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>>30815921 Continued

You are the BBEG of the campaign, and the time has finally come for the final battle with the party to put an end to it.

Post the words you utter before the fight.

Post your character portrait.

Post the music that plays in the background.

>"One of us will go to Heaven. The other to Hell."
She stands
>"Shall we get this over with? I want to see the look on that dollmaker's face when one of his cast offs crawls out of the rubbish."


>> No.30852961

>"This is good...isn't it?"


>> No.30852978

>"No matter who wins here, we will all burn! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"


>> No.30853027

"Through your deaths, the sweetest music will spill upon our world. You will become art, you will become a message for all the false prophets. Thank you."


>> No.30853271

[humming intensifies]

>> No.30853348

You are not the first ones to come fight me. Your predecessors will dance with you, I'll just lend the beat. Say hello to the heroes that came before, you will be very acquainted when it's all done.


>> No.30853669

>Arrogance, me?
>Despite ALL my wealth, influence, allies, genius and efforts the world remains ever the same
>What arrogant hope do you have to change the world with only that six shooter, Agent Garret?


>> No.30853736

>I tire of your petty insolence, let us be done with this!


>> No.30853751

shit, forgot pic

>> No.30853826

>This is the Grand Admiral of the Dominion broadcasting on all channels
>It is indeed impressive that all the disparate races of the galaxy have united in their opposition to that of our esteemed Emperor.
>An impressive feat too, to have assembled such a formidable fleet and impressive still to have been able to isolate the Grand Armada of the Dominion in a trap
>Or at least it would be had we not brought along the Anti Matter Gun


>> No.30853847

>Your lives are forfeit. Your deaths sanctioned by the highest authority. I am but the hand that delivers your fate. You should surrender, but you will not. In that case, stand like the warriors you claim to be!

>> No.30853862

"How wonderful, you get to be the hero they want you to be. You get to kill a mere dog, instead of finding out the truth."

"Well, this dog has teeth. And now you get to feel his bite."


>> No.30853902

>I was aware of your infiltration 15 minutes ago
>Even now my elite commandos are converging on this command center
>Tell me, do you think you can survive the onslaught of my men and deactivate the countdown at the same time?
>Oh yes I already activated it
>14 minutes ago

>> No.30853925

>"Dance to my rhythm!"
>"Dance 'til you breathe your last!"


>> No.30853984

"I was like you once. Standing proud before the great evil of my time. I like to think, in a way I still am."

>> No.30854043

>What do you hope to acheive, truly?
>Already our rivals race to the great spring, but you stand here to strike down our only fleet?
He signals his guards away
>Kill me now, but all you do is doom a continent to drought, and open the way for those damnable desert clockworks
>Will you be able to live with yourself? To have killed off a whole civilization in your misguided pursuits?


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sorry to take a tangent, but I recognize that model as something that may well be part of the kotobukiya Armored Core line of models...
I really like building these models, and that is a gorgeous piece. I was wondering if you would tell me it's 'designation', as searching "Black Rain" is not turning it up.....

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Crest Heavy Fighting Type “Black Rain” by 507 from FG-SITE.
Reverse google image search.

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>I, Lord Anon, will KNOCK YOU ALL DOWN

>> No.30854365

>"You, who would spit on her dream, who would spit on our dream, drunk on power you never earned, come. End it. I can do little to stop you now."

>> No.30854383

The heroes burst into the room, while the BBEG sits on a grand throne
>Finally! I was beginning to wonder if you would ever show up!
The BBEG stands up, and starts to walk toward the collected heroes.
>Do you have any idea how long He's been waiting?
The heroes, pause, looking at each other confused.
The BBEG stops in the middle of the room, and gestures behind him.
>Why, my master, of course.
The BBEG starts to pace in the middle of the room.
>You didn't stop the ritual, despite all your interference. All he needed was the proper...vessel.
Suddenly, behind the BBEG, a monstrous spirit hovers over him.
>His power flows through me. You can't stop me.
>Let's go.


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>This world is an ever shifting mosaic. I'd very much like to see it how it looks in the moments before the cracks meet, and everything shatters. Even if that means I must break the peace you have denfended.


