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is Kharn a cool guy?

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He's kind of got anger issues.

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This was a lot funnier than it should be

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Well I know he can be a pretty flashy woman...

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He sure wants that smoke, don't he?

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Does a Blood Raven steal shit?

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Are you confusing him for Dranon?

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is kharn comptetitively playable?

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Yeah, he just hates people who don't expose their manly arms.

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Yeah. You stuff him in a land raider full of berzerkers or khorne marines, get him into close combat, use the aspiring champion as challenge fodder so Kharne can rip and tear.

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He's really the kind of guy you can put your trust in

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Yeah but that's old news and we're nothing like the old news anymore.

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No, he's not. But he's very viable in the Land Raider/Spartan spam Abaddon/Kharn assault list, which itself is not competitively viable.

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He's only called the Betrayer because he teamkilled everyone for too weak.

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>is kharn comptetitively playable?
He is a CC nuke.
If you build an assault deathstar around him then you will annihilate almost any other unit.

But Huron, a nurgle bike lord, or black mace prince are the competitive choices.

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I'm kinda glad I don't play Chaos Marines.
I couldn't decide between going full Khorne with Kharn or having a sorc jetbike zipping around with the murdersword. Mixing the two would feel like doing it halfway and thus wrong.

Also, I'd have to kitbash using space wolves, warriors of chaos, berzerkers and maybe normal chaos marines to get anything I'd like.

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Right, sorry. Missed the 'C' word there. He's a CC beast, but CC tends not to be that competitive.

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I'm glad I don't play CSM because then I wouldn't be some faggot constantly whining for 3.5 and legion rules.

And also because GW shafts them like shit with new kits. Even the new CSM releases coming out suck.

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Khorne thinks so...

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OP here
I want to run some Iron Warriors and field them with my imperial guard, but I'm probably gonna use Kharn too because I like him
sometimes my imperial guard list included 40 guards with a commissar, a priest, 4 segeants with power axe and melta bombs and a ton of flamers, putting kharn with them would be the definitive annihilation

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Once i stomp kharn to death with a riptide in the first round of combat and almost kill myself laughing imaging that scene.

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for you

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So you're basically admitting that you're a bitch and that you don't know how glorious things were under 3.5 and Legion rules.

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So are you saying it's okay to whine about how 5th edition was better due to the vehicle mechanics and how we should get rid of hull points?

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Ive been sticking him in a Landraider with some Berzerkers and so far he has killed everything he and the squad has assaulted. Surprisingly since the new codex has come out he hasnt died on me once.

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He is a good guy, but if you say you are going to do something, he expects you to follow through with it.

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was it explained why he changed arms after the heresy?

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changes arms every thousand or so years to keep them balanced

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No he's hot, a hothead

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I think we had a whole thread devoted to the arm switch about a month ago. Main theory was that the model was posed specifically to make him like a mini-Angron, hence the melee weapon held back in his right hand.

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40k isn't competitively playable.

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>Even the new CSM releases coming out suck
Why 'even'? A lot of new GW releases are pretty mediocre, in my experience. Stuff like the Knight are the exception, not the rule.

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I guess he is cool. I mean if cool is a mentally shattered soul seared psychotic sociopath who only really has the tally of lives he takes for the blood god left.

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New Helbrute is pretty cool too (providing you like the fleshy aesthetic, if not you've always got forgeworld which practically costs the same these days)

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Was it explained why does he suddenly have scars on his new model, even though his thing is that he somehow kept an unscarred face?

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Another question. How would his arm look in reality? He has kept it exposed to all kinds of shit, from various climates to the Warp and void, for 10K years?

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i don't know about that, but he's pretty big

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