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Is it just me, or does something seem... off about the new Commissar?

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I have no idea what you're on about.

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She's wearing the hypertropical duty uniform and we're on an ice world. Still, it is her prerogative as representative of the Commissariat. I'd worry more about your dirty lasrifle, sergeant.

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are you sure its not you are falling for heresy and leaning towards chaos?

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she could be from an ice world where everything is even more fuck cold then here as well, like valhalla is for example, this could be the equivalent of summer for her.

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>off about the new Commissar?
>questioning something wearing a Munitorum hat and red sash

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Nothing's wrong with the commissar, but these new guardsmen? Something I can't quite put my finger on...

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the gun is disgusting and the garb is unkempt sir, punish them for lack of disipline sir!

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Well put, guardsman. You've earned five lashes for original thought, deferred because you showed initiative.

Point being, it's not your place to question a Commissar. Inquisitiveness is the font of insurrection, and we tolerate no dissent. Hop to! Commissar Hesperax will be conducting your formal review.

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Commissars are outside of the chain of command, right? So Fraternization rules don't apply? Is there a chance is what I'm getting at.

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Since when did helmet modifications become acceptable?

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uh.... no
nothing is wrong... are your soldiers still alive?
just wondering, we saw a few an they seem to be covered in scratches an smiling weirdly

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who's the white hair in the back?
I see, tech priest, astropath, rogue trader, guardsman, big head guy and...???

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White hair is Astropath, three eyes is Navigator.

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That's an astropath. Burned out eyes, wearing an aquila

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I would be surprised if her left hand was a claw.

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As a Navigator I'm tired of us getting swept under the rug and not respected by the wider Imperial populace. We are the 1%.

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That sounds heretical

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The Navis Nobilite does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Commissariat.

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eh not much, though she's covered in more blood then usual.

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I know a power fist is not unheard of in a Commissar's kit, and Yarrick is famous for that caw of his, but our commissar just seem to be TOO into close combat, you know?

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Well you go and bring it up I sure as fuck aint talking to her about it..

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>not respecting the Commissar's skill in hand to hand combat
Do you want to get executed?

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Forget about the Commissar, what's up with that one chick who has whiskers? And has a strange obsession with fish? And sometime purrs...nyomyemperah...

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sanction abhumans

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you best not be talking shit about the Impurrial Guard where I can hear it. Run along meow.

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I'd fuck it

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>run along meow
>not nyao
Failed it.

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Got me good.

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Because of this picture and similar 'X dresses up as IG, no one notices' pictures, I'm planning a 500pt army with Lelith as the commander, Orks as guard, Tau manning the heavy weapons and/or tank(s) and the such, all in poor disguise.

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No one expects the Lelith Inquisition. No one.

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Sister Mile'ionahd was well regarded as a great strategist and tactician. Her ability to read the flow of a battle and respond on the fly earned her great distinctions over the years.
Unfortunately her ears were often a point gossip and ridicule, setting her apart from her fellow sisters. Over time she unfortunately developed an arrogant and aloof personality as a defence against it.

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She's obviously a Storm [Super] Trooper.

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We struck their tank line with the artillery for the greater go--greater guns, sir!

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So Eldar are uplifted protohumans, right? An only slightly unorthodox inquisitor might consider them heretics and mutants, not real xenos. I mean, that's still more than enough to want them dead, but if the Imperial Guard happened to catch some children before they could be "corrupted", would the Imperium take them?

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Did you just say meow?

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How could no one have uploaded the ending credits of this anime? I'm forced to link to an AMV of all things.

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OH! But all the Commissars need to be regular humans!

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Of course not, meow. Don't be silly.

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It just... seems a bit off is all. I mean, now many people can say they've ripped the head off a Khornate?

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It was just a few cultists! I hear tell that Cain beat 2 of the Marines in one battle.