>> No.30854541

thanks for that, but it's looking like this may well be a custom job by some dude out of Japan.
I have found one model that looks like it supplied the core, basics of the arms, most of the legs and the head, but otherwise, there seems to be a lot of equipment that I am just not running across.

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The quote in the image followed by:
>You think you can do that, kid?
Then stare, draw, and shoot.


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>hehehehehe HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!


>> No.30855162

>"My cause is just! No matter how you assail me, I will never yield! So long as I draw breath, victory remains within reach!"
After being defeated.
>"I... I'm sorry... looks like I was... useless after all..."


Never been one for the big plans myself. Would probably just be the BBEG's right hand and recurring boss fight.

>Captcha: justice sondang
Even captcha knows my cause is just.

>> No.30855585

>"The archdemon Klopchihh? You mean this guy?"
She throws the head at your feet.
>"He has served his purpose. As have you all."


>> No.30856293

>Watashi wa chichi no fukushu o shimasu.
>Do you remember the waterfall, brother? The furious and ancient river atop the cliff pining for the peaceful stream below? That waterfall is like our conflict. It falls like a spring rain, announcing its arrival with thunderous acclaim, chaos creating life in its wake.
>I pray to God your blood falls so elegantly.
>Forgive me, brother.


>> No.30857060

Pre-fight speech: http://homestuck.bandcamp.com/track/jade-mother

>"I've witnessed your deeds, and you have been found wanting. Countless lives have ended at your hands. And for what? Fame? Fortune? Ill begotten tools of forbidden sorcery? You tout yourselves as 'heroes,' but such is the vanity of a roving band of sociopaths."

>"It ends here, now, under the eyes of God. For those you have slaughtered. For those you have deceived. For those who shall be saved from your corrupting influence!"

>"Holy Warriors, to me! We've God's Work to do!"

Combat Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyLStNI5McA

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Anyone can die; true devotion lays in damning your own soul for your love.


>> No.30857254

I sin, so He may remain pure.


>> No.30857363

>"Why? Well, it's...it's simple, really. You're out there, doing what you do, saving lives and killing monsters because Destiny said you were going to. Destiny said you got to be special. Destiny said that you were the Chosen Ones."

>"What kind of world allows that? What kind of world do we live in, that we all just accept the whims of our gods? I think...I think that's really sad. Wouldn't a world free of that kind of thing be better? A world where anyone could be whatever they wanted?"

>"Compared to this meaningless chess board, an empty world is better. So I decided...I decided that I'd break everything, and see how long it took before Destiny let go. But then I found out the big joke."

>"Destiny planned for me to be here all along. You're going to free the world, and I'm going to die, and you're going to get all the credit. You're going to be heroes for stopping me. They'll sing legends of your deeds for a thousand generations. You'll inspire new generations, new choices, new freedom. The world will be free."

>"I should be happy. But it just burns me up inside. Even my dreams are nothing but Destiny's whimsy. Even my goals were nothing but a farce."

>"So come on then! One last chance for me to defy it! The fate that hangs around my neck! Grant me that - the chance to roll the dice one last time!"


>> No.30857397

> Stupid fools, do you really think you have what is needed to stop me? For the sake of my goal, I gave up my own humanity.
> Idiots like you, who want to save everything without sacrificing anything, are blinded to the true nature of power.
> You don' t stand a chance! Mine is the shadow that shall engulf this world!


>> No.30857493


"You grew up wanting to be like me, and even now your heart is filled with envy for my abilities."

>> No.30858255


>"Hm? Oh, the heroes are here. Good, I was growing bored."
>"Let us dance."

>> No.30858375

>"Why are you even here? The revolution has already ended. My forces are decimated, comrades murdered, beliefs betrayed, hopes destroyed and dreams washed away."
>"So why are you here? Why did you after this withered old man? Are you afraid that as long as I'm alive, the age of Peace will never truly begin? That I will remain an enemy to this world until the moment I die, that I won't ever give up and will try again even after everything crumbled right before my eyes?"
>"Honestly, you kids are a lot more cruel if that's the case. Can't really blame you though, as you may just be right"°
>"I've lived for too long, dedicated too much to this cause. Even if all turned to dust in the end, I may just keep going because I still believe that I am right. You share the same conviction, do you not?"
"Well then, let's see if either of us has the strength to put an end to this!"

