30881199
File: 69 KB, 488x722, mlpmod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Lion. Mainly because he didn't do anything insanely stupid (luther was to blame for the shitstorm back on caliban) also he seems like a pretty cool guy.

>> No.30881354

Man I love how dark eldar have pretty much pissed off erryone in the galaxy

Also sanguine is most based

>> No.30881488

I would pay loadsamoney to see this

>> No.30881918 [SPOILER] 
File: 923 KB, 1268x2682, kniggas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Basically, he was the only Captain that Angron didn't bitchsmack into low orbit, and ended up being the only person who could talk him down from his crazy episodes.

>Fuck, you crazy
>Fuck dad
>Calm down

>> No.30884913

Whatever their reason for fighting for chaos, if it doesn't eventually corrupt them into full blown traitors, ill be mad.

>> No.30885056

He's more like that old guy at work whose going nowhere and takes his shitty job way to seriously, and thinks he somehow has authority over others because he's old as shit.

For primarchs that act like men. Down, Ferrus, Guilliman, Khan

Debatable: Perturabo, Mortarion, Magnus. Russ

>> No.30885079
File: 199 KB, 900x1299, 1395030330134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My favourite is missing primarch no. 1

>> No.30885200

You know that Magnus is a proper name right? And Logan would have fitted Lorgar better I think

>> No.30885615

That IS actually pretty cool.

>> No.30886834
File: 1.77 MB, 1997x1235, Rogal dorn is muh waifu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dorn's kid is qter

>> No.30886863

>statues on his pauldrons

>> No.30887255

I only hate that fluff writers keep giving them hand-jobs. They're like Batman, I love the character, but he is WAAAY to supersaturated in the market.

>> No.30887337 [DELETED] 

So another slaanesh primarch?

>> No.30887568


Someone Dares to post this shit on /tg/! Well we will not stand for that! If you do not desist, then I will be forced to unleash the full might of my Holy Crusade upon the angsty waifufaggots who dare to corrupt a good thread about the Primarchs with teenybopper drama.

>> No.30887603

1- It's not as bad as it was
2- No one is throwing a fit, so stop making it an issue
3- You are a faggot

>> No.30887647

>1- It's not as bad as it was
It's always been as bad as it is.
>2- No one is throwing a fit, so stop making it an issue
Someone needs to stand up and point out this shit for what it is. It shouldn't be here, this is a legitimate thread discussing the Primarchs, not a place for angsty circlejerk fags to gather.
>3- You are a faggot
Maybe, but sometimes /tg/ needs a faggot to do what must be done.

>> No.30887659

you can jerk my circle~

>> No.30887731
File: 272 KB, 250x250, 1380988641240.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MFW I relize the unnamed missing Primarch is basically as it is so it can be used as a self-insert Gary-stu for an envisioned 40k game of some kind

It seriously fits ever requirement for it.

>> No.30887742

... No shit?

thats the whole point of the missing primarchs originally, 1 chaos one 1 loyalist one.

>> No.30887767


The real skill is in not making a self-insert Gary-stu and making a legitimately awesome Lost Primarch and the reasons why they fell.

>> No.30887825

>>1- It's not as bad as it was
>It's always been as bad as it is.

>This militant
It's only getting attention because of your bitch-fit, hell most people don't even remember it. It didn't rape you and posting the image now will not summon the "circle jerk".
Go be a faggot some where else

>> No.30887949


Says the one who feels strongly enough to defend this shit. It's shit, always has been and I've made it my task to keep it off the board. If you truly like it, there's a long story on FF.Net and a quest on MSPA. Go to one of those and let us here discuss 40k and the Horus Heresy free of Waifu Shit.

And this is 4chan. We're all faggots here.

>> No.30888057
File: 8 KB, 276x277, Costasha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go to one of those and let us here discuss 40k and the Horus Heresy free of Waifu Shit.
>Not realizing almost EVERY 40k thread devolves into waifus

>> No.30888079


What Waifus? There are no waifus other then these horrible perversions of the Primarchs.

>> No.30888086
File: 3.51 MB, 2550x3510, 1381389826336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This so damn much.
I mean I was into the WBs before but after The First Heretic I liked them even more.