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I'll talk with her about it. I know I'm the liaison, but seriously, the commissar should never be the one you fear most in a fight. That's how you get pushed into bad situations. See, the way I see it, the Commissar is your friend, but the guy next to your Commissar is your best friend. If you're the guy next to the commissar, you run forwards, so that you're no longer the closest guy to the commissar. This goes double if the Commissar is a woman.

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Wait. What's wrong with the Commissar? All you...uh...commissioned officers look alike to me.

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The Commissar is a giant chicken.

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Maybe, if I can get my hands on the right mini...

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Maybe, if I can get my hands on the right mini...

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Ought to make like a Lictor-Sentinel or something of the sort and maybe Grot-Ratlings.

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Because then it's funnier!

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I wonder what their reaction would be?
I imagine a bunch of Schultz who never see anythink.

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Or they just don't notice that they aren't surrounded by humans.

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Don' mind me boss, just anotha toasts 'ere. Oi mean, beep boop beep, Oi'm a toasta. Beep bop boop.

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You brought me the chicken I ordered, but where are my sides?

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What are you talking about? That's the Emperor, not a chicken, you heretic!

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not posting ultimate disguise

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Navigators barely fall under the jurisdiction of the Inquisition.. Having a monopoly is awesome!

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Rolled 28


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Proof that sisters have more banging bodies than those slutty banshees

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Wow, it's hard to recognize her out of uniform. I almost thought she kinda looked a little like a Xeno!

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>using GW's old and ugly fem commissar
use one of the Kurganova sisters from Raging Heros if you want a silly/cartoony look, or Viktoria Skivlana from Warforge (pic) if you want a slightly more realistic look

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>Corset and huge cleavage
I dream of a day in which female miniatures are not fap-fodder and sluts for no reason.

At least DE females are equally slutty as their males.

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No. They were built from the ground up along with the orks and jokaero to fight the necrons. Thats right, orks and eldar are cousins.

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Maybe Victoria Lamb will make a commissar miniature someday. Her female Arcadians look great.

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>slightly more realistic look
relevant word "slightly", and I was merely referring to the proportions of the sculpt, not the choices of attire

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Are you the one who was questioning her CQC skills? By the Emperor man, you are just ASKING to be blamed!

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Because minis games are so realistic, right? Fuck off.

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>Private...Private get up
Sergeant?! Yes Sir?!?
>Quiet private, just listen. You're a filthy worshipper of Slaanesh, right?
what!?! no sir I'm-
>Sorry, I mean, you've dated a few women, right?
>The new commissioner is...looking at me funny. And I'm feeling strange.

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holy fuck this is gold

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My sides have reached maximum orbit.

Emprah, return them

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Blah blah blah, wrong faction. You get the joke by now, I just want to post some Marcia.

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You can totally use crazy person logic to justify certain groups of the Imperium being okay with eldar (eldar of an unusually obedient and amicable nature, that is).

1. Psykers are described as being hated "as much" as mutants and xenos and hating the witch, mutant and xeno is often done all in the same breath. This does somewhat imply that if the hate is equal, then the potential for acceptance (not the actuality) exists.

2. Sanctioned xenos are a thing that RTs, at a minimum, can do.

3. Imperials collaborate with eldar with surprising frequency, which makes the Invaders' actions all the more inexplicable.

4. IG commanders can work with ork mercenaries and even vendors, and an (unusually obedient and amicable) is vastly less horrifying

5. The usual imperial protagonist reaction to nonhostile eldar is more "Oh great... THOSE guys... ugh..." rather than "RARRRGHH DIE DIE DIE."

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Wow, that makes drill sergeants seem normal by comparison. That's inexplicably bizarre and hilarious. I would have just expected to be smoked.

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I bet that guy ate his damn Cauliflower for the rest of his tour, though.

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>luxury project intended for entertainment
>how dare you engage in entertainment for the purpose of entertainment
>what are you, of the graphically stimulated sex?

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Are we even allowed to have pets? This cat has been following me for ages! It even snuck onto the ship last time we got deployed.