>> No.30858526

>Heroes burst in on my lair.
"Well, that... was unexpected. Quicker than I predicted, and that's good, see... this was all part of my plan. Smashing through my men, my defenses, destroying every resource I had."

"Why? To make you stronger, of course. I'm not your enemy. When the true puppetmaster shows themselves, the one that sent you here to stop me, you'll be strong enough to beat them."

"I surrender. I am also the only one that knows what your true enemy is capable of... consider that."

>> No.30858617

>"I am the last hero left on Earth. You stand before me with your swords and axes, the crackle of magic on your fingers, your hearts racing at the thought of striking me down. Were you truly virtuous, you would submit: mankind is a cancerous blight that will consume the Earth if not struck down..."
(Vines, leaves, grasses and wild animals slink into the chamber)
>"Come, heroes, and witness GENESIS!"


>> No.30858679

So, you finally managed to fight your way through my army, my guards, and all of my defenses. And here you stand. What did it cost you? Friends? Family? I'll tell you what it cost you. Your souls, your, innocence. Standing here before me, your weapons drawn, ready to lash out and end my life proves nothing but the fact that you have fallen just as far as I have.


>> No.30858822

"Lets finish this. I grow tired of your games."


>> No.30858936

"Hahaha. Look at yourselves, heroes. You are the crowning jewel on my work. My masterpiece. Years ago, I set out to tear down the order of this world because it makes people weak. Look how powerful fighting for a cause you believe in has made you. Now... let's do this, shall we? Come at me with all that power you gathered solely to defeat me. Just know how meaningless this battle is now that I've proven my point. Whoever is victorious here, I've already won.


>> No.30859078 [DELETED] 

>so you've finally come, bristling with weapons, into my humble realm? You haven't a chance at defeating me here, but, I am ever a reasonable soul, I don't deal in absolutes... I'll offer you a deal.

>> No.30859152


Literally the most boring one.

>> No.30859190

>I, the great enemy of al! that is good? Nay, I am enemy of the gods, and I fight for you. The wicked god they call me, for I have opposed their dominion at every turn. As I will carry on opposing them long after you have joined them among the heavens.

>> No.30859284

>this life... This life is best lived without reason. I'll bet you'll agree before this is all over

>> No.30859371

>We know it had to come to this. I hope you can get a gf in the next life.

>> No.30859440


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After a massive, ruinous battle. The heroes are still on the battlefield, justified by them being up some sentimental hero thing.

>glimpse the rider from afar
They've been seeing him all campaign (it's been DnD WWI)
>begins to slowly ride towards them, they see that he's wearing tattered uniform of a commanding officer
>he radiates a deeply ominous presence, his shadow seems to fall upon them from very far away, blocks out the sun despite his normal size, etc.
Reaches them.
>you are relieved of duty! and hereby drafted into the army of all dead soldiers. Come, meet death, our lord and captain. Turn not back to life, embrace your comrades in death.

>> No.30859700

> You think you're a hero? You actually believe yourself to be in the right? Just because I've overthrown a few fat despots that sat on their thrones?! Just because I killed a bunch of monks that greedily hid away the power to make this world a better place for all?
> Then tell me! What have you done that's so great!? Who have you helped!? Who have you saved!? I've brought these people Food! Medicine! Education! Technology!
>Before I came these people were wallowing in the shadows! I simply removed the thing that was blocking the sun.
> But YOU! You've left nothing but death in your wake! Nothing but pain and destruction just to get here! Just because you don't like my methods. Just because you're scared that the world is changing!
> Fine then! You'll just have to kill me! Either this world changes, or you send me to the next one!


>> No.30859835

"I have my ideals and you have yours. It is time to see who shall die for theirs."