>similar situation to Peturabo
>forced into things you hate
>except Lorgar isn't even good at it
>compensates with what he's good at
>get told he can't do that
>punished excessively for trying his best to make good from a bad situation

>> No.30888128

Got a .pdf?

>> No.30888155
File: 2.57 MB, 2584x3499, Page260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There should be an ePub of 'The Primarchs' floating around somewhere.

Not posting this.

>> No.30888167
File: 1.77 MB, 2584x3499, Page261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Not posting this as well?

Stupid Captcha.

>> No.30888291

Not him but...
Sister of Cleaning
Cultist chan
Commissar Raeg
Each of the 4 chaos daemonettes
the list goes on

>> No.30888305

Don't feed the troll

>> No.30888341

Space Sharks.

>> No.30889604
File: 1.38 MB, 3376x1264, Chaos Consumes Us.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Each of the 4 chaos daemonettes

>> No.30889948
File: 49 KB, 466x296, logan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You know that Magnus is a proper name right?
Yeah but it's not very popular in the Anglosphere and, more importantly, it'd feel weird to leave one among others unchanged. At least with Conrad I could change the Totally Radikal spelling.

And with logan, well...

>> No.30890060



>> No.30892127

>Totally Radikal spelling

I may be giving GW too much credit, but I thought the spelling of Konrad Curze's name was due to Joseph Conrad's real name being Jozef Konrad Korzeniowski (he was a Pole).

>> No.30893451

Blood Ravens.

>> No.30893955

Emp was a hypocrite sent russ a warp using fake that legion also used the warp after it was banded. Space wolfs are the biggest oath breakers of all time.

>> No.30896276

>Lion how dare you not tell me Curze was on your ship, we need to trust each other
>lol, skinless Vulkan in mah basement
Guilliman is the second biggest example of 'do as I say not as I do' in the 40k setting

>> No.30896296
File: 141 KB, 400x323, MattDamon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>referring to UE for anything but the Silver Skulls origin

>> No.30896325

damn, Perturabo looks sweet as fuck

>> No.30896398
File: 219 KB, 584x901, Carcharodons_Heresy_Armour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Carcharodons are easily my favorite chapter.

>> No.30896454

>cherry picking your argument this much

>> No.30896524

Ya, we actually know more about the waifus of 40k than most cannon characters

>> No.30896574

Dorn is probably still alive and he's commanding the custodes in secret. He did the star cruiser stunt to make everyone believe he was dead when he realized he was just a unwanted player in the new empire.
Can't corner the Dorner

>> No.30896614

and then he cut off his own hand too?

>> No.30896616

I thought he faked is death in a fire

"Dam, gonna miss Grox Week"
-Christopher "Rogal" Dorner

>> No.30896638

I coulda sworn that I heard the book that killed him was declared none canon, and that the fist found in the capsule was tested to reveal it was that of one of the other terminators that died in the boarding action, but my memory is hazy at best. Either way, it was an incredibly badly written death, very unworthy of a Primarch who specialized in siege defence on the ground.

>> No.30896679

not so much of a sacrifice for a damn primarch, isn't it? Just in case someone would suspect he was faking.

>> No.30896885

How so, do their limbs grow back?

On that note I always wondered how the fuck Sanguinius managed to keep his wings in the blaze of warfare.

>> No.30896987

we are in the damn 39th millenium, they have bloody bionic prothesys. I do not get your point really.

>> No.30897551

And you think a bionic hand would be as good as a primarch's hand? Even if it was, it wouldn't heal as well.

Lorgar was impaled on Corax's lightning claw, and got his insides churned up to near death, but he regenerated within moments of being saved by Curze.

Primarchs regenerate like motherfuck, asking if they could just grow back lost limbs seems like a legitimate question.

>> No.30897984

Vulkan can regenerate limbs. Or at least he could

>> No.30898340

Jesus Christ, the girl in that pic acts like btard from '07 to '09 era. 10/10.

>> No.30898400

Some of the waifus are canon characters though.

>> No.30898473

>btard from '07 to '09 era
/b/ was never good

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