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That's not a grynix.

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fuck that
Manuls are best Gyrinx

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Archive this for maximum luz!

Also, can navigators interbreed with normal humans or not?

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>maximum lulz
I'm sorry, are you from 2008?

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They can, but they do everything in their power to keep their bloodlines pure since the Navigator gene breeds out the more regular human blood that gets mixed in and the less pure your navigator, the more rampant their mutations will be.

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You may be on to
something there

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I'm not on to anything, that's their official lore on the matter. Being forced to interbreed with normals because you lost favor with the other Navigator Houses is a huge fucking deal for them.

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Three-eyed teddy bear.

Question. What happens* if you start trying to crossbreed various types of abhuman? Navigator+ratling which then gets infected by genestealers, etc.

* Besides you being shot for heresy

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Navigators are not abhumans, they're artifically created biocomputers able to read the warp. They were genetically engineered some time during the Dark Age IIRC and the method of making them has since been lost to time, which is why they keeping their bloodlines pure and pumping out mopre navigators is such a big deal. It's also why they have a lot more influence than other abhumans, since they are so vital to the Imperium and a non-renewable resource.

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That... that would explain a lot.

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I do wonder if Felinids will appear in the new IG Codex (the Astra Militarium) as a Fast Attack choice...

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No, they're not.
I don't even need the dex to know this.

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The old fluff had half-eldar

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It's never been retconned out.
Just never mentioned since.

That being said, I believe one BL book has a halfdar in it.

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She was a Corsair Lord and was interested in a Ultramarine...Ventris it was...probably.

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Commandos is best orks

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Uaaargh my ears

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I thought navigators were bioengineered posthumans created in the DAOT to interfere with the warp. The whole "mutates into a twisted fish-monster" issue was unintended.

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It's not necessarily a fish monster, just something that can't support its own weight anatomically, so gets suspended in a tank.

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God damn, that Eisenkern Stormtrooper looks good.

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Wait for the Tempestus Scions...

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Quite frankly, I find the idea of an ork that sneaks offensive.

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I fucking love kommandos

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You think they look good stock, get an accessory box. The amount of customization possible is insane.

You can outfit like 60 guys with a single box. http://www.wargamesfactory.com/webstore/dreamforge-games/eisenkern-stormtrooper-accessory-set

I have 2 boxes and I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these bits. The Ork player in me literally started salivating when I saw those sprues literally packed with bits

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>Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid Orkoid

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Space Marines are autistic as fuck, of course their language is going to be both proper and repetitive.

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There's a sanctioned Eldar in Deathwatch. They keep him locked up in a cell but haven't actually done anything to him. He's by all accounts a pretty stand-up dude.

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>The usual imperial protagonist reaction to nonhostile eldar is more "Oh great... THOSE guys... ugh..." rather than "RARRRGHH DIE DIE DIE."
Depends entirely on the group. Try and tell me the Novamarines would react like that.

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It's a fishslug, bruv.

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The fish monster part is from Dune. There's a Navigator in one of those Space Wolf books that's normal besides having a third eye or some shit

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Can't hug the fishslug bruv?

>> No.30885579

Would you a three-eyed fishslug girl /tg/?

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>stand-up dude
>not filthy, vile creatures of pure evil

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I'm rather surprised this thread is still here.

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me too.

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I got in on the kickstarter and got, among other things, three boxes of standard troops. Each box came with an accessory set. I got enough bits out of those six boxes to arm 160 minis IIRC. Just need to buy 100 more torsos and backpacks IIRC.

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It's the other way around.

The third eye won't form unless the child has two navigator parents, and the navigator gene will never 'pop up' among the descendants of human/navigator pairings.

that's why mutations are such a problem for them, 10,000 years of inbreeding on top of constant warp exposure.

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So you're saying there's a chance?

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Does anyone have the comic of the fat commissar who has mistaken a grot for a guardsman?

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Check the thread

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