>> No.30860055

"Don't worry. Your deaths serve a much higher purpose, and your pain a worthy sacrifice upon the altar of my divinity."


>> No.30860313

"You were my favorite slave. I will miss you, I think, as much as I could miss anyone."


>> No.30860383

>You humans flit about the skies like gnats with your fake wings. You are equally as threatening.


I feel I may have been a bit over-dramatic on this one.

>> No.30860522

"Until man is as salt to the earth, I stand untouchable. The prophecy is as solid as your impending demise... Nothing personal."

>> No.30860949

"My car is the only love I've ever known. These streets are the only place I've called home. I will not let you take either tonight. The last thing you will see are the red of my taillights. Your streak ends tonight."


>> No.30861057

>You skulking sacks of sin. How many orphans have you made? How much discord have you sown?
>In besting me, you only damn yourself further.


>> No.30861077

> "You want life? I've seen how I die. This isn't it."


>> No.30861088

>Opens jacket to make pun.
>Get's shot seven times.

>> No.30861124

"Draw your sword."


>> No.30861167

You're tailing the BBEG's mech above Earth, the chassis of destroyed ships, mechs, and satellites form a makeshift arena. Various bright lights in the distance tell you that more are closing in on the two of you.

>We've made it, the threshold.
>There's only one of us who can go.
>Don't worry, though.
>Loser re-enters.
>Loser'll be the first one to see Home again.
>You've always come up short, always second.
>Whether you live or die, you'll finally win.
>Let's do this fast.


>> No.30861182

Alright, let's get this over with. What, you were expecting some lame ass pre fight quote that neckbeards will post at every opportunity on some image board?


>> No.30861490


>> No.30861783

>Ahahaha. Ahaha. Aha. Ha.
>I knew, I really knew, I just knew, I definitely knew it. I knew you'd come here, right here, in front of me. I knew it! I knew you wouldn't just let me, you wouldn't just walk away with your riches and your lives, that you'd have to go and try to kill me, try to ruin all I've gone through, all I've accomplished, just out of spite, just because you can't let ANYONE else be the center of attention, the important person who changes the world.
>I knew it, I knew you were so selfish, so solipsistic, so utterly and completely self-absorbed you would ruin the world, doom it to waste away, to wither into nothing, to crumble into ashes, into dust, for the sake of your own egos, to make yourself feel important.
>But! I haven't been just sitting here on my own thumbs waiting for you! I have gained incredible power, overwhelming power, power that eclipses even that of yours combined! I have no fear, I am completely confident of my strenght, for I will certainly vanquish you! I know it for certain. It's certain, I know it definitely. I know it.
>Ahahahahaha. Ahahaha. Aha. Ha.

>> No.30862313


Fuck, that was awesome. Sad part is I agree with this mofo.

Would be the best battle.

>> No.30862470

"No god here, only me.


>> No.30862856

Curious as to where that image is from. Google reverse search and the quote both turn up nothing.

>> No.30862976

It's a currently airing anime, Log Horizon. Explaining the image/quote would spoil a good bit of it, and it's pretty enjoyable.

>> No.30862982

>"Are you prepared to face the consequences of PROGRESS?!"

>> No.30863035


>"Ha ha ha...I applaud you, children. I never would have imagined to face such foes in this crumbling world. But don't you think this has gone on long enough? The outcome cannot be changed. You have struggled valiantly, but you cannot overcome the inertia of fate."
*Party response, likely telling him where he can jam preordained events*


>> No.30863103

"All my life I have wondered if there was an afterlife, a heaven or a hell... I almost regret that you'll find out before me."

(Yes, that is a hyena)


>> No.30863443

>I am the ember in the forge; I am the churning blaze of the world's core; I am the fire in your heart! I am LIFE, and now I am your DEATH!

>> No.30863561

>"Peace is stagnancy. War is strength. A glorious bloody stream lies in your wake, and...it has made you strong. It has made you perfect. I look forward to dying at your hands...my greatest creation."

>> No.30863748

>"Kekekeh! Is it that time already? What a hasty denouement! You know it's not good for the heroes to skip to the end of the adventure."
>"I'm...finished? ...Ke...ke...KEKEKEKEKEH! Don't get so cocky, hero! I'm about to show you what a coward can really do!"


>> No.30863856

Ah, cool.

I've heard of log horizon, but haven't watched any of it. I may start.

>> No.30863896

It's more politics and the social ramifications of a bunch of social misfits suddenly ending up superpowered in another world than kids trying to beat an MMO, so if that's your thing, I recommend it.

>> No.30864029

I'll show you what I do to people who talk back to me!

>> No.30864057

Why would you put yourself in hArms way?

>> No.30864143

>"Don't give me that look. I am what I am because YOU pushed me to this. I gave you plenty of chances to quit, but no. You've gone and dug your grave. Now LIE IN IT!"


>> No.30864299

You filthy APES - you gibbering THINGS of mud and slime, BEGOTTEN IN A BED!

>Savage Tide
>homebrew pantheon because fuck Demogorgon
>mastermind behind the Savage Pearls is instead the formerly-Chao-Good elf goddess

>> No.30864407

"...what are you doing in my room?"


>> No.30864510

Scariest BBEG in the thread, 10/10 would surrender and play Monopoly instead

>> No.30864558

>Why did it have to end this way?
>We could have worked together we could have changed the world
>But no you had to be like you father, and his father before him, and so on
>Generations of idiots who won't ever make the right choice
>all the years of hunting you do down when you came of age
*blade sinks in to his heart*
*single tear fall in to blood*
>i just wanted you to love me
*she's crying over the dead body*
*skeleton sees put his hand on her shoulder*
*leads her to a door*
*They walk in*
*door slams*
credits roll

>> No.30864800

>You stubborn idiots. You god damn determined idiots. I am sick of you, I am sick of this fight, I am sick of you idiotic RETARDS' INABILITY TO STAY DOWN AND QUIT!!
>Come. Come at me, one more time. I sick of you! In this room in front of every God that ever existed, I deny your right to live! This will end now; this castle shall be your tomb; this room the urn for your remains! I will erase you, I WILL BREAK YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL, OR I WILL DIE TRYING!! LET'S GO!


Sometimes there is no grand scheme and no chess games, the villain simply got tired of being shot down again and again and again, defied in every step towards his goal. Rage mode enabled, all the gloves are off

>> No.30864979

>I have lived ten thousand lifetimes. Scores of your kind and hundreds from among the races that lived before you have tried to destroy me and failed. I have seen your attempt just as I have seen theirs, and just like theirs I know it fails. I will take no pleasure in this. You could have lived, at least a while longer. You could have avoided a painful death. The choices were yours, there were yet branches of possibility. But you refused. Blindly and stubbornly you drove down this path like the others, hoping to save your world.
>Don't you see? It can't be saved. I have seen the time far away in the time yet to come where all the tracks of possibility converge, where there is no escape. I have seen the stars fade and die, I have seen the time when the very matter of this world shivers apart and everything is black and empty and still. An eternity of black and cold and nothing. Can't you see, I would spare you! I would spare you all from the final doom you face!


Fucked if I know, this is just what popped into my head. I'd imagine it'd mess you up pretty badly to actually see the heat death of the universe.

>> No.30865001

"As predicted, come and finish this chapter I long for rest,"
Once the party has been victorious he tosses a book at their feet as he succumbs to his wounds.

"This burden is yours now...the torch has passed," Book is a list of prophecies that must come to pass in order for the world to survive, terrible deeds that have to be acted upon otherwise all will perish.


>> No.30865105

"No... I won't let you tade daddy away from me again. I can't let you take him from me!"


>> No.30865116

>"so, you think if you beat me, that's it. You've won, the battle's over and everything will go right back to how it used to be? I've got sorry news for you then, whether I win or lose doesn't matter, the damage is already done. My name will be etched in the annals of history, cursed, despised, and hated, but known. I will become the devil of the new world, and though I may die, my legend will go on forever"


>> No.30865187

"So, time men; you wish to destroy me for using your technology to protect my people? After I traveled far and saw where my people were, I care not what happens to my body. I can hear their cries through the echo of time. Take me pale faces, as you are one with your technology, so shall I be one with the Earth."


(Long story short, shaman stole a time machine when a group went back in time to save the native folk from extinction. Guy they saved stole the time machine, left them in the past, came back with futuristic guns to kill the white man to preserve his race. Headquarters called for a full on cover up.)

>> No.30865214

>Phase 1: Mech spearheading a city-wide rampage

"Well look who's here! I saved this model just for you! Seems kinda excessive, but...ah, fuck it. Overkill is just too damn fun!"


>> No.30865335

"My Empire shall not fall because children don't like to play by the rules."


>> No.30865343


>Phase 2: Pilot ejection

"You assholes! Do you have ANY idea what that thing cost me?! Fuck it, no more games. You're not stopping my joyride here!"

>Grab aug leg from cockpit, along with a box of stim-packs

"I'll be sure to keep what's left of you as hood ornaments for my next ride!"


>> No.30865488

"All things die, they die to usher in the new. You are impeding the natural order."

>> No.30865498

(the BBEG is an ancestor of one of the jedi PC, whom she played as for a one-shot game that completed her Trial of Spirit; my players unwittingly raised him from stasis while exploring a decrepit prison ship)

"The Dark Side has sustained me. The Dark Side has restored me. And the Dark Side will consume you all."


>> No.30865519


Based villain. Give him an Australian accent.

>> No.30865831

Dammit, that music gets me every time. EVERY. TIME.

>> No.30866242

"Do not resist, pretty ones. I only wish to share my gift with you all."


>> No.30869574

>Know, brother, know that I seek to forge our people into a race of gods. Strike, brother, strike true for you raise your sword against the father of divinity.


>> No.30869715


Jesus. That music is perfect for the BBEG fight.

>> No.30869787

I liked these ones.

>>30861077 and
>>30853984 being being my favorites.

The lines used in the previous thread were a better, though this one has better music.

Would have been just as good to keep the first line limited to,
>"You get to kill a dog."
That's just me though.

>> No.30869809


Every song is god-tier.

>> No.30869957

>If the eggshell does not break, the chick will die without having been born. We are the chick! The egg is the world! If we do not break the world's shell, we will die without having been born.

Smash the world's shell! For the sake of revolution!

mfw never playing in an Utena game ever ;_;

Oh right, music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKTcxjoYA0I

>> No.30870197 [DELETED] 

>Do not fear, I won't have you slain here. All shall be made to hear your screams. All shall cower before the the fate that befalls regicides.


>> No.30870312

>Alright, boys. Light 'em up!

The heroes didn't expect the rest of the team lying in ambush.

>> No.30870335

>Do not fear, I won't have you slain here. All shall be made to hear your screams. All shall cower before the the fate that befalls regicides.


>> No.30870426

>ha, you think you can beat me ? I have a powerful ally, he gave me powers, wealth, dungeons ! He created my armies, he created me ! He gave me my purpose, He is still here for me. You cannot win for he protects me, isn't it right dungeon master ?

father ? Why aren't you helping me ?

>> No.30870531

>shiva gamzee
my motherfucking nigga

>> No.30870934

>Just one?

>> No.30870989

>Not once did I wish for it to end like this. I detest blood, but you've forced my hand.


>> No.30871029

>"Your kingdom nearly made my race go extinct. Your king ordered your swine of a father to burn my village and enslave my family. Your kingdom ended mine.

As I will end you."


>> No.30872284


>You, knights of the west! Show me if that shining armor and sword make you a match for the son of a peasant born under the eternal blue sky.

I didn't expect it would take me an hour to come up with this post, jesus.

>> No.30872658

//In a game of political intrigue and Machiavellian maneuvering//

If there is to be violence... let it be wrought upon me rather than be committed by my hands.


>> No.30873430

"Is this the part where I bare my soul to you? Where I tell you my plans and my reasons, where you try and convince me to abandon my path with tired platitudes? I'll not have it. Know that no matter the outcome of this fight you'll never know if you've won."


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